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(N.Y.), July 13, 1930.

Prof. Record: At fourteen was page boy,
messenger boy, etc.; at sixteen became er-
rand boy for Fifth Ave. photographer, which
started his interest in photography; at seven-
teen was voungest News Photographer, Asso.
Press, remained two yrs. (Covered Lindbergh
kidnaping case, being first to arrive on scene
when child's body was discovered) ; on photo-
graphic assignment to Mexico against possibli-
ty of Judge Crater being found there; Society
Photographer with assignments from Spur,
Town and Country, and Country Gentleman,
wintering in Pasadena (Calif.), and Phoenix
(Ariz.) and .spending summers in Bar Har-
bor (Me.) and Southampton (L.I.), photo-
graphing the "Four Hundred"; came to
Calif, permanently and pioneered in fashion
photography for advertising in Los Angeles'
Style Center, which led to assignments from
nat. advtg. agencies to photograph motion
picture stars for advtg. campaigns, then col-
or photography, mag. covers, etc.; many
young players such as Jane Russell and Bren-
da Joyce owe their "discovery" to having
been used as models in Kelley Fashion Photos;
owns and operates his own stuido.
Recreations: Badminton and swimming.
Bus. and Home Address: 736 No. Seward,
Los Angeles, Calif.

KELLEY, Professor Walter Pearson,

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Soil Chemistry, Univ. of Calif.,

Born: Franklin (Kentucky), Feb. 18, 1878;
s. of Mary Eliza (Mayes) and John W.

Education: Univ. of Kentucky; Purdue Univ.;
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Kentucky, 1904; M.S.,
Purdue Univ., 1907; Ph.D., Univ. of Calif.,

Married: Sue Katherine, d. of Katherine
(Wolfskin) and Richard Garnett Eubank, at
Honolulu (T.H.), Aug. 6, 1913.
Prof. Record: Asst. Chemist, Purdue Agri-
cultural Experiment Station, 1905-08; Chem-
ist, Hawaiian Agricultural Experiment Sta-
tion, 1908-14; Prof, of Agricultural Chemi-
stry Citrus Experiment Station, Univ. of
Calif., 1914-38; Prof, of Soil Chemistry,
Univ. of Calif., 1S38 to date.
Publications: Numerous scientific and techni-
cal papers published by the Hawaiian Agri-
cultural Experiment Station, College of Agri-
culture, Univ. of Calif., Amer. Chemical
Society, Soil Science, and other agricultural

Memberships: Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Xi,
Phi Beta Kappa, Masons.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Lawn bowling.
Bus. Address: 122 Hilgard Hall, Berkeley,

Home Address: 647 Santa Barbara Rd., Ber-
keley, Calif.

KELLOGG, Bert Morell

Publisher, Maywood Journal.



Rom: Wolbach (N<'l).). Sept. '_'■_'. liM).!; s. of
Myrtle (Ti'iry) and HitI N. KcIIdkk.
Education: Public School; Colorado Univ.
Married: Mary, d. of Clay Cherry, at BcII
(Calif.), July 25, 1927; ch.: Mary Ann,
Patsy Ruth.

Prof. Record: Piirchasod Maywood Journal,
Aug. 15. 1927 and still operates .same.
Memberships: Rotary Clul). Hell, M.iywood;
Loyal Order of Moose.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Bowling.

Bus. Address: 4.352 E. SIau.son Ave., May-
wood, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 4319 E. 6()th St., Mavwood,

KELLOGG. Charlotte Hoffman, Ph.B.

Writer, Lecturer.
Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Calif., 1900.
Married: Professor Vernon L. Kellogg (Stan-
ford Univ.) in Florence (Italy), April 27,
1908; ch.: Charlotte Jean.

Prof. Record: Head, Dept. of Eng., Miss
Head's School (Berkeley, Calif.), 1903-07;
worked in occupied Belgium, 1916, as Mem-
ber of Commn. for Relief in Belgium, and
in Belgium and Farnce, 1918-19; speaker for
U.S. Food Adm.. 1917-18; Member, Bd. of
Dir., Belgian - American Edu. Foundation
(New York) ; Vice-Chmn.. Commn. for Polish
Relief, Inc., Chmn., Paderevvski Testimonial
Fund, Inc., since 1941.

Publications : Women of Belgium, 1917; Bob-
bins of Belgium, 1920; Mercier, the Fighting
Cardinal of Belgium, 1920; translator of
Pierre Curie (from mms. of Marie Curie).
1923; Jadiviga, Queen of Poland, 1936; The
Girl Who Ruled a Kingdom, 1938; Pacific
Light (poems), 1939; contributor of prose and
poetry to various magazines.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women-
Poetry Soc. of Amer.; Gamma Phi Beta.
Awards: Decorated, Chevalier de I'Ordre de
la Couronne; Medaille de la Reine Elisabeth;
Medaille Commemorative du Comite National
(Belgium). Reconnaissance Francaise

Bus. Address: 37 E. 36th St., New York
N. Y.

Home Address: 2305 Bancroft PI., Washinc'-
ton, D.C. and Carmel, Calif.

KELLOGG. Wilfred H., Ph.G., M.D.,

Surgeon, Sanitarian; Asst. Professor of Hy-
giene and Pub. Health, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Arkansas City (Kan.), Sept. 3, 1871;
s. of Sarah Elizabeth (Hess) and Hiram D.

Education: Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: Ph.G., 1892, M.D., 1896, Univ. of

Married: Mabel Stewart Reilay, of Oakland
(Calif.), 1894; ch.: Dorothv (Mrs. Earl R.

Prof. Record: Bacteriologist, San Francisco
Bd. of Health, 1900-03; Calif. State Bd. of

Health, 1908; Acting, Surc'on, U.S. P.
H.S., In Venezuela, ];kj9-11; Dlr. of Labs.,
San Kranci.sco Health Dept., 1!)I2-17; Dlr.
Bur. Communicable Diseases. Calif. Bd. of
Health, 1917-18, and since 1920, also .Secy,
and E.\ec. Officer .same, 1918-20; Clin. Instr.,
Hygiene and Pub. Health, Stanford U., 1914-
18; A.sst. Prof., Hygiene and I'ub. Health,
U. of Calif., 1917-28, A.S.SO. I'rof. since 1928;
Lecturer in preventative medicine, Univ. of
So. Calif.; Surgeon U.S. Pub. Health Service

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Med. As.soc. ;
Soc. E.xptl. Biology and Medicine; Amer.
Pub. Health Assn. (Dlr.); Soc. Amer. Bac-
teriologists; San Francisco Co. Med. Soc.;
Calif. Acad. Medicine; Sigma Xi, Delta Om-
ega, Alpha Kappa Kappa; Commonwealth;
Faculty (Univ. of Calif.).
Publications: Author, numerous papers on
bacteriology and immunology and pub.
health; Kellogg test for diphtheria immunity.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 625 Spruce St., Berkeley,

KELLOGG, William Scripps

Manager, Estate of F. W. Kellogg.
Born: Cleveland (Ohio), Jan. 29, 1897; s. of
Florence May (Scripps) and Frederick Wil-
liam Kellogg.
Education: Stanford Univ.
Married: Alice Mary, d. of Mr. and Mrs. F.
A. Crowe (of Long Beach), at Los Angeles
(Calif.), 1920; ch. : William Crowe, Ogden
Ellis, Jean.

Army Service: Served as 2nd Lieut., Signal
Corps, U.S. Army, 1918-19.
Memberships: Amer. Legion; Sigma Nu, Phi
Delta Phi, Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Phi

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis and horseback riding.

Bus. Address: 2000 Spindrift Dr., La Jolla,

Home Address: 2065 El Paseo Grande, La
Jolla, Calif.

KELLY. Armand W., A.B., M.A.

Director, Deep Springs Ednl. Foundation.
Born: Salt Lake City (Utah) July 8, 1911;
s. of Ann E. (Jackson) and Ale.xander Kelly.
Education: Univ. of Utah; Deep Springs
(Calif.); Cornell Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1934, M.A., 1938, Cornell

Married: Bernice E., d. of W. C. Spencer
at Salt Lake City, July 8, 1937.
Prof. Record: Research Asst., Works Pro-
gress Admin., 1935-36; Executive Sec. Deep
Springs Educational Foundation. 1936 to
present; Postmaster, Deep Springs Post Of-

Memberships: Telluride Assoc.

Religion. Protestant.

Recreations: Mountain climbing, hunting

Bus. Address: Deep Springs Educational
Foundation, Deep Springs, Calif.

Other Address: Telluride Assn., Ithaca New



KELLY. Edward J.. A.B., LL.B.

Judge, Superior Court. San Diego Co., Calif.
Bom: On a ranch in Pajaro Valley, Santa
Cruz Co.; s. of Edward and Ellen Kelly.
Education: Public Schools of Santa Cruz Co.;
Santa Clara U.; Columbia U.
Degrees: A.B., Santa Clara U., 1897; LL.B.,
Columbia U., 1902.

Married: Cleora, d. of Ira and Louise Fen-
ton, at Watsonville (Calif.), 1910; ch.:
Azile Cooper, Edward G., Dorothy, Patricia.
Prof. Record: Admitted to New York Bar,
1902; practiced law in Watsonville (Calif.),
and"" San Diego (Calif.).
Army Service: Mexican Border Expedition,
1916 Private, 2nd Calif. Infantry; World
War I, Captain, 13th Infantry, U.S. Army.
Memberships: Knights of Columbus; Elks;
Eagles; Amer. Legion.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: County Court House, San
Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 3734 Sixth Ave., San Diego,

KELLY. Robert Lincoln. Ph.B., Ph.M.,
L.H.D., LL.D.

Born: Tuscola (111.), 1865; s. of Anna (Pear-
son) and Robert Kelly.

Education: Earlham Coll.; Univ. of (:hicago;
(secondary ed., Friends Bloomingdale Aca-

Degrees: Ph.B., Earlham Coll., 1888; Ph.M.,
Univ. of Chicago, 1899; LL.D. (by seven Uni-
versities), 1907-1935.

Married: Cecilia, d. of James and Martha
Rifner, at Bloomingdale (Indiana). Aug. 13,
1890; ch. : Agnes (Scott); Lois; Robert H.

Prof Record: Teacher; Dean; Coll. Pres.;
Univ Lecturer; Mem., Indiana State Bd. of
Ed • Board Mem. and Dir. of many educa-
tional and religious associations and organi-
zations; former Mem., Indiana State Bd. of
Ed Indiana State Text Book Commission;
Trustee Earlham Coll., Indiana Rhodes
Scholarship Com.; Presiding Clerk, Indiana
Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) ; Ad-
ministrative Committee, Federal Council of
the Churches of Christ in Amer.; Committee
on Catholic, Jewish and Protestant Coopera-
tion- Advisory Com. Carnegie Corp. of New
York- Executive Dir., Amer. Council in Ed.;
Dir., Franco- Amer. Scholarship Plan; Liason-
Officer between Amer. Colleges and the U.S.
(3ov.; Dean and Pres., Earlham Coll., 17 yrs.;
Pres and Executive Dir., Assoc. Amer. Col-
leges 23 yrs.; Univ. Lecturer; Univ. of
Toronto, McGill Univ., Columbia Univ., New
York Univ., The Univ. of Paris, Univ. of
Minnesota, Tokyo Imperial University.
Publications: Tendencies in College Admini-
stration- The Amer. Colleges and the Social
Order; Editor, The Effective College, Chris-
tian Education, Association of Amer. Col-
leges Bullentin, Theological Education m
Amer (surveys of many colleges and univer-
sities) ; contbr. to many books and maga-

Honors: Chevalier, Legion d'Honneur (Fr.);
Omricon Delta Kappa.
Memberships: Univ. Club (Chicago); Cosmos

Club (Washington) ; Quill Club (Nev.- York) ;
National Arts Club (New York); Clergy Club
(New York); French Legion of Honor Club
(New York); Nat. Institute of Soc. Sciences;
Scrooby Club (Claremont, Calif.).
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Roque, walking, art, politics.
Home Address: 439 W. Eighth St., Clare-
mont, Calif.

Other Addresses: Assn., American Colleges,
19 W 44th St., New York, N.Y.; National
Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park, New York,

KEMP. Alexander Nesbitt

President and Chairman, Bd. of Directors.
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company,
Los Angeles.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 22, 1879;
s. of Elizabeth (Grigor) and Alfred Holmes

Education: Public Schools in Oakland (Calif.)
Married: Madeleine Mary Haly (of Oakland),
1905; ch.: Phyllis (Mrs. Wallace Moir) and
Hale' Nesbitt.

Prof Record: Began with Hongkong and
Shanghai Banking Corp. (London, England)
1900 Jr. Officer, New York br., 1903-05;
with' N. W. Halsey and Co Investment
Bankers (San Francisco, Calif.) 19''5-09
Comptroller and Vice-Pres., Pacific Light
and Power Co., San Joaquin Light and Pow-
er Corp., So. Calif. Gas Co., 1907-17, Comp-
troller later Vice-Pres. in Charge Finances,
So C'alif. Edison Co., 1917-23, now Dir.,
Mem Exec and Management Corns.; Exec.
Vice-'pres., Calif. Bank, 1923-28, now Mem.,
Executive Comm. and Dir.; Pres. and Chmn.,
Bd. of Directors, Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co.
Directorships: Dir., Amer. Airlines, Inc.,
California Bank, So. Calif. Edison Co., Pac-
ific Mutual Life Ins. Co.

Memberships: Clubs: Calif., Riviera Country,
Calif. Yacht, Los Angeles Yacht, (owner of
schooner yacht Amorilla).
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co.,
523 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 2009 La Mesa Dr., Santa
Monica, Calif.

KEMP. Professor William Webb,

A.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Education and Director, Divi-
sion of Vocational Education, Univ. of Calif.,

Born: PlacerviUe (Calif.), Feb. 6, 1873; s.
of Caroline (Frazee) and William Kemp
(Calif. Pioneers).

Education: Private Acad.; Stanford Univ.;
Univ. of Calif.; Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1898; Ph.D.,
Columbia U., 1912.

Married: (1) Grace, d. of Wm Hayes (of
San Francisco), Jan. 1, 1907; (2) Nina Mo-
ses Burton, former wife of Leroy Burton,
1934; ch.: (by first wife) Marylyn (How-

Prof Record: Instr., State Normal School
(San Diego), 1906-10; Research in Archives
of London (Eng.), 1911; Prof, of School
Administration and Dir., Summer session, U.



of Montana, lill^-iri; Prof, of Rch. Adm., U.
of Calif., 1015-20; I'rcs., San Jr)'it> State
Ti-achprs Coll., l!r.>()-'2.'<: Prof, of Rrln. and
Dean, Sch. of Kdn., U. of Calif., l!)'j:i-29;
Prof, of Kdn. and DIr., Dlv. of Vocational
Rdn., 1939 : Lecturer In Summer sessions,
Stanford V.. 1921. 192."!; Southern Br. of U.
of Calif., 192-1 ; Territorial Normal School
(HonoluIu>, 1927; I'niv. of Hawaii, 1927,
19;!5: Univ. of Calif. (Los AnReles), 19.33.
1937, 19-10. 19-11; U. of Montana, 19.39: Con-
sultant, Educ. Policies Commn. of Office of
Edn., 19,3fi: Mem., Bd. of Consultants, Nat.
Survey of Edn. of Teachers, 19.30-.33: Los
Angeles School Survev, 19,33-,31; Mem., Bd.
of Edn. (Berkeley), 1917-20; Mem., N.E.A.,
Nat. Society Coll. Teachers of Education.
(Pres., 1928-29) ;Nat, Soc. for Study of Edn.;
Calif. Soc. for Study of Secondary Edn.;
Cleveland Conf. Am. Assn. of Aduit Edn.;
Mem., Nat. Advisory Bd., Jr. ColL JournaL
Publications: Support of Schools in Colonial
New York; Joint Author, Survey of Educa-
tion in Hawaii: Contbr., Cyclopedia of Edu-
cation; various educational magazines; Con-
sulting Ed., Calif. Journal of Secondary Ed-

Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa (hon.); Com-
monwealth of Calif. ; Rio del Mar Country

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Haviland Hall, Univ. of Cali-
fornia, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 761 San Diego Rd., Berkeley,

Other Address: Smoke Tree Ranch, Palm
Springs, Calif. •

KENDALL, Carlton

Author, Research Specialist.

Born: Oakland (Calif.), Aug. 17, 1895; s. of

Ena Francis (Fletcher) and Noah Chandler


Education: Univ. of Calif.; four yrs. travel
and research in London, Paris, Rome, Ma-
drid, Geneva, and at Oxford, Cambridge.
Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and
Johns Hopkins Univs.

Married: Mary Elizabeth, d. of John A.
Blackledge (British author), at Vancouver
(B.C.), May 28, 1933.

Prof. Record: Special Correspondent at the
League of Nations, (^neva (Switzerland),
1924; represented Current History Magazine
at Pacific Relations Conference, 1936; re-
search includes investigations of a Theory
of War and oi the Nature of Genius, and
has been conducted in 20 countries in con-
sultation with the world's greatest authori-
ties; pen name, "'Odlaw Ladnek."
Publications: Author, Truth About Korea,
1919; articles in Current History, North
American Review. Modern Review ((Calcutta,
India) ; World Affairs Interpreter; China
Journal (Shanghai, China) ; Overland Month-
ly, Scientific American. Travel, etc. Poetry
published in Chicago Tribune (Paris edition),
Oakland Tribune, Occult Digest, Westward.
Wings, and in numerous poetry anthologies
pub. in U. S. and England. Science Editor,
World in Brief News Service, N. Y. News-
paper Features for S. F. Chronicle, Oakland
Tribune and Portland Oregonian; conducted
"Literary (Jossip" dept. for. Westward Mag.

Directorships: Pacific Enameling & Mfg.
Co., Inc.

Army Hrrvice: Served In U. .S. Air Service
during World War I, commissioned 2nd Lt.
Mrmhrmhipn: Author's I^oaKue of America
(N.Y.C. ); 32° Ma.son; Am. Council Institute
of Pacific Relations.
Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: 1410 Jack.son St., Oakland,

Home Address: .323 Lenox Ave., Oakland,

KENDALL. The Reverend Charles
Shilling. A.B., S.T.B., S.T.M.

Pastor. Robertson Community Methodist
Church. Los Angeles.

Born: Fredericksburg (Ind.), Apr. 12, 1905;
s. of Edith Pearl (Shilling) and Rev. Landy
Haven Kendall.

Education: DePauw Univ.; Boston Univ.;
Harvard Univ.

Degrees: A.B., DePauw Univ., 1927; S.T.B.,
19.30, S.T.M., 1932, Boston Univ.
Married: Mary Louise, d. of C. Claud Travis
(of Chicago), in (Chicago, Jan. 1, 1930; ch.:
Charles Travis (b. Apr. 28. 1932); Margaret
Ann (b. Feb. 12, 1934) ; Philip Wesley (b.
Dec. 7, 1936).

Prof. Record: Student Pastor, Ma>-\vood
(Ind.) Methodist Church, 1925-27; Asst.
Pastor, Robinson Memorial Methodist Church
(Maiden. Mass.). 1927-29; Pastor, Riverdale
Methodist Church (Gloucester, Mass.), 1929-
33; Pastor, Robertson Community (Metho-
dist) Church (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1933 — .
Mem.. International Seminar in Europe. 1928.
Directorships: Dir., Pico Blvd., C^iamber of
Commerce, Los Angeles.

Publications: Contributor to The Zion's Her-
ald, The Christian Century, The Christian
Advocate. Board of Special Writers, Chris-
tian Advocate.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa. Delta Sigma
Rho; Amer. Assns. of Commons Clubs;
Lambda Chi Alpha.
Religion: Methodist.

Bus. Address: 1068 So. Robertson Blvd..
Los Angeles. Calif.

Home Address: 1206 So. Shenandoah St..
Los Angeles, Calif. »

KENDALL. Professor William Ray-
mond. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Musicologist. Teacher. Conductor; Assistant
Professor of Music, Dartmouth College.
Born: Pasadena (Calif.), Mar. 21, 1910; s.
of Myrtle Selby (Miles) and Arthur Cox

Education: Pasadena City Schs.; Pasadena
Jr. Coll.; Occidental Coll.; Stanford Univ.;
U. of Rochester (Eastman Sch. of Music);
U. of Basel (Switzerland) ; Cornell U.
Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1932; M.A.,
Stanford U., 1937; Ph.D.. Cornell U., 1940.
Married: Elizabeth Holman, d. of Margaret
(Holman) and Robert Smilev McClelland, In
Pasadena, June 27, 1936; ch.: Robert Arthur.
Prof. Record: Instr. in Music. Whittier
Coll.. 1934-35: Organist. First Methodist
Church (Pasadena), 1932-35; Instr. in Mu-
sic and Asst. Univ. Organist. 1935-39. and
Acting Chmn.. Div. of Music, Stanford U.,
1939-40 (Winter quarter).

Publications: Notes on Arnold Schlick in
Acta Musicologica (Copenhagen) for Dec.



1939: French Music in America (Boletino
Latinamericano de la Musical; Samuel Mer-
eschall. His Life and Works (Ph.D. disser-
tation, 1940).

Memberships: Sigma Alptia Epsilon; Plii
Delta Kappa: Plii Beta Kappa: American
Musicological Soc.
Religion: Metiiodist Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis, squash handball, hik-
ing, and boating.

Bus. Address: Dept. of Music, Dartmouth
Coll., Hanover, N.H.

Ho7ne Address: 18 Allen St., Hanover, N.H.,
734 So. Oakland Ave., Pasadena, Calif.

KENDIG, Francis Wilson

Music Editor, Teacher of Piano.
Born: Onarga (111.); s. of Gertrude L. (Wil-
son) and Albert M. Kendig (both dec).
Education: L. A. Polytechnic High School
(1916) ; Special Courses at Univ. of Calif.
(Berkeley); Univ. of California at Los An-
geles; Univ. of So. Calif.
Married: Eunice, d. of Ella (Hinds) and
Samuel G. Crook (both dec, N.Y.), in Bur-
bank (Calif.), May 9, 1926; ch. : Keith Milo
(b. 1938).

Prof. Record: Music Editor, L. A. Times,
1922-25, L. A. Saturday Night, 1934-37;
Contributor to The Etude (Phila.); Musical
Observer (N.Y.); West Ways (L.A.); Pacific
Coast Musician (L.A.), and other maga-
zines: Writer on musical subjects; Literary
Critic: Teacher of Piano (trained many
prominent musicians throughout Calif.):
formerly, Bd. of Dir., Calif. League of
Western Writers, Calif. Eisteddfod Assn.,
MacDowell Club, Soc. for Promotion of
Amer. Mus., and many others.
Religion: Christian .
Politics: Democrat.

Home Address: 2310 Vista Gordo Dr., Los
Angeles, Calif.

KENNARD. Theodore Gladden. A.B.,

Chemical Consultant.

Born: Glendora (Calif.), Aug. 9, 1903; s. of

Flora (Hesse) and Edwin Orson Kennard.

Education: Pomona Coll.; Cornell U.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1925; Ph.D.,
Cornell U., 1929.

Married: Mary Catharine, d. of Sarah and
David W. Peterman, in Claremont (Calif.),
Sept. 8, 1927; ch. : Kathryn Rose and Dor-
othy Anne.

Prof. Record: Instr. in Chemistry, Pomona
Coll., 1929-31; Research Fellow in Chem-
istry. Claremont Colleges, since 1931; Chem-
ical Consultant, 1931 to date.
Publications: Various articles on spectro-
scopy, geochemistry, rare elements.
Memberships: Masons; Alpha Chi Sigma.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Photography.
Home Address: 117 E. Seventh St., Clare-
mont, Calif.

KENNEDY. Professor Arthur Garfield.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D.
Professor of English Philology, Stanford

Born: Weeping Water (Neb.), June 29,
1880: s. of Helen (Hull) and James L.

Education: Doane Coll.; Univ. of Neb.; Stan-
ford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1902, Litt.D., 19.33, Doane
Coll.; M.A., U. of Neb., 1905; Ph.D., Stan-
ford U., 1914.

Married: Bertha E., d. of T. H. Miller, In
Crete (Neb.), July 20, 1910; ch.: James
Miller and Katherine Mathilda.
Publications: The Pronoun of Address, 1915;
Modern English Verb-Adverb Combination,
1920; Bibliography of Writings on the Eng-
lish Language, 1927; Concordance to the
Complete Works of Chaucer (with J. S. P.
Tatlock), 1927; Anglo-Saxon Reader (with
Geo. P. Krapp), 1929; Current English,
1935; Concise Bibliography for Students of
English, 1940.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bits. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 435 Coleridge Ave., Palo
Alto, Calif.

KENNEDY. Clyde Charles. B.S., M.S.

Consulting Civil Engineer.
Born: Rushville (Ind.), April 1, 1881; s. of
Mary Frances (Barnes) and Robert Kennedy.
Education: Public Schs.; Spiceland Academy;
Earlham Coll.; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: B.S., Earlham Coll., 1904; M.S.,
U. of Calif., 1912.

Married: Mabel, d. of Rhoda (Carey) and
Joseph A. Roberts: ch.: Richard Roberts,
Louise, Robert Malcolm, Mary Jean, and
Carolyn Clare.

Prof. Record: After grad. from coll. engaged
in railroad engineering work with Penn. Rail-
road for short period, followed by private
practice in civil engineering in Ind., during
which time served also as Co. Surveyor of
Rush Co.: Asst. City Engr. and City Engr.
of Berkeley (Calif.), 1912-19; since 1919,
principal Mem. of firm. Engineering Office
of Clyde C. Kennedy, in consulting civil en-
gineering practice: Assoc. Editor, Western
Construction News, 1925-31.
Publications: Author of various articles pub-
lished in technical magazines.
Army Service: Commission of Captain, Sani-
tary Corps, 1918.

Memberships: Amer. Soc of Civil Engrs.;
Amer. Water Works Assn. ; Amer. Public
Health Assn. ; Calif. Sewage Works Assn.
Religion: Friend.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Atlas Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 120 Bainter Ave., Los Gatos,
Calif. *

KENNEDY. Jr.. Frederick Hunt. B.S.


Born: Fort Payne (Ala.), March 21, 1891:

s. of Clara Genevieve (Lane) and Frederick



Hunt Kennedy.

Kduratlnn : Mass. Insl. of Tech.
Degrees: U.S., Muss. Inst, of Tech., 19M.
Married: Helen C. d. of Alice (Tomb) and
James Wm. Smilh, In Pasadena (Calif.),
Oct., 1921; ch.: Alice Clara.
Prof. Record: Instr., M.I.T., 1915; In.str.,
Calif. Inst, of Tech. (then called Throop
Coll. ot Tech.). 1916-17; Designer for G.
Lawrence Stimson (Builder), 1919-21; started
independent practice of Architecture, 1922;
as an avocation, owns and operates a poultry
farm in San Dimas.

Army Service: Enlisted Signal Corps, 1918;
transferred to Bureau Aircraft Production
for experimental work on bomb sights; Rank,
Sgt., 1st Class.

Memberships: Kiwanis; Valley Badminton
Club; Amer. Legion.
Religion : Baptist.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Bridge and badminton.

Bus. Address: 1041 E. Green St., Pasadena,

Home Address: 1304 VV. Juanita Ave., San
Dimas, Calif.

KENNEDY, (Mrs.) Gladys Brownson

City Librarian, Dean Hobbs Blanchard Mem-
orial Library.

Born: Kalamazoo (Mich.); d. of Frances A.
(Howard) and Edgar E. Brownson.
Education: Kalamazoo High Sch.; Throop
Polytechnic Inst. (Pasadena) ; Univ. of Calif
at Berkeley.

Degrees: Holds "Special Executive Certifi-
cate" from Calif. Library Assn.
Married: Scott, s. of Patrick Kennedv, in
San Francisco (Calif.), 1916; ch.: Scott, Jr.

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