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Woodruff, Musick, Pinney & Hartke, April,
1927; Faries, Williamson & Musick, Oct. 1,
1931; Musick and Burrell in 1934 and part-

nership has continued to the present. Became
Con. Mgr. and Coun.sel for Pineapple Pro-
ducers Crx)peratlve Assn., 1932, and remained
In that position until 1938, when he was elect-
ed Pres.

Directorships: Chmn., Bd.. Barker Bros, Corp;
Dir., Calif. Bank, Flliorum Corp.. Palos Vcr-
dos Corp., R. .Schlffman Co., p:ast High-
lands Orange Co., La Laguna Ranch Co.,
and Title Insurance and Trust Co.; Trustee,
Univ. of So. Calif.

Army Service: Coast Artillery Training Camp,
Fort Monroe; commissioned 2nd Lieutenant.
C.A.R.C. in 1918.

Memberships : Bohemian (San Francisco),
California, Bel-Air Bay, Bel-Air Country,
Stock Exchange (Los Angeles), The Pacific,
and Oahu Country (Honolulu) Clubs.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: GoU, and fishing.
Bus. Address: Musick and Burrell, Subway
Terminal Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 5370 Los Feliz Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

MUSKAVITCH, Charles Mackalev, B.S.

Dir. of Research in Fine Arts, Dallas Museum
of Fine Arts.

Born: Boston (Mass.), 1901; s. of Princess
Barbara (Yeurksavitch) and Cheslow Mus-

Education: Lafayette, Sch. of the Museum of
Fine Arts (Boston); Fellow, Lietuvos Univer-
sitatas (Kovns, Lithuania) ; Research Dept.,
Fogg Museum (Harvard Univ.)

Degrees: B.S., in Chem., Lafayette, 1925.
Married: Gail Northe (Mildred, d. of Marion
Burck Smith) in Marshall (Tex.), April
17, 1939.

Prof. Record: Research Chem., Dept. of Mid-
dle Amer. Research, Tulane Univ. (New Or-
leans, La.); Research in Egypt and Turkey,
1930-31; Advisor to the Peruvian Govt, for
the Preservation of Antiquities, 1939 — ; now
Lecturer in the Latin- Amer. Inst., Univ. of
Texas; Dir. of Research in Fine Arts, Dallas
Museum of Fine Arts (Texas) ; Conservator,
Edwin Bryant Crocker Gallery (Sacramento,

Awards: III Order Medijieh-Turkey, 1931.

Religion: Russian Orthodo.x.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. and Home Address: Dallas Museum of

Fine Arts( Dallas, Texas.

MUSSATTI. James. A.B., M.A.

General Manager, California State Chamber
of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry.
Born: Spring Valley (111.), Aug. 20, 1900;
s. of Angelina and Anton Mussatti.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1923 and M.A., 1924, Univ.
of So. Calif.

Married: Louise Margaret, d. of Mary Evans
in Los Angeles (Calif.), April 5, 1930; eh.:
David James.

Prof. Record: Lecturer in Amer. Hist., Univ.
of So. Calif., 1922-25; Instr. in Hist., Glen-
dale (Calif.), Union H. S., 1924-25; Instr. in
Hist., Univ. of So. Calif., 1925-27; Editor,
The Taoc Digest, 1927-31; Executive Secy.,
Calif. Taxpayers' Assn., 1931-39; Gen. Mgr.,
Calif., State Chamber of Commerce, Agricul-
ture and Industry.



Publications: Cojistitutionism, 1935; New Deal
Decisions, 1936.

Memberships: Jonathan Club and California
Club of Los Angeles; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi
Delta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi; B. P.O. Elks;
Amer. Hist. Assn.; Abraham Lincoln Assn.;
Amer. Political Science Assn.
Religion : Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Brts. Address: 350 Bush St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 1341 University Ave., Palo
Alto, Calif.

Other Address: 950 Wilshire Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

MUSSELMAN. Harold Zuck, A.B.

Mgr. Athletics, Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Born: Kent (111.), Sept. 9, 1895; s. of Annie
(Zuck) and Melvin L. Musselman.
Education: Cornell Coll. (Mt. Vernon, la.);
summer sch.; Univ. of 111., 1921, 1924, and
1927, and at Univ. of So. Calif., 1929 and

Degrees: A.B., Cornell Coll., 1920.
Married: Besse, d. of Sarah (Sarber) and
John Tallman, in Lanark (111.), Aug. 1,
1922; ch.: Betty Jane.

Prof. Record: Dir. ~ of Athletics, Sterling
(111.) High Sch., 1920-21; Calif. Inst, of
Tech. since 1921, now in the capacity of
Mgr. of Athletics, Asst. Football Coach, and
Varsity Baseball Coach.

Directorships: Pres., So. Calif. Intercollegiate
Conf. of Coaches and Mgrs. Assn.
Army Service: Sgt., 342 Infantry, Sept., 1917
to Aug., 1919.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Sports.

Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 1080 No. Holliston Ave., Pasa-
dena, Cailf. *

MUSSELWHITE. Harry Webster

Newspaperman (retired) ; Former Congress-

Born: Branch County (Mich.), May 23, 1868;
s. of Elida (Case) and Walter Musselwhite.
Education: Schools of Coldwater, Michigan.
Married: (1) Marcia, d. of Marie and Joseph
Mahlke, in Chicago, Feb. 26, 1891 (div. 1901).
(2) Nellie, d. of Emetine and Lyman H.
Austin, in Grand Rapids, June 8, 1910 (dec.
1935); ch.: Gladys (Mrs. Clarence B. Gos-
horn), Helen (Mrs. A. Edward Colcord).
Prof . Record: Learned printer's trade; news-
paper work and advertising, Detroit, Chicago,
St. Louis, 1888-1905; Reporter, Special Writ-
er, City Editor, Sports Editor (Grand Rapids,
Mich.), Herald, 1905-15; Owner, Publisher
and Editor (Manistee, Mich.) Daily News-
Advocate, 1915-28; now Pres. News Publishing
Co. (Manistee, Mich.); Supervisor, Federal
Census (Mich.), 1920-30; Mem. (Vice-Chmn.),
Mich. State Hospital Com., 1927-32; Repre-
sentative in Congress (Ninth Dist. Mich.),
^1933-34 (73rd Congress).
Directorships: Pres.-Treas., News Publishing
Company (Manistee, Mich.)
Memberships: All Masonic bodies and Shrine;

Elks, Eagles, Natl. Press Club (Washington) ;

Press Club of San Francisco.

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Motoring, travel, golf.

Home Address: 214 Chesterton PL, San Mateo,

Calif. •

MYERS, Ethel Frances Barnard, A.B.

Teacher, Poet, Housewife.
Born: Tacoma (Wash.), Dec. 6, 1888; d. of
Cora Lucille (Newman) and Albert Francis

Education: Univ. of Oregon.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Oregon, 1910, held a
fellowship there in the Dept. of Literature
in 1911-12.

Married: Albert S., s. of Rachel (Watson)
and Elvy Myers in Milwaukee (Oregon), Nov.
22, 1913; ch.: Sellwyn L. and Alberta Frances.
Prof. Record: High School Teacher of Latin,
English and Physical Ed. Ontario H.S., 1910-
11, Springfield H.S., 1920-21, Gardiner, 1921-
22, Dayville, 1925-26; Physical Ed. classes
fbr women and girls in the YWCA, 1911-19,
Eugene (all in Oregon).

Publications: Sonnets (Henry Harrison), 1939;
Eros (same), 1939; Frontier, Mag. (Ralph
Benton), 1938-39; Poems published in High
Sch. papers, poetry magazines and two an-

Memberships: Sierra Madre Woman's Club
(Pres. 1937-38, 1938-39) ; Daughters of the
American Revolution; Calif. Federated Wo-
men's Clubs (Mem. Co. Bd., 1939-40, 1940-
41) ; Parent-Teachers Assn.
Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Working with young girls as
Sunday School teacher, Girl Scouts, Camp
Fire Girls; sewing and handicrafts, writing

Home Address: 101 Esperanza Ave., Sierra
Madre, Calif.

MYERS, George Sprague,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.C.A.S., F.A.G.S.,


Ichthyologist; Head Curator of Zoological

Collections, Natural History Museum, and

Professor of Biology, Stanford University.

Born: Jersey City (N.J.), Feb. 2, 1905; s.

of Lily Vale (Sprague) and Harvey Derwood


Education: Public Schools of Jersey City

(N.J.); St. John's Military School (Ossining,

N.Y.); Stanford University.

Degrees: A.B., 1930, M.A. 1931, Ph.D. 1933,

Stanford Univ.

Married: Martha Ruth Frisinger in Decatur

(Indiana), Sept. 25, 1926; ch.: Thomas

Sprague and John William.

Prof. Record: Asst. in Natural Hist. Museum

and Teaching Asst. in Zoology, Stanford Univ.,

1926-32; studied fishes under the late Dr.

David Starr Jordan; appointed Asst. Curator

in charge of the Div. of Fishes, U.S. Natl.

Museum (Smithsonian Inst.), (Washington,

D.C.), in 1933; held this position until he

was appointed Asso. Prof, of Biology and

Head Curator of Zoological Collections in

the Natural History Museum of Stanford

Univ., 1936; advanced to full Professorship,



liKiK; iucompanli'd tho Hancock Vac.
Expedition of liKiH, to study the fislics of
Panama, Cocos Island, tho CalapaKos Islands,
Colombia, Kouador and Peru; authority on the
fislics of North nd South America, Africa and

Pnblicdtions: Asso. Editor, The Aquarium
(pub. by Innes & Sons, Philadelphia), 1932 — ;
Editor, Stdtiford Ichlhyoloqical Bulletin (pub.
Stanford Pre.ssi, lil.iS ; appro.ximalely 200
scientific articles and monographs published
in American, F:uropean and Asiatic Scientific
Journals, mostly on fishes.

Awards: Silver Medal of the Socldtd National
d'Acclimatation de France for work on fishes,

''femherships : Sigma Xi; Wash. Biologists'
Field Club; Fellow of the Calif. Acad, of
Sciences, the Amer. Geographical Soc, The
Amer. Assn. for the Advancement of Science;
Amer. Soc. of Ichthyologists and Herpetolo-
gists (Vice-Pres., 1933) ; SocitHd Zoologique de
France; the Amer. Soc. of Zoologists; Wild-
life Soc. ; Biological Soc. of Wash. ; Fish
Culturists of Maryland (hon. life mem.);
Hudson Co. Aquarium Soc. (hon. mem.)
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Travel, field work.

Bus. Address: Natural History Museum, Stan-
ford University, Calif.

Home Address: 550 Dartmouth St., Palo Alto,

MYERS. Glenn Edwin.

A.B., M.D., F.A.M.A. F.A.P.A.

Psychiatrist; Physician; Medical Director,
Compton Sanitarium.

Born: Attica (Ohio), Feb. 26, 1886; s. of
Eliza E. (Myers) and John T. Myers.
Education: Buchtel College (now Akron Univ.)
(Akron, Ohio), 1902-05 and Indiana Univ.
(Bloomington, Ind.), 1905-09.
Degrees: A.B., Ind. Univ., 1907, and M.D.,
Ind. Univ. School of Medicine, 1909.
Married: Dorothy L. Brown, d. of T. G.
Murphy in Fresno (Calif.); ch.: Donna and

Prof. Record: Interne, Indianapolis City Hos-
pital, 1909-10; Eastern Ind. State Hospital
(Richmond, Ind.). 1910-11; Jr. Phys., Man-
hattan State Hospital (Wards Island, N.Y.C.),
1911; Jr. Phys., later Asst. Phys., New York
State Psychiatric Inst. (Wards Island, N.Y.
C), 1911-16; Second Asst. Phvs., Agnews
State Hospital (Agnew, Calif.), 1916-18;
Med. Dir., Compton Sanitarium (Compton,
Calif.), 1919—.

Directorships: Pres., Charles C. Manger Co.
(owning and operating Compton Sanitarium
and Las Campanas Hospital (Compton, Cal-
if.); Councillor. Amer. Psychiatric Assn.;
Pres., Assn. of Calif. Hospitals; Trustee,
Calif. Physicians' Service ; Dir. : Asso. Hos-
pital Service of So. Calif.; So. Calif Mental
Hygiene Soc; Los Angeles Mothers' Clinic.
Publications: Various cbntributions of psy-
chiatric and /or mental hygiene purport, pub-
lished in various professional journals.
Army Record: 1st Lieut., later Capt. M.C.,
U.S. Army, 1918-19.

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Med. Assn.; Cal-
if. Med Assn.; Los Angeles Co. Med. Assn.;
Fellow, Amer. Psychiatric Assn. ; Assn. for
Research in Nervous and Mental Diseases:
Natl. Com. for Mental Hygiene; Assn. of
Western Hospitals; Assn. of Calif. Hospitals;

LoH Angeles Country Club (Calif,); Monteclto
Country Club (.Santa Harbara, Calif.); Army
& Navy Club ( Wa.shlngton, D.C.); Masonic

Lodge; Sigma Chi; Los Angeles Chamber
of Commerce.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recrcdtinns: Golf.

Bus. Address: Compton Sanitarium, Comp-
ton, Calif., and 1052 W. Sixth St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 3709 Amesbury Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

MYERS. Harriet Williams

California Bird Authority.
Born: Durand (111.), d. of Orrilla Nancy
(Webster) and Dr. Edward Jenner Williams.
Education: State Univ. of Iowa.
Married: William Raymond, s. of Cornelius
Martin Myers in Iowa City (Iowa), March
18, 1890 (deceased); ch.: Neva (Mrs. B. D.
Brown) and Helen (Mrs. Curtis).
Prof. Record: Interested in the protection of
Calif, birds and wildlife: also wild flowers
and trees: photographing wild birds; writing,
lecturing and broadcasting on Calif, birds.
Directorships: Pres.: Myers-Jones Co. (Pasa-
dena); Myers Land Co. (now dis-incorporated)
of Los Angeles; Calif. Audubon Soc, Inc.
(organized in 1906); Dir., Los Angeles Eve-
ning Salon; on Council of Los Angeles Camp
Fire Girls.

Publications: Western Birds (Macmillan),
1922; The Birds' Convention (Western Pub.
Co.), 1913: hundreds of articles about Calif,
birds in Los \ngeles Times Magazine, Coun-
try Life, Nature Magazine, Youth's Compan-
ion, Recreation, Script, The Condor, St. Nich-
olas, Outdoors. Christiayi Science Monitor,
etc.; Edited, The Phainopepla (4 yrs.) for
Calif. Audubon, writing bird story with poem;
State Bird Candidates, pamphlet with bird
story and poem for teachers at time of elect-
ing State Bird; author of many educational
leaflets put out by the Calif. Audubon Soc;
S.S. magazines. Has been writing for over
thirty years.

Memberships: Calif. Audubon Soc; Pasadena
Audubon: Los Angeles Audubon; Nature
Club; Highland Park Ebelll (Past Pres ) •
Los Angeles Evening Salon; Chapter D.H
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Past Pres.); Natl. Women
Descendants of the Ancient and Honorable
Artillery Co.; Tierra Alta D.A.R. ; Colonial
Dames; Magna Carta Dames (15 of the sign-
ers of Magna Carta were mv ancestors) •
Order of the Eastern Star (Past Matron) ;
Los Angeles Camp Fire Girls (on Council).
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Nature walks, women's clubs,
swimming, dancing, photography.

//owe Address: 311 No. Ave. 66, Los Angeles.

Other Address: (summer) El Capinero Lodge,
Sierra Nevada Mts., Calif, and c /o Calif!
Hot Springs, Calif.

MYERS. Louis Wescott.

B.L., LL.B., LL.D.

Lawyer; Member of O'Melveny & Myers.



Born: Lake Mills (Wis.), Sept. 6, 1872; s of
Elizabeth Louise (Wescott) and Jesse Hall

Education: Lake Mills High School and Uni-
versity of Wisconsin.

Degrees: B.L., 1893, and LL.B., 1895, Univ
of Wisconsin; LL.D. (Honorary), Univ. of
So. Calif., 1925, and Univ. of Calif., 1926.
Married: Blanche, d. of Alice (Davidson) and
John C. Brown in Los Angeles, Calif., Nov.
27, 1909; ch.: Elizabeth Myers, LaTourette
and John Wescott.

Prof. Record: Practiced law with Jesse A.
and Henry R. Baldwin (Chicago, 111.), 1895-
97- practiced law in Los Angeles (Calif.),
1898-1913; Judge of Calif Superior Court,
1913-23- A-sso. Justice, Calif. Supreme Court,
1923-24; Chief Justice, Calif. Supreme Court,
1924-26; Mem. of O'Melveny, Tuller & Myers
(LOS Ankeles, Calif.), 192.-39; Mem. of C)' Mel -
veny & Myers (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1939—.
Memberships: Calif., Sunset, Los Angeles
Country and Peter Pan Woodland Clubs.
Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa,
a£d Sigma Iota Chi (honorary) fraternities.
Recreation: Boating and fishing.
Bus. Address: 433 So. Spring St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 269 So. Lorraine Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

MYERS, Romaine Wright

Consulting Engineer.

Born: Wahpeton (N. Dak.), June 14, 1880; s.
of Florence L. (Wright) and Rufus B. Myers.
Education: Public schools and Calif. College
at Oakland (Calif.); Univ. of Pennsylvania
(lecture course) .

Married: Miriam DeBrish, in Alameda
(Calif.), April 4, 1903.

Prof. Record: Civilian Engr., U.S. Engrs.
(San Francisco) four years; Engrg. Dept.,
Gen. Elect. Co., four yrs.; Cons. Engr. on
the following projects: Clorox Chemical Co.
(Electro- Alkaline Co.) Oakland, Calif., Oak-
land Municipal Aud., Geo. A. Posey Vehicular
Tube Oakland to Alameda, Lighting around
Lake Merritt (Oakland, Calif.); Cape Explos-
ives Works, Ltd. (South Africa), Coast Mfg.
& Supply Co. (Mfg. Powder Fuse) Livermore,
Calif The following in Oakland: Tribune
Tower Bldg., Scottish Rite Temple, Judson
Mfg Co Calif. Cotton Mills, Hammer-Bray
Co Fremont, Roosevelt, Univ., Technical,
and McClymonds High Schools and Shops,
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Bldg., Broadway
Tunnel between Alameda and Contra Costa
Counties, Calif. Expert witness, covering
engrg matters in various legal cases; Chmn.,
Com. preparing "CJeneral Lighting Safety
Orders" State of Calif., Indust. Accident

Directorships: Pres., Woodside-Eureka Min-
ing Co.. Ltd. (a Calif. Corp.)
Publications: "Electricity's Important Role in
the West's First Underwater Vehicular Tube
(Electrical West) Jan. 1, 1929; "Light Transi-
tion Louvres for High Speed Vehicular Tun-
nels" illuminating Engrg. Soc. Transactions)

Memberships: Past Potentate of Shrine
(Aahmes). Scottish Rite bodies of Oakland
(Calif.), Sequoia Lodge No. 349 Masons.
Royal Order of Jesters. Court No. 6; Oak-
land Rotary Club; East Bay Engrs. Club; El-

ectrical Club (Oakland. Calif.); Illuminating

Engrg. Soc.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Walking.

Bus. Address: 475 - 12th St., Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 1248 Sunnyhills Rd., Oakland,


MYERS, Wallace S., LL.B.

Lawyer, City Attorney of San Anselmo.
Born: Burlington (Wyo.), May 27, 1904; s.
of Pearl (Shaver) and Reverend Fred F.

Education: Public schools, Wyoming and Gold-
en Gate Coll. of Law in San Francisco

Degrees: LL.B., Golden Gate Coll., 1931.
Married: Lena Lee, d. of Narcy and John
Lorber in Reno (Nevada), July 12, 1932;
ch.: Marilyn Marie.

Prof Record: Secured a position in the San
Anselmo Post Office to enable him to pursue
his legal studies at Golden Gate Coll. of Law
(San Francisco) ; although working nights in
the Post Office he became a leading debater,
winner of prizes in legal research contests
and successively served as Class President,
President of his legal fraternity. Student
Body President, graduating in 1931 as honor
student and valedictorian; after graduation
became a member of the faculty of Golden
Gate College; holds a certificate issued by
the State Dept. of Ed. to teach adult classes
in legal subjects; has taught several classes
given by the Amer. Inst, of Banking; opened
law offices in San Anselmo in 1933; served
as Asst. City Attorney of San Anselmo in
1935 City Judge in 1936; appointed to present
position of City Attorney of San Anselmo
in 1937; has served as President of the local
Chamber of Commerce; was on the Lecture
Bureau of the Golden Gate Intl. Exposition.
Directorships: Marin Conservation League;
San Anselmo Rotary Club; Boy Scouts of
America; Pres., Marin Co. Council, Camp
Fire Girls.

Memberships: Rotary Club; Marin Conserva-
tion League; City Planning Com. (San An-

Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: (3olf.

Bus. Address: 404 San Anselmo Ave., San
Anselmo, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 402 San Anselmo Ave., San
Anselmo, Calif.


NADEJEN. Theodore


Born: Kharkov (Russia), Aug. 6, 1889;
s. of Alexandra (Selikhova) and Ivan Nade-

Education: Kharkov, Berdyansk, St. Peters-
burg (Russia), Naval Acad.; Royal Acad. Art.
Married: Ida, d. of Ester and Hershl Zeitlln,
in New York City, Dec. 4, 1902.
Prof. Record: Stage Designer; book Illus-
trator; Artist; illustrated and has decor-
ated innumerable books; Stage Designer In
leading New York studios; one-man exhibi-
tions in N. Y. and Calif.
Publications: Illustrator, Skazki (Geo. H.
Doran Co.), 1926 (now published by Farrar &



Ulnoharl, .•mil sllll in circulation), OesHur
KIkdi (Cleo. II. Donin Co.), 1^2\, Kings
Plcdxurc (Harper Bro.s.), li);«); Osicar Wildc'H
FuiryUtlcs (Karrar & Ulncharl).

RellRlon: Greek Orthodox.

Bits. Address: Lyceum BIdg., SprlriR St.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 108 No. Sycamore Ave., Lo.s

Angeles (Calif.). " •

NADEJEN. Mrs. Theodore (see ZEIT-
LIN, Ida)

WAFFZIGER. Professor Howard Chris-
tian. B.S., M.S., M.D., F.A.C.S.

Professor of Surgery, Univ. of Calif. Med.

Bom.- Nevada City (Calif.), May 6, 1884;
s. of Lizzie (Scott) and Christian Jacob

Education: High sch., Nevada City, grad.,
1900; Berkeley High School, grad., 1901;
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.S., 1907, M.S., 1908, M.D., 1909,
Univ. of Calif.

Married: Louise McNear of Petaluma
(Calit.), in 1919; ch.: Marion, Jean Louise,
and Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Began practice at San Fran-
cisco in 1912; is now Prof, of Surgery at
the Univ. of Calif. Med. Sch.

Publications: Contbr., on surgery of the
nervous system and exptl. research in ana-
tomy and surgery of the same; Mem., Ed.
Bd., Western Journal of Surgery, American
Journal of Surgery, and Annals of Surgery.
Army Service: Served as Lieut. CoL, M.C.,
U.S.A-my, in U.S. and with A.E.F., for
twb y:s. ; Col., Med. Res.; Comdg. Officer,
U.S. On. Hosp. No. 30.
Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Sur-
geons (Regent; Pres., 1939); Mem., Amer.
Med. Assn.; Clin. Soc. Neurol. Surgeons
(Pres.); Internat. Neurol. Assn., Internat.
Soc. of Surgery; Amer. Neurol. Assn.; Amer.
Surg. Assn.; Assn., Research Nervous and
Mental Diseases; Central Neuropsychiatric; San Francisco Co. Med. Soc. (Pres );
San Francisco Co. Neurol. Soc. (Pres.);
Western Surg. Assn.; University, Pacific
Union, San Francisco Golf and Country (San
Francisco) ; Psi Upsilon, Alpha Omega Alpha,
Nu Sigma Nu.
Religion: Episcopal.
PoliticF: Republican.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California Hospital,
San Francisco, Calif.

Hom^ Address: 2565 Larkin St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

NAGEL, Nathan. LL.B.


Born: Russia, Oct. 15, 1893; s. of Libby
(Yagnatisky) and Anshel NageL
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1926.
Married: Frances, d. of James Edward Yen-
ter; ch.: Lucille (of first wife, Lillian, de-
ceased) .

Direct' r ships: Pres., Mutual Protective Plan
Loan Ctorpn., Ltd.; Dir., Allied Mining and

Smelling C\)rpn.; Dlr., The United Jewry of
Long Beach, Temple Israel.
McmberHhips: B'nal B'rith CPasl Pres.);
Los Cerrltos Lodge No. 67.') F. and A.
Ma.sons (Past Master); Mem., .State Bar of
Calif., Long Beach Bar A.ssn.; The Natl.
Count II United Palestine Appeal; Joint Dis-
tribution Com.; Natl. Itefugee's .Service.
Religion: Hebrew.

Politics: Democrat (served as a Mem. of
the Mich. State Legls., Repr., Detroit, In

Recrentions: Golf.

Bus. Address: 615 Jergins Trust Bldg., Long

Beach. Calif.

Home Address: 109 Park Ave., Long Beach,


NASATIR, Professor Abraham P.,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of History, San Diego St. Coll.;

Vice-Consul of Paraguay.

Born: Santa Ana (Calif.), Nov. 24, 1904;

s. of Sarah Esther (Hurwitz) and Morris


Education: Univeristy of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., 1922, M.A., 1923, Ph.D., 1926,

Univ. of Calif.

Married: Ida Hirsch in San Francisco (Cal-
if.), 1929.

Prof. Record: Began as Teaching Fellow
and Asst., Univ. of Calif., 1923-24, 1925-26;
N.S.G.W. Traveling Fellow, 1924-25; Instr.,
Univ. of Iowa, 1926-27; Soc. Science Re-
search. Council Fellow, 1930-31; Prof., San
Diego St. Coll. since 1927; also Vice-Consul
of Paraguay.

Publications: St. Louis During the British
Attack of 1780 in New Spain and the West,
Vol. T (Lancaster), 1932; Anglo-Spanish
From if 7 in the Illinois Country During the
American Revolution, 1779-1783 (Journal of
the lil. St. Hist. Soc, XXI, No. 3, re-
printed in book form) ; The Inside Story of
the O-old Rjish (San Francisco), 1935;
French in the Gold Rush (New York), 1934;
the I'lllOwing works were first printed in
journtls and later in book form: John
Evans: Explorer and Surveyor (Mo. Histori-
cal R-view) ; Anglo-Spanish Rivalry on the
Uppe- Mo. (Miss. Valley Histl. Review);
Angld-Spanish Rivalry in the Iowa Country,
1797-1798 (Iowa Journal of Hist, and Poli-
tics) ; Anglo-Spanish Frontier on the Upper
Miss., 17S6-1796 (Iowa Journal of Hist, and
Politics). Has pulbished many other articles
on Nt-\v Spain and Calif, in historical jour-

Aivards: Vice-Consul of Paraguay; Delegate
to Second Inter-Amer. Hist. Conf.
Meynberships: Phi Beta Delta; Amer. Hist.
Assn.: M.V.H.R.; Louisiana Hist. Soc; Mo.
Hist. Soc; H.A.H.A.; Amer. Assn. of Univ.
Profs., etc.

Bus. Address: San Diego State Coll., San
Diego. Calif.

Honve Address: 4551 Hawley Blvd., San
Diego. Calif. •


Conceit Violinist; Head of Violin, Westlake
Sch. for Girls, and Leona Neblett Violin

Born: Silver City (New Max.); d. of Leoline
(Plan St), and Hon. Wm. B. Walton (well-



known Lawyer and Statesman, Congressman
at Large from New Mex. during Woodrow
Wilson's Adminslrn.).

Edticition: Westlake Sch. for Girls: studied
under Louis Persinger (noted Violinist) in
San Francisco at various intervals and with
Georges Enesco of Paris, Sam Franko of
New York City, and Alfonso Onnu of Bel-

Married: William H. Neblett, in Silver City,

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 159 of 235)