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heny Research Foundation, 1917-18; Trade
Expert, War Trade Bd., Washington (D.C.),
1918; Economic Expert with Reparation and
Financial Commns., Amer. Commn. to Nego-
tiate Peace (Paris, France), 1919; Financial
Expert, Amer. Mil. Mission to Armenia (Har-
bord Commn.), 1919; Financial Expert with
U.S. High Commn., Amer. Embassy (Constan-
tinople, Turkey), 1919-20; Asst. Fgn. Trade
Adviser and Fgn. Trade Adviser, Dept. Of
State (Washington, D.C.), 1920-21; Financial
Commr. and Supt. Gen. of Customs, Republic
of Peru, 1921-23; Gov., Reserve Bank of
Peru, 1923-24; Financial Adviser, Gen. Receiv-
er of Republic of Haiti, 1924-27; Financial Ex-
pert for Dept. of State (Nicaragua), 1927-28;
Partner, Wellington c& Co., Firm Mem., N.Y.
Stock Exchange since 1928; Dir., St. Louis

.Southwestern HH.. Warren Foundry & Plf)e
Corp. Economist with NRA (Washington),
19.i.i. Amer. Del. to Conf. on Germany Ixjng-
Term Debts (Berlin), 1934.
Publications: Cooperative Marketing, 1918;
Nicaragua — An Economic and Financial Sur-
vey. 1928.

Memberships: Mem., Economic Advisory Com.
Nat. Industrial Conf. Bd. and Nat. Assn. of
Mfrs. ; Dir., Amer. Hosp. (Istanbul, Turkey):
Mem, Acad, of Polit. .Science, Foreign I'ol-
icy A.ssn., Pan American .Society, The Pil-
grims, Amer. Econ. Assn., Amer. Statls.
A.ssn. (Pres., N.Y. chapter, 19.38-.'W), Eco-
nomists Nat. Com. on Monetary Policy; Phi
Beta Kappa: Downtown Athletic (N.Y.),
Englewood Field (N.J.) clubs.
Bus. Address: 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y.
Home Address: 349 Booth Ave., Englewood,
N.J. •


Actor, Active in Social Welfare Work.
Born: Macon (Ga.), Apr. 5, 1901; s. oi Lena
(Shakelford) and Edouard G. Hesselberg.
Education: High School.

Married: Helen Gahagan (Stage Actress), d.
of Lillian Rose (Mussen )and Walter Hammer
Gahagan (Brooklyn, N.Y.). Apr. 5, 1931; ch.:
Peter Gahagan and Mary Helen; Gregory (by
a former marriage).

Prof. Record: Has appeared in numerous mo-
tion pictures among which have been Tell No
Tales, Ninotchka (M-G-M), 1939; Good Girls
Go to Paris, Amazing Mr. Williams (Colum-
bia), 1939: Too Many Flusbands and He Stayed
for Breakfast (Columbia), 1940; Third Finger,
Left Hand (M-G-M), 1940; That Uncertain
Feeling (United Artists), 1941; A Woman's
Face (M-G-M), 1941. Has done considerable
social welfare work in the State of California
and was appointed a Mem. of the Board, Calif.
Dept. of Social Welfare by Governor Olson.
Army Record: Medical Corps, U.S. Army, en-
listed 1917.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Walking, reading, and swim-

Bus. Address: 9484 Wilshire Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 7141 Senalda Rd., Outpost
Estates, Los Angeles, Calif. •

DOWNS. Lawrence, M.D.

Born: Conway (Ark), Sept. 3, 1883; s. of
Martha J. (Munn) and Wm. J. Downs.
Education: Hendrix Coll. (Conway, Ark.);
Vanderbilt Univ. (Nashville, Tenn.); Univ.
of Louisville, Med. Dept. (Ky.).
Degrees: M.D., Univ. of Louisville, 1912; Cer-
tificate for Post-Graduate work, P. G. Med.
Sch. and Hosp. (N.Y.C.).

Married: Elizabeth Irene, d. of Judge and
Mrs. Thomas Ryan (Louisville, Ky.), June 16,

Prof. Record: Practiced in Georgetown (Ky.),
1913-15. Manhattan (Kan.), 1915-21, Holly-
wood (Calif.), 1921 to the present, specializing
in eye, ear, nose and throat.
Publications: Book of poems. Along the Way
(The Pyramid Press, N.Y.C.), 1938. Articles
in medical journals.



Army Record: Mem., Medical Advisory Staff
at Ft. Riley and Camp Funston (Kan.),
during World War I. Mem., Medical Advisory
Staff in Hollywood at present time.
Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Votes for tlie man, but with Demo-
cratic preference.

Recreations: Gardening and writing.
Bus. Address: 6777 Hollywood Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 704 No. Crescent Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif. *

ELWELL-ONIONS. Marie Elizabeth,

A.B. (Pen name, Elizabeth Field)
Editor, Publisher, Author.
Born: Liverpool (England), 1905, d. of Eliz-
abeth (Oliver) and William Elwell-Onions
(is also related to England's author Oliver
Onions and a long Une of English writers).
Education: Schs. of England, Utah; Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1925.
Prof. Record: Five yrs. newspaper exper-
ience in Calif. ; five yrs. in New York writing
for magazines, and in publicity, including
Paramount Pictures; past year, Editor of the
San Francisco Russian Hill Runt Magazine
(with a circulation all over the country).
Writes under the names of Elizabeth Field,
Jenn Shaw, Elizabeth Elwell, Marie Elwell-

Publications: Let's Have Fun in San Fran-
cisco (pub. S.F.), 1939; Editor, Publisher,
Russian Hill Runt (S.F.).
Religion: Liberal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, tennis, horseback
riding, golf, reading, theatre, music, and art.
Bus. and Home Address: 1084 Broadway, Rus-
sian Hill, San Francisco, Calif.


Motion Picture Director, Warner Bros. Stu-

Born: Austria (Hungary), Sept. 30, 1890; s.
of Rose (Zelmanowitz) and Herman Seller.
Education: New York Training School for

Married: Nettie, d. of Max and Rebecca
Himelstein, in New Orleans (La.), Sept. 23,
1911; ch.: Rita and Michael Howard.
Prof. Record: Teacher in public schs. of
N.Y.C., seven years. Entered motion pictures,
1917; Asst. Gen. Supt., Fox West Coast
Studios, five years; Supervisor of Sunshine
Comedies, two years; Dir., Sunshine Com-
edies, four years; Dir., feature pictures, in-
cluding some westerns, three years; now
asso. with Warner Bros. Studio and has been
for past four years.
Memberships: B'nai B'rith (Calif.).
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Tennis, golf, fishing.

Bus. Address: Warner Bros. Studio, Bur-
bank, Calif.

Home Address: 80 Malibu, Malibu Beach,

(Antoni Stanislaw Boleslawowicz)

Orchestral Conductor.

Born: London (Eng.), April, 1887 (natural-
ized American citizen); named after grand-
father, Leopold Stokowski, of Lublin and
Krakow (Poland); father's name, Boleslaw
Kopernik Stokowski.

Education: Royal Coll.; studied in France,
Germany and England.

Prof. Record: Conductor, Philadelphia Orch-
estra, 1913-36; nation-wide radio broadcasts on
NBC and CBS; motion picture musical con-
ducting, arranging and composing in follow-
ing productions: Big Broadcast of 1937 (Par-
amount), 100 Men and a Girl (Universal),
Fantasia (Disney); at present Conductor, Ail-
American Orchestra; first tour, South Amer-
ica, summer, 1940, second tour, U.S. and
Canada, spring and summer, 1941, third
tour, South America, summer, 1942. Records
with Philadelphia Orchestra (RCA Victor),
All-American Orchestra (Columbia). His sym-
phonic transcriptions of works of Bach in-
clude: Bourree; Passacaglia in C Minor; Pre-
lude in B Minor; Choralvorspiel Aus der
Tiefe; Choralvorspiel Ich ruf zu dir; Choral-
vorspiel Wachet Auf ; Toccata and Fugue in
D Minor; Prelude in E Flat Minor; Chaconne
in D Minor; Fugue in G Minor (Shorter) ;
Choralvorspiel ^Ims tiefer Noth; Choralvor-
spiel Christ lag in Todesbanden; Siciliano;
Choralvorspiel Nun Komin der Heiden Hei-
land; Adagio from Tocatta and Ftigue in C;
Komm Silsser Tod; Sarabande; Choralvor-
spiel Wir glauben Alle; Fugue in C Minor;
Es ist Vollbracht; Choral from the Easter
Cantata; Aria in D Major; Fugue in G Minor
(Longer) ; My Soul is Athirst; Soul Agony of
Christ in Gethsemane (Mein Jesu, was fuer
Seelenweh) ; Prelude and Fugue in E Minor;
First movement of the Sonata in E Flat for
Pedal-Clavier (composed for Friedmann
Bach); Preludio (Partita in E) ; Arioso (Con-
certo for Cembalo in F Minor) ; Andante
(Sonata in A Minor for Violin).
Memberships: Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences.
Home Address: New Milford, Conn.

TAYLOR. Ellis Wing. B.S.


Born: Chicago (111.), Oct. 2, 1887; s. of
Minnie (Cray) and Frank Wing Taylor, bnkr.
Education: Los Angeles pub. schs.; Columbia
Univ. Sch. of Engineering, 1908-09.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1912.
Married: (1) Feb., 1922; (2) Aug., 1931;
(3) Elma (Ficks), Feb., 1941; ch.: Ellis
Wing, Jr., Peter Tracy.

Prof. Record: Gen. practice, architecture,
structural engineering, 1913, Partner, Ed-
ward Cray Taylor, Architect (Los Angeles) ;
designed some of the largest aircraft plants
in So. California, including Douglas (Long
Beach), Consolidated (San Diego), and Con-
sulting Engineer for plant in England, 1936.
Directorships: Taylor Hldng. & Inv. Corpn.
Navy Record: Ensign, Lieut. (J.G.), 2nd Of-
ficer, Temp. Comdr., U.S. Sub. F2, Comdr.,
U.S. Sub. F3, 1916-19.

Memberships: Amer. Soc. of Civil Engrs. ;
Structural Engrs. As-sin. (So. Calif.); State
Assn. Calif. Architects; Phi Kappa Sigma.
Clubs: Jonathan, Santa Monica Swimming,
Los Angeles Yacht, Transpacific Yacht.
Bus. Address: 803 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles.
Home Address: 1827 Midvale, Los Angeles. *



The asterisk (M rollowiiiK' a skclcli itself indicnles that the sketch could not be veriflefl.

ABBEY, James Brown, LL.B.
District Attorney of San DleRO County, Calif.
Bom: Pittsburgh (Pa.), Sept 17, 1899; s. of
Edna (Steen) and Jacob W. Abbey.
Education: Alhambra High School, Alhambra
(Calif.); U. of Calif, at Los Angeles.
Degrees: LL.B., Southwestern U., 1926.
Married: Florence C. Berry, d. of C. Spen-
cer Berry, Alhambra (Calif)., June 20, 1928;
ch.: Nancy Gail, Peter Kendall, Josephine.
Prof. Record: Practiced law in San Diego
(Calif.) from 1927 to 1929, and during 1929
and 1930 was a Special Agent for Venezuela
Gulf Oil Company at Maracaibo (Venezuela).
In 1931 was connected with the Legal De-
parent of the Union Title Company of San
Diego. In 1932 joined the staff of the
District Attorney of San Diego County, and
served in that capacity until he became
District Attorney in March, 1938, which
office he now holds.

Memberships: Cuyamaca, La Mesa Country,
San Diego, and Republican Men's Clubs; Bar
Assn. of San Diego.

Religion : Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golt and hunting.

Bus. Address: Court House, San Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 4430 Longbranch Ave., San
Diego, Calif.

ABBOTT. Professor Charles Harlan,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of Zoology, U. of Redlands.

Born: Antrim (N. H.), March 1, 1889; s. of
Clara Mabel (Hurlin) and John Gano Ab-

Education: Colby Academy, New London
(N. H.); Brown U., Providence (R. I.)

Degrees: A.B., Brown U., 1913; M.A.,
Brown U., 1914; Ph.D., Brown U., 1918.

Married: Elizabeth Louise, d. of Martha
Elizabeth (Washburnl and Wilbur Fisk
Nichols, Belchertown (Mass.), July 2, 1918;
ch. : John Wilbur and Nancy Elizabeth.
Prof. Record: Instructor in Zoology, State
Coll. of Wash. (Pullman, Wash.), 1914-15;
Instructor in Biology, Haverford Coll. (Hav-
erford. Pa.), 1916-17; Instructor in Zoology,
Mass. State Coll. (Amherst, Mass.), 1919-22;
Professor of Zoology, U. of Redlands (Red-
lands, Calif.), 1922.

Publications: Reactions of Land Isopods to
Light, Jour. E.xp., Zool., Vol. 27, 1918-19.

Army Record: 2nd Lieut., San. Corps, U. S.
Army, 1918.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi,
Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Sigma.

Religion : Congregationalist.

Bus. Address: U. of Redlands, Redlands,

Home Address: 28 So. University St., Red-
lands, Calif.

ABBOTT, Clinton Gilbert, A.B.

Director, Natural History Museum.
Born: Liverpool (Eng.), Apr. 17, 1881; s. of
Grace (Van Du.sen) and Lewis Lowe Abbott.
Education: Uppingham Sch. fEng.); Poly-
technic Preparatory .Sch., Brooklyn (N. Y.);
Columbia U.; Cornell U.
Degrees: A.B., Columbia U., 1903.
Married: Dorothy Clarke, d. of Virginia
(Vilas) and William H. Clarke, New York
(N. Y.), May 18, 1915; ch.: Dorothea, Lois
and Lucia.

Prof. Record: Conservation Commn., State of
N Y., 1918-21; in charge of Ednl. Activi-
ties, Natural Hist. Mus., San Diego, 1921-22;
Dir., Natural Hist. Mus., San Diego (Calif.),
since 1922.

Directorships: Director of the following:
San Diego Soc. of Natural Hist., San Diego
Scientific Libr. Assn., Fine Arts Soc. of
San Diego, University Club of San Diego,
and Bishop's Sch., La Jolla.
Publications: Home Life of the Osprey and
other ornithological publications.
Memberships: Alpha Delta Phi and Phi Beta

R eligion : Episcopal .
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Photography, swimming.
Bus. Address: Natural History Museum, Bal-
boa Park, San Diego, Calif.
Home Address: 4499 Hermosa Way, San
Diego, Calif.

ABBOTT, Jr. Frank H.

President, Sunset Press.

Born: San Francisco, s. of Frank H. Abbott.
Education: Stanford U., 1908.
Bus. History: Pres., Sunset Press, 20 years.
Directorships: Sunset McKee Salesbook Co.
Memberships: Bohemian Club; Masons.
Bus. Address: 1045 Sansome St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 3090 Pacific Ave.. San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

ABBOTT, George Knapp, A.B., M.D.
Medical Dir. and Surgeon, St. Helena San-
itarium and Hosp.

Born: Spirit Lake (Iowa), Jan. 4, 1880; s.
of Ellen (Green) and C^iarles Edwm Ab-

Education: Spirit Lake High Sch.; Amer.
Med. Missionary Coll., Chicago (111), 1903;
Coll. of Med. Evangelists, Calif., 1913.
Degrees: M.D., Amer. Med. Missionary Coll.,
1903- A.B., Coll. of Medical Evangelists,
(Calif.), 1913.

Married: Cora Richards, d. of John Rich-
ards, College View (Neb.), July 5, 1906; ch.;
Richard Edward, Donald Humphrey and
Merrill Frederic.

Prof. Record: Med. Supt., Glendale Sani-
tarium and Hosp., Glendale (Calif.), 1905;
Med. Supt., Loma Linda Sanitarium and
Hosp., 1905-14; Med. Dir. and Surgeon, St.
Helena Sanitarium and Hosp., 1919-25; Med.



Dir. of Washington (D.C.I, Sanitarium and
Hosp.. 1925-28; Surgeon, Glenclale Sanitarium
and Hosp., Glendale (Calif.), 1928-34; Sur-
geon and Medical Dir., St. Helena Sani-
tarium and Hosp. at present.
Directorships: Med. Dir. and Mem., Bd. of
Trustees, St. Helena Sanitarium and Hosp.
Publications: Principles atid Practices of
Hydrotherapy for Students and Practition-
ers of Medicine, 1911; Elements of Hydro-
therapy for Nurses, 1913; Medical Electricity
for Students and Nurses, 1914; High Blood
Pressure and Degenerative Diseases of the
Heart, Blood Vessels and Kidneys, 1928 and
1937; Physical Therapy for Nurses, 1930 and
in press now.

Religion: Seventh-day Adventist.
Recreations: Mountain climbing.
Poli tics : Republican .

Bus. Address: St. Helena Sanitarium and
Hosp., Sanitarium, Calif.

ABBOTT. William Martin, LL.B.

Senior Member of Abbott, Appel & Dains.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Mar. 17, 1872;
s. of Anna Bell (Casselman) and William

Education: San Francisco Pub. Sch.; Hast-
ings Law Coll. (U. of Calif).
Degrees: LL.B., Hastings Law Coll., 1893.
Married: Annie Josephine, d. of D. M. Mac-
Vean, San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 3, 1895;
ch.: William Lindley and Tirey Casselman.
Prof. Record: Practiced law in San Fran-
cisco (Calif.), since 1893; admitted to prac-
tice in Supreme Ct. of Calif., May 18, 1893;
admitted to practice Supreme Ct. of U. S.,
Apr. 9, 1900; admitted to practice in U. S.
Circuit Ct. of Appeals, Oct. 8, 1910; was
Asst. Atty. Gen. of Calif., 1898-1902.
Directorships: R. G. Hamilton & Co., of
San Farncisco, (Dir.); Vice-Pres. and Gen.
Counsel of Market St. Ry. Co. ; Vice-Pres.
of San Mateo Elec. Ry. Co., Sutro Railroad
Co., and Metropolitan Ry. Co.
Memberships: B. P. O. Elks (Grand Exalted
Ruler (U. S.) 1920-21); Masons (Knight
Templar and Shriner) ; Native Sons Golden
West; Bohemian Club, San Francisco (Pres.
1924-25) ; San Francisco CJolf, Olympic, Lake-
side Golf & Country (San Francisco), Valley
Club of Montecito (Santa Barbara), and
Rio Del Mar GoH & Country Clubs; mem-
ber, San Francisco (Calif.), and Amer. Bar
Assn.: member, Pomeroy Chapter, Phi Delta
Phi Fraternity.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: CJolf, hunting.
Bus. Address: 58 Sutter St., San Francisco,

Home Address: Bohemian Club, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

ABEL, Christine Jeannette (Jean Abel)

Art Instructor, Glendale Junior College.
Born: Poplar Shade Ranch, Maxwell, Colusa
Co. (Calif.); d. of Sidney Florence (Ham-
blen) and Frank Henry Abel.
Education: Calif. Sch. of Fine Arts (San
Francisco); U. of Calif.; U. of Calif, at Los
Angeles; U. of So. Calif.; Columbia U.;
Chouinard Art Inst. (Los Angeles) ; Art Cen-
ter (Los Angeles) ; Rudolph Schaeffer Sch.
of Desigrn (San Francisco) ; Pupil of Armln
Hansen (Monterey); Xavier Martinez ,Adolfo
Best-Maugard and Ramos Martinez.
Prof. Record: From 1916-18 Miss Abel was

a designer for Schussler Bros, in San Fran-
cisco; 1919, Reconstruction Aide in Occu-
pational Therapy, Base Hospital No. 1, Ft.
Sam Houston (Texas) ; 1920-21, Art Super,
and Art Teacher, Visalia High and grade
schs., Visalia (Calif.); 1921-38, Art Teacher,
Glendale High Sch., Glendale (Calif.); 1938
to 1941, Art Instr., Glendale Jr. Coll.;
Exhibitor of ceramics and sculptored por-
traits in Gold Hill Studio, Monrovia; Ex-
hibitor in the Fine Arts, San Francisco Mus.,
San Francisco Soc. of Women Artists
exhbns., Los Angeles Expn. Park Mus., Los
Angeles Co. Fair, Los Angeles Libr. (Oil
Portrait), and First Calif. Ceramic Travel-
ing Exhbn. Honorable mention in water
colors at Palace of Fine Arts in 1924.

Directorships: Past Pres., Art Teachers
Assn. of So. Cailf.; Council Member-Pacific
Arts Assn., 1940-1942; Program Chmn., Art
Teacher's Assn. of So. Calif., 1941; Foothill
Chapter Program Chmn., 1941; Chmn., Art
Sect, of So. Calif. Jr. Coll. Assn., 1941.

Publications: An Explanation of Modern Art
in Its Relation to Industrial Design (an ar-
ticle for Art and Architecture), June, 19.30;
Relating Art to Other Areas of Human En-
deavors," Calif. Journal of Secondary Edu-
cation., Jan., 1940.

Arm.y Record: Reconstruction Aide in Occu-
pational Therapy, Base Hosp. No. 1, Ft. Sam
Houston, Texas, 1919.

Memberships: Delta Epsilon; Pacific Arts
Assn., Art Teachers Assn. of So. Calif.,
Amer. Fedn. of Arts, Washington, D.C.),
Glendale Art Assn., San Francisco Soc. of
Women Artists, Calif. Teachers Assn., Nat.
Ednl. Assn.

Religion: Christian Science.
Recreations: Music, theatre, dancing, horse-
back riding, swimming, tennis, hiking, and

Bus. Address: 1500 No. Verdugo Road, Glen-
dale, Calif.

Home Address: 3796 Lakeshore Avenue, Oak-
land Calif.; 1309 E. Wilson Avenue, Glen-
dale, Calif.

ABEL, Stanley, Ph.D.

Supervisor, Fourth District, County of Kern.

Born: Bloomington (Calif.), Dec. 22, 1891;
s. of Dora Alice (Leffingwell) and Lindley
Scoville Abel.

Education: Pub. Schs., San Bernardino and
Riverside Cos.

Degrees: Ph.D., Pacific Coast U., 1939.

Married: Thelma Clair (Leverette), in Bak-
ersfield (Calif.), Oct. 14, 1918.

Prof. Record: First elected Supr., 1917;
Sect. Co. Suprs. Assn. of San Joaquin Val-
ley, 1922; Secty., Co. Suprs. Assn. of Calif.,
1922; Vice-Pres., Co. Highway Officials Div.,
A.R.B.A.; Vice-Pres., Western Dist., A.R.
B.A., 1932; Calif. Coordinating Councils,
Vice-Pres. 1936; West Side Oilfields Co-
ordinating Council, Pres., 1931; Calif. Conf.
of Social Work, Regional Vice- Pres., 1937.

Memberships: Taft Kiwanls (Pres., 1926);
Taft Pyramid No. 12, A.E.O.S. (Toparch,
1923-24) ; Taft Chamber of Commerce (Pres.,
1925) ; Taft Commandery No. 65.

Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Bus. Adrdess: Bin NN, Taft, Calif.

Home Address: Surprise Oil Lease, Taft,



ABELL, Theodore Curtis. A.B., B.D.,

DIreclor, Tlu" lUimanist Society.
Born: Wntcrbury (Conn.), Nov. 12, 1891;
s. of Mary I.sabelle (Blakeslee) and Hiram
Irvln Abel.

Educniion: Cro.sbv High Sch., 1909; Ohio
VVe.sIeyan U., 1916; Garrett Blbl. Inst.;
Northwestern U.

Degrees: A.B. (cum laude) , Ohio Wesleyan
U.. 1916; B.D., Garrett Blbl. Inst.. 1920;
R.S.W. , Calif. Conf. of Social Workers,

Married: Louella (Reed) Hastings, d. of
Jessie (Crissman). and George Wa.shington
Reed, in Glandale (Calif.), Apr. 9, 19.35;
ch. : George Ogden and Marylou Hastings
A'^ell (adopted).

Bti.s Recoi-d: Asst. Billing and Shipping
Clerk, Waterburv Brass Goods Corp.. 1909-
11; Stu. Pastor, Hvattville M. E. Church,
1913-1(^: Minister, Reeb Ave. M. E. Church,
Columbus (Ohio), 1916-17; Stu. Pastor,
Granville McNabb M. E. Church, Granville
(in.). 1917; Minister, Kirkland M. E.
Church. Kirklin (Ind.). 1919; Stu. Pastor,
Wheatfield-Tefft M. E. Church, Wheatfield
(Ind.); 1919-21; Instr., Claremont Sch. for
Boys, Claremont (Calif.). 1921; Minister,
Hollywood (Calif.) Unitarian Church. 1922-
28; Founder and since Minister and Dir.,
The Humanist Soc, 1929; Case Worker,
State Relief Administran. since 1934.
Publications: Pamphlets; Does Science Af-
ford An Adequate Basis for Religionf,
Humanism and Christianity, The Bible in the
Public Schools, The Meaning of Easter.
Army Service: Enlisted U. S. Army at
Evanston (111.), May 25, 1918; Commd. 2nd
Lt., U. S. R., Nov. 30, 1919.
Memberships: Severance. X, Twenty, and
Curfew Clubs.

■Religion: Unitarian Humanist.
Politics : Democrat .
Recreations: Hiking and gardening.
Bus. and Home Address: 918 No. Lima St..
Burbank, Calif. Other Address; Box 605,
Hollywood, Calif.


Boms Owosso (Mich.), Dec. 20, 1897; s. of
Caroyln (Gabler) and Fred Aberle.
Education: Manual Arts High Sch.; Los An-
geles Jr. Coll.; U. of So. Calif., 1919.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1919.
Married: Marcella, d. of Mary and Edwin
Potter, in Los Angeles (Calif.) ( Feb. 19,
1921; ch.: Carolyn and Fred, Jr.
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice, State of
Calif., 1921; Member. Hardy, Elliott & Ab-
erle, 1925-30; Member, Elliott & Aberle,
1930-1935; practicing alone since 1935.
Army Service: Attended Officers Training
Camp, for Commn. 2nd Lt.
Clubs: Phi Alpha Delta (legal frat.); L. A.
Country, Flintridge Country and Jonathan
clubs; Member of Masonic bodies, Al Malai-
kah Shrine Temple.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: GoU.

Bus. Address: Van Nuys Bldg., 210 W. Sev-
enth St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Addres: 2000 Tondolea Lane, Alta
Canada, Calif.

ABRAMS, Professor LeRoy. A.B., A.M.,
Ph.D., K.A.A.A.S., F.C.A.S.
I'rof. f)f liotany. Emeritus.
Horn: Sheffield (Iowa), Oct. 1, 1874; 8. of
Almina Barbara (.Shoudy) and James De-
Wltt Abrams.

Education: Stanford U.; Columbia U.
Degrees: A.B., 1899, and A.M.. Stanford U..
1902; Ph.D., Columbia U.. 1910.
Married: Letitla. d. of Frances (Hooker)
and Samuel A. Patterson. In Palo Alto
(Calif.), Mar. 29, lf)09.

Prof. Record: Acting Prof, of Botany, U.
of Ida., 1899-1900; Asst. in Botany, Stan-
ford U., 1900-1902; Instr. 1902-04; Fellow.
Columbia U.. 1904-05; Ast. Curator of
Plants, Nat. Museum, 1905-06; Asst. Prof, of
Botany, Stanford U., 1906-12; Assoc. Prof.,
1912-20; Prof., 1920-40; Dir. Natural Hist.
Mus., 19.33-40; Prof. Emeritus since 1940;
Botl. Investigator, San Francisco Hosp. of
So. Pac. Railway Co. since 1928.
Publications: Flora of Los Angeles and Vi-
cinity (Stanford U. Press), 1904; second
edit., 1911; third edit., 1917; Trees and
Shrubs of So. Calif., bull.. New York Botl.
Garden No. 21, 1910; Deserts and Desert
Flora, in Nature and Science on the Pac.
Coast (Elder, San Francisco), 1915; Illus-
trated Flora of the Pac. States, four vols.
(Stanford U. Press), vol. 1, 1923 and 1940,
vol. 2, 1941; vol. 3 and 4 in preparation;
many papers in various scientific jours, and
proceedings of learned societies.
Memberships: Sigma Xi; Fellow, Amer.
Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow,
Amer. Assn. for the Advancement of Science,
Fellow, Calif. Academy of Science.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 653 Cabrillo, Stanford Uni-
versity, Calif.

ACHRON, Joseph

Composer, Violinist, Teacher.
Born: Lozdzeye (Russia), May 1. 1886; s. of
Berta (Mahram) and Julius Achron.
Education: Warsaw, under Michalowich. and
Isidor Lotto (violin) ; later at Petersbourg
(now Leningrad) State Consv. under Leopold
Auer (violin), Anatoly Liadov (harmony),
graduating with Gold Medal and Michel
Palais Prize (1200 Roubles).
Degrees: "Free Artist" (equivalent to U.
Deg.), 1904.

Married: Marie, d. of Eugene Rap-hoph, in
Leningrad (Russia), June 2, 1920.
Prof. Record: At the age of two received
first violin made by father — already played
own first melody of rhythmical character
and recognized correct pitch; at age of five
received first violin lesson from father and
Michaolwich, then spent five years under

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