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Married: Anne Theresa, of Concord <N.H > :
d. of John Dunn, in New York City, Feb. 10,
191S; ch.: Marybeth.

Prof Record: Newspaper Reporter, Hartford
(Conn 1 ■ Political Correspondent (Washing-
ton D.C.); admitted to Connecticut Bar,
1916- general practice, Hartford, 1916-20,
Sioux Falls (So. Dak.), 1920-31, Los Angeles
since 1931 (specializing in banking and cor-
porate law) ; member firm of Bodkin, Breslm
& Luddy.

Directorships: First Nat. Bank of Glendale;
Glendale Finance Corp.; O. L. Johnson Con-
tracting Co.; Oil Fields Nat. Bank (Brea,
Calif ) • Rotary Materials Co. (Long Beach,
Calif)'- Yarbrough Guns Co. (Houston,
Te.xas) ; Sea Shore Oil Corporation (Los An-
geles, Calif.).

Memberships: Knights of Columbus; Elks;
Oakmont Country Club; Connecticut, South
Dakota, California, Los Angeles and Ameri-
can Bar Associations.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Bus Address: 1225 Citizens National Bank
Bldg., 453 So. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1535 Virginia Ave., Glendale,


Artist and Miniature Portrait Painter.
Born- Dresden (Germany), 1871; d. of Emilie
(Jones) and Julius Ludovici (Artist of note,
American citizen).

Edtication: Schools in Europe and New York

Prof Record: Artist for 40 years; Pres. of
Calif. Soc. of Miniature Painters for 10 years;
began to draw likenesses when 7 years old,
and has devoted most of life to art.
Awards: Gold and Silver Medals for best
miniatures in some exhibitions in Calif.
Memberships: Calif. Soc. of Miniature Paint-

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Traveling, and Pets.
Home Address: 167 No. Orange Grove Ave.,
Pasadena, Calif.

LUDWIG. Emil, Litt.D.

Writer; Biographer.

Born: Breslaw (Silesia), Jan. 21, 1881; s. of
Prof. Herman Cohn.

Married: Elga, d. of Nelly and Robert Wolff,
in Durban (South Africa); ch. : Andreas and

Publications: One of the foremost writers of
biography today, who wrote in 1919 the first
modern biography; already known in this coun-
try for his studies of Napoleon and Wilhelm
Hohenzollern, etc.; among outstanding works
are: The New Holy Alliance; The Nile; The
Germans; Bismarck; Bismarck-Trilogy; Bol-
ivar; Cleopatra; Diana; Genius and Character;
Gifts of Life; Goethe; The Practical Wisdom
of Goethe; Hindenburg; July H; Leaders of
x!,urope; Lincoln; Talks with Mussolini;
Napoleon; Historical Plays; Quartet; Roose-

velt; Ttvo Royal Brothers; Schliemann; Sqn
of Man ■ Three Titans; Versailles; and Will-
iam II; many of the foregoing publications
have been translated into numerous languages;
principally ...s biography of Napoleon which
was translated into twenty different lan-
guages; Son of Man. sixteen languages: Will-
iam II, fifteen languages; has also written
numerous early Roman epics and dramatic
histories, all of which were published in Ger-
many prior to his arrival in this country.
Awards: Legion d'Honneur (France).
Home Address: Montecito, Calif.

LUFKIN. Professor Arthur Ward.

D.D.S., F.A.C.D.

Educator (Dental Surgery); Lecturer; As-
sistant Professor of Oral Histology, College
of Dentistry, University of Southern Cali-

Born: Glenwood (Iowa), Dec. 8, 1889; s. of
Cora A. (Harlan) and Edwin G. Lufkin.
Education: Denver Public Schools; Univ. of
Colorado; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: D.D.S., Univ. of So. Calif. (Coll.
of Dentistry), 1915.

Married: Mary Emma, d. of Carrie L. and
Robert M. Miller, in Salt Lake City (Utah),
Oct. 1, 1915; ch.: Harlan Ward.
Prof Record: Connected with the teaching
staff of the Univ. of So. Calif. (Coll. of Den-
tistry), since 1916; practice of dentistry
since 1915. Past Pres., Los Angeles Dental
Society; Editor of the Alumni Assn. of the
College of Dentistry, Univ. of So. Calif.;
Editor of Journal of So. Calif. State Dental
Assn. since 1933; Fellow of the Amer. Coll.
of Dentists, 1940; Dir. and Teacher in Divi-
sion of Edu. Courses of So. Calif. State Den-
tal Assn. ; Ext. Lecturer from College of Den-
tistry, Univ. of So. Calif, to the Australian
Dental Profession, 1934. At present time,
Asst. Prof, of Oral Histology, Spec. Lecturer
on Dental History, Coll. of Dentistry, Univ.
of So. Calif.

Directorships : Council of the So. Calif. State
Dental Assn. since 1933.

Publications: A History of Dentistry (Lea &
Febiger, Philadelphia), 1938.
Memberships: Amer. Dental Assn. (since
1916); Delta Tau Delta (Univ. of Colo.);
Delta Sigma Delta (Univ. of So. Calif.);
Omicron Kappa Upsilon.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Motion picture photography.
Bits. Address: Coll. of Dentistry, Univ. of
Southern California, and Office: 6253 Holly-
wood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.
Home Address: 530 No. Sierra Bonita Ave.,
Hollywood, Calif.

LUM, Walter Uriah

President and Managing Editor, Chinese

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 8, 1882;
s. of Yan (Lan) and Lum Guey Yue.
Education: Self-study in Chinese and English.
Married: (1) Lee Kum Yung, 1899 (died
1929); (2) Chang Kan Yee, 1937; ch.: Mabel
Wy, Lily Chan, James, Emma, Arthur, Vic-
toria Wong.

Prof Record: Salesman, 1902-09; Mail-order
Manager, Sing Chong Co., Inc., 1909-14;



Jouniallsl, l!lll-17: Iti chaise ChincsL' lifl'ii-
Koes Camp (Kl. Sam Houston, 'I'cxas), (TiOO
Chinese rel'UK'ees hrouKliI in from Mexico by
General l>ershlnK», I'llT-lH; ManafjinR Direc-
tor of the China Mail Steamship Co., 191H-
23; Founder of the Chinese Timcu. lOM
(whose aim Is to inculcate Chinese culture in
co-ordination with the American education
lor American-born Chinese).
Directorships: Grand Officer of the Chinese
American Citizens Alliance, Director and
Pres. of the Chinese Times Publishing Com-

Memberships : Native Sons of the Golden West
(Past Grand Pres.).

Bus. Address: 119 Waverly PL, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 19 Peters Ave., San Francisco,

Other Address: Washington Apt., 1020 Stock-
ton St., San Francisco, Calif. •

!•'. Mnstrum In KIrigsburg (Calif.). July 25,
1!»11; ch.: Mrs. liuth K. Llndquist.
I'raf. Record: Clergyman, Methodist ("hurch;
ordained IK<)9 while a student; held pastorates
in Los Angeles and KIngsburg (Calif,), retired
In ]9.'!9; Prof., Swedish Theological .Scm.
(Evanston, III.); Pros., Swedish Theol. Sem.;
Acting Pres., Texas Wesleyan College (Austin,
Texas) ; Librarian, Swedish Historical Soc. of

Publications: Editor, Epworth Klockan fa
publication for young people of Swedish de-
scent in U.S.).

Awards: Texas State Medal in Oratory, 1903.
Memberships: Ma.sonic Lodge, A.F.&A.M., No.
1164; R.A.M. No. ,378; Knights Templar,
Commandery No. 83, all Fort Worth, Texas.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Gardening and ranching.
Home Address: Route 1, Box 315, Kingsburg,


President, East Bay Transit Company.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 9, 1890;
s. of Emilie M. (Bruus) and Laurits J.

Education: Lowell High School and Heald
Bus. Coll., San Francisco (Calif.).
Married: Louise E., d. of Karel J. de Roo,
in Santa Cruz (Calif.), July 12, 1915.
Bus. Record: Held various clerical positions,
1909-11; Secy., to Mr. Herbert Fleisch-
hacker (San Francisco), 1911-12; Clerk, J.
Barth & Co., Stock & Bond Brokers (San
Francisco), 1912-25, Partner, 1925-27; Pres.,
East Bay Transit Co., Key System, & pre-
decessors, 1927 — ; Pres., San Francisco Stock
Exchange Institute (San Francisco), 1925-26;
Pres., Calif. Transit Assn. (San Francisco),
1933 and 1941; Pres., Amer. Transit Assn.
(New York), 1938-39; Pres., Community
Chest of Oakland, 1939-40; Pres., Oakland
Chamber of Commerce, 1939 — ; Pres., Calif.
State Chamber of Commerce, 1940 — .
Directorships : East Bay Transit Company
(Oakland), Key System (Oakland); Railway
Equipment & Realty Co., Ltd. (Oakland).
Memberships: Athenian Nile (Oakland),
Athens Athletic (Oakland), Pacific Railway
(San Francisco) Clubs; Commonwealth Club
of Calif. (San Francisco) ; Amer. Assn. for
the Advancement of Science (Washington,

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Bus. Address: 2129 Grove St., Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 596 Haddon Rd., Oakland,

LUNDBERG. The Reverend Frank A.,

A.B., M.A., M.D

Clergyman ( retired ) .

Born: Hallsberg (Sweden), April 11, 1875;
s. of Clara Louisa (Lindgren) and Frans
August Lundberg.

Education: Univ. of Fortworth; Te.xas Chris-
tian Univ. ; Northwestern Univ. (Evanston,

Degrees: A.B., 1904, M.A., 1906, M.D., 1909,

Fort Worth Univ.

Married: Lydia Elizabeth, d. of Rev. Oscar


Marine Painter.

Born: Sweden, May 28, 1875; s. of Countess
Hanna (von Till) and S. A. Johnson.
Education: Stockholm; public school, tech-
nical school and Fine Arts Academy.
Married: Edith, d. of Pen Olson in Westra
(Emterweek, Sweden), Oct. 8, 1894.
Prof. Record: Represented in museums, pub-
lic institutions and private collections in
America and abroad.

Directorships: Dir., Scandinavian American
Art Assn. (Chicago, 111.).

Publications: The Rise of Lundmark (book of
his career), (pub. in Chicago), 1924 and
Parade of Pasadena.

Memberships: Calif. Art Club of Los Angeles.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Sea travel; fishing, etc.
Home Address: 2628 Highland Ave., Altadena,
Calif. *

LURIE, Louis R.

President, Pioneer Realty Company.
Born: Chicago (111,), Sept. 6, 1888; s. of
Lena (Joffe) and Robert Lurie.
Education: Accountant School, Chicago.
Married: Babette, d. of Alfred Greenebaum,
in San Francisco, May 21, 1918; ch.: Robert
Alfred Lurie.

Bus. Record: Started printing business in
1902, at the age of 14, remained until the age
of 21 ; sold out and went into the real estate
business; has been a real estate operator and
builder ever since; built over 250 commer-
cial buildings in California.
Directorships: Chmn., Bd., Sir Francis Drake
Hotel (San Francisco) ; Associated with Sol
Lesser (Hollywood), in Principal Pictures
Corp.; Pres., The Lurie Company; Pres.,
Pioneer Realty Company and other corpora-

Memberships: Concordia; Argonaut, Beresford
Golf & Country, Press, Commercial, Common-
wealth Clubs.
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Republican.



Bus. Address: 333 Montgomery St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San
Francisco, Calif.

LUSK, Hilton Frank. B.S., M.S.
Aero Engineer, Certificated Commercial Pilot,
Certified Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Mech-
anic; Director, Technical Institute of Aero-
nautics, Sacramento Junior College.
Born- Batavia (New Yorkl, April 12, 1902;
s. of Edith' (Shedd) and Mark S. Lusk.
Education: University of California.
Degrees: B.S., 1925, M.S., 1926, Univ. of

Married: Grace, d. of Cora S. (Burgess) and
Beecher B. Conner in Oakland (Calif.), June
4, 1927; ch. : Patricia Lois.
Prof Record: Asst. Electrolysis Engr., East
Bay Water Co., 1922-27; Ground School Instr.,
Golden State Aircraft Corp. (Oakland, Calif.),
192S-29; Asst. Prof, of Engr., College of Pa-
cific (Stockton, Calif.), 1926-29; Dean, Boeing
School of Aeronautics (Oakland, Calif.), 1929-
30- Dir., Technical Institute of Aeronautics,
Sacramento Jr. Coll. (Sacramento, Calif.),
1930 — ; Flight Instr. (part time activity),
1929-40. Coordinator, Civilian Pilot Training,
S.J.C, 1939—.

Publications: General Aeronautics (Ronald
Press Co., New York), 1932, revised edition,

Memhershivs: P.M.; Sacramento 40; F.&A.M.;
Scottish Rite 14°; Sacto. Lodge No. 6;
B P.O. Elks; Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Xi, Tau
Beta Pi, Omega Phi Alpha; Member, Society
of Automotive Engineers, Associate Fellow,
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Fishing; hunting; flying.
Bus. Address: Sacramento Junior Coll., Sac-
ramento, Calif.

Howe Address; 2633 Marshall Way, Sacra-
mento, Calif.

LUTZ. Professor Dan S., B.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts and Head of
the Painting Department, University of South-
ern California.

Born: Decatur (111.), July 7, 1906; s. of
Florence S. (Stookey) and Samuel M. Lutz.
Education: James Millikan Univ. and The
Art Institute of Chicago.
Degrees: B.F.A., Univ. of So. Calif., 1933.
Married: Dorothy A., d. of Harry L. Best,
in Chicago (111.), Aug. 17, 1932.
Prof. Record: Taught at the Univ. of So.
Calif., 1932—; Visiting Prof., The Art Inst,
of Chicago, 1938, and Chicago Art Inst., Sum-
mer School of Painting, 1940-1941; Exhibitor
in National Painting Exhibitions, 1935 — ; One-
Man Exhibitions: New York, Richmond, Chi-
cago, Denver, Los Angeles and San Diego;
Represented: Wood Gallery of Art, John H.
Vanderpoel Art Assoc, and numerous private

Directorships: First Vice-Pres., Calif. Water
Color Soc, 1938-40.

Memberships: Calif. Water Color Soc; Delta
Phi Delta (Natl. Hon. Art Frat.); Sigma
Alpha Epsilon.
Recreations: Music (bassoon) and hunting.

Bus. Address: University Park, Los Angeles,


Home Address: 2627 Menlo Ave., Los Angeles,


LUTZ. Professor Ralph Haswell.

A.B., M.A., LL.B., Ph.D.

Historian; Professor of History, Stanford

Born: Circleville (Ohio), May 18, 1886; s. of
Florence May (Haswell) and Harry Elmer

Education: Stanford Univ.; Univ. of Washing-
ton; Heidelberg Univ. (Germany).
Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1906; LL.B., Wash-
ington, 1907; M.A., and Ph.D., Heidelberg,

Married: Margaret, d. of Edmund J. Long-
year, in Altadena (Calif.), Sept. 12, 1927;
ch.: Katherine May, Mary Margaret, Eliza-
beth Longyear.

Prof. Record: Practiced law at Seattle, 1910-
11; Mem. of the Faculty, Univ. of Washing-
ton, 1911-20; Mem. of the Stanford Faculty,
1920 — ; Chmn. of the Directors of the Hoover
Library, 1925—, Dean of Graduate Study,
1933 — , Professor of History.
Publications: The German Revolution of 1918-
19 (Stanford Press), 1922; Fall of the Ger-
man Em,pire (2 vols.), 1932; The Treaty of
Saint Germain (with Nina Almond), 1935;
Editor, Causes of the German Collapse in
1918, 1934; Co-Author, Public Opinion and
World Politics (Harris Foundation Lectures),
1933; Dictatorship in the Modern World, 1935.
Army Record: Enrolled in first O.T.C., Pre-
sidio of San Francisco, May- Aug., 1917; com.
2nd Lieut, and assigned Headquarters, 40th
Div. (Camp Kearny, Calif.); promoted 1st
Lieut, of Infantry and arrived in France,
Aug. 1918; assigned to headquarters first
army in the Argonne; after Armistice with
Headquarters Eighth Corps, American Mili-
tary Mission, Berlin, Supreme Economic Coun-
cil, Paris, and Amer. Relief Admn.
Memberships: Amer. Hist. Assn.; Political
Science Assn.; Soc. of Amer. Archivists;
Amer. Assn. of Univ. Profs.; Amer. Military
Inst.; Kappa Sigma; Delta Chi; Phi Beta
Kappa; Commonwealth Club of Calif.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Hoover Library, Stanford Uni-
versity, Calif.

Home Address: 541 San Juan, Stanford Uni-
versity, Calif.

LYLE. Jr.. Eugene P.


Born: Dallas (Texas), Dec. 31, 1873; s. of

Mary E. (Angers) and Eugene P. Lyle.

Education: Grade schools and Central High

School (Kansas City, Mo.); Univ. of Mich.,


Married: Gwladys M. (b. Winton, Pa., July

14, 1888), d. of Ellen Matilda (Shafer) and

Davy Morgan, in San Diego, Apr. 8, 1927;

ch. by a former marriage: Eugene P., Ill,

Marjorie Lyle Culver, Ethel.

Prof. Record: On the staff of the Kansas City

Times, 1894-97; with his parents in San Luis

Potosi (Mexico), on magazine work and novel

writing, 1897-1900; 1903-05, 1906-07; the same

work in Europe (hdqrs. in Paris), 1900-02;



mosdy on assiKiinii-nts lor I'h'cii/hodi/'n Maga-
eittc; wrilliiK for WdiUI'.i Work, In U.S.,
Me.\., West Indies, and Venezuela, lW)5-07;
for H<nnitt(»rn Md'jiizinc In U.S., 1VK)8-1().
From li)U7 to 191(), owned a farm on the
James River in Virj;inia, then moved to Nor-
folk where he stayed until 1919. Since 1920,
has made his home in San Diego (Calif.),
where he has done magazine wortc Inter-
spersed with a lew months' work at a time
at motion picture studios In Hollywood.
Publications: The Missourian, 1905, The Lone
Star, 1907, Blaze Derringer, 1910, The Trans-
formation of Krag, 1911 (all published by
Doubleday, Page & Oo. ) . Has also written
D' Artagnan of Kansas and The War of 1938
in Everybody's Magazine, the latter also in
"'he London Daily Mail and other publica-
tions in 1918, since reviewed by Time and
other publications in 1940. Six or seven of
his stories have been produced as motion

Memberships: The Padres (a small group of

men prof, writers).

Politics: Democrat ( Jef fersonian) .

Recreati07is : Seeing other places and people.

Home Address: 4027 Third Ave., San Diego,


LYLE, III, Eugene Perry


Born: Kansas City (Mo.), Apr. 21, 1908;
s. of Ethel (Magill) and Eugene P. Lyle, Jr.
Education: San Diego State Teachers' Coll.
Married: Lucretia, d. of Carlos Allen, in
Beverly Hills (Calif.), Dec. 24, 1935.
Prof. Record: Engaged in publicity and ex-
ploitation for Pacific Natl. Theatres, Inc.,
1925-29; newspaper analysis work for S. P.
Weston, Inc. (newspaper engineering firm),
1930-34; free-lance newspaper feature article
and magazine writer since 1935. At the
present time is limiting work to ghost writ-
ing and magazine fiction (the fiction being
published under the name of Gene Lyle, III,
Gene Lyle, etc.)

Publications: The City of Wings (a juvenile
book of aviation history), (the City Schools
of San Diego), 1938; magazine fiction pub-
lished in Elks Magazine, Thrilling Mystery,
Popular Sports, Weird Tales, Five Novels,
Popular Aviation, Pets, The Rocky Mountain
Sportsmati, and some twenty others; writes
newspaper feature and magazine articles,
magazine short stories and novels.

Memberships: The Padres (prof, writers'

Religion: Agnostic.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: E.xploration, hunting, sailing,

tennis, architecture (study and e.xecution),


Bus. Address: P.O. Bo.x 51, No. San Diego,

Home Address: 1336 Brunner St., No. San
Diego, Calif.

LYLE, Gwladys Morgan, A.B., D.O.

Osteopathic Physician.

Born: Winton (Pa.), July 14, 1888; d. of
Ellen Matilda (Shafer) and Davy Morgan.
Education: San Diego High School; Pomona
College; Stanford Univ.; College of Osteo-
pathic Physicians and Surgeons at Los An-

Drgrrrs: AH., Sl.mford, 1912; D.O., College
of Osteopathic I'hyslcians and Surgeons, 1915.
Married: Slugene P. Lyle, Jr. at San Diego,
April 8, 1927.

Prof. Record: Practiced at San Diego, 1915-
27, 1930 — ; served as Chmn., San Diego Co.,
Children Year, 1918-19; Mem., of Women's
Pub. Welfare Com. (San Diego), 1921-25;
Mem., San Diego Tree Planting Com.; Past
Trustee, Osteopathic Coll. of Physicians and

Publications: Our Little Welsh Cousin (L. C.
Page & Co.), 1924; The Little Travelers in
Wales (Albert Whitman & Co.), 1929; mis-
cellaneous verse in Christian Science Monitor
and other periodicals.

Memberships: San Diego Tree Planting Com.;
Calif. Osteopathic Assn. (Pres., 1920-21);
Clubs: Stanford, University, Women, Zlac
Rowing, Hillcrest Business Women.
Bus. Address: 3846 Fifth Ave., San Diego,

Home Address: 4027 Third Ave., San Diego,

LYMAN, George D., A.B., M.D.


Born: Virginia City (Nev.), Dec. 12, 1882;

s. of Anna and Dean B. Lyman.

Education: Stanford Univ. and Columbia

Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1905; M.D., Col-
umbia, 1909.

Married: Dorothy Q., d. of Frederick W.

Van Sicklen, in San Francisco, Dec. 28, 1911;

ch.: Dorothy (Mrs. J. William Beatty) and

Betty (Mrs. David Potter).

Publications: John Marsh: Pioneer; Saga of

the Comstock Lode; Ralston's Ring; Care and

Feeding of the Infant.

Memberships: Bohemian, Pacific Union, and

Menlo Co. Clubs.

Religion: EpiscopaL

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 384 Post St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 3673 Jackson, San Francisco,

LYMAN, Ralph Haine, A.B.

Choral Director; Head of Music Department,
Pomona College.

Born: Madrid (Iowa); s. of Charlotte Eliza-
beth (Haine) and Z. P. Lyman.
Education: Grinnell College; Private study in
Des Moines, Chicago, New York and Berlin.
Degrees: A.B., Grinnell College, 1907.
Married: Fannie Ruth, d. of Andrew Mcin-
tosh in Grinnell (Iowa), 1909; ch. : Ernest
M., C. Margaret, David H.
Prof. Record: Choral Director and Teacher
of singing; Head of Music Dept., Franklin
Acad., 1907-09; Instr., in Music, Grinnell
Coll., 1909-10; student in Germany, 1910-13;
Dean, School of Music, Univ. of Oregon,
1913-17; Head, Music Dept., Pomona Coll.,

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Non-partisan.

Bus. Address: Bridges Hall, Pomona Coll.,
Claremont, Calif.

Home Address: 357 W. Tenth St., Claremont,



LYMAN, Mrs. W. W. (see HOYT.

LYMAN, William Whittingham,

A.B., M.A.

Instructor in English, Los Angeles City Coll-

Born: St. Helena (Calif.), 1885; s. of Sarah
(Amis) and W. W. Lyman.
Education: Universities of California, Har-
vard and 0.\ford.

Degrees: A.B., 1907, M.A., 1908, Univ. of

Married: Helen, d. of Georgiana (Baird) and
Gould Hoyt at Rancho del Molino (St. Helena,
Calif.), Jan. 1, 1921; ch.: Thomas Amis.
Prof Record: Instructor in English and Cel-
tic, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley) for nine years;
joined faculty of Los Angeles City Coll. m
1931; founded course in Creative Writmg
there; recognized as specialist in modern
poetry and Celtic studies.

Publications: Co- Author of California Wild
Flowers in Verse and Picture and Today's Lit-
erature, An Omnibus.

Memberships: St. Helena Parlor No. 53 (past
pres.) N.S.G.W.
Religion: Episcopal. -
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Gardening, hiking.
Bus. Address: Los Angeles City Coll., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2762 Woodshire Dr., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Other Address: Rancho del Molino, St. Helena,

LYNCH, Louise Ward

Pianist-Composer, Writer.
Born: lone (Oregon), Nov.. 18, 1907; d. of
Cora H. (McGindley) and Lewis F. Ward.
Education: Portland (Oregon) Public schools;
Rowland Hall (private school for girls),
(Salt Lake City) ; University of California.
Married: John R., s. of James R. Lynch in
Buffalo (N.Y.), May 8, 1898.
Prof Record: Youngest child ever to enter
Portland public schools, in 1910, at the age
of three, because of ability to read and
recite from memory literary works enjoyed
by adults; conducted and managed all-girl
orchestra for broadcasting and concert en-
gagements, 1927-28; Studio-Accompanist
KFSD, 1926-27; numerous theatrical en-
gagements on various circuits, 1931-34; pri-
vate and class (adult) teaching, Los Angeles,

1936-38; at present conducting own copy-
righted original program at Radio Station
KFSD, (San Diego).
Publicati07is : Author of numerous articles

and short stories; also book reviews in var-
ious publications.

Memberships: Musician Ulon, Local 325,

and Chula Vista Woman's Club (Music


Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Pistol-shooting, golf.

Bus. Address: Radio Station KFSD, U. S.

Grant Hotel, San Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 427 J St., Chula Vista, Calif.*

LYNN, Edward


Born: Bay City (Mich.), Aug. 21, 1900; s.
of Rebecca Lowenberg (Michaelson) and
Moses Lindenbaum.

Education: Schools in Bay City (Mich.)
Prof. Record: For last fifteen years identified
with radio and motion pictures in Hollywood
and Los Angeles (Calif, i; assoc. at various
periods with KHJ, KNX, KECA, KFWB
(staff or free lance). Author of Catherine
the Great, Peter the Great, Leonardo da
Vinci, Benjamin Franklin (released through
Columbia Broadcasting System) ; Our Roman-
tic Presidents (KMTR), Hollywood in Person
(C.B.S.); Reunion of the States (KNX);
Three Leagues from Jerusalem (Mutual
Broadcasting System). Author of Saga of
Lief Erricson (performed in Hollywood Bowl,
Aug., 1934, in Oct. under Leopold Stokow-
ski)- (an epic poem with symphony accom-
paniment). Former Dir., Natl. School of
Broadcasting (Los Angeles); Collaborator
with Charles Wakefield Cadman (Songs. Ser-
vice, Glory, Master of Forge, etc.), also
with Composers, Mary Carr Moore, Melita,
Krieg, Anna P. Risher; Teacher of radio
playwriting; Lecturer at Univ. of So. Calif.,
Redlands Univ., City Coll.; just completed:
Saga of Freedom (Premiere at Roosevelt High
School, March 27, 1941); Currently: Warner

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