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Bus. Record: Asst., Pasadena Public Library,
1906-08; Librarian, Calif. Inst, of Tech.,
1909-11; Asst. State Library, 1912-14; Co.
Librarian (Butte Co., Calif. 1, 1914-16; City
Librarian (Santa Paula), since 1930; Past-
Pres., Municipal Section, Calif. Library Assn.,
Southern Dist., Calif. Library Assn.
Publications: Various articles for newspapers
and periodicals on phases of library work.
Memberships: Ebell Club of Santa Paula
(Dir.); Amer. Library Assn.; Calif. Library

Religion: Unitarian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Mountain driving and nature

Bus. Address: Dean Hobbs Blanchard Mem-
orial Library, Santa Paula, Calif.

Home Address: 237 No. 8th St., Santa Paula,

KENNEDY, Harry E.. B.S.

Research Engineer.

Born: Oakland (Calif.), May 8. 1892; s. of

Anne A. (Fennon) and John J. Keimedy.

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1914.

Married: Aileen, d. of John J. Sullivan, in

Berkeley (Calif.), Apr. 20, 1895; ch.: Peter

(17) and Kurt (10).

Prof. Record: Inventor and Kngr. since 1918

MembersMpH: Sigma XI: Tau Beta PI.

Religion: Catholic.

Recreations: Music.

Bus. Address: 433 San Pablo Ave., Albany

Home Address: 18 Yale Circle, Berkeley,
Calif. .

KENNEDY, Philip B., A.B., Litt.B.,


Banker; Manager, Edwin S. Rowley Estate.
Born: Canton (S. Dak.). Aug. 11, 1882; s. of
Eva (Rowley) and Benjamin Kennedy.
Education: Beloit Coll.; Occidental Coll.
(L.A.); Harvard U.

Degrees: A.B., Beloit (Wis.) Coll., 1905;
Litt.B., Occidental Coll., 1906; M.A., Har-
vard U., 1911.

Married: Ethelyn Wallis, Feb. 12, 1927.
Bus. Record: Instr. and Asst. Prof. English,
Beloit Coll., 1906-09; Grad. Student in Econ-
omics, 1909-12; Instr. Pub. Speaking, Har-
vard U., 1910-11; Instr., Asst. Prof, and Dir.,
Day Div. of Sch. of Commerce, N.Y.U., 1912-
16; Investigator (in Europe), of free ports,
for Merchants' Assn. (N.Y.), 1913; Apptd.
Commercial Attache, Dept. of Commerce,
Jan. 10, 1916. and assigned to Melbourne
(Australia); transferred to London (Eng.),
Sept. 1, 1917; Director, U.S. Bur. of Foreign
and Domestic Commerce, Washington (D.C.),
1919-20; Vice-Pres., 1st Federal Foreign
Banking Assn. (N.Y.), 1920-22; Vice-Pres.,
Security First Nat. Bank of L.A.. 1923-31;
investigated economic conditions in Europe,
1931, and Far East, 1934; Mgr., Edwin S.
Rowley Estate since 1935.

Publications: Contributor of articles on ec-
onomic subjects.

Memberships: Phi Gamma Delta, Beta Gam-
ma Sigma. Delta Sigma Rho, Acacia Frat-
ernities; University, Los Angeles Country and
Beach (Santa Monica) Clubs.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Bus. Address: 215 W. 7th St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 91 Freemont PL. Los Angeles,

KENT, Adaline. A.B.


Born: Kentfield (Calif.). Aug. 7. 1900; d. of
Elizabeth (Thacher) and William Kent.

Education: Madeira, Washington (D.C.), and

Degrees: A.B., Vassar, 1923.
Married: Robert Boardman, s. of Mary
(Bradbury) and John Galen Howard, in
Kentfield (Calif.), 1930; ch.: Ellen Kent and
Galen Kent.

Prof. Record: Studied: Calif. School of Fine
Arts, Sculpture with Ralph Stackpole. Sept.
to June 1923-24; Paris, studied with Antoine
Bourdelle, 1924-25; worked and traveled in
France until 1929. Exhibited in Paris. New
York, Chicago. San Francisco and Los An-
geles: represented in permanent collections,
San Francisco Museum and Mills College,
also in private collections in Calif, and the
East. Won San Francisco Purchase Prize,
1937. Commissions in (3olden Gate Int. Exp.,



1939 (South Seas Group. Court of Pacific
and Reliefs in Court of Honour). Exhibited:
New York World.s Fair, 1939; Garden Sculp-
ture in Golden Gate Int. Exp., 1940.
Memberships: Lagunitas Country, Sugar
Bowl Ski Club, San Francisco Art Assn.
Recreations: Skiing and tennis.
Bus. Address: 523 Francisco St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 2500 Leavenworth St., San
Francisco, Calif.

KENT, Arthur H., A.B., J.D.

Lawver, Lecturer.

Born: Lincoln (Neb.), March 19, 1894; s. of
Alice M. and Sidney J. Kent.
Education: U.S.C; Leland Stanford U.
Degrees- A.B., magna cum laude, U.S.C,
1917; J.D., Stanford U., 1925.
Married: Estrella Mae, d. of Ernest Cook,
in Chicago (111.), Aug. 22, 1919; ch.: Martha

Prof. Record: Asst. Prof, of Law. U. of
Ore 1925-26; U. of Cincinnati, 1926-27, As-
soc.'Prof. and Prof, of Law, U. of Chicago.
1927-35; Sec. of Law Sch. and Dean of Pre-
Prof. Students, U. of Chicago, 1931-34; Visit-
ing Prof, (summer sessions), at Universities
of Mich., Columbia, Stanford, W. Va. Wash
and Calif.; Asst. and Acting Chief Counsel,
Bureau of Internal Revenue (Washington,
DC) 1934-36; Asst. Gen. Counsel, U.S.
Treasury Dept.. 1936-38; practice of law m
San Francisco since 1938; Lecturer m Law,
U. of Calif., 1940-41.

Puhlications: Numerous articles In law perio-
dicals and reviews.

Army Service: Served in Base Hospital No.
35 and Psychological Service, Camp Kear-
ney (Calif.), in 1918; honorably discharged
Dec. 26, 1918.

Memberships: Bohemian Club (S.F.); Sutter
Club (Sacramento); Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma
Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi; Order of the

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Reading and golf.
Bus. Address: 1720 Mills Tower, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 3461 Washington St., San
Francisco, Calif.

KENT. Easton

Vocal Instructor.

Born: Oakland (Calif.), 1891; s. of Eliza-
beth (Easton) and Thos. E. Kent.
Education: Oakland Public Schools and pri-
vate instruction in N.Y.C.
Married: Emelyn A., d. of William Beattie,
Del Monte (Calif.), 1930.
Prof. Record: Professional Singer (church,
concert, opera, radio) for 25 years; Teacher
of Singing for 15 years in San Francisco.

Memberships: Bohemian and Family Clubs


Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Theatre; concerts; motoring.

Home Address: 2415 Larkin St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

KEPPLE. Gerald C. A.B.

Lawyer; Member of Assembly, California

Born: Thorntown (Ind.), Feb. 5, 1900; s. of
Dora (Cox) and Mallory Kepple.
Education: Whittier College and Univ. of So.

Degrees: A.B., Whittier Coll., 1921.
Married: Marion, d. of Clara Belle and John
Morgan in Whittier (Calif.), Dec. 21, 1921;
ch.: Beverly, Marybel, Richard.
Prof. Record: Did considerable newspaper
work while in college and for five years
after- continuing after undertaking study of
law passed the Bar in Calif., 1927; admitted
to practice in all State and Federal Courts;
entered law firm of Smith & Miller (Whittier,
Calif ), 1927; Mem. of the present firm of
Miller & KepDle; Elected, Calif. Legislature,

Directorships: Chairman, Republican Dele-
gation in the Assembly; Member, Board of
Trustees, Whittier College.
Memberships: Lions International (Past Dist.
Governor) .

Religion: Friends (Quaker).
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, tennis.
Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., Whit-
tier, Calif.

Home Address: 1952 Valley View, Whittier.
Calif. '

KEPSEL, The Reverend Louis Her-
man. B.S.D., M.S.D., S.T.D.

Clergyman, Writer.

Born: Liberty (Wis.). Oct. 7, 1864; s. of
Augustina (Borchardt) and Rev. Herman

Education: Public schools of Nebraska, Iowa,
Kansas, Missouri; Missouri Teachers College;
Northwestern Univ.

Drarees: B.S.D., 1SS5; M.S.D. and S.T.D.,

Prof. Record: Has at various times during
his career been Editor and Publisher of re-
ligious and secular weeklies. Superintendent
of Public Schools. Head Master of Calcutta
(India) and Anglo-Chinese (Singapore) Col-
leges, Missionary in India; has held Pastor-
ates in 111., Kan., Neb., Colo.. Utah. Mo. and
Calif.; has lectured befor many groups on
educational, scientific, literary, missionary
and allied topics; since his retirement has
been active in civic and humanistic move-
ments; organized the East Los Angeles Com-
monwealth League, etc.; still remains a
constant contributor to various publications.
Directorships: Pres., Rationalist -Soc. of
Amer., Inc.; Pres., An Amer. Plan for World
Peace, Inc.; Secy.-Mgr., Voluntary Borough
Bd., Inc.

Publications: The Life Supreme (Real and
True Biography of Jesus, the Christ) ; The
Human Community or True Social Order;
The Component Elements of the Complete
Life; The Basis of the Law and Gospel Re-

Memberships: L.A. City Charter Revision
Com. and Mason.
Religion: Rationalist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening, ranching, fishing.


\V I [ O •


Home Address: lllK So. Fresno St., I-o.s An-
Kclcs, Calif.

KERN, Corinne Johnson, R.N.

Author : Cradualc
Boni: VVinncmurrn (Nevada); d. of Martha
(Fairbank) and Plciisant William Johnson.
Education: Spokane IIlRh School; Tralninp;
School for (Chlldrcn'.s Ho.spltal, San
Francisco) ; Spokane Art School.
Married: Nye, s. of Josephine and John Kern,
in Salem (Ore.).

Publications: I Co Nursing, 1933; / Was A
Probationer, 1937; Nursing Through the
Years. 1939 (all pub. by E. P. Dutlon, New
York). 7 Was a Probationer. 19.37 (also pub-
lished by Chapman Hall, London).
Religio7i: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing, painting.

Hoyne Address: 600 So. Burnside Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Sumvier Address: "Tres Amigos", Bass Lake

KERNER, Professor Robert Joseph,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D.

Historian; Sather Professor of History, U
of California.

Born: Chicago (111.), Aug. 27, 1887; s. of
Ruzena (Veselak) and Joseph A. Kerner.
Education: Univ. of Chicago (to 1908); Har-
vard (1910-14) ; Vienna (1912) ; Berlin (1913) ;
Sorbonne (Paris), (1914).
Degrees: A.B., 1908, M.A., 1909, U. of Chi-
cago; M.A., Harvard; M.A., 1912, Ph.D.,
1914, LL.D., 1937, Omaha U.; Litt.D., Park
College, 1938.

Married: Frances Amelia, d. of Maria and
George B. Dorsey, Columbia (Mo.), May 31,
1917; ch.: Rose Maria (Mrs. Eugene A.
Shurtleff ) ; Helen Dorsey.

Prof. Record: Instructor, 1914-16, Asst. Prof ,
1916-18, Asso. Prof., 1918-21, Professor of
Modern European History, 1921-28, U. of
Missouri; Professor of Modern European
History, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1928-
41, Sather Prof, of Historv., 1941 — . Vis-
iting Professor at: Columbia U (summer
session), 1920, U. of Chicago (surnmer quar-
ter), 1921, U. of Iowa (summer session),
1924, U. of Hawaii (summer session), 1935 — ,
U. of Colorado (summer quarter), 1941
Lecturer, Inst, of International Education,
1920-23. Board of Editors, Journal of Mod-
ern History, 1928-32; Contributing Editor,
Slavonic Review (London University). 1924-
1940. Editor, Northwestrn Asia Seminar
Publications (four volumes to date).
Directorships: Council, Amer. Historical Assn.
Publications: Slavic Europe, 1918; Social
Sciences in the Balkans and Turkey, 1930;
Bohemia in the ISth Century, 1932; The
Balkan Conferences and the Balkan Entente
(co-author), 1936; Northeastern Asia (2 vol-
umes), 1939; Czechoslovakia: Twenty Years
of Independence (Editor and Co-Author),
1940; and over si.xty articles in learned jour-

Army Service: Major, O.R.C., 1924-1928.
Awards: Commander, Order of White Lion of
Czechoslovakia: Officer, Order of the Star
of Rumania; Foreign Member. Royal Bo-
hemian Society of Letters and Sciences;
Corr. Member, Royal Rumanian Academy.

MembcmhipH: Bohemian Club CSan Francis-
co); Faculty Club (Berkeley); Rio del Mar
Club; (hon.) Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Siema

Religion : Epi.scopal .

Recreations: Hiking, motoring.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calirornla, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1.320 Arch St., Berkeley.


KERNS, Fannie M.

Painter; Director, Art Education, Pasadena
City Schools.

Born: California, d. of Fannie (Moores) and
Thos. Jefferson Kerns.

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles)-
Teachers Coll.; Columbia Univ.
Prof. Record: Painter, exhibiting at Exposl-
ion Park (Los Angeles), Walker Gallery
(Hollywood). Grossman and Moody (Hono-
lulu). De.sert Inn Gallery (Palm Springs,
Calif.), Pasadena Jr. College Gallery, Ray-
mond and Raymond (Hollywood), Los An-
geles Public Library, Los Gatos and Santa

Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: Pasadena Citv School, 320 E

Walnut St., Pasadena, Calif.

Home 1210 Granada Ave , San
Marino, Calif. •

KERR, Clarence Bowman

President and General Manager, HoIli'W'ood

Paper Box Corporation.

Born: St. Louis (Mo.), Aug. 31, 1884, s. of

Atha McGowan (Bowman) and James M


Education: Public Schools and Washington
Univ., St. Louis, Mo.

Married: Thaddea Alys, d. of Paul Barcafer
in Las Cruces (New Mexico), Dec. 19, 1932-
ch.: Donald Thaddeus.

Bus. Record: Sales Manager, Renshaw, Jones
& Sutton (L.A.), 1907-26; Pres. and (3en
Mgr., Master Service Corp. (L.A.), 1917-33-
Pres., Compania de Mejoras (Ensenada,"
Baja, Calif.), 1928-30; Pres. and Gen. Mgr,
Hollywood Paper Box Corp. (Hollywood,
Calif.), 1926—.

Memberships : L.A. Breakfast Club and Santa
Monica Del Mar Club.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: CJolf, swimming.

Bus. Address: 1041 No. La Brea Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 7025 La Presa Dr., Holly-
wood, Calif.

KERR. Professor William John, B.S ,


Physician, Prof, of Medicine, U. of Calif
Med. Sch. and Phys. -in-Chief, U. of Calif.

Born: Blencoe (Iowa). April 30, 1889; s. of
Sarah Ellen (Daywalt) and Burdette Kerr.
Education: Los Angeles High Sch.; U of
Cahf. (Berkeley) ; Harvard U. Med. Sch •
grad. study under Sir Thomas Lewis, U
Coll. Hosp., London (Eng.).
Degrees: B.S.. U. of Calif., 1912; M.D., Har-
vard U. Med. Sch., 1915.



Married : Dorothy, d. of Mary Simpson (Van
der Slice) and Farnum T. Fish, in Los An-
geles (Calif.), June 19, 1917; ch.: William,
Jr.. Marjorie, Dorothy, and Farnum.
Prof Record: Interne, Mass. Gen. Hosp.,
1915-16- Traveling Fellow, Res. Medicine.
Harvard U., 1916-17, attached to Hooper
Foundation (San Francisco); Instr. in Medi-
cine and Exec. Officer, Div. of Med., 1919-
21 Asst. Prof., 1921-22, Asso. Prof., 1922-
27 Prof and Head of Div. of Medicine,
since 1927, U. of Calif. Med. Sch.; Phys. -in-
Chief, U. of Calif. Hosp. since 1925; was
Secv on Practice of Medicine, Amer. Med.
A.ssn 1932-35; Chmn., Scientific Assembly,
Sect 'on Practice of Medicine, Amer. Med.
A.ssn., 1935-36; Pres., Amer. Coll. of Phys.,
1938-39; Pres., Amer. Heart Assn., 1937-.jJ;
Pres , Amer. Rheumatism Assn., 1937-38;
Pres ' Pacific Interurban Clinical Club. 1939-
40. Pres., Calif. Acad, of Medicine, 1941-42.

Publications: Many articles on internal medi-
cine, cardiology, and thyroid disease.

Army Service: 1917-19, discharged as Maj.^
M C Chief of Med. Service and Head of
Cardiovascular Bd., Camp Lewis (Wash.),
Memberships: Amer. Bd. of Internal Medi-
cine, Editl. Bd. of American Heart Journal,
and' of International Clinics; Adv. Bd. of
Psychosomatic Medicine; Med. Sponsor, Lay-
men's League against Epilepsy; Nu Sigma
Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha, Sigma Xi; Bohe-
mian Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing and duck hunting.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California Hospital,
San Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 180 W. Popular Ave., San
Mateo, Calif.

KERR, Willis Holmes. A.B., M.A.

Librarian; Claremont Colleges.

Born- Jamestown (Pa.), June 26, 1880; s. of
Martha Sharon (Hill) and David Ramsey

Education: Bellevue Coll. (Neb.); Columbia
Univ. (N.Y.); Edinburgh Univ. (.Scotland);
Seminar on Far Eastern Studies, Internation-
al House, Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Bellevue Coll., 1900; M.A.,
Columbia Univ., 1902.

Married: (1) Marv W., d. of Rev. William
Nicholl, Bellevue (Neb.), 1904 (d. 19.361; (2)
Virginia Dearborn Mertzke, d. of Mrs. E.
S. Gosney, in Pasadena (Calif.), 1938.
Prof. Record: Registrar, Bellevue Coll.,
1900-04- Librarian and Prof, of English,
Westminster Coll. (Fulton, Mo.), 1904-11;
Librarian, Kan. State Teachers Coll. (Em-
poria) 1911-25; Librarian, Pomona College,
1925-31; Librn., Claremont Colleges, 1932—;
University of Chicago Graduate Library
School, Summer Quarter, 1938.
Ptiblications : Has written numerous articles
which have been read before many educa-
cational and library associations.
War Record: Camp Librarian, Camp Funston
(Kansas), 1917-18; Field Supervisor, Amer.
Library Asso. War Service, Washington (D.
C ), 1918; Edu. Advisor, in charge of Book-

buying (Paris Headq.) A.L.A., War Service,

Meynbershivs: Claremont Rotary Club; Zam-
orano Club of Los Angeles; Bibliographical
Soc. of Amer.; Bibliographical Soc. (Lon-
don) ; Amer. Philatelic Soc.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Stamp-collecting.
Bus. Address: Claremont Colleges, Harper,
Hall, Claremont, Calif.

Home Address: 470 W. Seventh St., Clare-
mont, Calif.

KERT. Rabbi Max H.. A.B.

Clergyman; Rabbi, Olympic Jewish Center.

Born: Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Jan. 4,

1905, s. of Bessie (Wershof) and Barnet P.


Education: Schools in Winnipeg (Manitoba,


Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Manitoba, 1926.

Prof. Record: Rabbi, Olympic Jewish Center,

Los Angeles, Calif.

Memberships: Beverly Hills B'nai B'rith and

Sun-Air Club.

Religion: Hebrew.

Bus. Address: 1027 So. La Cienega Blvd.,

Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 6618 W. Olympic Blvd., Los

Angeles, Calif.

KESSEL. Professor John Flenniken,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.S., F.A.P.H.A.

Bacteriologist; Professor of Bacteriology and
Parasitology, University of Southern Cali-

Born: Medicine Lodge (Kan.), Feb. 28, 1894;
s. of Harriette Levon (Flenniken) and George

Education: Natal Govt. Teachers Coll. (South
Africa), 1913-14; Greenville Coll. (111.); Univ.
of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Greenville Coll., 1919; M.A.,
1921, Ph.D., 1923. U. of Calif.
Married: Ruth Elizabeth Brodhead, June 19,
1918; ch.: Margaret Lucienne and John Del-

Prof Record: Teaching Fellow, Univ. of
Calif 1919-22; Univ. Fellow, 1922-23; Asso.
in Parasitologv, Peking Union Med. Coll.
(China), 1923-27; Asso. Prof, in Parasitology,
U. of Calif. (Los Angeles), 1927-29; Asso.
Prof of Bacteriology and Parasitology, Sch.
of Med., Univ. of So. Calif., 1929-31; Prof.,
1931_; Chief Microbiologist, Los Angeles Co.
Hosp., 1928—.

Publications: Contrb. of numerous articles
on intestinal protozoa and bacteria, fungus
infections, poliomyelitis of man, etc., to
scientific journals.

Memberships: Fellow, A.A.A.S.; Royal Soc.
Tropical Med. and Hygiene; Amer. Pub.
Health Assn.; Amer. Soc. Tropical Med.;
Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med.; Amer. Acad, of
Trop. Med.; Soc. Amer. Bactriologists; Amer.
Soc Parasitologists; Western Soc. Natural-
ists; Sigma Xi, Phi Sigma, Theta Kappa Psi.
Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.



KESSLER, Kenneth Oneal

Sales MaiiaKiT Mi'l-O-CJIo Company of Calif.
Born: Kl. VVayiK- (Indiana). July 18, 1910;
s. of Emma (Steele) and H. L. Kessler.
Education; Univ. of Clnelnnall; public schools
of Decatur and Ft. Wayne (Indiana).
Married: Joan, d. of R. II. Davis In Madison,
Indiana, Jan. 4. 1935.

Bus. Record: Entered advertising and sales
career thru being Advertising and Public Re-
lations Director, Leeds Hotels for three years-
presently. Sales Mgr., Mel-O-Glo Co. of Calif.
Directorships: Vice-Pres., National Security

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, tennis.

Bus. Address: Kress Bldg., Long Beach
Calif. *

KESTER, (Tom) Marshall

Newspaperman; Conductor of "Inside Out"
column, Los Angeles Evening Herald and

Born: Chicago (111.), Oct. 10. 1909: .s. of
Maude Cabeen (Marshall) and William
Thomas Kester.

Education: Pasadena Military Acad.; Law-
renceville Prep.; Stanford U.
Prof. Record: Cub Reporter, Pasadena Post-
worked for Palmolive Co., covering north-
ern part of State; worlted as Reporter on
Glendale News-Press; flew tri-motored Ford
to Alasi<a and pioneered aerial freighting in
that territory and the Arctic; conducted col-
umn on Los Angeles Times for three years;
handled publicity, promotion and advertising
for Kirkeby Corp. for one vr. ; returned to
newspapering and started "Inside Out" col-
umn on the Herald and Express, Sept., 1939.
Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi (Stanford U.).
Religio-n: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Horseback riding, swimming
golf and gymnastics.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Herald and E.x-
press, 1243 Trenton St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1015 Oak Grove Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Other Address: Circle Lazy K Ranch, Cama-
rillo, Calif. .

KEYS. Professor Noel. A.B., M.A.,
Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S., F.A.A.A.P.,

Professor of Education and Lecturer in Hu-
man Relations, University of California, Ber-

Born: Beloit (Kan.), May 13, 1893; s. of
Alice (Dodge) and William James Keys.
Education: College of Emporia; Oxford, Chi-
cago and Columbia Universities.
Degrees: A.B., Emporia, 1916, Oxford, 1918-
M.A., Chicago, 1921; Ph.D., Columbia, 1928.
Married: Marian G., d. of Otis M. Wiley, in
Syracuse (New York), Aug. 11, 1928; ch •
Noel Wiley.

Prof. Record: Asso. Prof, and Dir. of Coll.
Preparatory, Lingnan Univ. (China), 1919-
25; Asso. Prof, of Education, Syracuse U.,
1927-28; Asso. Prof, of Edn., U. of Calif,
Berkeley, 1928-38; Prof, and Lecturer in Hu-

man Ilelutlon.s, 19;J8— ; VlsltlnR Prof., Cor-
nell, Kansas U., U. of So. Calif., etc.
PublicationH: Improvement of Meanurement
Through Cumulative Testing (Teachers Col-
lege Bureau), 1928; English Mastery Tentn
(Edward FJvans & .Sons, Ltd.J, 1923; Per-
sonal Index (Educational Test Bureau). 19.38;
The Under Age Student in Hif/h Hchool and
College (Univ. Calif. Press), 19.38; numerous
research articles in .scientific journals. Cont.
editor of Journal Experimental Education.
War Record: Y.M.C.A. with East
African Expeditionary Force, 1917-18.
Memberships: Amer. Psychological Assn •
Amer. Educ. Research Assn.; Nat. Confer-
ence on Family Relations; Nor. Calif. Coun-
cil for E.xceptional Children (Pres., 1936-
38); Fellow: Amer. Assn. for Advancement
of Science, Amer. Assn. for Applied Psy-
chology (consulting and edn. sections), .Soc
for Research in Child Development; Phi Del-
ta Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa, Kappa Delta

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley.

Hotne Address: 828 Arlington Ave., Berkeley

KEYSTON. George Noel. B.S.
stock Broker and Livestock Producer.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Dec. 3, 1890;
s. of Leila Ada (Baker) and James Woods

Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Cailf., 1913.
Married: Hazel Jeans Elander. April 12, 1919-
ch.: George Noel, Jr., and David Hill.
Prof. Record: Statistician and Office Man-
ager for a New York Stock Exchange firm,
1914-19; Manager, Partner, Keyston and
Co. (Stock Brokers, San Francisco), since
1919; Dir., Keyston Bros., Inc.; Pres., San
Francisco Stock Exchange, 1930 and 1940-41-
Chmn., Bd. Trustees, Cogswell Polv. Coll •
Pres., Bd. of Dir., No. 1-A Dist. Agr. Assn.
(State of Calif.).

Army Service: Served in U.S. Army, 1918-19.
Memberships: Beta Gamma Sigma; Clubs -
Commonwealth of Calif., Stock Exchange
(San Francisco).

Politics: Republican.

Bits. Address: 50 Post St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 809 Bromfield Rd., San Ma-
teo, Calif.

KIERNAN, Jessie Frances

Teacher, Bay View School.

Born: Castroville (Calif), May 7, 1878- d

of Sara Ball (Villagranja) and Townsend


Education: San Jose Public Schools and H.
S.; San Jose Teachers' College (Life Dip-

Married: Charles Augustus: s. of Margaret
(Gaynor) and Thomas Kiernan, San Fran-
cisco, Oct. 5, 1879; ch. : Charles Francis.
Prof. Record: Teacher in Monterey County
Public Schools, 1899-1909; Monterev City,
1905-09; Teacher of Adjustment Group, Bay
View School (Monterey), 1935-39, Third
Grade, 1939—; member of Guidance Clinic,
Monterey City Schools.



Publications: Poems: Your Gift, Retrospect,
Fragrance, in American Lyric Poetry, 1935
(Galleon Press, N.Y.) and Important Ameri-
can Poets, 1938 (Valiant House, N.Y.); Gar-
den, Will You Remember.
Memberships: N.E.E.A.: C.T.A.; P-'T'A-
(Monterey) ; Monterey Peninsula County CluD.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreatio7is: Reading, nature study, golf.
Bus. Address: Bay View School, Monterey,

Home Address: 543 Monroe St., Monterey,

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