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Ru<t Record- Entered motion picture bus. in
Sw as secy. Thanhouser Film Corp., who
produced The MUUon Dollar Mystery Urst
big movie grosser which grossed $1,500,000,
in 1917 became Vice-Pres., Arrow Film Coip..
resigned in W24 to organize Ranart Pic ures
Corp which in 1931 changed its identity to
Mon'ogram Pictures Corp., with Executive
Otfices at Rockefeller Center, N.Y.C.. and
studios in Hollywood.

Dirpctorships ■ Pres., Dir. of following: Mono-
grim Pictures Corp., Monogram Productions
Inc., Monogram Distributing Corp.
Mpmberships- N.Y. Athletic (N.Y.C.), Lake-
^de Golf Club (Hollywood); Mason, Shnner.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Studio, 4376 Sunset Drive,

Hollywood, Calif.

Home Address: 519 Eighth St., Newhall,


JOHNSTONE. Colonel Ernest Kinloch.

M D , L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., late U.S.
Army, now Med. Res. Corps (in-


Born: Devon (England). If 1^ «-, 0%!f^^„7
Frances (de Beaumont) and Charles Johns-
tone. J o J-

Education: Trinity Coll. (Glenalmond, Scot-
land) • Wellington Coll. (England); Um^. of
Calif. Univ. of Edinburgh, and Royal Colls.
of Physicians and Surgeons (Edinburgh).
nparees- WD., Univ. of Calif., 1892; L.R.
CS-^LRCP (Edin.) and Licentiate Royal
Coli of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow).
Married: Belle, d. of William and Sarah
Shiels, at San Francisco, Aug. 20, l»9».
Prof. Record: Assistant to the Chair of Sur-
gery, Post Grad. Dept., Univ. of Calif^ and
Lectur - r on Hygiene and Med. Jurisprudence
Med Dept Univ. of Calif.; Gold Medalis
in Clinical Surgery, and Jr. Demonstrator of
Anatomy, Royal Coll. of Surgeons (Edin-
burgh) .

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Dir., San Di-
mas Co.; on Council of Res. Officers Assn.
(San Francisco).

Army Service: Chief Surgeon U.S.A. Ambu-
lance Service with French Army, 1918-19,
after war. Division Surgeon, 91st Div., Com-
manding, 316th Med. Regt.; Prior to Woild
War Service served in Spanish and Philip-
pine Wars; mustered out a Major.

Awards: Spanish War, Philippine War and
Silver Star, Victory (World War) Medals;
Reconnaissance Frangaise and Medaille Com-
memorative (Fr.); British, War Service Med-
al; Veteran! della Guerra (Ital.).
Memberships: (Ex-State Pres.), Res. Officers
Assn and Member of the National Founders
Comm.; Army and Navy Club (Washington,
D.C.) ; Mason.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Russ Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: St. Francis Hotel, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

JOHNSTONE, Professor George Rufus,

A.B., M.S., Ph.D.

Prof, of Botany and Head of Dept. of Bot-
any, Univ. of So. Calif.

Born: Galva (111.), July 21, 1888; s. of Eliza-
beth (Murchison) and Henry Clay Johnstone.
Eaucaiion: Kewanee High Sch.; Univ. of 111.;
Univ. of Chicago.

Dearees- A B., Univ. of HI., 1913: M.S.,
Univ. of Chicago, 1917; Certificate, Univ. of
Grenoble (France), 1919; Ph.D., Univ. of
Chicago, 1924.

Married: Katherine E., d. of Raymond Cros-
bv, in LOS Angeles, Aug. 28 1929, ch.: Mu.rl
Rufus, Hubert Crosby, and Beatrice Elean-

Prof Record: Instr. of Botany, Mich. State
con (East Lansing, Mich.). 1913-16; Instr.
of Botany, New York State Coll. of Forestry,
1919-''0- Assoc. Prof, of Botany and Assoc.
Botanist, Alabama Polytechnic Inst, and
Agr Expt. Sta., 1920-23; at the Umv. of
So Calif, since 1924. now in the capacity
of Prof, of Botany and Head of the Dept.
of Botany.

Publications: Numerous scientific articles
published in technical journals.
Army Service: Sergeant, A.E^F., France
Mar.! 1918 to June, 1919; Quartermaster
Corps Disbursing Office.

Memberships: Amer. Assn. for the Advance-
ment of Science, Bot. Soc. of Amer. Soc^
of Amer. Plant Physiologists; Phi Sigma
(Hon. Biol. Soc), Sigma Xi.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hiking, swimming, gardening,
and volley ball.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 7267 Pacific View Dr., Hol-
lywood, Calif.

JONES, Chris R.

Realtor- Pres., Jones and Brand and Hullin

Co. Inc., Real Estate and Ins.-Inheritance

Tax Appr.

Born: Sacramento (Calif.), Dec. 11, 1889; s.

of Phoebe (Parker) and William E. Jones.

Education: Sacramento schools.

Married: Effie C, d. of G W. and Kate

Buell at Sacramento, April 2, 191ci, en..

Warren E., Hugh, Chris R., Jr.

Bus. Record: Real estate and appraising for

28 yrs.; Past Pres., Calif. Real Estate Assn.

Directorships: Pres., Jones and Brand and

Hullin; Dir., Calif. Real Est. Assn.



Ml )}ihi'isliiiis: Masonic I.oiIros, Scottish Itlle,
Sliriru'; Sutter Club (Sucrumcnlo) .
KclKjion: Protestant.
Politics: llepublican.
Recreations: Fly- fishing.

Bus. Address: 803 J St., Sacramento. Calif.
Home Address: Box 5817 - Route 7, Sac-
ramento, Calif. •

JONES, Professor Eliot.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Economics, Stanford Univ.
Born: Grinnell (Iowa). Feb. I'J, 1887; s.
of Carrie Holmes (Grinnell) and Richard Da-
vies Jones.

Education: Vanderblll Univ.; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Vanderbilt U., 1906; M.A.,
1908, Ph.D., 1913, Harvard U.
Married: (1) Amy Eleanor, d. of Walter
Jenckes, at Cambridge (Mass.), June 20,
1914; (2) Isabel Linton, d. of Charles M.
Peck, at Palo Alto (Calif.), June 17, 1929;
ch. : Eliot, Jr.

Prof. Record: Instr., Harvard U., 1912-13;
U. of Pa., 1913-14; Assoc. Prof., Iowa State
U., 1914-16; Prof., U. of Te.xas, 1916-17;
Assoc. Prof., Stanford U., 1917-20, Prof.,
1920 to date. Fuel e.xpert, Federal Trade
Commission, summer, 1917; War Industries
Board, summer and fall, 1918. Visiting Prof.,
U. of III., 1924-25; U. of Calif., summers
1920, 1921, 1924; U. of Chicago, summer,
1925; U. of Michigan, summer, 1933; Har-
vard U., summer, 1936. President of Pacific
Coast Economic Assn., 1923; Vice-Pres., Am-
erican Economic Assn., 1925, 1931.
Publications: The Anthracite Coal Combina-
tion in the United States (Harvard Univ.
Press), 1914; The Trust Problem in the Unit-
ed States (Macmillan), 1921; Principles of
Railway Transportation (Macmillan), 1924;
Railroads — Cases and Selections (with H. B.
Vanderblue; Macmillan), 1925; Priyiciples of
Public Utilities (with T. C. Bigham; Mac-
millan), 1931.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Nu.
Religion: Methodist Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: Stanford Univer-
sity, Calif.

JONES, Emma McCune


Born: Emporia (Kan.), 1873; d. of Mary
Isabel (Kregelo) and Henry William McCune.
Education: Chicago schools.
Married: Lauder W., s. of Montague and
Mary Lauder Jones, at Chicago, 1904.
Prof. Record: Social Service, 1892 to 1904;
studied, Hull House. Chicago Free Kinder-
garten Assn.; Armour Inst, and Univ. of
Chicago ; organized kindergartens and creches
and Mothers' Clubs in slum centers: taught
later in the Grammar Schools; 1904 to 1920,
served as Dir. on boards of City Club, Wo-
mans Club, Y.W.C.A. and Juvenile Protec-
tive Assn.; 1920, studied art at Milwaukee
Layton Art School, Art Inst, of Chicago.
Pennsylvania Academy and Paris; exhibited
in many jury selected shows in Rockport
(Mass.), Milwaukee (Wis.), Santa Fe (N.
M.) and Pasadena (Calif.). Had studio and
pictures gallery in Milwaukee.

I'lihludtums: Wrote articles In "Modfrn Art"
In European cities for newspaperH.
Rflxijion : I'resbyterlan.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 2600 Ridge Rd., Berkeley,

JONES, George S.

County Clerk. Registrar of Voters, Purchas-
ing Agent, Supt., Marin County Mosquito
Abatement District.

Born: Sausalito (Marin Co.), July 12, 1887;
s. of Catherine (Burke) and George B.

Education: Sausalito Public School; Lick
High School (San Francisco) ; San Francisco
Law School.

Married: Margaret, d. of Michael Stack, at
San Francisco, Nov. 15, 1904; ch.: George
P., Walter S., Agnes C.

Bus. Record: Real Estate and Insurance (San
Francisco), 1905-08; General Merchant, Far-
mer, Garage (Ignacio, Calif.), 19fJ8-25; Chief
Deputy Co. Clerk, 1925-35; County Clerk,
1935 to date; Sec, Marvelous Marin, Inc.,
Co. Chamber of Commerce, 1933-34; Secy.,
San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, 1934.

Memberships: Elks; Native Sons; Druids;
Eagles; Lions.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Court House, San Rafael,

Home Address: 520 Fifth Ave., San Rafael
Calif. .

JONES. Harlow Wellesley

Experimental Photographer; Owner, the Des-
ert Photographic Laboratory.
Born: Chicago, Aug. 21, 1912; s. of Char-
line E. (Hendershot) and Henry Wellesley

Education: Radio Corp. of America.
Prof. Record: Commercial Motion Pictures,
Chicago, five yrs. ; two yrs. commercial pho-
tography, Chicago; four yrs. commercial pho-
to finishing work; magazine and newspaper
illustrations at Twenty-nine Palms (Calif.);
inventor of several ideas sold to the East-
man Kodak Co., Rochester (N.Y.).
Publications: Editor, The Desert Magazine
of the Screen, produced at Twenty-nine Palms
(Calif.), under the supervision of the Desert
Magazine at El Centro (Calif.), 1939, 1940,
1941; Desert Trail (29 Palms), 1937-38-39-

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hiking, exploration work, swim-
ming, golf, bowling, archery, skating.

Home Address: Bo.x 101, Twenty-nine Palms,
Calif. •

JONES, Professor Harold Ellis. A.B.,

M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Dir., Institute of
Child Welfare, Univ. of Calif.
Born: New Brunswick (N.J.I, Dec. 3. 1894;
s. of Lessie E. (Brown) and E. Adams Jones.
Education: Amherst Coll.; Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Amherst Coll., 1918; M.A.,
1920, Ph.D., 1923, Columbia U.



Married: Mary Elizabeth d. of Charles B
Cover, at New York C'tV. Sept 1. 1920,
ch • Barbara Cover, Lesley Elizabeth.
Prof. Record: Asst. in Biology, Amherst
Coll 1918-19; Psychologist, New York City
Shlldren's Hospital, 1920-21; I-tr CoU.m-
hii U 1922-26, Asst. Prof., 1926-27, Asst.
Piof.'u of calif., Dept of Psychology
iqoT^s Assoc Prof., 1928-31. Prof., 1931—.
mf o?'Researci^ Inst, of Child Welfare, U.
of Calif., 1927-35; Dir.. 1935—.
nirnr-tnr<<ln!js- Mem.: Nat. Research Council;
Teacher EdnComm. of Am. Council on Edn ;
Nat. Motion Picture Research Councl, Paci-
fic Coast Regional Comm. of Soc. Sci. Re-
search Council.

PubUcations: Assoc. Editor, Journal of Edu-
cational Psychology: Child development:
Journal of Consulting Psychology: Author,
General Psychology: Intelligence Testing: nu-
merous technical articles and monographs.
Memberships: Delta Upsilon.
Recreations: Farming.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,
Calif. , ,

Home Address: 2683 Shasta Rd., Berkeley.

Other Address: Happy Valley Rd., Lafayette,

JONES, Harry William. A.B., M.A.
Educator; Superintendent of City Schools,
Piedmont, Calif.

Born: Oilman (Iowa), Dec. 5, 1888; s of
Katherine (Wagner) and William H. Jones.
Education: Public Schools (Oilman) ; Cornell
Coll ■ Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Cornell Coll.. 1909; M.A., U.
of Calif., 1921.

Married: Edna Grace, d. of Emily (Haas)
and George Backus, at Clinton (Iowa), Dec.
27 1911' ch.: Helen Louise.
Prof. Record: Principal, High School (Shen-
andoah, la.), 1909-11; Prin., High School
(Twin Falls. Idaho). 1911-14; Prm. High
School (Walla Walla, Washington , 1914-21 ,
Supt.. City Schools (Piedmont, Calif.), 19^1-
1940. '

PubUcations: Articles in educational maga-

Memberships: (Chmn., Court of Hon , Pied-
mont Council) Boy Scouts of Am.; Masonic
Bodies, Blue Lodge, Chapter, Knights of the
Temple, Shriner (A.A.O.N.M.S.) ; Rotarian;
Am Assn. of School Administrators; Nat.
Educational Assn.; Sigma Nu.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, tennis, fishing.
Bus. Address: 800 Magnolia Ave., Piedmont,

Home Address: 308 Pacific Ave., Piedmont,

JONES, Isabel Morse

Newspaperwoman; Music Editor. The Los
Angeles Times.
Born: Cleveland (Ohio).

Education: Cleveland and Los Angeles Ele-
mentary and High Schools; Univ of Calif,
(special student, piano, violin, theory and

orchestration) and eminent private teachers.
Married: Dr. Carroll W. Jones at Los An-
geles, Sept. 22, 1923; ch.: one daughter.
Prof Record: Professional violinist and teach-
er for 10 yrs.; Mem. of the Los Angeles
Women's Symphony and Chamber Music
groups. Reporter for Fresno Bee; one yr.
as Music Critic of the Los Angeles Daily
News and press representative of the Holly-
wood Bowl concerts— the first yr. assisting
founder Artie Mason Carter. Critic of the
Loi^. Angeles Times over 10 yrs.
Publications: Hollywood Bowl (a hi.story of
its founding and maintenance) ; and was also
Correspondent for Christian Science Monitor
and is now Correspondent for Musical Am-

Memberships: Sigma Alpha Iota (Musical
Frat.); Women's Athletic Club.
Religion: Episcopalian (by baptism and con-
firmation but not an attendant).
Recreations: Outdoor living.
Bus. Address: The Times, 202 W. First St.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Ho?)ie Address: 182 So. Virgil Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

JONES Jr., Lieutenant Commander
Jonah. U.S.N.M., LL.B.


Born: Sioux Falls (S. Dak.), Oct. 24, 1901;

s. of Lena (Lepper) and Jonah Jones.

Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Univ. of

California, Los Angeles.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1924.

Married: Helen L., d. of Frarik E. Loose,

in Riverside (Calif.), June 28, 1921; ch.: Na-

da Jean.

Prof. Record: Practicing law since 1924.

Publications: Oil and Gas Law of Calif.

Navy Service: Calif. Naval Militia, Lieut.-

Commander since 1934.

Memberships: Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Zeta;

Tuna, Long Beach Yacht, Pacific Coast and

Army and Navy Clubs.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Yachting and sword fishing.

Bus. Address: Jergins Trust Bldg., Long

Beach, Calif.

Home Address: 1920 E. Ocean Blvd., Long

Beach, Calif.

JONES. Louise Seymour


Born: Racine (Wis.), June 10, 1877; d of
Horatio Winslow Seymour (Editor and Pub-
lisher of newspapers in Chicago and N. Y.,

Education: Hyde Park High Sch. (Chicago),
and at home.

Married: Rex Lander, s. of William Jones
(Jones and Stiles, Chicago packers), m Chi-
cago, Oct. 23, 1902; ch. : Horatio Seymour
(Los Angeles) and Rex Lander, Jr. (Palo)

Prof. Record: Newspaper and magazine free
lancer over period of many years; conducted
a column for women in Chicago Chronicle:
did feature articles for Vogue: edited Junior
Page in The Clubwoman, etc.
Publications: Author: (books) Who Loves a



(Idiitfii: I'ut (t Feather in Your Il<it: Have
I'atUnce Little Saint; Essays on The Uarden
in Literature, and The I'hilDHophy til Gard-

Memberships: Calif. VVrilois Cuild; LoaKue
or Western Writers.
Religion: Episa)i)al.
Politics: Republican.
I\(<rr(ifions: Garileninj,'.

Home Address: 215 Grand View Dr., Red-
lands, Calif.

JONES. Professor Lynn William. A.B.,

M.A., F.A.A.A.S.

Assistant Professor of Physics and Engin-
eering, University of Redlands.
Born: Sparta (Wis.), May 2, 1902; s. of
Jennie (McPeak) and Fred Hubert Jones.
Education: Sparta High Sch.; Ripon Coll.
(Wis.); Wash. Univ. (St. Louis); Univ. of
Wis. ; Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Ripon Coll., 1925; M.A., U.
of So. Calif., 1931.

Honors: Fellow, A.A.A.S., 1933; Eugene Field
Soc, 1939; N.Y. Acad, of Sci., 1941.
Married: Helen Edith, d. of William Jack-
son Frable, in St. Louis (Mo.), Aug. 29,
1928; ch.: Lynn Winfield (11) and Cecelia
Ivaine (8).

Prof. Record: Northern States Power Co.
(Sparta, Wis.), 1917-28 (during vacations);
Teaching Fellow, Wash. U., 1925-26; Re-
search Fellow, U. of Wis., 1926-27; Prof.,
Physics and Engineering, U. of Redlands,
since 1927; Varsity and Frosh Tennis Coach,
U. of Redlands.

Directorships: Advisory Dir., So. Calif. Ten-
nis Assn.; Pres., Redlands Tennis Club.
Publications: "The Distribution of Energy
among Electrons Rebounding from Helium
Atoms" (Physical Review, Vol. 29); "Resis-
tances of Selenium Cells Deposited in Oxy-
gen and Carbon Dioxide" (Journal Optical
Society of Amer., Vol. 25); "Three Point
Problem Simplified" (Engineering News-Re-
cord, Oct., 1939) ; "Types of Physics Courses
Now in Use" (Journal of Engineering Edn.,
Oct., 1940).

Army Service: 1st Lieut., Infantry-Reserve
(commission secured through coll. R.O.T.C.
and 2 summer training camps).

Memberships: Masons; Phi Kappa Pi, Chi Sig-
ma Chi.

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands,

Home Address: 109 W. Fern Ave., Redlands,

JONES, Professor Maro Beath, A.B.,


Professor of French Literature, Emeritus,
Pomona College.

Born: Harwich (Cape Cod, Mass.), July 30,
1875: s. of Clara Freeman (Paine) and Asa
L. Jones.

Education: Harwich High Sch.; Boston U.,
C.L.A.; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Geneva:
Univ. of Barcelona; Institute d'Estudis Uni-
tersataris Catalans.

Degreen: A.IJ., HKK), M.A., 191H, IJoston U.
Married: Myru Cook, d. of Matthias W. Hurt,
in I'tovlncetown (;; ch.: Mrs. Luclu
Hurt Hills.

Prof. Record: Taught In Mass. Public Schs.,
189:5-95; Languages and Math., Oak Grove
Seminary (Me.), 1H97-98; Languages, Willis-
ton Seminary (, 1900-01; Boston Even-
ini; .Schs., 1H9H-1900; Adjunct Prof., Romance
Languages, CDrnell Coll. (la.), ]<K)l-02; Instr.
Modern Languages, Sch. of Applied Sci-
ence ((Jhio), 1902-11; Assoc. Prof. Romanic
Languages, Pomona Coll. (Calif.), 1911-18,
Prof., 1918-33; Prof, of French Literature
and Instr. in Italian, Pomona Coll., 19.'{3-40;
Summer Sessions Faculty: U. of Wash.
(French, Spanish, Portuguese), 1919, U.C.L.
A. (Spanish), 1926, U. of Mex. (French).
19.'!0; Substitute: U. of Hawaii (French,
Spanish, Portuguese), 1925-26; 2nd semester,
1917-18, at Boston U. Coll. of Bus. Admin-
istration (Latin-Amer. Relations and Portu-

Publications: Editor: Innocenciu. Portuguese
Text (Heath and Co.), 1923; Co-Editor: Las
Inquietudes de Shanti Andia, Spanish Text
(U. of Chicago Press), 1930, Marianna Sirca.
Italian Text (Heath and Co.), 1940; Trans-
lator: Mistrals Ponemo Don Rose (Poem of
the Rhone) from modern provencal under
title Anglore (Saunders Studio Press), 1937.
Awards: Decoration from Rumanian CJovt.,
1930, Steana Romanici (Star of Roumania
grade of "Officer").

Memberships: Beta Omega Phi, Phi Beta

Kappa, Delta Mu Delta; Soci dou Felibrige

(Soc. for Provencal Litterateurs) ; Hispanic

Soc. of America.

Religion: Protestant (Cong.).

Politics: Prohibition.

Recreations: Gymnasium, swimming and mu-

Bus. Address: Pomona College, Claremont,

Home Address: Claremont, Calif. *

JONES. Mattison Boyd. A.B., LL.D.

Lawyer, Lecturer.

Born: Tuttle (Laurel Co., Ky.), June 15,
1869; s. of Permelia White (Black) and
Hiram Jackson Jones.

Education: State Univ. (Lexington, Ky.) ;
Univ. of Chicago.

Degrees: A.B., 1894, LL.D., 1932, U. of Ky.
Married: Antoinette Ewell, d. of America
(Ewell) and James D. Smith, in Louisville,
Jan. 3, 1900; ch.: Winifred Jones deShish-

Prof. Record: Lawyer for past 40 yrs. with
offices at Los Angeles. Officer of different
corporations during said period: for number
of yrs. was Lecturer on Ethics and Advocacy,
U. of So. Calif.; Past-Pres., Northern Bap-
tist Convention.

Directorships: Pres. of Bd. of Trustees, U.
of Redlands; Trustee, Temple Baptist Church
(Los Angeles) ; Vice-Chmn., Los Angeles Co.
Planning Commission.

Army Service: Secy, of Exemption Bd., 7th
Dist. Los Angeles Co., Calif., 1918.
Memberships: Univ. Club (Los Angeles); Sig-
ma Chi Fraternity; Masonic Fraternity, Past

[465 J


Gen. Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Ma-
sons, U.S.A.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 448 So. Hill St., Glendale,

Home Address: 727 Kenneth Rd., Glendale.
Calif.; Summer: 2142 Hermosa Ave., Her-
mosa Beach, Calif.

JONES. Robert Letts. A.B.

Editor ;)nd Publisher, Vallejo Evening News.
Bor7i: Oakland (Calif.), Nov. 9, 1913; s. of
Carolyn (Oliver) and Madison Ralph Jones.
Education: Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1936.
Married: Joan, d. of Paul C. Skinners, In
Oakland, Sept. 23, 1937.

Bus Record: United Press Correspondent in
Europe; Reporter for San Francisco Chron-
icle and Oakland Tribune.
Memberships: Commonwealth Club; Delta
Upsilon, Sigma Delta Chi.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 514 Sacramento St., Vallejo,

Home Address: 1303 Louisiana St., Vallejo^

JONES. Professor Vincent, B.S., M.A.,

Professor of Music Education and Director
of the Department, Temple University.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), 1894; s. of Alice
Maude and Lemuel R. Jones.
Education: Los Angeles State Normal; Univ.
of So. Calif.; Inst. Musical Art (N.Y.); Col-
umbia Univ.; New York Univ.; Harvard
Univ • studied with Carolyn Alchm, Percy
Goetschius, Yeatman Griffith, Mortimer Wil-
son, and Nadia Boulanger (Paris, 1934).
Degrees: B.S., in Music, 1927, M.A., 1928,
N.Y.U.; Ph.D. (music). Harvard U., 1934.
Prof Record: Teacher of Music in Los An-
geles high schs.; Prof, of Theory, U. of So.
Calif., 1919-22; Head, Theory, Pa. summer
session for Music Supervisors, 1923-24; Teach-
er, Coombs Conservatory (Phila., Pa.), 1924;
Asst., Assoc, and Prof, of Music Edn., N.Y.
U., 1925-36; Prof, of Music Edn. and Dept.
Dir., Temple U. (Phila.), since 1936; Dem-
onstrations and teachers classes in N.Y.,
Phila., Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City;
Composer of songs, works for piano and vio-

Publications: Revised Edition of Alchin Ap-
plied Harmony. 1930-31-35; Essentials m
Teaching Harmony; Music as Part of the
Liberal Arts Curriculum; Harmonic Dicta-
tion (Co-Author); articles in various maga-

Memberships: Nat. Sinfonia.
Religion : Congregational .

Bus. Address: Temple University, Philadel-
phia, Pa.

Home Address: 356 So. Wilton PL, Los An-
geles, Calif.; 2039 No. Broad St., Philadel-
phia, Pa.

JONES. Walter Parker

Editor, McClatchy Newspapers, Sacramento,
Fresno, and Modesto Bees.
Born: Sacramento (Calif.), July 4, 1894;
s. of Phoebe (Parker) and William Edmund

Education: Public Schs. (Sacramento).
Married: Kathleen Adelle, d. of John A.
Roberts, in Marysville (Calif.), Aug. 12,
1916; ch.: Mary Elizabeth and Walter Park-
er, Jr.

Bus. Record: Reporter, Sacramento Star.
1912-16- Marysville (Calif.) Apeal and Dem-
ocrat 1916-17; State Capitol Correspondent,
Scripps Papers of Calif., 1917-18; San Fran-
cisco and Los Angeles Examiners, 1918-19;
Political Reporter, Sacramento Bee, 1919-33;
McClatchy Newspapers of Calif., 1922-33;
News and Managing Editor, Sacramento Bee.
1933-34; Editorial Dir., McClatchy Newspap-
ers, 1934-36; Editor since 1936.
Memberships: Sutter and Del Paso Country

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Golf, fishing, baseball, and


Bus. Address: Sacramento Bee, Sacramento,


Home Address: Rt. 9, Box 1254, Sacramento,


JONTE. Professor John Herbert, B.S.,


Professor of Chemistry, College of the Pa-
cific, Stockton.

Born: Kearney (Neb.), Aug. 13, 1885; s. of
Elizabeth (Donham) and Henry C. Jonte.
Education: Parsons Elem. and High Schs
(Kans.); Univ. of Kans.; State Univ. of
Iowa; Univ. of Colo.

Degrees: B.S., U. of Kans., 1911; M.S., State
U. of la., 1928.

Married: Bada S., d. of Sophia and Jacob
E Johnson, in Bakersfield (Calif.), Dec. 23
1913; ch.: John Haworth (22) and Donald
Milton (19).

Prof Record: With various mining and en-
gineering projects in Colo., Calif., and Ariz.,
1911-16; Special Analyst, Dept. of Chem-
istry Wash. State Coll. (Pullman, Wash.),
Nov' 1916 to Sept. 1917; Analyst in charge
of Lab., Idaho State Bureau of Mines and
Geology, U. of Idaho (Moscow), Sept. 1917
to Sept 1920; Prof, of Chemistry, Coll. of
the Pacific, since Sept. 1920; Stockton Junior
Coll., since Sept. 1935; Co-Dir. (with A. T.
Bawden), Coll. of the Pacific Annual Expe-
dition to Mojave Desert, Boulder Dam, and
Death Valley, since 1933.

Directorships: Dir., Goodwill Industries of
San Joaquin Valley (Stockton, Calif.); Trus-
tee, Stockton Y.M.C.A.

Memberships: Amer. Chemical Soc; Amer.
Assn for Advancement of Science; Science
Section, Nat. Edn. Assn.; Calif. Teachers

Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Stamp collecting, mineral col-
lecting, photography, and travel.



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