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fessional journalistic — Nat. Pres., 1936),
Sigma Nu (social); Scottish Rite Masons
(Pasadena Consistory); Los Angeles Rotary
Club; Los Angeles Advertising Club; Stock
Exchange Club (Los Angeles).
Religion : Presbyterian .
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Ranching, golf.
Bus. Address: 108 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles,
Calif, or 415 Bush St., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 1730 So. Cameron Rd., Co-
vina, Calif. *



MILLER, Clinton Ellis, B.L.

Land novcloiniicnt ; I'lvs., I'uclflc Coin Lock
Co., Los Anjit'lc's, CiiUI'.

Born: VIsalla (Calif.), Dec. 22, 1877; s. of
Artellus O.scir .-ind Luclnda Agnos (Ellis).
Eduv(iti(»i : I'll!), schs. ol" Vlsalia; Univ. of

Degrees: B.L., U. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1900.
Married: Georgiana Kendall, d. of Albert
Glen Kendall and Frances Morse Kendall of
San Bernardino (Calif), at I'ortland (Ore. t,
Sept. 17, lilKi; di.: Clinton Edward, Samuel
Kendall, Herman Ellis, and George.
Bus. History: After graduation from U. of
Calif., was Educator for si.x years, resigning
.IS Principal, Whittier Sell. (Berkeley), 1906;
Salesman, country land business; established
business colonizing San Joaquin Valley lands,
1909; purchased 700 acres of land on shores
of Big Bear Lake, 1916; subdivided and es-
tablished Village of Fawnskin; organized Pa-
cific Coin Lock Co., 1914 (now controlling
owner); one of Organizers of Seaboard Natl.
Bank and Vice-Pres. for five years.

Directorships: Pres., Pacific Coin Lock Co.,
Fawnskin Mutual Water Co. ; Regent, U. of
Calif.; Vice-Pres. Calif. State Chamber of
Commerce; Dist. Gov., Rotary Internal.;
Member, Bd. of Water & Power Commission-
ers of the City of Los Angeles.

Clubs: U. of Calif., Order of Golden Bear;
Alpha Delta Phi; Elks; Masons; Hon. Mem.,
Los Angeles Rotary Club.

Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: (Jolf, fishing.
Bus. Address: 725 So. Spring St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 2180 W. 24th St., Los Angeles,

MILLER. Dean Earl Joyce,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Economics and Dean of Under-
graduates, U. of Calif, at Los Angeles.
Born: Kellerton (Iowa), Nov. 3. 1892; s. of
Mary Elizabeth (Beall) and Benjamin Frank-
lin Miller.

Education: Graduate, high school, Indianola
(Iowa), 1910; Simpson College, Indianola,
1911-14; Univ. of Illinois.

Degrees: A.B., Simpson College, 1916; M.A.,
1921, Ph.D., 1923, U. of 111.
Married: Vera, d. of C.G. Maxwell, at In-
dianola, Feb. 1, 1918; ch.: two.
Prof. Record: Teacher in country school,
South Dakota, 1910-11; Teacher, Indianola
High School, 1916-17; Instr. in Economics,
U. of Illinois, 1922-23; Asst. Prof, in Eco-
nomics and Dean of Men, U. of Calif, at Los
Angeles, 1923-25; Associate Prof, and Dean
of Men, U.C.L.A., 1928-31; Prof, of Econom-
ics and Dean of Men, U.C.L.A., May 12,
1931-1938; Prof, of Economics and Dean of
Undergraduates, U.C.L.A., July 1, 1938 — .

Publications: Workman's Representation in
Industrial Government (U. of Illinois Press),

Army Service: Member in A.E.F., France,
1917 and 1918.

Memberships: Kappa Theta Psi (Simpson
College), Phi Eta (U. of Illinois), Phi Beta

Kappa (elected 1922), PI Gamma Mu; Amer.
Economic A.ssn.; Amer. Academy of Political
and Social Science; Pacific Coast Economic
A.s.soclallon; National A.ssoclallon of Deans
and Advl.sers of Men.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics; Independent.

Recreations: Sailing, golf.

Bus. Address: Administration Bldg., Univ. of

California, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1329 Club View Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

MILLER, Evylena Nunn, A.B.

Artist; Teacher; Lecturer.

Born: Mayfield (Kansas), July 4, 1888; d. of
Mattie Ann (Waggener) and James Alexander

Education: Occidental College; Pomona Col-
lege; Los Angeles Normal School; post-grad-
uate work at Univ. of Calif., Art Student's
League, and Berkshire Summer School of
N.Y.; private painting lessons in America and

Degrees: A.B. and Art Diploma, Pomona Col-
lege, 1910.

Married: Howard Earl Miller of Los Angeles,
in San Jose (Calif.), Oct. 10, 1923.
Prof. Record: High School Art Teacher
(Calif.), 1911-18; Pastor's Asst., Calvary
Presby. Church (Riverside), 1919-20; Teacher,
Meiji Gakuien (Tokyo, Japan), 1920-22;
painted and exhibited around the world; ex-
hibited in Tokyo under patronage of Imperial
Exhibition Com., in America at Natl. Gallery
(Washington, D.C.), Mission Inn (Riverside),
Kievits Gallery (Pasadena), and many clubs
and museums; began historical series of
"Paintings of Indian Pueblos and Country
of Southwest Indians," 1934; ten paintings of
Palestine permanently hung in First Presby.
Church (Santa Ana); paintings reproduced in
periodicals and magazines of America and
Far East Magazine of Japan; Lecturer be-
fore many prominent clubs and museums.

Publications: Travel Tree, book of world tour
paintings (text by K. Ethel Hill and poems by
Beulah May), 1933.

Awards: Landscape Prize, Calif. State Fair,
1925; Purchase Prize, Woman's Club of Hol-
lywood, 1930; Award, Festival of Allied
Arts of Los Angeles Co., 1934; Cliff Hender-
son Trophy, First Intnl. Aeronautical Art
Exhibition, Los Angeles Museum, 1937; Wo-
men Painters of the West; Awards at Holly-
wood Library Exhibit, Ebell Club Exhibit,
Los Angeles Library Exhibit and many other

Memberships: Women Painters of the West
(Secy., 2 yrs., Pres., 4 yrs.); Art Exhibition
of Natl. Housing Exposition (Cien. Chmn.,
1935) ; Los Angeles Co. Festival of Allied Arts
(Art Com., 1934-38) ; First Intnl. Aeronau-
tical Art Exhibition, Los Angeles Museum (on
Bd. of Dirs., 1937); Calif. Art Club; Natl.
Assn. of Women Painters and Sculptors of
N.Y.; Foundation of Western Art.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hiking; motoring; travel.
Bus. Address: 431 No. Palm Canyon Dr.,
Palm Springs, Calif.

Home and Studio Address: 2224 Reservoir St.,
Los Angeles, Calif.



MILLER, Frank L.. Ph.B.

City Attorney, Banning, California.
Borti: Somerset (Pa.>, July 9, 1878; s. of
Anna C. (Launtz> and Joseph B. Miller.
Education: Loclvhaven State Normal School
(Pa.); Lafayette College, Easton (Pa.); Co-
lumbia U. Law School (New York City).
Degrees: Ph.B., Lafayette College, 1903.
Married: Freda May, d. of Alice and Fred A.
Dawson, at Banning, Nov. 22, 1918; ch.: Alice
Ann, Margaret Jane.

Prof. Record: Attorney at Law, practicing in
Los Angeles, from 1906-11; practice of law,
Banning, from 1913—. City Attorney, Ban-
ning, from 1915 to present time. Former
Pres. of Banning Chamber of Commerce;
Chairman, Republican County Central Comm.
of Riverside Co. (Calif.), 1928-32. One of
Organizers, and Former Dir. and Attorney,
San Gorgonio Bldg. and Loan Assn., Banning.
Atty. for Banning Water Co., City Water
Company of Banning, and for First Nat. Banli
of Banning.

Memberships: Delta Upsilon (Lafayette Col-
lege); Master Mason, Somerset (Pa.), No.
358; University Club (Los Angeles); Kiwanis
Club (Banning) ; Riverside County Calif. Bar

Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing, hunting.
Bus. Address: 165 Ramsey St., Banning, Calif.
Home Address: 436 No. Fourth St., Banning,

MILLER. The Right Reverend George
Amos. A.B., D.D.

Bishop of the Methodist Church.
Born: Mendon (111.), July 8, 1868; s. of Arda-
lissa (Dryer) and Martin Miller.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Leland Stan-
ford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1899.

Married: Margaret, d. of Henry Ross in
Selma (Calif.); ch.: Evelyn Miller Berger.
Prof. Record: Minister since 1893; Bishop
since 1924; now. Bishop of the Methodist
Church, Oakland (Calif.).
Publications: Problems of the Town Church,
1898; Interesting Manila, 1905; Paulino, 1906;
Life Efficient, 1913; Prowling About Panama,
1917; Transformation (Spanish), 1920; Viva
Sonriendo, 1921; Que Predicar, 1922; Dear
Family, 1924; Restlessness and Reality, 1925;
Missionary Moral, 1926; They That Hunger
and Thirst, 1927; Peggy Ann in Latin Amer-
ica, 1928; Vale La Pena Vivir, 1930.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Making moving picture stories.
Bus. Address: 2352 Broadway, Oakland, Calif.
Home Address: 1556 Broadway, Oakland,
Calif. *

MILLER. Howard A., B.S.

Manager, Agricultural Department, Los An-
geles Chamber of Commerce.
Born: Riverside (Calif.), Oct. 8, 1895; s. of
Alma (Innis) and Herman D. Miller.
Education: Public schools, Rushville (Ind.);
Purdue Univ.

Degrees: B.S. (Agriculture), Purdue U., 1917.
Married: Euphrasia, d. of Marie and Victor
MoUe. 1924.

Prof. Record: Ranch Manager, Highland
(Calif.), 1919-20; Asst. Manager, Agricultural
Dept., Los Angeles (Calif.) Chamber of Com-
merce, 1921-33; on leave of absence, Oct.
1933 to April 1934, helping organize Produc-
tion Credit Div. of Farm Credit Administra-
tion; Chief of Credits and Operations and
Asst. Deputy Commissioner Production Credit
Div. of Farm Credit Administration (Wash-
ington, D.C.), (investigating and advising on
agricultural operations and credit in all parts
of the United States), 1934-37. Member,
Calif. Prorate Commission, 1933-34. Man-
ager, Agricultural Dept., Los Angeles Cham-
ber of Commerce, 1937 — .

Publicatio7is : Numerous brochures and articles
on the Agriculture of So. Calif, and Agricul-
tural Credit.

Navy Service: Enlisted, U.S. Naval Reserve,
May 1917; later transferred to Naval Reserve
Flying Corps; commissioned Ensign, Sept.
1917; in charge of Aerial Bombing and Gun-
nery Instruction, Rockaway Station, at end
of war.

Memberships: Beta Theta Pi; Amer. Legion;
F.&A.M, ; University Club (Los Angeles).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, badminton, gardening.
Bus. Address: 1151 So. Broadway, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 2265 Sherwood Rd., San Ma-
rino, Calif.

MILLER. Johnston O.

Vice-President, First National Trust & Sav-
ings Bank, San Diego.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 1, 1887;
s. of Mary E. (Merrill) and Harry L. Miller.
Education: Alameda High School (Calif.).
Married: Leatha, d. of Pete Amacher in San
Diego (Calif.), Aug. 4, 1917; ch.: Harry L.,
II; Mary E.; Harriett.

Prof. Record: Formerly, Asst. Mgr., Nome
Bank & Trust Co. (Alaska), 1906; Vice-Pres.
and Cashier, First Trust & Savings Bank
(San Diego, Calif.), Pres., Bank of So. Calif.
(La Mesa, Calif.); now, Vice-Pres., First Na-
tional Trust & Savings Bank, San Diego,

Directorships: Pres., Mayans, Inc.; Director
and Treasurer: Chamber of Commerce (San
Diego), California Club (San Diego), Visit-
ing Nurses, Inc., Friedericka Home.
Army Record: Commissioned 2nd Lieut.,
A.S.S.R.C, U.S. Army, 1918.
Memberships: Cuyamaca Club; NSGW; Am-
erican Legion, S.D. Post No. 6.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, skeet shooting.
Bus. Address: First National Trust & Sav-
ings Bank, San Diego, Calif.
Home Address: 5302 Palisades Rd., San Diego,
Calif. *

MILLER. Juanita

Poet, Sculptor, Composer.

Born: New York City, d. of C. H. "Joaquin"

Miller and Abbie (Leland), (d. of Major W.

W. Leland, and granddaughter of Judge Eben

Hosmer, (Cleveland, O.).

Education: Loretto Convent; Inst, of Musical

Art; The Sargent Dramatic School (New

York City) ; courses in psychology, Colum-



bill U. (New York). Avvunlcd Cerllflciitc to
teach Music; stucUeci modeling at U. of Cullf.

Pro}. Record: Ha.s written book of poems
about "The Illght.s" which is now In Its 19th
edition. One of her iwrtrait busts of her
father is in .loiuiuln Miller Park; one In
Treasure Island, li):ii) and 1910. Many of her
compositions have been sung at concerts —
also on si)eclal days at Treasure Island (19.'59-
40), ".loaciuin Miller Day," "Poet Laureate
Day," "East Hay Genius Day." Designs <uid
makes patented souvenirs for a shop which
she owns. Is now writing a book on memories
of her famous father.

Publications: Author of The Mights (book of
•^oems), with Juanita of the Woods. Color
Cycle. Season Cycle. Book of songs.
Recreations: Singing, gardening, walking.
Home Address: "The Hights," 3150-3152 Joa-
quin Miller Rd., akland,0 Calif. •

MILLER, Justice Justin,

A.B., LL.B., J.D., D.C.L.

Associate Justice, United States Court of

Born: Crescent City (Calif.), Nov. 17, 1888;
s. of Matilda (Morrison) and Robert Willis

Education: Fourth Street Grammar School,
Santa Rosa (Calif.); High Sch., Santa Rosa
and Hanford (Calif.).

Degrees: A.B., 1911, J.D., 1914, Stanford
Univ.; LL.B., 1913, LL.D., 1941, Univ. of
Mont.; D.C.L., Yale Univ., 1934.
Married: May, d. of Annie (Shore) and
Strong Merrill, at Hanford (Calif.), June 20,
1915; ch.: Jean Marian (Mrs. Edwin Ball
Abbott) and Merrill Justin.
Prof. Record: Admitted to bar: Mont., 1911,
Calif., 1913, Minn., 1924; N.C., 1931, Supreme
Court of U.S., 1934. Asst. in Economics,
1910, in History, 1911, Stanford Univ.; Asst.
Instr. in Law, Univ. of Mont., 1912-13; Instr.
in English, Stanford Univ., 1913-14; Clerk,
law office of McCutcheon, Olney & Willard,
San Francisco (Calif.) 1914; engaged in gen-
eral practice of law in Hanford, Fresno, and
San Francisco (Calif.), 1914-21; Dist. Atty.,
Kings Co. (Calif.), 1915-18; Mem., Harris &
Harris, Fresno (Calif.), 1919; Atty, and Exec.
Officer, Calif. State Commn. of Immigration
and Housing, 1919-21; Lecturer, Univ. of
Calif, (summer), 1921; Prof, of Law, Univ.
of Ore., 1921-23; Ed. -in-Chief, Oregon Law
Review, 1921-23; Prof, of Law, Univ. of
Minn., 1923-26; Secretary, Minnesota State
Crime Commn., 1926; Prof, of Law, Stanford
Univ. (summer), 1926, Univ. of Calif., 1926-
27; Dean, Sch. of Law, Univ. of So. Calif.,
1927-30; Mem., Calif. Crime Comm., 1927-
30; Visiting Prof, of Law, Columbia Univ.
(summer), 1929; Dean, Sch. of Law, Duke
Univ., 1930-35; Mem., Amer. Bar Assn.
(Chmn. Section of Criminal Law, 1927-37);
Amer. Law Inst. (Life Mem.), (Chmn., Ad-
visory Com., Criminal Justice) ; Pres., So.
Calif. Acad. Criminology, 1929; Pres., Calif.
Conf. Social Work, 1929-30; Mem., Bd. of
Dirs., Natl. Probation Assn., 1929-30 (Vice-
Pres., 1930-36) ; Chmn., Com. on survey of
criminal law and procedure, Assn. of Amer.
Law Schs., 1925-33; (Chmn., Round Table
on Remedies, 1925, 1926, Round Table on
Wrongs, 1932) ; Chmn., Com. on cooperation
with law schs. of Natl. Assn. Legal Aid
Orgns., 1930; Mem., Human Betterment
Foundation (Vice-Pres., 1930-32) ; Hon. Mem.,
Internat. Assn. of Chiefs of Police; Amer.

Judicature Soc. (Vlce-Pres., 19.'{2) ; Pres.,
N.C. Conf. of .Soc. Service, 19:53-34; Spl.
A.sst. to Atty. Gen. of U.S., 19.34-36; Chmn..
Atty. (Jen.'s Advisory Com. on Crime, 1935-
37; P'ederal Bar A.ssn. (I'res., 19:55-37); Vlce-
Chmn., Govt. Dlv. Com. Chest, Washington,
D.C., 19:5o-37; Mem., U.S. Bd. of Tax Appeals,
19:57; Asso. Justice, U.S. Ct. of Appeals since

Publications: Miller on Criminal Law, 19.34;
Contbr. to legal and other periodicals.
Army Service: Served as Pvt. on Me.\. Border,
California National Guard, U.S. Army, 1916.
Memberships: Order of the Coif; Phi Beta
Kappa (Chmn., Western Div., 1929-.30) ; Delta
Chi; Delta Sigma Rho; Alpha Pi Zeta; Phi
Delta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma, Alpha;
Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Sigma
Nu Phi; Calif. State Society of Wasliington,
D.C. (Pres., 1939-1941); Stanford Club of
Washington, D.C. (Vice-Pres., 1940).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Writing opinions.
Bus. Address: United States Court of Ap-
peals, Washington, D.C.

Home Address: 550 Paseo Miramar, Los An-
geles, Calif. Wardman Park Hotel, Wash-
ington, D.C. *

MILLER. Lilian May. A.B.

Artist: Woodblock Printer; Lecturer.
Born: American Legation, Tokyo (Japan),
July 20, 1895; d. of Lily (Murray) and the
Hon. Ransford Stevens Miller (Consul Gen-
eral of the United States).
Education: The American School, Tokyo
(Japan) ; Western High School, Washington,
D.C; Vassal College.
Degrees: A.B., Vassar, 1917.
Prof. Record: Only Western artist to have
had complete training in the classical KanO
style of painting; studied in Japan, China
and Korea; began at age of 9 under famous
Court Painter to the Emperor Meiji; exhib-
ited in Imperial Salon (Japan), at age of 12.
One-man shows in all important cities of the
Orient. In 1920 submitted painting in com-
petition with several hundred Japanese artists
in Tokyo Exhibition and was awarded
"Golden Scroll of Merit" denoting first place.
From 1920 on devoted time mainly to making
woodblock prints by old Japanese method.
Prints purchased by: British Museum, Smith-
sonian Institute, Chicago Art Institute, Seat-
tle Art Institute, etc. One-man print shows
throughout leading cities of the U.S. Now
using oriental technique to interpret scenes
of Calif., including redwoods. Active ex-
hibitionist, lecturer and personal demonstrator
in oriental technique (both in painting and in
woodblock prints), before clubs and institu-
tions of San Francisco and So. California.

Publications: Book of poems (with own illus-
trations), Grass Blades From a Cinnamon
Garden (The Japan Advertiser Press, Tokyo,
Japan). Poems and articles in Asia Maga-
zine, and various publications of the Far East,
including: Tokyo, Seoul, Peking, etc.
Government Service: Dept. of State, Wash-
ington, D.C, one year; Colonel House In-
quiry Commission, one year; Chancellory of
the American Embassy, Tokyo (Japan), one

Memberships: National League of American
Pen Women; Calif. Society of Mayflower De-
scendants; Amer. Federation of Arts.



Religion: Episcopal.

Recreations: Mountain climbing; bird and
game shooting; swimming.
Bus. Address: c /o Gump's, 250 Post St., San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address, 2901 Pacific Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

MILLER, Professor Loye Holmes,

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
Professor of Biology and Chairman of Life
Sciences Group, Univ. of Calif. (Los An-
geles) .

Born: Mlnden (La.), Oct. 13, 1874; s. of
Cora (Holmes) and Geo. Miller.
Education: Grammar schools and high school
(Riverside, Calif.); U. of Calif. (Berlceley).
Degrees: B.S., 1898, M.S., 1904, Ph.D., 1912,
U. of Calif.

Married: Anne Lucia, d. of Alice E. and
Elmer Wallace Holmes, at Riverside (Calif.),
Aug. 1, 1901; ch.: Alden H.; Holmes O.
Prof. Record: Instr., Nat. Sciences, Oahu Col-
lege (Honolulu, Hawaii), 1899-1903; Teacher,
Biology, Calif. State Normal School (Los
Angeles), 1904-19; Prof, of Biology, Chair-
man of Life Sciences Group, U. of Calif.
(Los Angeles), 1919 — . Field Naturalist,
U.S. Biological Survey Adult Education Lec-
turer, U.S. Nat. Park Service; Extension Lec-
turer, U. of Calif. Extension Div.; field work
in Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, and Western
U.S.A. Former Pres., Bd. of Dirs., Cooper
Ornithological Club; Former Vice-Pres., Pa-
leontological Soc. of America.
Publications: Scientific papers on birds, mam-
mals and reptiles, living and extinct (about
100 titles).

Army Service: Lieut. Colonel, Citizens' Re-

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Ornithologists
Union; Honorary Member, Cooper Ornitholo-
gists Club; Fellow, Amer. Assn. Advance-
ment of Science; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi.
Religion: Congregational.

Recreations: Swimming, camping, music, shop

Bus. Address: Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of
California, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 10333 Louisiana Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

MILLER, Marie De Coito


Born: Hawaii, d. of Rose (De Souza) and
M. V. De Coito.
Education: Schools in Hawaii.
Married: E. E. Miller, s. of Leah Jane Smith,
in Oregon; ch. : Luther E.; Presley O.
Prof. Record: Designer and couturier (San
Francisco), for 20 years. Designer (Hono-
lulu, T.H.), 5 years; Designer (Hollywood,
Calif.), for past 3 yrs. and at present time.
Religion: Christian Science.
Bus. Address: 8502 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood,

Home Address: 1133 Cory, Beverly Hills,

MILLER, May Merrill


Born: Hanford (Calif.), Sept. 19, 1894; d. of

Annie (Shore) and Strong Merrill.

Education: Ilanford Union High School; Univ.
of Calif.; Univ. of Minnesota; Duke Univ.;
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Middlebury
College (Vermont).

Married: Justin Miller, Assoc. Justice, United
States Court of Appeals; ch. : Jean (Miller)
Abbott (Atlanta, Georgia) ; Merrill Justin,
(Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles).
Prof. Record: Author of California historical
novel. First the Blade (published by Alfred
A. Knopf), 1938.

Memberships: Woman's National Democratic
(Washington, D.C.), Phi Mu, DAR, Calif.
Historical Soc, Calif. State Soc. of Washing-
ton (D.C.), Univ. of Calif. Alumni Assn.
(Washington, D.C.), Alpha Chapter Phi Delta
Delta (Patroness), Univ. of So. Calif., 1927-

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming and gardening.

Bus. Address: c /o Curtis Brown Ltd., 347

Madison Ave., New York City.

Home Address: 550 Paseo Miramar, Los An-
geles, Calif., and Wardman Park Hotel,
Washington, D.C. *



Born: Traverse City (Mich.), Feb. 9, 1901; s.
of Bessie (Adams) and Wesley Miller.
Education: Univ. of Washington.
Married: Margaret, d. of J. W. Ripley in La
Jolla (Calif.), Aug. 28, 1928.
Prof. Record: Author of the following books:
/ Cover the Waterfront, He Went Away For
Awhile, The Beginning of a Mortal, The Sec-
ond House From the Corner, The Man on the
Barge, The Great Trek, For the Sake of
Shadows, Fog and Men on Bering Sea, Mexico
Around Me, A Stranger Came to Port, Har-
bor of the Sun, Reno.

Navy Record: U.S. Navy for 18 months dur-
ing World War I.

Memberships: Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Frat.),

Univ. of Washington.

Home Address: La Jolla, Calif.

MILLER, Nathan Harry, A.B.

Lawyer; Assistant District Attorney of Ala-
meda County.

Born: Minsk (Russia), Jan. 14, 1898; s. of
Eva (Israel) and Herman Miller.
Education: Omaha Public Schools, Univ. of
Neb.; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1923.

Married: Edith E., d. of Louis Levy in Riga
(Russia), May 22, 1901; ch.: Donald G. and
Stanley L.

Prof. Record: Engaged in private practice of
law, 1925-27; Deputy District Attorney and
private practice, 1927-40; Asst. District At-
torney of Alameda County, la40 — .
Memberships: Masonic Lodge, Oakland Scot-
tish Rite, Oakland Lodge B'nai B'rith; Athens
Athletic Club.
Religion: Hebrew.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, camping and fishing.
Bus. Address: Court House, Oakland, Calif.
Home Address: 889 Walker Ave., Oakland,



MILLER, Newton.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., M.D.

Physician and Sui-Roon.

Barn: Sharptovvn (Ind.). Mar. 20, 1S70; s. of

Sarah E. (MminR) and .lohn Miller.

Education: High School (Thornton, Ind.),

1901: Ind. Univ.; Clark Univ.; Univ. of


Degrees: A.B.. 1005. M.A., 1906, Indiana
Univ.; Ph.D., Chirk Univ., 1908; M.D., Rush
Univ. of ChicaRo, 1924.

Married: Barbara Elizabeth, d. of Lorenz
Roethlein in Boston (Mass.), Dec. 20, 1911;
ch.: Ralph Newton.

P'-of. Record: Collected fishes in Guatemala
lor Ind. Univ., 1905; taught biologv in East
Waterloo High School (Iowa), 1905-0(5; Instr.
in Zoology, Clark College, 1908-11; Instr. In
Zoology, Ind. Univ. summers of 1911, 1912,
1913, 1914; Asst. Prof, in Zoology, Clark
College and Lecturer in Heredity and Eu-
genics. Clark Univ., 1911-12; Honorary Fel-
low, Clark Univ., 1908-12; Prof, of Biologv.
Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 1912-15;
Prof, of Zoology, Univ. of Utah, 1915-19;
Prof, of Microscopic Anatomy, School of
Medicine, Univ. of Utah, 1919-27; Interne,
Salt Lake Co. General Hospital, Sept., 1923-
Nov., 1924; Resident Surgeon, Salt Lake
Co. General Hospital, Nov. 1924-July 1925;
House Physician in Charge of Out Patient
Dept., S.L.C. Gen. Hosp., July-December 31,
1925; Practicing Physician and Surgeon
(Porterville, Calif.), since 1927; Pres. of
Tulare County Medical Soc, 1939; Local
Physician, So. Calif. Edison Co., Santa Fe
Coast Lines and Union Oil Co.
Publications: The Fishes of the Motagua
River, Guatemala (Bull. Amer. Nat. History),
1906, Biology of the American Toad, 1909,
Reproduction of the Brown Rat, 1911 (Amer.
Nat.); A Method of Handling Chick Embryos
(Anatomical Record), 1911; Inheritance of a
White Forelock (Journal of Heredity), 1915;
Anastomoses of Arteries and Veins in a
Cat (Anatomical Record), 1917; Minor Art-
icles in Science and Birdlore. Gummata of
the Heart (Journal Chicago Pathologist Soc),
1922; Thirteen Year Old Trichinellae (Calif,

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