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Sales and Pub. Acct., 1939-40 (all in Eureka);
Co. Clerk of Humboldt Co. (by apptmt. of the
Bd. of Suprs.) since July 3, 1940.
Directorships: Sch. Dir., Eureka City Schs.;
Treas., Redwood Area Council, Boy Scouts of
Amer. ; Clerk, Bd. of Suprs. ; Clerk, Ex-Offi-
cio, Superior Court (Humboldt Co.).
Memberships: Kiwanis (Eureka); City Recre-
ation Comm.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing.
Bus. Address: Court House, Eureka, Calif.
Home Address: 225 Grant Ave., Eureka,
Calif. *

MOORE. The Reverend Glenn War-
ner. A.B., B.D., D.D.

Clergyman; Exec. Secy., Presbytery of LUs

Born: Missoula (Mont.), Jan. 19, 1901; s. of
Lottie Robbins (Warner) and Ralph Lester

Education: Occidental Coll. (Los Angeles);
San Francisco Theological Seminary.
Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1923; B.D.,
San Francisco Theol. Sem., 1926; D.D., Occi-
dental Coll., 1937.

Married: Mary E., d. of Maud and Fred
Sharp, in Los Angeles, June 16, 1925; ch.:
Robert Bruce, and Marilyn.
Prof. Record: Pastor, First Presbv. Ch. (Val-
lejo. Calif.), 1926-30; Univ. Pastor, So.
Calif., Presby. Bd. of Christian Edn,, 1930-35;
Exec. Secy., Los Angeles Presbytery, Presby.
Ch., U.S.A., since 1935.

Directorships: So. Calif. Presby. Foundation;
Univ. Religious Conf.; Calif. Ch. Council.
Memberships: University Club (Los Angeles).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Presbytery of Los Angeles, 311
So. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 6521 W. Fifth St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

MOORE, J(ames) Ross,

A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P.


Born: Girard (Erie Co., Pa.), Dec. 29, 1873;

s. of Sarah A. (Dlnsmore) and William Reed


Education: Wabash College; Indiana Univ.,

School of Medicine; Western Reserve Univ.;

studied In Europe.

Degrees: A.B., Wabash Coll., 1896, and M.D.,
Western Reserve Univ., 1900.
Married: Zola A. Bailey, ot Crawfordsvllle
(Ind.), Aug. 18, 1904.

Prof. Record: Studied under Dr. J. W. Marsee
at Indianapolis (Ind,), also In Hosp. Corps of
Ind. Regis, during early part Spanish-Amer.
War; Resident Pathologist (Cleveland City
Hosp.), 1900-01; moved to Los Angeles, 1903;
specialist in nervous and mental diseases
since 1909, particularly in prevention of In-
sanity and nervous diseases; developed an
out-patient clinic in Los Angeles under con-
trol bf the Univ. of Calif.
Ar?ny Record: Commd. Major, Med. R.C.,
Sept. 12, 1917; assigned to special work in
nervous and mental diseases in several army
camps in U.S.; 10 months in France as Div.
Psychiatrist, 1st Depot Div., and in charge of
officer's wards (neurol.). Base Hosp. 214;
discharged Feb. 1919.

Memberships: State Insanity Comn.; Amer.
Med .Assn.; Med. Soc, State of Calif.; Calif.
Psychopathic Soc; Los Angeles Co. Med. Soc;
Los Angeles Clin, and Pathol. Soc. (Ex-
Pres.); Fellow Amer. Coll. Physicians; Uni-
versity Club.

Bus. Address: 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 523 Lucerne Blvd., Los Ange-
les, Calif. •

MOORE. Joseph Haines,

A.B., Ph.D., F.R.A.S., F.A.A.A.S.
Asst. Dir. and Astron., The Lick Observatory.
Born: Wilmington (Ohio), Sept. 7, 1878; s. of
Mary Ann (Haines) and John Haines Moore.
Education: Wilmington Coll.; Johns Hopkins

Degrees: A.B., Wilmington Coll., 1897; Ph.D.,
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1903.
Married: Fredrica, d. of Mary Ann and
David C. Chase, in Payette (Idaho), June 12,
1897; ch.: (Mrs.) Mary Kathryn Gates; Mar-
garet Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Joined the staff of the Lick
Observatory in 1903, as Asst., later was pro-
moted to Asst. Astron., Asso. Astron., Astron.
and Asst. Dir. From 1909 to 1913, was the
Acting Astron. in charge of the D. O. Mills
Expedn. to Chile; has been a Mem. of five
Lick Observ. Eclipse Expedns.
Publications: Radical Velocities of the Gaseous
Nebulae (with W. W. Campbell). 1928; The
Radical Velocities of Stars, Nebulae, and
Clusters, 1932; also numerous papers in
astron. journals.

Memberships: Natl. Acad, of Sciences; Amer.
Astron. Soc; Astronl. Soc of the Pacific;
Comn. 30 of the Internat. Astrtin. Union;
Fellow, Royal Astron. Soc; Calif. Acad, of
Sciences; Amer. Assn. for the Advancement
of Science.

Religion: Society of Friends (Quaker).
Politics: Republican.



Bus. Address: Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamil-
ton, Calif.
Home Address: Mt. Hamilton, Calif.

MOORE. (Mrs.) Lucelia Miller, A.B.
Educator; Vice-Pres., Amer. Soc. for the
Hard of Hearing.

Born: Eagle Grove (Iowa), Jan. 6, 1892; d. of
Sarah Loella (Brown) and Homer Allen

Education: Vassar Coll.; U. of So. Calif,
graduate work for a Master of Science De-
gree; studied in Munich (Germany); Normal at Nitchie Schl. of Lip Reading (N.Y.
City) ; Case Schl. of Lip Reading (L.A.)
Degrees: A.B., Vassar Coll., 1916; working
for M.S. at Univ. of So. Calif., 1941.
Married: Herbert James, s. of Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Moore (deceased), Ilfracombe (Eng-
land), Nov. 29, 1919; ch. : Janet Lucelia.
Prof. Record: Founded the Hard of Hearing
Societies and Schls. of Lip Reading in Des
Moines (Iowa) and Beverly Hills (Calif.);
also Beverly Breakfast Club of So. Calif. Has
been Vice-Pres. of the Pac. Zone of the Amer.
Soc, since 1938; introduced the use of motion
pictures for the development of lip reading
vocabulary and founded service clinics for
the hard of hearing under the direction of
Dr. B. V. Morkovin, .Dept. of Psychology,
U. of So. Calif.

Clubs: (Life Mem.) Town and Gown, Univer-
sity (Beverly Hills), Vassar Clubs; Soc. for
the Hard of Hearing (Beverly Hills).
Religion: Bapist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hiking, ice-skating, winter

Bus. and Home Address: 519 No. Elm Dr.,
Beverly Hills, Calif.

MOORE, Professor Mary Carr, Mus.D.

Composer; Prof, of Theoretical Music Sub-
jects, Chapman Coll.

Born: Memphis (Tenn.), Aug. 6, 1873; d. of
Sarah (Pratt) and Col. Byron O. Carr.
Education: Received most of her edu. from
tutors, governesses, and her mother; two and
one-half yrs. public edn. : one term at Vine-
land Dist. Sch. (Napa Co.); two mos., Arm-
strong Acad. (St. Helena) ; one yr., Miss
Darling's Sem. (Napa); Miss Chase (Santa
Rosa), six mos. for theory; Prof. J. H. Pratt
(uncle) ; H. B. Pasmore, voice.
Degrees: Mus.D., 1936, conferred by Chap-
man Coll. (Los Angeles).

Married: Dr. J. C, s. of Amanda (Jordan)
and J. VV. Moore, at Lemoore (Calif.), Feb.
15, 1898; ch.: Capt. B.C. (Am. Airlines);
(Mrs.) Marian Hudson, and Dr. John Wesley
(Phys., Quincy, Calif.).

Musical Record: Started music career early;
sang in concert, church, and operatic per-
formances; sang leading role in her own first
opera. The Oracle (three-act light opera),
(San Francisco), Mar. 11, 1894. Said by Ed-
ward Elsworth Hipsher in American Opera
and Its Composers to be the "first woman to
compose, score, and conduct grand opera,"
Narcissa (four-act grand opera based on
lives of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman) pre-
miere in Seattle, 1912, which had fourteen
performances, then and later, conducted by
the composer. Has composed more than 300

separate songs, works for orchestra, choral
works, piano, violin, and other instruments,
many chamber music works, etc.; has over
sixty published works besides many now out
of print, Narcissa and David Rizzio being
the two operas which are published; has con-
ducted with orchestras of symphonic players
more than fifty performances of her own
works. In 1928, founded the Mary Carr Moore
Mss. Club. Her career as a Composer has
not kept her from passing on her great fund
of musical knowledge as a Teacher and Prof. ;
has been Head of Music Theory, Olga Steeb
Piano Sch. since 1926, and Prof, of Theor-
etical Music Subjects at Chapman Coll. since

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Soc. of Native
Amer. Composers (Natl.).
Awards: David Bispham Memorial Medal for
Amer. Grand Opera.

Memberships: Calif. Chapter, Dames of the
Loyal Legion, Daughters of the Union; The
McDowell (Hon. Mem. for Life), Euterpe
Opera Reading, Matinee Musical, Schubert,
Poetry-Music; P.E.O. Sisterhood; National
League Amer. Penwomen (four times first
prize winner); (Hon. Mem.), Calif. Soc. of
Comp. and Authors, etc.; Phi Beta (Music
Honor Soc).
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Composing more music
Bms. Address: Chapman Coll., 776 No. Ver-
mont, Los Angeles, Calif., and Olga Steeb
Piano School, 3839 Wilshire Blvd., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 4037 Leeward Ave., Los Ange-
les, Calif. *

MOORE, Pryor

Violinist, Musical Director.
Born: New Mexico, Jan. 2, 1892; s. of M.
Belle (Higbee) and Robert A. Moore.
Education: Polytechnic High School (Los An-

Married: Virginia, d. of Cyrus Boos, in Los
Angeles (Calif.), Dec. 11, 1917; ch.: Robert.
Prof. Record: Managed and controlled own
orchestras in So. Calif, for many years;
Leader and Musical Director at KFI and
KECA for five and one-half years; Musical
Contractor at Biltmore Theatre; conducts
own ensemble at Schaber's Cafeteria every
evening and is a member of the Los Angeles
Philharmonic Orchestra.

Navy Record: Musician in Navy during World
War I; honorable discharge from Submarine
Base (San Pedro, Calif.), Jan. 1918.
Memberships: Mason.
Recreations: (3olf; bridge; home movies.
Bus. Address: 620 So. Broadway, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 475 So. Bedford Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

MOORE, Robert Thomas, A.B., M.A.

Born: Haddonfield (N.J.), June 24, 1882; s.
of Mary J. (Smith) and Henry Dyer Moore.
Education: Univ. of Pa.; Harvard Univ.;
Grad. study, Univ. of Munich.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1903; M.A.,
Harvard Univ., 1904.



;i/(irri((/.- (1) Solm.i Helena Muller, Dec. 'S2.
15H);t; eh.: Terris. Karlene. V2> Margarol
Forbes Cleaves, June 17, \92'2; ch.: Marllynn
and VVaddell Austin, Paul Austin (step-chil-

Prof. Record: Editor. Cnnnima, official Publ.,
Del. Valley Ornlthol. Club, 1911-16; Zool-
ogist, Former IJreeder of silver black fo.xes,
Borestone Mountain Fox Ranch (Onawa,
Me.), 1915-.30, Western business Incorp.,
192.i as lilK Bear Fox Ranch of Calif.; Asst.
in Dcpt. Vertebrate Zoology, Calif. Inst.
Tech., 1929, now Assoc. In Vertebrate Zool-
ogy; Founder of Wor,.i's First Nat. Silver
Fo.x Show (Boston), 1919. Leader of Ornithol-
Expdn. to Ecuador, 1927, Zool. Expdn. to So.
Ecuadbr, 1929 (made first successful ascent
of Mt. Sangai, active volcano) ; large Zool.
collection from hitherto unexplored regions;
Zool. species new to science. Formerly Vice-
Pres., Moore Securities Co. (Philadelphia);
Pres., Big Bear Fox Ranching Co. until 1928;
Dir., Guanajuato Reduction and Mines Co.,
Empire Lumber Co. Leader of expdn. to Mex-
ico for Calif. Inst. Tech., 1933, '34, '36, '37,
'38 (secured many birds new to science);
Chmn., 1934-38, Galapagos Com. of Interna-
tional Committee for Wild Life Protection
which was instrumental in having a large
part of Galapagos Archipelago set aside by
Ecaudor as sanctuary for Zool. life.
Publicatiojis: Contrb. to publications on zool-
ogy, breeding and exploration.
Memberships: Fellow Royal Geog. Soc. (Lon-
don); Amer. Geog. Soc; Amer. Com. for
Internat. Wild Life Protection; Acad. Natural
Sciences; Amer. Ornithol. Union (Fellow and
Member of Council) ; Amer. Nat. Fox Breed-
ers' Assn. (Bd. (^vs. and First Hon. Pres.);
Amer. Fox Breeders' Assn. (Bd. Govs.); Phi
Beta Kappa; Soc. Mayflower Descendants;
John Howland Descendants; Univ. (Los Ange-
les) ; Orpheus (Philadelphia) ; Cooper (Los
Angeles (President and Member of Board of
(^vernors) ; Flintridge Country (Pasadena) ;
E.xplorers (N.Y.) ; Cosmos (Washington).
Religion: Presbyterian.

Home Address: Borestone Mountain, Onawa,

Other Address: "Sunny Gables," Flintridge,
Pasadena, Calif, (winter) .

MOORE. Roy Webb, B.S.

Mining Engineer; Mgr., Cactus Mines Co.
Born: Topeka (Kans.), May 20, 1884; s. of
Annie John (Perkins) and Milton Randolph

Education: Univ. of Ariz. (Tucson, Ariz.).

Degrees: B.S. in Mining Engrg., Univ. of
Ariz., 1906.

Married: Ruby C. Childs, in Chicago (HI.),
June 1, 1910; ch.: Charlotte C, Annie-Paul-
ine, and Royda C.

Prof. Record: Various connections in the min-
ing profession in Mex., Ariz., Tex., and Nev.
until 1919; Gen. Supt., and then Gen. Mgr.,
United Eastern Mining Co., 1920-32; Mine
Examinations, 1930-35; Mining Engr., with
Harvey S. Mudd, and Mgr., Cactus Mines
Co., since 1936.

Directorships: Dir., Cactus Mines Co. and
Desert Silver, Inc.

Memberships: Delta Tau Delta.
Religion : Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

nun. AddrPHH: Pacific Mutual BIdg., \jcm An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1446 VVaverly Rd., .San Ma-
rino, Calif.

MORA, Jo(seph Jacinto)

.Sculptur. Painter.

Horn: Montevideo (Uruguay), Oct. 22, 1876;
s. of Laura (Galllard) and Domingo Mora.
Education: AUston (Mass.); Pingry Acad.
(N.J.); studied art at Art Students' League
and Chase's School (N.Y.) and Cowles Art
School (Boston).

Married: Grace Alma Needham, Jan. 6, 1907;
ch.: Joseph Needham and Grace Patricia.
Prof. Record: Employed as artist for Boston
Traveler, 1897; Boston Herald until 1900; left
newspaper work to get out books for Dana
Estes & Co. ; traveled in west and southwest,
making ethnol. studies of Hopi and Navajo
Indians, 1903-07; devoted exclusively to sculp-
turing since 1911; Mem., International Jury
Award, Panama Expn., 1915; Illustrator:
Laura E. Richards' Hurdy Gurdy. 1902; Ani-
mal Football Calendar for 1903. Executed
monument to Cervantes (Golden Gate Park,
San Francisco) ; 8 heroic figures. Realty
Syndicate Bldg. (Los Angeles); Architectural
Sculpture for Portland (Ore.) Post Office and
Court House; Archbishop Reardon Memorial,
K.C. Hall and Bret Harte Memorial; Bohe-
mian Club (San Francisco) ; Doughboy Monu-
ment (San Rafael, Calif.) ; Serra Sarcopha-
gus, San Carlbs Mission (Carmel. Calif.);
heroic pediment. San Francisco Stock Ex-
change; heroic figures, Scottish Rite Temple
(San Jose. Calif.); heroic pediment group,
Don Lee Bldg. (San Francisco) and Pac.
Mutual Bldg. (Los Angeles) ; Federal 50-
cent Piece, Calif. Diamond Jubilee; 4 heroic
bronzes for Marland Estate (Ponca City,
Okla.); stone sculptural work f\jr home of
Earle C. Anthony (Los Angeles); sculpture
and memorial fountain. Courthouse (Salinas,
Calif.); sculpture of Auditorium (King City,
Calif.); murals for Hotel Canterbury, and
Fable Room, Drake- Wiltshire Hotel (San
Francisco) ; 100-foot diorama, The Portola
Expdn. (Golden Gate Intnl. Expn.), 1939;
triple equestrian group (half life), La Novia,
Hotel Del Monte (Calif.); nine Biographical
Dioramas for Will Rogers Memorial (Clare-
more, Okla.), 1941.

Publications: Author and Illustrator: The
Animals of Aesop, 1900; wrote, Animaldom
in Boston Suyiday Herald and its syndicate
associates, 1907: Editor and Illustrator: Reyn-
ard the Fox, 1901; Andersen's Fairy Tales,
1902; Author of the Jo Mora Maps.
Army Record: Enlisted in Armv, 1918. F.A.C.
O.T.S., Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky.; Commnd.
Major of Field Artillery, O.R.C.
Memberships: Natl. Sculpture Soc, Bohemian
and Family Clubs.
Home Address: Pebble Beach, Calif. *

MORDECAI. George. A.B.

Lawyer, District Atty. of Madera Co.
Born: Fresno Co. (Calif.), Sept. 15, 1877;
s. of Louise H. (Dixon) and (3eorge W. Mor-
decai, Jr.

Education: Public schs. of Madera; grad.
from Leland Stanford Univ., 1901.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1901.
Married: Violet (Hodgkin) Anderson, d. of
Wilfred Houghton Hodgkin, in Yuma (Ariz.),
Dec. 16, 1932.



Pro/ Record: Practiced law in Madera
(Calif.), 1904 to 1910; Asso., law firm of
Gavin McNab (San Francisco), 1910-13;
Council, Kev Route System and Oakland Rys.,
1913-15; practiced law in Madera since 1917.
Has been successively, Dir., Chmn. Bd. of
Dirs., Mgr., Madera Irrign. Dist., 1924-34;
Dist. Atty., Madera Co. since 1935.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Court House, Madera, Calif.
Home Address: Madera Ave., Madera. Calif.

MOREMEN, Raymond. A.B., M.S.M.

Lecturer in Music, Univ. of Calif., Los An-

Born: St. Joseph (Mo.), May 19, 1900; s. of
Flora and Achilles Moremen.
Education: Public schs. (Upland and Ontario,
Calif.); Pomona Coll.; Sch. of Church Music,
Union Theol. Sem., Sch. of Ch. Music.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1921; M.S.M.,
Union Theol. Sem., Sch. of Ch. Music
Married: Alice, d. of Ila (Gaskill) and Wil-
liam Northrup, in Pomona Coll., June 16,
1925; ch.: William and Helen.
Memberships: Choral Conductors Guild; So.
Calif. Vocal Assn; Phi Mu Alpha, Mu Phi
Epsilon (both honorary).
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Hiking.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Hoine Address: 135 So. Carmelina, W. Los
Angeles, Calif.

MORGAN, Ann Elizabeth, B.S., M.S.
Writer, Lecturer; Visual Education Adviser,
Los Angeles Board of Education, Adult Divi-

Born: Philadelphia (Pa.), July 20, 1903; d.
of Elizabeth Savage (McKenna) and P. T.

Education: Brooklyn (N.Y.), London, Ger-
many, France, Ireland, Scotland, Philadel-
phia, State ■ College (Pa.), Cornell Univ.,
(N.Y.), Univ. of So. Calif., Oglethorpe Univ.,
Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: B.S., M.S., Pa. State College.
Married: Harold E. (Olympic Hurdler), s. of
William Barron in Crescent Beach (Long
Island Sound, Conn.), Aug. 29, 1921; ch.:
Harold Morgan Joe Barron.
Prof. Record: Sociologist at Sleighton Farms
(Pa. State Reform, for Girls), 1921, Conn.
State Farm for Women, 1921; English Teach-
er, Doylestown High School, 1922; Story
Teller, Camp Namaschaug, New Hampshire,
and Camp Marist, North Georgia, summer,
1921-29; Tutor for Cornell Univ., 1923-25;
Advisor to Students and Tutor, Georgia Tech.
and Oglethorpe, 1915-29; Shakespearean Lec-
turer and National Speaker on Political Sci-
ence under National Management, 1927 — ;
Tutor in English and Drama, Univ. Arizona,
1929-30; Little Theatre Critic, 1930—; Trans-
lator and Scenarist for Major Hollywood Stu-
dios, 1930 — ; Supervisor Visual Edn., State
Dept. of Edn. of Calif.; Creative Writing,
Film and Public Speaking Instr. for Los An-
geles Board of Edn., 1932—; Accredited Pho-
toplay Instr. at Univ. of Calif, and Univ.
of So. Calif.; Instr. (Certified) for Univ. of
So. Calif., and Board of Edn. (Calif., Oregon,
Washington, N.Y., Conn., Mass., Pa., Ga.).

Directorships: Film Adviser of Visual Edn.,
Adult Div. (Calif.), Calif. State Dept. of
Edn ; As.soc. Editor, Hollywood Spectator;
Honorary Chmn. of Creative Writer's Guild
(Hollywood, Calif.).

Publications: Has written numerous feature
articles for New York World, Atlanta Consti-
tution, Augusta Bulletin, Union Signal. Hol-
lywood Spectator, Hollywood Reporter, and
college periodicals. Author of: Call to Arms
(Graphic Press), 1932; Screenplay, Eli Whit-
ney The First Woman Doctor, and Millions
Like Us (Hollywood Films), 1940. Also wrote
Life of Queen Victoria.

War Record: Only woman licensed to operate
tanks in U.S., at Pa. State College during
World War I; was student at Training Corps,
U.S. Army, Pa., Capt. in U.S. Land Army.
Memberships: Calif. Adult Teachers and Edu-
cators; Los Angeles Peace Officers; Creative
Screen Writers Guild; Los Angeles Adult
Assn.; Pa. State Alumni; Studio Press;
Riverside Drive Breakfast Club.
Honorary Memberships: Amer. Legion, Hon.
Fire Battl. Chief of Los Angeles, Hon. Peace
Officer of Los Angeles; Police and Fire Pen-
sion Commissioner on Board of Sixteen Mil-
lion Dollar Fund; Welfare Badge by Widows
and Orphans of Fire Dept. of Los Angeles;
Honorary Deputy Sheriff; Assn. Cinema

Religion: Christian.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Golf, ice hockey, bird lore, as-
tronomy, children's playgrounds and research.
Bus. Address: Los Angeles Board of Educa-
tion, Adult Div., State Dept. of Edn., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 6836 W. Odin St., Hollywood,

Other Address: Hollywood Spectator, P.O.
Box 349, No. Hollywood, Calif.

MORGAN, Clinton Emory

Mgr. of Operations, Los Angeles Railway

Born: Elizabethtown (Ind.), Jan. 3, 1882;
s. of Sylviana M. (Snowden) and Sylvester
A. Morgan.

Education: Public Schs.

Married: Pauline Nellie, d. of I. A. George,
in Indianapolis (Ind.), Dec. 24, 1900.
Bus. Record: Auditor and Purchasing Agt.,
Indianapolis and Greenfield Rapid Transit Co.,
1899-1902; Asst. Gen. Mgr. and Asst. to Pres.,
Indianapolis and Eastern Ry. Co., 1902-05;
Supt., Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern
Traction Co., 1905-09; Gen. Mgr., Indianapo-
lis, Crawfordsville & Western Traction Co.,
1909-12; Gen. Supt., Mich. United Traction
Co. and Mich. R.R. Co., 1912-19; Vice-Pres.
and Gen. Mgr., Brooklyn City R.R. Co.,
1919-29; Pres., The Cincinnati Car Corp.,
1929-31, Receiver for same, 1931-32; Trans-
portation Consultant, 1933-36; Mgr. of Opera-
tions, Los Angeles Ry. Corp. since 1936.
Publications: Transit Journal; Bus Trans-
poration (McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., New
York) ; Moss Transportation (Kenfield-Davis,
Chicago, 111.).

Memberships: Electric, Pacific Ry. Clubs;
Mason; Soc. of Automotive Engrs.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and fishing.



Bus. Address: KHiO So. Hroadway, I.,os Ange-
les, Calif.

Homo Address: ,'1711 Northland Dr., Lo.s
Angeles. Calif.

MORGAN, Cosmo Jennings

Literary Counselor.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), April 10, 1898;

s. of Ella (Jennings) and Cosmo Morgan II.

Education: Harvard Military Academy; Eu-

Prof. Record: Studied Industry and literature
in Europe. Employed as Sugar Broker, The
C. B. Jennings Co., San Francisco; Sugar
Broker, Cosmo Morgan Co. (Los Angeles,
Calif.). Retired tu write and was for 2 yrs.
affiliated with the picture studios; Founder
of Fiction Forum; Dir., Literary Counsel
Service; Honorary Member, League of West-
ern Writers; Writers' Round Table; Pres.,
Professional Writers' League; at present ac-
tive as Literary Counselor.

Directorships: Literary Counsel Service (a

Publications: How To Write — Write To Sell.
Army Service: Joined French Army, Feb.,
1917; transferred to U.S. Army, at Paris,
Sept., 1917; at G.H.Q. until Feb., 1918, GA
General Staff, 1918, serving 3 yrs. with
Allied forces; honorably discharged, 1919.
Memberships: Professional Writers' League.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, riding, flying.
Bus. Address: Studio, 730 Silver Lake Blvd.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2244 W. 24th St., Los Ange-
les, Calif. *

MORGAN, Geoffrey F(rancis),

A.B., M.A.
Educator, Lecturer.

Born: London (England), Aug. 8, 1882; s. of
Janet Wilson (Smiles) and Alfred W. Morgan.
Education: Los Angeles public schools; Los
Angeles State Normal School, 1899-1903;
Stanford Univ., 1906-10; Columbia Univ.,

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1910; M.A.,
Columbia U., 1914.

Prof. Record: Teacher in Calif, schools;
Supt. of Schools In Athens (Ohio) ; Prof, of
Education, Ohio U. On lecture platform since
1920; traveled and lectured in every State in
the Union and throughout Canada, making
over 4000 public appearances, discussing
social, political, and economic topics. Assem-
blyman, Calif. State Legislature, 1934-38;
since Jan., 1941, on Public Relations staff of
Douglas Aircraft Co. (Santa Monica, Calif.).
Directorships: Pres., Shoreline Planning Assn.
of Calif., Inc.; Dir., Santa Monica Community
Chest, Salvation Army, Santa Monica Cham-
ber of Commerce, and Welfare Assn.
Publications: More than 20 plays and oper-
ettas for amateurs, including: Tulip Time;
Belle of Bagdad; Sunbonnet Girl; Rose of
the Danube; Don Alonso's Treasure; Croco-
dile Island etc.

Memberships: Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha

Tuu; Rotary, Del Mar Club«; Authors'
League of America; International Lyceum

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, gardening, theatre.

Home Address: 5.'i3 - 23rd St., Santa Monica,


Management Address: Mae Norton, 143M! So.
Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif., and East-
ern: Collins Service, Rochester, N.Y.

MORGAN, (John) Ains worth,

B.S., A.B.. M.A.


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Mar. 13, 1899;
s. of Fanny Babbitt (Ainsworth) and Percy
Tredegar Morgan.

Education: Bellerive (Vevey, Switzerland);
Phillip's Acad. (Exeter, N.H.); Princeton U.;
Oxford U. (Eng.).

Degrees: B.S., Princeton U., 1921; A.B. (Hon-
our Sch. of Eng. Lit.), 1924; and M.A.,
1928, Oxford U.

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 155 of 235)