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Directorships: Owner, McCord Mail Adver-
tising Co.; Gen. Mgr., Clare McCord & As-
sociates (Long Beach, Los Angeles, San
Francisco). Mel-O-Glo Co. of Calif.; Mer-
chandise Dir., National Gift Coupon Club
(Los Angeles).

Publications: Editor and Publisher, Execu-
tives Assn. News, 1933-34; Editor and Pub-
lisher, United States Fleet News, 1934-35.



Ann}/ Service: Knilstod In U. S. Army, I'JIH;
honorably lilscharni-d, Nov., 1918.
Mombci ships: I>onK Ik-ach Lodge No. 888,
B.P.O KIks (Kxallcd Uult-r, tiKM-35) ; Golden
Gale Aorle No. (il (San Francisco) F. O.
Eagle.N, Oakland Ix)dge No. .TJ-l, L. O. O.
Mooso; Arthur I'altcrson Post No. 27, Am-
erican Legion (Long Beach).
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis, bowling, hiking, pho-

Bus. Address: McCord Mall Advertising Co.,
Kress Bldg., Long Beach, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 900 E. 36th St., Long Beach,

Mccormick, jr.. Charles Sumner

Accountant, Dept. of Playground and Recrea-
tion, f ity of Los Angeles.

Born: Erie (Pa.), June 5, 1900; s. of Pearl
(Olney) and Charles S. McCormick.
EduCi-tion: Public schools (San Fernando,
Calif. • ; LaSalle Extension Univ. ; Univ. of So.

Married: Jeannie, d. of A. H. Anderson, at
Mission Inn (Riverside, Calif.), Oct. 9, 1932.
Bus. Record: Started as Grocery Salesman;
later Executive of Boy Scouts of America;
passed examination for entrance into City
Service (Los Angeles) as General Clerk, 1929;
promoted to Accountant, Dept. of Playground
and Recreation, City of Los Angeles.
Directorships : Pres., All City Employees Assn.
of Los Angeles, Inc.

Army Service: Served in Infantry, World War
I; Commissioned as 1st Lieut, in Finance Re-
serve U.S. Army.

Memberships: American Legion (Past Com-
mander); Pres., Student Body Civic Center
Div. of Schools of Government of U. of So.

Religi'^n: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, all competitive sports.
Bus. Address: 305 City Hall, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2220 Berkeley Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif. *

McCOWN. Professor Chester Charlton.

A.B., B.D., Ph.D., D.D.

Professor of New Testament Literature and
Interpretation, and Director of Palestine In-
stitute, Pacific School of Religion.
Born: Orion (III.), Nov. 26, 1877; s. of Hen-
rietta (Stevenson) and David Sylvester Mc-

Education: Grand Prairie Seminary; Illinois
Wesleynn Univ. ; De Pauw Univ. ; Garrett
Biblical Inst. ; Univs. of Heidelberg and Ber-
lin (Germany); Univ. of Chicago.
Degress: A.B., De Pauw U., 1898; B.D.,
1902, D.D., 1919, Garrett Biblical Inst.;
Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 1914.
Married: Harriet, d. of Jennie (MacFarland)
and Thomas Doney, at Calcutta (India), Dec.
19, 1905; ch.: Theodore D., Donald E., Dor-
othy Beatrice.

Prof. Record: Entered Methodist ministry,
1898; ordained Minister, 1900, 1903. Pastor,
1898-f'9, 1900-02, 1908-09; Professor of Math-
matics. Upper Iowa U., 1899-1900; Prin.,

Ameii'-an Mcth'xllst, Calcutta, i;X)li-(KJ;
Prof, ol IJIhllcal I.llcrature. Wesley College,
1!«)!)-12; YMCA College, Chicago, I!n2-H;
Prof., New Testament Lll., Pacific .Srhf>ol of
Rellgon, lOl'l— . Director, Palestine Inst.,
Pacific .School of Religion, V.l'.id -; Dean,
1928-.16. On leave, Fellfjw, Amcr. .School of
Oriental Research, Jerusalem, 1!)2')-21, Direc-
tor, 1929-31, Annual Prof, and Acting Dlr.,
l<)35-:>6; Joint Dlr., Yule U.-Amer. Schools
of Oiienlal Research excavations, Jeiash,
Transjordan, 1930-31; Member, Archaeol. Ad-
visory Bd. and lid. of Education, Palestine
Govt. 1929-31, 19.35-.'56. Visiting Prof., sum-
mer session U. of Calif., 1924, 19.39, Chicago
Thcolf gical Seminary, 1927.
Direct-, rshipa: Asso. Trustee, Amer. Schools
of Oriental Research; Soc. Biblical Literature
and Exegesis (V.P., 1939. Pres., 1940); Amer.
Philological Assn.; Philological A.ssn. Pacific
Coast (Treas., 1925-28, V.P., 1935, 1939,
Pres., 1940); Amer. Oriental Soc; ArchaeoL
Inst, of America; Palestine Oriental Soc;
Deut.-^che Palestine- Verein; Palestine Explora-
tion Fund (hon. Secy, for Pacific Coast).
Publications: Promise of His Coming (Mac-
millan), 1921; Testament of Solomon, (Hin-
richs, LeiDzig), 1922: Genesis of the Social
Gospel (Knopf), 1929; The Search for the
Real Jcius (Scribner), 1940; numerous arti-
cles t~^ii Biblical subjects and the Archaeology
and Geography of Palestine; articles in Apo-
crypha, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia.
Aryny Service : Rel. Work Dir., YMCA, Presi-
dio, San Francisco, 191S-19, Western Dept.,

Mem,be: ships: Phi Kappa Psi; Mason; Com-
monwealth Club; City Commons; Faculty
Club; tolio; California Writers Club.
Religion: Methodist.
Politirs: Democrat.
Recreations: Photography, carpentry.
Bus. /ddress.- 1798 Scenic Ave., Berkeley,

Home Address: 1611 Scenic Ave.. Berkeley,

Mc COY, Herschel Denman

Designer of Costumes, Twentieth Century-Fox
Film Corporation.

Born: Wiggins (Miss.), Aug. 6, 1912; s. of
Neva (Burnett) and Willie I. Mc Coy.
Education: Graduate, Meridian High School
(Miss ), June, 1929, Paris Atelier of New
York School of Fine and Applied Art
(Frar.'e), 1932.

Prof. Record: Worked for 2 years in New
York City, while attending School of Fine and
Applied Arts, doing musical shows and cos-
tumes for night club reviews as well as cos-
tumir.g for private individuals: in Jan., 1931,
transferred from New York School to Paris
branch to finish course in costume design;
designed clothes while on extensive tour in
Europe; upon return to United States, came
to Calif, and engaged in designing clothes
for the movie stars: later opened Art School
and iress shop; for past 6 years affiliated
with 20th Century-Fox Studio" (West Los An-
geles) designing costumes for pictures.
Recreations: Swimming, horseback riding,
tennis, hobby of making 16mm. home movies
in colcr of stars wearing costumes personally
designed for them.

Bus. Address: 20th Century-Fox Film Corp.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 10988 Ashton Ave., W. Los
Angeles, Calif. *



Mccracken. Professor Isabel,
A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Entorrologist ; Emeritus Professor. Stanford
U.; Research Associate, Calif. Academy of

Born Oakland (Calif.), Dec. 27, 1865; d of
Marv (Dolan) and John Harvey McCracken,

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Stanford Univ.
(Calil ).

Degrees: A.B., 1904, M.A., 1905, Ph.D., 1908,
Stanford Univ.

Prof. Record: For many years. Prof, of Zoo-
logy (Entomology), Stanford U. (Calif.); for
several yrs., Research A'-sociate in Entomo-
logy, Calif. Academy of Science (San Frari-
cisco); served as Member of Advisory Board,
San Francisco Jr. Mus., also Palo Alto Chil-
dren's Museum. Now Emeritus Professor,
Stanford U.; Research Associate, Calif. Acad,
of Sf'ipnce.

Publications: Various articles on biological
subjects in Scientific Journals.
Memberships: Sigma Xi; Amer. Assn. of
Univ. Women; Calif. Academy of Sciences;
Calif. Historical Soc; Calif, and National
Horticultural Soc; Cooper Ornithological
Club; Amer. Ornithological Union; Acad.,
Polit. Science., Amer. Red Cross, etc.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican-.

Recreations: Sierra outings; studies in Call-
forniana (Calif. History); Floriculture.
Bus. and Home Address: Calif. Academy of
Scien'C, Stanford University, Calif.

Mccracken, jr., Jacob Holt, A.B.,

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Physician and Surgeon.

Born: Durham (N.C.), May 16, 1901; s. of
Lulu (Woods) and Jacob Holt McCracken.
Educa:ion: Duke Univ.; Johns Hopkins Med-
ical School.

Degrees: A.B., Duke U.. 1922; M.D., Johns
Hopk ns Medical School, 1926.
Married: Faye, d. of Richard B. Horner, in
Henderson (N.C.), May 31, 1928; ch.: Sally,
(10), IvloUy (9), Sandra Lou (6).
Prof. Record: Interneship, Johns Hopkins
Hospital (Baltimore, Md.) ; on staff, Church
Home and Infirmary (Baltimore) ; Henry Ford
Hospital (Detroit, Mich.). Began private
practice (San Pedro, Calif.), 1929—.
Directorships: San Pedro Hospital; Vice-Pres.,
Harbor Branch, Los Angeles County Medical

Memberships: Fellow, American CX)llege of
Surgeons; Alpha Kappa Kappa.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Tennis, hunting.
Bus. .address: 620 So. Pacific Ave., San Pe-
dro, Calif.

Home Address: 4300 Via Frascati, San Pedro,

McCracken, William James, D.D.S.

Dental Surgeon; Mayor, City of Oakland.
Born: Oakland (Calif.), Jan. 30, 1878; s. of
Mary and John Harvey Mc Cracken.
Education: Oakland High Schbol; Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley).
nPMrees: D.D.S. , U. of Calif., 1902.

Married: Evelyn C, d. of S. A. McKinstry,
at Aujurn (Calif.); ch.: .ohn, Evelyn Wurts.
Prof. Record: Began practice of dentistry.
Auburn, 1902; estab. Birdsill Shoe Co. during
five 'ears located in Auburn; helped to es-
tablish the Bank of Auburn and served as
Schoo Director. In 1907 came to Oakland
to practice dentistry; in 1928 became inter-
ested in real estate and home building and
engaged in business along with dental prac-
tice; in 1932 was elected Mayor of the City
of OaKland, and has been re-elected to office
for four successive terms. Past Pres., Li-
brary Board (Oakland).

Membe> ships: Shrine (Past Potentate of Aah-
mes 't'emple); Native Sons of (3t)lden West;
Amer. Dental Assn.; Fraternal Order of Ea-
gles; Moose; civic organizations and clubs.
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1624 Franklin St., Oakland,

Home Address: 744 Arimo Ave., Oakland,

McCREERY, The Reverend Elbert L.,

A.B., D.D.

Professor of Religion, Westmont College, Los

Born: Loveland (Colo.); s. of Martha (Mar-
shall) and Rev. William H. McCreery.
Education: Public schools (Loveland and Fort
(111.), 1901; Xenia Theological Seminary,
Collins, Colo.); graduate, Monmouth College

Degrees: A.B., 1901, D.D., 1926, Monmouth

Married: Hannah Caroline, d. of Daniel E.
McLetin, at Alexandria, Egypt, Aug. 20,
1909; ch.: John Kelly, William McLean, Sam-
uel Wilson, Ruth Elberta, Martha Lucile,
Anna Mary, Robert Elbert.
Prof. Record: Teacher, Assiut Coll. (Egypt),
1901-03; Teacher, Hebrew, Xenia Seminary,
1904-06; ordained Ministry, United Presby-
terian Chuprch, 1906; Missionary, Anglo-Egyp-
tian Sudan (Africa), 1906-13 (language re-
duction and translation, Shulla and Nuer
languages). Field Secy., Interdenominational
Laymen's Missionary Movement, 1914-18; New
World Movement, Neb. Synod U. P. Church,
1919. Pastor (Mission Creek, Neb.), 1920-
22- Prof., N. T. Greek and Phonetics,
Moody Bible Inst. (Chicago, 111.), 1922-27;
PastbT (Fort Morgan, Colo.), 1927-29; Dean,
Bible Missionary Inst., and Western Bible
College, 1936-40; Chair, New Testament
Greek and Bible, Westmont College (Los
Angeles), 1940 — .

Religion: Protestant (United Presbyterian
Church of North America).
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 231 So. Westmoreland Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2434 Langdale Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.
Other Address: Estes Park, Colorado. *

McCULLEY, Johnston

Novell ct. Dramatist.

Born: Ottawa (111.), Feb. 2, 1883; s. of

Belle (Raley) and RoUa Andrew McCulley.

Education: Pub. schools, and under private


Married: Louris Munsey Powers of New

York City, June 20, 1925; ch.: Maurine.



WritC'-: Formerly In newspaper work, spo-
clul corr., U. S. and abroad. Author:
Land of Lost Hope. 19()H; Daughtor of the
Idol, 1909; Kinu of UIuioh. li)l(); Pvnninij-
ton's Choice, lOl'l ; Ctiptain Fly-by-Night,
1915; The Jungle Trail, 1917 ; VncUiimcd
Goods. 1918; Daughter of the Hun. 1918;
The drute Breaker, 1919; Broadway Bab,
1919, The Curse of Cav'mtrano. 1920; The
Mark of Zorro. 1920; The Masked Woman,
1920; Ihe Black Star, 1921; The Further
Adventures of Zoro, 1922; The Black Jarl,
1923; The Avenging Twins, 1923; The Ran-
ger's Code, 1924; Black Star's Campaign,
1924; John Standon of Texas, 1924; The
Branl of Silence. 1924; Who Killed William
Drewf 1925; The Spider's Den, 1925; The
Demon, 1925; The Scarlet Scourge, 1925;
F intake Pete. 1926; The Broken Dollar,
1926; The Avenging Twins Return, 1927;
The C'-imson Clown, 1927; A White Man's
Chanc;, 1927; The Crimson Clown Again,
1928; Alias the Thunderbolt, 1928; The
Thunderbolt's Jest, 1928; Lawless Law,
1929; The Spider's Debt, 1930; The Spider's
Fun/. 1930; Who Killed the Caretaker?
1930; Pest of the Rancho^ 1930; Zorro Rides
Again. 1931; The Flaming Stallion, 1932;
The Blocked Trail, 1932; A Range Cavalier,
1933; Ten Radio Plays, 1933; T/ie Trusted
Outlaw, 1934; Rangeland Justice, 1934; Can-
1/ojt 0/ Peril, 1935; Riders Against the Moon,
1936; Reckless Range. 1937; fiose o/ <;ie iSio
Grange, 1937; Don Peon. 1937; Wench Cara-
van, 1938; Black Grandee, 1938; Guardian
Dcuii, 1939; T?ie Saga of Smofci/ Sarn,
1940; (also plays): The Heir Apparent
1905; Wells of Wyoming, 1907; Love Ranch,
1909; Neutrality, 1914; T/ie Lif«e Fixer,
1934; iSipe TV/ieof, 1934; What Do You
Likef 1936; also photoplays; author and
produ:!er for the McCulley Players, noted
radio dramatic co. Contributor of fiction to
magazines in U. S. and England, translated
into French, Spanish, German, Hungarian,
Portuguese and Scandinavian. Also writes
under pseudonyms, Harrington Strong,
George Drayne, Morton, and Raley Brien.
Memberships: Authors' League of America;
Authors' Guild; Dramatists' Guild; Screen
Writers' Guild; Mo. Writers Guild; Soc.
Authors, Playwrights and Composers (Lon-
don); Auto Club of So. Calif.; Author's
(London) ; Mason.
Politics: Republican.

Ho7ne Address: 1237 No. Cedar St., Glen-
dale, Calif. *

McCULLOUGH, Professor James
Douglas, A.B., Ph.D.

Asst. Prof, of Chemistry, Univ. of Califor-
nia, Los Angeles.

Born: Oskaloosa (Ibwa), May 17, 1905; s.
of Carrie B. (Mansfield) and James A.

Education: Public schools (Spokane and Se-
attle, Wash.).

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., Los Angeles,
1932; Ph.D., Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1936.
Married: Effie Louise, d. of Marie Louise
(Mulvaney) and William M. Glasse, at Ar-
cadia (Calif.), June 14, 1931; ch.: Elaine
Marie, James Douglas, Jr., Myra Ellen.
Prof. fZecord: Sales Dept., Standard Oil Co.
bf Cdiif., 1923-32; Instr. in Chemistry, U.
of Calif, at Los Angeles, 1932-41; Asst.
Prof, of Chemistry, 1941 — .
Publications: Several papers on crystal
structure and molecular structure in scien-
tific journals.

Mcml erships: Phi Uctu Kappa, .Sigma XI;
American Chemical Soc.
Recreations: .Swimming, fishing, hiking.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California at Los
Angeles, W. Lo» Angeles Cullf.
Hom'j Address: 14611 Whitfield Ave., Pa-
cific Palisades, Calif.

McCUNE, Richard Stanley

Vice-rics., Pacific Finance Corp. of Calif.
Z?orM. Salt Lake City (Utah), Jan. 19, 1904.
Education: Univ. of California fbr three yrs.
MarriC'.d: Nancy M., d. of Stanley F. Mc-
Clunr:, at Los Angeles, 1926; ch.: daughter
and son.

Bus. Record: With the Paciic Finance Corp.
of Calif, for the past 15 years.
Memberships: Los Angeles Country, Los
AngelcE Univ., Westport Beach clubs; Delta
Kappa Epsilon.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golt, swimming, and tennis.
Bus. Address: Pacific Finance Corp. of
Calif., 621 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 548 Dalehurst Ave., W. Los
Angeles, Calif. •

McCURDY, Captain Robert Mansfield,


Army Officer (retired) ; Manager, Pasadena

Civic Auditorium.

Born: Wanatah (Ind.), Feb. 11, 1896; s. of

Blanche Caroline (Farrington) and John

Nelson McCurdy.

Education: Chicago YMCA Coll. for three

yrs.; Univ. of Chicago.

Married: Zella Mabie, d. of Roy S. Mogle,

in Chicago, June 16, 1922; ch.: Caryl Jean


Prof. Record: Entered the 1st Inf. Ind.
Nat. Guard as a Private and Corporal,
June, 1916-May, 1917; Second Lieut., U.S.
Inf., 1917 (France, 1918-19 in 53rd U. S.
Inf., t>Oth U. S. Inf.); retired as Captain
for disability in line of duty after more
than two yrs. in hospital, June 29, 1922.
Is now Mgr., Pasadena Civic Auditbrium,
startiig in this capacity on Mar. 1, 1931.
Directorships: Pres., Pasadena Tournament
of Roses; Dir., Pasadena Chamber of Com-
merce; Chmn. of Bd., L. A. Co. Amer.
Legion Service Dept.

Decorations: Mexican Service Medal, 1916;
World War Medal with Three Bars, Verdun
Medal (French).

Memberships: University, Athletic, Amer.
Legion, Optimist, Republican, Jr. Chamber
of Comm. (hon. life mem.), YMCA (all in
Pasaacna) ; B.P.O.E. Nb. 672; Mason, Car-
melita 32°.

Religwn: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recr'^itions: Bridge, pistol shooting, wood
block puzzles, and amateur photography.
Bus. Address: 300 E. Green St., Pasadena,

Home Address: 1096 No. Holliston Ave.,
Pasadena, Calif. *

McCUTCHAN, Robert Guy,

Mus.B., Mus.D., S.M.D.

Lecturer on Church Music, Claremont (3j11.



Bom; Mt. Ayr (Iowa), Sept. 13. 1877; s.
of Margaret A. (Edie) and E. G. McCutchan.
Education: Park Coll. (Mo.); Simpson Coll.
(Iowa) ; Berlin; Paris.

Degrees: Mus.B., 1904, and Mus.D., 1927,
Simpson Coll.; S.M.D., So. Methodist Univ.,

Married: Carrie Burns, d. of Mollie and
Thomas Sharp, in Clarinda (It)wa>. Nov.
24. 1904 (deceased, July 20, 1941); Cn.:
Robert John (Lebanon, Ind.).
Prof. Record: Started as Teacher of Sing-
ino- t-aker Univ., 1904, organized their
Consv. of Music, 1905; Dean, School of Mu-
sic, DePauw Univ. (Greencastle, Ind.),
1911-37, when he was made Dean Emeritus.
Organized Summer School of Music at Mt.
Lake Park (Md.), Bay View (Mich.) and
Lake Winona (Ind.); active in assn. work
including MTNA (Secy, for several yrs.).
Music Educators' Conf., Comm. on Wor-
ship Fed. Council of Churches of America,
1932 to present; Comn. on Music and Wor-
ship, Methodist Episcopal Church., (frorn
1916 to 1928), Commission on Revision of
the Methodist Hymnal, 1928, its Editor,
1935, Music Ed., Standard Hymns, 1929;
Music Editor, Amer. Jr. Ch. Sch. Hymnal,
1932 During the World War he was active
with Ind. Council for Defense in organizing
various community activities; Delegate,
Uniting Conf. of the Methodist Churches
(Kansas Citv), 1939; Mem., Commn. on Re-
vision of Ritual and Aids tb Worship (Meth.
CJen. Conf.), 1940. For many years Con-
ductor of Choruses and Organizer and Con-
ductor of Musical Festivals; Lecturer, Univ.
of K:)nsas, Univ. of Ind., Purdue Univ., and
at virious other ednl. insts. and many
churcnes and clubs of different kinds; for
past four years has been Pres., Gen. Nat.
Assn of Chbir Dirs., and Mem., Staff,
Summer Conf. on Church Music, Northwest-
ern Univ.; at present is Lecturer on Church
Music, Claremont Colleges (Calif.).
Publications: Co- Author, Music in Worship
and Fetter Music in Our Churches; Author:
Our Hvmnody, 1937; several monographs
on various phases of church music and
hymnblogy; contributor to various publica-
tions, book reviews, etc.

Memberships: Cliff Dweliers (Chicago) ; Co-
lumbia (Indianapolis) ; University (Clare-
mont) ; Rotary (hon. mem.); Phi Mu Alpha
(Sinfonia), Pi Kappa Lambda (Pres.-Gen.) .
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Reading, and fishing.
Home Address: 790 Mayflower Rd., Clare-
mont, Calif.

McDANIEL. Bruce William. A.B., J.D.

Gen. Mgr., Mutual Orange Distributors.
Born: Mincnk (111.), Nov. 5, 1893; s. of
Ida (Godspeed) and David A. McDaniel.
Eduction: Willamette Univ.; Lei and Stan-
ford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Willamette Univ. (Salem,
Ore ) 1915; J.D., Stanford Univ. (Palo
Alto, ' Calif. ), 1919.

Married: Louise, d. of Charlotte and Good-
win tbrd.

Bus Record: Gen. Counsel, Mutual Orange
Distributors, 1921-35, and Gen. Mgr. since
1935, Past Pres., Amer. Fruit and Veg.
Assn. (Chicago, 111).

Directorships: Director, Nat. Council of Co-
operi't'ves (Washington, D.C.).

Puhli- ations : The Desert; Dune and Desert
Folk short stories; Editor, Citrus Leaves.
Army &ervice: First Lieut., Judge Advocates
Dept., June, 1917, to Aug., 1919 (France).
Decorations: Cross of Purple Heart; Cer-
tificate of Meritorious Service.
Memberships: Nat. Citrus Merchandising
Commn.; Amer. Legion; D.A.V.; Kiwanis,
Elks, Masons; Shrine; Kappa Sigma, Phi
Alpha Delta.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politici : Republican.

Recreations: Writing, sports, and travel.
Bus. Address: Mutual Orange Distributors,
205 Brookside Ave., Redlands, Calif.
Hom-! Address: 621 Alvarado St., Redlands,
Calif. *

McDonald, Alexander

Livestock Specialist, Univ. of Calif., Coll.

of A^ric.

Born: Lumsden (Scotland), June 6. 1879;

s. of Jessie (Anderson) and Alexander Mc-

Educ'ition: Kildrummy (Scotland).

Married: Flora, d. of Joseph H. Yaden, in

Seattle (Wash.), June 18, 1929.

Bus. Record: In charge of the cattle dept.,

Univ. of Calif. (Davis, Calif.), since 1911;

during this time he has bred and shown
three Internat. Grand Champions, two re-
serve Grand Champions at the world's
greatest livestock show in Chicago; has
judged ten years in succession at Pacific
Internat. Livestock Show (Portland, Ore.),
International Show, Chicago, 1937, Royal
Winter Fair (Toronto, Can.), 1938, Calgary
(Can.), 1939 and 1940, Great Western Live-
stock Show (Los Angeles) five times, at
Tucson (Ariz.), 1935, si.\ consecutive years
at Inter-Mountain Livestock Shbw (Ogden,
Utah), cattle at Treasure Island, 1939 (the
largest livestock show ever staged in America) .
Direcicr ships: Mem., City Council of Davis;
Fire Commr. (Davis) ; Commr. on electric
light'ijg for City of Davis.
Publications: Grooming, Shipping and Care
of Cattle While at Show; Weight Records on
Purebred Beef Cattle During Growth; Ges-
tation; Lactation; also data on reproduction,
Record of Proceedings, American Society of
Animai Production.

Memberships: Chamber of Commerce, Pur-
ple Circle, CJolden Hoof, Yolo Co. Farm

Relig:on: Protestant.
Politic!^: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Coll. of
Agriculture, Davis, Calif.
Home Adderss: 310 C St., Davis, Calif. *

McDowell, Charles Edward,

Litt.B., LL.B.
Lawye) .

Born- Carmi (111.), May 4, 1888; s. of Alice
Elizabeth (Hunter) and Charles Edward

Education: Los Angeles High School; Occi-
dental Coll. (Los Angeles) ; Princeton (New
Jersey); Univ. of So. Calif. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: Litt.B., Princeton Univ., 1910;
LL.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1913.
Married: Lois, d. of R. J. Caskey, at Los
Angeles, June 22, 1915; ch. : Alice Elizabeth
(Hartley), Jean Marie.



Prof, h'ernrd: Admitted to prnrtlrc In 1912
at Los AnRclos. and has maintained an of-
fice there since that time; practiced alone
until May, 1!).'!7, at whlc-h time the partner-
ship of Farlcs & McDowell was formed,
with David R. Faries.

Dirpct<^rnhii)s: Board of Trustees of the
Pres'ivtery of His Angeles ; Board of Trus-
tees -If the Presbyterian Hospital, Olmsted

i4r?»i/ Service: During World War I, served
as First Lieut, in the 14.^^d Field Artillery
and 6'^th Field Artillery Brigade Headquar-
ters, as Capt. Division Headquarters, 31st
"Dixij" Division, overseas, and in the
Meuse-Argonne Offensive (period of service
extended from August. 1917 to May. 1919).
^femberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Phi, Alpha Tau Omega; Univ. Club; Los
Angeles Co. Bar Assn. ; State Bar of Calif.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Sierra trips.

Bus. Aadress: 1275 Subway Terminal Bldg.,
Lbs Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1821 Campus Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

Mcdowell, w. Clifford, a.b.

Publib-ner, Turloclc Daily Journal.
Born- Oakland (Calif.). Nov. 10, 1905; s.
of Myra L. (Frierson) and J. Sherman Mc-

Education: Public schs. (Alameda, Calif.);
Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1928.
Married: Martha H., d. bf Walter S. Gar-
rett, m Piedmont (Calif.), June 30, 1928;
ch. : Sally Lorraine, and Carol Lucille.
Bus. Record: Worked in various capacities
for the Alameda Times-Star, 1928-33, leav-
ing there as Bus. Mgr. ; Publr., Turlock
Daily Journal, since 19.'^3.
Directorships: Mem., Exec. Board, Calif.
Nevvi^aper Publishers Assn.
Memberships: Rotary; Phi Sigma Kappa,
Sigma Delta Chi.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. y^ddress: Turlock Dailv Journal, Tur-
lock, Calif.

Home Address: 1029 Yosemite Dr., Turlock.
Calif. »

Mcduffie. William Chester

Oil Operator.

Born: Jefferson (Iowa), Nov. 7, 1886; s. of
Sophie (Warner) and Marshall Burnap Mc-

Education: Stanford Univ., 1909.
Married: Mary, d. of Alfred and Fanny

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