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Home Address: 809 Indian Hill Blvd., Clare-
mont, Calif.

ROBINSON, Professor Edgar Eugene,

A.B., M.A., F.R.H.S.
Prof, of American History, Stanford Univ.
Born: Oconomowoc (Wis.), Apr. 5, 1887; s. of
Lydia Margaret (Bender) and George Edgar

Education: Univ. of Wisconsin.
Degrees: A.B., 1908, and M.A., 1910, Univ. of

Married: Katherine Gertrude, d. of Anna and
Rev. James Young, in Oconomowoc (Wis.),
Nov. 23, 1908.

Prof. Record: Asst. in Hist., 1908-09, Univ. of
Wis • Instr., Hist., Carleton Coll. (Northfield,
Minn.), 1910-11; Asst. Prof., Amer. Hist.,
1911-18, Asso. Prof., 1918-23, Prof., since
1923 (also Exec- Head of Dept. of Hist., 1929,
and Margaret Byrne Prof, of Amer. Hist.,
1931) at Stanford Univ.; Lecturer m Hist.,
Univ. of Minn., 1915-16; Acting Asst. Prof, of
Hist summer session, Univ. of Mich., 1916;
Visiting Prof, of Amer. Hist., Yale Univ.,
1919-20; Lecturer in Amer. Hist., Umv. of
Calif 1924- Dir., Course in Problems of Citi-
zenship, Stanford Univ., 1923-35; Chmn.,
Univ Com. on Independent Study Plan, 1928—;
Prof of History, Columbia Univ., summer,
1926,' Univ. of Ore., 1928, Univ. of Calif.,
1932- Pres , Commonwealth Club of Calir.,
1935,36; Pres., Pacific Coast Branch, Amer.
Historical Assn., 1929.

Directorships: English-Speaking Union (Pres
Calif. Branch) 1937-41; Gov., Commonwealth
Club of Calif.

Publications: The Foreign Policy of Woodrow
Wilson (with V. J. West), 1917; Evolution of
American Political Parties, 1924; The Presi-
dential Vote (1896-1932), 1934; American
Democracy in Time of Crisis, 1934; Supple-
ment to The Presidential Vote (1936), 1940;
Independent Study at Stanford University,

Army Service: Asst. Ednl. Dir., Northwestern
Dist., S.A.T.C, War Dept., 1918.



Mrinlxrfihiiis: Follow, Uoyal Historical Soci-
ety; Chit Chill (San Kranclsco).
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Literary, mu.sical.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.

Home Address: G54 Cabrillo Rd., Stanford
University, Calif.


Actor. I'.ilroii of tlio Arts, Collector.

Born: Hucharost (Rumanial. Dec. 12, 1893;

s. of Sarah and Morris Goldenberg.

Education: New York public schs.; Columbia

Married: Gladys Lloyd (prof, name), d. of
Eugenia and Clement Cassell, in Pa., 1927;
eh.: Edward G., Jr. (b. 1933).
Prof. Record: Has appeared in the following
motion picture productions: The Hole in the
Wall, Thunder in the City, Bullets and Bal-
lots, Kid Galahad. The Last Gangster, The
Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, I Am the Law,
Confessions of a Nazi Spy, A Slight Case of
Murder. Little Caesar, Dispatch From Reuters.
Tiger Shark, Manpower, The Man With T%vo
Faces, Five Star Final, The Hatchet Man,
The Whole Town's Talking, Silver Dollar, A
Woman To Love, Barbary Coast, Two Sec-
onds, Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, Brother
Orchid, The Sea Wolf. Has appeared in the
following stage plays: Paid in Full, Under
Fire, Under Sentence, The Little Teacher,
First Is Last, Night Lodging, Poldekin, Sam-
son and Delilah, The Pawn, The Idle Inn, The
Deluge, Banco, Peer Gynt; The Adding Ma-
chine, Launzi, A Royal Fandango, The Fire-
brand, Androcles and the Lion, The Man of
Destiny, The Goat Song, The ChieJ Thing,
Henry — Behave, Juarez and Maximilian, Ned
McCobb's Daughter, The Brothers Karamazov,
Right You Are If You Think You Are, The
Racket, A Man With Red Hair, Kibitzer, Mr.
Samuel, The Bright Shawl.
Navy Service: In Navy during World War I.
Memberships: Lambs Club (N.Y.), The Mas-
quers (Hollywood), The Beach and Hillcrest
Country Clubs.

Bus. Address: Warner Bros. Studio, Burbank,
Calif. •

ROBINSON. Elmer Edwin

Judge of the Superior Court.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 3, 1894;

s. of Edyth Alice (Rahlves) and Ralph Sidney


Education: Attended pub. schs. of Calif.;
graduated from Kent Law College.
Married: (1) Doris E. F. Gould (deceased),
in San Francisco, Sept., 1917; ch.: Elizabeth
Jane (Mrs. Vincent Price Bolton). (2) Rose-
marie Kerr, Feb., 1926.

Prof. Record: Admitted to State Bar of Calif.,
1915, Ariz., 1919; engaged in gen. practice of
law in San Francisco from date of admission;
on staff of Dist. Atty. of San Francisco, 1917,
1919, and 1921; Candidate for Calif. State
Senate, 1921; apptd. Judge of the Municipal
Court, Jan., 1935, and of the Superior Court,
Sept., 1935; elected Judge of the Superior
Court, Nov., 1936, for a six-year term and is
serving as Judge of the Superior Court of the
State of Calif., in and for the City and Co.
of San Francisco; 1933, apptd. by P r e s.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Chmn., Reviewing Bd.

to Comppn.satlon Dl.sablcd Veterans,
World War I; .served as Secy,, Hcpubliran
Stale Central Com. of Calif., ]9;i'l-;i5; apptd.
Mem., Judicial Council of Calif., Dec, 1938,
ro-api)oinled Dec, 1910; apptd. Hon. Curator
of "Americana" Stanford Univ., June, 19-10;
elected Pres., Conf. of Calif. Judges, Sept.,

Memberships: F.&A. Masons, San Francisco
Bodies Scottish Rite, Royal Arch Masons of
Calif., Knights Templar of Calif., Shrine,
Order of Jesters; Loyal Order of Moose and
Fraternal Order of Eagles; Knights of Pythias
(Past Grand Chancellor) Grand Domain of
Calif.; Bay City Parlor No. 104 (Past Pros.)
and Grand Parlor (Com. Mem.), Native Sons
of the Golden West; Olympic, and Family
(San Francicso) Clubs.
Religion: EpiscopaL
Politics: Republican:

Recreations: Reading, collection of "Ameri-

Bus. Address: City Hall, San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 1240 Monterey Blvd., San
Francisco, Calif. •

ROBINSON. Elsie. Litt.D. (maiden
name: Elsinore Justinia R-)

Newspaper Columnist, Author.

Born: Benicia (Calif.), Apr. 30, 1883; d. of

Elizabeth (Pearson) and Ale.xander Robinson.

Education: Grammar and high schs. (Benicia.


Degrees: Litt.D., MacMurray Coll. (Jackson-
ville, 111.), 1940.

Married: (1) Christie Crowell, 1903 (later di-
vorced. (2) Rapael Demoro, 1926 (annulled).
(3) Benton Fremont (grandson of Gen. John
C. Fremont "The Pathfinder)," 1933; ch.:
(stepson) John C.

Literary Record: Has been a Newspaper and
Fiction Writer since 1919; writes columns
"Listen, World" and "Listen World to Young
America" for King Features Syndicate, Inc.;
is Author of / Wanted Out!, 1934.
Mem,berships: P.E.N.

Bus. Address: 1013 Shreve BIdg., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 235 Edgewood Ave., San Fran-
cisco Calif.; "Fremont Acres," Sonora, Calif.

ROBINSON. Ethel Akers. B.L.


Born: Forest City (Calif.); d. of Margaret
Jane (Derr) and Charles Duval Akers.
Education: U. of Calif. (Berkeley); Postgrad-
uate yr. for Sec. Teaching Credential, 1910-11.
Degrees: B.L., U. of Calif., 1910.

Married: Duncan Stewart, s. of Catherine
(McCormack) and John Robinson, in Rio
Vista (Calif.), 1916.

Prof. Record: High Sch. Teacher, 1911-16;
active in pub. welfare orgns. and bds., 1921-
40; Pres. San Francisco Dist. Fedn. Women's
Clubs, 1929-31; State Vice-Pres., Audit., Secy.,
California Fedn. of Women's Clubs; Mem.,
Statewide Coordination Com. on Legislation,
safety, edn., and relief; Mem., Calif. Prison
Assn., Calif. Safety Council, etc.; Citizen's
Com. for San Francisco: Pres., Calif. Fedn. of '
V/omen's Clubs, 1938-39; Dir. for Calif., Geo'.
Fedn. of Women's Clubs, 1937-39; Chnmy,
1939-40; Vice-Pres., Calif. Council oi' Rep.



Women No. Div., 1940-41; Calif. Commission
Women's Board, G.G.I.E.. 1939; Bd., Treasure
Island Women's Club of 1940 Expn ; Pres^,
Rep. Assembly. Solano Co., 1940-41; Rep.
State Central Com. ; Chairman, Calif. Conser-
vation Week, 1940, 1941.

Memberships: Amer. Assn. of Univ Women;
Gen. and Calif. Fedn. of Women's Clubs (ac-
tive in five clubs, honorary in seven clubs);
Eastern Star. Rio Vista Chapter (Matron).
Vice-Pres., Berkeley Council of Campfire
Girls, 1941; California Conservation Council.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Reading and music.
Home Address: Rio Vista, Calif.
Other Address: 2334 Durant Ave.. Berkeley,

ROBINSON, Jr.. Isaac Newton

Farm Development.

Born- Stockton (Calif.), Jan. 25, 1897; s. of
Emma (Greer) and Isaac Newton Robinson.
Education: Pub. schs. in and around Stockton.
Married: Isabella, d. of Charles Robertson
Smith, in Lodi( Calif.).

Bus Record: Started farming at termination
of World War I; farmed through depression
for ten yrs., gaining much experience but
accumulating no money; kept changing farm-
ing methods in order to make profits; for last
ten yrs. has spent much time traveling over
Calif, and the eastern part of the U.S. to find
the best markets for produce; has also devel-
oped feeds mfg. plant on his farm to utUize
the products he grows, etc.
War Service: One yr. in Merchant Marine,

Memberships: Farm Bur., Mem., five cooper-
atives; Chamber of Commerce; Mason; Ante-
ros and Country Clubs.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Sports, especially those in which
he is an active mem.

Home Address: R.D. 5, Box 100, Stockton,

ROBINSON, Jeannette

Clubwoman, Civic Worker.
Born: Chicago (111.), Oct. 15, 1900; d. of Effie
(Levinson) and Joseph Moses.
Education: Public schools of Los Angeles
(Calif.); univ. extension courses in English,
psychology, and philosophy.
Married: Frank Leon, s. of Rose (Alterescu)
and Joseph Leon Robinson in Los Angeles,
Aug. 22, 1920; ch.: Florence Janet and Ha-
rold Leonard.

Community Service: Did Red Cross work in
the last World War and is doing the same
work in the present world crisis; has also
taken part in the Community Chest Drive for
the last 15 years.

Directorships: Frank L. Robinson Co.
Memberships: National Council of Jewish Wo-
men (Los Angeles Section) ; The Helpers, Vista
Del Mar Assocs. (orphanage), Jewish Com-
munity Center Assocs., Sisterhood Wilshire
Blvd "Temple, Mother's Club; Alpha Epsilon
Phi; Beverly Hills Auxiliary No. 245, B'nai

Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Horseback riding, swimming,
symphony concerts, opera and theatre.
Home Address: 1139 So. Tremaine Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

ROBINSON, The Reverend Reuben


Born: Near Sparta (Tenn.), Jan. 27, I860;
s. of Martha Jane (Adkins) and Immanuel

Education: Nine mos. at Southwestern Univ.
Married: Sallie, d. of Margaret and Samuel
Harper, in Georgetown (Tex.); ch.: Sallie
Harper (Mrs. Welch) and Ruby (Mrs. Wise).
Prof. Record: Sixty yrs. in the ministry; has
educated one hundred three young people for
the ministry; traveled two million miles in
evangelistic service; preached thirty-two thou-
sand times; had about one hundred thousand
converted and sanctified; is an ordained Min-
ister in the Church of the Nazarenes.
Publications: Sunshine and Smiles (Christian
Witness Co.), 1912; A Pitcher of Cream. 1914,
The Story of Lazarus, 1916, and Mountain
Peaks of the Bible, 1918 (all pub. by Pente-
costal Pub. Co.); Honey in the Rock (Gods
Revivalist Co.), 1920; Hospital Experience
(Penticostal Pub. Co.), 1921; Bees in Clover
(Naxarene Pub. House), 1922; Nuggets of
Gold 1924, The King's Gold Mine, Walking
With God or the Devil, Which? (Pentecostal
Pub Co.); The Story of My Life, 1925, Does
the Bible Teach Divine Healingf (Nazarene
Pub. House), 1935.

Religion: Evangelist in Church of the Nazar-

Politics: Prohibitionist.
Recreations: Fishing.

Home Address: 1169 Bresee Ave., Pasadena,
Calif., and c/o Nazarene Publishing House,
2923 Troost, Kansas City, Mo.

ROBINSON, Verne E., A.B.

Lawyer, Member, Salisbury & Robinson.
Born- La Crosse (Wis.), Dec. 6, 1892; s. of
Addie H. (Moore) and Homer Robinson.
Education: La Crosse (Wis.), and Great Falls
(Montana) High School; Univ. of Montana.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Montana, 1917.
Married: Theodosia, d. of J. H. Sherburne in
Browning (Mont.), Jan. 11, 1921; ch.: Theo-
dosia, Verne A., David S.
Prof Record: Practicing law in Los Angeles,
Member of the firm of Salisbury & Robinson.
Navy Record: U.S. Marine Corps.
Memberships: Univ. Club of Los Angeles,
Sigma Nu.

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bus Address: 840 Roosevelt Bldg., 727 W.
Seventh St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1310 Milan Ave., So. Pasa-
dena, Calif.

ROBINSON, Wilfred Henry,

D.D.S., F.A.C.D.

Dental Surgeon.

Born: Oakville (Calif.), Jan. 14, 1882.

Education: Primary, grammar schools (Sacra-



monio, Calif.): hlRh school (Vncavllle, Calif.);
.sUidli'd undor Dr. Wlllaril Enj,' of Vaca-
vllk- wliilc atliMicliiin iilKli school (3 yrs.),
sludlod under Dr. K. 1'. Chandler (Kcno,
Nevada), l!XX)-05; attended Dental College,
Colk'Ki' of Physicians and Sur^,'eons, San Fran-
cisco, K>"aduatlng In 1908.
nrgrccs: D.D.S., F.A.C.D.

Married: Lillian Adele Andcr.son of San
Francisco (Calif.). June ^2■^. 1909; ch.: Wil-
fred, Jr. (b. Nov. 3, 1918), Adele Marie (b.
Nov. 7, 1920).

Prof. Record: After graduating from college,
practiced in Reno (Nevada), for one year.
Licenses in Nevada and Calif. Moved to Oak-
land (Calif.), in 1909, where he has been
engaged in the practice of general dentistry
lO date. Delegate from Calif, to Amer.
Dental Assn., since 1928; appointed to Calif.
State Board of Dental E.xaminers, 19.30-39
inclusive: Pres., Calif. State Board of Den-
tal E.xaminers, 1932-36 inc.; Trustee, Amer.
Dental Assn., 1932-39 Inc.; Pres., National
Assn. of Dental Examiners, 1934-35; Mem.,
City of Oakland Com., Golden Gate Inter-
national Exposition, 1939-40.
Directorships: Board of Control, Oakland Ex-
change Club, 1938-42 inc.; Board of Dir.,
Alameda County Crippled Children Soc. ;
Pres., Amer. Dental Assn., 1940-41; Vice-
Pres., Lake Merritt Breakfast Club, 1940-41.

Memberships: Oakland Forum, Athens (Oak-
land), Lake Merritt Breakfast, and Oakland
Exchange Clubs: Psi Omega, Tau Kappa Om-
ega Honorary Soc. (dental), Omicron Kappa
Upsilon, Honorary Soc. (dental) ; Alumni
Assn., College of Physicians and Surgeons
(Life Mem,), Alameda County District Den-
tal Soc, (Life Mem.), (Pres., 1928) ; Calif.
State Dental Assn. (Life Mem.) ; Fellow,
Amer. College of Dentists (1930).
Bus. Address: 1706 Broadway, Oakland,
Calif. •

ROBINSON, Jr.. William Webb

Chief Chemist, Producing Department, Gas-
oline Division, The Texas Company ((jalif.).
Born: Portland (Oregon), June 9, 1903; s.
of Beatriz (Antoinette) and William Webb

Education: Los Angeles city schools; Holly-
wood High School: Hollywood Junior College;
Univ. of So. Calif.

Married: Edith Ellen, d. of Edwin Frank
Winterburn, in Los Angeles (Calif.), Sept.
21, 1926.

Prof. Record: Asst. Chemist, Chanslor-Can-
field Midway Oil Co. (Redondo), 1924; Chem-
ist, Los Angeles Gasoline Corp. (Torrance),
1925; Chemist, Calif. Gas Corpn. (Long
Beach), 1926; Chief Chemist, Prod. Dept.,
Gas Div. Laboratory, The Texas Co. (Calif.),
(Signal Hill), 1928-31 (all in Calif.). Dir.,
Gas Research, The Texas Co. (Beacon, N.Y.).
1931-33; Chief Chemist, Prod. Dept., Gas
Div. Laboratory, The Texas Co. (Calif.),

Publications: Numerous technical papers deal-
ing with topics related to the application of
chemistry to natural gasoline manufacture,
and the drilling for oil.

Memberships: Amer. Inst, of Chemical Engrs.,

since 1931: Amer. Petroleum Inst., since 1937;

Calif. Natural Gasoline Assn., since 1926.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Motoring and photography.

Bus. Addreiia: 3l8t and Atlantic Ave., Ix)ng
Beach, Calif.

Home Address: 4253 McClung Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Other Address: P.O. Box .320, Lxjng Beach,
Calif. •

ROBINSON. William Wilcox. A.B.


Born: Trinidad (Colo.), May 1, 1891; s. of
Mary S. (Wilcox) and William Henry Robin-

Education: Public schools (Riverside, Calif.);
Univ. of So. Calif. (Los Angeles); Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley;.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1916.
Married: Irene, d. of Margaret and E. T.
Bowen in Los Angeles (Calif.), May 22, 1923.
Literary Record: Is the Author of the follow-
ing children's books; Beasts of the Tar Pits,
1932, Ancient Animals, 1934 (MacMillan) ;
Aniinals in the Sun, 1934, Elephants, 1935,
Lions. 1936, The Book of Bible Animals, 1938
(all Harper); On the Farm, 1939, At the Zoo,
1940 (MacMillan): illustrated by Irene Rob-
inson. Ranchos Become Cities (San Pasqual
Press), 1939; The Story of Pershing Square
(Title Guar, and Trust Co.), 1931; The Island
Of Santa Catalina (same), 1941. Editor: Cali-
forjiia Land Titles (Title Guar, and Trust
Co.), 1940; also the Author of a series of
booklets on the origins of towns of Los
Angeles County, published by the Title Guar-
antee and Trust Co.

Directorships: Asst. Secy, and Asst. Title
Officer of the Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
(Los Angeles); Treasurer, Historical Soc. of
So. Calif.

Army Record: Spent 18 months in the Army
Service during World War I, with 12 months
overseas. Ordnance Corps.
Memberships: Authors Club, Hollywood (Cal-
if.); Calif. Writers Guild; Historical Soc. of
So. Calif.

Recreations: Swimming.

Bus. Address: Title Guarantee and Trust Co.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 132 No. Almont Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

ROBLEE. William Wallace. M.D.
Physician and Surgeon.

Born: Willoughby (Iowa), Feb. 2, 1872; s.
of Francis A. (Barney) and Milo R. Roblee.
Education: College of Emporia (Kan.); Stan-
ford Univ. (Calif.)
Degrees: M.D., Stanford Univ., 1895.
Married: Beulah W., d. of John J. Hewitt
in Riverside (Calif.), June 5, 1897; ch.: Milo
Hewitt, William Wallace, Ralph W., Abigail,
Francis, Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Has been practicing medicine
and surgery in Riversioe (Calif.), since 1895;
Physician and Surgeon at Sherman Inst., 1909-

Army Record: Capt. and Asst. Surgeon, Sev-
enth Calif., U.S. Volunteers, War with Spain.
Major and Surgeon, U.S. Army, World War.
Chief of Medical Service, Embarkation Hos-
pital (Newport News, Va.), World War I.
Memberships: Past President, Riverside Ki-
wanis. Present Day Club, Riverside County
Medical Assn., So. Calif. Medical Assn., Cali-
fornia Medical Assn., and Riverside YMCA,



Member, American Legion, and Masonic


Religion : Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations : Lawn bowling and fishing.

Bus. Address: 3bi6 Main St., Riverside, Calif.

(Mission Inn Rotonda).

Home Address: 3177 Orange St., Riverside,

Calif. *

ROCHE. Michael Joseph, LL.B.

United States District Judge.
Born- Countv Waterford (Ireland"), July 21,
1878; s. of Bridget (Foley) and William Roche.
Education: Public schools (Valparaiso, Ind.) ;
Univ., Hastings College of Law (grad. work).
Degrees: LL.B., Valparaiso Univ., 1907.
Married: Margaret, d. of Sarah (Hollis) and
Daniel Bundv in San Francisco, Calif., Sept.
10, 1912; ch.": William Robert.
Prof. Record: Asst. Dist. Atty., 1909, after
two years private practice: Municipal Judge,
1910-18; Superior Court Judge, 1918-35; Unit-
ed States District Judge, 1935 — .
Membershijis Olympic Club.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Progressive.
Recreations: Farminf.

Bus. Address: Post Office Bldg., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 101 St. Elmo Way, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

ROCKEFELLER, William Curtis,

B.S., M.S.

Aeronautical Engineer; Chief of Aerodynam-
ics, Vultee Aircraft, Inc.

Born: Ogden (Utah), Apr. 2, 1910; s. of
Julia (Tullis) and William V. Rockefeller.
Education: Westminster College (Salt Lake,
City (Utah) ; Calif. Inst, of Technology (Pasa-
dena) .

Degrees: B.S., 1932, M.S., 1934, Calif. Inst,
of Technology.

Married: Verna, d. of Maude and Frank
Rood, in Riverside (Calif.), July 17, 1937.
Prof. Record: Instr., Aeronautics and Mech-
anical Engr., Calif. Inst, of Technology,
1933-37; Technical Consultant, Hughes Air-
craft Co., 1935-38; Chief of Aerodynamics,
Vultee Aircraft, Inc., 1938—. Assoc. Fellow,
Inst, of Aeronautical Sciences.
Publications: "Optimum Flight Path in Air
Transport Operations," "High Altitude Air
Transport," "A New Airplane Performance
Slide Rule," published in the Journal of
Aeronautical Sciences; "General Airplane Per-
formance," NACA Technical Report No. 654;
"Power Plant Wind Tunnel," to be published
in S.A.E. Journal in 1941; "Le Transport a
Haute Altitude," Journees Techniques Inter-
nationales de L'Aeronautique.
Navy Record: Ensign, U.S. Navy Reserve.
Awards: First Recipient Lawrence B. Sperry
Award, Inst, of Aeronautical Sciences, for
year 1936.

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Vultee Aircraft, Inc., Vultee
Field, Calif.

Home Address: 581 No. Sunny Slope Ave.,
Pasadena, Calif.

RODIN. Frank H.. A.B., M.D., CM.

Born: Russia, Oct. 1, 1892; s. of Bessie (El-
kin) and Ely Rodin.

Education: Univ. of Manitoba (Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada) ; Post-Graduate work at
Washington Univ. (St. Louis, Mo.); Stanford
Univ. (San Francisco, Calif.)
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Manitoba, 1916;
M.D., CM., Univ. of Manitoba, 1920.
Married: Sophia, d. of I. M. Margulus in St.
Louis (Mo.), Aug. 12, 1923; ch. : Faega
Ruth (12).

Prof. Record: Consultant in Ophthalmology,
San Francisco Dept. of Public Health; Asst.
Prof, of Opthalmology, Stanford Univ. Med-
ical Sch.; Chief of Eye Dept., Mt. Zion Hosp.
Publications: Over 40 articles in the medical
journals dealing with opthalmological prob-
lems and medical history.

Memberships: Amer. Med. Assn., Calif. Med-
ical Assn., San Francisco County Medical
Soc. (Chmn., Eye Section, 1935), Amer. Acad-
emy of Opthalmology and Otolaryngology,
Pacific Coast Oto-Opthalmological Soc, West-
ern Opthalmological Soc, Calif. Academy of
Medicine; Concordia-Argonaut Club; Sigma
Xi Soc, Phi Delta Epsilon.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 490 Post St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 245( Bay St., San Francisco,

RODMAN. Ann Arabella Page

Housewife, Lecturer, Writer, World Traveler.
Born: Memphis (Tenn.), 1868; d. of Ann
Arabella and John Clifford Page.
Education: St. Mary's Episcopal School.
Married: Willoughby, s. of Thomas Rodman,
of Frankfurt (Ky.); ch.: two sons.
Memberships: Kappa Delta Gamma; Woman's
Athletic Club; Friday A.M. Club; (Pres.),
Woman's Democratic League of So. Calif.;
Town and Gown (U.S.C); Woman Councellor
of U.S.C.

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Travel.

Ho7ne Address: 2001 Kenilworth Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

News Commentator. Music Consultant; Editor,
Radio Stations KFI, KECA.
Born: Guatemala City (Guatemala), Nov. 18,
1898; s. of Concepcion (Palomo) and Juan
Francisco Rodriguez-Castillejo.
Education: Manual Arts High School (Los
Angeles); Balliol Coll. (Oxford).
Married: Wilhemina June, d. of E. F. Gies-
ler, in Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 14, 1932;
ch.: Tristan, David Francis, Richard Michael.
Prof Record: Reporter and Editor in various
capacities with daily newspapers, Scripps-
Howard, N.E.A., United Press, I.N.S., Hearst
Newspapers; numerous critical articles and
monographs, mainly on music and art, pub-
lished separately and in periodicals, weeklies
and monthlies; Producer and Writer, num-
erous radio programs, 1928 — , Radio Stations,
KFI-KECA and NBC; at present News Com-
mentator and Music Consultant in radio.
Publications: Monographs on Stravinsky,



SchoenborR, Eilvvard Weston; serials: Aimce
and the Boys, My Uncle Miguel, Prelude to

Army Service: Inf. Officer, Canadian Corps,
1916-19, World War I.

Aivnrds: Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1918;

Military Medal, 1!)17.

Mernberships : Mu Phi EpsUon (hon.)

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 141 No. Vermont Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 216 So. Almont Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

ROGERS, Calista

Singer; Teacher; Assistant Conductor, Bach
Society of Pasadena.

Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.); d of Mary Louise
(Kinsley) and Winthrop L. Rogers.
Education: Private schools in New York City;
Inst, of Musical Arts; Voice training with S.
Constantino Yon, Isidor Luckstone, George
Henschel and others.

Prof Record: Concert work in this country
and in England; Teaching at South End
Music School (Boston, Mass.), and at Mills
College (Oakland, Calif.), as well as priv-
ately; Asst. Conductor, Bach Soc. of Pasa-
dena since its foundation.

Bus. and Home Address: 725 Santa Barbara
St., Pasadena, Calif.

ROGERS. Celeste Durand

Social Leader.

Born: Denver (Colo.), Oct. 22, 1907; d. of
Mary Agnes (Addoms) and John M. Durand.

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 181 of 235)