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Master) ; Knights Rose Croix Masons (Wise
Master), and Pasadena Consistory, Scottish
Rite; New Century Club (Past Pres.);
Knights of Round Table Service Club (Pres.);
Service Club Officers Assn. (Pasadena),
(Pres.); Chamber of Commerce; Pasadena
Bar Assn.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, tennis, home gardening
and mechanics.

Bus. Address: Security Bldg., Pasadena,

Home Address: 1120 Woodbury Rd., Pasa-
dena, Calif.


Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Writer.
Born: Denmark, May 10, 1894.
Education: Public Schools; served House-
painters' Apprenticeship, Arts and Crafts
School; Royal Acad, of Fine Arts, Copen-
hagen, Denmark.
Married: Else Jacobsen.

Prof. Record: Debut as an Artist in Char-
lottenborg Art Salon (Cophenhagen), 1916;
was Founder and Pres. of "Anvendt Kunst,"



an orgn. of artists, embracing all Denmark
1917- awarded stipends for study and travel
in Scandinavia and England by Danish
Govt Dept. of Art and Science, 1919-21;
emigrated to New York, 1921; made debut
at the Belmaison Galleries, 1922; stayed in
New Mexico, 1922-23, one-man show at
Santa Fe Museum; settled in Los Angeles
in 19''3 and has since contr. to numerous
exhibitions throughout the States; has been
awarded one-man shows in museums and
"alleries; served as juror on important ex-
hibitions; Co-founder of the Modern Art
Worker (Los Angeles). 1925, of the Amer.
Artists Congress, Los Angeles branch (Mem-
ber Exec. Board and Climn., Exhibition
Coi^m.), 1936. Work displayed in the per-
manent collections of Arts and Crafts Mu-
seum (Copenhagen, Denmark), Museum of
Modern Art (New York City) Los Angeles
Fair (Pomona), Arensberg Collection (Ho -
lywood), Maitland Collection (Bel-Air (Calif.),
and other private collections here and abroad.
Publications: A Poet and Two Painters a.
Memoir of D. H. Lawrence foreword by
Aldous Huxley (Routledge London). 1938
and Viking Press (New York). 1939.
Memberships: Amer. Artists Prof. League;
Asso. Painting Contractors of Los Angeles,
Mem., Exec. Board. Civic Improvement Com.
Awards: In addition to foreign honors, has
been awarded eight prizes of merit in Calif.,
for painting, sculpture, arts, and crafts.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing, travel, ath-
letics—swimming in particular (highest rat-
ing for life-saving in Denmark, 191b; won
Nordic Championship in backstroke, 1919.
qualified Olympic Swimteam, Antwerp, 1920) .
Home Address: 2610 So. Robertson Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

MERRILL, Charles Washington,

B.S., M.E.

Metallurgical Engineer.

Born: Concord (N. H.), Dec. 21, 1869; s.
of Clara L. (French) and Sylvester Merrill.
Education: Grad.. High School (Alameda,
Calif ) ; Univ. of Calif. Coll. of Mines.
Degrees: B.S.. 1891, and M.E.. 1922, Univ.
of Calif., Coll. of Mines.

Married: (1) Clara Scott Robinson. Feb. 9,
1898- ch • Mrs. Beatrice Morse. John L.,
Greg'or C:.. Bruce R. (2) Margaret Barker
Cope. Sept. 14, 1939.

Prof. Record: Has designed, installed and
operated many reduction works m the U.b..
Can and Mex.; holds over 25 patents in
U S ' and foreign countries for metall. pro-
cesses and apparatus; Pres.. The Merrill
Co Merco Centrifugal Co. (San Francisco).
The Alloys Co.; Dir., Snelling Gold Dredg-
ing Co.; Chief. Div. Collateral Commodities.
U S Food Adminstr.. Washington, 1917-18;
Chmn Exec. Com., San Francisco Corn-
munity Chest, 1925-27; Chmn., Minerals
Com., Calif. State Chamber Comm.; Chmn.,
Calif. State Mining Bd., 1930; Regent, Univ.
of Calif., 1924-25.

Directorships: Trustee, Sch. of Mechanic Arts.
Awards: James Douglas Internal. Gold Medal
bv A I M and M.E. "for distinguished mter-
nat. metall. achievements," 1924; Natl. Mod-
ern Pioneer Certificate of Award by Natl.
Assn Mfrs "in recognitiVjn of distinguished
achievement in field of science and invention
which has advanced the Amr. standard ol
living," 1940.

Memberships: Amer. Inst. Mining and Metall.
Engr. (Vice-Pres., 1924) ; Inventors' Guild
(Ne\v York); Alumni Assn.. Univ. of Calif.
(Pres 1924-25); Mining and Metall. Soc.
(London); Australian Inst. Mining Engrs.;
Chem., Metall., and Mining Soc. of So. Africa;
University. Engineers', Pacific Union, Com-
monwealth (San Francisco). Faculty (Berke-
ley) Claremont (Oakland). Orinda Country
(Orinda, Calif.). Engineers. Recess (New
York) Clubs; Sigma Xi.

Bus. Address: 343 Sansome St.. San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 407 Camino Sobrante, Orin-
da. Calif.

MERRILL. Paul Willard. A.B., Ph.D.

Astronomer, Mt. Wilson Observatory.
Born: Minneapolis (Minn.), Aug. 15, 1887;
s. of Kate A. (Kreis) and Charles Wilbur

Degrees: A.B.. 1908, Stanford Univ.; Ph.D.,
1913. Univ. of Calif.

Married: Ruth L. d. of Fred J. Currier, at
Saratoga (Calif), Sept. 12, 1913.
Prof Record: Asst. and Fellow. Lick Ob-
servatory. 1908-13; Instr. in Astron.. Univ.
of Mich . 1913-16; Asst. and Asso. Physicist,
U S Bur. of Standards, 1916-18; Astron-
omer. Mt. Wilson Observatory, Carnegie
Inst, of Washington, since 1919.
Publications: The Nature of Variable Stars
(Macmillan), 1938; Spectra of Long-Period
Variable Stars (Univ. of Chicago Press).
1940; and numerous technical articles on
laboratory and stellar spectroscopy.
Bus. Address: Mt. Wilson Observatory, Pas-
adena. Calif.

Home Address: 1380 New York Ave.. Alta-
dena. Calif.

MERRIMAN. Lee Mills, B.S.

Executive News Editor, the Pasadena Star-
News and the Pasadena Post.
Born: Chicago (111.), Dec. 29, 1899; s. of
Mary (Blair) and Luther Lee Merriman.
Education: Albion Coll. (Mich.); Columbia

Degrees: B.S., Columbia Univ., 1923.
Married: Polly, d. of Edward Darwin Dout-
hitt, at Hillcrest (Texas), July 3, 1928.
Bus. Record: Pulitzer Traveling Scholar,
1923- For Corr., No. Amer. Newspaper
Alliance, 1923-24; Gen. Mgr., Marshall
(Texas) Messenger. 1925-26; Managing Ed.,
Oregon Statesynan (Salem), 1926-27; Manag-
ing Ed., Pasadena Evening Post, 192a-^^;
Night Ed , Pasadena Morning Post, 1932-39;
News Ed., Pasadena Star-News and Post,
since 1940.

Publications: Between Deadlines (Ben. H.
Sanborn & Co., Boston and Chicago).
Army Service: Non-commissioned Officer,
U. S. Army, 1918.

Memberships: Pasadena Post No. 13, AmfT-
Legion; Athletic (Pasadena); Sigma Delta
Chi, Delta Tau Delta.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Recreations: Fishing, photography.
Bus Address: The Pasadena Star-News, 525
E. Colorado St., Pasadena, Calif.
Home Address: 1882 Allen Dr., AUadena,


WHO'S WHO in California

MERRITT. Hulett Clinton, F.A.G.S.

I'roslilL-nt, I'ac-ilic Slatus Corporation.

Born: Duluth (Minn.). Aug. 17, 1872; s. of
Eunice Annette (Wood) and Lewis J. Mer-


Edtirutcd: Pub. and high schs. ; grad. from
business coll.

Married: Rosaline Calistine OlUvier (of Sag-
inaw, Mich.), at Duluth, July 13, 1892.
Bus. History: At 16 engaged In real estate
business in Duluth; with father obtained
large interests in iron mines, and led In
building the Duluth, MIs.sabe & Northern
Ry., and organizing Lake Superior Consol-
idated Iron Mines (Merritt-Rockefeller syn-
dicate) of which was a Dir. at 21: Apr.,
1901, sold interest in mines and ry. to a U.
S. Steel Corpn., in which is one of the larg-
est stockholders.

Directorships: Pres. and Treas., United Elec-
tric, Gas & Power Co., controlling gas and
electric light and power plants in many
towns of Southern Calif.; Pres. and Treas.,
Santa Barbara Consolidated Ry. Co., Mer-
ritt Banking & Mercantile Co., Itasca Mer-
cantile Co. of Minn., The Pacific Co. (finan-
cial corpn.). The Missabe Co., The Wolvin
Bldg. Co. (Duluth, Minn.); Pres., Spring St.
Co., San Pedro & Terminal Gas, Electric &
Power Co., Long Beach. Alamitos Gas, Elec-
tric & Power Co., The Hill St. Co., Merritt
Bldg. Co., Merritt Bond Syndicate (Calif.),
Tagus Ranch Co. (Calif.), Tagus Ranch
Stores, Tagus Ranch Service, Pacific Se-
curities Co.. Pacific States Corpn., Merritt
Estates, Ltd., W. H. White Realty Co.,
Catalfa Land Co., and Tagus Cotton Gins,
Inc.; Vice-Pres., West Adams Heights Co.;
Dir., North Star Iron Co. (Great Northern
Iron ore properties), Iron Range Electric
Telephone Co.; Chmn. Bd., Merritt & Co.,
Merritt Manor Co., Merritt City Corpn.,
Mfrs." Finance Corpn., Lawyers Finance
Corpn., Merritt Syndicate, Merritt Farms,
Merritt Orchards, Merritt Bldg. Safe Deposit
Co., A. Q. Robison Co., etc. E.xecutor, Es-
tate of Lewis J. Merritt; Trustee, Estate of
Annette W. Merritt. Formerly Col., Govs.
Staff, State of Minn. Vice-Pres., Amer.,
English, French, and Belgium Permanent
Blind Relief War Fund.

Memberships: Mem., council Los Angeles
br., Boy Scouts of America; Nat. Aeroplane
Defense Fund; (Advisory Dir.), Calif. Lib-
erty Fair Assn. Gov. for Calif, of Am. Civic
Alliance; (Nat. Committeeman), Plymouth
Tercentenary Com. ; Am. Acad. Polit. and
Social Science; New England Hist, and
Geneal. Soc. (life) ; Soc. for Preservation
New England Antiquities (Vice-Pres.); Save
the Redwoods League; Am. Immigration and
Distribution League; Better Am. Federation
of Calif.; United Americans (State of N.Y.);
Am. Defense Soc. (Nat. Committteeman) ;
Nat. Econ. League (Nat. Councilman) ;
(Charter Mem.), Luther Burbank Soc; Fel-
low, Am. (Jeog. Soc. Founder, Sulgrave
Manor, England (birthplace of George
Washington) .

Clubs: Young Men's Republican, Army and
Navy, Congressional Country (Life; Wash-
ington, D.C.), California, Breakfast, Cali-
fornia Yacht, Los Angeles Yacht, Automo-
bile of Southern Calif. (Los Angeles), Coun-
try, Annandale Golt, Bolsa Chica Gun (Pas-
adena), South Coast Yacht, and Catalina
Island Yacht Clubs.

Religion: Methodist (Chmn., Bd. Trustees,
First Ch.).

I'ljlitics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Merritt Bldg., Ij)» Angeles,

Home Address: Pa.sadena, Calif, and "Mer-
ritt Manor," Tulare, Calif. •

MERRITT. Jr.. Hulett Clinton

Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Pacific States
Corp., and Mgr. Tagus Ranch.
Born: Duluth (Minn.), Oct. 15, 1893; 8. of
Rosaline Calcstine (Ollivier) and Hulett
Clinton Merritt.

Education: Pasadena High School; Wood-
bury Bus. Coll., Los Angeles.
Married: Helen Morton, d. of Dean W. Fay,
at New York City, Feb. 6, 19.35; ch.: Mrs.
Antoinette Polk Ladewig, and Andriana.
Directorships: Pres., Tagus Oil Co.; Pres.,
Tagus Cotton Gins, Inc.; Dir., Calif. Can-
ning Peach Assn.; Pres., Independent Cling
Peach Pool; Chmn., Stabilization Com.;
Pres., Amer. Horticultural Inst.; Dir., Agrl.
Labor Bur. of San Joaquin Valley; Mgr.,
Merritt Farms; Pres., American Electro-
Plastic Corpn.

Army Record: Corporal, World War I.
Memberships: Bankers (New York City),
The Family, Olympic (San Francisco), and
Golf (Visalia) Clubs; (Life Mem.) B.P.O.
Elks; Amer. Legion.
Religion: Methodist- Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Aviation, travel, gen. sports.
Bus. Address: Pacific States Corp., 210 Post
St., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: Tagus Ranch, Tulare, Calif.*

MERSHON, Bernice

Singer, Composer, Farm Owner.
Born: Denver (Colo)., July 1; d. of Jane
(Sivey) and William Henry Mershon,
"Drummer Boy of Shiloh."
Education: Graduated from H. S. (Marion,

Married: Frank Moulin (known on stage as
Frank Moulan), in Philadelphia (Pa.), 1911.
Prof. Record: Started as reporter on St.
Louis Star and soloist in First Presbyterian
Church; began stage career with Mme.
Schumann-Heink, two years in Love's Lot-
tery; did 22 N.Y. productions, playing op-
posite Nat Goodwin, Fritzi Scheff, Jefferson
de Angeles, and others. Made grand opera
debut in old French Opera House (New Or-
leans) as Carmen; sang 30 grand opera
roles in Italy, France and U.S.; returned to
light opera as Eddie Cantor's prima donna;
became established as Gilbert and Sullivan
artiste, singing leading contralto roles with
DeWolf Hopper for three years; starred two
years, Fontaine Ferry Park (Louisville,
Ky.); three years Municipal Opera (St.
Louis) ; five more N.Y. productions includ-
ing Patience. Princess Ida, Fifty Million
Frenchmen; 16 wks., contralto-comedienne.
Civic Opera Co., Shrine Aud. (Los Angeles) ;
retired from stage in 1932 and took up
residence on filbert farm in Oregon; began
composing songs in 1937, writing both
words and music, popular, classical and
children's songs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Farming at summer home in
Ore., motoring.



Home Address: 6491 Ivarene Ave., Holly-
wood, and "Merlo-on-Rock-Creek," Hills-
boro, Oregon. '

MERTINS. (Marshall) Louis, LL.D,

Poet, Leclurer.

Born: Jackson Co. (Mo.), Dec. 7, 1885; s.
of Mary Elizabeth (Koger) and Karl Hein-
rich Merlins.

Education: William Jewell Coll.; Kansas City

Degrees: LL.D., William Jewell Co.. (Liber-
ty, Mo.), 1939.

Married: (1) Lena Lee, d. of Ellis Holman,
in Richmond (Mo.), Sept. 28, 1907; ch. :
Blanche (Mrs. Louis Garcia), Virginia Lee
CMrs. Re.x de Vries), Sara (Mrs. Fred Hav-
erlandt), and Louis, IL (2) Esther Pedersen
Erickson, d. of Niels Pedersen, in Long
Beach, May 12, 1939.

Prof. Record: Lectured throughout the U.S.
and Canada, 1916-26, on the Lyceum and
Chautauqua platform; has been engaged in
literary pursuits since 1926.
Publications: The Wislmig Gate, 1919; The
Sutnac Trail. 1920; The Covered Wagon,
1921; A Voice Crying in the Wilderness,
1921; Tales of Kettles Shop, 1922; The Bar-
atarians, 1923; This Way Out (Allegory),

Memberships: Belovecl Vagabonds, The Au-
thors (Hollywood), Tri-Country (Riverside),
and Fortnightly (Redlands) Clubs; Sec. and
Fdr., Calif. Writers' Guild; Pi Gamma Mu,
Sigma Tau Delta.
Religion : Baptist.

Politics: Progressive (Mem., State Central

Recreations: Gardening. Collecting Mss. (owns
perhaps the most complete collection of signed
mss. of great moderns in e.xistence).
Bus. Address: 109 Fifth St., Redlands, Calif.
832 W. Ninth St., Los Angeles, Calif.; and
546 Pine, Long Beach, Calif.
Hoiyie Address: 610 W. Pioneer, Redlands,



Born: Omaha (Neb.), 1895; s. of Drusilla
(Sutter) and Charles Jamlin Messenger.
Education: Hollywood High Sch. ; Paso Ro-
bles High Sch.; Los Angeles Jr. Coll.; Stan-
ford Univ.

Degrees: M.A., Stanford U., 1921 (Romance
Lang. Dept.).

Married: Evelyn, d. of Leroy A. Wright, in
Yuma, (Ariz.), 1929.

Prof. Record: Grad. Teaching of Span.,
Stanford U. ; two yrs. Instr. of Span., U.
of Te,x; occasional pvt. and night sch. class-
es in Span, and Art; two trips to Mex. for
material, 1922 and 1932; six mos. sketching
trip in So. Amer., 1936-37; is represented in
the Permanent Collection of the San Diego
Fine Arts Gallery.

Navy Service: Enlisted in U.S.N. Res., 1917;
active service Mar., 1918, to Jan., 1919.
Aivards: Hon. Mention, San Diego Art Guild,
1933; Second Award, Laguna Beach, 1935;
Cash Prize, San Diego Art Guild, 1936;
Hon. Mention, Los Angeles Co. show, 1937;
Hon. Mention, So. Calif, show, 1938.
Memberships: San Diego Athletic Club.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, hiking, nature study,
and music.

Home Addresses: Box 929- A, Route 3, San
Diego, Calif.; Julian, Calif.; and 2470 B St.,
San Diego, Calif. •

MESSER, Mary Burt, C.S.

Christian Science Practitioner; Writer.
Born: Washington (D.C.), Sept. 29, 1881;
d. of Emma Bacon (North) and Edmund
Clarence Messer, Artist. (Her grandfather.
Judge John W. North, founded Riverside,

Education: High Schools (Washington, D.C.);
spl. student, Vassar Coll.
Degrees: C.S., 1923.

Prof. Record: Social Work (New York City),
seven years; Teacher of Sociology in Men-
omonie (Wis.) for seven years; course on
The Family in the Univ. of Calif. Extension
Div. (San Francisco) ; from this started
writing articles and books on social sub-
jects. Spent about seventeen years in Calif.,
mainly in Berkeley and Carmel-by-Sea, and
is at present living in Cambridge (Mass.),
where she may more easily contribute articles
to the Christian Science Monitor.
Publications: The Family in the Making
(G. P. Putnam, New York) ; in addition, has
written numerous articles on economic and
political themes for the Christian Science
Monitor, mainly in its Weekly Magazine
Section, also numerous poems in magazines
and anthologies.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Driving, reading, moving-pic-
tures, theater.

Home Addresses: 5 Concord Ave., Cam-
bridge, Mass. ; Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif.

MESSER, Captain Thomas Harold,

U.S. Army (retired)

Consulting Engineer, Educator.
Born: Yonkers (New York), Feb. 28, 1884;
s. of Harriet Emma and Thomas Henry

Education: Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (Troy,
New York).

Prof. Record: Supt. of Construction, State
Arch., New York State; Cons. Engr. (Al-
bany, New York) ; Cons. Engr. (San Fran-
cisco, Calif.); service with U. S. Army in
France; City Mgr. (Coronado, Calif.); Exec.
Officer, San Diego Army and Navy Acad.;
Supt. of the Hollywood Military Acad. (Los
Angeles, Calif.), and Cons. Engr. (San
Diego, Calif.) Recalled to active duty,
March, 1941, and assigned to duty as As-
sistant to the U. S. District Engineer (Los
Angeles, Calif.), with headquarters at 751
So. Figueroa St.

Army Record: Captain, Corps of Engineers,
U. S. Army.

Decorations: Victory Medal.
Memberships: Army and Navy Club (Wash-
ington, D.C.), The Officers (same).
Religion: Episcopal (Vestryman of Parish of
St. James-by-the-Sea, La Jolla, Calif.).
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Horseback riding.
Bits, and Mail Address: P. O. Box 1, La
Jolla, Calif.
Home Address: Temporary residence address.



Hill Field. Oyilen, Utah.

MESSICK, Ben(jamin)


Bom: Strafford (Greene Co., Mo.), Jan. 9,
1901; s. of Angle (Brlstow) and William
W. Messlck.

Education: Los Angeles Sch. of Art and
Design: Chouinard Art Inst. (Los Angeles,

Prof. Record: E.xhiblted works in the Sten-
dall Art Gallery (Los Angeles), 1938-39-40,
in the Los Angeles Museum, 1934. Repre-
sented by Murals: Wiggins Trade High
Sch. (Los Angeles), City and Calif. State
Buildings (Los Angeles); Panels: Santa
Barbara High Sch., Wilmington High Sch.,
Santa Monica Board of Edn. Bldg., Pasa-
dena Jr. High Sch., and Jacque Duval pri-
vate collection, Bel-Air (all Calif.).
Awards: Spl. Prize, Los Angeles Co. Fair
(Pomona, Calif.), 1925; Second Prize, Water
Color Annual, Penn. Acad, of Fine Arts,

Memberships: Member of The Fine Arts So-
ciety (San Diego, Calif.); South West Mu-
seum Casa Adobe (Los Angeles, Calif.).
Recreations: Gen. out-door sports.
Home Address: 2600 W. Eighth St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

MESTON, (Mrs.) Leta R.

Poet- Writer.

Born: Laddonia (Missouri), d. of Amyrtis
(Skaggs) and Charles Henry Rippey.
Education: Public Schools (Springfield,
Mo.); Chico (Calif.) Bus. Coll. (Commercial
and Normal).

Married: Alexander Milton Meston (dec).
Prof. Record: Before marriage, was Teach-
er, shorthand dept., at a business coll.;
Secy, to Pres. of a bank for six years;
Stenographer and Secy, for other business-
es, including work for the Chief Examiner,
State Civil Service Commission, State Legis-
lative Counsel and the (Jovernor, State Cap-
itol (Calif.).

Publications: Poetry published in newspa-
pers and magazines; writes music, also
metaphysical and philosophical articles.
Memberships: Calif. Composers' Soc. (Mem.
and Corresp. Secy.); Riclunond Cycling and
Hermes Hiking Clubs; M.C. Soc.
Recreations: Cycling, hiking.
Home Address: 1704 Roosevelt, Richmond
Calif.; 1004 No. Sweetzer, Hollywood, Calif.

METCALF. Professor Woodbridge,

A.B., M.S.

Associate Professor of Forestry and Exten-
sion Forester, Agricultural Extension Serv-
ice, University of California.

Born: Grosse Pointe (Mich.), June 23, 1SS8;
s. of Mattie Kitchell (Woodbridge) and
Charles Horton Metcalf.

Education: Detroit Grammar and Central
High Schools; Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: A.B., 1911, M.S., 1912, Univ. of


Married: Norah, d. of Adah (Baxter) and

Frederick W. Clements, in Bala (Ontario,

Canada), Sept. 26, 1914; ch. : Beatrice Ma-

rian, .Sylvia Dorothy, Kredorlcka Charlotte,
Woodbridge Clements.

Prof. Record: Forest A.sst., U. S. Forest
Serv., 1912; Asst. Forester, Dept. Natural
Resources, Canadian Puc. Ry., 1913-14;
Asst. Prof, of Forestry, Univ. of Calif.,
1914-21; Asst. Prof, of Forestry, Univ. of
Minn., 6 mos. temp., 1923 and 1924; A.ssoc.
Prof, of Forestry, Univ. of Calif., 1921-26;
Ext. Forester, Univ. of Calif., 1926—.
Directorships: Amer. Red Cross (Berkeley
Chap.), Chmn., Disaster Preparedness and
of the Building Coms.

Publications: Number of bulletins and arti-
cles in the Journal of Forestry dealing with
dendrology, silviculture, forest protection,
wind-breaks, growth of eucalyptus, and ex-
periments with cork oak; one of the collab-
orators in preparation of California's Nat-
ural Wealth (A Conservation Guide for
Secondary Schools, State Dept. of Educa-
tion), Jan., 1941.

Army Record: Taught military mapping
course to members of S.A.T.C., 1917 and

Memberships: Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Xi,
Xi Sigma Pi; San Francisco Yacht, and
Richmond Yacht Clubs.

Religion: First Congregational Church
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Yacht racing (with W. G.
Waterhouse won the world championship in
Internal. Star Class Yacht Racing Assn. in
1933 and represented the U.S. as Member of
the Olympic Yachting team at Kiel, (Ger-
many, 1936.).

Bus. Address: Agricultural Extension Serv-
ice, Univ. of California, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 1992 Yosexnite Rd., Berke-
ley, Calif. •

METFESSEL. Professor Milton Frank-
lin. A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.

Professor of Psychologj', University of
Southern California

Born: Waterloo (Ont., Can.), Sept. 6, 1901;
s. of Ella Susan (Good) and Newton Samuel


Education: Iowa State Teachers Coll.; State
Univ. of Iowa.

Degrees: A.B., Iowa State Teachers Coll.,
1921; M.A., 1924, Ph.D., 1925, State Univ.
of Iowa.

Married: Carol Stone, June 3, 1922; ch.:
Newton Stone, Miles Milton.
Prof. Record: Fellow in Psychology, Iowa
Lab., 1923-25; Nat. Research Council Fellow
in Psychology, State Univ. of Iowa and
European Univs., 1925-28; Assoc. Prof., Psy-
chologv and Speech, State Univ. of Iowa,
1928-29; Prof., Psychologv, Univ. of So.
Calif., 1929 — , Chairman of the Dept., 1930-
38, Chmn., Div. of Social Studies, 1938 — .
Publications: Phonophotography in Folk
Music, 1928; The Vibrato. 1932; Demon-
strations of Psychological Experiments,
1936; Stroboscopy, 1933; also numerous ar-
ticles in magazines.

Memberships: Fellow, A.A.A.S.; Acoustical
Soc. of Amer. ; Amer. Psychological Assn. ;
Amer. Anthropol. Assn.; Intnl. Soc. ExptL
Phonetics; Sigma Xi.

R elig ion : Presbyterian .



Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.


Concert Solo Dancer, Actor.
Born: Klein-Zchachwitz, near Dresden, Sept.
28, 1910; s. of Dorothea (Knust) and Carl
Louis Metze.

Education: Volkschule Zchachwitz, Gymna-
sium, Acadamie for Art and Handcraft,
Wigman School of Dance (all Dresden,

Married: Virginia, d. of Charles W. Stewart,
in Berlin-Charlottenburg, 1937; oh.: Robin

Prof. Record: Solodancer, Landestheatre
Darmstadt (Hessen, Germany) ; Solodancer,
German Operahouse (Berlin, Germany);
1930, Dancer in Mary Wigman Dancegroup
in Munich for the International Dancecon-
gress, 1931; Solodancer, Actor, and Dir. of
Childrenballet and Movementchorus, Lan-
destheatre, Darmstadt; Solo and Group-
dancer, German Operahouse (Berlin) ;
Teacher for modern Dance in Warsaw;
concerts in Paris, Munich, Hamburg, etc.;
left Berlin in 1938 for political reasons to
find freedom and happiness in the U.S.A.;
Dancer in: Max Reinhardt Production of
Faust, 1938, Adolf Bolm Ballet in Opera
Prince Igor, 1939, M.G.M. Pictures Bala-
leika, and Bittersweet. Adolf Bolm Ballet
in Ballet Firebird; solo concert appearances
in So. Calif.

Directorships: Balletmaster of the Pasa-
dena Civic Ballet.

Memberships: Music Arts Club (Pasadena).
Religion: Lutheric Evangelic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, skiing, ice skating,

Bus. and Home Address: 48 So. Raymond,
Pasadena, Calif. *

METZGER, Charles Robert.

A.B., M.A., LL.B.

Lawyer; Educator; Member of Staff, Pro-
duction Code Administration, Motion Pic-
ture Producers & Distributors of America,

Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), March 14, 1894;
s. of Grace Aline (Hough) and Robert

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 149 of 235)