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Latin, Stanford U., 1901-06; Asst. Prof, of
Latin and Greek, 1906-07; Actintj Prof, of
Latin and Greek. U. of Nev., 1908-09; Prof,
of Greek. 1909-10; Assoc. Prof, of Greek
Stanford U.. 1910-25; Prof, of Classics, 1926-
38, Prof. Emeritus since 1938; Visiting Prof.,
Classics. Columbia U. (summer), 1929; Dir ,
Stanford U. Military Band, 1911-33.
Publications: Birds of the Latin Poets (Stan-
ford U. Press), 1912; articles and notes on
Roman and Amer. birds.

Army Service: Private, 51st la. Vol. Inf.,
1898-99, Spanish War and Phil. Insurrection-
Captain, U.S. Army, Field Dir. A.R.C.. 4th
Div. A.E.F., 1917-18; Ma lor and Deputy
Commissioner, A.R.C., Mission no Greece,

Awards: Decorated with Cross of Officer of
the Order of the Redeemer, bv King Alex-
ander, 1919; awarded Military Cross of Merit,
2nd Class, by Greek Govt., 1919.

Memberships: Delta Tau Delta; Phi Beta
Kappa; Mason 32°.

Religion: Unitarian.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Military bands, taxidermy and

Home Address: 525 Lincoln Ava.. Palo Alto
Calif. .

MARTIN, Professor Everett Dean,

A.B., Litt.D. (deceased May 10, 1941)

Educator, Writer: Prof, of Social Philosophy,
Claremont Colleges.

Born: Jacksonville (111.), Julv 5, 1880; s. of
Mary (Field) and Buker E. Martin.

Education: IlL ColL; Presbyn. Theol. Sem.

Degrees: A.B., Litt.D., 111. Coll., 1904.

Married: Daphne, d. of Dr. Frank Crane,

Prof. Record: Minister, First Coneregalional
Church. Lombard (III.), 1905-08. Universalist
Church, Dixon (111.), 1908-10. First Unitarian
Churcl.. Des Moines (Iowa), 1910-15; Editor-
ial Writer, New York Globe, 1915. New York
Herald-Tribune. 1916-18; Lecturer on Social
PhilosoDhy, Cooper Union (New York). 1916-
36; Dir., Peoples Inst, of New York, 1916-36
and Prof, of Social Phil, and Head of Dept.
Chmn.. Nat. Bd. of Review of Motion Pic-
tures, 1917-21; Lecturer and Mem., Bd. of
Trustees. New Sch. for Social Research (New
York). 1928-29; Prof, of Social Phil.. Clare-
mont Colleges, Claremont (Calif.), 1936-41.
Directorships: Chmn. and Past Pres., Amer.

A.ssn. for Adult Edn. (New York).
I'uhHcriHonH: The Behavior of CrowdK (Har-
per Bros.), 1920; The Myntery of Religinn
(H.irpor Bro.s.), 1924; Psychology (W. W.
Norton & Co.). 1924; The Meaning of a
Liberal Education (W. W. Norton & Co.),
1926; Psychology and Its Jlnrs fAmer. Llbr.
Assn.), 1926; Whither Mankind (with Charles
A. Besrd; Fergusons), 1928; Liberty (W. W.
Norton & Co.), 19.30; The Conflict of the
Individual and the Ma.ia (Harry Holt & Co ),
19.32; Civilizing Ourselves (W. W. Norton &
Co.), 19,32; Farewell to Revolution (W. W.
Norton & Co.), 19.35; Philosophical Back-
grounds of Current Economic and Hocial
Problems. 1938; Principles of Political Beha-
vior, 19.39; A Philosophical Analysis of the
Present World. Conflict (last three by Amer.
Banker's Assoc), 1940.

Memberships: Century (New York), Univer-
sity (Los Angeles) clubs; Amer. Philos.
Assn.; Amor. Sociological See; Phi Beta

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: Claremont Colleges, CHaremont,

Home Address: 1035 Harvard Ave,. Clare-
mont, Calif.; New York; Nantucket, Mass.

MARTIN. Hugh Hudson, B.S., M.D.

Physician, Surgeon; Junior Partner, Drs.

Geith, Wheeler and Martin Clinic.

Born: Riverside (Calif.), March 18, 1909; s.

of Annetta (Miller) and Hugh Ralph Martin,


Education: Pub. schs., Riverside (Calif.);
Riverside Jr. Coll.; Univ. of So. Calif.;
Creightor Univ. Sch. of Medicine.

Degrees: B.S., 1933, M.D., 1935, Creighton

Married: Mary Anita, d. of Cliarles Campbell
Watson, in Butler (Pa.), June, 1935; ch.:
Charles Ralph and Hudson Lee.
Prof. Record: Salesman, OlyTnpic Refining
Co., 1928; Asst. for same concern in Long
Beach (Calif.), and Hoh River (Wash.),
1929-30; Asst. to Pathologist, Santa Barbara
(Calif.), Cottage Hospital, 1933; following
graduation from Medical Sch., served intern-
ship in San Diego Co. (Calif.) Hospital for
one yr. ; Resident Physician, Riverside Co.
Hospital, 8 mos., 1936. Riverside Community
Hospital. 6 mos., 1937; practiced in Riverside,
1 yr., 1938; then joined partnership Clinic,
Drs. Geith, Wheeler and Martin.
Directorships: Mem. Staff. Riverside Commu-
nity Hospital; Men;. Orthopedic Surgical
Staff, Riverside Co. Hospital; Chmn. First
Aid Com. and Consulting Physician, Riverside
Co. Chapter Red Cross; Chm"n., Riverside Co.
Disaster Com.; Pres.. Rubidoux Exchange
Club of Natl. Exchange Club.
Memberships: Rubidoux Exchange Club (past-
Secy.); Sigma Nu Fraternity. Epsiion 0ml-
cron Chapter (life mem. and past Lieut.
Commdr. ) .

Religion: Protestant; Member of Episcopal

Politics: Republican.

Recreations : Hunting, fishing, horseback rid-
ing, tennis, badminton, drawing, and boating.

Bus. Address: 3760 - 12th St., Riverside,

Home Address: 4581 Rubidoux Ave., River-
side, Calif.; 3563 Rubidoux Dr., Riverside.
Calif. •



MARTIN. Professor Percy Alvin.

A.B.. M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of History. Stanford University.
Borv: Jamestown (N.Y.>, Aug. 20, 1879: s.
of Emma (Garfield> and A. M. Martm.
Edncntion: Stanford, Paris, Leipzig, Berlin
and Harvard.

Degrees: A.B.. Stanford, 1902; M.A., 1903,
M.A., 1905, Phi.D., 1912. Harvard.
Mfirried: May Franklin, d. of Ada and Charles
Franl^lin of Watseka (m.^. Julv 17. 1912,
ch.: Ada (Martini Simolan and Ruth (Mar-
tini Johnson.

Prof. Record: Member of Historv Dept. Stan-
ford since 1908, Prof, since 1923. Also taught
(on leave from Stanfordi at Harvard. Johns
Hopkins Univ. (VVashingtonl, George Wa_sh-
ington Univ.. Visiting Prof, of . Mich. Unn^,
Univ of Calif., Mexico, Hawan, British Co-
lumbia: Secv. Brazil Com. Pan Amer. Finan-
cial Conf. (Washingtom, 1920: ^Iem_Editor-
ial Board Hispanic-American (1920 Hist.
Rev 1 1920-38: Research Asso. Carnegie Inst.
(Washingtonl. 1926: Invitado de Honor to H
Congreso Internacional de Histona de Amer-
ica (Buenos Airesi, 1937.

Publicnfions: Republics of Latin America
(with H. G. Jamesi, (HarpersL 1923: Latin
America and the War (Baltimore, J. Hopkins
PressL 1925. Who's Who in Latin America
(Stanford Univ. Press), 1935. 2nd ed., 1940;
aLso over 50 articles and books dealing with
Latin America.

Awards: Commander of Order of Southern
Cross of Brazil, also decorated by Domincan

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma
Kappa, Sigma Delta Pi; also more than 20
learned societies.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.
Home Address: Stanford University, Calif.

MARTIN. Walter Randall

President, Martin Decker Corporation.
Born: Grease City (Pa.1. Sept. 6. 1873: s. of
Hattie (Jacksoni and James Gelot Martin.
Education: Findlay (Ohiol common schools.
Married: Maude, d. of John S. Jamison in
Findlay, July 3, 1895; ch.: John Walter.
Bus Record: Oilfield Pumper. Tool Dresser,
Driller, Contractor, Oilfield Supt. Executive
Manufacturing Director.

Directorships: Pres., Martin-Decker Corp.,
Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners;
Dir Aircraft Assoc, Long Beach Chamber
of Commerce, Long Beach Publishing Co.,
Dir Oil World Exposition in Houston (Tex-
as)," American Association Port Authorities.
Me7nberships: Shrine Al Malaikah Temple
(Los Angeles) ; Life Mem. Lodge of Elks
(Boulder, Colo.1, Long Beach Junior Cham-
ber of Commerce, Amer. Inst, of Mining and
Metallurgical Engineers, Peter Pan Wood-
land, Desert Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 3441 Cherry Ave., Long Beach,

Home Address: 217 Termino Ave., Long
Beach, Calif.

Other Address: 1027 Avenlda de Los Palos
Verdes, Palm Springs, Calif.

MARTIN. William McKelvy. A.B.
Concert Manager, Los Angeles Philharmonic,
Hollywood Bowl Concerts; Assistant Manager,
Southern California Symphony Association.
Born: Rochester (N.Y.), Oct. 25, 1907; s. of
Albert.i Rose (Youngson) and John Edward

Education: Cazenovia Seminary (N.Y.) ; Univ.
World Cruise; Univ. of Mich.; Umv. of So.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1931.
Married: Irma, d. of Richard Jansen of Bre-
men, Germany, at Hollywood (Calif. 1. April
2, 1940; ch.:"(by former marriage) Alberta
Louise, Richard McKelvy.
Bus. Record: Worked for Hollywood Bowl
Association and Southern California Sym-
phony Association ever since leaving school,
began .selling tickets and has occupied vari-
ous capacities to present.

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Los Angeles Jr.
Chamber of Commerce Music Foundation:
Secy., So. Calif. Opera Assoc; Assistant
Secy.-Treas., So. Calif. Symphony Assoc.
Memberships: Beta Theta Pi; Lambda Chap-
ter; Phi Mu Alpha (Hon. Mem.); Alpha Ep-
silon Chapter.
Religion : Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 422 Auditorium Bldg., Los
Angeles; Guaranty Bldg., Hollywood, Calif.
Home Address: 1217 Maryland St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

MARTIN, The Reverend Willsie Man-
ning. A.B., D.D.

Minister, Wilshire Methodist Church.
Born ■ Sherbrooke, Province of Quebec (Can-
ada), Nov. 12, 1876; s. of Ellen (Manning)
and Chapin Alva Martin.

Education: Secondary and high school (Santa
Ana, Calif.): Univ. of Calif. (Berkeleyl ;
Drew Theological Seminary (Madison. N.Y.)
Degrees: A.B.. Univ. of Calif.. 1900; D.D.,
Willamette College, 1918 and Univ. of So.
Calif., 1925.

Married: Muriel, d. of Ida Mav and J. Fr^d
Eastman, in Marysville (Calif.), Sept. T6.
1903; ch.: Margaret Robbins (Mrs. John
McDonald Ide), Dr. Helen Eastman Martin,
Elizabeth (Mrs. John Woolfenden).
Prof. Record: Joined the Calif. Conf. of the
Methodist Episconal Church (now known as
the Methodist Church), Sept., 1900, and
served the following pastorates: Oak Park.
Sacramento (Calif. 1, 1 yr.; Asst. Minister,
First Church, Oakland (Calif.), 1 yr.: Asst.
Minister, Madison Ave. Church, N.Y.C., 1
yr., Chico (Calif.), 2 yrs.; First Church,
Alameda (Calif.), 7 yrs.; Boise (Idaho). 7
yrs.; Hollywood (Calif.): Wilshire Methodist
Church, Los Angeles (now in 15th yr.);
served twice as delegate to the General Con-
ference of the Methodist Church.
Directorships: So. Calif. Symphony Assn. of
Los Angeles; Los Angeles City Missionary
Soc- Intnl. Inst.; First Vice-Pres., Holly-
wood Bowl Assn.; Park Com. of the City
of Los Angeles.

Publications: Sermons or meditations in sev-
eral books of sermons and meditations themes.
War Record: Chaplain, Second Natl. Guard
of IdF.ho (4 yrs.); Special Mission during
World War I to France and Great Britain
under the YMCA.



Awdiilx. C'ainol Url)aliii« Medal.
Miiiilicrshiiis: Kpsilon Chapter of Psl Upsllon;
(ioUli-n IJear (Univ. of Calif.); Ma.son; KniKht
Templar; Current Kvenls ( Holly wood).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

RecreaUona: Golf, badminton, loiml.s, hiking.

Btis. Address: 711 So. Plymouth Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 735 So. Plymouth Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

MARTON. George

Authors Representative.

Born: Budapest (Hungary), June 3, 1899; s.
of Albertine (Kovacs) and Alexander Marton.
Education: Royal Univ. (Budapest) and Sor-
bonne (Paris).

Married: Rose, d. of Adolf Kanczuker in
Budapest, Jan. 22, 1903; ch.: Eva and Marie-

Prof. Record: Established publishing house
In Vienna, Austria in 1926, called George
Marton Plays; subsequently branch offices
in London, Paris, Berlin and Rome; produced
and published Intnl. successes such as Vicki
Baum's, Grand Hotel; Forencz Molnar's, The
Play's the Thing; S. Geyer's, By Candlelight.

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr.,
Playmarket, Inc.

Army Record: Non-commissioned officer,
Hungarian Army.

Awards: Knight's Cross of the French Legion
of Honor.

Meynherships: West-Side Tennis Club (West
Los Angeles).

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Bus. Address: 8983 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood,

Home Address: 8856 Appian Way, Hollywood,

MARVIN, Virginia Ellen

Prima Donna, Danseuse, Teacher.
Born: Dayton (Ohio), Dec. 17; d. of Eliza-
beth (Leggett) and Gwynne Marvin.
Education: Miss Head's School for Girls
(Berkeley, Calif.); Ferriers' French Theatre
School (San Francisco); Paris Opera (Fr.);
studied with world famous masters such as:
Fokine, Mordkin, Tarasoff Balanhcine and
Edgar Schofield; Tiller School in London.
Married: Karl Ck)dwin (Painter), 1931 (div-
orced 1934).

Prof. Record: At si.xteen had one of the
largest dancing schools in Northern Califor-
nia; in 1927 joined the Mordkin Ballet Russe
and concertized in 42 states as a solo singer
and dancer; became Prima-Donna of His
Majesty's Theatre in Montreal (Canada) ;
following that, other engagements in San
Francisco at the French Theatre, playing
the leading roles in La Poupee and Werther,
and in New York City, featured in such Op-
erettas as The Student Prince, No, No, Nan-
nette, Night In Venice, and at the New York
Theatre Guild; at the present time is direct-
ing private classes in singing and dancing
in Hollywood at the Garden Court preparing
dances and musical numbers for motion pic-
tures and concerts.
Religion: Christian.

I'lilitxcn: Republican.

Uicn tLtions: Outdoor sports and painting.
Bus. AddrrHs: Garden Court, 7021 Holly-
wood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.

Other Address: 2712 College Ave., Berkeley,

MASON, Edward Wilson

Vice-President and General Manager, The

Western Pacific Railroad Company.

Born: Moberly (Mo.), March 23, 1877; s. of

Virginia Murdoch (Wilson) and John Quincy


Education: High school.

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Ro.swell V. Pratt
in Tacoma (Wash.), Jan. 23, 1906; ch.: Eli-
zabeth Ann and Robert P.
Bus. Record: Callboy, Telegrapher, Train
Dispatcher. Chief Train Dispatcher and Train-
master Northern Pacific Ry., 1893-1909;
Supt. of Telegraph & Car Accountant, Divi-
sion Superintendent, Gen. Supt., Gen. Mgr ,
Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr. and Director,
Western Pacific Railorad Co., 1909 — .
Directorships: The Western Pac. R.R. Co •
Alameda Belt Line; Central Calif. Traction
Co.; Denver and Salt Lake Ry. ; Tidewater
So. Ry.; Sacramento Northern Ry. ; Chmn.,
Pac. Car Demurrage Bureau.
Army Record: Major in 31st Engrs., Lieut.
Colonel of Transportation Corps, AEF in
France, June, 1918 to Aug., 1919.
/I wards; Made Officer of the Academy by
Frencn Government and awarded Meritorious
Service Certificate by U.S. Army for service
in France.

Memberships: Commonwealth Club of San
Francisco, 32° Mason; Lake Merced Golf
and Country Club; Pacific Railway Club.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 928 Mills Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 2321 Van Ness Ave., San
Francisco, Calif. •

MASON. Elmer Brown, B.A.

Corporation Executive (retired); Writer-
Book Collector.

Born: Deer Lodge (Mont.), Sept. 30, 1880;
s. of Mary (Brown) and Gen. Roswell Henry

Education: Lycoe Condorset (Paris, France);

Univer^-ity School (Chicago) ; Princeton.

Degrees: B.A., Princeton, 1903.

Married: Edith Hart Dunne, d. of Edward

Hart in Pasadena (Calif.), Oct. 24, 1938;

ch.: Katherine Stinson, Brian, and Cecilia


Prof. Record: Harper & Bros. (N.Y.C.); New
York Sun; Scribners; Bureau of Entomology,
Dept. of Agriculture (Washington, D.C.);
Asst. Advertising Agent, D.L.&W.R.R., Ex-
ecutive, Batton, Barton. Durstine and Os-
borne, Dir., Kimball, Hubbard & Powell

Publications: Written for Saturday Evening
Post; Collier's; Munsey's; McClure's; Adven-
ture, etc.

Army Record: 1st Lieut., Co. K, 120th Inf
30th Div.

Awards: Croix de Guerre and Purple Heart,

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Democrat.



Recreatiotis: Collecting American First Edi-

Home Address: 1400 No. Grand Oaks, Pasa-
dena, Calif.

MASON-HOHL, Elizabeth. B.S., M.D.

Physician-Surgeon; President, American Med-
ical Women's Association.
Born: Beaver City (Neb.). Aug 8 1890; d.
of Nellie (Booth) and William H. Mason.
Education: Beaver City High School; Univ.
of Nebraska.

Degrees: M.D., 1915 and Sc.B., 1925.
Married: (Divorced) ch.: Mason Hohl.
Prof. Record: Internship, Nebraska Metlio-
dist Ho'^pital- practiced McCook (Neb.), 1916-
2? 5olly^vood^Calif.). 1924-; Staff, Plaza
Com. Clinic, 6 yrs.. Mother's Clmic Inc.,
12 vrs • Chief, Good Shepherd Convent Sch.,
7 yrs.';' Attending Staff, Hollywood Presby-
terian Hospital, 16 yrs.; Attendmg Staff
California Hospital; Pres. and flounder Los
Angeles Physician's Aid Assn., 1940 Pres ,
Los^ Angeles, Business Women's Council
1940- Vice-Pres., Barlovi? Soc. for the Study
of the History of Medicine, 1940; Pres.,
Amer. Med. Women's Assn., 1940-41.
Directorships: Pres., Amer. Med. Women's
Assn • Public Health Chairman, Narcotic
Chmn, and Founder, Dept. of Highway
SafX LOS Angeles District, Calif. Federa-
tion of Women's Clubs.

Publications: Translation of the Works of
Trotula (a Gynecologist of the 11th Cen-
tury) from 11th and 15th Century Latin to
English (published Nov., 1940); many ar-
ticles for medical journals.
Memberships: Alumni Club, Los Angeles Dis-
trict Federation of Women's Clubs; Nu Sig-
ma Phf; Amer. Med. Assn.; Calif Med.
Assn ■ Calif. Med. Assn.; Los Angeles County
Med "Assn.; Hollywood Acad, of Medicine;
Med. Women's Soc. of Los Angeles Co ;
Amer. Med. Women's Assn.; Intnl. Med.
Women's Assn.; Assistance League of So.

m; Protestant.

Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Philately; rare plants.
Bus. Address: 671 No. Mariposa Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 7012 La Presa Dr., Outpost
Estates, Hollywood, Calif.

MASSER. Harry L.. B.S.

Engineer, Executive Vice-President, South-
ern California Gas Company.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Jan. 2. 1890;
s. of Sara L. (Wiegand) and William H.

Education: Los Angeles High School and
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1914.
Married: Mildred F. Lantz, Aug. 30, 1921.
Prof Record: Draftsman and Shop Supt.,
Keller Thompson Co. (manufacturers of hy-
draulic appliances), 1914-15; Draftsman and
Office Engr., So. Calif. Gas Co. (Los An-
geles;, 1915-18; Gas Engr., Calif. R.R. Com.
(for ostablishment of rates and standards oi
gas service), as well as Gas Administrator,
1919-24; Gas Engr., Los Angeles Gas and
Electric Corp., 1924-28, Vice-Pres. and Exec.
Engr., same, 1928-37; Exec. Vice-Pres., So.
Calif. Gas Co., 1937—.

Directorships: So. Calif. Gas Co.; Ja.';. H.
Knapp Co. (industrial gas furnaces) ; Pres.,
Univ of Calif. Alumni Assn.; Bd. of Re-
gents, Univ. of Calif.; Executive Bd., Phi
Kappa Sigma.

Navy Record: Ensign, U. S. Naval Reserve,
Bureau Ordnance, stationed at Sperry Gyro-
scope Co. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) and Ford In-
strument Works (N.Y.C.), 1918-19.
Memberships: Los Angeles Co. Welfare Re-
lief Com.; Los Angeles Citizens Com. on Co-
operative Self Help Relief Unit; Univ. of
Calif. Alumni Assn.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Cali-
fornia Club and University Club (both Los
Angeles) .

Bus. Address: 810 So. Flower St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 10411 Lindbrook Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

MATCHAN, William Roy

Concert Singer, Vocal Pedagogue.
Born: Zumbrota (Minn.), Oct. 4, 1908; s. of
Lilly H. (Veiths) and Roy William Matchan.
Education: Pomona College (1 yr.); Univ. of
So Calif. (4 yrs.); private vocal education
with Madame Borghild Janson (Berlin), Ralph
Lyman (Pomona Coll.) and seven yrs. with
the late Theodore Schroeder of Boston.
Prof. Record: Head of Vocal Dept., National
Radio Schools (2 yrs.); private studio for
past six yrs.; active in concert and radio
field: twice toured Pac. Coast; first time
under management of Romona Little, sec-
ond time under management of L. E. Behy-
mer Artist Bureau; guest soloist with Los
Angeles Philharmonic and Hollywood Bowl
orchestras, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra,
and on numerous radio programs; Baritone
Solois^ Wilshire Blvd. Temple (Los Angeles)
and Thirteenth Church Christ Scientist (Hol-
lywood) .

Publications: Technique and the Singer, from
"Music and Dance in California" (published
by Hollywood Bureau of Musical Research).
Meinherships: Alpha Epsilon chapter of Phi
Mu Alpha.
Relig-'-n: Protestant.
Politics: Non-Partisan.

Recreations: Horseback riding, swimming,
and bowling.

Bus. Address: 1113 Halliburton Bldg., 1709
W. E'ghth St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 2795 W. Eighth St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

MATHENY. Alice Marjorie, B.S.

Teacher; Assistant Supervisor of Music, Los
Angeles City Schools.

Born: Seneca (Kansas), March 8, 1908; s.
of Grace (Mahoney) and Elmer Eugene

Education: Los Angeles public schools; Hol-
lywood High School; Univ. of Calif., Los
Angeles; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: B.S., U. of So. Calif., 1936.
Prof Record: Taught in Los Angeles Co.,
two years; in Los Angeles City Schools, nine
years: Asst. Supervisor of Music, three years.
Directorships: Publicity Director, Cecilian
Singers, Inc.

Memberships: Mu Phi Epsilon.
Religion: Presbyterian.




Recreations: Bowling, riding, badminton.

Bus. Address: 1205 W. Pico Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Hotne Address: 1613 No. Mariposa Ave., Hol-
lywood, Calif. •

MATHEWS. Clifton

Judge. U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals for
the N.nth Circuit.

Born: Concord (Ga.), Feb. 12, 1880; s. of
Mary Elizabeth (Madden) and James Flem-
ing Mathews.

Educ.:tion: Peabody Coll., Nashville (Tenn.).
Married: Virginia, d. of Frederick Fauntle-
roy Preaus, Farmerville (La.), Mar. 22,
1905; ch.: Isabel (Mrs. Robt. Andrus Rob-
inson) Olive, George, John James.
Bus. Record: Admitted to the Louisiana Bar,
June 6, 1904; practiced law at Farmerville,
1904-12, Roswell (N. Me.\.), 1913-15, Bisbee
Ariz.), 1915-20, Globe (Ariz.), 1920-33,
Phoenix (Ariz.), 1933-35. Member of Colo.
River Comm. of Ariz, in 1929; Mem., Ariz.
State Bd. of Bar E.xaminers, 1929-33; U.S.
Atty., Dist. of Ariz., 1933-35; U. S. Circuit
Judge, Ninthi Circuit, since Apr. 18, 1935.

Clubs: Commonwealth Club; Masons, Elks.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Room 322, Post Office Bldg.,
San Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 45 Stonecrest Dr., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

MATSON, Clarence Henry, M.F.S.

Managf-r, Harbor, Foreign Commerce and
Shipping Dept., Los Angeles Chamber of

Born: Kirtland (Ohio). April 6, 1872; s. of
Mary Ann (Whelpley) and Rev. William A.

Education: Kansas Wesleyan Univ. (Salina,
Kans.), two years.

Degrees: Master of Foreign Service (hon.),
Univ. of So. Calif., 1938.
Married: Loretta Mav, d. of Andrew P. Col-
lins, in Salina, June 29, 1898; ch.: Rev. Wil-
liam Archie, Ted C, Mrs. Marguerite M.
Walker, Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Learned printing trade when
young; entered newspaper work with Jo-
seph L. Bristow and Henry J. Allen (both
afterwards U. S. Senators from Kansas)
in Salina, 1891; Kansas City Star, 1898;
political and editorial writer, Topeka State
Journal, 1898-1907; special writer, Los An-
geles Evening Express, 1908-12; also contri-
butor to: Review of Reviews, World's Work.
Colliers, Saturday Evening Post, and other
magazines. 1900-10; Secy., Bd. of Harbor
Commissioners, Traffic Manager, Los Angeles
Harbor Dept., 1912-20, during development
period of Los Angeles Harbor; Manager,
Harbor, Foreign Commerce and Shipping
Dept., Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce,

Publications: Numerous foreign trade sur-
veys and bulletins; also, shipping and harbor

Awards: Given first award for Foreign Trade
Promotion service by people if Los Angeles
in 1937.

McmtemhtpH: Foreign Trade A.ssn. of So.
Calif. (Founder Mum., Mem. of Advisory
Bd.); Pacific Geographic Soc. (Founder
Mem.); Japan-America Soc. of Los Angelas
(Vlce-1'res.) ; China .Soc. of .So. Calif. (Foun-
der Mem.); Delta Phi Epsilon.
Religion: Methodist.
Political: Republican.
Recreation : Gardening

Bus. Aadress: 1151 So. Broadway, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1206 Chautauqua Ave., Pa-
cific Palisades, Calif.

MATTINGLY, Professor Caroline.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English, University
of Reulands.

Born: Washington (Ind.); d. of Matilda

(Millis) and Emra Mattingly.

Education: Public schools, Washington

Degrees: A.B., Franklin; M.A., Columbia
Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of Washington.
Prof. Record: Teacher in Indiana High
Schools and then in the following Colleges:
Sullins (Va.), Ottawa (Kan.), Western State
(Colo.); then. Associate Prof, of English,
U. of Redlands (Calif.).

Publications: Occasional contributor of maga-
zine articles.

Memberships: Delta Zeta, Pi Kappa Delta,

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 141 of 235)