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Education: Wolcott School in Denver (Colo);
Westrldge School (Pasadena, Calif.); Miss
Spence's School (New York City).
Married: John Millard, s. of James A. Rog-
ers, in Las Vegas (Nevada), April 28, 1934.
Memberships: Pasadena Junior League; Twen-
ty Little Working Girls.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, bowling..

Home Address: 2475 Park Oak Dr.. Holly-
wood, Calif. ' -■

ROGERS, David Banks, F.A.G.S.

Archaeologist, Paleontologist.
Born: Paw Paw (Lee County. 111.), Sept. 13,
1868; s. of Lura Lestina (Wilson) and Joze
W. Rogers.

Education: Grad. Marysville (Kan.) High

School, 1887; special studies Univ. of Kan.

and other Univs. (non-grad.).

Married: (1) Emma Hinshaw, April 16, 1891

(dec. 1935). (2) Lucile Derbyshire, June 29,


Prof. Record: Began as Teacher, public
schools,, 1888; specialized in various educa-
tional institutions and in field research;
Mem., Staff at Santa Barbara Mus. Nat'
Hist., 1925, Curator, 1930-39; retired. Dis-
coverer of specifically new Pliocen Age bird
Phalae Rocoro.x Rogers! (Howard).
Publications: Prehistoric Man of the Santa
Barbara Coast, 1929; Contbr. on scientific

Memberships: Fellow, American Geographical

Soc, Mem., A.A.A.S., Southwest Fed. Arch-
aeologist, New York Academy of Sciences.
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Independent Republican.

Home Address: 2936 Hermosa Rd., Santa
Barbara, Calif.

ROGERS, Ernest Andrew, A.B.

President, Montezuma Mountain Ranch School.
Born: St. Peter (Minnesota), July 31, 1881;
s. of Dorathee Christine (Cohrs) and Charles
Butters Rogers.

Education: St. Peter High School; Gustavus
Adolphus College; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Gustavus Adolphus Coll., 1904.
Married: Caroline, d. of CJeorge T. Hawley,
of Oakland (Calif.), in Montezuma Mountain
Ranch School (Los Gatos, Calif.), June 10,

Prof. Record: Science Teacher, public schools
of Minnesota, 1904-09: Pres. of Montezuma
Mountain Ranch School, Jan., 1911 — .

Directorships: Pres., Montezuma Mountain
Ranch School, Inc., and Trustee of the Junior
Statesmen Foundation, Inc.

Publications: Junior Statesmen of America
(official handbook).

Memberships: Phi Gamma Mu; Knights of
the Round Table; Junior Statesmen of Am-

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Scientific research, reading.

Bus. and Home Address: Montezuma Moun-
tain Ranch School, Los Gatos, Calif.



Born: Bay City (Mich.), June 2, 1886; s. of
Canadian parents.

Education: Public schools in Bay City, Mich.

Degrees: Special student (specialized in eco-
nomics) Univ. of Mich.

Married: Jessie E., d. of Nettie and Arthur
Young, in Brockport (New York), Dec. 31,
1910; ch. : Florence E. (Mrs. H. L. Macken-

Prof. Record: Former Secy, to Vice-President,
Michigan Central Railroad, and in same cap-
acity to Vice-Pres., Dodge Bros.; for many
years stock broker on Spring Street (Los An-
geles) ; Owner and Developer of desert resort,
"29 Palms" in San Bernardino Co. (Calif.);
is known on the desert as "Yucca Valley

Publications: Wrote various stories for Out-
door Life relating to incidences in connections
with hunting and fishing trips from Alaska
to Sinoloa, Me.xico.

Army Service: Served as Chief Clerk, Draft
Board No. 17 in World War I (Los Angeles).
Memberships: Mason.
Religion : Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, color photo-

Home Address: 346 So. Gramercy PL, Los
Angeles, Calif, and Ranch at Whitewater and
Twenly-nine Palms, Calif. ♦



ROGERS, Ginger (Virginia Katherine


Born- Independence (Mo.), July 16. 1911; d.
of Lela Emogene (Owens) and Eddins Mc-

Married: Lew Ayres (div.).
Prof. Record: Began career by winning
Charleston Contest at age of fourteen; toured
in vaudeville; starred in two Broadway pro-
ductions. Top Speed and Girl Crazy, 1929-30,
first motion picture was Young Man of Man-
hattan, followed by Queen High Sap from
Syracuse, Honor Amo7ig Lovers. The Tip Of .
Suicide Fleet, The Thirteenth Guest, You Said
a Mouthful. J,2nd Street Broadway Bad A
Shriek in the Dark, Golddiggers of 1933. Pro
fessional Sweetheart, Don't Bet on Love, Raf-
ter Romance, Sitting Pretty, Chance at Heav-
en Flying Down to Rio, Tioenty Million Sweet-
hearts Upper World, Finishing School, Change
of Heart, Gay Divorcee, Romance in Man-
hattan, Roberta, Star of Midnight Top Hat
In Person, Follow the Fleet, Swing Time, Shall
We dance. Stage Door, Vivacious Lady Hav-
ing Wonderful Time. Carefree; The Story of
Vernon and Irene Castle Bachelor Mother
and Fifth Avenue GiW (RKO Pictures. 1939)
Primrose Path. Lucky Partners, Kitty Foyle
(RKO», 1940; Tom, Dick and Harry.
Aioards: Won Acad, of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences Award for the best portrayal
(Actress) in Kitty Foyle for the year. 1940.
Memberships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences.

Bus. Address: RKO Pictures, Inc., 780 No^
Gower St., Hollywood, Calif.

ROGERS, Harold Madison. Mus.B.

Music and Art Instructor.
Born: Salina (Kan.), Oct. 8, 1913; s of
Carrie May (Farnsworth) and Loftus Madison

Education: Eagle Rock High School (Los An-
geles) ; Pasadena Junior College ; Chapnian
College (Los Angeles); Univ. of So. Calit.
Degrees: Mus.B., Chapman Coll., 1939; school
credentials from Univ. of So. Calif.
Prof. Record: Taught voice privately for a
number of years; 1935-39, Dir. of Music,
Eagle Rock United Church (Los Angeles) ,
Instr of Music and Art. Independence Ele-
mentary School; since Sept. 1940. Dir. of
Music at the Pioneer Memorial Church. Inde-
pendence (Calif.); at present, Instr. of Music.
Orchestra, Glee Clubs, Handicrafts, and of
Speech, Owens Valley (Calif.) Union High

Publications: Co-Author of Music for the
Many (pub. by State Dept. of Edn., Calif.).
Memberships: Kappa Delta Nu.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, hiking.
Bus. Address: Owens Valley Union High
School, Independence, Calif.
Home Address: 2377 Los Colinas Ave Los
Angeles, Calif, and Winnedumah Hotel, In-
dependence, Calif.

ROGERS. John Belcher, A.B., M.D.

Physician and Psychiatrist (retired).
Born: MarysviUe (Calif.), May 1, 1866; s.
of Harriet A. (Belcher) and Samuel J. S.
Rogers, M.D.

Education: Public schools of Mat-ysville (Cal-
if ) and Univ. (City) College (no longer m
existence) at San Francisco (Calif.).
Degrees: A.B.. Amherst Coll.. 1888; M.D.,
Cooper Medical Coll., 1896.
Married ■ Anna L.. d. of Sarah G. and William
Trood in North Bloomtield (Calif.), May
16 1906; ch.: Mrs. Harry C. Bertain, Dr.
William E., Charlotte A., Richard S.
Prof. Record: Practice of medicine since 1896;
in service of State of Calif on the Medical

Staff of the Napa State Hosp., from Oct

1 1909-Jan. 1, 1937, continuously, at which

time, retired from State Service (because of

passing the 70 year limit fixed by statute).

Memberships: Mason. Order of Eastern Star.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Occasional practice of Psychiatry


Home Address: 491 Seymour St., Napa, Calif.

ROGERS. John Millard. A.B.

Executive at Vega Airplane Co.; Vice-Presi-
dent and Director, R. N. Gregory & Co.
Born- Los Angeles (Calif.), July 2, 1907; s.
of Hettie E. (Millard) and James Andrew

Education: Los Angeles Public Schools; Stan-
ford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1928.
Married: Celeste A., d. of John M Durand.
in Las Vegas (Nev.), April 28, 1934.
Prof. Record: First associated with D. G.
Grant & Co., Member of Los Angeles Stock
Exchange in 1929; became a Meniber of tlie
LOS Angeles Stock Exchange, 1936, repre-
senting R. N. Gregory & Co.; also a Vice-
Pres and Dir., of that company; actively en-
gaged in administrative and executive work
at Lockheed Aircraft and Vega Airplane Co.
Memberships: Stock Exchange Club; Delta
Kappa Epsilon, Phi Phi.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, golf, swimming.
Bus. Address: Vega Airplane Co.. Burbank,

Home Address: 2475 Park Oak Dr., Holly-
wood, Calif.

ROGERS, Julia Ellen. Ph.B., M.S.
Author, Lecturer.

Born: La Salle Co. (111.), Jan. 21, 1866; d. of
Ruth Dodd (Llewellyn) and Daniel Farrand

Education: State Univ. of Iowa; Agr. coll.,
Cornell Univ.

Degrees: Ph.B., State Univ. of Iowa, 1892;
MS., in Agr., Cornell Univ., 1902.
Prof. Record: Taught in pub. schs., acad and
high sch., 1883-94; Head. Dept. of B.olo^.
East High Sch. (Des Moines. Iowa), 1894-99,
and Ced\r Rapids (Iowa). 1899-1900; Instr.
in Nature Study in summer s^hs. 1897-19(33
Lecturer in civic improvement and nature
subjects since 1903; Dir... Nature Club De^t.
in Country Life in America 1903.12 Mem.,
Bd. of Edn. (Long Beach, Calif.), 1918-28.
Puhlirations- Among Green Trees, 1902; The
TVee Book 1905-. The Shell Book. 1907- Trees
Every ChUd Should Know, 1909; Earth and



Sk)/, 1!)1(); Wild Animnln Every Child Should
Knoxo, lOll; The Hook 11/ Unnful Plants, V.n2:
The Tree Guide. li)M; Trees Worth Know-
ing, 1916. Co-Editor, Our Rogers Heritage,

Memberships: Phi Ueta Kappa, PI Beta Phi.

Religion: Congregational.

Recreations: Travel and gardening.

Home Address: 355 Junlpero Ave. Long Beach,

ROGERS. Dean Lester Burton,

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Dean of School of Education, Univ. of South-
ern California.

Born: Near Commlskey (Ind.), Nov. 4, 1875;
s. of Ruth (Morin) and John Hamilton Rogers.
Education: Moores Hill (Ind.) Coll.: studied
Univ. of Chicago, 1902-03, Teachers Coll.,
Columbia Univ., 1906-07, 1910-11.
Degrees: B.S., Moores Hill Coll., 1899; M.A.,
1907, and Ph.D., 1915, Columbia Univ.

Married: Nettie Mae (Hopkins), In Commls-
key (Ind.), Sept. 25, 1902; ch.: Mary Jean
and Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Teacher in rural schs. (Ind.)
for three years, Supt. of schs., for three yrs.;
Teacher, high schs. (Spokane, Wash.), 1903-
06; Head Dept. of Philosophy and Edn., Tri-
State Coll. (Angola, Ind.), 1907-10; Research
Scholar, Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., 1910-
11; Prof, of Secondary Edn., Ind. Univ., sum-
mer session, 1911; Prof, of Edn., Lawrence
Coll. (Appleton, Wis.), 1911-19; Lecturer at
teachers Insts., etc; Spl. Lecturer on Edn.,
1919-20, Asst. to Pres. and Dean of Sch.
of Edn., 1921-22, Dean, Sch. of Edn., since
1922, also Dean of summer sessions, since
1921, at Univ. of So. Calif.

Publications: Comparative Study of Town-
ship, District, Consolidated, Town, and City
Schools of Indiana, 1915; Story of Nations,
(in collaboration), 1934; Contbr., ednl. jour-

Memberships: Natl. Edn. Assn., Soc. Coll.
Teachers of Edn. (Pres., 1931-32), Natl. Soc.
for Study of Edn., Amer. Assn. of Univ.
Profs.; Mason; Skull and Dagger, Phi Delta
Kappa, Phi Kappa Pni, Alpha Pi Zeta, Gamma
Rho Tau.

Religion: Methodist.
Recreations: Reading, gardening, craftwork.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1210 W. 27th St., Los An-
geles, Calif. *

ROGERS, Merle J.


Born: Yamhill County (Oregon), Aug. 18,
1871; s. of Carrie (Burton) and Dwight G.

Education: Grammar School; Oregon State

Married: Mollie, d. of Mary and Frederick
W. Launer, in Ore., July 15, 1896; ch. :
Ruth R. Knight, Burton L. Rogers, Janice
R. Clark, Jean R. Roff, Jack B. Rogers.
Prof. Record: Teacher and Prin. In public
schools of Ore. and Calif., 1890-1900; law
practice, 1900-1915; City Atty. of Ventura
(Calif.), 1905-11; Judge of Superior Court

(Ventura Co.), 1913-27; law practice, 1927—.

Memberships: Mason 8lnce 1900.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., Ven-
tura, Calif.

Home Address: 697 Buena Vista St., Ventura

ROHWER. Otto, A.B., LL.B.

Lawyer, Partner, Downey, Brand and Sey-

Born: Di.\on (Calif.), May 30, 1905; s. of
Lena (Stick) and Jacob Rohwer.

Education: Di,\on rublic Schools; Univ. of
Calif., Berkeley.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1927; LL.B.,
Calif. School of Jurisprudence, 1930.
Married: Helene G., d, of Charles M. Kirby
in Di.xon (Calif.), June 13, 1931; ch.: Bar-
bara Luclle and Marilyn.

Prof. Record: Employed as Attorney by firm
of Downey, Brand and Sevmour (Sacramento,
Calif.), 1931-40; Partner of firm of Downey,
Brand and Seymour, 1941 — .

Memberships: Delta Chi, Phi Delta Phi; Ex-
change Club.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Sports of all kinds.

Bus. Address: Capital National Bank Bldg ,
Sacramento, Calif.

Home Address: 1045 - 35th St., Sacramento,

RONEY, Henry Catlett, B.S., M.S.

Consultant, Institute of Family Relations.
Born: Hickman (Ky.), Aug. 19, 1905; s. of
J. W. Roney.

Education : Washington and Lee Univ. ; Miss-
issippi State College; Colorado College.
Degrees: B.S., Mississippi State College, 1928;
M.S., Colorado College, 1937.
Prof. Record: Eight years teaching in public
schools, four years, in Psychology Dept..
Colorado College; Child Guidance Clinic for
eight years; Consulting Psychologist, Donald
McLean Psychological Center (Los Angeles) ;
at present. Consultant, Inst, of Family Rela-

Publications: "Your Career is His Career"

in June Issue of The Undergrad.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, tennis, skating.

Bus. Address: 607 So. Hill St., Los Angeles.


Howe Address: 10S36 Lindbrook Dr., West-
wood Village, Los Angeles, Calif. •

ROOD, The Reverend Paul William,

D.D., LL.D.

Clergyman, President, World's Christian Fun-
damentals Association.

Born: Barnum (Minn.), Aug. 1, 1889; s. of
Emma (Christenson) and Peter Rood.
Education: Student North Park College (Chi-
cago), 1908-11; Wheaton College (111.); John
Brown Univ. (Ark.)

Degrees: D.D., Wheaton College, 1932; LL.D..
John Brown Univ., 1941.



Married.- Neva Nystrom, of La Grange (111.),
June "^5 1911; ch.: Paul Woodrow Lyman,
Rodnev Wilbur Stanley, Bonevieve Florence,
Donald Bryan, Pauline Beulah.
Prof Record: Ordained Ministry Mission Cov-
enant Church, 1914; Pastor, So. Chicago Mis-
sion Church, 1911-13, Broadway Temple,
(Minn.), 1913-15: Swedish Tabernacle (Se-
attle) 1915-22, Beulah Tabernacle (Turlock,
Calif ') 1922-23, Lake View Mission Church
(Chicago, 111.), 1933-35: Pres., Bible Inst, of
Los Angeles, 1935-38; Editor King's Business,
since Sept., 1938; Pres., World's Christian
Fundamentals Assn., since 1929, Pres., The
Russian Gospel Assn. and The Child Evangel-
ism Fellowship (both of Chicago).
Publications: Russia In the Light of Prophecy,
The Heavenly Home. Give God a Chance. Let
the Fire Fall. Can We Expect a World Wide

Me7nberships: Mission Covenant Church.
Home Address: 341 Kenneth Rd., Glendale,

ROONEY. Mickey (McGuire)


Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), Sept. 23, 1920; s. of
Nell (Carter) and Joe Yule.
Education: Dayton Heights and Vine St.
Gram. Schs.; Pacific Military Acad. (Holly-
wood); tutors; Fairfax High Sch.
Prof. Record: Appeared as baby in vaude-
ville act of his parents before coming to Hol-
lywood to appear in pictures; some recent
picture credits are Andy Hardy's Private
Secretary, Men of Boys Town, Life Begins
for Andy Hardy; Andy Hardy Meets Debu-
tante and Strike Up the Band (M-G-M),

Awards: Spl. Acad. Award, 1940, for "out-
standing juvenile performance."
Memberships: Lakeside Golf Club.
Recreations: Golf, tennis, ping-pong, bowling,
and swimming.

Bus. Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio,
Culver City, Calif.

Home Address: 4410 Densmore Ave., Encino,

RORKE. Hal, A.B.

Publicity Dir., CBS Pacific Network.
Born: Chicago (111.), May 26, 1903; s. of
Maude (Bandow) and Edward Frederick

Education: Sen. high school (Chicago); Stan-
ford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1925.
Married: Millie (Nichols), d. of Radosav and
Milicia Nikcovich, in Las Vegas (Nev.), Nov.
4, 1939.

Prof Record: Sub-Ed., United Press (New
York) • Los Angeles Times, Herald, Examiner;
City Ed. and Managing Ed., Los Angeles Illus-
trated Daily News; M-G-M. publicity Staff
prior to joining CBS Pacific Network, where
he is now Publicity Dir.

Publications: Various newspapers and period-

Memberships: Phi Gamma Delta.
Religion: Non-Sectarian.
Recreations: Shooting, fishing, and swimming.

Bus. Address: Columbia Square, Hollywood,

Home Address: 8474y2 Sunset Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

ROSANOFF. Aaron J., M.D.

Neuropsychiatrist, Director, State Department
of Institutions.

Born: Pinsk (Russia), June 26, 1878: s of
Clara (Bertinskaya) and Abraham H. Kos-

Education: Classical Gymnasium (Nicolayeff,
Russia), 5 yis.; private tutor ing ; advanced
Academic Diploma granted by Regents of the
Univ. of the State of New York; Cornell
Univ. Medical School.

Degrees: M.D., Cornell Univ., School of
Medicine, 1900.

Married: Isabel Jean, d. of James Wiley Ross
in Boston (Mass.); ch.: Mrs. Isabel R. Pies-
set, Mrs. Marjorie R. Reuman, Dr. Wm. K.,
Richard A.

Prof. Record: Kings Park (N.Y.) State Hosp
1901-22- Clinical Director, 1911-22; in private
practice of neuropsychiatry in Los Angeles,
1922-38, during which time was also Medical
Dir of Alhambra Sanatorium (Rosemead),
Commissioner in Lunacy for Los Angeles Co.,
Lecturer in Psychiatry, Univ of So. CahL ,
Director, State Dept. of Institutions, 193&— .
Directorships: Mem. of the Editorial Bd of
the Amer. Jouryial of Psychiatry and Vice-
Pres., Jewish Com. for Personal Service.
Publications: Published 60 research contribu-
tions in the field of neuropsychiatry, dealing
mainly with causation and prevention; also
a textbook, in use since 1905, now in its
seventh edition. Manual of Psychiatry and
Mental Hygiene (John Wiley & Sons, N.Y.),

Army Record: (On leave from hospital) U.S
Army, Captain, Major, Lieut. Col Chief ot
Neuropsychiatric Service at Camp Upton (N.
Y ) at U S Army Hospital for War Neuroses
at Plattsburgh Barracks, and at U.S. Army
Hospital No. 28, at Fort Sheridan (111.),
1917-19- cited for research contributions to
military psychiatry in "The Med Dept. of the
U S Army, World War I" (Vol. X, Wash-
ington, D.C.), 1929.

Meinberships: Program Com. of Amer. Psy-
chiatric Assn.; So. Calif. Soc. for Mental Hy-
giene (Charter Mem., Bd. Mem., Past Pres );
So Calif. Acad, of Criminology (Charter
Mem., Bd. Mem., Past Pres.).
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: State Office Bldg., Sacramento,
Horne Address: 1400 N St., Sacramento, Calif.

ROSE, Ethel Boardman


Born: Rochester (N.Y.) ; d. of Anna (Rath-
bone) and John Boardman.
Education: Public schools; Vassar College;
studied, Art Students' League, New York and
in Paris.

Married: Guy, s. of Leonard John Rose in
Paris (France), 1895.

Prof Record: Fashion work for Vogue, Lad-,
ies' Home Journal, Harper's Sa-a"''.^?"^
French and English publications; E.xhibited
tempera paintings in New York, Providence,



Los Angeles. Pasadena, Santa Barbara, San
Francisco, Wilkes Barre, Brooklyn, etc.

Home Address: V2^S Lltla St., Pasadena,

ROSE, The Reverend Galen Lee,

A.B., M.A., B.D., D.D.

Clergyman; Superintendent of Education and
Church Development, Christian Churches of
Northern California.

Born: North Yakima (Wash.), March 9
1894; s. of Mary Etta (Lee) and Morton L.

Education: Public schools of Tacoma and
North Yakima (Wash.); Drake Univ.; Univ
of Alberta; Univ. of Calif.; Pacific School of

Degrees: A.B., Drake Univ., 1915; M.A , 1925
B.D., 1926 and D.D., 1937, Pacific School of

Married: Leola M., d. of L. C. Shirley in
Chico (Calif.), June 30, 1918; ch.: Galen
Lee, Jr., Lois Jean, Shirley Ann.
Prof. Record: Minister, Christian Church
Cimmaron (Kan.), 1915-16; and the following
fioT„ °^ ^^''^- Chico, 1916-23, Alameda,
1923-2 <, Fruitvale Christian Church (Oak-
land), 1927-33, First Christian Church (Fres-
no), 1933-40; Supt., Education and Church
Development, No. Calif. Christian Churches,
1940 — .

Publications: Writer of religious educational
lesson materials, Christian Bd. of Publication
(St. Louis) ; contributor of articles, book re-
views and verse to the religious press.
Religion: Disciples of Christ.
Recreations : Fishing, bowling, golf.

Bus. Address: 2400 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Calif. '

Home Address: 3045 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley,

ROSECRANS, William Starke,
A.B., M.A.

Pres., Rosecrans Properties, Inc.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Mar. 13, 1889; s.
of Lillian (McManman) and Carl Frederic

Education: St. Vincent's Coll. (Los Angeles).

Degrees: A.B., 1908, and M.A., 1911, St
Vincent's Coll.

Married: Elisabeth, d. of Judge Lynn Helm
in Los Angeles, 1916.

Bus. Record: Has always been interested in
ranching, oil development, and property man-
agement, and is now Pres., W. S. Rosecrans,
Inc. and Rosecrans Properties, Inc.; Past
Pres., Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce,
Los Angeles County Farm Bureau, and Har-
bor Dist. Chambers of Commerce.

Directorships: Chmn., Bd. of Dir., Los An-
geles Branch, Federal Res. Bank of San
Francisco (Calif.); Pres., Amer. Forestry
Assn.; Dir., Los Angeles Chamber of Comm.,
Los Angeles County Farm Bureau; Mem., Bd
of Fellows, Claremont Colleges; Chmn., E.xec.
Com., So. Calif. Symphony Assn. ; First Vice-
Pres., Town Hall; Vice-Chmn., So. Calif Sec-
tion, Inst, of Pacific Relations.
Memberships: University, Bel- Air Bay (Los

Angeles), and Bohemian (.San Francisco)

Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening, horseback riding.
Bus. Address: 1151 So. Broadway, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 200 Mulrfield Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif.


Assistant Director (Motion Pictures), 20th
Century-Fo.\ Studios.

Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), Aug. 26, 1912; s.
of Bessie (Silverman) and Sam Rosenberg.
Education: University of Southern California.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1934.
Married: Eleanor, d. of Sam Rudolph in Los
Angeles, July 27, 1939.

Prof. Record: All- American Football, 1933;
now. Assistant Director of Motion Pictures
for 20th Century-Fox Studios.
Memberships: Zeta Beta Tau; Sigma Sigma.
Bus. Address: 20th Century-Fo.x Studios, West
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 374 Homewood Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif. »


Born: Colorado Springs (Colo.), Aug. 19,
1905; d. of Fannie (Lewison) and Benjamin

Education: Public schools Colorado Springs
(Colo.), San Antonio (Te.x.), Los Angeles
(Calif.); Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles);
School of Jurisprudence, Univ. of Calif., 1930
Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of Calif., 1930.
Prof. Record: Private practice of law since
admission to practice, 1930; Instr., Commer-
cial Law, Sawyer School of Bus. (Los An-
geles), 1932—; Instr., "Law for Women,"
Extension Div., Univ. of Calif., 1937 — •
(special fields of law: probate and domestic
relations) ; also. Lecturer and Writer on legal
and semi-legal subjects.

Publications: Various articles on legal and
semi-legal subjects; weekly column. Law
Talks, 1931 — , in community newspapers; Co-
Author (with Wendy Stewart) of two books:
Essentials of Commercial Law in California.
and Everyday Busitiess Law in California.
Memberships: Business and Professional Wo-
men's Club (West Los Angeles, state, and
national; has held various local, district and
state offices) ; Westwood Village Bus. Assn.
Secy., 1931—; Coordinating Council of West
Los Angeles (Mem. Exec. Bd.); U.C.L.A.
Cooperative Housing Assn. (Mem. Advisory
Bd.); U.C.L.A. Alumni Assn; Calif. State
Bar; Westwood Village Bar Assn.
Religion: Jewish.
Poli tics : Democrat .
Recreations: Gardening and reading.
Bus. Address: 10956 Wevburn Ave., West-
wood Village, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1423 Greenfield Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

ROSENBERG, Harold Bush

Merchant; Partner, Rosenberg & Bush.
Born: Healdsburg (Calif.), Oct. 29, 1883;
s. of Esther Coloma (Kaplein) and Wolff



Education: Healdsburg elementary schools;
San Francisco Polytechnic High School.
Married; Lillian, d. of Max Goldberg in San
Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 3, 1919; ch. . Gar-
rett H. and William Kent.
Prof Record: Dept. Store Owner. Partner, in
nrm' of Rosenberg & Bush established by his
father in 1865.

Membership: Healdsburg Chamber of Com
merce (Past Pres.); Hea dsburg K.wams Club
(Past Pres.); Mem., at Large and yice-Pres_
SU^erado Area Council of Boy Scouts o

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