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Junior College.

Born: New York City, Jan. 16, 1886: s. of
Mary (Petrucelli) and Joseph Ricciardi.
Education: Univ. of Calif.; Stout Institute.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1907; M.A.,
1908, Sc.D., 1928, Stout Inst. (Menomonie,

Married: Willa V., d. of William B. Cutler in
San Francisco (Calif.); ch.: Patricia and

Prof. Record: Began as Teacher, later Prin.,
Oakland (Calif.) Public Schools; Dist. Voca-
tional Officer, Federal Bd. for Vocational Ed-
ucation, 12th Dist. (including Calif., Ariz.,
Nev. and Hawaiian Islands), 1918-21; Pres.,
Calif. Poly. School (San Luis Obispo). 1921-
24; Calif. State Commr., Vocational Educa-
tion, 1924-28; Chief of Div. of Secondary
Education, 1928-33; Pres., San Bernardino
Valley Junior College, since 1933.

Directorships: Pres., National Assn. of State
Dir. of Vocational Education, Amer. Assn. Jr.
Colleges, and Calif. Jr. College Federation.
Publications: The Boy and His Future, 1925;
The Junior High School, Its Organization and
Administration. 1930. Compiler: "Readings in
Vocational Education," 1932.

Memberships: National Com. on CJeneral Ed-
ucation of Amer. Council on Education;
N.E.A. (life); Phi Delta Kappa, Conglist,

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Writing, music, handball and

Bus. Address: San Bernardino Vallev Junior
Coll., San Bernardino, Calif.

Home Address: 786 Mission Dr., San Bernar-
dino, Calif.

RICE, Professor George Arthur,
A.B., M.A., Ed.D.

Professor of .Secondary Education. Director of
Supervised Teaching. Principal of University
High School, University of California.
Born: Malcolm (Iowa); s. of Mary (Crocker;
and George E. Rice.

Education: Public schools In Maiden (Mass.).
Degrees: A.B., 1905, M.A., 1924, Ed.D., 1925,
Harvard Univ.

Married: Marguerite E., d. of Samuel E. Jor-
don In Maiden (Mass.); ch.; George, David,
Richard, Nancy.

Prof. Record: Tutor to VIconte de Nalves,
1905-06; Construction business, Los Angeles,
l!X)6-07; Teacher, Los Angeles Schools, 1908-
18; Orange Grower, 1918-21; Student, Teach-
er, Harvard, 1922-25; Lecturer, Assoc. Prof.,
and Prof., Univ. of Calif., 1925 — . Prof, of
Secondary Education, Dir. of Supervised
Teaching, Principal of Univ. High School.
Publications: Principles of Secondary Educa-
tion (with L.A. Williams) ; Specimen Objec-
tive Tests (with G. M. Ruch); Administration
of the Public High Schools Thru Their Per-
sonnel (with C. C. Conrad, and P. Fleming).
Memberships: Mason, Phi Delta Kappa.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: Box 277, Lafayette, Calif.

RICE, Professor Mabel Frances,

Ph.B., M.A

Professor of Education. Director, Elementary
Education, Whittier College.
Born: Flintville (Wis.), Apr. 7, 1893; d. of
Jennie A. (Doty) and Leonard Rice.
Education: Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of So.
Calif.; Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles); State
Teachers College (Stevens Point, Wis.).
Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1929; M.A.,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1933.

Prof. Record: Grade Teacher in Wis. and
Mich., 1913-18: Junior High School Principal
(Crookston. Minn.), 1920-23; Supervisor, State
Teachers College (Bemidji, Minn.), 1923-31;
Asst. Instr., Schools of Philosophv and Edu-
cation. Univ. of So. Calif., 1931-36; Whittier
College since 1936; Acting Head, Dept. of
Education and Dean of Broadoaks School for
Education, 1936-39; now Dir., Elementary
Education. Visiting Instr., summer, 1937, Illi-
nois Normal Univ., Univ. of Arizona, sum-
mer, 1940. Is a Lecturer in children's litera-
ture and books. Pres.. Supervisors Student
Teachers, So. Calif., 1939-40.

Publications: Co-Author. Conduct Problems (5
vols.; Macmillan), 1931; Co-Author, chil-
dren's books (Row-Peterson). 1940-41, Ash-
kee, the Indian Boy (with Faith Hill), etc.
Contributor to educational magazines.
Army Record: Clerk, Ordnance Dept., War
Dept., Washington, D.C., 1918-20.
Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta, Delta Kappa
Gamma (Calif. Founder), Delta Phi Upsilon;
Daughters of the American Revolution, and
numerous educational organizations.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Drama, and book clubs.



Bus. Address; Whittier Coll., Whittler, Calif.;
Broadaks School of Education, 714 W. Cali-
fornia St., Pasadena, Calif.
Home Address: 333 No. Friends Ave., Whit-
tier, Calif.

RICH, John Hubbard

Art Instructor, Otis Art Institute.
Born: Boston (Mass.); s. of Mary Whiting
(Brigham) and Samuel M. Rich.
Education: Mfls School of Fine Arts; Art
Students League (N.Y.); Boston Art Museum
Art School; and in Europe; Paige traveling
Scholarship, Boston Art Museum.
Married: Helen, d. of Corinne (Howell) and
Colonel Wm. H. Wood, in Pasadena (Calif.),

Prof Record: Has painted portraits of many
prominent people in Calif. Represented in
various public and private art collections,
clubs and museums. Received many prizes and
honors in competitive art exhibitions. Was
Asst. Prof, at the Univ. of So. Calif., nine
years; is now Art Instructor at the Otis Art

Directorships: First Vice-Pres., Calif. Water
Color Society.

Memberships: Laguna Beach Art Assn.; Calif.
Water Color Soc; Calif. Art Club.
Politics: Republican.

Hoine Address: 2212 San Marco Dr., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Bus. Address: 2401 Wilshire Blvd., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

RICH, Professor Willis Horton, B.S.,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
Professor of Biology, Stanford University.
Born: Galesburg (111.), Mar. 15, 1885; s. of
Susan Lovina (Horton) and Frederick Wil-
liam Rich.

Education: Galesburg Public Schools and High
School; Lombard College; Univ. of So. Calif.;
Stanford Univ.

Degrees: B.S., Lombard College, 1905; A.B.,
1909, M.A., 1918, Ph.D., 1924, Stanford Univ.
Married: (1) Harriet, d. of Fayette Hunt, in
Battle Creek (Mich.), 1910. (2) Dorothy Jo-
hanna, d. of Chloe (Lesley) and Edwin Starks
in Palo Alto (Calif.), 1934; ch.: Robert Hor-
ton, Richard Starks, Chloe Jean.
Prof. Record: Asst. and Instr. in Biology,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1907-08; Asst. and Instr.
in Zoology and Physiology, Stanford Univ.,
1909-18; Fish Culture Worker, Calif. Fish and
Game Commission, 1910-13; Field Asst., U.S.
Bureau of Fisheries, 1914-22, in Charge, Div.
of Scientific Inquiry, U.S. Bureau of Fisher-
ies, 1922-26; Chief Investigator, Salmon Fish-
eries, U.S. Bureau of Fisheries, 1926-30; Prof,
of Biology, Stanford Univ., 1930—; Dir. of
Research, Fish Commission of Oregon, 1938 — ;
Consulting Economist, U.S. Bureau of Recla-
mation, 1938-40.

Directorships: Dir. of Research, Fish Commis-
sion of Oregon.

Publications: Numerous scientific papers deal-
ing especially with the biology of the Pacific
salmon and the salmon fisheries; articles have
appeared chiefly in the Bulletins of the U.S.
Bureau of Fisheries, California Fish and Game
and the contributions from the Dept. of Re-
search, Fish Commission of Oregon.

Memberships: Amer. Assn. for the Advance-
ment of Science; Amer. Soc. of Zoologists;
Ecological Soc. of Amer.; Western Soc. of
Naturalists; Grinnell Naturalists Soc; Wild-
life Soc; Cooper Ornithological Soc; Amer.
Fisheries Soc; Limnological Soc. of Amer.;
Calif. Academy of Sciences; Sigma Xi, Phi
Delta Kappa.
Religion: Universal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, gardening, rifle and pis-
tol shooting.

Bus. Address: Natural History Museum, Stan-
ford University, Calif.

Home Address: Santa Cruz Ave., Menlo
Heights, Calif. *

RICHARDS, Mabel Kimball

State President and Director, California Fed-
eration Women's Clubs.

Born- Sutter County (Calif.), Mar. 26, 1882;
d. of Maria Copeland (Allen) and George Her-
bert Kimball.

Education: Marysville (Calif.) High School;
Chico State Teachers College.
Married: Thomas Henry, s. of Eliza D. and
John N. Richards in Marysville (Calif.), July
10, 1913.

Prof, and Social Record: Teacher in Primary
Grades, Yuba City Grammar School, 1901-12;
Teacher and Principal Private Coaching School
(Marysville, Calif.). Past District Pres., North-
ern Dist., Calif. Fed. Women's Clubs; Past-
Pres Butte Co. Fed. Women's Clubs; Past-
Matron, Fidelia Chapter No. 56, O.E.S. : Past
Pres., Marysville Parlor No. 162, N.D.G.W.;
Past District Pres., Assn. Butte County N.D.
GW.; Past-Pres., Marysville Art Club; Past
State Recording Secy., Treasurer and Vice-
Pres., C.F.W.C.

Directorships: City Library Board of Chico,
Calif, (past 10 yrs.).

Publications: Managing Editor, California
Federation News.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, bridge and motoring.

Bus. Address: 148 Salem St., Chico, Calif.

Home Address: 330 Ivy St., Chico, Calif. *

RICHARDS, Jr., Robert Henry, B.S.

Inyo County Clerk.

Born: Reno (Nevada), Oct. 13, 1912; s. of

Mary (Howara) and Robert Richards.

Education: Bishop Public Schools; Univ. of

Santa Clara.

Degrees: B.S. in Pol. Sci., Univ. of Santa

Clara, 1934.

Prof Record: Member of the Bishop Police

Dept., 1936-39, then accepted the appointment

as County Clerk in 1939—.

Memberships: Lions Club.

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Touring and criminology.

Bus. and Home Address: Independence, Calif.

Other Address: Bishop, Calif.



RICHARDS. Virgil Chesley. A.B.

I'arliu'r, I'uhlislu'i', The Chico Record.

Horn: Maine, Ocl. 2-\, 18(;K; s. of llosallnc M.

(NowcU) and VirRll l\ Richards.

Married: Elizabeth I. Griffith, In Stanford

Univ. (Palo Alio, Calif.), June 29, 1927.

Bits. Record: Partner, Publisher, The Chlco

Record since April 1897.

Directorships: Elks Hall Association of Chlco


Memberships: Phi Kappa Psl.
Recreations: Golf, fishing.
Bus. Address: 117 Broadway, Chico, Calif.
Home Address: 1069 Woodland Ave., Chico,
Calif. •

RICHARDSON, Professor Leon Josiah.

A.B., LL.D.

Professor Emeritus of Latin and Director
Emeritus of the Univ. of Calif. Extension
Division (Berkeley).

Born: Keene (New Hampshire), Feb. 22, 1868;
s. of Isabel Jane (Chamberlain) and Josiah
Crosby Richardson.

Education: Univ. of Michigan; Univ. of Ber-

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Michigan, 1890; LL.D.,
Univ. of Calif., 1939.

Married: Maud, d. of Florence (Walton) and
Warring Wilkinson, in Berkeley (Calif.), April
26, 1900; ch.: Mrs. Florence Wyckoff, Mrs.
Jane Hanks, John Alden.

Prof. Record: Member of the Univ. of Calif.
Faculty, 1891—.

Publications: Helps to the Reading of Classi-
cal Latin Poetry, 1907 (with Prof. H. R. Fair-
clough) ; The Phormio of Terence (simplified
for the use of schools), 1909; Cronies (a Poet-
ical Miscellany), 1934; Arroivs and Driftwood
(Essays in Lifelong Learning), 1935; Quintui
Horatius Flaccus, 1935.

Memberships: Berkeley Club, Tilden Park Golt
Club (Pres.), Faculty Club (Berkeley); Psi

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, mountaineering.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 2415 College Ave., Berkeley,

RICHARDSON, Ralph Felton

Artist-Craftsman (wood carving).
Born: Bennington (New Hampshire), June 14,
1892; s. of Bessie M*riah (Straw) and Wilson
Bickford Richardson.

Education: Schs. of Peterborough (New Hamp-
shire) .

Married: Katharine, d. of Dennis C. Ballou,
in Magnolia (Mass.), Jan. 6, 1914; ch.: Mary-
karita, Dennis Wilson, Harlan Edward.
Prof. Record: Has been a gold miner in Alas-
ka and citrus Rancher in Calif. ; is now a
Wood Carver, maintaining own wood carving

Army Record: Private in the 63rd. Spruce

Memberships: American Legion.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Hrrrriilvinn : HoatinK and traveling.

Bus. and Hinnr Addrc.Hs: 1304 Coast Blvd.,

Corona Del Mar, Calif. •

RICHE, Aaron

Real Estate Broker — Insurance.
Boryi: Suwalki (Poland), April 10th; s. of
Fannie (Goldberg) and Isaac A. Riche.
Education: East Denver High School; Denver
Normal School; Univ. of Denver; Columbia
Univ. Summer School and Extension Courses.
Prof. Record: Newspaper reporter and editor
in Denver; reporter and magazine writer In
New York; public relations work in N.Y. for
railroads, utilities, industries, states and gov-
ernments from 1907-24; in Los Angeles Real
Estate, 1924 — ; in 1914 apptd. to Com. of
Mercy by Gov. Glynn of N.Y., with Motion
Picture Bureau, Amer. Red Cross, promotion
campaign of Salvation Army, feature bureau,
Liberty Loan Com. in N.Y., and in winter of
1917 to Washington with Com. on Public In-
formation (War Dept. Bureau) ; Assoc. Dir.
and later, Acting Dir. of War Dept. News
Bureau until summer of 1919.
Directorships: Member, Nat. Exec. Zionist
Organization of Amer.; Nat. Governing Coun-
cil, Amer. Jewish Congress; Pac. Coast Mem-
ber, B'nai B'rith Nat. Defense Comn.; Nat.
Council United Palestine Appeal; Secy, and
Dir., Los Angeles Jewish Community (Council;
Treas. and Dir., Calif. Safety Council; Treas.,
Jewish. Nat. Fund; Vice-Pres., Jewish Social
Service Bureau; Chmn., Advisory Bd., Me-
norah Center; Secy., Mt. Sinai Hosp. and
Clinic; Secy., Los Angeles Jewish Acad.; Ad-
visory Bd., Jewish Home for Aged, and Jew-
ish Home for Wayfarers; Exec. Member, Citi-
zens Power Com.; Chmn., Interdenomination-
al Com. for Religious Freedom.
Publications : Monographs on various subjects,
hundreds of articles for newspapers and mag-
azines (including fiction stories).
Army Service: Served as Asst. to Secy, of War
(Baker) for publicity; Publicity Dir., Army
Liberty Loan during World War I, rank of
Lieut. Colonel.

Awards: Distinguished Service Medal.
Memberships: Commonwealth Club of Calif.;
Covenant Club of Los Angeles (Past-Pres.) ;
Three Lights Masonic Club of New York (Hon.
Pres.), B'nai B'rith (Past-Pres., Los Angeles
Lodge); Masonic (Gothic Lodge No. 934 (New
York); Akiba Assn. (Pres.).
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Republican (Ind.).

Recreations: Walking, reading and motion

Bus. Address: 416 W. Eighth St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 842 So. Sycamore Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

RICHTER, Professor Charles Francis,

A.B., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Seismology, California
Institute of Technology-.

Born: Butler County (Ohio), April 26, 1900.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Stanford;
Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1928.

Married: Lillian Brand, in Santa Ana (Calif.),
July 18, 1928.

Prof. Record: Laboratory Asst., Seismological
Lab., Carnegie Inst, of Washington, 1928-37;
Asst. Prof, of Seismology, Calif. Inst, of
Technology, 1937 — .



Publications: Technical papers in seismology;
some verse in mags, and anthologies.
Army Record: Private, S.A.T.C, World War
I, 1918.

Recreations: Mountain hiking, chess.
Bits. Record: 220 No. San Rafael Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1820 Kenneth Way, Pasadena,

RIDDLE, Mrs. Lawrence Melville (see
WATERS, Sara Maynadier)


Concert Violinist; Secretary, Berkeley Public

Born- Golden (New York), Jan. 11, 1899; d.
of Evelyn (Craig) and Howard Tolman.
Education: Buffalo Univ. (New York).
Married: Albert, s. of Clemens Riehle, in
Colden (N.Y.), June 24, 1919; ch.: Jack.
Prof Record: Concert Violinist; three years
school Teacher; various business offices (New
York, Chicago, San Francisco) ; at present.
Secy.' in Berkeley Schools.
Publications: Stories in Women's WorZd (Street
and Smith), Cooh, -Prize Story Magazine; va-
rious poetry magazines, etc.
Memberships: Calif. Writers Club; Berkeley
Short Story Club; Eastern Star; Choral Soci-

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Writing poetry, reading, piano,
singing, travel, color photography, mountams.
Bus. Address: University and Bonar Sts.,
Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 1643 La Loma Ave., Berkeley,
Calif. '

RIGGS. Lutah Maria. A.B.


Born- Toledo (Ohio), 1896; d. of Lucinda C.
(Barrett) and Charles B. Riggs, M.D.
Education: Manual Training High School (In-
dianapolis, Ind.), 1911-14; Santa Barbara Jr.
Coll., 1914-17; Univ. of Calif., 1917-21.
Educational Travel: Mexico, 1922-23; Spain,
France, England, 1924-25; Spain, France,
Italy, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Germany,

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1919.
Prof Record: Trained in the office of George
Washington Smith (Architect), (Santa Bar-
bara), 1921-30; licensed to practice architec-
ture in the State of Calif., 1928; started own
practice in 1930 — residential work for the
most part; Consulting Architect for Rolling
Hills during year of 1939.

Me^nberships : Amer. Inst, of Architects; State
Assn. of Calif. Architects; Delta Epsilon.
Religion: Christian (no church affiliation).
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening, travel, theatre-going,

Home Address: 240 Middle Rd., Santa Bar-
bara, Calif.

RILEY, Alice Gushing Donaldson

Writer, Housewife.

Born: Morrison (Whiteside Co., Illinois),
March 18, 1867; d. of Frances Ellen (Gush-
ing) and Sereno Edward Donaldson.
Education: Public schools and Park Inst. (Chi-
cago) .

Married: Harrison Barnett, s. of Anna (Tripp)
and John Riley, in Ovid, New York; ch.:
Donald, Mrs. Dorothy Riley Brown.
Publications: Has written one book of ballads
(music by Jessie L. Gaynor), five books of
children's songs, four full-length operettas
for children, 14 plays for adults and numer-
ous plays for children.

Memberships: Life Member of Chicago Art
Inst, and Field Museum. Hon. Member of:
Univ Guild, Art Center, Woman's Club, Gar-
den Culb (Evanston, 111.); Active Mem.,
Woman's Athletic Club (Los Angeles), Pasa-
dena Garden Club, Calif. Writers Guild; So.
Calif. Woman's Press Club. (Hon.), Authors
League, (N.Y.)
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening, music.
Home Address: 730 Prospect Blvd., Pasadena.

RILEY. James Sheldon, Ph.B.

Investment Banker (retired).
Born: Albion (Mich.), Dec. 18, 1879; s. of
Madalon Louise (Sheldon) and Albert Austin

Education: Public and private schools (Chi-
cago) ; Univ. of Chicago.
Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1905.
Married: Edith, d. of Elizabeth (Hollis) and
Frederick Powell, in New York City, Sept. Z,
1914; ch.: Sheldon Powell, Lillian Barbara.
Prof Record: Entered the investment bank-
ing business in the employ of N. W. Harris &
Co., 1905; joined the Chicago office of EH.
Rollins & Sons the following year; m 1909
became Mgr. of their Los Angeles office and
in 1911 and part of 1912 represented the firm
in London (England); in 1912 participated in
the formation of Perrin, Drake & Riley
(name changed to Drake, Riley & Thomas in
1919), served as Vice-Pres., 1912-26, Pres.,
1926-30 (hq. in Los Angeles) : after consoli-
dation became Vice-Pres. of Smith, Camp &
Riley, 1931; 1934 helped organize Edgerton,
Riley & Walter and served as Vice-Pres. in
Los Angeles until retirement from business at
the close of 1939.

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Dir. of the Los
Angeles Orthopaedic Foundation; Dir. of In-
dustrial Buildings Co.

War Service: Ghmn. of the Industrial Organ-
ization for the City of Los Angeles during the
Second, Third, Fourth and Victory Liberty
Loan Campaigns.

Memberships: Bel-Air Bay (Santa Monica);
Stock Exchange Club (Los Angeles) ; Los
Angeles Country; University Club of L. A.
(Pres. in 1922).
Politics: Old School Democrat.
Recreations: Golf, fishing.
Bus. Address: 621 So. Spring St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 115 So. June St., Los Angeles,



RINEAR. Roberta

Ilonscwirc, Poet.

Burn: Near Galcsburg (111.). May 28, 1894; (1.

of Mary Elizabeth (Evans) and James Emory


Education: San Joaquin Valley (Calif.) schs.

Married: (1) Berton C. Rinear, 1913; ch.: B.
Maurice, Betty, VVilbort, Ronley, Duane,
Glen. (2) Jesse L., s. of William Winlon Kag-
ley, of Kno.xville (Tcnn.), Nov. 8, 1933, In
Bakersfield (Calif.).

Prof. Record: Interested in welfare work and
money reform (non-politically) ; represented
in poetry magazines. Good Housekeeping, Sat-
urday Review, and many newspapers; poems
in Huntington Library Collection.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening, astrological research.
Home Address: 2300 Arlington St., Bakers-
field, Calif.

RINEHART. George Franklin

Journalist, Advocate (retired).
Born: Prairie City (Iowa), Feb. 21, 1864.
Education: County School; Hazel Dell Acad.;
High School (Newton, Iowa); Northern Indi-
ana Normal (Valparaiso, Ind.).

Married: Susan Young, Dec. 28, 1887; ch. :
two daughters.

Prof. Record: During public school period,
was interested in oratory and debate and at
an early age became an advocate of prohibi-
tion; started newspaper career at the age of
16, having been correspondent for numerous
newspapers; Delegate to Dry Convention in
Phoenix, 1914; elected State Superintendent
of that organization, and after a winning
campaign, was elected Superintendent of the
Chicago Dry Foundation which caused the
closing of over 7,000 saloons on Sundays;
moved to Calif, in 1918; became Editor of
Covina Citizen, where he remained for 14 yrs. ;
was candidate for Congress in 1932 and 1934;
sold interest in the newspaper and retired,

Recreations: Flower gardening and the fol-
lowing of current events.

Home Address: 426 No. Minnesota Ave., Glen-
dora, Calif. •

RISHER, Anna Prisdlla

Coiniio.scr, Conductor.

florn: Dravosbur!,'h (I'a.), Nov. 2, 187.5; d. of

Priscllla Ann (Glcadall) and Daniel KIsher.

Education: Pennsylvania College for Women

and New England Con.servatory of Mualc.

Publications: 3.50 published musical works

with the following publishers: Boston Music

Co., Theo Presser Co., Arthur P. Schmidt Co.,

Boo.sey and Co., Hatch Music Co., Hinds,

Ilayden and Eldredge, Novello and Co., Oliver

Ditson Co., B. F. Wood Co.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Painting and raising Cocker

Spaniel dogs.

Home Address: 3945 May field Ave., La Cres-

centa, Calif.


Publisher; Partner, The Ward Ritchie Press,
Contributing Editor, The Dolphin.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), June 15, 1905; s.
of Effie Emetine (Palmer) and Mossom CJeorge

Education: Stanford Univ.; Occidental Coll.;
Univ. of the South; Univ. of So. Calif. Law
School; Altelier of F. L. Schmied (Paris).
Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1928.
Married: Janet Hathaway, d. of Sarah (Bix-
by) and Arthur Maxson Smith in Los Angeles,
July 15, 1934; ch.: Jonathan Baird.
Prof. Record: Organized, Ward Ritchie Press
in 1932, now Partner in the company. Con-
tributing Editor, The Dolphin.
Publications: John Gutenberg; Fifteen Poems
for the Heath Broom; The Year's at the
Spring; Merle Armitage, Designed Books; The
Annual of Bookmaking.

Memberships: Phi Gamma Delta; Grolier
(N.Y.); Typophiles (N.Y.); Authors (Holly-
wood); Zamorano; Rounce and Coffin; The
Club; Wine & Food Society.
Politics: Republican.

Btis. Address: 1936 Hyperion Ave., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 2110 Griffith Park Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

RIPLEY, Thomas Emerson, A.B.

Artist, Author, Craftsman.
Born: Rutland (Vt.), 1865; s. of Cornelia A.
(Thomas) and William Young W. Ripley.
Education: Andover and Yale Universities.
Degrees: A.B., Yale Univ., 1888.

Married: Dorothy, d. of George Alexander

Maclean in Santa Barbara (Calif.), 1927; ch.:

Clements and Cornelia R. Sheoman.

Prof. Record: Lumber and logging in Tacoma

(Wash.), until retired in 1927 to become a


Publications : A Vermont Boyhood (Appleton-
Century Co.).

Membership: Brook's of London.

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, painting, motoring.

Home Address: 700 Mission Canyon Rd., San-
ta Barbara, Calif. •

RITTENHOUSE, The Reverend Daniel
Franklin. A.B., B.D., D.D.


Born: Ostrander (Ohio), Mar. 14, 1882; s. of
Charlotte L. (Parrott) and (Jeorge Ritten-

Education: Doane Acad.; Denison Univ. ;
Univ. of the Pacific; Berkeley Baptist Divin-
ity Sch.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Pacific, 1907; B.D.,
Berkeley Baptist Div. Sch., 1909; D.D., Deni-
son Univ., 1929.

Married: Lily C, d. of John S. Crees in Plain
City (Ohio), Mar. 29, 1911; ch. : Mary Louise,
Daniel Franklin, Jr., Lloyd (Jeorge, La wren

Prof. Record: Minister, First Baptist CHiurch
(Middletown, Ohio), 1911-18; First Baptist
Church (Columbus, Ohio), 1918-27; First Bap-
tist Church (Pasadena, Calif.), 1928-37).

Directorships: Trustee, Berkeley Baptist Div-
inity School.

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