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KIGER, William Henry. M.D.

Physician and Surgeon.

Born- Wood County (Ohio), Mar. 6, 1876; s.
of Mary (Norris) and William Henry Kiger.
Education: Fostoria (Ohio) High School.
Degrees: M.D., Ohio State Univ., Toledo
Medical College.

Married: Lucy V. Alexander in Los Angeles
(Calif.), July 21, 1921.

Prof Record: Graduated in Medicine in
1900, and did general practice m Sylvania
(Ohio) for two years. Ocean Park (Calit.)
seven yrs. ; specializing in Proctology in Los
Angeles, since 1909.

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Associated Hospi-
tal Service.

Army Record: Two years in Army during
Spanish War as Hospital Steward, six months
of this in Cuba.

Meynbershws : Calif., Univ., and Los Angeles
Country Clubs; Phi Kappa Psi.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 100 No. Plymouth Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

KILLICK, Victor W.

Chief, Bureau of Statistics, California De-
partment of Motor Vehicles.
Born: Philadelphia (Pa.), July 20, 1889; s.
of Annie Sutherland (Rabbitts) and Freder-
ick H. Killick.

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of So.

Married: Susie Marion, d. of Hon. Rousseau
O Crump, M.C. (10th Dist., Mich.), in Ven-
tura (Calif.), May 11, 1923; ch.: Phebe Ann.
Bus. Record: On editorial staffs of Pac.
Coast newspapers, 1909-16; Agt., U.S. Dept
of Justice, 1917-19; Chief, Statistical Dept.
Independent Petroleum Marketers Assn. of
Calif, 1919-25; Dir., Public Relations, Sher-
iff Dept. County of Los Angeles, 1925-29
and Chief, Bureau of Statistics; Certified
Statistician, Los Angeles County Civil Serv.
Commn., 1925; Certified Statistician, State of
Calif. Civil Service Commn., 1930; Chief,
Bur. of Statistics, Calif. Dept. of Motor Ve-
hicles since 1929; has traveled extensively
in U.S., Canada, Mexico; Instr. and lecturer
on statistics in several colleges.
Publications: Author of several books and
magazine articles published in U. S., Canada,
England, dealing with petroleum industry,
economics, crime and accident prevention.

statistical technique. Best known works:
California's Flow of Liquid Wealth, 1923;
The Sherman Act and the Petroleum In-
dustry, 1923; The Practical Statistician,
1927; Parental Administration to Reduce
Juvenile Delinquency, 1927; Severity of Pun-
ishment as a Deterrent to Crime, 1926; Busi-
ness Administration by Statistical Controls,
1928- California System of Motor Vehicle
Accident Statistics, 1930; Can We Build Au-
tomobiles to Keep Drivers Out of Trouble
(Reeves Pub. Co., San Francisco), 1940;
Elementary Statistics (Sacramento Jr. Coll.)
1940; several contributions to American Gen-

Army Record: Spec. Agt., U.S. Dept. of Jus-
tice during World War I, 1917-19.
Memberships: Amer. Statistical Assn. (since
1915); Fellow, Western Statistical Assn.;
Fellow, Inst. Amer. Geneology; Mem., A. A.
AS- Calif. Teachers Retirement Assn.;
Calif. State Employees Retirement Fund;
civic clubs; safety assns.
Religion: Episcopal.

Recreations: Tennis, swimming, badminton,

Bus. Address: Motor Vehicle Bldg., Sacra-
mento, Calif.

Home Address: 1857 Fourth Ave., Sacra-
mento, Calif.; 605 W. Wilson Ave., Glen-
dale, Calif., and 421 Oak St., Glendale,

KIMBER, Benjamin Jones

Editor-Publisher, Modesto Tribune.
Born- Greenfield (Mo.), 1890; s. of Cora
Fullerton (Jones) and William Kimber.
Education: Occidental College.
Married: Euna Matthews in Charleston (W.
Va.), 1918; ch.: June, Gloria.
Bus. Record: Teacher, Lecturer, Publisher;
YMCA Secretary before, during, and after
World War I; lecture platform for several
years; Author, first "Bible Course" in na-
tion as taught in High Schools; first taught
in Oklahoma City; now Editor-Publisher of
Modesto Tribune, largest circulation of any
weekly in Calif.

Memberships: Mason (all branches); Rotary.
Religion: Presbyterian .
Politics:: Republican.
Recreations: Travel.

Bus. Address: 1109 J St., Modesto, Calif.
Home Address: 720 Magnolia, Modesto, Calif.*

KIMBER, George Card, A.B., M.A.

Instructor in Geography, Sacramento Junior
College; Director of Research Kimber Poul-
try Breeding Farm.

Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), July 4, 1898; s. of
Clarissa (Evans) and The Reverend Dr.
Arthur C. Kimber (Trinity Parish, N. Y.).
Education: Stanford Univ. (Calif.), and
Univ. of Brussels (Belguim).
Degrees: A.B., 1920, M.A., 1923, Stanford

Married: Isabelle Marie, d. of Dr. Robert
Chodat in Geneva (Switzerland); ch.: Claris-
sa, Elizabeth, Clifford, John.
Prof Record: Teacher, Hughson Union High
Sch (Calif.), 1923-25; Instr. in Geography,
Sacramento Junior Coll., since 1928; Geneti-
cist and Dir. of Research, Kimber Poul-
try Breeding Farm (Niles, Calif.), since



19L'«. Itcpubllriin Candidate for Congress.
Third Consrcsslonal District of Calif., 1938
and liMO.

I'lililiidtions: Co-Author (with Senator John
Harold Swan) lAbcrulx and Conservatives
(an impartial analy.sls of the record of the
members of the 19H!) Calif. Legislature),
Calijornia Democrat (Monterey), 19,'J9.
Membershijis: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Kappa; Amer. Geographic Soc. ; Amer. Assn.
for the Advancement of Science, etc. ; Re-
publican State Central Comm., Calif. Repub-
lican Assembly.

Religion: Protestant, Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, literature, camping and

Bus. Address: Sacramento Junior Coll., Sac-
ramento, Calif; Kimber Poultry Breeding
Farm, Niles, Calif.

Home Address: 1913 - 12th Ave., Sacramento,


Other Address: Ampney Fields, Le Grand,

Calif. ;

KIMBER. John Evans, A.B.

Owner, Kimber Poultry Breeding Farm.
Bom: New York City, March 14, 1895; :,.
of Clara (Evans) and Reverend Arthur C.

Education: New Yorlc and Calif, public
schools; Stanford Univ.; Univ. of Calif.; Ore-
gon State College.
Degress: A.B., Stanford, 1917.
Married: Alice, d. of Frances (Soule) and
Edwin E. Barnes, Santa Barbara (Calif )
June 17, 1922; ch.: Arthur C, John E., Jr.
Bus. Record: Seven years H.S. Teacher; in
poultry breeding work at Niles since 1925;
Dir., Calif. Poultry Improvement Assn.,
1936-40; Dir., Calif. Baby Chick Assn., 1935-
41; Pres., 1939-40; Pres., So. Alameda Co.
Musical Assn., 1938-39, 1940-41.
Religion: Protestant Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, art, aviation, boating.
Btts. Address: Kimber Poultrv Breeding
Farm, Niles, Calif.

Home Address: P.O. Box 8, Niles, Calif.

KIMBERLY, Colonel Allen. U.S. Army,

Army Officer.

Born: Norfolk (Va.), Oct. 10, 1885; s. of
Leonora (Allen) and John B. Kimberly.
Education: Virginia Military Inst., Coast Ar-
tillery Sch., Basic and Advanced General
Staff Sch., Army War College.
Degrees: B.S., Va. Mil. Inst., 1906.
Married: Maria Theresa, d. of Freidrick Wal-
zinger, in Vienna (Austria).
Army Record: World War I, 18 mo.; 5 yrs.,
Philippines: duty with U. S. Embassy
(Rome), 1919; U.S. Embassy (Berlin), 1922-
25; Brig. Gen., Chief U. S. Military Mis-
sion (Rio de Janeiro), 1928-40; various com-
mands of regiments.

Awards: World War I, 3 Stars; French Med-
al Mutuality (gold) ; Serbian, Italian, Brit-
ish, French, Service Medals.
Religion: Protestant.

Home Address: Fort MacArthur, San Pedro,
Calif. »

KIMPTON, Dean Lawrence A., A B
M.A., Ph.D.

Dean and Director, Deep Si)rlngs Junior Col-

Born: City (Mo.), Oct. 7, 1910- s of
Lynn (Kennedy) and Carl E. Klmpton.
Education: Stanford Univ.; Cornell Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1931; M.A., 1932; Ph.D.,

Married: Genevea, d. of Mrs. R. J. Flick, In
San Jose (Calif.), 1930; ch.: a son b. July

8, 1940. '

Prof. Record: Elected to Dean.shlp of Deep
Springs in 1936 and has held that position
ever since.

Directorships: Madison Realty Co.

Publications: Author of numerous magazine


Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma

Rho, Phi Kappa Phi.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, reading, ethnology.

Bus. Address: Deep Springs Junior Coll

Deep Springs, Calif.

Home Address: Deep Springs, Calif., and

904 Benedict Carion Dr., Beverly Hills, CaL*

KINCAID. Clarence Leslie. LL.B.

Judge of the Superior Court, Los Angeles.
Born: Kansas City (Mo.), July 3, 1898; s. of
Sadie Anna (Moorman) and James Leslie

Education: Univ. of So. Calif. (Coll. of Law).
Married: S. Bernice, d. of Melville Stone, in
Los Angeles (Calif.), June 5, 1928.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1921.
Prof. Record: Private practice of law, 1921-
31; apptd. to Munic. Court as Judge, 1931;
apptd. to Superior Court as Judge, 1934; el-
ected to 6-yr terms, Superior Court, 1934-40.
Directorships: Pres., Calif. Conference of
Judges; Pres., Los Angeles Trojan Club.
Ar77iy Record: Infantry, U.S. Army, World
War I, 1917-18.

Memberships: Delta Theta Phi; Wilshire
Country Club; American Legion (Past Calif.
State Commander) ; etc.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, sports.

Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 215 So. Detroit St., Los An-
geles, Calif. *

Engr.D., F.I.A.S.

Aircraft Manufacturer; President, North

American Aviation, Inc.

Born: Wlieeling (W. Va.), May 8, 1895; s.

of Rose Ann (Riddle) and Charles Fredrick


Education: Carnegie Inst. Technology; Poly.
Inst. (Brooklyn).

Degrees: Engr.D., Poly Inst. (Hon.); Fellow,
Inst, of Aeronautical Sci.

Married: Thelma Beatrice Kjiarr, of Wheel-
ing (W.Va.), April 26, 1919; ch. : Ruth Joan.
Prof. Record: Began as apprentice-engr., Nat.
Tube Co., Wlieeling (W. Va.), 1911; Jr.
Draftsman and Insp., U. S. Army Engr.



Corps., 1913-16; Designer and Chief Drafts-
man^ Glenn L. Martin Co. (Cleveland , 1919-
25- Vice-Pres. and Chief Engr., Douglas Air-
craft Co. (Santa Monica, Calif.), 1925-34;
Pres , Gtn. Aviation Mfg. Corp. (Baltimore)
and North Amer. Aviation, Inc. (New York),

Army Record: Served as 2nd Lieut., Air Corps,
U. S. Army, World War I.
Directorships: Aeronautical Chamber of
Commerce; N.A.A., Inc.; N.A.A., Inc., of

Memberships.- Guggenheim Award Founda-
tion- Fellow, Inst, of Aeronautical Sciences
(Vic'e-Pres.); Mfgrs. Aircraft Assn.; Delta
Upsilon; Mason.

Bits. Address: North American Aviation, Inc.,
Inglewood, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 564 No. Cliffwood Ave.,
Brentwood Heights, Calif.

KINDLEBERGER, Rear Admiral Char-
les Poor. (M.C.) U.S. Navy, A.B., M.D.
Navy Officer (retired).

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 1, 1870;
s of Mattie Lindsay (Poor), (dec.) and Rear
Admiral David Kindleberger (M.C), U. S.
Navy, Ret. (dec).

Education: Washington (D.O public schools;
Columbian College Prep. School; Columbian
(now George Washington Univ.); and Univ.
of Pa. (Philadelphia, Pa.).
Degrees: A.B., Columbian U., 1891; M.D.,
U. of Pa., 1894.

Married: (1) Lucy Ann Huntsman (dec. Aug.
■74 1939), d. of Marie Louise Drummond
and George Huntsman, in San Francisco
(Calif ), June 14, 1898; (2) Lily Evelyn
Noble, d. of Lily Evelyn Noble and Wm.
Frederick Sidney, in San Diego (Calif.),
Nov. 16, 1940.

Publications: Numerous professional articles
published in Military Surgeon and 17. S. Na-
val Medical Bulletin.

Navy Record: Entered Med. Corps, U. S
Navy Aug. 10, 1894; promoted through
grades to Rear Admiral (M.C), U.S.N, on
Dec 7, 1926; retired from active service
on Dec. 1, 1934; took part in Battle of Ma-
nila Bay on U.S.S. Olympia: served through
World War I on U.S.S. Wyoming and U.S.S.
Pennsylvania, on Staff of Admiral Henry
T. Mayo; served at U.S.N.T. Camp, Pel-
ham Bay Park (N.Y.).

Awards: Dewey Medal; Spanish American
War, and World War Medals.
Memhershivs: Phi Kappa Sigma; Coronado
Country Club; Fellow Amer. Coll. of Sur-
geons; Fellow Amer. Med. Assn.
Religion: Protestant, Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, motoring, swimming.
Home Address: 825 Alameda Blvd., Coro-
nada, Calif.

KING, Foster Robert

City License Clerk, Los Angeles.

Born: Pratt (Kan.), Feb. 2, 1888; s. of Emily

(Foster) and George I. King.

Edxication: Schs. in Los Angeles.

Married: Ellen M., d. of Emma and Myron

McKinney, in Los Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 12,


Bus. Record: So. Pac. R.R., 1907-12 (in of-

fice of the dining car dept.); started with
Los Angeles City working in the Tax office,
1912; Assessor's office and City Clerk's of-
fice (the city then collected its own taxes);
after leaving Army, started in the Clerks
office License Div. as a Clerk; later made
Asst. License Clerk; apptd. License Clerk,
Nov. 1, 1935, which position he still holds.
Army Record: Army from Aug., 1917-19; in
France, March, 1918-19.
Memberships: Mason.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Swimming.

Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 156 West 41st Place, Los An-
geles, Calif.

KING, Frank Marion

Author, Editor.

Born: El Monte (Calif.), Feb. 26, 1863; s.
of Jacquelina (Biggs) and Samuel Hous-
ton King.

Education: Public school in El Monte, and
self taught.

Married: Sophia, d. of Pauline and John
Klos, in Boulder (Colo.), Aug. 14, 1918.
Prof. Record: Early life as cowboy and bronc
rider in Texas, New Mexico and Ariz. ; in
1890, took position as Reporter on the Phoe-
nix Daily Gazette; afterwards served as un-
dersheriff, and Special Deputy Collector of
Ariz. (Customs) ; cattle bus. as owner, specu-
lator and feeder; Assoc. Edit, of Western
Livestock Journal in Los Angeles for the
last 14 yrs., as well as special field man
for Los Angeles Union Stock Yards, during
which time has written old west stories and

Publications: Assoc. Edit., Western Livestock
Journal (Nelson R. Crow, owner and pub.).
Religion: Christian. No church affiliation.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Horseback riding.
Bus. Address: Union Stock Yards, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 4119 East 54th St., Maywood

KING. Lyman Maurice

Finance; President, Redlands Federal Sav-
ings and Loan Association and Redlands Li-
quidating Corporation.

Born: Mt. Ayr (la.), July 17, 1869; s. of
Fidelia C (Wilson) and Ensign Hill King.
Education: Napa (Calif.) Coll.
Married: Marion, d. of Cecil C Grigsby, in
Pearsall (Tex.), Oct. 10, 1894; ch.: Karolyn
(Mrs. J.C.G. Lewis, Redlands, Calif.) and
Lyman M. Jr. (Redlands).
Bus. Record: Reporter, Daily Register (Napa,
Calif.); City Editor, Pasadena (Calif.) Star;
Editor and Mgr., Daily Review and Daily
Facts (Redlands, Calif.); State Senator
Calif representing San Bernardino and Inyo
Cos , 1915-23; Chief Div. Service and Supply,
Dept. of Finance, 1927-29; Dir. State Dept.
of Finance, 1930; Pres. and Mgr., Redlands
Bldg.-Loan Assn., 1931, merged into Federal
Savings and Loan Assn., 1937; chosen Pres.
and Mgr., also of Redlands Liquidating Corp.;
State of Calif. Inheritance Tax Appraiser.
Directorships: Mem., Advisory Bd., Bank of
Amer. (Redlands).



Army Service: "Dollar n Year Man" during
World War, scrvlns overseas with Y.M.C.A.
MemhrrKhips: Masons; RIks; Odd Fellows;
Redlaiids Country and Newport Yachl Clubs;
Soc. of Residential Appraisers.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and flshinp:.
Bus. Address: Citrus Ave., at 5lh .St., Red-
lands, Calif.

Home Address: Knoll Rd., Redlands, Calif.*

KING. Maxwell Clark. A.B.

Executive Vice-President and Director, Paci-
fic Finance Corporation of California.
Born: Greeley (Colo.), 1899; s. of Daisy
(Clark) and Ralph W. King.

Education: Stanford Univ.; Grad. Sch. of

Bus. Adm., Harvard Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U.

Married: Barbara, d. of Frederick James

Loomis (dec), in Pasadena (Calif.), 1923;

ch.: Ma.xwell C, Jr., and Clark L.

Bus. Record: Advertising and securities prior

to becoming affiliated with Pacific Finance;

with said corp. continually since 1925.

Directorships: Pacific Finance Corp. (a Texas

Corp.); Consumers Credit Co.

Ariny Service: 3 months, 1918, U.S. Army,

4th Officers Training Sch.

Memberships: Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity;

Los Angeles University, Wilshire Country,

Westport Beach, and Balboa Yacht clubs.

Religion: Protestant, Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, swimming, and sailing.

Bus. Address: 621 So. Hope St., Los Angeles,


Home Address: 100 So. Poinsettia PI., Los
Angeles, Calif. *

KING. Percival Simpson. B.S., LL.D.

Judge, Superior Court, Napa County.
Born: Iowa, Aug. 8, 1866; s. of Fidelia C.
(Wilson) and Rev. Ensign Hill King.
Education: Public Schs. ; Coll. of Pacific.
Degrees: B.S., 1885, LL.D., 1939, Coll. of

Married: Lizzie E., d. of John A. Klam, in
Napa (Calif.), Aug. 21. 1891; ch.: Carol K.
(farmer), Percy Ensign (lawyer), Mrs. Cath-
erine Williams, Lyman Maurice (farmer),
and Elizabeth F. Robinson (lawyer).
Prof. Record: Taught Pub. Sch. in Calif, and
Nev., 7 yrs.; admitted to bar (Calif, and
Nev), 1891; practiced law in Carson (Nev.),
a short time; same in Napa (Calif.), 1892-
1920, when elected Judge Superior Court of
Napa Co. (Calif.), and on bench ever since.
Directorships: Dir., Napa Bldg. and Loan,
since 1905; on Advisory Ed. of local Bank
of Amer. since its establishment. Retired
Captain N.G.C.; Pres., Silverado Area Boy
Scouts, 20 yrs.

Memberships: Past Master, Yount Lodge, F
and A.M.; Past Grand Master, A.O.U W of
Calif.; Past Noble Grand Arch, U.A.O.D. of
Calif.; Past State Consul, M.W.A. of Calif •
Elks; Eastern Star.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: (i.-irdi^ninK, fl.shlnj;, .uul

Bus. Address: Court, Napa, Calif.

Home Address: 1721 Pine St., Napa, Calif. •



Born: Oakland (Calif.), April 1, 1911.

Education: Ling Nom Academy (Hong Kong,

Married: Janice Wong; ch.: Eddie (9) and
Jr. (4).

Prof. Record: First Purchase Prize (water
color), San Francisco Art Assn., 19.36; First
Prize (water color), 19.37, Oakland Annual;
Paintings have been exhibited international-
ly; Watercolors purcha.sed by and hung in
Metropolitan Museum of Art (N.Y.C.), Mu-
seum of Modern Art (N.Y.C.), San Francisco
Museum of Art, Mills Coll. Collection, and
many private collections.

Memberships: San Francisco Art Assn.; Bay
Region Art Assn.; Calif. Watercolor Soc.
Bus. Address: 15 Hotaling PI., San Francis-
co, Calif.

Home Address: 1 Dawson PL, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

KINNEY. Professor Lucien Blair, B.S.,

M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education, Stanford

Born: Hudson (Wis.), Jan. 15, 1894; s. of
Susan Eva (Pierce) and Andrew Jackson

Education: Hudson (Wis.) High Sch.; River
Falls (Wis) Teachers Coll.; Univ. of Chi-
cago; Univ. of Minn.

Degrees: B.S., 1923, M.A., 1925, Ph.D., 1931,
U. of Minn.

Married: Ida, d. of John Ormsrud, in Crook-
ston (Minn.).

Prof. Record: Supt. of Schs. (Burtrum,
Minn.), 1915-17; same (Clear Lake, Wis.),
1919-24; Instr. in Math. (St. Paul, Minn.),
1924-31; Instr. in Edn., U. of Minn., 1931-
37; Registrar, Oswego (N.Y.) State Teachers
Coll., 1937-40; Assoc. Prof, of Edn., Stan-
ford U., since 1940.

Publications: The Consumer (with O. R.
Floyd; Newson and Co.); Business Mathe-
matics (Holt), 1936; Junior Mathematics,
Books 1, 2, 3 (with H. R. Douglass; Holt),
1940; Mathematics For Today, Books 1 and
2 (Holt), 1940; Everyday Mathematics (Holt),

Army Service: Corporal, 184th Air Squa-
dron, March, 1918 to June, 1919.
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa; Kiwanis;
American Educational Research Assn.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.

Home Address: 350 Miramonte, Palo Alto,
Calif. .

KIRCHNER. Justus George. B.S., Ph.D.

Chemist: Research Fellow in Bio-organic

Chem., Calif. Inst, of Tech.

Born: Cedar Rapids (Iowa), May 11, 1911;

s. of Helen (Hofmann) and Joseph H. Kirch-


Education: Benson (Neb.) High Sch., 1925-
29; Creighton Univ., 1930-32, 1933-35; Iowa
State Coll., 1935-39.



Deorees: B.S., cum laude Cmghton U..
1935- Ph.D., Iowa State Coll., 1939.
Married: Mildred M., d. of peorge Schroed-
er, in Pasadena (Calif.), Oct. 14, 1940.
Prof Record: Research Fellow, Iowa State
Coll 1935-39- Research Asst., 19,39-40. and
Research Fellow in Bio-organic Chemistry,
Calif. Inst, of Tech. since 1940.
Memberships: Sigma Xi, Amer. Chem. Soc.
ReUgion: IMethodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Photography.
Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 294 So. Wilson, Pasadena,

KIRK. Dean HoUis, A.B.

Real Estate. Insurance.

Born: Carthage (111.), April 9, 1894; s. of
Sadie (Russell) and William Kirk.
Education: Schs. in Kahoka (Mo.); Univ.
of Missouri.

Degrees: A.B., U. of Mo., 1916.
Married: Anita Belle, d. of Albert LVVhit-
aker, in Nogales (Ariz.), Oct. 5, 1932; ch..
Herbert and June.

Bus. Record: Engaged in real estate and in-
surance bus. for past 18 yrs. ; winner of 5
min. Home Talk, Calif. Real Estate Assn.,
1925- represented Calif, in Nat. 5 mm. Talk,
Nat Real Estate Assn., 1926; one of the
three delegates from Calif, at Home Owners
Loan Conference in Washington (D.C.), at
invitation of President, 1931.
Army Service: Corp., World War I.
Memberships: Rotary Club; Amer. Legion;
Mason; Calif. Real Estate Assn. (Past Vice-
Pres.); South East Real Estate Bd. (Past-

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Bowling, swimming, and ten-

Bus. Addres: 7227 Long Beach Blvd., Hun-
tington Park, Calif.

Home Address: 8140 San Miguel, South
Gate, Calif.

KIRK, Professor William, A.B., Ph.D. .

Professor and Head of Department of Soci-
ology, Pomona College.

Born: Baltimore (Md.), May 7, 1880; s of
Margaret Mary (Magee) and George Albert

Education: Johns Hopkins Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U.
Married: Margaret Louise, d. of Frank Dud-
ley in Portland (Me.), June 25, 1910; ch.:
George, Dudley, and Margaret.
Prof Record: Asst. in Political Economy,
Johns Hopkins U., 1904-05; Instr. in Econ-
omics, Brown U., 1905-07, Asst. Prof., 1907-
10- As'soc Prof, of Social and Political
Science, Brown U., 1910-11; Prof, and Head
of Dept of Economics and Sociology, U.
of Rochester, 1911-20; Asst. Prof. Social Ec-
onomics, U. of Calif., 1920-21, Assoc. Prof.,
1921-22- Prof, and Head of Dept. of Soci-
ology, Pomona Coll., since 1922; Gen. Sec,
United Charities of Rochester, 1911-16.
Publications: National Labor Federations

(Johns Hopkins Press), 1906; Editor, A Mod-
ern City (U. of Chicago Press), 1909; articles
in scientific magazines; Primitives of the
Pacific, to be published in 1941.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Masons; Al-
pha Kappa Delta.
Religion: Congregational.
Recreations: Color motion photography.
Bus. Address: Pomona Coll., Claremont,

Home Address: 705 Indian Hill Blvd., Clare-
mont, Calif.

KIRKBRIDE, Lieutenant Colonel Char-

Tes N., O.R.C., Ph,B., LL.B., LL.D.

Lawyer; Member, Kirkbride and Wilson.
Born- Pueblo (Colo.), Nov. 15, 1868; s. of
Louise H. (Holloway) and Charles H. Kirk-

Education: Coll. of the Pacific (now at
Stockton, Calif., then at San Jose) ; North-
western U. (Chicago).

Degrees: Ph.B., Coll. of the Pacific, 1887;
LL.B., Northwestern U., 1893; LL.D., Coll.
of the Pacific, 1941.

Married: Mabel S., d. of John Goode, in
Modesto (Calif.), May 24, 1919; ch.: Bruce
C. (21), Harold E. (19), and Betty Lou (16).
Prof Record: Admitted to practice before 111.
Supreme Court, 1893, Calif. Supreme Court,
1893 U.S. Supreme Court, 1926; opened
office in San Mateo (Calif.), 1894, and has
been in continuous practice there since; pres-
ent partnership formed 1935, with Ernest A.
Wilson- specializes in Municipal Law, hav-
ing been City Attorney, City of San Mateo,
1895-1923; Pres., League of Calif. Municipal-
ities, 1923-24.

Directorships: San Mateo Mutual Bldg. and
Loan Assn. (Exec. Vice-Pres. and Dir.); Bur-
lingame Shore Land Co. (San Francisco
Calif), (Secy, and Atty.). Pres., Bd. of
Trustees, San Mateo J.C; Mem., Bd. of
Trustees, San Mateo Union High Sch., Coll.
of Pacific, Stockton, Calif., 25 yrs.
Army Service: Served during World War I as
Captain, Coast Artillery, 1917-19; promoted
to Maior, Officers Res. Corps, 1919, to Lieut.
Col b R C, 1929; now Lieut. Col., ORG.
(inactive); was in CaMf. Natl. Guard, 1911-
17, and Captain of Coast Artillery therein
at time of draft into Natl. Army.
Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn.: Common-
wealth and Engineers Clubs (S.F.); Amer.

Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

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