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Sigma Tau Delta; Amer. Assn. of Univ.

Women; Amer. Assn. of Univ. Profs.; D.A.R.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, horseback riding,

travel, gardening, collecting antiques.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands

Home Address: 163 The Terrace, Redalnds,
Calif. ;

MAUGER, George Levan

Vice-r-resident and General Manager. Sequoia
and Gf'neral Grant National Parks Company.
Born: Reading (Pa.), Oct. 27, 1899; s. of
Mary M. (Levan) and D. Lorah Mauger.
Education: U. S. Naval Acad. (Annapolis);
Univ. cf Washington (Seattle).
Married: Rosa Bayless, d. of Loula (Lyle)
and Gayden Cage, in Riverside (Calif.), Feb.
6, 1931; ch.: George Levan. Jr.
Bus. Record: Entered employ of Yellowstone
Park Camps Co., ruse to position of Asst.
Gen. Mgr., 1929; accepted present position
as Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr. of the Sequoia
and Osneral Grant Natl. Parks Co., Sequoia
Natl. Park, Calif.

Navy Record: Midshipman, U.S.Na\-y, U.S.
Naval Acad. (Annapolis), 1917-1919.
Memberships: Delta Tau Delta; Amer. Plan-
ning and Civic Assn.; Sierra Club; Navy
Alumni Assn.

Religion: Reformed.

PoliticT: Republican.

Recreations: Horseback i idtng, fishing, stamp

Address: Sequoia National Park, Calif.



MAVERICK, Professor Lewis A..
B.S., Ed.D., Ph.D.

Assoc. Professor of Economics, University
of California, Los Angeles.
Born: St. Louis (Mo.:i, .lune 11, 1891; s. of
Mary (Vance) and George IVL Maverick.
Educaiion: Washington Lniv. (St. Louis).
Degrees: B.S., Washington U., 1913: Ed D
Harvard U., 1925: Ph.D., U. of Calif., 1931.
Married; (1) Jennie Byrd, d. of John Rous-
seau in San Antonio (Texas), March, 1918
(deceased July, 1922) ; (2) Pirie, d. of James
B. Davidson in San Rafael (Calif.), March
1924; ch.: Janet, Andrew, George.
Prof. Record: On faculty of U. of Calif, at
Los Angeles, 1921- : Recorder and Lecturer
in Education. 1921-28; in Dept. of Economics
(present rank Assoc. Prof.), 1930-41.
Publicaiions: The Vocational Guidance of
College SUidents (Harvard Univ. Press),
1926, and sundry magazine articles on edu-
cation and economics.

War Record: Private and N.C.O., June, 1918,
to Jan., 1919.

Memberships: Phi Delta Theta, Artus, Pi
Gamma Mu; Amer. Econ. Assn., Pac. Coast
Econ. Assn., Royal Econ. Soc, Amer. Sta-
tistical Assn., Econometric Soc, Amer. Ori-
ental Soc.

Religion: Protestant. ^
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Travel.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, W. Los
AngelPS, Calif.

Home Address: 1501 Midvale Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

MAXSTADT. Professor Francis Wil-
liam. M.E., M.S., Ph.D.
Assist4.nt Professor of Electrical Engineering,
California Institute of Technology.
Born: Chicago (111.); s. of Caroline (Hanson)
and Francis W. Maxstadt.
Education: Cornell Univ.; Calif. Inst, of

Degrees: M.E., Cornell, 1916; M.S., 1925,
Ph.D.. 1931, Calif. Inst. Tech.
Marri<=:d: Lorene Mildred, d. of Sarah M.
and Chas. E. Bemis in Pasadena (Calif.),
1925; ch.: Donald P., Marjorie A., Carol A.
Prof Record: Draftsman and Designer, Otis
Elevator Co., 1916-17; Asst. Engr., Research
Div., Interborough Rapid Transit Co. (N.
Y ), 1317-19; Experimenter, Thomas A. Edi-
son Laboratories (W. Orange, N. J.), 1919;
Instr., Calif. Inst, of lech., 1919-33, Asst.
Prof., Electrical Engrg., same, 1933 — .
Publications: "Insulator Arcover in Air,"
Electrical Engineering, July, 1934; "Obtain-
ing Steady High Voltage D. C. from a Recti-
fier" Jour. A.I.E.E.. Nov., 1924; "Measur-
ing Jumpy D.C." Review of Scientific In-
struments, Jan., 1934.

Memberships: Pi Alpha Tau; Amer. Inst, of
Elec. Engrs. ; Sigma Xi; Pasadena Engrs.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hiking, swimming.
Bus. Address: 1201 E. California St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1666 No. Grand Oaks Ave.,
Pasadena, Calif.

MAXWELL, Everett Carroll

Director, Foundation of Western Art.
Born: Canton (111.), May 19, 1884; s. of
Georg'ana (Fisher) and Carroll R. Maxwell.
Educaiion: Public and private schools, Illi-
nois i'^A California.

Prof. Record: Museum Director and Journal-
ist, Curator, Blanchard Art Gallery, 1906-11;
Art Editor of the Graphic, 1910-15; Curator
of Art, Los Angeles Museum, 1913-16; Maga-
zine Writer and Motion Picture Scenarist,
1918-28; Museum Dir., Foundation of West-
ern Art since 1933.

Publications: Author of numerous articles on
Art, Drama, Architecture and various educa-
tional subjects for leading magazines and
techni'al publications throughout the U. S.;
special assignments for newspapers, etc.;
research on History of Western Art; develop-
ment of Calif. Architecture; lectures for mu-
seums, universities and clubs, etc.
Membershivs: Los Angeles Museum Patrons'
Assn.; San Francisco Art Assn.; Calif. Art
Club (Hon. Member) ; Academy of Western
Painters (Hon. Member).
Religion : Episcopal .
Politics: Republican.

Bits. Address: 627 So. Carondelet St., Los
Angek^s, Calif.

Home Address: 6427 Pasadena Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

MAY, (Miss) Beulah

Sculp*or, Poet, Ranch Manager.
Born: Kiawatha (Kan.), June 24, 1883; d. of
Flora (Killey) and Aaron Rider May.
Educaiion: Chicago Art Institute; Pennsyl-
vania Academy of Fine Arts.
Prof. Record: Sculptor; Manager of orange
ranch since 1924; Editor of Column Modern
Poets; in Santa Ana Register for last 8
years; poems in many magazines including:
Overland Monthly, Literary Digest, Christian
Century, Sunset, John'O London's (England).
Collector of work bf Calif, poets, for Calif.
Dept. of Huntington Library.
Publications: Buccaneer's Gold (illustrated
by author, Fine Arts Press), 1935; Cuentos
de California (with Philomina Shafer), 1937.
Mernbirslms: Calif. Art; League of West-
ern Writers; Soc. of Sonniteers.
Religion: Congregational.
Politir.s: Republican.
Recreations: Making masks.
Bus. and Home Address: 1002 Mabury St.,
Santa Ana, Calif.

Other Address: P. O. Address: R.F.D. No.
1. Box 4, Santa Ana, Calif.

MAY, Professor Samuel Chester,

LL.B., M.A.

Prof, of Political Science, Univ. of Cailf.
Born: Portland (Ore.), Dec. 7, 1887; s. of
Amelia (Selling) and Emanuel May.
Education: Univ. of Ore.; Yale Univ.; Colum-
bia Univ.

Degrees: LL.B., Yale U., 1912; M.A., Colum-
bia U., 1920.

Married: (1) Eleanor Ownsworth (Parkin),
(deceased, 1935); ch.: Randolph Parkin,
Kenneth Ownsworth. (2) Bernice (Hubbard).
Prof. Record: Practiced law in Portland



i;)i;!-17; liistr. Ill l'olitlc;il Scl.. nartmoulh.
1920-21: Assl. I'rof. of Political Scl., l<J21-25,
Asso. Prof.. a925-jf0; Prof, of Political Scl.,
Dir. of the Bur. of Pub. Adminstrn. since
1930, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley): Public of-
fices: Berkeley City Council, 192.3-25; Mem.,
Calif. Com. on County Home Rule, 1930:
Calif. Crime Problem Advisory Com., 1932;
Adv. Council of the Calif. Med.-Econ. Sur-
vey, 1J34-36: Trustee, Berkeley Public Llbr.,
1935-'i0: Mem., City of Berkeley Personnel
Bd., since 1940.

Di7-ectnrships: Chmn.. Calif. State Planning
Bd., since 1939; Calif. State Council of De-
fense (Vice-Chmn., 1940-41); California State
Adv. Com. on Pub. Service Training since
1938; Mem., Personnel Com.. Amer. Politi-
cal Sci. Assn. ; Fellow, Inst, of Pub. Ad-
ninstrii., Great Britain; Mem., Council Amer.
Soc. for Pub. Adminstrn., since 1939; Sec-
retary-Treasurer, 1940-41, Social Science Re-
search Conference of the Pacific Coast.
Publicatiofis: Articles on various aspects of
pub. adminstrn.

Army Service: First Lieut., U.S.Army, 1918.
Memberships: Mason; Bohemian, Faculty
(Univ. of Calif.), Sierra, Commonwealth
Club of Calif.; Pi Sigma Alpha (Natl. Vice-
Pres.) Alpha Kappa Lambda.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 2330 Vine St., Berkeley,

MAYER. Louis B(urt), LL.D.

Civic Worker; Vice-President in Charge of
Production, Metro-(3old\vyn-Mayer Studios.
Born: Russia (naturalized citizen), July 4,
1885; s. of Sara (Meltzer) and Jacob Mayer.

Education: Public schools, St. John, New

Degrees: LL.D., Univ. of New Brunswick
(hon. degree), 1939.

Married: Margaret Shenberg in Boston
(Mass.), June 14, 1904; ch. : Irene (Mrs.
David O. Selznick), anl Edith (Mrs. Wil-
liam (Joetz).

Prof. Record: In business with his father as
J. Mayer and Son at St. John; operated Or-
pheum Theatre in Haverhill (Mass.), later
took over all in that city, followed by his
securing theatre in LawTence (Mass.), then
one in Lowell (Mass.). In distributing field,
organized American Feature Film Co., book-
ing for theatres in the six New England
States. Organized original Metro Pictures
Corp. signing Anita Stewart as star. Merged
American Feature Films with Olympic
Theatre Circuit. Held First National Pic-
tures franchise for New England. After
moving to California established own studio
on Mission Road, Los Angeles, where he
produced his own pictures until the merger
in 19?4 into Metro-(^ldv\Ti-Mayer, of which
he became Vice-Pres. in charge of produc-
tion, which office he has held ever since.
Del. to Republican Natl. Conv., 1928 Chmn.,
Republican State Cntl. Com. of Calif., 1932-34.
Directorships: Vice-Pres. in charge of pro-
duction, Metro-(3oldwn-Mayer Studios.
Aicards: Officer of French Legion of Honor,
1937; Cross of the Order of White Lion of
Czechoslovakia, 1938.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: M-G-M Studios, Culver City,

Home Address: 625 Ocean Front, Santa Mon-
ica, Calif. •


I'ubllsher; President of The Mayers Com-
pany, Advertising Agency, und Angclus Press

Born: New York City, Oct. 18, 1894; s. of
Rose (Meyrowltz) and James Mayers.

Married: Sophie, d. of Boris Bogcn In Los
Angeles (Calif.;, June 13, 1925; ch.: Mar-
jorie ';nd Joan.

Bus. Record: Magazine Illustrator and Car-
toonist, 191.3-17; Advg. Exec, and Pub!.,
1920 — 4 President of Mayers Co., Advertising
Agency, and Angelus Press (publishers).

Publications: How We Won the War (France),

1919; Ye A.E.F. Hymnal (France), 1919,

U.S.A., 1920; Social Credit Illustrated. 1936.

Army Record: U.S.Army Signal Corps and

Air Service, 1917-19. A.E.F., Oct., 1917 to

July, 1919.

Memberships: Los Angeles Athletic Club and

affilliates; Uplifters Club.

Religion: Jewish; First Church of Christ

Scientist, Boston (Mass.).

Bus. Address: 1240 So. Main St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 2444 Silver Ridge Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

MAYNARD, Merlin Trevor-Roper Da-
cre. A.B., M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
(Dermatology), Leland Stanford Jr. Medical
Schoo; ; Consulting Dermatologist, Santa
Clara County Hospital.

Born: San Jose (Calif.), Jan. 9, 1898; s. of
Adele M. (Lusson) and Blayney E. Maynard.

Educr.iion: Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. and
Medical School.

Degrees: A.B., Leland Stanford Univ., 1920;
M.D., Univ. of Wash. (St. Louis), 1922.

Married: Alice Everts, d. of Amanda (Everts)
and J Edward Faitoute in Leland Stanford
Jr. Univ., Mar. 1, 1924.

Prof. Record: Interne, at Lane Hospital,
1922-23; Diplomate, Nat. Bd. of Medical Ex-
amineis, 1923; Asst. Visiting Dermatologist,
San Francisco Hospital, 1924-25, Visiting
Dermatologist, 1925-28; Consulting Derma-
tologist, U.S. Veterans' Diagnostic Center,
Palo Alto, 1926-34; Consulting Dermatologist,
Santa Clara Co. Hosp., 1930; Diplomate,
Nat. Bd. of Dermatology' and Syhilology,
1934; Asso. Clin. Prof, of Med. (Derma-
tology) Leland Stanford Jr. Med. School.

Publications: Author of numerous articles
on medical research.

Navy Record: USNRFC, 1918; CQM(A).
Memberships: Rotary International; Santa
Clara Co. Med. Soc. (Pres., 1940); San Fran-
cisco Dermatological Soc. (Pres.), 1939-40);
San Francisco Acad, of Medicine; Amer. Aca-
demy of Dermatology and Syphilologj' ; Soc.
Invest. Derm.; Pan Amer. Med. Assn."; Calif.
Med. Assn.; Amer. Med. Assn.; Diplomate,
Amer. Board Derm, and Syphilology; Nu
Sigma Nu.

Religion : Protestant.

Politiis: Republican.

Recreations: Aviation.

Bus. Address: 241 E. Santa Clara St., San
Jose, Calif.

Home Address: 604 So. 15th St., San Jose,



MAYS, Monica Celia Molteno

Creative Teacher and Writer.
Born: Southsea (Hampshire, Eng.), Nov. 4,
1902; d. of Clarissa Celia (HoUand-Pryor)
and Hon. Sir James Tennant Molteno, K.C.
Education: Received private tutoring in Cape
Town (So. Africa) and London (England).
Married: John G., s. of Mattie Victoria (Rus-
sell) and John G. Mays, in Augusta, Geor-
gia, ch.: John Molteno and Russell Jervis.
Prof. Record: Poems and short articles pub-
lished in America and South Africa. Wom-
en's Club Monthly Magazine, Bronxville
(N. Y.); also. Cape Town periodicals. Pre-
sented at Court (London). 1919.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Traveling.

Bus. Address: 1015 So. Manhattan PI., Los
Ange'rs, Calif.

Home Address: 2139 Vine St., Hollywood,

Other Address: 10 Palace Court, London,

MAYS, Paul Kirtland

Artist, Mural Painter.

Born: Cheswick (Pa.), Oct. 4, 1888; s. of
Lucy Hall (Kirtland) and Dallas Valentine

Education: Cheshire School (Conn.); Soame's
Schoo>, E. Aurora (N. Y.); Oberlin (Ohio);
studies' art at Heatherly School (London),
with Ernest Procter, Cornwall (England);
Colarossi School (Paris); Hawthorne School
Provincetown (Mass.); Art Students League
(N. Y.).

Married: (1) Eleanore Kingston Moore (div.)
(2) Margaret Pendleton Cooper, d. of Au-
gusta (Pendleton) Cooper Brown, and Geor.
Madison Cooper, in Bryn Athyn (Montgomery
County, Pa.). July 2, 1926; ch.: Polly (23).
Prof. Record: Apprenticed to assist New
York mural painter, 1913-14; worked in
studio on commissions for murals, decora-
tions, panels, screens, and chests after 1916
(Cailf ) ; painted murals in three theatres
in Los Angeles, from 1918-22; worked in
France and Spain, illustrating books and
painting landscape in Provence (France).
Has two large murals in public bldg. at
Norristown (near Valley Forge, Penna.);
painted murals for Section of Fine Arts,
Paintmg and Sculpture, Treasury Dept.
(Washington, D.C.), and murals in schools,
Philadelphia region, 1934-37; mural panel m
Dudle-y Peter Allen Memorial Museum of
Art, Oberlin (Ohio). Exhibited water colours
and' tempera paintings in New York, Phila-
delphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wash-
ington (D.C.), Pittsburgh, and Oberlin Col-

Memberships: The National Society of Mural
Painters (N.Y.), The Pennsylvania Academy
of Fine Arts, Carmel Art Assn. (Calif.).
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Drawing in pastel, red sau-
gaine, pen and etching.

Bus. and Home Address: Windrush Studio,
R.F.D. Box 71, Carmel, Calif.
Other Address: Byrn Athyn, Pa.

McAULAY, The Reverend Robert
Ferrier Burns. A.B., B.D., D.D.

Pastor, First Presbyterian Church.

Born: Port Morien (Nova Scotia), May 11,

1892; s. Of Elizabeth (Scott) and Malcolm

Education: Public schools.. Anaheim (Calif.);
Occidental College; San FranciscO Theological

Degrees: A.B., 1916, D.D., 1930, Occidental
College; B.D., San Francisco Theological
Seminary, 1919.

Married: Flora E., d. of Emma (Richardson)
and Edwin Proctor Crowley in Sacramento
(Calif.), Sept. 20, 1920; ch.: Robert Burns
and Barbara Jean.

Prof. Record: Asst. Pastor, Napa Presby-
terian Church, 1919-20; Pastor, Fremont
Presb.\ lerian Church, Sacramento, 1920-29,
First "Presbyterian Church, Orange (Calif.),
1929—; Moderator, Los Angeles Presbytery,
1934; Chmn., Vacancy and Supply Commit-
tee, Los Angeles Presbytery; Christian Edu-
cation Committee, Synod of Calif., 1937-40.
Directorships: Vice-Chmn., Board of Trust-
ees, San Francisco Theological Seminary.
Memberships: Rotary Club.
Religion: Presbyterian, U.S.A.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 191 No. Orange St., Orange,

Home Address: 192 No. Shaffer St., Orange,

McBAIN, Professor James William,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., D.Sc, F.R.S.
Physical Chemist; Professor of Chemistry
Stanford University. ,

Bom: Chatham (New Brunswick, Canada),
Mar. ?2, 1882; s. of Mary Morrison (Quin)
and James Afleck Eraser McBain, D.D.
Education: Providence (R.I.) Grammar
School; Classical High School; Port Dover
High School; Univ. of Toronto; Univ. of
Leipzig; Univ. of Heidelberg.
Degrees: A.B., 1903, M.A., 1904, Univ. of
Toronto; Univ. of Leipzig, 1904-05; Ph.D.,
Univ. of Heidelberg, 1908.
Married: Mary Evelyn, d. of David Laing in
Stanford Memorial Church (Calif.), Jan. 1,
1929; ch. : Janet Quin and John Keith.
Prof. Record: Lecturer in Physical Chemis-
try, Univ. of Bristol (England), 1908-19;
Leverhulme Prof, of Physical Chemistry,
Univ. of Bristol, 1919-26; Visiting Prof.,
Univ. of Cant., 1926; Prof, of Chemistry,
Stanford Univ. since 1927.
Publications: Sorption of Gases and and Va-
pours by Solids (Routledge and Sons, Lon-
don), 1932; almost 300 papers on various
topics in the fields of physical chemistry
and colloids, with special attention to soap,
sorption, electrokinetics, and solutions of elec-
trolytes, but including such diverse studies
as de ital amalgams, study of adhesives, and
ultraccntrifugal studies.

Army Record: Captain, Territorial Force
with 3rd Officer Cadet Battalion, 1911-19.
Attached to the Ministry of Munitions.
Awards: Awarded the Davy Medal of the
Royal Society (London) for work on colloidal
electrolytes, 1939. Mentioned for distinguished
services, 1917. Honorary D.S. (Bristol Univ.,
England, and Brown Univ., R.I.).
Memberships: Commonwealth; Rotary; Bo-
hemian; Fellow of Royal Society (London),
1923; National Inst, of Social Sciences,
U.S.A., 1940.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Recreations: Outdoor life and activities, gar-



cienlnE, music and art.

Bits. Addrcs.i: Chomi.slry Deiil., Stanford

University, Calif.

Home Address: 571 KoothlU Rd., Stanford

Unive sity, CuUf.

McBAIN, Mary Evelyn Laing,

B.S., M.S., Sc.D.

Research Associate in Chemistry, Stanford

Bom: Alcester (England), Oct. 17, 1891; d.
of Jeannie (McGeach) and David Laing.
Education: Redland High School (Bristol)
and Bristol Univ. (England).
Degrees: B.S., 1917, M.S., 1919, Sc.D., 1924,
Lniv. of Bristol.

Married: James William (Prof, of Chemis-
try) ; s. of Reverend James Affleck P'razer
McBaji, D.D. in Stanford University, Jan.
1, 1929; ch.: John Keith (8) and Janet (step-
daughter 25). Has adopted two refugee Eng-
lish boys for the duration of the war.
Prof. Record: Professeur d' Anglais ficole
normale de Nantes (France), 1911; Science
Teaclier, Ilorncastle (England), 1915-17; Re-
search Fellow, British Government, attached
Ministry of Munitions, 1917-19; Research
Asst., Univ. of Bristol; Asst. Prof, of Chem-
istry, Stanford Univ., 1927-29; Research As-
sociate in Chemistry, Stanford Univ., 1930 — .
Publications : Numerous publications in many
scientific journals on such topics as: Electro-
kinetics, Soap Films, Jellies, Colloids, Elec-
trical Properties of Soap Solutions, and their
bearing upon the Electrotytic Theory.
Awards: Ellen Richards Prize for outstand-
ing research, 1924.

Meynbrrships: National Pres. of the only
Women's Chemical Fraternity; Iota Sigma
Pi, fo. triennium 1939-42; Sigma Xi.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Recreations: Gardening and swimming.
jBms. Address: Stanford Univeristy, Calif.
Home Address: 571 Foothill Rd , Stanford
Univeisity, Calif.

McBAINE. Professor James Patterson,

LL.B., LL.D.

Professor of Law, School of Jurisprudence,
University of California, Berkeley.
Born: Kansas City (Mo.), July 18, 1882; s.
of Luna (Patterson) and Turner McBaine.
Education: Shattuck School, Faribault
(Minn.), 1898; College of Arts, Univ. of Mo.,

Degrees: LL.B., 1902, LL.D., 1937, Univ. of
Mo.; LL.B., Columbia, 1904.
Married: Ethel Hudson, of Columbia (Mo.),
Dec. 26, 1906; ch. : Anne Elizabeth and Tur-
ner Hudson.

Prof. Record: Practiced in St. Louis (Mo.),
1904-09; Columbia (Mo.) as Mem. of Mc-
Baine and Clark, 1909-28; Asst. Prof., Law,
Univ. of Mo., 1910-1912, Prof., 1912, Dean
of Law School, 1919-28; Chmn., Commrs. on
Uniform State Laws from Mo.; Mem., Facul-
ty of Law, summers, at Univ. of Wis., Co-
lumbi;., Univ. of Chicago; Lecturer in Law,
School of Jurisprudence, Univ. of Cailf.,
1927-28; Prof, of Law, School of Jurispru-
dence, Univ. of Calif, since 1928.
Publications: Cases on Trial Practice, 1927;
Cases on Civil Procedure, 1933; Cases on
Common Law Pleading, 1934; Cases on Evi-

dinrr. in Calif,, 1'XiH; Cuhch on CivU Pro-
cedure in Calif., 1939; also articles on legal

Mcmlt rHhipa: Amer. Bar Assn.; Mo. Bar
A.ssn. (Pres., 1<.r2(U ; Calif, liar A.ssn.; Phi
Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi; Order of the

Bus. Address: Boalt Hall, Univ. of Califor-
nia, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 163 Stonewall Rd., Berkeley,

McBRIAN, Charles Allen

Publisher and Editor, The Ripon Record.
Born: Centralia (111.), June 25. 1869; s. of
Mary Huff) and John D. McBrian.
Education: Friends Univ. (Wichita, Kan.,
then known as Garfield Univ.), 1887-88.
Married: Nora, d. of Judge W. R. Hillman
in Sedan (Kan.), Sept. 20, 1890; ch.: Two
living children.

Prof. Record: Admitted to the bar in Kan-
sas, Oklahoma and Calif. Practiced law for
severa' years, but preferred newspaper work.
Purchased the Ripon Record (a weekly
newsjaper) in 1915. Owner, Editor, and
Publi<^her of the Record.

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Advisory Board,
the Ripon (Calif.), Branch Bank of Amer-

Memberships: Masonic, I.O.O.F.

Religim: Christian (Cambellite).

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Baseball and billiards.

Bus. Address: 108 W. Main St., Ripon, Calif.

Home Address: Acacia at First St., Ripon,

Calif. *

McBRIDE. Clifford

Syndici-ted Cartoonist; LaFave Newspaper

Born': Minneapolis (Minn.), Jan. 26, 1901;
s. of Lillie Ann (Eastman) and R. Lester

Educaiion: Public schs. (Minn., Oregon and
Calif. ) ; Occidental College and Art Schools.
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Ella (George) and
Frank A. Day In Pasadena (Calif.), Feb. 22,
1924; ch.: Robert and Mary.
Prof. Record: Staff Artist, Los Angeles Times,
1923; Illustrator, Chicago Tribune Staff, and
Liberty Magazine, 1924; Cartoonist, King
Syndicate (N.Y.), 1925: drew syndicated
Sunday magazine comic page for McNaught
Syndicate, New York City, 1925-32. daily
cartoon for Central Press Assn., Cleveland
(Ohio), 1927-32; contributed pantomine com-
ic pages to Life Magazine and other publica-
tions during fTiis period. Created cwmic strip
characters (Napoleon and Uncle Elby) and
has drawn them for syndication since 1932
for LaFave Newspaper Features, Cleveland.
Recreations: Photography, book collecting,
piano, speed boating, and fine food.
. Bms. Address: 2042 E. Fourth St., Cleveland,

Home Address: Altadena, Calif. *

McBRIDE, Professor George McCutch-

en. A.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Geography, University of Cali-
fornia at Los Angeles.



Born: Benton (Kansas), Oct. 11, 1876; s. of
Emmp Fulton (McCutchen) and James Flem-
ing McBride.

Education: Park College (Mo.); Yale Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Park College, 1898; Ph.D.,
Yale Univ., 1921.

Married; Harriet Luella. d. of Alexander T.
Fields in Santiago (Chile), Sept. 14, 1907;
ch.: Lester Fields and Merle Alexander.
Prof. Record: Teacher, Instituto Ingl(?s, San-
tiago, 1901-07; Teacher Instituto Americano,
La Paz (Bolivia), 1907-15; Dir., Instituto
Amencano, La Paz, 1907-15; Instr., Wesley-
an Univ., Middletown (Conn.), 1915-17;
Assistant in Spanish, Yale Univ., 1916-17;
Librarian and Research Asst., The Amer-
ican Geographical Society (N.Y.), 1917-22;
Prof., Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles, 1922—;
Visiting Prof., Carnegie Endowment for In-
ternational Peace, South America, 1929-30,
Central America, 1938.

Directorships: Pacific Palisades, Civic League
(Pres., 1938-40) ; Council on Foreign Policy
(Pres., 1940); Assn. of American Geograph-
ers (Vice-Pres., 1939) ; Assn. of Pacific Coast
Geographers (Pres., 1937); Pacific Geogra-
phic Society (Regent, 1925).
Publications: Agrarian Indian Communities
of Hi'ihland Boliva, 1921; Land Systems of
Mexico, 1923; Chile: Land and Society. 1936;
many papers on geographical and related

Memberships: Theta Chi, Sigma Xi, Pi Gam-
ma Mu, Sigma Delta Pi.
Religion : Christian .
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Tennis, mountain climbing, and

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 710 Via de la Paz, Pacific

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