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Memberships: Amer. Water Color Soc; Calif.
Art Club; Baltimore Water Color Club; San
Diego Art Guild; Calif. Water Color Soc.
Recreations: Model planes and boats; golf;
Western pioneer artcraft.

Bus. Address: Twentieth Century-Fox Studio,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 10524 Ilona Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

KOTOK. Edward I.. B.S., M.S.
Director, California Forest and Range Ex-
periment Station; Consulting Forester, Agri-
cultural Experiment Station, University of

Born: Russia, Sept. 20, 1888; s. of Fannie
and Maurice Oscar Kotok.
Education: Coll. of the City of New York;
Univ. of Michigan.

Dearees: B.S., Coll. of City of New York,
1909; M.S., Univ. of Michigan, 1911.
Married: Ruth Catherine, d. of Prof. Arley
B. Show, in Palo Alto, Aug., 1914; ch.:
Edward S., Sylvia Esther.
Prof Record: Connected in forestry since
July 1911, in Calif.; with U.S. Forest Serv-
ice 1911-15 (Shasta National Forest) : 1915-
19, Supervisor, Eldorado Nat. Forest (Placer-
ville, Calif.); 1920-26, Inspector, U.S. Forest
Service (San Francisco, Calif.); 1926-40.
Dir., Calif. Forest and Range Experiment
Station (Berkeley, Calif.).
Publications: Author of numerous articles
and bulletins on fire prevention, erosion con-
trol and other matters concerning forestation.
Memberships: Faculty Club (Univ. of Calif.);
Commonwealth Club (San Francisco) ; Cos-
mos Club (Washington).
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1150 Spruce, Berkeley, Calif.,
and Giannini Hall, Univ. of California, Ber-
keley, Calif.

KOVERMAN, Ida Ranous

Civic Worker: Executive Assistant to Louis
B. Mayer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio.
Born: Cincinnati (Ohio); d. of Laura Harri-
son (Brown) and John R. Brockway.
Education: Public schools and business col-

Married: Oscar H. Koverman.
Bus Record: Previously with Gold Fields
Amer. Development Co. Ltd. (New York
Citv) ; former Secy., Los Angeles County Re-
publican Central Com.; State Secy. Repub-
lican Women's Federation; Exec. Secy. Cal-.
vin Coolidge Pr. and Genl. Elec Campaign;
Herbert Hoover Pres. Primary and General
Election Campaign: alternate to Kansas City
Presidential Convention that nominated Her-
bert Hoover.

Awards: Amer. Legion Citation.
Memberships: Bd. of Dir., Women's Aux.
Cham, of Comm.; Bd. of Dir., Calif. Chapter
Pro- America; Charter Member West Side



Tennis Club; Pleiades Club; Ilospltalily Com..

Holly wood Bowl Assn.

Religion: Chritslan Science.

Politics: Republican.

Recrciitionn: Music, swimmlnK.

Bus. Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Culver

City, Calif.

Home Address: 1810 Camino Palmero, Holly-
wood, Calif.

KRAEBEL. Charles John, A.B.

Korest, I'liiu-ipal Silviculturist,
United States Forest Service.
Born: Rochester (N.Y.), Oct. 8, 1889; s. of
Elizabeth (Notter) and Frank E. Kraebel.
IJducation: Hasten Park High School (Buf-
falo, N.Y.).

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1912.
Married; Marian Lucille, d. of W. T. Owens
in Berkeley (Calif.), July 20, 1940; ch.: Ken-
neth Hamilton (by previous marriage).

Prof. Record: Field Asst. and Asst. Forest
Ranger at Wind River Exp. Station (Wash-
ington), 1912-17; Asst. Supt. of Forestry,
Honolulu (T.H.), 1920-24: Supt., Glacier
National Park (Montana), 1924-27; Principal
Silviculturist, Calif. Forest and Range Exp.
Station, Forest Service, Berkeley (Calif.),

PubUcations: Erosion Control On Mt. Roads
(U.S. Govt. Printing Off.), 1936; Effect of
Accelerated Erosion On Silting in Morena
Reservoir, San Diego Co., Calif, (with F. F.
Barnes and R. S. LaMotte; U.S. (3ovt.
Printing Off.), 1939; Collecting and Handling
Seeds of Wild Plants (with N. T. Mirov, U.S.
CJovt. Printing Off.), 1939; misc. govt, bul-
letins and articles in technical periodicals.
Army Record: 2nd Lieut., 1917-19, 10th En-
gineers (Forest) in France.
Memberships: Soc. of Amer. Foresters: Amer.
Geophysical Union; Calif. Botanical Soc;
Faculty Club, Univ. of Calif.; Alumni Assn.,
Univ. of Mich.; Sigma Xi.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Use of wild Calif, shrubs in
landscape gardening and color photography.
Bus. Address: Giannini Hall, Univ. of Cali-
fornia, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 1700 LeRoy Ave., Berkeley,
Calif. "•

KRAG, Erik

Rancher; Executive Vice-President, Inter-
ocean S. S. Corporation.
Born: Denmark, 1891.
Education: Schools in Copenhagen.
Married: Dagny, d. of Capt. Riso. in Lvngor
(Norway), 1894; ch. : Scotty, Sally.
Bus. Record: Came to San Francisco from
Copenhagen, March, 1914 as Traffic Mgr. of
a Danish S. S. Co.; Traffic Mgr. for French
Line and Libera Line, 1922-30; Vice-Pres.,
Interocean S. S. Corp. and one of the prin-
cipal stockholders of this company since 1930.
Directorships: Interocean Steamship Corpora-
tion; Gjoa Foundation, Viking S. S. Co.
Memberships: Various San Francisco Clubs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Farming, horseback riding, hik-

Bus. Addrean: '.ill California .St., Sun Kran-
cLsco, Calif.

Home Address: "Crow.s Nest", Mill Valley,
Calif.; Summer: Villa Nc[)tune, Aplo.s. Calif.,
and S & S Ranch near WiiLsonvHIe. Calif.

KRAMER, Professor George Nicholas,
A.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science, and Head of
the Department, Loyola University of Los

Born: St. Mary's (Kansas), March 24, 1896;
s. of Eva (Seitz) and Mathias Kramer.
Education: St. Mary's Coll. fKansas); Mar-
quette Univ.; Catholic Univ. of America;
Univ. of Colorado: Univ. of .So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., St. Mary's Coll., 1918; Ph.D.,
Univ. of So. Calif., 19.36.

Married: Justina M., d. of Anna (Miller)
and George Kramer, in St. Mary's (Kansas),
June 20, 1922; ch. : Justin A., Dolores G.,
Regis F., Remigius T.

Prof. Record: 1921-22. staff of Daily Amer-
ican Tribune (Dubuque, Iowa); 1922-23,
Instr., Univ. of Detroit: 1923-25, free-lancing;
1925-28, Prof, of History. Regis College
(Denver); 1928-29, Mgr. -Edit., Walsenburg
Independent (Coloradoi; since 1932. Prof, of
Political Science, Loyola Univ. of Los An-

Publications: Contributor to numerous maga-
zines and author of several books, including
Fundamentals of the United States Govern-
ment (a textbook).

War Record: U.S.N.R.F., 1918-22; active
service, June, 1918-March, 1919.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa
Phi, Phi Alpha Theta (hon. fraternities) ;
Amer. Historical Assn. ; Amer. Acad, of
Political and Social Science; American Le-

Religion: Catholic.

Bus. Address: Lovola Univ., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 3435 W. 78th St., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

KRAUSS. Edward Campbell, A.B.

Chief Editorial Writer, Los Angeles Times.
Born: Ottawa (Ohio), Sept. 15, 1883; s. of
Rebecca Jane ((Gordon) and William C. G.

Education: Ottawa public schools; Ohio State
Univ.; Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1906.

Married: Myrtle, d. of Susan and Peter Zopf

(of Canton, Ohio), in New York City, Dec.

1, 1909.

Bxts. Record: Staff of Toledo Blade (Ohio),

1906-07; New York City News Assn. (N.Y.),

1907-10; Publisher, weekly and later daily

paper, Saranac Lake (N.Y.), 1910-19: New

York Herald, 1919-21; Los Angeles Times,

1922: Chf. Edit. Writer since 1928; author

of a few mag. articles.

Memberships: Los Angeles Athletic Club;

Peter Pan Woodland (Big Bear City) ; Desert

Club (La Quinta) ; Los Serranos Country


Religion : Presbyterian (inactive) .

Politics: Ind. Republican.

Recreations: Bridge, gardening.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Times, First and

Spring Sts., Los Angeles, Calif. *



Home Address: 4022 Cromwell Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

KREMERS, Marshall Yates.

A.B., M.A., M.D.

Born: Holland (Mich.), Feb. 23, 1909; s. of
Amy (Yates) and Edward Dunstei Kremers.
Education: Pasadena H.S.; Occidental CoU .
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1930; M.A..
1932, M.D., 1935, Univ. of Calif.
Married: Eleanor, d. of James Nel.vm March,
in Pasadena (Calif.), May 26, 1934; ch.:
David Edward, Marshall Nelson, Margery

Prof. Record: Private practice of medicine in
Pasadena since 1936; Asst. to Inst. Physician
at Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1939; part time re-
search at Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address; 180 So. Lake Ave., Pasadena,

Home Address: 2174 Midlothian Dr., Altadena,
Calif. *

KRESS. George H., B.S., M.D.,
F.A.M.A., F.A.C.S.

Oculist; Editor, California and Western Med-

Born: Cincinnati (Ohio).

Education: Univ. of Cincinnati; Good Sa-
maritan Hosp. (Cincinnati); Nat. Military
Hosp. (Dayton, Ohio) ; Univ. of Vienna.
Degrees: B.S., 1896, M.D., 1899, Univ. of

Prof. Record: At Los Angeles Co. Hosp.
Member of Senior Staff on Eye Service,
1912-38, and Chief of Eye Staff, same per-
iod, and Member of Los Angeles Co. Hosp.
Med. Bd.; Surgeon in Charge, U.S.C. Stu-
dent Army Training Corps, World War I;
Climn., Calif. State Survey Commn. on Tu-
berculosis, 1913 (Commn. brought into being
State Bureau of Tuberculosis and State sub-
sidies to county sanatoria of proper stand-
ard); Member Calif. State Board of Pub.
Health (during administrations of Governors
Rolph and Merriam; resigned on July 1,
1938) ; in Coll. of Med. of Univ. of So. Calif.,
Prof, of Hygiene and Sec. of Faculty, 1906-
09; in Los Angeles Med. Dept., Univ. of
Calif., Secy, of Faculty, 1909-14; Dean of
the Dept., 1914-38, resigning July 1, 1938
to become Secy.-Treas. of Calif. Med. Assn.;
in Coll. of Med. Evangelists for some years,
Prof, of Opthalmology, now Emeritus Prof.
in same.

Medical Societies: Los Angeles Co. Med.
Assn.; Calif. Med. Assn.; Fellow, American
Med. Assn.; Fellow, American Coll. of Sur-
geons; Member, Los Angeles Clinical and
Pathological Soc. (retired) ; Amer. Bd. of
Otolaryngology (cert.); Los Angeles Acad, of
Opthalmology and Otolaryngology (ex-pres.);
Pac. Coast Oto-Ophthalmo!ogical Soc; Amer.
Acad, of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology;
Nat. Inst, of Soc. Sciences; E.x-member of
Bd. of Dir., Assoc. Hosp. Serv. of So. Calif.

Home Address: Apt. 506, 2200 Leavenworth,
San Francisco, Calif.

KRICK, Irving Parkhurst.

A.B., M.S., Ph.D.

Meteorologist; Assoc. Prof, of Meteorology,
Calif. Institute of Technology, and Owner,
Krick Industrial Weather Service.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Dec. 20, 1906;
s. of Mabel (Royal) and Harry I. Krick.
Education: Public schools of Berkeley; Univ.
of Calif.; Calif. Inst, of Tech. (post-grad,

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1928; M.S.,
1933, Ph.D., 1934, Calif. Inst, of Technology.
Married: Jane, d. of Henrietta (Miller) and
John Clark, in Vacaville (Calif.), May 23,
1930; ch.: Marilyn.

Prof. Record: Asst. Mgr., Radio Sta. KTAB
(San Francisco), 1928; Chapman De Wolfe
& Co. (brokerage firm), 1929; Sherman Clay
& Co. (San Francisco), 1929-30; Western
Air Experss, 1932-33; Instr. in Meteorology,
Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1933-34; Consulting
Meteorologist, Amer. Air Lines, Inc., 1935-
36; Asst. Prof, of Meteorology, Calif. Inst.
of Tech., 1938; established private weather
forecasting service under name of Krick In-
dust. Weather Service, 1936; Asso. Prof, of
Meteorology and Head of Dept. at Calif.
Inst, of Technology, 1938.
Directorships: Pres., Krick Indust. Weather

Publications: Contributions to various scien-
tific journals. Published various scientific
papers on theory and practice of modern
weather predictions and developed seasonal
weather forecasts which are used commer-
cially by several hundred firms throughout
the U.S. and Canada in industrial mfg., mer-
chandising and agricultural fields.
Army Record: Second Lt., C. A. Corps-Res.,
1928-31; 1st Lt., C. A. Corps-Res., 1931-35;
Ensign, U. S. Naval-Res., 1936—.
Memberships: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Xi,
Scabbard and Blade; Amer. Assn. for Adv.
of Science; Amer. Meteorological Soc; Inst,
of Aeronautical Sciences.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Playing piano and pipe organ,
tennis, horseback riding, hiking.
Bus. Address: 1201 E. California St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 2174 San Pasqual, Pasadena,

KROCK, Helen Lucile

Artist, Designer, Illustrator.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 8, 1906;
d. of Mary (Schoenberger) and Henry G.

Education: Girls Collegiate School; Arling-
ton Heights School; Los Angeles Polytechnic
H. S. ; Chouinard Art Inst.; pupil of Joseph
Sinel at Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design
(San Francisco).

Prof. Record: Designer of textiles and table
linens for an American owned Chinese han-
dicraft shop in Peking (China), (whose mer-
chandise is imported by and sold in the
U. S. and by S.& G. Gump, San Francisco,
and Mosse, Inc., New York City, as well as
many other leading stores in the country) ;
designed flower painting and decorative
design in sculpture, illustrations for chil-
dren, nursery pictures and decorations, small
humorous animal sculptures, etc.



Rdif/ion : ProtesUint.

Rccrcatiotis: Koiuiint;, music, and vacations
In the country.

Homo Address: 2135 Sixth Ave, Los Ange-
les, Calif.

KROEBER. Alfred L(ouis).
A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Scientist; Professor of Anthropology, Direc-
lor, Museum ol Anthropology, University of

Born: Hobokon (New Jersey), June 11, 1876;
s. of Johanna (Mueller) and Florence

Education: Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B.. 1896, M.A., 1897, Ph.D.,
1901, Columbia Univ.

Married: (1) Henriette Rothschild (dec.
1913) in San Francisco, 1906; (2) Theodora
Kracaw Brown, in Berkeley, 1926; ch.:
Clifton, Theodore (step-sons); Karl; Ursula.
Prof. Record: Professor of Anthropology,
Dir., Museum of Anthropology at the Univ.
of Calif. (Berkeley).

Publications: The Arapaho; The Yakuts
Language; Zuni Kin and Clan; People of
the Philippines; Anthropology; Handbook of
the Indians of California.

Bus. Address: Dept. of Anthropology, Univ.
of California, Berkeley, Calif.
Home Address: Berkeley, Calif.

KROEGER. Louis Jerome. A.B., M.A.

Executive Officer, State Personnel Board,


Born: Anaheim (Calif.), Apr. 26, 1909; s.

of Pauline (Weinberger) and Lous Z.


Education: Public Schools at Anaheim.
Degrees: A.B., 1930, M.A., 1931, Univ. of

Married: Margaret Alma, d. of Alma
(Lewis) and Ernst Kirsten, in San Jose
(Calif.), Nov. 23, 1929; ch.: Margaret

Prof. Record: Student Personnel Asst., State
Div. of Personnel and Organization, May 15,
1931; became San Francisco Representative
of that organization, July 9, 1931; returned
to Sacramento Headquarters as Assoc. Per-
sonnel Technician, July 1, 1933; became
Dir. of Personnel, State Relief Administra-
tion, Apr. 24, 1934; returned to Div. of P.
and O. as Principal Personnel Technician,
Sept. 15, 1934, remained in that capacity
when agency was succeeded by State Per-
sonnel Board; promoted to Executive Offi-
cer of Board, Oct. 5, 1937; also has served
as Lecturer in Political Science, Univ. of
Calif., since Aug. 1934; Lecturer in Exten-
sion Div., Univ. of Calif., 1935, and Instruc-
tor, Sacramento Adult Edn. Dept., 1935.
Directorships : Mem.. Executive Council, Civil
Service Assembly of the United States and
Canada (a professional organization, incor-
porated in 111.).

Publications: Numerous technical articles for
magazines. Pamphlet Toward Effective Re-
cruiting (Wm. Brownrigg, co-author).
Memberships: Olympic; Com'nw'lth of Calif.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Swimming, badminton, reading.

Has. Address: 1015 L St., Sacramento, Calif.
Home Address: 2808 Hegina Way, .Sacra-

mcnlo. Calif.

KRONE, Max Thomas. A.B., B.S.,

M.A., Ph.D.

Asst. Direcl(M', .School of Music, Univ. of
So. Calif.

Born: Pennsylvania, Aug. 21, 1901; s. of
Anna (Zangler) and Eugene Krone.
Education: High School, Bryan (Ohio); Univ.
of 111.; Northwestern Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1923, B.S., 1927, Univ. of 111.;
M.A., 1930, Ph.D., 1940, Northwestern Univ.
Married: Beatrice, d. of Ed. Perham, in
Sparta (Wis.), 1936; ch.: Jeanne, Robert (by
first marriage).

Prof. Record: Teacher, Public Schools in 111.,
1923-25; Supervisor of Music (Urbana, 111.)
and Head of School Music Dept., U. of 111,
1925-29; Head of School Music Dept., West-
ern Reserve U. (Cleveland), 1929-32; Dir.,
Arthur Jordan Conservatory and Prof, of
Music, Butler U. (Indianapolis), 1932-35;
Dir., Choral Organizations, Northwestern U.,
1935-39; Asst. Dir., School of Music, U. of
So. Calif., 1939—.

Directorships; Asst. Dir., School of Music,
Univ. of So. Calif.

Publications: Fundamentals of Musicianship,
4 vols, (co-author) ; The A Capella Chorum
Series (co-author) ; String Class Teaching
(co-author) ; Composer, Editor, Arranger and
Author of some 200 published choral works.
Meynberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Kappa
Lambda, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi,
Phi Delta Kappa.

Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Photography.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,

Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 4953 Ambrose Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

KROUSER. Captain Caryl, U.S.A.,

O.R.C., B.S.

Publisher, Barstow Printer-Review.
Born: Ann Arbor (Mich.), Dec. 29, 1903;
s. of Lola Mildred (Bailey) and James J.

Education: Calif. Inst, of Technology.
Degrees: B.S., Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1925.
Married: Marian, d. of B. G. Clawson, in
Ojai (Calif.), July 19, 1930; ch.: David (8),
Nancy (5), Susan (3), John (2).
Prof. Record: General Electric (Schenectady),
1925-27; Partner, Oxnard Daily Courier,

Directorships: Mahurin and Newton (con-
sulting engineers).

Publications: Mojave Desert Travelog.
Army Record: Captain, Corps of Engineers,
U.S. Army, O.R.C.

Meynberships: Soc. of Military Engr. ; Phi
Alpha Tau; B.P.O.E.; Masonic Commandry;
Reserve Officers Assn.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Desert Research.
Bus. Address: Barstow Printer Review, Bar-
stow, Calif. •



KRUEGER, Commander Albert Paul,

M.C., U.S.N.R., A.B., M.D., F.A.A.A.S.
Bacteriologist; Consultant; Professor of Bac-
teriology, University of California.
Born: Butte (Montana), Mar. 17, 1902; s.
of Lillian (Ornsten) and James Krueger.
Education: Stanford University.
Degrees: A.B., 1925 (with great distinction),
M.D., 1928, Stanford Univ.
Married: Rose A., d. of Samuel Margolis, in
Fairfield (Calif.), Sept. 30, 1922; ch.: James
(13), Elsie Lou (10).

Prof. Record: A.sst. in Bacteriology and Ex-
perimental Pathology, 1927-28, Acting Instr.,
1928-29; Instr. and Asst. Prof., 1929 (all
Stanford Univ.); Asso. General Physiology,
Rockefeller Inst., 1929-31; Asstg. Visiting
Phvsician, Univ. of Calif. Hospital, since
1931; Asso. Prof., Bacteriology, U. of Calif.,
1931-38; Prof, of Bacteriology, Univ. of
Calif., Consultant, Communicable Diseases,
Student Health Service, and Lecturer in
Medicine, U. of Calif. Medical School, since
1938. At present Commanding Officer, Lab-
oratory Research Unit No. 1, U.S. Naval Re-
serve, Berkeley.

Publications: Si.xty scientific papers in Journ-
al of General Physiology, Science, Proceed-
ings Society of E.xperimental Biology and

Army Record: Lieut. -Commander, United
States Naval Reserve; since July, 1939, Com-
mander, same.

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Assn. for Ad-
vancement of Science and Amer. Medical
Assn.; Soc. Amer. Bacteriologists; Soc. of Ex-
perimental Biology and Medicine; Soc. of Ex-
perimental Pathology; Assn. of Immunologists;
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega
Alpha, Delta Omega, Phi Sigma, and Scab-
bard and Blade; Orinda Country Club.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Seafishing, golf and painting.
Bus. Address: Dept. of Bacteriology, Univ. of
California, Berkeley, Calif.
Home Address: 1770 Arch St., Berkeley,
Calif. *

KRUMB. Henry. E.M.

Mining Engineer (semi-retired).
Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), Nov. 15, 1875; s. of
Elizabeth (Geiss) and Faustus Krumb.
Education: School of Mines, Columbia Univ.
Degrees: E.M., 1898, Columbia U.
Married: LaVon, d. of Thomas Jefferson
Duddleson, in San Francisco (Calif.), Dec. 9,

Prof. Record: Has worked on the so-called
Porphyry Copper Mines and introduced Churn
Drilling as a method of developing mines;
made the original examination of Utah Cop-
per, Nevada Consolidated and other Porphyry
Copper Mines; introduced Churn Drilling in
the development of Ray Consolidated and
other mines; also examined and reported on
the Kennecott Mines in Alaska, the Braden
Mine, Chille Copper Co. mines and Cerro
de Pasco properties in South America; acted
as Consulting Engr. for Inspiration Copper,
Magma Copper and Newmont Mining Corp.
and others for several years. Now semi-re-

Directorships: Dir., Newmont Mining Corp.,
Magma Copper Co.; Vice-Pres., and Dir.,

Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd.;
Dir., Churchill River Power Co., Alder Oil
Co.; Trustee, Columbia Univ. (N.Y.).
Ariny Service: War Industries Board, Mem.
of Priorities Co. (DoUar-a-Year-Man), World
War I.

Awards; Received Egleston Medsl from Col-
umbia U. for "distinguished engineering

Membprships: Bankers, Mining, Columbia
Univ. Westchester (N.Y.), Alta (Salt Lake
City), Los Angeles Country, California (Los
Angeles) Clubs. Mason, Amer. Inst, of Min-
ing and Metall. Engrs. (Hon. Mem.).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and travel.
Bus. Address: Pacific Mutual Bldg., Los
Angeles, Calif.; 14 Wall St., N.Y.
Home Address: 730 Park Ave., New York,

KUMLER, Professor Warren Donald,

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, College of
Pharmacy, University of California.
Born: Seven Mile (Ohio), Feb. 18, 1905; s.
of Maude (Yingling) and Charles Augustus

Education: Public Schools (Seven Mile and
Hamilton, Ohio) ; Antioch College, Univ. of

Degrees: B.S., 1929, M.S., 1930, Antioch
Coll.; Ph.D., 1934, U. of Calif.
Married: Alice, d. of Martha (Glenn) and
James McClintock in Xenia (Ohio), July 28,
1927; ch.: Archie Ann and Joan Mary.
Prof. Record: Instr., Deep Springs, 1929,
Dean, same, 1930-32; Teaching Asst., Chem-
istry Dept., U. of Calif., 1932-35; Instr.,
College of Pharmacy, U. of Calif., 1935-38,
Asst. Prof., 1938—.

Publications: A number of articles on dipole
moments, dissociation constants, hydrogen
bond, tetronic acids, sulfanilamide deriva-
tives, etc.

Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Delta Chi; Am-
erican Chemical Society, American Assn. for
Advancement of Sciences.
Recreations: Golf and photography.
Bus. Address: Coll. of Pharmacy, Univ. of
California, San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 33 Teresita Blvd., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

KURTZ, The Reverend Daniel Web-
ster, A.B., B.D., M.A., D.D., LL.D.
Pastor, Church of the Brethren.
Born: Hartville (Ohio), Oct. 9, 1879; s. of
Mary (Bollinger) and Reverend John Kurtz.
Education: Juniata Coll.; Yale Univ.; Mar-
burg, Leipzig, Berlin and College de France.
Degrees: A.B., 1905, D.D., 1911, Juniata Col-
lege; B.D., M.A., 1905, Yale U. ; LL.D.,
1931, La Verne.

Married: Ethel Leonora, d. of Mary and Al-
bert Wheeler in Monroe (Conn.), Sept. 7,
1909; ch.; Albert Wheeler (b. 1911); Royce
Emerson (b. 1915) ; Bernard Robertson (b.
1918) .

Prof. Record: Traveled extensively to Europe
through Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor
and Japan. Prof, of Greek and Philos.,



Junlatn Coll., 1909-10; Pastor. First Church
of the Brethren (Phlladcliihla, Pa.). 1910-
14; Pre.s.. McPherson Coll., ]!)M-'_'7: Lecturer,
World's Sunday School Conventions, Tokyo
(Japan), 1920. at GlasRow (.Scotland), \9'M.
at Los Angeles, 19'J8; International Conven-
tions, Kansas City, 1!)'J2, Birminuham (Ala.),
192(i; Moderator. International Conference of
Church of Brethren. 192(i-;«, 1926 and 19,39;
Pastor, F"irsl Church of the Brethren (Long
Beach. Calif.). 1927-,T2; Pres., Bethany Bibli-
cal Seminary of Chicago, 19.'!2-.'57; Pastor,
First Church of the Brethren of LaVerne,

Directorships: Mem., Board of Trustees of
LaVerne Coll.; General Edn. Bd., Church of

Publications: Nineteen Centuries of the Chris-
tian Church, 1914; Studies in Doctrine, 1919;
Gospel of Jesus, 1936; Symphony of Life,
1926; Human Problem, 1926.
Memberships: Rotary (Life Mem.); Kansas
Authors' Club; Kansas Schoolmasters' Club;
National Preaching Mission.
Religion: Protestant (Church of the Breth-

Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Working with tools.

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 123 of 235)