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Education: Romano Convent, Santa Monica
High School.

Married: Wallis D., s. of Sina W. McPherson
in Los Angeles, Jan. 26, 1913; ch.: Wallis

Prof. Record: Prominent in Los Angeles Music
Circles and County and State affairs. Ran
for State Senator in 1934. Dem. State Cen-
tral Committeewoman for Mono Co. appoint-
ed by Senator Karl P. Keough, and Senator
Charles Brown. Resort Owner and Manager
since 1922.

Directorships: Dir., Inyo Mono Assn.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hiking, swimming, skiing and

Bus. and Home Address: Mono Inn, Mono
Lake, Calif. *

McQueen, Elizabeth Lippincott

Organizer, Founder, Pan American League.
Born: Pennington (N.J.); d. of Deborah Hand '
(Diverty) and the Rev. Beniamin Crispin
Lippincott (Desc, Sir William Penn, Founder
of Pa.)

Directorships: Founder, Women's Internat.
Assn. of Aeronautics; Organizer, San Fran-
cisco Br., San Diego Br. (1936), Pan Am-
er. League; Regional Director, West Coast
area. The Pan Amer. League, Los Angeles

Piiblicntions: Aerogram; Founder, first ncws-
[lapor i)rlnted In Engl. In Jerusalem (Palcs-
tlnoi; Radio l.ilks on Good Will Air Tour
to Central and So. America, M;ir. 23, 1940
(Los Angeles); spoke throe times over radio
In each country, reading goodwill message
from Mrs. P^Ioanor Roosevelt, messages
from Dir. Gen. Rowe, Pan American Union
and Gov. Olson of Calif.

Memberships: Men's Breakfast Club (Hon.
Life Mem.); Nat. League of Amer. Pen
Women; Overseas Serv. League (L.A. Br.);
Daus. of Amer. Rev.; Alpha Eta Rho.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Flying, fishing, hiking, tennis,
swimming, parrots and dogs (Maltese Ter-

Home Address: 220 No. Dohenv Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

McQUOID, Mrs. Edwin Eerien (see
ELLIS, Dorothy Louise)

McWILLIAMS, Robert Lafayette.

B.L., J.D.

Judge of Superior Court, San Francisco.
Born: Neola (Iowa), 1881; s. of Anna
(Stuart) and Hugh Lafayette McWilliams.
Edtication: Univ. of California.
Degrees: B.L., 1904; J.D., 1906, U. of Calif.
Married: (1) Madge Nagle, 1908 (deceased).
(2) Lucy Sullivan, 1922; ch.: Helen Margaret

Prof. Record: Asst. City Atty. (Spokane
Wash.), 1909-10; Chief Deputy Prosecuting
Atty., Spokane County, 1910-12; Instr. and
Asst. Prof, of Law, Hastings College of
Law, 1920-28; Dean, San Francisco Law
School, 1924-39; Chief Asst. U.S. Atty.,
1933-39; Judge, Superior Court, 1939 — .
Former Member Bd. of (Jovernors and Vice-
Pres., San Francisco Bar Assn.; (Chairman,
Conference of Calif. Law School Instructors,

Directorships: Bd. of Trustees. San Francisco
College, School of Business; Vice-Pres., San
Francisco Law School.

Publications: Frequent contributor to Califor-
nia Law Review.

Memberships: Commonwealth Club; Bohemian
Club: Knights of Columbus; Elks; St. An-
drews Society; Clan Fraser (Hon.): Phi
Delta Phi (Hon.), Sigma Delta Kappa (Hon.).
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Room 483, City Hall, San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: Stanford Court Apts., San
Francisco, Calif.

MEAD. Rufus, Ph.B., M.A.

Associate Principal, Pasadena Junior College.

Born: Highlandlake (Colo.); s. of Elizabeth

(Sheldon) and Lorin C. Mead.

Education: Colorado College and Univ. of


Degrees: Ph.B., Colorado College, 1902; M.A.,

Univ. of Denver, 1911.

Married: Elsa, d. of J. H. Strawbridge in

Denver (Colo.), 1908; ch. : Eleanor S. and

Robert R.

Prof. Record: Principal, High School (Las

Vegas, New Mexico), Sept., 1908- Jan., 1909,

Supt. of Schs. (same) Jan., 1909-June, 1914..



Principal, Elementary School, 1914-18, Junior
High School. 1918-26, Muir Tech. High School,
1926-38, Assoc. Principal, Junior College,
1938— (all Pasadena, Calif.).
Memberships: New Century, Kiwanis Clubs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Bus. Address: Pasadena Junior Coll., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1435 No. Chester, Pasadena,
Calif. *

MEADOWS. Donald Charles. A.B., M.S.
Naturalist; Teacher, Long Beach Polytechnic
High School.

Born: Shoals (Ind.l, Oct. 20, 1897; s. of Adah
(Hopkins) and Charles Waldo Meadows.
Education: Public Schools and Union High
School, Orange (Calif.); Pomona College,
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley) and Cornell Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona College, 1922; M.S.,
Univ. of Calif., 1932.

Married: Frances E., d. of Katherine (Hall)
and William M. Matchette In Los Angeles
(Calif.), 1926; ch.: Donald Meadows, H.
Prof. Record: Newspaper Reporter, 1922-25;
Teacher, Long Beach Public Schools, 1925 — ;
Teacher, Catalina Island High School, 1927-
33; Organizer and lea~der of e.xpeditions, Los
Angeles Museum-Channel Islands Biological
Survey, 1938-40; Exploration work in Baja
(Lower ) California, Mexico, 1932-38.
Directorships: Pres., Agassiz Nature Club,
Long Beach (Calif.); Vice-Pres., Lorquin En-
tomological Soc.

Publications: Papers on western lepidoptera
and ornithology. Popular articles on natural
history and California history.
Navy Record: U.S. Navy, 1918-19.
Memberships: Masonic; Cooper Ornithological,
Lorquin Entomological Soc, Agassiz Nature.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Book collecting; Californiana.
Bus. Address: Long Beach Polytechnic High
School, Long Beach, Calif.
Home Address: 640 Terraine Ave., Long
Beach, Calif.

MEARNS. Brigadier General Robert
Walter, U.S.Army, B.S.

Army Officer (retired).

Born: Pennsylvania, July 16, 1866; s. of Mar-
tha Jane (Kennady) and Andrew James

Education: V. S. Military Acad. (West Point,
N. Y.).

Degrees: B.S., West Point, 1892.
Married: Ethel, d. of Judge Melville Cox
Brown, in Laramie (Wyo.), June 5, 1913; ch.:
Robert B., M.D.; 1st Lieut. Fillmore K.,
U.S. Army; James B., student.
Army Record: Graduated from West Point,
1892 and served in all grades from 2nd Lieut,
to Brig. Gen. until retired for disability inci-
dent to service, Dec. 31, 1922.
Memberships: Army and Navy (Washington,
D.C., Manila, P. I., and San Francisco) ; The
Union League (San Francisco).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics : Democrat .

Recreations: Motoring.

Bus. Address: c /o War Department, Wash-
ington, D.C.

Home Address: 56 The Uplands, Berkeley,
Calif. •

MEARS. Professor Eliot Grinnell,

A.B., M.B.A., LL.D.
Teacher; Author.

Born: Worcester (Mass.), Feb. 1, 1889; s. of
Mary Chapin (Grinnell) and Reverend Dr.
David O. Mears.

Education: Albany Academy (N.Y.) and Har-
vard Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1910, M.B.A., 1912, Harvard
Univ.; LL.D., Grinnell, 1932.
Married: Gladvs, d. of The Reverend Edward
L. Chute in Conway (Mass.), June 10, 1914;
ch.: Helen (Mrs. W. B. Gibson), Dorothy
Chute, and Julianne.

Prof. Record: Faculty, Harvard Univ. 1912-
16; Chief, Foreign Service Division, American
Trade Commissioner in Greece and Turkey,
Commercial Attache to American High Com-
missioner (Turkey), 1916-20; Prof, at Stan-
ford Univ.. Economics, then Geography and
International Trade in the Graduate School
of Business, and Dir. of the Summer Quarter,
1921 — . Carnegie Visiting Prof, to Foreign
Universities in Near East, Austria and Scot-
land, 1929-30.

Publications: Modern Turkey (Macmillan),
1924; Principles and Practices of Cooperative
Marketing (with another), (Ginn), 1926; Res-
ident Orientals on the American Pacific Coast
(Univ. of Chicago), 1927; Greece Today (Stan-
ford Press), 1929; Maritime Trade of West-
ern United States (Stanford Press), 1935.
Aivards: Order of the Redeemer (Greece).
Memberships: Bohemian (San Francisco), Cos-
mos (Washington), Royal and Ancient, St.
Andrews (Scotland), Faculty (Stanford),
Commonwealth (San Francisco).
Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Travel and golf.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 593 Gerona Rd., Stanford
University, Calif.

MEEHAN. The Reverend John Edwin.

A.B., M.A.

Assistant Pastor, Holy Cross Church, San

Born: Elgin (111.), Sept. 9, 1895; s. of Mary
Helena (Smith* and James Meehan.
Education: St. Mary's Academy (Elgin) ; Deep
Springs (Calif.); Telluride Scholar, Cornell
Univ.; St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park
(Calif.); Amer. College, Rome (Italy); Univ.
of Fribourg (Switzerland).
Degrees: A.B., 1926, M.A., 1930, St. Patrick's.
Prof. Record: Formerly Secy, to L. L. Nunn
and Assoc, in building of Deep Springs Sch.
Asst. Pastor, Mission Dolbres (San Francisco,
Calif ) ; Prof, of Religion and Music, St.
Mary's College (Calif.); Senior Master, Bel-
mont School (Calif.); Asst. Pastor, Holy
Cross Church (San Francisco, Calif.).
Publications: Songs of a Chimney Swallow
(poems), 1936.

Navy Record: Enlisted Naval Flying Corps,
called Nov. 11, 1918 and discharged Nov. 14,




Membemhiiis: LllurKical Arts Soc. (N.Y.);
Tellurlcle Ass'n. Alumni.
Religion: Roman Catholic.

Biis. Adilrcss: 1818 Eddy St., San Frunclsco,

Home Address: (Parents) 127 No. Maple Dr.,
Beverly Hills, Calif. •

MEEK, Tom Jones. Ph.B., J.D.

Vlcc-Preskient and General Manager, The

Spirella Company Western, Inc.

Born: Nashville (Tenn.), Dec. 15, 1882; s. of

Eula Virginiii (Jones) and Thomas Shephard


Education: Dickinson Coll. (Carlisle, Pa.) and
(Jniv. of Chicago.

Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1904; Law
Dept. (same), 1905, J.D., 1917.

Married: Clara May Long of Aurora (111.),
Sept. 7, 1907.

Bus. Record: Teacher. High School (Aurora),
1905-06; Secy, and Gen. Mgr., Orr's Bus.
Colleges. 1908-10; Mgr. Salesman, later (Jen.
Sales Mgr., The Spirella Co., 1911-16; Asso.
Nat. Dir., Four Minute Men, Com. on Pub.
Information, 1917-18; Nat. E.xtension Dir.,
League to Enforce Peace, 1918-19; Nat. Dir.,
Speakers, Roosevelt Memorial Assn., 1919;
Sales Organizing Mgr., The Spirella Co.,
1920-25, Gen. Sales Mgr., 1925-28: Vice-Pres.,
The Hirschy Co., 1928-29; Gen. Sales Mgr..
Marshall-Wells Co., 1929-33; Vice-Pres. and
(Jen. Mgr., The Spirella Co. Western, Inc.,

Memberships: The Civil Legion (Vice-Pres.,
1926-27); Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Rho;
Rotary and Athens Athletics Clubs.
Bus. Address: 1290 Powell St., Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 1601 Mountain Blvd., Oakland,
Calif. .

MEIKLEJOHN, Professor Alexander,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.

Educator (retired) ; Writer.
Born: Rochdale (England), Feb. 3, 1872; s.
of Elizabeth (France) and James Meiklejohn.
Education: Brown and Cornell Universities.
Degrees: A.B., Brown, 1893; M.A., 1895,
Ph.D., Cornell, 1897; LL.D. (7 times), Wil-
liams, Mt. Holyoke, Brown, Vermont, Alle-
gheny, Calif, and Hawaii.
Married: (1) Nannine, d. of Paolo La Villa
in Elizabeth (N.J.), 1902; (2) Helen, d. of
Walter (Joodman Everett in Boston (Mass.),
1926; ch.: Kenneth, Donald, (Jordon, Ann.
Prof. Record: Instr. in Philosophy, Brown
Univ., 1897-99, Asst. Prof., Asso. Prof., Prof.,
1899-1912, Dean, same, 1901-12; Prof, of Logic
and Metaphysics, Wisconsin Univ., 1926;
Chmn., Experimental Coll., 1926-32, also,
part-time Prof, of Education, 1932; Chmn.,
School of Social Studies (San Francisco),
1933-37; retired, 1937.

Publications: The Liberal College; Freedom
and the College; Philosophy; The Experi-
mental College; What Does America Meant
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi;
Theta Delta Chi.

Home Address: 1525 La Loma Ave., Berkeley,
CaUf. •

MEIN. William Wallace. B.S.

Mining Engineer.

Born: Nevada City (Calif.), July 19, 1873;

s. of Mary (Swift) and Thomas Mein.

Education: University of California.
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1900.
Married: Frances, d. of Gardner F. Williams
m Wa.shington (D.C.), April 4, 1907; ch.:
Wm. Wallace, Jr.; Mrs. Chas. W. Fay, Jr.;
Mrs. Chas. de Brettevillc; Gardner Williams'.
Prof. Record: Asst. to father in mining work
in Calilornia, Alaska and So. Africa to IWJO;
Shiltsman, Chlorination Gold Ore, Robinson
Mine (Johannesburg, .So. Africa), 1892-94,
Manager, 1891-96; Undergraduate, Univ. of
Calif., 1896-1900; Manager, Durban Roddeport
Deep, 1900-03; Mgr., Robinson Gold Mining
Co., 1903-07; Gen. Mgr., Central Adminis-
tration (Johannesburg, S. Africa) New
Modderfontein Ctold Mining Co., City Deep
Ltd., Bantjes Gold Mining Co., Robinson Cen-
tral Deep, French Rand and others, 1907-11-
Consulting Engr., Dome Mines, International
Nickel Co., Canadian Mining & Expl. Co
1911-17; Asst. to Secy, of Agriculture (Dollar
a Year Man), 1918; Director, International
Nickel Co. and independent work, 1919—.
Directorships: Pres. : Bishop Oil Co., Cala-
veras Cement Co.; Dir.: Bank of America,
North American Investment Corp., Occidental
Life Insurance Co., Calaveras Cement Co
Bishop Oil Co., Hunt Bros. Packing Co •
Trustee: Calif. Palace Legion of Honor.
Memberships : Amer. Inst, of Mining & Metal-
lurgical Engrs.; Canadian Mining & Metal-
lurgical Soc. of Amer. ; Beta Theta Pi, Sigma
Xi; Chemical, Metallurgical & Mining Soc. of
So. Africa; Inst, of Mining & IMetallurgy
(London, Eng.); Engrs. Club of San Fran-
cisco; Pacific Union Club (San Francisco;;
Burlingame Country Club; Menlo Country
Club; San Francisco CJolf Club.
Recreations: Tennis and Travel. \

Bus. Address: 315 Montgomery St. San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: Canada Rd., Woodside, Calif.

MELDEN, The Reverend Charles Man-
ly. A.B., Ph.D., D.D.
Clergyman; Educator (retired).
Born: Salem (Mass.), July 18, 1853; s. of
Margaret E. (Garrett) and (Jeorge Melden.
Education: Boston University.
Degrees: A.B., 1880; Ph.D., 1892; D.D., 1900.
Married: (1) Melinda A. Lewis, 1881; (2)
Addie L. Cro.xford, 1892; (3) Luna K. Crook,
1928; ch.: Theodore M., Nelson C. Angle,
Mildred L.

Prof. Record: Mem., New England Confer-
ence, Methodist Church and several pastor-
ates in Mass. and R.I.; Pres., Clark Univer-
sity (Atlanta, Ga.), 1897-1903; Headmaster,
Willraham Acad., 1907-09; Pres., New Or-
leans Univ. (La.), 1911-25, retired 1925.
Publications: From Slave to Citizen, 1921;
various contributions to periodicals and con-
tributed editorials to Boslin Traveler-, 1900.

Memberships: Theta Delta Chi, Phi Beta

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Doll houses and doll furniture;
gardening .

Hoi7ie Address: 1927 - lOSth Ave., Oakland.

MELLER, Sidney, A.B.


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), March 1, 1906;



s. of Sarah (Horn) and Josef Meller.
Education: University of California.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1931.
Married: Lauretta, d. of L. C. Olson in For-
estville (Calif.), April 16, 1935.
Publications: Roots in the Sky and Home is
Here (Macmillan Co.).

Awards: Phelan Fellowship in Literature for
the years 1937-38 and 1940-41.
Memberships: Authors' League and League of
American Writers.
Politics: Democrat.

Ho7ne Address: Cummings Studio, 582 Cali-
fornia St., San Francisco, Calif.

MELLIN. Gilbert Francis, B.S.

Civil Engineer; Chief Right of Way Agent,
Central Valley Project, U.S. Bureau of Rec-

Born: Benicia (Calif.), Oct. 15, 1893; s. of
Julia Caroline (Colby) and Otto W. Mellin.
Education: Public schools (Vallejo, Calif.)
and University of Calif. (Berkeley).
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1916.
Married: Marion Elizabeth, d. of Anna V.
and Wm. J. Perkins in Sacramento (Calif).,
Aug. 29, 1919; ch.: Miriam Colby.
Prof. Record: Began work at Mare Island
Navy Yard in ship-building trades, 1910;
Engr. Draftsman, Calif. Highway Com., 1915-
16- Civil Engr., State of Calif. Reclamation
Bd. in construction of Sacramento Valley
Flood Control Project, 1916-23; private prac-
tice of Civil Engr. on flood control, irrigation,
reclamation drainage, and appraisal work,
1923—; Hvdraulic Engr., State of Calif. Dept.
of Pub. VVorks, in charge of land classifica-
tion and water requirements for Central Val-
ley Project, 1929-31; Hydraulic Engr., State
of Calif. Reclamation Bd., in charge of land
and easement appraisals and acquisition, Sac-
ramento Valley Flood Control Project, 1931-
36; Chief Right of Way Agent, Central Valley
Project, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, ap-
praisal and acquisition of lands and water
rights required for project, 1936 — .
Memberships: Amer. Soc. of Civil Engrs. ;
B.P.O.E., No. 6; Sons of Amer. Revolution;
Intnl. Footprint Assn., No. 4.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, fishing, hunting.
Bus. Address: Old Post Office Bldg., Sacra-
mento, Calif.

Home Address: 1349 - 47th St., Sacramento,

MENDELOWITZ. Professor Daniel
Marcus, A.B., M.,A.

Assistant Professor of Art and Education,
Stanford University.

Born: Linton (N.D.), Jan. 28, 1908; s. of
Clara (Reichenstein) and Ido Mendelowitz.
Education: Stanford University and Art Stu-
dents League (N.Y.C.).

Degrees: A.B., 1926 and M.A., 1927, Star-
ford University.

Married: Mildred, d. of Louis Mondschein in
N.Y.City, Sept., 1935; ch.: Louis Isaac.
Prof. Record: Taught at San Jose State Col-
lege, 1927-34 and Stanford Univ., 1934 — ;
exhibited paintings at: New York and Amer-
ican Watercolor Soc, Annual Exhibition, Cor-
coran Biennial Exhibition of American Paint-

ing 1941, San Francisco Art Assn. Annual
Exhibition of Watercolor Painting, etc.; Ex-
ecuted Mural Commission for U.S. Post Office
(Oxnard. Calif.), 1941.

Publications: Chapter on "Art EducatioiV' in
Challenge to Education (McGraw Hill Co.),
193/ and on "American Art" in Social Edu-
cation (McMillan & Co.), 1939.
Membershiiis: California Watercolor Society.
Religion: Jewish.

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 1145 Forest Ave., Palo Alto,

MENDENHALL. William Orville,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.

Educator; President, Whittier College.

Born: Ridge Farm (111.), 1879; s. of Almeda

(Rees) and Albert W. Mendenhall.

Education: Penn. College (Iowa); Haverford

College; Univ. of Michigan.

Degrees: A.B., 1900; M.A., 1901; Ph.D., 1911;

LL.D., 1932.

Married: Lucy, d. of Martha T. and Wm. B.

Osgood; ch.: William Rees.

Prof Record: Instr., Mathematics, Stanford

Univ 1906-07; Prof., Mathematics, Earlham

Coll '1907-18, also Dean of Men; President,

Friends Univ. (Wichita, Kansas), 1918-1934;

President, Whittier College since 1934.

Religion: Friends.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Whittier College, Whittier,


Home Address: 712 E. Philadelphia, Whittier.




Born: New York City, April 22, 1916; s. of
Martha and Moshe Menuhin.
Education: Private instruction in San Fran-
cisco, Paris (France) and Basel (Switzer-
land) Studied music under: Sigmund Anker
and Louis Persinger (San Francisco) ; Georges
Enesco, Paris (France) and Sinaia (Ruma-
nia); Adolph Busch, Basel (Switzerland).
Married: Nola Ruby, d. of George Nicholas,
Melbourne (Australia); ch.: Zamira, Krov.
Prof. Record: Began playing the violin at
the age of 4; at 7 appeared as Soloist with
the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra under
Alfred Hertz; New York debut at age of 9
in recital at Manhattan Opera House, and
in Carnegie Hall debut as a child of 11 play-
ing the Beethoven Concerto with the N. Y.
Symphony Orchestra under Fritz Busch. Made
Paris debut in 1927 with the Lamoureux
Symphony, Paul Paray, conducting. Made
Berlin debut in 1929 when he played in one
concert the 3 "B" famous concertos — Bach,
Beethoven and Brahms— accompanied by the
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Bruno
Walter- London debut later same year with
orchestra in Queens Hall with Fritz Busch
conducting and in recital in Royal Albert
Hall; completed first round-the-world concert
tour in 1935, appearing in 63 cities in 110
engagements; retired for 2 yrs. on ranch in
Calif returning to the concert stage in Sept.,
1937 and has engaged in extensive concertizing
since that time. Due to his scholarly and orig-
inal research work, many rare and important
works of classical and modern masters were
restored or saved from perdition through
stubborn playing and popularization in con-



cell anil on Ki'niiiophoao roconis amonj{ them
the famous "LdsI" Schumann Concerto. In
summer of liMO, while on trip to Australia,
YehudI Menuhin, with the aid of his sister
Ilephzibah, raised ,?r)0,0()0 for victims of war
and persecution; last year, in London, at
Hoyal Albert Hall, gave a concert which
raised the sum of .'5.i5,000 for Jewish victims
of war; last December In Carnegie II.ill, New
York, played to a capacitv house, the concert
netting nearly .f.' Next April, Menuhin
will make his first concert tour to South
America, to be presented as the unofficial
"Ambassador of (Jood Will" from the U.S.A.
Bits. Address: Columbia Concerts Corp., Stein-
way Uldg., New York City.
flome Address: P.O. Ho.\ P, Los Gatos, Calif.*

MEREDITH. Dean William John.

A.B., B.Ped.

Educator (retired).

Born: Jefferson County (Kansas), Aug. 1,

1862; s. of Mary (Faubion) and James Henry


Education: Public schools of Kansas; Enoch
Marvin College (Kan.); Univ. of Washington;
post graduate courses, Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., B. Fed., Univ. of Washington,

Married: Ida Milton, d. of William Milton
Kirkpatrick in Lockridge (Iowa), Sept. 1,
1S86; ch.: Evan Kirkpatrick, Gladys Elaine,
Rhys Faubion.

Prof. Record: Born in a log cabin; farmer
boy in Kansas; Principal of Schools of Win-
chester (Kansas) and Auburn (Washington);
Co. Supt., Schools (King Co., Seattle, Wash.);
Registrar and Asso. Prof., Univ. of Washing-
ton; Mem. of State Bd. of Educ. (Wash.);
Proprietor and Dir., Hoitt's School for Boys
(Menlo Park and Palo Alto, Calif.), 7 yrs.;
Co-Founder and Dean of Faculty, Instr., etc.,
Montezuma School for Boys (Los Gatos,
Calif.), 21 yrs.; retired, 1934 (after 51 yrs.
teaching service) .

Publications: In the Love of Nature and
Cabin Canticles. Verse: Dan's Story; Our
Kind of Folks; A Clean Break; Novels: Evo-
lution of Democracy (course of lectures) ;
The Old Plum Grove Colony (Kansas History),
(Kan . Hist. Quarterly), 1938; occasional
verse, short stories, educational and philo-
sophical articles for magazines, etc.
Me^nberships: I.O.O.F. ; K. of P.; Pi Gamma
Mu, and various educational fraternities.
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Independent Democrat.
Recreations: Historical research; mountain
camping and e.xploring; literary composition;
research in educational philosophy.

Home Address: 536 Middlefield Rd., Palo
Alto, Calif. .

MERRIAM. Lawrence Campbell.

A.B., B.S.

National Park Executive.

Born: Berkeley (Calif.), April 10, 1898; s. of
Ada G. (Little) and John C. Merriam.
Education: Berkeley High School and Uni-
versity of California.

Degrees: A.B., 1920, B.S., 1921, Univ. of

Married: Catharine V., d. of E. E. Co.x in
Berkeley (Calif.), Feb. 14, 1922; ch.: Law-
rence C, Jr. and John Edwin.

Prof. Record: Logging Engr. and Timber
CruLser, Madera Sugar Pine Co. and Sugar
Pine Lumber Co. (Calif. j. May, 1921-Nov.,
1922; Forest Kngr., Mason & Steven.s (Port-
land, (Jre. and San Francisco, Calif. j, 1922-
.il; Consulting Forest Engr. (.San Francl.sco,
Calif.*, 1931-3:J; District Officer and Re-
gional Officer, Emergency Con.servatlon Work,
U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Natl. Park Service
(San Francisco, Calif.), 1933-37; Superin-
tendent, U.S. Dept. of Interior, Natl. Park
Service, Yosemite Natl. Park (Calif.;, 1937,
to Aug. 1, 1941, when he was transferred
to the position of Regional Dir., Region 2,
Nat. Park Serv., with headquarters at
Omaha, Neb.

War Record: Chief Quartermaster (Aviation)

and Ensign (Naval Aviator*, June, 1918 to

Feb., 1919; U.S. Naval Reserve Flying Corps

(on active duty).

Memberships: Sr. Mem. Soc. of American

Foresters; Delta Upsilon, Alpha Zeta.

Bus. Address: Yosemite National Park,


MERRIAM, Ralph Truman. A.B., J.D.

Lawjer; Member of firm of Merriam, Rine-
hart & Merriam.

Born: Pasadena (Calif.), Oct. 31, 1891, s.
of Lora B. (Morgan) and Judge John How-
ard Merriam.

Education: Univ. of Redlands (Calif.), 2
yrs., and Univ. of Calif, at Berkeley (Calif.)
Degrees: A.B., 1915, J.D., 1917, Univ. of

Married: Flora E., d. of Jeanette B. Taylor
at Pasadena (Calif.), March 28, 1919; ch.:
Lora Jean.

Prof. Record: Admitted to the Bar of Calif.,

1917; joined the law firm of Merriam, Rine-

hart & Merriam, 1919.

Publications: Member of staffs of Blue &

Gold and Pelican while at the Univ. of


Army Record: Entered service of Field Ar-
tillery in World War I, served appro.x. 16
mo.; 2nd Lieut. Instr. Field Art., etc.
Memberships: Pasadena Lodge, Masons (Past

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