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Bus. Address: 2490 Channing Way, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1526 Mountain Blvd., Oak-
land, Calif. •

LAMBEAU, Russell Kent, A.B., LL.B.

Assistant United States Attorney.
Born: Winnetka (111.). Mar. 30, 1904; s. of
Mary E. (Kent) and Oscar Lambeau.
Education: U. of Calif., Berkeley.
Degrees: A.B., 1926, LL.B., 1929, U. of Calif.
Married: Kathryn I., d. of Evelyn S. and
W'm. W. Perry, in E. Aurora (N.Y.), Dec 21
1932; ch. ; daughter, b. Sept. 23, 1938.
Prof. Record: Practiced law in San Fran-
cisco, 1929-31; thereafter in Los Angeles.
Memberships: Phi Alpha Delta (law).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golf and swimming.
Bus. Address: 600 U.S. Post Office and Court
House Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3124 Belden Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif. .

LAMPSON. Robin, A.B.

Poetry Editor, Coast Magazine; Instructor,
Extension Division, University of California.
Born: Mokelumne Hill (Calif.), Feb. 2, 1900-
s. of Mary L. (Osborn-Warren) and Augustus

Education: St. Mary's College (Oakland);
Stanford Univ.; Fresno State College; Univ.
of Calif.

Degrees: A.B.. Univ. of Calif., 1932.
Married: Margaret Kimball, d. of John A.
Fraser in Oakland (Calif.). June 11, 1934.
Prof. Record: Field worker with American
Friends (Quakers), Service Com. doing fam-
ine relief work in Russia, 1922; with Calif.
Peach and Fig Growers Assn. (Fresno), 1927;
Newspaper work: on Santa Rosa (Calif.)
Republican, 1916; Sacramento Bee, 1917;
Sacramento Union, 1919; City Editor, Wood-
land Daily Mail, 1919; Poetry Editor, Coast
Magazine (San Francisco) ; Instructor, Ex-
tension Division, Univ. of Calif.
Publications: On Reaching Sia-teen & Other
Verses, 1916; Terza-Rima Sonnets (Arche-
type Press), 1935; Laughter Out of the Ground
(Scribner's), 1935; The Mending of a Contin-
ent (Archetype), 1937; San Francisco Sou-
venir (Wells-Fargo Bank), 1938; Death Loses
a Pair of Wings (Scribner's, 1939; Edited,



edition of John Carr's A Vulcan Among the

Argonauts i Archetype) , 1936.

Fraternity: Phi Beta Kappa.

Politics: Democrat.

Heme Address: 310 Mandana Blvd.. Oakland.


LANDACRE. Paul Hambleton


B(ym: Columbus (C«uo). July 9. 1^: s. of
aara (Hambleton) and Walter Alexander

Education: Student at Ohio State Univ.,

Married: Margaret McCreery, of Los Angeles
(Calif.), July 9, 1925.
Prof. Record: Wood Engraver, since 1926:
four of the books he illustrated are l^^^^f
'•Fifty Books of the Year." 1932-33-34 ruvo>
Prints in permanent collections ot New York
Pub. Ubr^-. Mus. of Modem Art, Boston
Mus of Art, Rochester (N.Y.) Memorial Art
Galler%-. Los Angeles Pub. Ubrarj.-. Lniv. of
C a 1 i'f , San Francisco Mus., Springfield
fMass.) Ubrary. San Diego Fine Arts Gallery,
Los Angeles City CoUege, Ubrary of Con-
C7re<:s (Washington » : Collections: Honolulu
Academy of Art. Seattle Museum, Pomona
College, MUls College.

Awards: First Prize Print Club of Phila-
delphia, 1933, 1936. Hon. Mention. Phila-
delphia Art Alliance, 1936. Print Oub of
Philadelphia, 1939; Purchase ^ze North-
west Printmakers, 1937; Fift>- Prints of the
Year, 1930-31-33, Open Award, Calif. Soc.
Etchers 1932, 1938, 1940, First Prize. Los
S^' Comfty Fai;, 1933. 1935, 1939. 1*40.
Memberships: Assoc. Nat. ^ c a d., Amer.
Artists Group. Calif. Printmakers. Calif. Soc.
of Etchers, San Diego Fine Arts Soc., Ameri-
can National Committee of Engraving.
Home Address: 2006 El Moran. Los Angeles,


Professor of Economics, University of Cali-

Born: Munich ((Germany) , Oct. 15, 1891: s. of

Elisabeth CFeuchtwanger) and Abraham


Education: Universities of Munich, Berlin,


Degrees: Ph.D.. Heidelberg, 1913.

Married: HUde, d. of Nathan Stein, in Berlin,

Feb. 16, 1916; ch.: Use, Gerti, \\ alter,


Prof Record: Research Asst., Univ. of Kiel.
1914^16- (Jerman War Food Administration,
1916-18 '• Teaching Asst., CoU. of Commerce.

Munich,' 1919-22: journalistic work and pn-
va<^e studies, 1922-26; Lecturer, Coll. of Com..
Berlin 1926-29; Asst. Prof., 1929-32; Asso.
Prof ia32-33: concurrently, Asso. Editor
D'^ Deutsche Volkswirt (The German Econo-
mist, ^veekly magazine). li)/6-.i3; discharged
from all positions in 1933, for racial reasons
and because of opposition to the Nazi move-
ment: Lecturer in Economics, Univ. of Calif.,
1934-36; Prof, of Economics, 1936 — ; Ameri-
can Citizenship, April, 1940.
Publications: Grundprobleme Der Funkticmel-
len Verteilung Des Wirtschaftlichen Wertes
(Gustav Fischer), 1923; Das Wesen Der

Wirtschaft (LTIstem), 1928: Planvrirtschaft
Und Verkehrs-wirtschaft (Duncker & Hum-
blot » 1931; Problem of War and Peace m the
Society of Nations fUniv. of Calif. Pre^>.
(joint author). 1937; The American Way
(Harper & Brothers", (joint author;, 1938;
and many articles.

Fraternity: Phi Beta Kappa (Hon. Mem.).
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Hiking and gardening.
Bus. Address: Univ. of CaUfomia, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1317 Arch St., Berkeley,

LANDRETH, Dean Orion Marion, A.B,
Athletic Coach; Dean of Men. Lo.'-.g Beach
Junior College.

Bom- Macks\-me (Kan.), June 21. 1904; s.
of Estella S. (Stanley) and Henr>- W. Land-

Education: Friends Univ., 1923; Northwest-
em Univ. Grad. Schl., 1923: Uniy of m.
Grad. Schl.. 1924: Univ. of So. Calif. Grad.
Schl., 1924-'33-'4D-'41.
Degrees: A.B., Friends U., 1923.
Married: Frances Elizabeth, d. of ^Ir- .an<l
Mrs. Charles Van Ness, Long Beach (Calil.),
June 30, 1925; ch.: Nancy Ann.
Prof Record: Coach. Roosevelt Jr. Hi^
(San Diego). 1924: Coach. Bell High. 1S^:
Coach. Polvtechnic High (Long Beach),
1926-38: Coach. U. of Ariz. (Tucson), 1938;
Coach. Long Beach Jr. CoU.. 1939—. and
Dean of Men. 1940 — .

Memberships: Optimist Club (Long Beach).
Religion: First Church of Brethren.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Ice skating, golf.
Bus. Address: Long Beach Junior CoU.. Lake-
wood VlUage. Long Beach. Calif.
Home Address: 1525 Armando Dr.. Long
Beach, Calif.

LANDRITH. The Reverend Ira, 3.S.,
LL.B.. LL.D., D.D.

Clergj-man: Lecturer: Superintendent. Inter-
national Society of Christian Endeavor.
Born- MUford (Texas). March 23. 1865: s.
of Mary M. (Groves) and Martin Luther

Education: Cumberland Univ. (Tenn.).
Degrees ■ B.S.. Cumberland Univ.. 1888,
LL.B.. 1889. LL.D.. 1903; D.D.. Trinity Univ.
(Texas), 1906.

Married: (1) Harriet C. Grannis of Lebanon
(Tenn.). Jan. 21, 1891 (deceased June 24.
1925- ch. : Grace Grannis and Ira DeWitt
(dec.). (2) SaUie A. Alexander, Sept. 1,

Prof Record: Asst. Editor. 1890-95. Editor
in Chief 1896-1903, The Cumberland Presby-
terian (Nashville): Long State Chmn.. YMCA
of Tenn.; State Secy., Anti-Saloon League,
which led in putting saloons out of Tenn.;
Chmn , "Committee of 100" that reformed
ci^-ic life of NashvUle: (Sen. Secy., Rehgious
Ed Assn., 1893-94; Moderator the last CJen.
Assembly, Cumberland Presbyterian Ch., dur-
ing which that denomination was united with
the Presbyn. Ch., in the U.S.A.. 1906;
Presbj-n Brotherhood of America. ISffl-m;


v.- H

W H o I N


Pres.. Belmont Coll. <Nash\iUe>. 1904-12;
Ward. Sem.. 1912-13: Ward. Belmont Coll..
1913-15: Pres.. Internal.. YMCA C5onv.. 1913:
Mem.. Flying Squadron of America. 1914-15:
Editor Afield. Ou-isUan Endeavor World amd
CitUenghip; Supt.. Internal. Soc. of Chris-
tian Endeavor. 1915 — : Xatl. Lecturer. Anli-
Saloon League of Amer. and World League
Against Alcoholism. 1915-25: Prohibitioo nom-
Iness for Vice-Pres. of U.S.. 1916: Pres.. In-
tercollegiate Prohibition Assn. (Washington.
D.C.>. 1920-27: Pres.. Natl. Temperance
Council. 1928-31; Mem., Allied Campaigners
for Prohibition Permaneno' and Enforce-
ment. 1931-32.

Home Address: 410 No. Euclid Ave., Pasa-
dena. Calif. •

LANE. Frank Hardy, A.B.. M.A.
Educator. F*oe:

Bom: Deer Isle '.Maine'. 1S70; s. of Mary
(Hardj-) and Oliver Lane.
Education: Northwestern University.
Degrees: A.B.. 1895. MJM.. 1899. Northwest-
em U.

Married: Eliza, d. of Riduurd Dawson Trim-
ble, in Evanston (m.>. Sept. 9. 1900.
Prof. Record: Pro' T-r";'^^ -^ - rrch.
Obeitin CWl.. ISft- J..

1900-04; became Pr:: -h.

Univ. of Pittsburgh
Charles M. Sheldon's
directed presaitatior.
Ch. ; has presente"

Portrait Callers'" : -

«Kitbr. of pit^e an.:

IHrectorships : Pres. I'or J ; Ar-.r:.,Ar.
Poetry Circle.

Awards.* Amer. Poetry C:r:.e 7::r; ::r r:; - .
WaskimgUm, 1938.

Memberships: Amer. Assr. Ir.:- ?r::>
Eastern Coat, of Teachers of Speech; NaU.
Asn. of Teadiers of Speech.
Pontics: Indepoidait.
Recreation: Cbess.
Bus. Address: 637 Third Ave., Chola Vista,

LANE, Jr., Franklin Knight

Born: San Fiwacisoo vCAiii.'. April 5, l??"
s. of Ann (Wintennute) and Franklin Enic:.:

Married: Me: c clas Adair, d. ol

Cbarles A. I "9: ch.: Franklin

Knii^t m. .^.T :r:cK.

Prof. Re 9-30 <Calif.,

Texas. L . > - 1920-23 (Dl..

Kan.); Pr.^^;.ce v... ...>. i . .~ :" Wash..

D.C.); ser\ed as Mem. .Wiation

Com.. 1934-35.

Di'. ■ - -:■ C;.. ^^

Ch.::- - .^.: - :

Ge- .; , -. ■

Dir,. .^:..:- ..V : .uii. Ci.

Wc- ;?: -

1 U.S. >-

.J Corps

■ Md.i : .-Umj'

Bus. Address: 822 Southern Bidg.. Wufalag-
ton. D.C.

Home Address: 2139 Wyoming A\-e.. Waib-

Inglon, DC.

LANE, Katharine A.
Housewife. CiubwxKnan.

Born: UtUe VaUe>^ <N.y.>. Mar. 3. 1871; d.
of Mary Ellen <Perr>t and LaFa>'etle Gb'nn.
Education: Oshkosh Nonnal. Wisconsin.
Married: RoUin B., s. Of Leonard Lane, tan
Oshkosh (WTis.), May 26. 1854; ch.: RoUin
B.. Jr. (adopted).

Directorships: Pres.. Lane Tree C3ub. Found-
ed Jrs. 1916 — ^13 girls in HcHlynxxxl Oub —
now £4 Clubs and 2000 Jr. gjiis in Los An-
geles district.

Publications: The Girl Prom Oshkosh. 1896.
Memberships: JSbeH, Hollywood. Round the
World, Tree, Dd Mar and Woman's Preas
Clubs; D.A.R.
R^igicm: Congregational.
Politics: HqmUican.

Recreatioms: Painting; giving lawn parties:
music; Stereoptican Lectures, "Be au t Uu l
Trees Aroimd W«id"; Passkn Play (Ober-
Btmte Address: Hirily Chateau. 70O1 FrankUn

LANE, Lawrence William, B.S.

vrij- and

>? : s. of
- Tl Lane.

'- : :...;: r;.. .:: -•. 1-1^; en.:

7 A - -. ;..;>-;..-: :..::;-.v ?'.::: .'.-are Co.

:^;^ '::.:;; !;•— 1/ ?.—.:";- s ;:..::-.n:are Co.

- L-.^ :•: ;: : ::::; : Pub. Co.

?;? ':_"^^ ^.-::^^. : , .; ^ . :>:-:aii. Per-

- : .-. V : ^ - ;: -:> rr;5.. Lane

: -.: J; .-■: ?..: ?..>:: ::;.p >. - e :92S.


Members'. ; ; - K . ■ . .: - ; s S.: :". T r .: ". : . s.X)> .
Bus. Addrtss. 576 Sacramento St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

He-,: .^. :: <.«: Maiic K^E^bins Hotel, San
Fra-.->:: ^.ilif.

«: Golf.

LANE, Virg-inia Thoine

Bom: Nev V:?-: : of Lydia (LCHS^e) and

Frank Ke: .-. l. :.-

Bdmcation: s.:'.cTe^ Heart Convoat, Kaiwood
(Albany, X.Y.>.

Publications: Articles during last few years
in Saturdoif Bvemim0 Post; Coamtopaitmi:
Womam's Home Compamiom aitd otho* natjonal

ReUffktn: C^thcdic.
PttUtics: Oanocrat.



Recreations: Badminton and playing the


Home Address: 2 Alexandria Court, Pasadena,


LANG. Dean Albert Roy, A.B., M.A.,

Dean of Upper Division and Head of Depart-
ment of Education, Fresno State College.
Born: York (Nebraska), Oct. 31, 1885; s. of
Carrie L. (Browitt) and Albert A. Lang.
Education: Wesleyan Univ., Stanford Univ.,
and Univ. of Nebraska.

Dearees- A.B., Wesleyan Uni., 1909; M.A.,
Un?v of Nebraska, 1912; Ph.D., Stanford
Univ., 1924.

Married: Nina, d. of Catherine Perry, m
Plattsmouth (Neb.)

Prof. Record : Principal. Waverley Village
schools (Nebr.), 1909-10; Prm Converge
Co. Union High School (Wyo.), ^1910-11,
Citv Superintendent of Schools (Douglas
Wvol. 1912-13; Supt., U.S. Government
Schools (Panama Canal Zone), 1913-22; Heaa
Dept of Ed., Eastern Washington Teachers
rolleee 1924-27; Dean of Upper Div. and
Head of Dept. of Ed., Fresno State College,
1997_- Summer Sch. Instr., Univ. of Wash-
in<-ton,' Stanford Univ., Univ. of Hawaii,
Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles), Sierra Sum-
mer School; Delegate to Pan Pacific New
Ed. Conf. (Tokyo, Japan), 1935.
Publications: Modern Methods in Modern
Examinations: Principles of Modern Edu-
cation (with F. W. Thomas); The Begin-
ning Teacher (with J. C. Almack) ; Problems
of the Teaching Profession (with J. C Ai-

Memberships: Calif. State Curriculum Com.;

Calif. Research Assn. (Pres. 1930-31) ; Shrin-

er- Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa, K.T.;

N.E.A.; C.T.A.

Bus. Address: Fresno State College, Fresno,


Home Address: 840 Cambridge Ave., Fresno.


LANGE. Arthur

Composer, Conductor, Recording Engineer.
Born- Philadelphia (Pa.), April 16, 1889, s.
of Marie (Matterne) and Max Lange.
Education: Philadelphia (Pa.), studied piano,
violin, composition, and theory under pri-
vate teachers.

Married: Marjorie Joesting in Santa Bar-
bara (California).

Prof Record: Composed one Symphonic Poem,
A Goslmg in Gotham; two Symphonic Suites,
Water Whispers and The Fisherman and His
Soul- composed 500 or more published songs;
arranged 1000 or more published songs;
arranged salon and symphonic music for or-
chestras- composed and conducted over lOO
motion picture scores; has served as recorder
of phonograph records for many musical
works; now active in motion picture music,
also, recording business.

Directorships: Founder and Dir. of "Co- Art"
a co-operative organization engaged in mak-
ing phonograph recordings.
Publications: Wrote and published a technical
book Arranging for the Modern Dance Orches-
tra (quoted in Encyclopedia Britannica under

Memberships: Pres., Society of Native Am-
erican Composers; Vice-Pres., Amer. Soc. or
Music Arrangers; Mem., A.S.C.A.P.; S.P.A.;
Crescendo Club; A.F. of M.
Home Address: 9076 St. Ives Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.


Pres., Langcndorf United Bakeries, Inc.
Born: Chicago (111.), July 30, 1890; s of
Sarah (Judesberg) and Bernard Langendort.
Education: Wilmerding Schl. of Industrial
Arts (San Franci-sco), took special business
administration courses.

Bus Record: Started in his father's business
in 1914- organized Langendorf Baking Co.
in 1915, and became Vice-Pres. and Gen.
Mgr organized Langendorf Baking Co.
(Delaware), for the purpose of acquiring
addtional bakeries on the Pacific Coast m
1926, at which time he became Pres. and Gen.
Mgr ; in 1928 organized Langendorf United
Bakerie.'; Inc. (which absorbed Langendorf
Baking Co. of Delaware), and became Pres.
and Gen. Mgr.; carried on expansion by ac-
quiring plants in different metropolitan cities
on the Pacific Coast from Seattle to Los
Angeles. The present company now operates
ten plants on the Pacific Coast.
Directorships: Pres. and Dir., Langendorf
United Bakeries, Inc.

Publications: Idle Men and Idle Money Spell
Depression (copyrighted; Washington), 1932.
Memberships: Commonwealth; Concordia;
Lake Merced Golf & Country Clubs.
Recreations: Golf, swimming, horseback rid-
ing, theatres, dancing.

Bus. Address: 1160 McAllister St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: Mark Hopkins Hotel, San
Francisco, Calif.

Jacob Hermann. A.B., B.D.,
D.D., S.T.M.

Minister, First Mennonite Church of Reedley.
Born: Halstead (Kansas), Jan. 12. 1877; s.
of Christina (Schmutz) and Daniel Langen-

Education: Grade schools and high school in
Halstead (Kansas); Bethel Coll.. Newton
(Kansas) ; German Wallace Coll. (now Bald-
win-Wallace) Beraa (Ohio) ; Oberlin Theo-
logical Seminary; Harvard Univ.; Hartford

Dearees- A.B., German Wallace Coll.. 1904;
BD Oberlin Theol. Sem.. 1910; S.T.M. ,
Hartford Theol Sem.. 1915; D.D. (hon.) Ger-
man Wallace Coll. 1917.

Married: Jessie, d. of C. F. Braunlich, in
Bluff ton (Ohio), Oct. 18, 1905; ch.: Ruth
(Mrs. H. E. Dreier), Lois, Richard, Robert.
Prof Record: Teacher, Marion Co. (Kansas)
schools, 1900-01, Harvey Co., 1901-02; Stu-
dent Pastor, Sterling (Ohio), 1902-05; Min-
ister First Mennonite Church, Halstead,
(Kansas), 1905-09; Acting Pres., Bethel Coll ,
Newton (Kansas), 1910-11; Dean of Bible
Dept 1911-14 and 1919-21; Dean, Mennon-
ite Seminary, Bluff ton (Ohio), 1914-19; Pres.
Bethel Coll., 1921-25; Minister, Hebron Menn.
Church, Buhler (Kansas), 1925; Prof. Bib-
lical School of Friends Univ., Wichita (Kan-



sas), 1925-36; Minlsler, First Menn. Church,

Reedley (Calif.), la'itJ— ; Exec. Sec, Wichita

Council of Churches, 1929-31.

Publications: Kin Leitfaden Zum Studium der

Apostelgcschiclitr. 1!)08; Christ's Headship of

the Church, 1!)17; Immigration Of Mcnnonitcx

into AmcricAi, liJlH; The Charge of the Church

of Jesus Christ to You. 1923; Watch Your

Controls, 1938.

Memberships: Pi Gamma Mu; Kiwanis; Nat.

Assn. of Biblical Instructors.

Religion: Mennonite.

Recreations: Walking, rowing, swimming.

Bus. Address: 12th and L Sts., Reedley, Calif.

Home Address: 1219 K St., Reedley, Calif.

LANGSDORF. Professor William Bell.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Educator; Professor of Social Science, Chair-
man of the Department, Pasadena Junior

Born: Denver (Colorado), Oct. 24, 1909; s.
of Julia (Tappan) and Dr. William B. Lans-

Education: Pasadena public schools; Occi-
dental College; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1931, M.A., 1932; Occidental
College; Ph.D., Univ. of Calif. 1936.
Married: Eileen, d. of Linda (Semenza) and
Walter A. Johnson in San Marino (Calif.),
June 12, 1938.

Prof, hecord: Instr. in Hist, and Govt., Occi-
dental Coll., 1934-37; Asst. Prof, in History
and Govt., Occidental, 1938-39; Prof, and
Chmn., Social Science Dept., Pasadena Junior
College, 1939 — ; Lecturer on World Affairs.
Directorships: Calif. Epsilon Assn.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Alpha
Epsilon; Amer. Historical Assn.; Alumnus
Counsellor of Phi Beta Kappa in So. Calif.:
Member and Chmn. of various committees of
educators related especially to edu. and nat.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis, fishing, camping.

Bus. Address: Pasadena Junior College, Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 265 Plymouth Dr., Pasadena,

LANGSNER, Isidore. D.C.

Chiropractor; President, Paradise Health Re-

Born: Galizien, Austria, Jan. 15, 1888; s. of
Minna (Tabak) and Juda Hirsh Langsner.
Education: Received education in Austria;
Coll. of Chiropractic Phys. and Surg.
Degrees: D.C, College of Chiropractic Phy-
sicians and Surgeons (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Married: (2) Dorothy, d. of N. <3olden in
Los Angeles (Calif.), Mar. 17, 1930; ch.:
George (33) ; Julius (28) ; Norma (21) .
Prof. Record: Started the Paradise Health
Resort, 1922, (Incorporated, 1928). Now its

Directorships: Pres., The Paradise Resort,


Religion: Hebrew.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreationn: Aviation, hiking and health

Bus. and Home Address: 19(50 So. Euclid
Ave., Ontario, Calif.

LANPHIER. Virginia Hall, A.B., M.A.
Piesident of the California State Division
of the American Association of University

Born: New Orleans (Louisiana), Feb. 17,
1900; d. of Llllie Belle (Goodwyn) and John
Thomas Hall.

Educ-ition: New Orleans (Newcomb College);
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Newcomb College (Tulane
Univ.); M.A., Univ. of Calif., 1925.
Married: Edward Conniff, s. of Edward
Stabler Lanphier, in Berkeley (Calif.), June
24, 1927; ch.: Margaret Conniff.
Meynberships: Phi Sigma, Sigma Xi (hon.
scientific soc's.). Phi Mu.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 517 Crescent Ave., San
Mateo, Calif.

LANTZ. C. M. Beatrice,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Consulting Psychologist.

Born: Chicago (111.), Sept. 23, 1899; d. of

Clara (Letterman) and Lewis M. Lantz.

Education: Sunnyside (Washington) public

schools; Univ. of Calif.; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1920, M.A., 1922, Ph.D., 1940,

Prof. Record: Social worker and Asst. Psy-
chologist, Sonoma State Home, 1920-21 ;
Research Asst. on gifted children survey,
Stanford Univ., 1922; Research Fellowship,
Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1923-24; Vocational
Counselor (Los Angeles), 1925-28; Dir., of
Edu. Research (Ventura, CaUf.), 1928-30;
Psychologist in charge of child development,
Homewood Terrace (San Francisco), 1930-37;
part-time Clinical Psychologist, Mt. Zion
Hosp. (San Francisco), 1932-37; Bucket Re-
search Fellow, Stanford Univ. 1938-39; Con-
sulting Psychologist, Los Angeles.
Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta, Sigma Xi.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 647 No. New Hampshire St.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

LANYI. Dezso


Born: Baan (upper part of Hungary), Jan.

23, 1879; s. of Hermin (Ehrenfeld) and

Jacob Lanyi.

Education: Budapest, Vienna, Rome, Paris,


Married: Anna, d. of Joseph Herz, in Buda-
pest (Hungary), March 30, 1906; ch.: Mrs.
Georgianna Dietl, Lilli.

Prof. Record: Decorative work for Vajda-
Hunyad castle, 1896; facade modeler in
Rome; in 1902 started attracting attention
with portrait caricatures; originator of the
colored plastic caricatures and won wide
acclaim in all big cities of Europe; in 1903
was co-worker on the Hungarian Caricature
Magazine; works in marble and bronze pur-



chased by the museums of Beaux Arts,
War History and the Parliament m Buda-
pest- huge marble fountain Playing Amors
erected in Capitol; marble Leda at the Szech-
enyi Bath; Mother and Child at St. Gellert
Bath, and countless others standmg m all
parts of the country. His bronze of the
Prince of Wales, his portrayal of Kmg
George made for the coronation, his out-
standing children's portraits— his acclaimed
perfection of animals— all are to his credit.
Pre-eminent among caricaturists, there is
hardly an important figure in European
political life whom he has not caricuatured;
as a result of this extraordinary ability, in
1936 the Esquire and Coronet Magazines
brought him out to America. After six
months, thev sent him out to Calif, for a
vacation, vvhere he has been ever since
turning to that which is typical subject
matter here— the modeling of writers and
artists, outstanding of which are his works
of Rupert Hughes, Dr. Paul De Kruiff,
Irving Cobb, Stowkowski, Greer Garson, Jean
Arthur Grover Jones, Katherine' Hepburn,
Claudette Colbert, Adolph Menjou, Louis B.
Mayer, Adolph Zukor, George Zukor, Gary
Grant and Vicki Baum. A tireless worker,
along with his portrayals of real characters,
he is constantly doing sculptured caricatures
commercially. Pres., All Sculptors Assoc
in Hungary; Pres., Sculptors' Commercial
and Artistic Assoc, in Hungary.
Army Record. Sergeant Hungarian Army.
Served in World War I.
Memberships: Authors' Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Recreations: Swimming, music, work.
Home Address: 1146 No. Hudson Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

LAPHAM. Roger Dearborn

Chairman of the Board, American-Hawaiian
Steamship Company.

Born: New York City, Dec. 6, 1883; s. of
Antoinette (Dearborn) and Lewis H. Lap-

Education: Harvard.
Degrees: B.A., Harvard, 1905.
Married: Helen B. Abbot, In New York, Oct.
30, 1907; ch.: Lewis, Carol, Edna, Roger, Jr.
Bils. Record: Went to work for American-
Hawaiian in 1905, acting as Agt., 'Traffic
Mgr Treas., President (1925-38) and Chmn.
of the Bd.; for past six years has been very
active with labor problems; was one of the
founders of the present Employers Council
of San Francisco; Mem., Nat. Defense Med-
iation Board, 1941.

Directorships: Dir., Amer. Trust Co., Fire-
man's Fund Insurance Co., Del Monte Prop-
erties, Inc., Amer. -Hawaiian Steamship Co.;
Vice-Pres., Employers Council (S.F.).
Army Record: Capt., 305th Inf.. 77th Div.
during World War I.

Memberships: Harvard Club of San Fran-
cisco; Bohemian Club; Pac.-Union Club;
Olympic Club; San Francisco CJolf Club;
Burlingame Country Club, Menlo Country
Club; Cypress Point Club.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, collector of Calif, and
ship prints and ship models.
Bus. Address: 215 Market St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 3680 Jackson St., San Fran-
cisco. Calif., and Summer: Atherton, Calit.

LaPORTE. Professor William Ralph,

A.B., M.A.

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