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geles, Calif. »

NORDSKOG, Professor John Eric,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Sociolog>', Univ. of So. Calif.

Born: Story City (Story CO., Iowa), March

3, 1893; s. of Caroline (Peterson) and John


Education: Story City (Iowa) High School
Drake Univ. (Des Moines, Iowa) ; Columbia
Univ. (New York City); Univ. of SO. Calif.
(Los Angeles) ; graduate w-ork at London
School of Economics and Political Sciences;
also Iowa State College.

Degrees: A.B., Drake U., 1922; M.A., Colum-
bia U., 1923; Ph.D., U. of So. Calif., 1940.
Prof. Record: Statistician for Iowa Bureau
of Labor (Des Moines), 1913-22; Instr. in
History Dept., Iowa State College (Ames),
1924; Asst. Prof., Economics, in charge of
Dept. of Economics in Liberal Arts College,



Drake U 1924-28; Asst. Prof, of Foreign
Trade U. of St>. Calif.. 1928-29: Asso. Prof.,
Sociology, U. of So. Calif. (Los Angeles),
1929-41; Prof, (same), 1941 — .
Piiblicatinns: Books: Social Reform in Nor-
way. 1935: (ready for publication) Demo-
cracy and hnperiaUsm in Ancient and Classi-
cal Civilizations; several bulletins on manu-
factures, child labor, arbitratibn and con-
ciliation, unemployment surveys, while Sta-
tistician of Iowa Bureau of Labor; various
articles in journals.

Awards: Lvdia C. Roberts Fellow.ship (for
graduate studv in sociology), Columbia U.,
1922-2.3- Lydia C. Roberts Traveling Fellow-
ship (travel and study in Europe), Colum-
bia U., 1926-27.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa (Drake U.),
Chi Delta (Drake U. social fraternity), Chi
Phi (nat. social fraternity at U. of So.
Calif ), Alpha Kappa Delta (sociological),
Pi Sigma Alpha (political science), Mu Alpha
Nu Charter Member (archeological). Alpha
Kappa Psi (commerce). Pi Gamma Mu (so-
cial science). Alpha Pi Zeta (social science
faculty fraternity).
Religion: Lutheran.

Politics: Both Republican and Democrat (de-
pends bn candidate and platform).
Recreations: Music (is accomplished Pianist
and Organist); mountain and desert travel;
research among Indians of Amer. Southwest;
lake sports; skiing; fancy carpenter work.
Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 149 So. Swall Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif., and Sky Forest, Calif.

NORRIS. (Robert) Ben(jamin). A.B.

Artist; Art Instr., Univ. of Hawaii.
Born: Redlands (Calif.), Sept. 6, 1910; s. Of
Clarissa Ellen (Scott) and Robert Edward

Education: Santa Monica High Sch.; Univ.
High Sch. (Los Angeles) ; Pomona Coll ;
Honnold Fellow (Pomona Coll.), 19SJ-M.
Harvard Univ.; Institut d'art et d'archeo-
logie ii la Sorbonne (Paris) ; Institute for
International Edn. (Carnegie) Fellow, 1932-

Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1931.
Married: Margaret, d. of Florence (Ward)
and Eugene S. Sheffield, in Honolulu, July
12, 1940.

Prof Record: Teacher, Hammond Hall Elem-
Sch 1934-35; Walt Disney Studios, Har-
man-Ising Studios (animated cartoons), 1935-
36- Art Instr., Kamehameha Sch. for Buys
(Honolulu, T.H.), 1936-37; Instr., Univ. of
Hawaii, since 1937; at times is Instr. and
Lecturer at Honolulu Acad, of Arts. Paint-
ings are exhibited in most U.S. museums;
has had one-man shows in Los Angeles and
at Honolulu Acad, of Arts; has pictures in
the collection of Honolulu Acad, bf Arts
and many private collections; won many
prizes for paintings shown in Honolulu, sev-
eral prizes and honorable mentions award-
ed in Mainland shows.

Memberships: Calif. Water Color Soc. ; Phil-
adelphia Waterc^jlor Club; Assn. of Honolulu

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Music, frame-making, and gar-

Bus. Address: Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu,

Home Address: 2350 Round Top Road, Hono-
lulu, T.H.

NORRIS, William Jonathan,
Ph.B., M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery,
U.S.C. Consulting Surgeon, U. of California,
Lbs Angeles.

Born: Phoenix (Ariz.), April 1, 1893; s. of
Nancy (Scarborough) and Thomas Gilbert

Degrees- Ph.B., Yale Scientific School, 1915;
M.b., College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Columbia (New York City).
Married: Now divorced; ch.: Nancy (17),
Virginia (10).

Prof. Record: General Surgeon in Los An-
geles, since 1921; Attending Surgeon, Chil-
dren's Hospital, Hospital of the Good Sam-
aritan (Los Angeles); Asst. Clinical Prof,
of Surgery, Univ. of So. Calif., and Con-
sulting Surgeon, Univ. of Calif. (Los An-
geles) .

Publications : Various articles on surgical sub-

Memberships: University, California, and
Wilshire CAjuntry Clubs; Phi Sigma Kappa,
Nu Sigma Nu.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Golf and horses.
Bus. Address: 1136 W. Sixth St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 433 So. Harvard Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

NORTHE, James Neill

Musician, Teacher, Lecturer, Poet, Editor.
Born: Victoria (B.C.), Feb. 10, 1903; s. of
Jane Harriet (Craven) and Edward Northe.
Education: St. Louis Coll.
Married: (1) Aileen Griffin Moore (div.);
(2) Margaret Scott Copeland (div.).
Prof. Record: Fbunder of Ontario Conserva-
tory of Music and Fine Arts (Ontario, Calif.);
Editor of Silhouettes. Warp and Woof (first
and only full newspaper page of poetry in
the world) ; Compiler and Pub. of Antholo-
gies: Threads and Shadows. Land of Gold;
Author of: Mata Hari, Though Sunsets Die.
Fire of a Tropic Moon and Gonfalon; Editor
of "With the Arts" (newspaper column) and
various columns and reprint columns; has
done extensive concert work (tenbr) ; widely
pub. as a Poet and Reviewer (being first re-
viewer of Gone with the Wind).
Religion: Catholic.

Recreations: Spanish dancing, autographs,
and cooking, collections of relics, religious
medals and articles.

Home Address: 1012 Harrison, Topeka, Kan-
sas; and 303 Rosewood, Ontario, Calif. *

NORTH-MONFORT, Grace May (pen
name, Carol Norton)

Juvenile Author.

Born: Utica (New York), Feb. 1, 1876; d.

of Adele (Harrington).

Education: Sacred Heart Convent (Rochester,

New York).

Married: William Nelson Monfort, s. of Adele

and Eugene Northrup, Aug. 3, 1923.



Prof. Record: Assistant In Webster Branch,
New York Public Mbiary. I'dO-in; Founder
and Kdllor, "The Sunnyslde Club" (a news-
paper syndicate appearing In Calif, papeist;
Author ot many scries stories and books tor

Publications: Series: Adele Boring; Virginia
Davis. Books: Dixie Martin; Rilla of the
Lighthouse; The Phantom Town; Phantom
Town Mystery; Sisters; Meg of Mystery
Mountain; The Phantom Yacht; numerous
other books and jingles.

Memberships: Woman's Club of Arroya

Religion: Unitarian.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening.

Home Address: Halycon, San Luis Obispo,

NORTHROP. Robert Starr. B.S., M.D.

Physician; Health Officer, Napa, California.
Born: Lansing (Mich.), Dec. 25, 1878; s.
of Mary E. (Barker) and Burr D. Northrop.
Education: Michigan State College; Cornell
Univ. ; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: B.S., Michigan State Coll., 1901;
M.D., Stanford U., 1922.

Married: Eva, d. of Anna S. Knox, at Logan
(Utah), 1906; ch.: Burr D., Robert S., Jr.,
Richard K., John P., Marianna.
Prof. Record: Asst. Profesor of Horticulture
and Forestry, North Dakota Agriculture
College, 1901-03; Instr. in Horticulture,
Cornell U. (Ithaca, New Yorkl, 1903-04;
Prof, of Horticulture, Utah Agr. College,
1904-09; Agriculture Expert, Mammoth Cop-
per Co. (Redding. Calif.), 1914-18; practi-
cing Physician (Napa, Calif.), 1922—; at
present serving as Health Officer (Napa).
Me77iberships: Masonic; National, State and
Local Medical Societies.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Automobiling, out-of-doors.
Bus. Address: 1580 First St., Napa, Calif.
Home Address: 1004 Seminary St., Napa,
Calif, and P.O. Box 239, Napa, Calif. •

NORTHUP. Professor George Tyler.

A.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish Literature (Emeritus),
University of Chicago.

Born: Sparta (Wis.); s. of Jane Blanche
(Root) and Charles W. Northup.
Edtication: Williams Coll.; Univ. of Chicago
and abroad.

Degrees: A.B., Williams, 1897; Ph.D., Chi-
cago, 1906.

Married: Emily Bancroft, d. of Leroy B.
Cox in Chicago, July 13, 1907; ch.: Richard

Prof. Record: Engaged in newspaper work,
1897-1900; Instr., Romance Languages, Wil-
liams College, 1903-05; Asst. Prof., Romance
Languages, Princeton, 1905-12; Asst. Prof,
of Spanish and Italian, Univ. of Toronto,
1912-17; Assoc. Prof, of Spanish Litera-
ture. Univ. of Chicago, 1917-19, Prof.,
1917-39, Emeritus, since 1939.

Ptiblications: El Libro de Los Gatos, 1907,
An Introduction to Spanish Literature, 1925
(both, Univ. of Chicago Press) ; also numer-

ous text-books, monograph.s, reviews, novels,

Atvards: Decoration: Caballero de la real

orden de Isabel la Catollca.

Memherships: Phi Delta Thota, Phi Beta

Kappa; Quadrangle of Chicago; Univ. Club,

(.San DIego); La JoUa Country Club.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, motoring and bridge.

Home Address: 214 Avenida Cortez, La Jol-
la, Calif.

FORT. Grace May)

NORTON. Dean Edwin Clarence.
A.B., M.A., Ph.D., D.D.

Born: Bradford (Pa.), July 5, 1856; s. of
Frances Beach (McCoy) and Reverend Wil-
liam Wallace Norton.

Education: Amherst; Johns Hopkins; Yale;
Oxford Univ. (Eng.); Columbia; Carleton
College; Pacific Schbol of Religion.
Degrees: A.B., Amherst, 1879; M.A., Yale,
1900; Ph.D., Carleton College (Northfield,
Minn.), 1896; D.D., Pacific College of Re-
ligion, 1910.

Married: Frances Lee Rice, of New Haven
(Conn.), June 26, 1884; ch.: Katherine,
Philip (dec), Dorothy (dec), Theodore
Edwin (dec).

Prof. Record: Prin., pub. schools in Alex-
andria and Waseca (Minn.), 1880-81; Prof.
of Greek, Yankton (S.D.) College, 1883-87;
Prin., Prep. Dept., Pomona College, Clare-
mont (Calif.), 1888-90, Apptd. Dean. Pomo-
na College, and Prof, of Greek Language
and Literature, 1890, Dean Emeritus, since
1923. Ordained Ministry Congl. Ch., 1884;
Pres. and Moderator, So. Calif. Congl. Conf.,

Memberships: Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kap-
pa; Scrooby Club.

Home Address: Claremont, Calif. *

NORTON, Philip


Born: Janesville (Calif.), June 27, 1891; s.
of Julia Anna (Brubeck) and Joseph Nor-

Education: Schs. of Los Angeles (Calif.).
Married: Lalita, d. of Margaret (Sanders)
and John Legerton, at Los Angeles, May
14, 1913; ch.: Philip, Jr.

Prof. Record: Director of Publicity (Seattle,
Wash.), Chamber of Commerce, 1917-18;
Reporter and Realtor, 1911-17; Dir., Ameri-
can Public Information (Siberia and Orient),
1918-19; Agent, Siberian Cooperative Soci-
eties (New York City), 1919-20; Partner,
Cama Norton Co. (Bombay, British India),
1920-21; in Soviet Russia and Germany on
paper pulp concession, 1921-23; Realtor in
(Los Angeles), 1923 — ; Special Consultant to
Charles F. Palmer, Coordinator of Defense
Housing, November, 1940 — (still acting).
Directorships: Pres., Philip Norton, Inc.;
Los Angeles Realty Board (Past Pres.); Los
Angeles Chamber of Commerce; Merchants
and Manufacturers Assn.

Army Service: Dir. of Amer. Propaganda,
subject to Secy, of State, Secy, of Navy, and
Secy, of War.



Memberships: Veterans of A.E.F., Siberia;
Masonic Order.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing.
Bus. Address: 11531 Sunset Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 460 No. Harrington Dr., Brent-
wood, Calif.

NORTON, Richard Henry

President and General Manager, Norton
Printing Company, Inc.

Born: Barrow-in-Furness (Lancashire, Eng-
land), Jan. 5, 1873; s. of Eliza (Bond) and
Richard Henry Morton.

Education; Public schools, . Minnesota, 1881,
Montana, 1881-88, British Columbia, 1888-
89; Portland (Ore) Business College, 1896-

Married: Elizabeth Mabon, d. of Elizabeth
Forbes (Mathews) and George Mabon Mc-
Carty, at San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 21,
1905; ch.: Helen Elizabeth Belding.
Prof. Record: San Francisco Printer and
Publisher for 41 years; Printer and Publisher
of 9 neighborhood newspapers in San Fran-
cisco; estab. first paper 28 years ago; Pres.
and Gen. Manager, Norton Printmg Co.,

Memberships: Mason; (Past Pres.), Park-
Presidio Optimist Club (San Francisco).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Motoring.

Bus. Address: 5715 Geary Blvd., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 659 - 28th Ave., San Francis-
co, Calif.; Kenwood, Calif, (summer). *

NORTON. Samuel Tilden

Architect (retired).

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Jan. 21, 1877;
s. of Bertha (Greenbaum) and Isaac Nor-

Education: Schs. of Los Angeles.
Married: Esther, d. of Selina and Louis
Groedel, at Baltimore (Md.) ; ch.: Mrs. J.
L. Rude.

Prof. Record: Practiced Architecture in Los
Angeles for 30 years; Past Pres., So. Calif.
Chapter Of Amer. Institute of Architects.
Among buildings designed and constructed
are: Financial Center Bldg.; Wm. Fox Of-
fice Bldg. ; Los Angeles Theatre Bldg. ; Coun-
cil of Jewish Women's Club Bldg.; Jewish
Orphan's Home Group; Sinai Temple, many
other bldgs. in Los Angeles.
Directorships: Federation of Jewish Welfare
Organization; Jewish Welfare Fund; Wil-
shire Blvd. Temple; Pres., Nathan Straus
Palestine Society.
Religion: Jewish.

Bus. Address: 608 So. Hill St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 66 Fremont PI., Los Angeles,

NOW. Jr.. Frederick George,

A.B., M.S., M.D.


Born: Ann Arbor (Mich.), July 8, 1902; s.

of Grace (Garwood) and Frederick George

Education: Michigan Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1924, M.S., 1927, M.D., 1927,
Michigan U.

Married: Helen, d. of B. D. Forster, at Ber-
keley (Calif.), April 14, 1939; ch.: Freder-
ick George, III.

Prof. Record: Private practice. Specialist in
Dermatology and Syphilology (Oakland,
Calif.), 1933 — ; Instr. in Dermatology, U.
of Calif. Medical School (Berkeley).
Publications: Medical articles.
Memberships: Sigma Xi; Amer. Medical So-
ciety; Amer. Academy of Dermatology.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing.
Bus. Address: 411 - 30th St., Oakland, Calif.
Home Address: 2821 Ashby Ave., Berkeley,
Calif. *

NOYES. Professor George Rapall,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D., F.A.A.A.S.

Writer, Translator, Professor of Slavic Lan-
guages, Univ. of California, Berkeley.
Born: Cambridge (Mass.), April 2, 1873; s.
of Mary Lucretia (Hyde) and Charles Noy-

Education: Phillips Acad. (Andover, Mass.),
1887-90; Harvard Univ., 1890-98; Univ. of
St. Petersburg, 1898-1900.
Degrees: A.B., 1894, M.A., 1895, Ph.D..
1898, Harvard U.; Litt.D., U. of Wilno
(Poland), 1929.

Married: Florence Augusta, d. of Jesse Clin-
ton Paine, at Boston (Mass.), July 31, 1902.
Prof, record: Teacher of Classics, Browne
and Nichols School (Cambridge, Mass.),
1894-96; Asst. Prof, of English, U. of Wis-
consin, 1900-01; at U. of California (Berke-
ley) since 1901, Professor of Slavic Langu-
ages, since 1919. Foreign Corresponding
Member, Polish Academy of Sciences (Cra-
cow)- Member of School of Slavonic Studies,
U. of London (England) ; Foreign Corres-
ponding Member, Slavic Inst, of Prague;
awarded Golden Laurel of Polish Academy
of Literature (Warsaw) ; Fellow, American
Acad, of Arts and Sciences; formerly Amer.
Contributing Editor of Slavonic Review (Lon-
don, England).

Publications: Author: Tolstoy, 1918. Editor:
The Poetical Works of John Dryden, 1909;
Selected Dramas of John Dryden, 1910; Or-
iginal Poems, Together with Translations
from the Sanskrit (by Arthur William Ry-
der) 1939. Joint Editor: Hymns Attribut-
ed to John Dryden, 1937. Translator: Pan
Tadeusz (by Adam Mickiewicz), 1917; The
Religion of Ancient Greece (by Thaddeus
Zielinski), 1926. Joint Translator or Editor
of translations: Heroic Ballads of Servia,
1913; Plays by Alexander Ostrovsky, 1917;
Konrad Wallenrod and Other Writings of
Adam Mickiewicz, 1925; Ladies and Hussars
(by Alexander Fredro), 1925; The Forest
(by Alexander Ostrovsky), 1926; The Thun-
derstorm (by Alexander Ostrovsky), 1927;
Iridion (by Zygmunt Krasinski), 1927; Po-
ems by Jan Kochanowski. 1928; Anhelli (by
Juljusz Slowacki), 1930; Sabbatai Zevi (by
Sholom Ash), 1930; Masterpieces of the Rus-
sian Drama, 1933; Meleager (by Stanislaw
Wyspianski), 1933.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Reading, moving pictures.



Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1-186 Greenwood Terrace,
Berkeley, Calif.

NUSS. Jr.. William H(arry)

ManuKiT, San Luis Obispo Branch, Bank Of

Born: Dubuque (Iowa), Oct. 3, 1891; s. of
Nell C. (Kelly) and William II. Nuss, Sr.
(now at Yucalpa, Calif. >.
Edncatio7i: Pasadena public schools, High
Sch.. and Bus. College.

Married: Edith, d. of Wm. H. Rice, in San-
ta Maria (Calif.). Aug. 21, 1919.
Prof. Record: Cashier. Valley Savings Bank.
Santa Maria. 1920-27; Mgr., Santa Maria
Branch. Bank of Amer.. then Mgr.. San
Luis Obispo Branch, Bank of Amer.
Army Service: Private, Sergeant. Lieut., U.S.
Army, with first army in France and Army
of Occupation in Germany. 1917-19.
Memberships: Santa Maria Club; Rotary;
Nat. Aeronautic Assn.; Farm Bureau; Amer.
Legion (Past Post Commander, Distr. Com-
mdr.. State Committeeman).
Religion: Presbyterian (First Presby. Ch.,
San Luis Obispo, Calif.).

Politics: Republican (Past County Chmn.
and Treas.).

Recreations: Ranching, airplane piloting.
Bus. Address: Bank of America. San Luis
Obispo. Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 1646 Hillcrest PI.. San Luis
Obispo. Calif. *■

NYE. Clement DeWitt, LL.B.
Judge of the Superior Court.
Born: Ft. Worth (Texas), Feb. 14, 1894;
s. of Marie Euphrasine (DeWitt) and Henry
Huttleston Nye.

Education: Creighton Univ. (High Sch.;
Omaha, Neb.); Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of So. Calif.. 1917.
Married: Loris Evangeline, d. of Evangeline
(Sutton) and Robert Nelson Bulla, in Al-
hambra (Calif.). June 19, 1919; ch.: Rob-
ert Clement, DeWitt Bulla. Loris Marie.
Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif, bar, 1917;
general practice until Aug.. 1931; apptd.
Judge, Municipal Court, Aug.. 1931; elected
for six yr. term, June, 1933; elected Presid-
ing Judge, Munic. Court (Los Angeles), 1934;
apptd. Judge, Superior Court, in and for
the County of Los Angeles, Dec, 1937; elec-
ted for six yr. term.. Aug., 1938.
Anny Service: U.S. Army, June-Dec, 1918;
discharged as 2nd Lieut., Inf.

Memberships: Knights of Columbus; Amer.
Legion; Delta Chi.

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Bridge, badminton.

Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles.

Home Address: 2524 - 12th Ave.. Los An-
geles. Calif, and 1201 E. Central Ave., Bal-
boa, Calif. •


O'BRIEN. A. R.. A.B.

Newspaperman. Foreign Correspondent.
Born: Near Dubuque (.Iowa), Aug. 9, 1880;

s. of Elizabeth Francis (Muloney> and Joseph
It. O'Brien.

Education: St. Michael.s Coll. (Santa Fe,
New MexlcO); Santa Clara Univ. (Calif.).
Degrees: A.B.. Santa Clara Univ., 1898.
Married: Margaret H. Mcl^llan, d. of Mar-
jorie M. Trowbridge, In Juneau (Alaska).
Prof. Record: Newspaperm;in : Correspond-
ent In foreign countries and publisher of
papers in Alaska. Ore., and Calif.
Directorships: Pres., Calif. State Prison Bd.,
Dir. Golden Gate Bridge and Hwy. District.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Home Address: Ukiah, Calif. •


A.B., LL.B., M.A., LL.D.

United States District Judge.

Born: North Dakota; s. of Honora (Lane)

and Edward O'Connor.

Education: Grand Forks (N.D.i, Public schs.;
Univ. of No. Dakota; Yale.
Degrees: A.B., 1907, LL.B., 1908, Univ. of
North Dakota; M.A., 1910, LL.B.. 1909, Yale.
Hon. Degrees: LL.D., North Dakota Univ.,
1934, Southern Methodist Univ., 1935 Mar-
shal Coll. (West Va.), 1937, Coll. of the
Pac, 1938, Southwestern Univ., 1939, Univ.
of the West, 1938.

Prof. Record: Instr. in Oratory at Yale, 1909-
12; estab. own law practice in Grand Forks
(N.D.), until 1925; joined William Gibbs
McAdoo law firm in 1925; estab. own practice
in Los Angeles 1930; apptd. by Pres. Roosevelt
to the offi.-e of Comptroller of the Cur-
rency of the U.S. in 1933, retired in 1938, and
re-established law practice in Los Angeles,
1939; apptd. to U.S. Distr. Judgeship for
So. Calif, in Sept. 1940, by Pres. Roosevelt;
apptd. by Pres. Roosevelt, Member of the
Deposits Liquidating Bd., 1933; admitted to
practice before the Supreme Court, 1933;
Vice Chmn., Fed. Ins. Corp.; Ex-Officio
Member, Bd. of Govs., Fed. Res. S.vstem;
Chmn., Hollywood Polish Relief Committee;
Chmn., Calif. Com., Franklin D. Roosevelt
Library, Inc.; Member of Com., Warm Springs
Foundation; Member, No. Dakota House of
Representatives, 1915-19; fusion (Dem.-Rep.)
candidate for (iov.. No. Dak., 1920; Eind can-
didate, U.S. Senate in 1922; Member, No.
Dakota National Guard, 1905-1908; Colonel
on Staffs of CJovs. of No. Dakota, Miss.,
Ky. ; managed Roosevelt primary campaign
in Calif., 1932; Del., Dem. Nat. Corns., 1916
and 1924; Member, Amer. and Los Angeles Bar
Assns., State Bar of Calif.; No. Dakota State
Oratorical Contest, 1907; Townsend Orator-
ical Contest (Yale), 1909; Member, Yale De-
bating Team, 1909.
Publications: Banks Under Roosevelt.

Army Service: Member, Nat. Guard, 1905-08,
No. Dakota.

Awards: Sinner, Palmer Diamond Medal for
debate, 1906; No. Dakota Hall of Fame.
Memberships: Breakfast Club; Phi Alpha Del
ta. Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Rho;
Knights of Columbus.

Bus. Address: Federal Bldg., Los Angeles,

Hotne Address: 10331 Wilshire Blvd., Los
Angeles, C^lif. *



O'CONNOR. Percy, A.B., LL.B.

Lawyer; Police Judge, San Jose.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 8, 1892; s.
of Delight (Hopkins) and Michael O'Connor.
Education: Santa Clara Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1913, LL.B., 1915, Santa Clara

Married ■ Doris, d. of J. M. Reid, in San Jose
(Calif.), July 5, 1921; ch. : David, James
and Douglas (twins).

Prof. Record: Asst. Dist. Atty., Santa Clara
Co., 1920-24.

Directorships: Pres., Santa Clara Drivers
Safety League; Dir., Traffic Safety Commn.
of Calif.

Publications: Traffic Safety.
Army Service: Capt., 91st Div., A.E.F. ; 8th
U.S. Infantry, Army of Occupation.
Awards: Rainbow Grand Cross of Colour;
DeMolay Hon. Legion of Honor.
Memberships: Shrine, Masons, Sciots, Scot-
tish Rite, Eastern Star; Odd Fellows; Elks,
Footprinters, Eagles.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Handball, dramatics.
Bus. Address: City Hall, San Jose, Calif.
Home Address: 970 Plaza Dr., San Jose,
Calif. *

O'CONNOR, William V.. B.S., LL.B.

Lawyer ; Assistant Counsel, Comptroller of the

Born: Grand Forks (N.D.), June 12, 1911;
s. of Etta (O'Hara) and W. V. O'Connor.
Education: Univ. of No. Dakota; Georgetown

Degrees: B.S. in Ed., Univ. of No. Dakota,
1933; LL.B., Georgetown Univ., 1937.
Prof. Record: Asst. Counsel, Comptroller of
Currency (Washington, D.C.); Atty., Dist.
of Columbia. Member of Bar, State of North
Dakota and State of Calif. ; District of Colum-
bia, Supreme Court of the United States.
Directorships: Samuel Bronston Productions,
Inc. (Hollywood, Calif.), Rankin Aeronautical
Academy (Tulare, Calif.)

Publications: Edit., Georgetown Law Journ-
al; The National Banking System, 23
(Georgetown Law Journal, 842), 1934; Pref-
erences in Insolvent National Banks, 24
(Georgetown Law Journal, 699), 1936; Civil
Liability of National Bank Directors, 25
(GeorgetoviTi Law Journal, 146), 1937. Books:
Digest of Decision Relating to National
Banks (vol. V), (Callaghan & Co.), 1936;
The Law of National Banking (Callaghan &
Co.), 1940.

Memberships: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha
Delta; Pi Gamma Mu.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, tennis and golf.
Bus. Address: 530 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles,
Calif., and Washington, D.C.
Home Address: 419 So. Lorraine, Los Angeles,

O'DAY. Edward Francis, A.B., M.A.

Editor, The Recorder, San Francisco.
Born: San FranciscVi (Calif.), Oct. 4, 1883; s.
of Mary (McGrath) and Edward T. O'Day.

Education: St. Ignatius Coll. (San Francisco).
Degrees: A.B., 1900, M.A., 1906, St. Ignatius

Married: Mazie, d. of John Cook, in San
Francisco, Oct. 4, 1916; ch.: Edward F., Jr.,
Catherine, John C, Thomas M.
Prof. Record: Reporter and Editor during en-
tire career.

Memberships: The Family; Bohemian (San
Francisco) .
Religion: Catholic.

Bus. Address: 99 So. Van Ness Ave., San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 311 Spruce St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

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