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Bus. Address: 307 B St., San Mateo, Calif.
Home Address: 360 Elm St., San Mateo,


Author, Dramatist, Poet.
Born- Victoria (B.C., Can.), Feb. 1, 1912;
s. of Georgina Sheldon (Tilney) and W. H.

Education: St. Georges Sch. (Newport, R.I.);
Occidental Coll.

Married: Ann, d. of Leslie Lee, in Weston-
super-Mare (Eng.), July, 1940; ch.: Rona.ld,
Jr. (1933), and Nicholas (1935), by Katnna
Spaulding (first wife).

Bus. Record: Editor and Sec, Sports Illus-
trated and The American Golfer; Assoc. Edi-



tor •■itui TriMs,, si,,,,, M,i,,,i:,„, d.nih in

PuhHcatinnn: Lettpm (Ohonim Pross), in:i2;
River o/ Souls (Harold VInnl. Ltd.), 1933;
Tbr Priviitr TAfr nf I)c Mauiir;nx<ivt (Spars),'
^^M■. Dark i^iirrpvlrr f.Sonrs). 1 935 : yl rmrr-
(inJr (SkoffinKlon and Sons), 1940; Let Mu-
nir Sound (In press). 1941: Plays: Bnttle of
the Sexes, Many Loves, Christina. 1940.
Memberships: Authors Clubs of Npvv York
and London: Delta Beta Tau Fraternity.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Tennis and flying.
Home Address: 6.3a,'5 Hollvvvood Blvd Holly-
wood. Calif.; Litchfield, Conn. '•

KIRKPATRICK, Professor Harry Allis-
ter, B.S., Ph.D., F.A.P.S.
Physicist; Associate Professor and Head of
the Department of Physics, Occidental Col-

Rom: Wessington (S. Dak.), Nov. 8. 1891: s.
of Helen Iowa (Harmon) and Alexander

Education: Occidental Coll.
Degrees: B.S., Occidental Coll.. 1914- PhD
Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1931.
Honors: Fellow of Physical Soc.
Married: Anna Ethel, d. of Anna Margaret
(Banes) and Richard Thomas Anderson in
Pomona (Calif.). May 17, 1917; ch.: Helen
Margaret and Joan Louise.
Prof. Record: Grad. Mgr., Occidental Coll..
1914-16; Physical Edu. Dir. and Athletic
Coach, Compton (Calif.) High Sch . 1917-19
Pomona (Calif.) City Schs., 1919-20, Los An-
geles City High Sch., 1920-24; Asst. in Phy-
sics. U. of Calif, at Los Angeles, 1924-28-
Instr. in Physics, Occidental Coll., 1929-,30-,
Teaching Fellow, Calif. Inst, of Tech 1930-
31, Grad. Student, 1925-31, Research Fellow
since 193.5: Asst. Prof, of Phvsics, U of
Hawaii, 1931-35, Occidental Coll., 1936-37;
Asst. Prof, of Mathematics, Occidental Coll..
1935-36; Assoc. Prof, of Physics and Head
of the Dept., since 1937.
Directorships: Dir., Lacal Oil Co., Ltd.
PtibUcafions : Various articles in The Physical
Review and Review of Scientific Instruments
(m collaboration with Dr. Jesse W M Du-
Mond and others), in the field of x-ray re-

Army Service: Private, Presidio of San Fran-
cisco, S.A.T.C. Camp. July 22, 1918; Hon-
orable Discharge, Aug. 31, 1918.
Memberships: Alpha Tau Omeiira Fraternity,
Sigma Xi: Amer. Assn. for Advancement of
Science, Amer. Assn. of Phvsics Teachers
Amer. Assn. of Univ. Profs.
Religion: Elder in Presbyterian Church.
Recreations: Swimming and tennis.

Bus. Address: Occidental Coll., Los Angeles

Home Address: 1555 No. Ave. 46, Los An-
geles, Calif.

KIRKWOOD, Dean Marion Rice. AB

J.D., LL.D. ■ ■'

Professor of Law and Dean, Stanford Uni-
versity Law School.

Born: Colorado Springs (Colo.), July 9, 1887-
s. of Sarah (Lord) and Thomas Carter Kirk-


!•: (I lira I inn: Public .SrhfM)ls of Colorado
Springs; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., U)f)9, J.D., 1911, Stanford
Univ.; LL.D., Univ. of .So. Calif.. 1926.
Married: Mary Morrow, d. of Mary (Stchley)
and Fred S. Tucker In Peoria (111.). .Sept,
6, 1886; ch.: Thomas F. and Robert L.
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice of law
in Calif., 1911; A.sst. Prof, of Law. Univ
of Oklahoma, 1911-12; Prof, of Law,
1912-15, AS.SOC. Prof., 1915-18, Prof., 1918 — ,
Stanford Univ.; Dean, Law School, Stanford
1922—; Visiting Prof, of Law, Duke Univ.,
19.30-31; Acting Prof, of Law (during sum-
mer) at Cornell Univ., 1926, Univ. of Chica-
go, 1930, Univ. of Mich., 1931, Univ. of
Washington, 19.35, Univ. of So. Calif., 19.39;
Pres., Association of Amer. Law .Schools,
1934; Pres., Order of the Coif, 1922-25;
Mem., Board of Dir.. San Francisco Legal
Aid Society, 1926 — ; Alameda County Legal
Aid Soc, 1934—; Mem., Editorial Board,
Commerce Clearing House, Inc., 19.30-33,
same. Foundation Press, Inc., 1933 — .
Publications: Introduction to the Study of
Law, 1916; Coses on Conveyances (Founda-
tion Press), 1932; Legal articles in various
law magazines.

Memberships: Delta Upsilon, Delta Chi, Phi
Alpha Delta, Phi Beta Kappa; Order of the
Coif; Commonwealth Club.
R eligion : Congregational .
Politics: Independent.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.

Home Address: 249 Lowell Ave., Palo Alto,

KIRTLAND, Howard Buckley. D.D.S.

Dental .Surgeon.

Born: Pueblo (Colo.), Feb. 24, 1889; s. of

Fannie M. (Buckley) and John Hamilton


Education: Public Schools of Pueblo (Colo.)

and San Jose (Calif.); Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: D.D.S., Univ. of Calif., 1913: F.A.

CD. (Hon. Fellowship in the Amer. College

of Dentists), Aug. 5, 1934.

Married: Louise, d. of Marie (Tolman) and
Lewis Burtis Avery in Oakland (Calif.). June
24, 1916; ch.: Howard Buckley, Jr., Shirley
Faye, John Avery.

Prof. Record: Entered practice of dentistry
in San Francisco in 1913. and part time Instr.
in the Dental Dept. at the Univ. of Calif.;
moved to San Luis Obispo in Nov., 1914;
Mem., many years of Executive Council of
Calif. State Dental Assn. and Immediate
Past-Pres. of that organization; served as a
Mem. of Special Advisory Com. appointed bv
Pres. Robert Gordon Sproul of the Univ. of
Calif, to study and recommend changes and
improvements in Dental Dept. of State Univ. ;
served as Pres. of the Dental Alumni Assn.
of the Univ. of Calif., also as Mem. of the
Executive Council of the general Alumni
Assn. of the Univ, ; served 4 yrs. as a Mem.
of the City Council in San Luis Obispo. 6
yrs. on Board of Education, 2 yrs., Pres.
Chamber of Commerce: Immediate Past-Dis-
trict Governor of Rotary International; Past-
Pres. of the Calif. State Elks Assn.

Memberships: Psi Omega, Dental Fraternity;
Masonic: Elks: Rotary Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.


Recreations: Horseback riding.
Bus. Address: 1114 Marsh St.. San Luis
Obispo, Calif.

Home Address: 1318 Mill St., San Luis Obis-
po, Calif.

KITCHELL. Major Joseph Gray,

U.S. Army (retired), F.R.S.A.
Executive (retired).

Born: Cincinnati (Ohio) April 25, 1862: s.
of Henrietta (Staub) and Joseph S. Kitchell.
Education: Cincinnati (Ohio) and New York

Married: Carrie, d. of Dr. Wm. Jacobs m
Madison (Wis.). Oct. 18, 1890; ch.: Joseph

Prof Record: Newspaper work as a youth;
Pres!, Ethridge Co.; Pres., several mining
and industrial corps.; Inventor of scientific
composite photography, etc.
Pnblicaticms: Author of various articles and
books, among them American Supremacy.
Earl of Hell (Century Co.). etc.
Armv Record: Personnel Officer, Ordnance,
Washington (D.O, Liason Officer to Can-
ada; Lectured at plants to stimulate muni-
tion production; work of information under
George Creel and for Dept. of Justice: Form-
er Major, U.S. Army; Pres., Com. Officers
Examining Board, General Staff, New York

Awards: Comrade, Military Order of Foreign

Memberships: Ordance Officers Assn.- Fel-
low, Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 1775 No. Las Palmas, Holly-
wood, Calif.

KITTREDGE, Frank Alvah, B.S., C.E.

Civil Engineer; Superintendent, Grand Can-
yon National Park.

Born: Glyndon (Minn.), Mar. 29, 1883; s of
Katharine (Forbes) and Charles B. Kit-

Education: Glyndon (Minn.); Moorhead
(Minn.); Univ. of Washington (Seattle,

Degrees: B.S., in Civil Engrg., 1912, C.E.,
1915, Univ. of Washington.
Married: Catharine Mears, 1915; ch.; Catha-
rine Jane (1922).

Prof Record: With the Alaska Central Rail-
way, 1905-07: Engr. in charge of constr.,
Washington State Highway Commn., 1907-
11- Resident Constrctn. Engr., California
State Highway Commn., 1912-13; Div. Engr.,
Oregon State Highway Commn., 1913-15;
Constrctn. Engr., Calif. Highway Commn.,
1916-17- Senior Highway Engr., Bureau of
Public Roads, 1917-27; Chief Engr., National
Park Service, Oct. 1, 1927 to July, 1937;
Regional Dir., Region IV, Nat. Park Service.,
San Francisco (Calif.), July, 1937 to Aug.
10 1940; Supt., Grand Canyon Nat. Park
(Ariz.). Aug. 10, 1940—.

Publications: Articles in professional maga-
zines regarding engineering problems and

Army Record: 1st Lieut., Engr's., Mar 1
to May 25, 1918; Captain, Engr's., May 25,

1918 to July 19, 1919; with A.E.F. in France,

May 25, 1918 to July, 1919.

Memberships: Commonwealth Club of Calif.;

Masonic; Amer. Soc. of C'vU Engr s Sierra

Club; Amer. Planning and Civic Assn., Save

the Redwoods League.

Religion: Congregational.

Business and Home Address: Grand Canyon

National Park, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Calif. Residence: 1951 Waverly St.. Palo

Alto. Calif.

KITTS. Joseph Arthur

consulting Engineer and Concrete Technolo-
gist- Head, Joseph A. Kitts Company.
Born: Nevada City (Calif.), Apr. 14, 1881;
s. of Mary Alice (Rafford) and James M.

Fducation- Calif. Public Schools; Nevada
City nigh' School: Univ. of Calif.. Berkeley,
class of 1904.
Degrees: LL.D. (pending).
Married: Alberta Waldo, d. of Leticia (Wal-
do) and David George Hawley m Fond du
Lac (Wis), Sept. 10, 1912; ch.: James NVal-
do, Mrs. Avery Franklin, (Mary Elizabeth),
Josephine Hawley.

Bus Record: Practical student of rocks,
gravels, mining, crushing, milling, concrete
making and building at the family mines
NevadI Co. (Calif.), ISS^-ISO^^^ ^'vil and
Constr. Engr., Panama Cana , 1905-06, 1910-
15; Constr. Engr., U. S. Steel, 1915-17, 1923-
24- in private practice as Consulting Con-
crete Technologist and Civil Engr., and Head
of Joseph A. Kitts Co., Concrete Technolo-
gist, 1924—.

Publications: Many articles, papers and dis-
cussions on technical subjects, particular y
concrete physics and technology, notably
Co-ordination of Basic Principles of Concrete
MixtitVGS ,

Army Record: Captain, Engr's., U.S. Army
(France), with A.E.F., 1917-19.
Awards: Victory Medal and France Bar;
Roosevelt Panama Canal Medal.
Memberships: Commonwealth of Calif. :Alnha
Tau Omega; Calif. Alumni Assn.; Structural
Engrs. Assn.
Politics: Progressive.

Bus. Address: Rialto Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 670 Santa Rosa Ave., Berke-
ley, Cailf.

KLAUBER, Laurence Monroe, A.B.

Electrical Engineer; Vice-Pres and General
Manager, San Diego Gas and Electric Co.
Born: San Diego (Calif.), Dec^ 21, 188.3: s.
of Theresa (Epstein) and Abraham Klauber.
Education: San Diego City Schools.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U 1908: Westing-
house Graduate Apprenticeship Course, 1910,
LL D , U. of Calif., 1941.
Married: Grace, d. of Elwyn B Gould in San
Diego (Calif.), Nov. 29, 1911; ch.: Alice
Gould and Philip Monroe.
Prof. Record: With the San Diego Gas and
Electric Co., 1911— succesively as Sales-
man Engineer, Dept. Supt., Asst. General
Supt., General Supt., and Vice-Pres.
Directorships: San Diego Gas and Electric
Company, and Klauber, Wangenheim Co.



PuhliratirmH: Various papers on electrical
distribution and herpololoKy.
Sorictun: Fellow, American Institute of Elec-
trical Enj,'incors; Amor. Assn., Advancement
of Science; Amer. c;eoj;raphlcal Society; San
Diego Soc. of Natural History; Mem., Amor.
See. of Civil Engrs.; Amer. Soc. of Mechan-
ical Engrs. ; Amer. Chemical Soc; Pacific
Coast Electrical Assn. (Pres., 191.','J-24) ; Pa-
cific Coast Gas Assn. (Pres., 1927-28); Amer.
Gas Assn.; Amer, Mathematical Soc; Math.
Assn. of Amer.; Selsmological Soc. of Amer.;
Amer. Statistical Assn.; Amer. Museum Nat.
Hist.; Calif. Acad, of Sciences; Amer. Soc.
Ichthyologists and Herpetologlsts (President,
1938-40); Amer. Ecological Soc; Western
Soc. Naturalists; Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Herpetology.
Bus. Address: San Diego Gas and Electric
Co., Electric Bldg., San Diego, Calif.
Home Address: 233 \V. Juniper St., San
Diego, Calif.

KLAUSEN, E. Wessel, A.B., M.A.
Architect; President, General Manager, E.
W. Klausen Co. (Supervision, Building, Con-

Born: Oslo (Norway), Mar. 12. 1897; s. of
Borgine (Dyste) and Karl Emil Klausen.
Education: Aars and Voss College (Oslo);
Royal Norwegian Tech. of Arts and Science
(Trondhjem, Norway).

Degrees: A.B., 1915, M.A., 1920, Architect
N.T.H. (Norges Tekniske Hoiskole) ; St. Olav
Decor., 1939.

Prof. Record: Assoc, with Arch. R. E. Jacob-
sen, leading Oslo architectural firm of pub-
lic and residential bldgs., 1920-23; S4,000,000,
Oslo Postoffice, City Plannings, Norway Ex-
hibit. Bldg. (Rio de Janeiro), etc. Travels
and studies abroad, arriving in Calif., Feb.,
1924. On architectural staff of Metro-Gold-
wyn-Mayer Studio, 1925; Assoc, with lead-
ign residential architectural firm of Wallace
Neff (Pasadena), 1925-27; Chief Arch. De-
signer at San Clemente; own firm since 1930,
specializing in large and small residential
work, also interior decoration, furniture and
commercial designs. Has won international
honors in his profession. Vice-Pres., Nordic
Civic League, 1933-34; 2 term Past-Pres.,
Norway Club of Los Angeles, 1937-38.
Directorships: Pres., E. W. Klausen Co •
Reg. Vice-Pres., Amer. Scandinavian Found-
ation; Dir., Nonvay Club; Chmn., Citizens
Recep. Com., Royal Highnesses of Norway
Vice-Pres., "Freedom Speaks."

Publications: Has written short articles and
lectures, etc.

Army Record: Served in the Roval Guard
private regiment of H. M. King Haakon VII
(Norway), 1921.

Awards: Received the Decoration of St Olav
by H. M. King Haakon VII, 1939.
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening, yachting and swim-
ming; civic and social development; educa-
tion and art.

Home Address: 11932 Montana Ave., Brent-
wood Heights, Calif.

KLEIBER. Professor Max, Sc.D.

Professor of Animal Husbandry, Univ of
California, Davis.

Born: Zurich (Switzerland), Jan. 4, ISB.T; ».
of Anna (Hrodbeck) and Dr. Anton Klelbcr!
Educaium: Ba.sel, Bern (High School and Ag-
ricultural School); Zurich College of Agri-
culture Federal Technical Inst.
Degree'!: DIpl. Ing. Agr.. 1920, .Sc.D., 1924,
Prlv. Doc, 1928. Federal Inst. Technology.
Married: Anna (dec. May 16. 1940), d. of
Berta (Dietrich) and Hermann Kupfer, In
Zurich (Switzerland), Sept. 2.3, 1918- ch •
Marianna Kleiber (b. Herrllberg, Zurich,
Switzerland. March 27. 1920).
Prof. Record: Asst. for Agricultural Chem-
istry, 1920-24; Asso. for Animal Nutrition,
1924-29; Privat Docent for Animal Nutri-
tion; called to Calif, to build respiration
appartus for cows, 1929; Asso. Prof, for
Animal Husbandry, Univ. of Calif., 19.32;
Prof, of Animal Husbandry, Univ. of Calif.,'

Publications: Several short papers in scien-
tific journals.

Memberships: Faculty Club (Davis) ; Sigma
Xi; Sierra Club; Internal. Relations Club;
Amer. Assoc, of Univ. Profs. ; Amer. Inst
of Nutrition; Amer. Chem Soc; Soc for
E.xperimental Biology and Med.; Amer. Soc
for Animal Prodn.; Amer. Assn. for the Ad-
vancement of Science; Swiss Soc of Nat-

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Skiing and boating.

Bus. Address: University of California, Da-
vis, Calif.

Home Address: College Park, Davis, Calif.

KLEIN. Professor Walter, T.D,

Lecturer, Teacher, Composer.
Born: Brunn (Czechoslovakia), June 23,
1882; s. of Pisko and Sigmund Klein.
Education: Brunn (Czechoslovakia) until
1900, then Vienna (Austria).
Degrees: T.D., 1905, Univ. of Vienna.
Married: Erna, d. of Karl Bros in Maribor
(Yougoslavia), Nov. 10, 1917; ch.: Gerhard.
Prof. Record: Title of Prof, conferred by
the Austrian (3ovt., in U.S.A., 1926; till 1939,
in Vienna as Lecturer, Teacher, Composer-
taught counterpoint at the Vienna State
Acad, of Music; has been Lecturer at the
Amer. Summer School of Mondsee, near
Salzburg, at the Austro-American Institute;
taught for many years at the Hellerau Eu-
rhythmies School at La.xenburg; Teacher of
harmony and composition, Mills Coll. Oak-
land, Calif.), (summer session), 1940; Teach-
er of harmony. The Katharine Branson High
School (Ross, Calif.). Teaches solfege, ele-
mentary theory of music, harmonv, counter-
point, composition, analysis, reading of or-
chestra scores, instrumentation, improvisa-
tion, ear-training, and history of music.
Publication: Songs: Music for Piano (Breit-
kopf and Hartel). Stage: Orchestral Choral
and Chamber Music; Harmonielehre (Univer-
sitatsverlag Wagner, Innsbruck); Transla-
tions of Operas (Universal Edit., Vienna-
Rouart, Lerolles and Co., Paris). Five
Operas translated into CJerman; one harmonv
book; many publications in musical reviews
and magazines.

Army Record: Austrian Army, 1914-18.
Memberships: Ligue of Composers, Authors
and Publishers, until 1939.
Religion: Roman Catholic.



Bus. Address: The Katharine Branson High
School, Ross, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 337 - 10th Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

KLEINPELL. Professor Robert Mins-
sen. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Geologist; Assistant Prof, of Micropaelontol-
ogy, Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Born: Chicago (111.), Sept. 13, 1905; s. of
Alma Louise (Wilke) and W. E. Kleinpell.
Education: Franklin High Sch. (Los Ange-
les Calif.); Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles),
1922-23- Occidental Coll., 1923-26; Stanford
Univ., 1926-28; 1931-33.

Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1926; M.A..
1928, and Ph.D., 1934, Stanford U.
Married: Dariel, d. of LuElla K W. and
LeRoy P. Shively, in Visalia (Calif.), Dec.
29, 1934.

Prof Record: Field Geologist, Richfield Oil
Co 1928-31; Asst. Geologist, U. S. Geologi-
cal Survey, 1931-37; Consulting Geologist for
various Calif, oil cos., since 1937; Sen. Geol-
ogist (Stratigraphic Paleontology), Nat. De-
velopment Co. Petroleum Survey of he Phil-
ippines, since 1939; Asst. Prof, ot Micro-
paleontology, Calif. Inst, of Tech., since

Publications: Miocene Stratigratjhy of Cali-
fornia (Amer. Assn. of Petrol. Geol.), 1938,
various articles on Cenozoic Paleontology
and Stratigraphy in Bulletin of the Ameri-
can Association of Petroleum Geologists Mi-
crovaleontology Bulletin. Contributions of the
Cushman Laboratory of Forammferal Re-
search, etc., some of these being in collabo-
ration with H. G. Schonck, W. P. Woodring,
M. N. Bramlette, Jos. A. Cushman.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. of Petrol. Geolo-
gists- Soc of Econ. Paleontologists and Min-
eralogists; Geol. Soc. of Amer.; The Paleon-
tologic Soc; New York Acad, of Science;
Amer. Mus. of Nat. Hist.; Amer. Assn^ for
the Advancement of Science; Phi Beta Kap-
pa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Tau Omega.
Recreations: Reading and traveling.
Bus Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.; Haberfelde Bldg., or P.O.
Box 62, Bakersfield, Calif.; National Devel-
opment Co., Manila, P.I.
?Iome Address: 273 So. Hudson, Pasadena,

KLEISER. George W.

Advertising Executive; President, Foster &
Kleiser Company.

Born- Cloverdale (Calif.), June 25, 1974; s.
of Elizabeth (Unferfate), (dec.) and James
A. Kleiser (deceased).

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Temple Univ.

Married: Maude H., d. of Carrie C. O'Neil,
in San Francisco, Feb. 14, 1900; ch.: George
W., Jr. and John E.

Bus Record: Founded Foster & Kleiser Co.
(outdoor advg. ; with W. F. Foster), 1901.
Directorships: Foster & Kleiser Co.; Outdoor
Advg Assn. of Amer., Inc.; Outdoor Advg.
Inc.; Better Business Bur. (San Francisco).
Memberships: San Francisco Golf, Los An-
geles Country, Wilshire Country clubs (Los
Angeles); Arlington (Portland); Islam Tem-
ple, Shriners (San Francisco).

Bus. Address: Eddy and Pierce, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 105 Baywood Ave., San Ma-
teo, Calif.

KLETTE, Ernest

Superior Judge, Fresno County, Calif.
Born: Montreal (Canada), July 17, 1874; s.
of Marie (Held) and C. J. M. Klette.
Education: Ungraded country school until 11
yrs. old; Stanford Univ.

Married: (1) Ada Knight, 1906 (dec); ch :
Ruth (Mrs. Harold Hjelm). (2) Olga, d.
of Hans and Hansena Sorenson, at Fresno
(Calif.), 1912; adopted son, Wm. LeRoy
(Bud) Klette.

Prof Record: Began reading law on ranch,
1897 when 23; elected Justice of Peace (Ma-
dera Co.), 1898; attended Stanford, Jan. to
May, 1902; ran grocery store at Fnant
(Calif.), from May, 1902 to May, 1903; July,
1903 to Aug., 1904, worked in store and real
estate office in Fresno; at Stanford U. from
Aug 1904 to May, 1905; admitted to prac-
tice law, Dec, 1904; began practicing law
at Selma (Calif.), May, 1905; moved law
office to Fresno, Dec, 1906, where he prac-
ticed law continuously until Jan. 1, 1937;
practice general; City Commnr. of Fresno
City, 1907 to 1911; City Atty. of Fresno.
1912; Superior Judge of Fresno Co., 1937
to date.

Directorships: Dir., Pres., Belmont Cemetery
Assn., 1926 to date.

Publications: Novel, The Crimson Trail of
Joaquin Murieta, 1928; Poems, The Legend
of Yosemite, 1929; Novel, The Gold of Fid-
dlers' Gulch, 1933.

Memberships: Scottish Rite Mason, Shrine;
Woodmen of the World; Eagle; Sciot; Lion.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Mountaineering; gathering In-
dian relics and relics of early Calif. ; writing.
Bus. Address: Court House, Fresno, Calif.
Home Address: 3605 Kerckhoff Ave., Fresno^

KLINE. Chester M.

Newspaperman; Calif. State Senator; Owner,
Publisher, San Jacinto Valley Register.
Born: Reading (Pa.), Jan. 11, 1880; s. of
Susan (Warner) and Charles L. Kline.
Education: Reading (Pa.) High School.
Married: Pansy, d. of E. T. Tanner, at Ven-
tura, Feb. 19, 1921; ch.; Kathleen; Chester,

Prof. Record: Owner and Publisher, San
Jacinto Valley Register since June, 1912.
Memberships: Lions Club.
Religion: Protestant (Methodist).
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: San Jacinto Valley
Register, San Jacinto, Calif.

KLINGBERG. Professor Frank J..

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.R.H.S.

Professor of History, Univ. of Calif., Los


Born: Dillon (Kan.), Feb. 25, 1883; s. of

Hannah K. and William August.



Education: Univ. of Kan.; (graduule study)
Univ. of Wisconsin and Yale Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Kan., 1<)()7: M.A..
Yale Univ., lf)09; Bulkley Follow In History,
1908-11; Ph.D., Yale, 1!)11.
Married: Elizabeth Ammcn VVysor, of Pula-
ski (Va.), Juno 27, 1914; ch.: "Frank Wysor.
Prof. Record: Began In research work for-
Census Bur. and for Carnegie Endowment
for Internal. Peace, 1911; Prof., History
Univ. of So. Calif., 1912-18; war work and
lecturer for League to Enforce Peace. 1918-
19; Chmn. of History Depl., Univ. of Calif
(Los Angeles), 1919-;i7, also Prof, of History
since 1925; lectured in summer sessions, Ohio
State U., 1917, U. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1923,
'27, '32, U. of Wash., 1929, U. of Pa., 1931-
Spl. writer for Yale Univ. Press, 1921-22-
research In archives of Great Britain, 1926
Feature writer, Los Angeles Times. 1917-19!
Publications : Author: The Anti-Slavery Move-
ment in England, 1926; Editor, (with Dr
Annie Abel-Henderson), A Side-Light on An-
glo-American Relations, 1927; Old Sherry
Portrait of a Virginia Family, 1938; Anglican
Humanitarianism in Colonial New York,
1940; The Morning of America, 1941. Contbr!
to South Atlantic Quarterly, Amer. Hist.
Review, Jour, of Modem History, Encyclo-
paedia of the Soc. Sciences, A Guide to His-
torical Literature, (Miss. Valley) Historical
Review, Pacific Hist. Review, Jour, of South-
ern History, Jour, of Negro History, Pennsyl-
vania Magazine of History and Biog., Histor-
ical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal
Church, Diction, of American Biography, Dic-
tion, of American History.
Honors: Citation for distinguished contribu-
tions in British Humanitarianism by the
Knights of Columbus; Mem. of the Board of
Governors of the English-Speaking Union of
Southern California.

Memberships: Fellow, Royal Hist. Soc (Great
Britain) ; Am. Hist. Assn. ; Soc. Sc. Assn of
So. Calif.; English-Speaking Union; Assn
for Study of Negro Life and History; Inst
of Hist. Research (London) ; Economic His-
tory Soc. (Great Britain); Anti-Slavery and
Aborigines Protective Soc. (Great Britain) •
Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Sigma Phi; Lincoln
(Los Angeles); Authors' (London).
Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 945 Manning Ave., Los An-

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