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Recreations: Tennis, hiking, cooking, mil-

Bus. Address: San Bernardino, Calif.
Home Address: 1138 No. Eighth St., Colton,
Colton, Calif.


Supervising Principal, Vallejo Day and Ev-
ening High Schools.

Born: Sacramento (Calif.), Nov. 3. 1888; s.
of Susan Compton.

Education: University of Calif., and Colo-
rado State U.

Degrees: B.S., Col. State, 1933.
Married: Grace I. Wallace, Oakland (Calif.),
1917; ch.r Margaret Grace, John Wallace,
and Ruth Anita Alltucker.
Prof. Record: Lived on a ranch until he
was 22 years old; worked as a Mechanic
and Foreman for several years: took up
Teaching in Vocational Education; taught
trade work: became, Vice-Principal of High
School: then. Director of Vocational and
Adult Education at Vallejo; then. Principal,
Vallejo Dav and Evening High Schools and
Director of Vocational and Adult Education;
has taught Summer session classes at U. of
Calif, and Santa Barbara State Coll., and
Colorado State Coll.

Directorships: Pres., Vallejo Army and Navy
Y. M. C. A.; Pres., Vallejo Recreation Com-

Memberships: Masonic Fraternity; Kiwanls
Club; Phi Delta Kappa.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreatoins: Fishing, hunting.
Bus. Address: 840 Nebraska St., Vallejo,

Home Address: 113 Bella Vista Way, Valle-
jo, Calif.



ALMACK, Professor John C(onrad),

A.B.. M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of Eciucation, Stanford University.
Born.- Houston (Mo.), Oct. 15, 1883: s. of
Amanda (Purcell) and John C(ullison) Al-

Education: Univ. of Ore.; Stanford U.
Degrees: A.B., 1918; M.A., 1921, U. of Ore.;
Ph.D., Stanford, 1923.

Married: Evelyn M., d. of T.J. Foster, Port-
land (Ore.), 1938.

Prof. Record: Teacher, Public Schools (State
of Wash.), 1905-14; Editor (State of Wash.),
1914-15; Dlr., Ext. Div., U. of Ore., 1918-21;
Stanford, 1921—.

Publications: History of Oregon Normal
Schools, 1921; Education for Citizenship,
1924; Problems of the Teaching Profession,
1925; The School Board Member. 1926; Ad-
ministration of Schools, 1927; Research and
Thesis Writing, 1928; Hygiene of the School
Child. 1929; History of the United States.
1930; Modern School Ad7ninistration, 1933;
Track of the Sun, 1937; Facts First on Nar-
cotics, 1939; A Clear Case Against Nor-
cotics. 1939 Straight Thinking, 1940; The
Stanford Spellers, 1930; The New Laurel
Handwriting Series, 1935; Golden Spurs.
1934; and others.
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreatoins: Painting, fishing, writing.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 683 Alvarado Row, Stanford,
University, Calif.

ALMQUIST, Professor Herman James,

B.S., Ph.D.
Asso. Prof., Coll. of Agriculture, University
of California.

Born: Helena (Mont.), March 3, 1903; s.
of Mary (Erickson) and Harry Almquist.
Education: Montana State Coll., 1925.
Degrees: B. S., Montana State Coll., 1925;
Ph. D., U. of Calif., 1932.
Married: Viola Pimentel.

Prof. Record: Research in animal nutrition,
particularly chickens; co-discoverer of vita-
min K; work on isolation, identification and
synthesis of vitamin Kl; relation of bile to
pure identified form of vitamin K; first
synthesis of Vitamin Kl; relation of bile to
gizzard lesions of chickens; identification of
"rice factor"; amino acid requirements of

Directorships: Dir., Annual Review, Inc.
Publications: Has written many papers on
such subjects as "Vitamin Requirements of
Chickens"; "Vitamin K" and "Antihemor-
rhagic Compounds"; and "Amino Acids."

Army Record: 1st. Lt., Montana Natl. Guard
to 1931.

Awards: Borden Award, 1939.
Memberships: Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Kap-
pa Phi; Sigma Xi; Scabbard and Blade; Ma-
sonic Lodge.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, hunting.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Berkeley,

Home Address: 7475 Curry St., El Cerrito,


Other Address: 1114 Mt. George Ave., Napa,


ALSBERG. Carl Lucas. A.B., M.A., M.D.
Director of Giannini Foundation of Agricul-
tural Economics and Head of the Division
of Agricultural Economics, University of

Born: New York City (N. Y.), April 2, 1877;
s. of Bertha (Baruch) and Mainhard Als-

Education: Columbia U. and Universities ol
Strassburg and Berlin.

Degrees: A. B., 1896. M. A., 1900, Colum-
bia; M. D., (Columbia), Coll. of Phys. and
Surg., 1900.

Married: Emma B., d. of Mary Elizabeth
(Hyde) and Uriah P. Peebles, Nashville,
(Tenn.), Sept. 2, 1912.

Prof. Record: Faculty, Harvard U., 1902-
08; Assistant in Physiological Chemistry un-
til 1905, Instructor until 1908; Chemical
Biologist, U.S.D.A., Bureau of Plant Indus-
try, 1908-12, Chief of Bureau of Chemistry,
1912-21; Director, Stanford Food Research
Institute, 1921-37, now Consultant; Dean of
Graduate Study, Stanford U., 1927-33; now
Director of Giannini Foundation of Agricul-
tural Economics U. of Calif. (Berkeley,

Publications: Numerous journal articles in
professional journals in Biochemistry and
Agricultural Economics and the following
books; Combination in the Am,. Bread
Baking Industry, (F. R. I. Mis. Pub. No. 3),
Jan., 1926;The Fats and Oils, (Fats and
Oils Studies of F. R. I.), Feb. 1928., "Re-
port of the Commission of Inquiry into Nat.
Policy in International Econ. Relations."
(U. of Minn. Press), 1934; The American
Vegetable-Shortening Industry, (Fats and
Oils Studies of F. R. I., No. 5), June. 1934;
Studies on Wheat Grown Under Constant
Conditions, (With H. L. van de Sande-Bak-
huyzen), (F. R. I.), March, 1937.
Memberships: Bohemian and Cosmos Club;
Faculty Club, Washington (D.C.).
Bus. Address :University of California, Ber-
keley, Calif.

Home Address: Claremont Hotel, Berkeley,

ALTER. Colonel Dinsmore. B.S., M.S.,
Ph.D., Sc.D., CA-Res,

Director, Griffith Observatory.
Born: Colfax (Wash.), Mar. 28, 1888; s. of
Jeannette (Copley) and Joseph Alter.
Education: Univ. of Calif., Univ. of Pitts-
bg., Westminster Coll. (Pa.).
Degrees: B.S., West. Coll., 1909; M.S., U.
of Pitt., 1910; Ph.D., U. of Calif., 1916;
Sc.D., Monmouth Coll., 1941.
Prof. Record: Instr. and Adj. Prof., Phys-
ics and Astronomy, U. of Alabama, 1911-14;
Instr. of Astronomy, U. of Calif., 1914-17;
Asst. Prof, of Astronomy, U. of Kan., 1917-
19, Assoc. Prof., 1919-24, Prof., 1924-36;
Dir. of Griffith Observatory, L. A., Calif.,
since 1935; research Assoc, Calif. Inst, of
Tech.. Pasadena, Calif.

Publications: About 70 pieces on research and
two textbooks.

Army Record: During World War I, all
ranks 2nd Lt. to Major, inclusive, C. A., U.
S. Army. Since then, C. A. Res. At



prcst-iil, Colonel, Commanding 976th Regi-
iiu'iil, C. A.

lUrinhiTships: Sigma XI; Klwanls, Amer.
Assoc, for Adv. of Scl.. American Astr. Soc,
Amor. McterolOKical Soc. (Vlce-Pres., 1925-
27); Amor. Physical Soc, Amer. Geophysical
Un., Fellow, Royal Astr. Soc.
Religion: United Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Griffith Observatory, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1233 No. Klngsley Dr., Los
Angeles, Calif.

ALTMAN. George J.. Ph.D.

Dramatics Director.

Bjvh: Of Amer. parents in Berlin (Germany),
1884, s. of Eugene Altman.
Education: Universities of Berlin, Heidelberg,
Munich, Jena and Oxford.
Degrees: Ph. D., Jena, 1907.
Married: Alice, d. of Charles Henry Hall,
in New York; ch.: Ralph C, and Felicia.
Prof. Record: Asst. Stage Director, Deutch-
es Theater (Berlin), 1905; dir., Grand-ducal
Theatre (Mannheim), 1907-09; Dir., Deut-
sches Theater (Hanover), 1910-13; Dir.,
Keliner Theatre (Berlin), 1913-21; Lecturer
at U. of Jena, 1914-15; (summer sessions);
Dir. of four asso. Theatres at Berlin (Les-
sing Theatre, Kleiner Theatre, Residens
Theater, Trianon Theater) 1921-26; Dir., of
the Municipal Theaters of Hanover. 1927-
33; Dramatic Critic in France, 1933-37;
Guest Dir., Green St. Theater (San Fran-
cisco), 1939.

Directorships: Dir., Berlceleey Festival Assn.
Publications: Shakespeare's Plays on the
German Stage of the XIX Century and ten
other books on the theatre and adaptations
of plays.

Home Address: 3504 Clay St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

ALTROCCHI. Julia Cooley (Mrs. Ru-
dolph), A.B.
Born: Seymour (Conn.), July 4, 1893; d.
of Nellie (Wooster) and Harlan Ward Cool-

Education: Univ. H.S. (Chicago); Vassar

Degrees: A. B., Vassar, 1914.
Married: Prof. Rudolpf, s. of Paulin (Zam-
vos) and Giovanni Altrocchi; eh.: John,
born 1928, Paul, born 1931.
Publicati07is : Poems of a Child (with an
Introduction by Richard Le Gallienne. (Har-
per and Brother), 1904; The Dance of Youth
and Other Poems (Sherman French and
Co.), 1923; Snow Covered Wagons: A Pio-
neer Epic (Macmillan), 1936; Wolves Against
the Moon (A historical novel) (Macmillan),
1940; numerous poems in various maga-
zines and anthologies and several articles
on literary and travel subjects.
Awards: Browning Award (Calif.), Literary
Guild, 1937; Silver Medal, Commonwealth
Club of Calif., 1937.

Memberships: Internat. P. E. N., Nat. Poetry
Soc, Soc of Midland Authors, President of
Calif. Writers Club, Authors League of
Amer., Calif. Historical Soc, Town and
Gown Club of Berkeley.

Religion: Brought up in Methodist Episcopal
Church. Liberal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Traveling, collffllng old manu-
scripts and literary autographs,
Bus. and Home Address: 129 TamalpaLs
Road. Berkeley, Calif., and "Singing Sands,"
Harberl, Mich, (summer).

ALTROCCHI, Professor Rudolph. A.B.,
Professor of Italian, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Florence (Italy). Oct. 31, 1882; s. of
Pauline (Zamvos; and Giovanni Altrocchi.
Education: Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A. B., 1908, A. M., 1909, Ph. D.,
1914, Harvard U.

Married: Julia, d. of Nellie (Wooster) and
Harlan Ward Cooley, Chicago (111.). Aug.
26, 1920; ch. : John Cooley and Paul Hem-

Prof. Record: Instr. Romance Langs., Col-
umbia, 1910-11; U. of Pa., 1911-12; Har-
vard, 1912-15; Asst. Prof., U. of Chicago,
1915-22; Assoc. Prof, of Italian, U. of Chi-
cago, 1922-27; Prof, of Italian, Brown, 1927-
28; Prof, of Italian, U. of Calif, since 1928.
Publications: Co-Author of Italian Short
Stories, 1912; Giacosa's Tristi Amori, 1920;
Bracco's II Piccolo Santo. 1929; Translator.
So^n^ni-Picenardi's Snow and Steel, 1926.
Author: Deceptive Cognates, Ital-Eng. and
Eng.-Ital., 1935, etc.

Army: 2nd Lieut., Inf., Liaison Service, A.
E. F., (Lyons, France), 1918-19.
Decorations: Officier d'Academie (France),
1919; Chvalier, Crown of Italy, 1921; Sil-
ver Medal (Italy), 1934.

Memberships: Literary, (Chicago); Harvard
of San Francisco, (Pres., 1932-33-34-36);
Assoc. Harvard, (Vice-Pres., 1933-41, Pres.,
1941-42); Calif. Writers (Dir., 1932-37, Vice-
Pres., 1934, Pres., 1935-37).
Politics : Republican .

Bus. Address: University of California, Ber-
keley, Calif.

Home Address: 129 Tamalpais Rd., Berke-
ley, Calif.
Other Addresses: Harbert, Mich., (Summer).

ALVORD, Frank R.

Vice President and Cashier, Citizens Nation-
al Trust and Savings Bank.
Born: Indiana, Oct. 19, 1887.
Education: Wisconsin and Albuquerque (New
Mexico) .

Married: Doris Beatty Alvord; ch. : Hugh R.

Prof. Record: First employed with the old
American Nat. Bank (Second and Spring
Sts., Los Angeles), where he started as er-
rand boy, 1906; three years later was made
bookkeeper; the American Nat. Bank be-
came merged with the Citizens Nat. Bank;
became Assistant Teller in their Third and
Main St. Branch, 1911, made Teller; upon
his return from Army service after World
War I, re-entered the bank where he has
been since.

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Cashier, Cit.
Nat. Trust & Savings Bank of L. A.; Dir.
and Pres., Coast Supply Co.; Dir., Beatty
Corp.; Member of Br. of Dir., Kiwanis Club
of L. A.; Dir., L. A. Kiwanis Foundation.
Army Record: One year with the 143rd F.
A. in France in World War I.
Memberships: Kiwanis Club; L. A. Country



Club; L. A. Athletic Club; East Gate Lodge,

No. 290, F. & A. M.; Amer. Leg., Victory

Post. No. 54; Calif. Club.

Recreations; Golf.

Bus. Address: Citizens Nat. Trust & Svgs.

Banl<, 457 So. Spring St., Los Angeles,


Home Address: 977 So. Westmoreland Ave.,

Los Angeles, Calif.

ALVORD. Raymond Martin, B.S. in E.E.
Electrical Engineer.

Commercial Vice President, General Elec-
tric Company.

Born: Scales Mound (111.), Mar. 11, 1883;
s. of Catherine (Martin) and Geo. M. Alvord.
Education: Iowa State College.
Degrees: B.S. in E.E., la. State Coll.,

Married: Genevieve Anderson, Oakland
(Calif.), Nov. 18, 1916; ch. : Donald Roy
(Mar. 9, 1919) and Howard Bruce (July 18,
1922) .

Prof. Record: Upon graduating from la.
State Coll., entered the test course of the
Gen. Elect. Co. of Schenectady (N. Y.); 1906.
transferred to S. F. district as Salesman;
1911, made Mgr. of Supply Dept., to which
position was added, 1920, management of
the Edison Lamp Dept.; 1923, made Sales
Manager of S. F. Office and, 1925. ap-
pointed Pac. Coast Mgr. of the Merchandise
Dept.; 1926, became Mgr. of the S. F. office;
1936, Mgr. of Pac. Dist. of Gen. Elect. Co.
For many years has been an active worker
in S. F.'s Community Chest Campaigns;
Vice-Pres., Indust. Comm. of Calif. St. C.
of C; 1916, Pres., S. F. Sales Mgrs. Assn.;
1917, Pres., S. F. Electrical Development;
1929, Vice Chmn., Iron and Steel Allied
Group; 1930-31, Chmn., Allied Group; 1934,
participated in initiating the Calif. Wine Con-
feernce, which developed the Calif. Wine Inst.;
1935, Pres,, S. F. C. of C: 1937-38, Pres.,
Pac. Coast Elect. Assn.; 1939, Dir. of the
(Jolden Gate Internat. Exp. at Treasure Is-

Memberships: Engineer's (S. F.) Vice-Pres.,
1934, Pres., 1935; Live Oak Masonic Lodge
in Oakland (Master, 1926); Bohemian; Com-
monwealth and Olympic Clubs; Member: Pan
Amer. Soc. (S. F. ), Sigma Nu Fraternity,
S. F. Art Assn., Calif. Soc. for Crippled

Religion: Member of St. Francis Community
Church (San Francisco).
Politics: Registered Republican.
Bus. Address: General Electric Co., 235
Montgomery St., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 372 Santa Clara Ave., San
Francisc, Calif.

AMAR, Eloi J.

Port Manager, City of Long Beach.
Born: San Pedro (Calif.), April 8, 1891; s.
of Josephine (Boiseranc) and Edouard Amar.
Education: San Pedro School System and St.
Vincents College (L. A.).

Married: Bessie May, d. of Alex Booker at
Riverisde, July 25, 1912. ch.: Edward (b.
Aug. 23, 1913) ; Beatrice Rose (b. Aug. 26,
1917) .

Prof. Record: Early life in livestock busi-
ness (sheep and cattle), (father being larg-
est sheep man in Sourthern Calif, having
at times 75,000 sheep, 1870-1913). Developed
Real Estate holdings (San Pedro Area),

1913-1916. Became Manager of all Catalina
Island except City of Avalon for Banning
Company (then for Wrigley interests, 1919,
when Island was purchased from Banning
by Wrigley). Left Island, 1922, and became
interested in shipping and harbor improve-
ment, 1922 — . Pres., Los Angeles Harbor
Board, 1933, serving as its President con-
tinuously until 1938. Port Manager, Long
Beach Harbor Department, Feb. 1, 1940. Has
been Director and Member of Pacific Coast
Assoc, of Port Authorities for many years,
also Director and Officer and now elected as
President of the American Assoc, of Port
Authorities at Convention held in Long
Beach. Speaks French, Spanish, Italian, Por-
tugues and Basque.

Decorations: Officier d'Acad^mie; received
numerous citations and decorations from
foreigri governments in recognition of work
on shipping commerce and foreign trade.

Memberships: Jonathan, California Yacht

and Virginia Country Clubs, Native Sons,

Elks, etc.

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, hunting, fishing.

Bus. Address: Long Beach Harbor Dept.,
1333 El Embarcadero, Long Beach, Calif.

Home Address: 1227 E. Ocean Blvd., Long
Beach, Calif.

AMERINE, Professor Maynard Andrew,

B.S., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Enology, Univ. of


Born: San Jose, 1911; s. of Tennie (Davis)

and Roy R. Amerine.

Education: Modesto High School, 1925-29;
Modesto Junior College, 1929-31; University
of California, 1931-32, 1933-36.

Degrees: B. S., 1932, Ph. D., 1937, U. of


Publications: Various scientific publications

on Wines and Winemaking.

Memberships: Bohemian and Commonwealth

Clubs (S. F.), Alpha Gamma Rho, Sigma

Xi and Alpha Zeta Fraternities.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: University of California, Davis,


Home Address: Rt. 1, Box 125B, Davis,


AMES, Arthur Forbes.


Born: Tamaroa (111.), May 19, 1906; s. of
Emma (Johnston) and George Ames.

Education: Calif. Sch. of Fine Arts (San
Francisco) .

Married: Jean, d. of J. R. CJoodwin in San-
ta Ana (Calif.), Sept. 5, 1940.

Prof. Record: Mural paintings in San Diego
Civic Center, (San Diego, Calif.); Pub. Libr.,
Anaheim (Calif.), collection of Louis Danz,
Anaheim (Calif.), John C. Fremont Sch.,
Anaheim, Alexander Hamilton High Sch., Los
Angeles (Calif.); Mosaic, Newport Harbor
High Sch., Newport Beach (Calif.).

Home Address: 424 W. Cucamonga Ave.,
Claremont, Calif.



AMES, Jean Goodwin. B.E., M.F.A.

Lecturer. Artist, Painter.

Born: Santa Ana (Calif.); (1. of Margaret
J. (Grant) and Joseph R. Goodwin.
Education: Art Inst, of Chicago; Pomona
Coll., Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles), U. So.

Degrees: B.E., U.C.L.A.. 1932; M.F.A. ,
U.S.C, 1938.

Married: Arthur F.. s. of Emma Ames, at
Santa Ana (Calif.), Sept. 5, 1940.
Prof. Record: Lecturer, Claremont Colleges;
mural paintings In San Diego Civic Center;
mosaic in Newport Harbor High Sch., New-
port Beach (Calif.); ceramic mural, In Sci-
ence Bldg., at U. S. C.

Home Address 424 W. Cucamonga Ave.,
C'aremont, Calif.


Composer, Conductor.

Born: St. Petersbourg (Russia), Oct. 29,
1901; s. of Ilaria (Sokolof) and Ale.xander
Amfitheatrof (famous Russion writer).
Education: St. Petersbourg Conservatory of
Music. Roval Cons, of Music (Rome). Acad,
of Sacred "Music of the Vatican (Rome) and
private teachers.

Degrees: D. H. C, Royal Cons, of Music
(Rome) 1923.

Married: May. d. of Elena (Pandiani) and
Guido Semenza at Milano (Italy), June 4.
1930; ch. ; Erilv and Stella-Renata.
Prof. Record: Asst. Conductor to M. Molin-
ari-Augusteo Orchestra (Rome) 1924-29; Ar-
tistic Mgr. and Conductor of Genoa and
Trieste Radio Stations. 1929-31; Conductor
and Mgr. at the Gen. Direction of the E. I.
A. R. (Italian Broadcasting Co.) 1931-37:
Assoc. Conductor of the Minn. S>-mphony
Orchestra. 1937-38 and Guest Conductor with
the Boston S\Tnphony; with Metro-(3oldwjTi-
Mayer Studios since 1938. Has appeared as
Guest-Conductor with great success in Rome,
Naples. Trieste. Milan. Turin. Berlin. Vienna,
Belgrade. Bruxelles, Paris, etc. Well known
in Europe and the U. S. A. as a Composer
of Symphonic and Chamber Music.
Compositions: Poem of the Sea, The Miracle
of the Roses, Preludium to a Reqiiiem
Mass. Ajnerican Paiiorama and a Concerto
for Piano and Orchestra. Personal Teacher of
H.R.H. Princess Giovanna of Italy.
Awards: Cav. Uff. of the Order of the Roy-
al Crown of Italy, 1935.
Religion : (Thristian.
Politics: None.

Recreations: Swimming, mountain-climbing,

Bus. Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios,
Culver City, Calif.

Home Address: 135 Medio Dr., Los Angeles,


President, Capital National Bank of Sac-

Born: Meadville (Pa.), Oct. 11. 1867; s. of
Sallie (Sloan) and John Z. Anderson.
Education: Univ. of the Pacific, San Jose

Married: Carrie Lois, d. of Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Baldwin, March 2, 1892 (1st Mar-
riage) ; Agnes Thiele, of Los Angeles, March

.30, 1931, (2nd MarrlaKC) : ch.: Kathryn
Badlwln (Mrs. Wm, Kenneth PotU).
Bun. Record: Farmer and Packer (Solano
Co.), 1886; discontinued packing bus. In 1902
and came to Sacramento as Mgr. of the
Calif. Fruit Distributors; appointed
Supt. of Banks In 1909 and 1911. formefl
The Capital National Bank; now President.
The Capital National Bank of Sacramento

Directorships: Chmn. of the Bd., Calif. -
Western States Life Insurance Co.. Sacra-
mento; Pres., Capital-Federal Savings &
Loan Assoc. (Sacramento), Hotel Senator
Corp. (Sacramento) ; VIce-Pres., Consumers'
Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Sacramento) ; Na-
tomas Company of California (San Fran-
cisco), Bank of Rio Vista (Rio 'Vista); Dlr.,
Natomas Water Company (Sacramento), Rice
Growers Assoc, of California (Sacramento).
Capital Fire Insurance Co. of California
(Sacramento), Tide Water Associated Oil Co.
(New York).

Memberships: Washington Lodge No. 20, Free
and Acepted Masons of Calif. (Sacramento) ;
Sutter Club (Sacramento) ; Del Paso Coun-
trv Club (Sacramento) ; Sacramento Lodge
No. 6. B. P. O. Elks (Sacramento) ; Solano
Chapter No. 43. Royal Arch Masons of Calif.
Suisun Sacramento Commandery No. 2,
Knights Templar of Calif.; Islam Temple A.
A. O. N. M. S. (San Francisco).
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Shooting, fishing.
Bus. Address: The Capital National Bank,
700 J St., Sacramento, Calif.
Home Address: 1230 45th St., Sacramento,

ANDERSON, Brigadier General Alvord
Van Pattern, D.S.M., U.S. Army (ret.).
Born: New York City. Apr. 10. 1872; s. of
Clara (Alvord) and John R. Anderson.
Education: N. Y. Univ. and Lehigh Univ.
Married (a) Cora C. d. of Chas. W. P.
Collins, Leavenworth (Kan.), 1897, (dec.
1920;) ch. : Dorothy, wife of Capt. Stuart
G. McLennan. U. S. Army; Capt. Alvord
Van Patten, Jr., U. S. Army; Married: (b)
Jean E.. d. of Chas. L. Raison, in San FrEin-
cisco, 1925.

Army Record: Enlisted. U. S. Army, 1891;
Commissioned. 1896; retired, 1936. Santiago
Expedition, China Relief Exp., Philippine In-
surrection. Pershing Exp. into Mex. and
Amer. Exp. Force in France, World War I.
Awards: Dist. Serv. Medal, Silver Star Cita-
tion Medal. Purple Heart Medal. Campaign
Medals: Spanish Amer. War. (Thina Relief
Exp., Cuban Occupation, Philippine Insur-
rection. Mex. Campaign and Victory Medal
(World War I).

Memberships: Army and Navy (Hub (Wash-
ington, D. C); Bohemian Club (San Fran-
cisco) ; 78th Div. Assn. and 312th Inf. Assn.
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Walking, motoring, reading.

Hoine Address: 1750 Vallejo St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

ANDERSON, Professor Benjamin M.,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of Economics, University of Calif.,
Los Angeles.
Bom: Columbia (Mo.), May 1, 1886; s. of



Mary Frances (Bovvlingi and Benjamin M.
Anderson (both deed.").

Education: University of Missouri, U. of 111.,
Columbia U.

Degrees: A.B., U. of Mo., 1906 M.A., U. of
111., 1910: Ph.D., Columbia U., 1911.
Married: Margaret Louise, d. of Lucy (Rus-
sein and John Crawford Crenshaw, at St.
I,ouis (Mo.1, May 27, 1909; ch.: John Cren-
shaw, Wm. Bent, Mary Louise.
Prof. Record: Acting Prof, of Hist., St. Nor-
mal Schl., Cape Girardeau (Mo.), summer-
session, 1905: Prof, of Eng. Literature and
Economics, Mo. Valley Coll., Marshall (Mo.),
1906-7; Head of Dept. of Hist, and Political
Econ., St. Teachers' Coll., Springfield (Mo.).
1907-11: Instr. in Econ., Columbia U., Wil-
is : Asst. Prof, of Econ., Columbia U., 1913;
Asst. Prof, of Econ., Harvard U., 1913-18:
Econ. Advisor, Nat. Bank of Comm. (N. Y.),
1918-20: Economist, The Chase Nat'l Bank
of N. Y., and Editor and Author, Chase
Economic Bulletin, 1920-39: Prof, of Econ.,
U. of Calif. (L. A.), 1939—.
Directorships: Member Exec. Comm., Amer.
Econ. Assn.: Member Exec. Comm., Nat'l
Economists Comm. on Monetary Policy.
Publications: Social Value, 1911; The Value
of Money, 1917; Effects of the War on
Money, Credit, and Banking in France and
the United States. 1919: The Chase Economic
Bulletin, 1920-39; Author and Editor, The
Economic Bulletin, issued by the Capital Re-
search Co., L. A., 1939 — ; numerous articles
and addresses.

Memberships: Century Club (N. Y. C; Cali-
fornia Club (Los Angeles) ; Phi Beta Kappa.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: CThess.

Bus. Address: University of California, Los
Angeles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 516 Warner Ave., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

ANDERSON, Carl William, A.B., J.D.


Born: Chicago (111.), March 15. 1901; s. of
Ada Augusta (Johnson) and Charles Oscar

Education: Public schools in San Francisco

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