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Born: Joplin (Mo.). Feb. 18, 1883; s. of Clara
(Rice) and William Henry Regan.
Education: Joplin Public Schs.; Univ. of Mo.
Degrees: B.S., 1912, and M.S., 1914, Univ.
of Mo.

Married: Susan, d. of Martha M. and Alex
M. Cobb, in Davis (Calif.), 1926; ch.: William,
Susan, and Mary.

Prof. Record: Immediately after graduation,
spent 2 yrs. in the study of dairy farming in
irrigated sections of the Nevada desert; Asso.
Prof, of Dairying, Univ. of Nev., 1915-16;
Head of Dairy Dept., Rutgers Coll. (in carge
of teaching and research in the intensified
dairy section in the vicinity of New York
City), 1916-21; Prof, of Animal Husbandry,
in charge of the Dairy Production work in the
Univ. of Calif., since 1922.
Publications: Nineteen agricultural experi-
ment station publications and articles in prof,
journals dealing with nutrition, physiology,
and genetics of dairy cattle.
Army Service: U.S. Field Artillery, 1918.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi,
Gamma Alpha, Calpha.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Steelhead fishing.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Coll. of
Agriculture, Davis, Calif.
Home Address: 53 College Park, Davis, Calif.*

REICHARD, E(rnest) Wayne

Executive Publisher; Founder and Mgr.,
Wayne Associates.

Born- Ft. Wayne (Ind.), Nov. 10, 1891; s. of
Fannie (Rhoades) and Henry L. Reichard.
Education: Manual Training High Sch. (In-
dianapolis) ; self-educated beyond high sch.
Married: Mildred Georgia, d. of Estrella Bol-
ing in Indianapolis, Jan. 10, 1924 (divorced,

Prof. Record: Primarily an Executive Pub-
lisher; most successful enterprise was a news-
paper that attained a 500,000 circulation and
covered eleven Midwestern and Eastern States
(better than a million dollar property) under
firm name of Reichard (Publishing and Pub-
licity), in Indianapolis (Ind.); the greater
part of the time during the past thirty years
has been spent in publishing businesses found-



cd iiiul inan.ii'.i'il li.v liim, amonK which were
sixteen siiccrsslul publlcallons; has also writ-
ten for such nu'( lopolltan newspapers as Chl-
caK" Tnbunr. Columbus (Ohio) Denpatch.
Indiana Daili/ Timcn, etc.
Reiigitm: Christian Science.
Politics: Independent (at present a regis-
tered Democrat).
Recreations: Books.

Bus. Address: Wayne Associates, 1015 So.
Bixel St.. Los Angeles, Calif.
Hovie Address: 1015 So. Bixel St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

REICHERT, The Reverend Irving F.,

A.B., B.H., M.A.

Rabbi, Congregation Emanu-El.
Born: New York City, Apr. 26, 1895; s. of
Miriam (Pakas) and Isidor Reichert.
Education: Univ. of Cincinnati; Hebrew Union
Coll. (Cincinnati); Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Cincinnati, 1918;
B.H., Hebrew Union Coll., 1921; M.A., Col-
umbia Univ., 1930.

Married: Madeleine Grace, d. of Eugenie and
Fritz Neumann, in New York City, Sept. 2,
1920; ch.: Irving Frederick, Jr., Amie, and
Deborah Sue.

Prof. Record: Vice-Pres., State Recovery Bd.
of Calif, under N.R.A. ; Impartial Chmn.,
Ladies Garment Mfg. Ind. (San Francisco,
Calif.) 1934-35; Exec. Bd., Calif. Medical
Researcli Soc. ; Com. of One Hundred for
the Golden Gate Internat. Exposition; has
been Rabbi, Congregation Emanu-El (San
Francisco) since 1930.

Direcfors^iips.- Hon. Pres., Temple of Religion
and Tower of Peace at G.G.I.E. ; Hon. Pres.,
San Francisco Conf. of Christians and Jews;
Vice-Pres., Calif. Conf. of Socl. Work; Exec.
Bd., Travelers Aid Soc; Dir., San Francisco
Community Chest; Bd. of Rabbis of No. Cal-
if. ; Dir. Amer. Red Cross.
Publications : The Dreyfus Affair, Group Con-
flict and Social Evolution, Persecution as a
Factor in the Jewish Survival, The New Year
and the Nazi Terror, The History of Marriage
in Israel, How Much Do We Want Liberty?
and numerous pampiilets and monographs.
Army Service: Dir., and Chaplain, Jewish
Welfare Board (Camp Grant, 111.).
Memberships: Clubs: Commonwealth, Con-
cordia, Beresford, i^residio (San Francisco) .
Bus. Address: Arguello Blvd. and Lake St.,
San Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 2690 Jackson, San Francisco,
Calif. •



Born: Austria, Dec. 2, 1886; s. of Gertrude
(Segal) and Rabbi Moses Reichler of Utica
(New York).

Education: Utica Free Acad. (New York);
Albany Law Sch. of Union Univ.
Degrees: LL.B., Albany Law Sch., 1911.
Married: Ada, d. of Marcus Solomon, in
Scranton (Pa.), May 13, 1914; ch.: Marvin.
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice in the
State of New York and Federal Courts; prac-
ticed in Utica (New York) until Jan., 1931;
has been in Los Angeles in pratice of law
since March, 1931.

lnrr.cli>rHh\im: 'irustee, Federation of JewlHh
Welfare Organizations of Los Angeles; Dir.,
Los Angeles Jewish Community Council.
Publicdliona: One Hundred Yearn of Royal
Arch Masonry of Oneida County (New York),
1919; Through the Ages, published In weekly
installments since Sept., 1939, In B'nai B'rxth
Messenger (Los Angeles); Publisher and Ed.,
Square and Compass (weekly Masonic publi-
cation for the State of New York) from 1924-

Memberships: Morlah Lodge No. 958, F. &
A.M. (New York) ; Oneida Chapter No. 57,
R.A.M. (New York) ; Mohawk Valley Consis-
tory A.A.S.R. (New York); Zlyara Temple
A. A. O.N. M.S. (New York); Los Angeles
Lodge B'nai B'rlth No. 487.

Religion: Judaism.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Jewish Edn.

Bus. Address: Lane Mortgage Bldg., 208 W.

Eighth St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 323 So. Mansfield Ave., Los

Angeles, Calif.

REIFFEL. Charles

Landscape-Marine Painter.
Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), Apr. 9, 1862; s. of
Nancy Ellen (Marshall) and Jacob Reiffel.
Education: Public Schs. (Indianapolis).
Married: Elizabeth Frances, d. of Beatrice
(Roche) and Thomas Flanagan, in Rochester
(N.Y.), Apr. 25, 1898.

Prof. Record: Represented in permanent col-
lections at Corcoran Gallery of Art (Waslung-
ton, D.C.), Los Angeles Museum, Fine Arts
apolis), etc.; Exhibitor in all principal mus-
Gallery (San Diego). Herron Inst. (Indian-
eums of the country, Canada, and Interna-
tional Venice (Italy).

Aivards: Harris Silver Medal, Art Inst, of
Chicago; Hon. Mention, Internat. Carnegie
Inst. ; Harrison Prize, Los Angeles Museum,
Hatfield Gold Medal; Mrs. Keith Spaulding
Prize, Los Angeles Museum; Art Assn. Prize,
Herron Inst. (Indianapolis) ; Mrs. Henry A.
Everett First Prize (Pasadena) ; John C.
Shaffer Grand Prize, Hoosier Salon (Chicago),
1928, 1938; (3oId Medal, Painters of the West
(Los Angeles) 1930.

Memberships: Silvermine Guild; Conn. Acad.
Fine Arts; North Shore Art Assn.; Allied Art-
ists of Amer.; Calif. Art; Arts Club of Wash-
ington (D.C.); Fine Arts Soc. (San Diego),

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics : Democrat .

Home Address: 5302 Orange Ave., San Diego,
Calif. •

REILLY, George Raphael

Member, State Bd. of Equalization.
Born: San Francisco, Mar. 21, 1903; s. of
Theresa (Trainor) and James L. Reilly.
Education: Sunnyside Grammar Sch., Sacred
Heart Coll. (San Francisco) ; Christian Bro-
ther's Novitiate (Martinez, Calif.).
Married: Kathryn, d. of Kathryn (Duggan)
and Jack McGlennon, in San Francisco, 1923;
ch.: James Joseph (15 yrs.); Joseph Edward
(11 yrs.); Carolyn Ann (15 days).
Bus. Record: Exec. Acct., Logan and Bryan;
Pres., real estate and insurance firm, George
R. Reilly Co. ; Gen. Mgr. and Public Relations



Dir., San Francisco Laundry Owner's Assn.;
Mem. of the following municipal commns.
apptd. by the Mayor of San Francisco; Elec-
tion Commn., Bd. of Permit Appeals, apptd.
and elected to San Francisco Bd. of Super-
visors; is now a Mem., State Bd. of Equal-

Directorships: Dir., Better Business Bureau
of San Francisco; San Francisco Transport-
ation and Traffic Assn.; Laundry Owner's
Assn. of San Francisco.

Memberships: Natl. Assn. of Assessors; Peace
Officers Assn.; Eagles; Ins. Brokers E.x-
change; So. Market Boy's; United Irish So-
cieties of San Francisco (Past Pres.); Native
Sons of Calif.; Better Bus. Bur.; Druids;
Loyal Order Moose; Delphi; Athens (Oak-
land); Olympic (San Francisco); San Diego;
Democratic (Hollywood) ; S. F. Young Men's

Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: CJolf, swimming, tennis, hiking,
and handball.

Bus. Address: State Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 3030 - 22nd Ave., San Fran-
cisco, (Ilalif.

REIMS. Alf Ove. Ch.E.

Research Asst. in Chemistry, Calif. Inst, of

Born: Turku (Finland), Sept. 16, 1912 s. of
Enny (von Goeben) and Emil Reims.
Education: Abo Samskola (Finland) 1921-30;
Abo Akademi (Finland) 1931-37.
Degrees: Ch.E., Abo Akademi, 1937.
Prof. Record: Asst. in Chemistry, Abo Akad-
emi, 1937; Research Asst. in Chemistry, Calif.
Inst, of Tech. since 1938.
Religion: Evang. Lutheran.
Recreations: Tennis, swimming.
Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 1485 E. California St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

REINHARDT. Amelia Henry. B.L.,
Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., L.H.D.

President, Mills College, Oakland.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Apr. 1, 1877;
d. of Mary Rogers (Merritt) and William
Warner Henry.

Education: Lowell High Sch.; Univ. of Calif.;
Yale Univ.; 0.xford Univ.

Degrees: B.L., Univ. of Calif., 1898; Ph.D.,
Yale Univ., 1905; LL.D. (Hon.) Univ of Calif.,
1919; Litt.D. (Hon.) Univ. of So. Calif.,
1924; L.H.D., Colorado Coll., 1931; LL.D.,
Mount Holyoke, 1937; L.H.D. , Williams, 1937;
LL.D., Oberlin, 1937.

Married: George Frederick Reinhardt, M.D.
(deceased June 7, 1914), Berkeley (Calif.),
Dec. 1909; ch.: George Frederick, and Paul

Prof. Record: Instr. in English, Univ. of
Idaho, 1898-1901; Chmn., English Dept., Lew-
iston State Normal Sch., 1903-05; Foreign
Fellow, Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women, Ox-
ford Univ., 1905-06; Chmn., English Dept.,
Lewiston State Normal Sch., 1906-08; Lec-
turer in English, Univ. of Calif., 1914-16;
Pres., Mills Coll., since May, 1916.

Directorships: Mem., Alameda Co. Instns.
Commn. since 1917; Dir., East Bay Regional
Park Bd., since 1934; Mem., Alameda Co.
Charities Commn. since 1934; Moderator, Uni-
tarian Churches of Amer., 1940; Bd. of Dirs.,
Temple of Religion and Tower of Peace,
Golden Gate Internat. Exposition, 1939-40;
Mem., Bd. of Trustees, Pacifc Unitarian Sch.
for the Ministry; Hon. Trustee, The Barstow
Sch.; Bd. of Trustees, Calif. Coll. in China
Foundation; Mem., No. Calif. Comm. on
Cause and Cure of War; Mem., Advisory
Comm., Motion Picture Research Council;
American Association of University Women,
National President, 1923-1927; Chairman In-
ternational Relations Committee, 1927-1935.
Publications: Ed. and Translator, The Mon-
orchia of Dante Alighieri. 1904; Ed., Epico-
ene, or The Silent Woman, by Ben Johnson,
1906; Yale Studies in English, XXXI.
Awards: Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women;
International Federation of Univ. Women;
Daughters Amer. Rev.; Colonial Dames; Inst,
of Pacific Relations; Calif. Soc. of Etchers;
Ebell, The Forum (Oakland) ; Town and
Country, Century (San Francisco) ; Phi Beta

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Bibliophile; study of Dante;
Writer and Speaker on contemporary matters;
undertakings of ednl. organizations.
Bus. and Home Address: Mills Coll., Oakland,

REMBAO. Alberto, A.B., M.A.

Editor, La Nueva Democracia.
Born: Chihuahua (Mex.), Sept. 26, 1895; s.
of Francisca (Soils) and Andres R. Remboa.
Education: Pomona Coll. (Claremont,) ; Pac-
ific Sch. of Religion (Berkeley) ; Grad. Stu-
dent, Univ. of Calif, and Yale Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1921; M.A.,
Pacific Sch. of Religion, 1926.
Married: Julia, d. of Bibiano Gracia, in Los
Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 9, 1922.
Prof. Record: While at Pomona Coll., was
Ed. -in-Chief, The Student Life; Principal, In-
ternat. Coll., Guadalajara (Mex.), 1921-24;
Prof, of the Spanish Language and Lit., U.
of Guadalajara; Head, Spanish Bureau,
Foreig^n Language Information Service, Inc.
(New York), 1928; Lecturer, Latin Amer. Af-
fairs, The Hartford Foundation (Conn.); Lec-
turer, Latin Amer. Hist., The College of the
City of New York; Ed., La Nueva Democracia
(Spanish Monthly); (New York City), under
Com. on Cooperation in Latin Amer., at

Publications: Lupita, A Story of Mexico in
Revolution (Friendship Press), 1935; Mensaje
Movimento y Masa (Buenos Aires), 1939;
Meditaciones Neoyorquinas (La Aurora, Bue-
nos Aires), 1939; Vida Heroica (Mexico City),
1937; Columnist for La Prensa (San Antonio,
Texas), and La Opinion (Los Angeles, Calif),
for the last thirteen years.
Army Service: Second Lieut., Mexican Army,

Memberships: Amer. Acad, of Political and
Social Sciences (Philadelphia); Delegate,
Eighth Pan-Amer. Scientific Congress (Wash-
ington, D.C.), May, 1940; Phi Beta Kappa, Nu
Alpha Phi, Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Natl.
Religion: Protestant (Congregational.).



h't (I I iilmnn: C'lii'ss; aiKumciils on how to sot
llu' wciild on the riKhl posture.
Hhs. Adilrc.i.i. 15() Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.
Home Address: 191 CUircmont Ave, New
York. N.Y. •

RENDON. Cecil Paul


Bom: Sonora (Calif.). Oct. 6, 1861; s. of
Dolores (Gomez) and Jesus Rendon.
Education: Santa Clara Univ.
Married: (1) Hannah Crowley, Sept. 5. 1887.
(2) Emeline Olds-Mitchell, June 23, 1922; ch.:
Cecilia M., Anita C, Raymond, Dolores, Cecil
P.. Jr.

t'rof. Record: Admitted to practice of law in
Calif., Apr., 1887; Pros. Atty., City of Stock-
ton, 1891-94; City Justice, Police Judge
(Stockton), 1894-98; Asst. Dist. Atty., San
Joaquin Co., 1907-19; Del. to Rep. State
Convs. and many Co. Convs.; Past Mem.,
Calif. Civil Service Comn. ; Pres. Elector,
1928, Delegate to Natl. Rep. Conv., 1932;
Specializes in criminal and civil law and
trial work; at present engaged in gen. practice
of law. with Ex-Dist. Atty., E. P. Foltz,
under firm name of Foltz and Rendon.
Army Service: Sergt., Co. B., Sixth Regt..
Third Brigade N. G., Calif.

Memberships: San Joaquin Co. (Past Pres.);
Calif. State and Amer. Bar Assns.; Elks;
Red Men; N. S. G. W.; Eagles (Past State
Pres.) ; Young Men's Inst. (Past Grand Pres.) ;
Foresters of Amer. (Past Grand Chief Ranger.
Past Natl. Supt. Chief Ranger) ; Stockton
Blue Rock Gun (Past Pres.); Roberts Island
Rifle (Past Pres.).
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Addrss: Stockton Savings and Loan
Bank Bldg., Stockton, Calif.
Home Address: 1004 So. San Joaquin St.,
Stockton, Calif.

REQUA, Richard S.


Born: Rock Island (III.), Mar. 27, 1881; s.

of Sarah J. (Powers) and Edward H. Requa.

Education: Norfolk Coll. (Neb.).
Married: Viola, d. of Henry Hust, in Carmi

Prof. Record: Began as Asso. of Irving J.
Gill in 1907 and has practiced architecture
continuously in San Diego since that date;
traveled e.xtensively in Mex., So. American
countries, and countries of Europe and No.
Africa studying architectural styles for the
purpose of developing a style appropriate to
Calif. ; transformed the bus. section of Ojai
(Calif.), into Spanish Amer. town, 1913; fol-
lowing this, created and developed the Civic
Center at Rancho Santa Fe; Asso. of Albert
Kahn of Detroit (1917), supervised construc-
tion of Air Service Flying Sch., Rockwell
Field (San Diego, Calif."), during the World
War I; Architect for the San Diego Expo-
sition, 1933-35; one of the Asso. Architects
and Supt. of Construction for the San Diego
Civic Center.

Publications: Architectural Details, Spanish
and Mediterranean, Old World Inspiration for
American Architecture, and Inside Lights on
the Building of San Diego's Exposition, 1935.
Directorships: Pres., San Diego Chapter, Am-
er. Inst, of Architects; Vice-Pres.. San Diego

.Sympiioiiy (jichcslr;i Assn.

Me.inbiTsliijm: Chamber of Commerce, Exec., San Diego Hist .Soc, .San Diego Fine
Arts Assn. (Past Dir.).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Travel, photography, music ap-

Bus. Address: Spreckels Theatre Bldg., San
Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 2906 Locust, San Diego.

Calif. •

RET, Etienne

Artist, Poet.

Born: Moulin (Francei, Jan. 6, 19(J0; s. of
Marie (Vaucluze) and Guiliaume Ret.
Education: Mesnieres College (France). Stud-
ied under Atelier of Maurice Denis and
Georges Desvallieres. It was from Desval-
lieres that he learned to paint. Studied
Ei Greco in Toledo, Goya in Madrid, Memling
in Bruges and Breughel in Antwerp.
Married: Catherine Herron.
Prof. Record: Published a book of poems
Blindman's Bluff, for which he won the
Florence Blumenthal Prize, 1929; did the
scenery for a new presentation of La Dam-
nation de Faust at the Paris Opera; exhibited
in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, etc. Made pictures of the nat-
ives in Tunis and Algeria.
Bus. Address: Dalzell Hatfield Galleries. Am-
bassador Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif. •

REUTER. Herman

Asst. City Ed. and Art Critic, Hollywood Cit-

Born: Santa Ana (Calif.), June 27. 1888; s. of
Magdalena and Ludwig Reuter.
Education: Santa Ana pub. schs.
Married: Ada Belle (Gilbert), d. of Mrs.
Charles J. Stoneham, in Los Angeles, Feb.
14, 1941; ch.: (by former marriage) Mada-
lynne and Ruggles.

Prof. Record: Reporter and City Ed., Santa
Ana Register, 1914-23; City Ed., Fullerton
Tribune and later on Santa Ana Times; Asst.
City Ed. and Art Critic, Hollywood Citizen-
News., Nov., 1931—.

Army Service: In Ordnance Dept., non-com-
missioned officer, with Amer. Exped. Forces
in France.

Memberships: Calif. Art (Hon. Mem.)
Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Painting, etching, stamp collect-
ing, writing fiction.

Bus. Address: Hollj'wood Citizen-News. 1545
Wilcox Ave.. Hollywood, Calif.

Home Address: 611 W. 40th PL, Los Angeles.
Calif. •

REW, Professor Tacie Hanna,

A.B., M.A.

Asst. Prof.. Sch. of Speech, Univ. of So. Calif.
Born: Banning (Calif.); d. of Frances Amelia
(Creal) and John Bennet Hanna.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Theodore Ir-
vine Sch. of the Theatre (New York City);
Elizabeth Yoder Sch. (Florence, Italy).
Degrees: A.B., 1912, M.A., 1923, Univ. of
So. Calif.



Married: Paul Herbert, s. of Ada (Caswell)
and Carlton H. Rew, in Laguna Beach (Cal-
if.), June 23, 1929.

Prof. Record: Began as Teacher in high schs.
in Colton, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles
High School; has been at the Univ. of So.
Calif, since 1923, present capacity being Asst.
Prof., Sch. of Speech.

Directorships: Co-Founder and Chmn., The
Apolliad (a yearly festival of creative arts
at the Univ. of So. Calif.).
Publications: Author of the plays: Hyacinths
(classified types of lit.), (Rich-Century Co.),
Pals (Longmans-Green), Clipped, When Stars
Shine, Exchisively Yours, The House Beau-
tiful (Samuel French), Upon the Waters,
(Drama Magazine).

Memberships: So. Calif. Womens Press; Natl.
Collegiate Players; Zeta Phi Kta (Natl. Speech
Sorority) .

Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2190 Moreno Dr., Los Angeles,

REXROTH. (Miss) Andr6e


Born: Chicago (IlL), Oct. 14, 1902; d. of
Emma (Montgomery) and J. F. Schafer.
Prof. Record: One of California's leading Art-
ists, has had several one-man shows, both
here and in the east.
Recreations: Chess, ping-pong, hiking.
Home Address: 1026 Montgomery St., San
Francisco, Calif. *

REYNOLDS, Barbara (Mary Jane)

Actress, Photographer's Model.
Born: Johnson City (Tenn.), June 15, 1912; d.
of Mary Jane (Bailou) and William Grantham

Education: Public schs. (Princeton, W. Va.);
Vernon Vestoff Sch. of Dancing (N.Y.C.).
Married: Georges La New, s. of Elizabeth and
Fred Bryan Reynolds, Los Angeles, Nov. 1,
1931; ch.: Richard and Relette.
Prof. Record: After completing dance studies
under Perrier (Paris, France), 1928, returned
to U.S., where she was featured Solo Dancer
in various eastern cities. Retired from solo
dance work to open own school after marriage
in 1931. Took up professional modeling in
1934, and was under contract to Natural Color
Pictures in 1935, after winning contest judged
by noted artists; has posed for such famous
artists and photographers as Alexander Brooks,
Albert Steiner, Georgia O'Keefe, Charles
Schuler and others; her likeness has been
exhibited at The Whitney Museum of Art,
The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,
and the Photographer's Exhibit in N.Y. Was
Model for the well-known Boris de Bakhtiers
bronze pictures Famine and Grace. Won N.Y.
World's Fair Award as "The Perfect Ameri-
can Girl," 1939.

Memberships: The Model's Guild (Philadel-
phia) .

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.

Address: Los Angeles, C^lif.

REYNOLDS, Professor Charles Nath-
an, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology, Stanford University.
Born: Harper (Kan.), Jan. 12, 1889; s. of
Eleanor (Arthur) and Nathan Delos Rey-

Education: Portland (Oregon) High School;
Univ. of Oregon; Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1913, M.A., 1921, Univ. of
Oregon; Ph.D., Stanford Univ., 1927.
Married: Sarah Angeline, d. of Emily and
John Shaver in Portland (Oregon); ch.: Carl
Nathan and Donald Kelly.
Prof. Record: Teacher in Math, and Head of
Dept. of Biology, Lincoln High School (Port-
land, Oregon), 1914-23; Executive Secy.,
Univ. of Oregon Medical School, 1923-25,
Instr., Univ. of Oregon, Portland Center,
1923-25; Instr. of Citizenship and Sociology,
Stanford Univ. (Calif.), 1925-27; Prof., Eco-
nomics and Head of Dept., Univ. of Hawaii
(T.H.), 1927-28; Prof., Sociology, Stanford
Univ. (Calif.), 1928—. Visiting Prof., Univ.
of Oregon, summer sessions, 1929, 1930, 1931,
1932, 1933, spring quarter, 1939, summer,
1940; Visiting Prof., Univ. of Mich., summer
session, 1935.

Publications: "The Chinese Tongs," "Ad-
vanced Stages of Chinese," "White Relations
on the Pacific Coast," and other articles in
the American Journal of Sociology. Partici-
pated in Symposium: Social Problems and Soc-
ial Processes, with Bogardus and others (Univ.
of Chicago Press), 1933; many articles in
journals on sociological subjects.
Memberships: Delta Tau Delta, Phi Beta
Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta;
Amer. Sociological Soc. ; Pacific Sociological
Soc. (Pres., 1936) ; Inst, of Pacific Relations;
Social Research Conference of the Pacific

Religion: Protestant Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing and camping.

Bus .Address: Stanford Univ., Dept. of Eco-
nomics, Stanford University, Calif.

Home Address: 611 Alvarado Row, Stanford
University, Calif. *

REYNOLDS, Thomas, A.B., J.D.

Lawyer, Member, Reynolds and Painter.

Born: Vacaville (Calif.), Dec. 18, 1895; s. of
Lulu (Foutz) and J. Thomas Reynolds.

Education: Public schools of Los Angeles

(Calif.); academic and law work at Stanford


Degrees: A.B., 1920, J.D., 1921, Stanford U.

Married: Maxine Broman.

Prof. Record: Began the practice of law in
Los Angeles, 1921; Mem., firm of Knight and
Reynolds, 1923-35; Mem., firm of Reynolds
and Painter, 1939—.

Memberships: Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi;
Los Angeles Country, Los Angeles Stock Ex-
change Club .

Bus. Address: Citizens National Bank Bldg.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 700 No. Walden Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif. *



RHODES, Orlando H.. A.B., J.D.

I,;i\v>it: .histicc of the I'cnco, Santa Monica


Corn; McKccsport (Pa.), July 13, 190(1: s. of

Anna M. (Caughey) and Frederick Oliver


Education: McKeesport (Pa.) public schools;

Santa Monica (Calif.) High School (grad.);

Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1923, J.D., 1925, Stanford


Married: Alice, d. of Grace (Wood) and Rob
Jess In Santa Ana, Dec. 4, 1926; eh.: Richard
Wood (13).

Prof. Record: Asst. City Atty., City of Santa
Monica, also private practice, 1926-34; elected
Justice of Peace, 1934; re-elected Justice of
Peace, since 1938; private practice, 1934-36;
Judge of Superior Court, Los Angeles Co. by
Judicial Council Assignment, 1936-1940; gen-
eral private practice, 1940 — .
Memberships: Santa Monica Bay District Bar
Assn. (Pres., 1941-42) ; Santa Monica Beach,
Del Mar, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi.
Religion: Protestant, Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Swimming and golf.
Bus. Address: Bay Cities Bldg., Santa Monica,

Home Address: 328 - 21st PI., Santa Monica,

RICCIARDI. Nicholas. A.B., M.A., Sc.D.

Educator; President, San Bernardino Valley

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 178 of 235)