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vision, 19.'U); flpvatod to Chief of Plumbing
Division. Department of Building and Safety,
City of Los Angeles. 19.37 .

Mrmbr.TshipH: Odd Fellow.s (Grand Master
I.O.O.F.. Calif.. 1923-24); Native .Sons of
Golden West (Hamona Parlor); Pacific Coast
Plbg. Insprs. A.ssn.; Civil .Service Protective
League; All City Employees ; Club San
Moritz; Antelope Valley Gun Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting; fishing; baseball; lawn

Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1201 Elden Ave., Los Angeles.
Calif. ;

LOOMIS. Francis Butler. A.B.

Diplomat, Foreign Trade Adviser.
Born: Marietta (O.), July 27, 1861; s. of
Frances (Wheeler) and William B. Loomis.
Education: Marietta College (O.).
Degrees: A.B., Marietta College, 1883.
Married: Elizabeth M. Mast, of Springfield
(O.), April 29, 1897; ch. : Francis Butler;
Florence Isabel.

Prof. Record: Joined staff of New York
Tribune; State Librarian, Ohio, 1885-87;
Washington Correspondent, 1887-90; U.S. Con-
sul. St. Etienne and Grenoble (France).
1890-93; Editor. Cincinnati Daily Tribune,
1893-96; E.E. and M.P. to Venezuela, 1897-
1901, to Portugal. 1901-02; First Asst. Secy,
of State, 1902; appt. Secy, of State ad interim,
July 2, 1905. Active in the movement for
building up Amer. commerce in So. America;
arranged for parcels-post conv. ; opened nego-
tiations for e.xtradition and reciprocity treat-
ies; made trip up Orinoco River on U.S. man-
of-war Wilmington, 1898, for purpose of
seeking opportunities for development of
Amer. trade; conducted final negotiations
leading to acquisition of Panama Canal Zone
by U.S. Govt. Visited Santo Domingo on the
Mayflower and arranged for modus vivendi,
customs collections. Special Ambassador to
France to receive remains of John Paul Jones,
June 23, 1905; appointed, 1908, spl. E.E. to
Japan and Commr. Gen. to Tokio Expn.; U.S.
Commr. Gen. to Turin Expn., 1912; Delegate,
U.S. Govt, to Internat. Expn. Congress, Ber-
lin (Germany), 1912; Charter Member. Amer.
Red Cross; Pres.. San Francisco branch of
Italy-America Society.

Awards: Grand Officer. Legion of Honor
(France). 1904; Order of Sacred Treasure,
first class (Japan), 1909; Grand Cordon,
Crown of Italy, first class, 1912; Order of
Bolivar, first class (Venezuela).
Memberships: Aletropolitan Club (Washing-
ton); Country Club (Burlingame, Calif.);
Pacific Union Club (San Francisco).
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 225 Bush St., San Francisco,

Home Address: Burlingame, Calif. *

LOOMIS. Frederic Morris. A.B., M.D.

Gynecologist, Obstetrician (retired).

Born: Ann Arbor (Mich.), Apri 12. 1877; s.

of Mary (McMahon) and Frank Connett


Education: Univ. of Michigan.

Degrees: A.B., 1909, M.D., 1912, U. of Mich.



Married- (H Edith Prichard. 1907; (2) Olive
Voswinkel McLellan, 1919; (3) Evalyn Fei-
cenbore- ch.: Frances (Mrs. Arthur Jandrey,
Knoxviile. Tenn.); Jane (Mrs. Robert Sims,
Palo Alto. Calif.).

Prof Record: Salesman, 1898-1901; Miner
andAssayer (Alaska), 1901-07; Editor,
Ketchikan (Alaska) Daily Miner, 1907-08.
Instr Anatomv and Nervous Anatomy, U.
of Mich., 1910-11; Instr., Obstetrics and Gy-
necoloRV, 1912-16; Gynecologist and Obste-
trician." Oakland (Calif.), from 1917 to recent
retirement, Chairman of Staff, Peralta Hos-
pital, 1933-34.

Publications: Consultation Room (Alfred
Knopf), 1939; many medical articles and ad-

Artnv Service: Sergeant, G.Co. 32nd Michigan
Vol. Infantry, Spanish War.
Memberships: Alameda County and Calif.
State Medical Societies; Amer. Medical Assn.;
San Francisco Gynecologic Soc. ; Pacific Coast
Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Delta
Upsilon; Alpha Omega Alpha; Gamma Alpha;
Sigma Xi; Claremont Country Club.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Travel.

Bus. Address: 350— 29th St., Oakland, Calif.
Home Address: 47 Cobb Ave., Sausalito,

LOPER. The Reverend Vere V.,

A.B., B.D., D.D.

Minister, First Congregational Church of

Born: Des Moines (Iowa), s. of Kate V.
(Patrick) and Colonel John C. Loper.
Education: Grinnell College; Yale Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1915, D.D., 1931, Grinnell
Coll.; B.D., Yale, 1919.

Married: Ethel A., d. of E. I. Johnson, in
Williams (Iowa), Aug. 17, 1917; ch.: Mar-
jorie; John; Mary Louise.
Prof. Record: Minister: First Cong. Ch.,
Great Barrington (Mass.), 1919-20, First
Cong. Ch., Great Falls (Montana), 1921-23,
First Cong. Ch., Minneapolis (Minn.), 1923-
28, First Cong. Ch. of Wilmette (111.), 1928-
30; First Plymouth Cong. Ch. of Denver
. (Colo.), 1930-39, First Cong. Ch. of Berkeley

(Calif.), 1939—.

Directorships: Dir., Northern Calif. Conf.
of Cong. Churches; Univ. of Calif. YMCA,
Berkeley Community Chest.
Publications: Author of articles in many re-
ligious publications; lecturer at Pac. School
of Religion.

Army Record: 2nd Lieut., 338 F.A., 1917-18.

Memberships: Alpha Sigma Phi; S.A.R.;

Amer. Legion; Rotary; Mason (32°); City

Commons Club of Berkeley; Berkeley Club.

Religion : Congregational .

Bus. Address: 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley,


Home Address: 1620 LeRoy Ave., Berkeley,


LORD. Jack

Writer; Night Life Editor, The Coast Maga-
Born: Batavia (N.Y.), May 7, 1915.

Education: Pub. schs. in New York State.
Prof. Record: Co- Author, radio program
The World Is Yours during most of 1937
(sponsored by Smithsonian Instn. and the
U.S. Office of Edn., Wa.shington, D.C.); Co-
Writer, Rich Man's Darling on NBC in 1937.
Came to San Francisco, 1938; wrote scripts
for Headlines of the Past, I Want a Divorce.
and the 1939 Golden Gate Internat. Expn.;
Copy Chief in local advtg. agency during
1938; wrote two books; Night Life Editor,
The Coast since Jan., 1941.
Publications: Where to Sin in San Francisco,
19.39 (best-seller; sold more copies than any
other book ever written about San Fran-
cisco) ; How to Sin in Hollywood, 1940.
Recreations: Reading, golf, flying.
Bus. Address: The Coast Magazine, 447 San-
some St., San Francisco, Calif.

LORY. Hillis. A.B., M.A.


Born- Sutherland (Iowa), Nov. 13, 1900;
s. of Cora Jane (Oliphant) and Rev. James
Albert Lory.

Education: Morningside Coll. ; Columbia
Univ.; Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: A.B., Morningside, 1922; M.A., Co-
lumbia, 1930.

Married: Sarah Miriam, d. of William Drury,
in Little Brown Church in Vale (Nashua, la.).
June 18, 1924; ch.: Priscilla Sarah and
Nancy Jane.

Prof Record: Member of Faculty, Hokkaido
Imperial Univ. (Japan); Head, Political Sci-
ence Dept., Denison Univ.; Member, Faculty
of Political Science, Stanford; Lecturer on
Far Eastern Politics for Carnegie Endowment
For International Peace; Honnald Founda-
tion of Knox Coll., Porter Foundation of
Beloit College; frequent trips to Orient, Rus-
sia and Europe for study and research.
Publications: Contributor to New York Times.
World Affairs quarterly. San Francisco
Chronicle, Contemporary Japan, China WeeKly
Review, Japan Advertiser, etc.
Religion: Methodist.

Home Address: 121 Dana Ave., Palo Alto,

LOTT. Clifford

Vocalist, Vocal Teacher, Choral Director.
Born: Columbus (Ohio), Oct. 5, 1875; s. of
Emma Clifford (Aston) and William Henry

Education: Columbus, London (England),
Berlin and Leipsic (Germany).
Married: Blanche (dec.), d. of Lowell L. Rog-
ers in Los Angeles (Calif.). Dec. 25, 1905;
ch.': Sinclair Rogers Lott, Eloise Lott.
Prof Record: Concert singer, appe-xring in
New York City, Berlin and Leipsic (Ger-
many), Boston (Mass.), and other large Amer-
ican "cities; pupil of Sir Henry Wood (Lon-
don* Georg Herschel (London). Madam
Arthur Nikisch (Leipsic), Herbert Wither-
spoon (New York City). Member, The
American Acad, of Teachers of Singing of
New York City.

Directorships: Bus. Mens' Glee Club of Los
Angeles (Dir. and Founder).
Religion: Christian Scientist.
Politics: Independent.

Home Address: 1245 Fifth Ave., Los Angeles,



LOUD, Harlan Grant

V'icc-l'i'c.siilcal anil (^'lu-ial Manuger, Fortnor
and Loud, Iticot'iJoraU'il.

Born; Lowell (Mass.), April 2, 1897; s. of
Marian Grant (Preston) and Henry M. Loud.
Education: Lincoln U.S. (Los Angeles), Hol-
man Bus. Coll., and night school.
Married: Gertrude, d. of Anna W. Roberts,
in Los Angeles (Calif.), July 3, 1920; ch. :
Carolyn Anne; Robert Harlan.
Bus. RrronI: Ford Motor Co. (Los Angeles
branch) May, liJlfi-April, 1918; J. E. Coberly
Co. (Los Angeles Ford Dealer) March, 1919-
July, 1925; Fortner & Loud, Inc. (Pasadena
Ford and Mercury Dealer), Oct., 1925 — .
Directorships: Pres., First Fed. Savings and
Loan Assn. of Pasadena.

Navy Record: U.S. Navy, May, 1918-March,
1919, discharged Yeoman, 1st Co. (live
months overseas duty).

Memberships: Pasadena Tournament of Roses
Assoc. (Past Pres.), 1939-40; Rotary Club of
Pasadena (Past Pres.), 1935-36, Member
1931—; Pasadena YMCA (Vice-Pres., 1938—);
Pasadena Motor Car Dealers Assn. (Past-
Pres.); F.&A.M. No. 392; Pasadena Consis-
tory, Knight-Templar, Al Malaikah Temple,
Pas. Shrine Club; Pasadena Univ. Club;
San Gabriel Country Club; Amer. Legion.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: (3olf.

Btis. Address: 1365 E. Colorado St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 2740 Ardmore Rd., San Ma-
rino, Calif., and summer residence: 117
Ruby St., Balboa Island, Calif.


United States District Judge, Northern Dis-
trict of California.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Jan. 30, 1881;

s. of Francis Caroline (Smith) and Davis


Education: Univ. of Nevada; Harvard.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Nev., 1905; LL.B.,
Harvard, 1908.

Prof. Record: Admitted to Mass. and Calif.
Bars, 1908; began practice with firm Mastick
& Partridge (San Francisco): general prac-
tice, 1911-17, 1919-21; Judge, Superior Court,
City and County of San Francisco, 1921-28;
Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District
of Calif., since 1928.

Army Record: Served 1917-18, as 1st Lieut.,
and as Capt., 1918, C.A.C., U.S. Army.
Memberships: Pac. Union Club (San Fran-
cisco); Sutter Club (Sacramento).

Bus. Address: U.S. Court and P.O. Bldg., San
Francisco, Calif.

Mill Co. (San Dlcgo); .Spec. Agt., Adjuster,

Fire Assn. of Phlla, at Los Angeles; Mgr.,

Louis Underwriters Agency (Los Angeles),
since 1904.

Directorshipn: Pres., Newport Bay Investment
Co. (Balboa); Pres., San Gabriel Valley Mill-
ing Co. (Covina); Pres., Sinaloa Land &
Water Co., and of Sinaloa Realty Co.; Dlr.,
Consolidated Title Securities Co.; Dlr., Rich-
ards Trucking and Warehouse Co.; Dir.,
Brownstein Louis Co.; Vice-Pres., Atlas Crude
Oil Co.; Mgr., Louis Underwriters Agency
Co. ; Dir., The Security Title Ins. & Guaran-
tee Co., all of Los Angeles.

Navy Record: Enlisted in Co. "A" Naval
Militia of Calif.; retired as Commander and
Aide-de-Camp to the Gov. of Calif, in 1912,
and since has been advanced to rank of Capt.,
N.M.C. (ret.).

Memberships: San Diego Lodge No. 35,
F.&A.M. (Past Master); Rite Bod-
ies in Los Angeles, and of Al Malaikah Shrine
Temple of Los Angeles.

Bus. Address: 124 W. Fourth St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 137 So. McCadden PI., Los
Angeles, Calif.

LOUTTIT. Tom Hunter. A.B., J.D.

Born: Stockton (Calif.), Dec. 13, 1898; s. of
Anna J. (Hunter) and Thos. S. Louttit.

Education: Stockton Public Schools; Univ. of

Degrees: A.B., 1921, J.D., 1923, Univ. of

Married: Alice M., d. of W. W. Doolittle, in
San Francisco (Calif.), June 9; ch. : James A.

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice, March,
1923, with Louttit, Marceau & Louttit, Stock-
ton (Calif.); Assemblyman, City of Stock-
ton, 1925-27; Asst. Distr. Atty., San Joaquin
Co. (Civil Deputy), 1927-32; Secv., Reclama-
tion Distr. 403; Secy., Reclamation Distr.
1614; U.S. (Jovt. Appeals Agt., Stockton
Selective Service Draft Bd. No. 39.

Directorships: Dir., Stockton Abstract & Title

Army Record: Veteran, World War I; Officer
Reserve Corps, 1921-31. Victory Medal.
Memberships: Elks, Alumni Club; Chi Phi,
Phi Delta Phi.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Trout fishing.

Bus. Address: California Bldg., Stockton,

Home Address: 52 W. Adams St., Stockton,

Home Address.- 107 Ardmore, Berkeley, Calif.* LOVELAND, Chester H.. C.E.

LOUIS. Captain Emanuel "J",

N.M.C. (retired)
Manager, Louis Underwriter Agency.
Born: Strasburg (Prussia), (of Amer. par-
entage) ; s. of Valentine (Rachfalska) and
Isidor Louis.

Education: Schools in San Diego (Calif.).
Prof. Record: Originally City Edit., San
Diego Sun; Asst. Cashier, Russ Lumber &

Executive Engineer; President, Loveland &
Company, Ltd.

Born: Utica (N.Y.), Dec. 13, 1888; s. of
Katherine Victoria (Dixon) and James H.

Education: Cornell Univ.
Degrees: C.E., Cornell Univ., 1910.
Married: (1) Mary E. Miller, of Buffalo
(N.Y.), Nov. 24, 1911; ch.: Katherine Vir-
ginia, Myrie. (2) Emma M. Lamp, of Hast-
ings (Nebr.), May 29, 1924.



Prof Record: Practiced engrg. in N.\., Ohio,
Washington, Indiana, Calif., and Hawanan
Islands since 1910; Chief Hydraulic Engr.,
Calif. State R.R. Commn., 1914-21; ConsuU-
ing Engr. in private practice since 19J1;
Registered Engr. in State of Calif.; Pres.,
Loveland & Co., Ltd., The Loveland Engrs
Calif. Water & Telephone Co., West Coast
Telephone Co., Investments & Utilities, West-
ern Utilities Corp.

Memberships: A m e r. Waterworks Assn ;
Amer. Soc Civil Engrs.; Family Commercial;
commonwealth; St. Francis Yacht; Presidio
Golf: San Francisco Golf and Country Clubs.
BV.S. Address: 485 California St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 902 California St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

LOWERY. Joseph M., C.P.A.

Auditor, Los Angeles County.
Born: Chicago (111.). Aug. 6, 1896; s. of
Mary (Murphy) and Peter Lowery.
Education: De Paul U. (Chicago, 111.); U. of
So. Calif. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: C.P.A., State of Calif., 1928.
Married: Margaret M.. d. of Harriett and
Matthew Meyer, in Chicago (111.), July .^'
1920; ch.: Joan Marie, Marilyn and Patricia.
Prof Record: Pub. Accountant for seven yrs.;
Pvt. Accountant for six yrs.; Los Angeles
City Controller, Chief Aud., 1929-1931; Instr.,
kch": of Govt.. U. of SO. Calif., 1930-3|; Los
Angeles Co. Auditor, Chief Deputy. 1931-38,
and Los Angeles Co. Auditor since 1938.
Directorships: Pres., Calif. State Assn. of
Co. Auditors.

Publications: Various articles on govtl. acctg.
and on budgeting in Municipal Finance Civic
Affairs; papers pub. by U. of So. Cam.,
Inst of Govt.; collaborated on Uniform Ac-
counting (Calif. League of Cities) ; etc.
Army Service: First Sergeant. Field Artillery,
World War I.

Memberships: Amer. Inst, of Accountants;
Municipal Finance Officers Assn.; Calif. Soc.
CPA's- Calif. Assn. Co. Auditors; Los An-
geles Speakers Club; Town Hall; Jonathan
Club; Beta Alpha Psi.
Religion: Catholic.

Recreations: Gardening, woodworking, swim-
ming, etc.

Bus. Address: Hall of Records, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1944 Laughlin Park Dr., Los
Angeles, Calif.

LOWIE. Professor Robert H.,

A.B., Ph.D.

Anthropologist, Educator; Professor, Univer-
sity of California at Berkeley.
Born: Vienna (Austria). June 12, 1883; s. of
Ernestine and Samuel Lowie.
Education: Public Schools Vienna and New
York City; College of City of New York;

Degrees: A.B., Coll. of City of New York,
1901; Ph.D., Columbia, 1908.
Married: Luella Winifred, d. of Harry Joshua
Cole, in Napa (Calif.), Aug. 23, 1933.
Prof Record: Asst., Asst. and Asso. Curator,
Amer. Museum of Natural History. 1907-21;
Lecturer, Columbia Extension Div., 1920-21,
Asso. Prof., Univ. of Calif., 1921-25, Prof..

1925 — ; Chmn.. Div. of Anthropology and
Psychology. Natl. Research Council, 1931-32;
Field expeditions to Crow. Shoshone, Hopi,
Assiniboino Indians.

Publicatio7is : Primitive Society (Liveright),
1920 (French Trans., 1935); Primitive Relig-
ion (Liveright), 1924; Are We Civilized?
(Harcourt), 1929; Introduction to Cultural
Anthropology (Farrar & Rinehart), 1934, 2nd
Edition, 1940 (French Trans., 1936); The
Crow Indians (Farrar), 1935; History of Eth-
nological Theory (Farrar), 1937.
Memberships: Natl. Acad, of Sciences; Honor-
ary Fellow, Anthropological Inst, of Great
Britain and Ireland; Faculty Club (Berkeley);
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Swimming, ping-pong, travel.
Bits. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 2521 Benvenue Ave., Berk-
eley, Calif.

LOWTHER. The Reverend Edgar Al-
lan. A.B., B.D., D.D.

Pastor, Temple Church.

Born: Knight (Muskingum Co.. O.), Oct. 25,
1881; s. of Alma (Sears) and Robert Alex-
ander Lowther.

Education: Syracuse Univ.; Union Theol.
Sem. ; studied at Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., suvima cum laude, 1902. D.D.,
1920, Syracuse Univ.; B.D., Union Theol.
Sem., 1907.

Married: Marguerite Cornell Dickson of
Brooklyn (N.Y.), Feb. 21, 1903; ch.: Robert
Dickson, Carolyn Fulton, Hugh Sylvester,

Prof. Record: Ordained, Ministry, M.E. Ch.,
1904; Asso. Pastor, Washington Sq. Ch. (New
York), 1906-07. St. Stephen's Ch. (New
York) 1907-13; with Bd. of Edn., M.E. Ch.,
1913-14- Pastor, First Ch. (Covington, Va.),
1918-21, First Church (St. Mary's. W. Va.),
1916-18 First Ch. (Morgantown. W. Va.),
1918-21. First Ch. (Wichita. Kan.). 1921-25,
First Ch. (Oakland. Calif.), 1925-31. Temple
Ch (San Francisco), since 1931 (merged with
First Congl. Ch., May 1937, into First Congl.-
Meth Temple). Del. Internat. Kiwanis Conv.
(Atlanta, Ga.), 1923, same (Denver, Colo.),
1924 Am. Organizer and First Pres.. Wichita
Comn. on Week Day Religious Edn. Mem..
Bd . Goodwill Industries of San Francisco;
Mem . Bd. Mgrs., Central Branch of YMCA
(San Francisco); Bd.. Trustees. Coll. of the
Pacific (Stockton, Calif.); Del. to Gen. Conf.
of M E. Ch. (Atlantic City). 1932. same
(Columbus), 1936; Del. -Western Jurisdictional
Conf. of Methodist Ch., 1940, Chmn., Calif.
Conf. Com. for convening same; Mem.. Ecu-
menical Meth. Council (Western Sect.).
Mem . Com. of 100. Hall of Religion for
Internat. Expn. 1939; occasional lecturer in
philosophy and psychology of religion, Pacific
Sch. of Religion (Berkeley, Calif.).
Directorships: Mem., Bd. Dirs., San Fran-
cisco Sch. Social Studies.

Publications: Co- Author of Christian Objec-
tives in Education, The Music of the Gospel.
Great Sermons on Evangelism, Contbr. to
Christian Advocate (Methodist Ch.), Chris-
tian Century Pulpit, The Upper Room.
War Service: "Four-minute man," and Pres.,
Pleasant Co. (W. Va.) Chapter Am. Red
Cross, World War I.



l\I,-inbi-ifihii»i: Mem., Calif. Church Council
U'limii., Com. on Kvanuellsm) ; Mem., San
Kijincisco br., Nat. Council of Jcvv.s anil
Christians: Mom., Sponsor Com. Western
heailquartors, Nat. Council for Prevention of
War; Mem., Pacific Coast Com. World Alli-
ance for Internal. Friendship ThrouKh the
Churches; Mem., San Francisco Area Council,
Boy Scouts of America; Mem., Phi Beta
Kappa, Phi Kappa Psl ; Mason (32°); Odd
Fellows; Klwanls.
Politicn: Democrat.

Bus. Aililrens: Temple Church, Post and
Mason Sis., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 3045 Jackson St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif. •



Bnni: Russia, Nov. 28, 1895; s. of Clara
(Railen) and Julius Luboviski.
Education: Studied in Berlin (only pupil of
Franz von Vecsey) ; toured Europe and Amer-

Married: Elll Agnes, d. of Ida (Minks) and
August (^rhardt, in Berlin, Sept. 6, 1918;,
ch. : two daughters.

Prof. Record: Appeared as Soloist with Con-
ductors Richard Strauss, Weingartner, Ni-
kisch. Stock, Hertz, Rothwell, Oberhoffer,
Damrosch; Founder of Luboviski Trio and
Russian String Quartette; 12 years featured
artist KNX Radio Station, Violin Soloist RKO
Radio Pictures.

Membei-ships: Fine Arts Club; Breakfast
Club, Los Angeles (hon. member).
Home Address: 444 So. Irving Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif. •

LUCAS. (Mrs.) Mercer Watson

Children's Librarian, Santa Monica Public

Born: Portsmouth (Va.); d. of Mercer
(Roche) and John L. Watson.
Education: The Leach- Wood School for Girls
(Norfolk, Virginia) ; The Baldwin School for
Girls (Bryn Mawr, Penn.); Sweet Briar Coll.
(Va.); Bryn Mawr Coll. (Penn.); Columbia
Univ. Library School.

Married: Sutherland Murray; s. of Robert
Land Lucas, in Los Angeles (Calif.), June
4, 1926.

Prof. Record: Asst., Bryn Mawr Coll. Library,
3 years; First Asst., Central Children's Room,
New York Public Library, 1 year; Hollywood
Branch, Los Angeles Public Library, 7 years;
Santa Monica Public Library, for the past 9

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Reading, walking, traveling and

Bus. Address: Santa Monica Public Library,
Santa Monica, Calif.

Ho77ie Address: 926 Berkeley St., Santa Mon-
ica, Calif.

LUCKEY, David Burr

Lawyer (retired).

Born: On farm situated in Township of Ma-
makating (Sullivan Co.) and Towr«hip of
Wallkill (Orange Co.), New York, Jan. 6,
1867; s. of Harriet Corwin (Finn) and Sam-
uel Dimock Luckey.

Education: Public schools and Wallkill Acad-
emy (Middletown, (Jraritcc Co., New York).
Studied Law, tutored and served 5 years
derk.shlp in office of Judge John G. Wilkin
(Middletown, New York).

Married: Julia Anna Hawkes (widow, nee
Burrell), (deceased Nov. 1(J, l'.y.i5), d. of
(Jeorge Burrell, at New York City, June 6,

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice law In
courts of State of New York, Sept. 12, 1889,
U.S. District Court (.Southern District of
New York), and U.S. Circuit Court (now U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals), .Southern District
of New York Second Circuit, April 10, 1902;
admitted and registered to practice before
U.S. Patent Office, April 17, 19(J5, the State
Bar of Calif., April 17, 1928, U.S. District
Court (So. Dist. of Calif.), Dec. 22, 1930.
Commenced practice of Law in New York
City, March 1S90, and remained active in
legal affairs until Aug. 1927, at which time
retired and moved to Los Angeles (Calif. >.
Connected with New York firms: McKoon &
Luckey (E^.x-Judge Dennis D. McKoon, David
B. Luckey and D. Gilbert McKoon), 1892-98,
McKoon, Luckey & Schwartz, 1898-1914,
Dichman, Luckey & Schwartz (Ernest Dich-
man, former Cor^modore U.S. Navy, U.S.
Minister to Columbia, So. Amer., and Mem-
ber, New York Stock E.xchange) 1914-17,
David Burr Luckey and John J. Schwartz,
Associated, 1917-27. General practice and
specialization in corporation, commercial and
probate law; also acting counsel for other
New York lawyers. Acted as Referee by ap-
pointment in Supreme Court and Surrogate's
Court (Probate), New York County, on dif-
ferent occasions; Notary Public, by State ap-
pointment, 1897-1927. Was an Active Mem-
ber of The National Republican Club, 1903
to 1928, then non-resident Member, 1928-30,
at which time resigned, again became non-
resident Member in 1940. Secy., House Comm.,
1909-21, Secy., Saturday Discussions Comm.,
1909-15, The Nat. Republican Club. Mem.
of the Consistbry of The (Collegiate) Reform
Dutch Church and Deacon of The Marble
Collegiate Church, both of New York City,
1917-27. Practiced law from May, 1928 to
Dec, 1937 in Los Angeles (practice confined
to counsel work).

Army Service: On local Board in New York
City, examining and preparing questionnaires
for men drafted in World War I.
Memberships: American Bar Assn.; The
Assn. of the Bar, City of N.Y. ; Life Member,
Soc. of Medical Jurisprudence (New York) ;
The Orange Co. Soc. in the City of New York
(one of its incorporators and Treas. from
1916-27, and now an Active Member) ; Na-
tional Republican Club (New York), (Active
Mem., 1903-28; non-resident Mem., 1928-30;
non-resident Mem., 1940); Los Angeles Bar
Assn.; Founder-Member, Peter Pan Wood-
land Club (Big Bear Lake, Calif.).
Religion: Protestant (Member, Immanuel
Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles).
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 3427 Ninth Ave., Los Angeles,

Other Address: Peter Pan Woodland Club, Big
Bear Lake, Calif.

LUDDY, Michael G(abriel), LL.B.
Lawyer; with Bodkin, Breslin, and Luddy.
Born: Bridgeport (Conn.), March 19, 1893;
s. of Mary (Maloney) and James P. Luddy.
Education: Public schools, Thompsonville



(Conn.) and Catholic Univ. of America
(Washington, D.C.).

Degrees: LL.B., Catholic Univ. of Amer.,

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 134 of 235)