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Home Address: 243 School St., Pittsburg,
Calif. *

ROUTH. James Wynbourne, C.E,

Writer, Economist, Engineer; Director of
Research and Statistics, U.S. Housing Author-

Born: Fort Worth (Tex.), 1885; s. of Lottie
E. (Ray) and Walter Wynbourne Routh, M.D.
Education: Public schools of Duluth (Minn.);
Univ. of Minn.; Cornell.
Degrees: C.E., Cornell, 1914.
Married: Caroline Josephine Albrecht, in New
York City, 1915; ch.: James Wynbourne, Jr.,
Robert Wynbourne.

Prof. Record: Asst. City Engr. (Pasadena
Calif.), 1905-06; Constr. Engr., Washington
Water Power Company (Spokane), 1906-08;
Staff Engr., Buerau of Municipal Research
(New York City), 1914-15; Engr., Dir., Secy.-
Treas., Bureau of Municipal Research (Roch-
ester, New York), 1915-21; Consulting Engr.,
Bureau of Municipal Research (St. Paul,
Minn.), 1921-29; Consultant in Public Adm.
and Finance and Free Lance Writer, 1929-39;
Dir., of Research and Statistics, U.S. Housing
Authority, 1939—.

Publications: Contributed to numerous mag-

Memberships: Authors League of Amer.; Gov-
ernmental Research Assn.
Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: U.S. Housing Authority, Wash-
ington, D.C.

Home Address: 2511 Que St., Washington,
D.C; and San Diego, Calif. *



ROWAN. Lieut. Colonel Andrew Sum-
mers, D.S.C., S.S.C, U.S.Army

Author; Army Olficor (rolireil)

Born: Gnp Mills (V:i.), Apr. U.!, 1857; s. of

Virginia Wlrl (Summers) ami Hon. John M.


Education: Grad., U.S. Mil. Acad., 1881.

Married: (1) Ida (Symns), Apr. 12, 1887; (2)
Mrs. Josephine (Morris) de Greayer, 1904.

Army Record: Commd., 2nd Lieut., Infantry,
U.S.Army, June 11, 1881; promoted through
grades to Major, Oct. 11, 1905; Mem., Inter-
continental Ry. Survey, in charge hypsometric
work of Central Amer. party; spl. duty, in-
loi-mation bureau, in charge map sect.. Adj.
Gen. office; Mil. Attache (Chile); sent to
communicate with Gen. Garcia after declar-
ation of Spanish- Amer. War; landed from
open boat, near Turquino Peak, Apr. 24, 1898,
successfully executed mission, bringing full
information as to insurgent army; was 1st
U.S.Army officer to enter Cuba after declar-
ation of war, and for this service was subject
of Elbert Hubbard's essay A Message to Gar-
cia, which holds world's record for circula-
tion and translation in foreign tongues; award-
ed D.S.C. "for extraordinary heroism in con-
nection with the operations in Cuba, May,
securing secret information relative to exist-
ing conditions in that region of such great
value that it had an important bearing on the
quick ending of the struggle and the complete
success of the U.S. Army."; served on staff
of (Jen. Nelson A. Miles, Cuban and Porto Rico
campaigns, as Lieut. Col., Sixth U.S. Vols.;
on duty Visayas Group (P.I.), 1899-1902;
awarded S.S.C. "for gallantry in action dis-
played while placing and operating a field
gun during attack on Sudlon Mountain, Cebu
(P.I.), Jan. 8, 1900"; Prof, of Mil. Science
and Tactics, Kan. State Agr. Coll., 1902-03;
on duty, Fort Riley (Kan.), and West Point
(N.Y.), 1902-03, and at American Lake
(Wash.), 1904; on duty. Island of Mindanao,
1905-07, in the Lake Lanao region; in com-
mand of the Malaig River Expdn., 1906; re-
tired Dec. 1, 1909.

Publications: The Island of Cuba, 1898; How
I Carried the Message to Garcia, 1923.

Awards: D.S.C, S.S.C; The Order Carlos
Manuel de Cespedes, July 27, 1938 (Cuba's
highest decoration) ; D.S.M. West Va., 1940
(first bestowed by the State).

Membershi-ps : Army and Navy (Washington,
New York, and Manila) ; Strollers (New
York); Commonwealth (San Francisco).

Home Address: 1036 Vallejo St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.; summer: Mill Valley, Calif.

ROWAN, Harriett Evelyn. LL.B.


Born: Hibbing (Minn.); d. of Mary Jane
(Walsh) and John E. Rowan.
Education: Loyola Univ. Law School; South-
western Univ. Law School (Los Angeles).
Degrees: LL.B., Southwestern Univ. Law
School, 1930.

Prof. Record: Teacher in public schools of
Minn. ; private practice since 1931, now spec-
ializing in oil, gas and mining.
Directorships: Dir., Rogar Corp. (Los An-
geles) .
Memberships: Phi Delta Delta; Los Angeles

Har Assn. iL'hiTin., Women'H Com., 19.'J3> ;

Kast Los AngclcH Bar Assn. (Pres., 1938).

Religion: Catnollc.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: r ishlng and swimming.

Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., 908 So.

Atlantic Blvd., I^s Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 479 Amalia Ave., Los Angeles,


ROWELL. Chester Harvey,
Ph.B., LL.D., Litt.D.

Editor, Lecturer, Newspaperman; San Fran-
cisco Chronicle.

Born: Bloomington (111.), Nov. 1, 1867; s. of
Maria Sanford (Woods) and Jonathan Har-
vey Rowell.

Education: Univ. of Mich.; Univ. of Halle,
Berlin, Paris and Rome; Coll. of the Pac.
Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Michigan, 1888;
LL.D., College of the Pac, 1927, Univ. of
Mich., 1928; Litt.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1928;
grad. work, Univ. of Mich.
Married: Myrtle Marie Lingle, of Webb City
(Mo.), Aug. 1, 1897; ch. : Cora Winifred (Mrs.
J. A. Givens), Barbara Lois (Mrs. W. D.
Laughlin), Jonathan Harvey.
Prof. Record: Clerk, Com. on Elections, U.S.
House of Representatives, 1889-91; teacher
acads., Kan., Wis. and Calif.; Instr. in Ger-
man, Univ. of 111., 1897-98; Edit, and Publ.,
Fresno Republican, 1898-1920; Lecturer on
Journalism, Univ. of Calif., summer 1911;
Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Fresno Republican Pub.
Co., 1912-20; Lecturer, Polit. Sci., Univ. of
Calif, and Stanford, 1927-34 (lectures on edu-
cational, civic and political subjs.); Edit, of
San Francisco Chronicle, 1932 — ; an organizer
and Pres., Lincoln-Roosevelt Rep. League,
1907-11; Member, Rep. State Com., 1906-11;
Chmn., Rep. State Conv., 1910; Del., Rep.
Nat. Conv., and Prog. Nat. Conv., 1912;
Member, Prog. Nat. Com., 1912-16: Del-
egate Prog. Nat. Conv., 1916; Member,
Rep. Nat. Campaign Com., 1916; Chmn.,
Rep. State Committee, 1916-18; Chmn.. So-
cial Ins. Commn. ; Mem., Calif. State Coun-
cil Defense, 1917-18; Bd., State Commrs. Pan-
ama (P.I.) Expn.; Regent, Univ. of Calif.;
Vice-Pres., Nat. Municipal League; Mem.,
U.S. Shipping Bd., 1920-21; Mem., Calif.
R.R. Commn., 1921-23; Del., Internat. Cong,
of Penal Law (Brussels), 1924; Del., Internat.
Labor Conf. (Geneva) 1939; Dir., Sci. Serv.,
1924-26; Mem., Inst. Pac. Relations Conf.,
1925, 1927, 1929, 1931, 1936; Mem., Nat.
Crime Commn., since 1926; Mem., Calif. Tax
C^ommn., 1927; Mem., Calif. Constl. Commn.,
1929-31; Del., Rep. Nat. Conv., 1928, 1936;
Mem., Nat. Rep. Program Com., 1938-1939;
Pres., Calif. Conf. on Soc. Work, 192S-29;
Mem., Presidential Emergencv Bds. on R.R.
strikes, 1928-1929-1931.

Directorships: Pres., Calif. League of Nations
Assn., since 1927; Trustee of World Peace
Foundation, since 19c)^; Amer. Youth Commn.,
since 1935; Dir., Internat. House. Univ. of
Calif.; Trustee, World Peace Foundation;
Social Sci. Research Council of Pac. Coast.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. Adv. of Science;
Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Tau Delta. (2olden
Bear (hon. Univ. of Calif.); University Club;
Country Club (Fresno) : Commonwealth Club
(Dir.); Sierra Club (Dir.): Bohemian Club
(San Francisco) ; Faculty Club (Berkeley) ;
Century Club of New York.
Publications: Author of Digest of Contested



Election Cases, House of Representative of
U.S., First to Fifty-Sixth Cong., 1901; also
many mag. articles, etc. ; engaged largely in
foreign travel, lecturing and newspaper syndi-
cate writing, since 1923.

Bits. Address: San Francisco Chronicle, San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 149 Tamalpais Rd., Berkeley,
Calif. •

ROWLAND, Professor Donald Win-
slow. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.


Asso. Prof, of Hist., Chmn., Hist. Dept.,
Univ. of So. Calif.

Born: Mariposa (Calif.), Jan. 12, 1898; s. of
Isabel (Gallison) and Thomas Berdine Row-

Education: Mariposa High School; Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: A.B., 1925, M.A., 1926, and Ph.D.,
1931, Univ. of Calif.

Married: Eunice, d. of Dare (Townsend) and
David Thompson Wachter, in Berkeley
(Calif.); ch.: Virginia Dare.
Prof. Record: Teaching Fellow, Univ. of Cal-
if., 1926-27, 1928-29; Native Sons of the
(3olden West, Travelling Research Fellow to
Europe, 1927-28; Asst. Prof, of Hist., Univ.
of Hawaii, 1930-35; Visiting Prof., summer
session, Univ. of Ore., 1933, Univ. of Calif.,
1935; Asso. Prof, of Hist., Univ. of So.
Calif., since 1935, and Chmn. of Hist. Dept.,
since 1938.

Publications: Contributing Author to New
Spain and The West, 1933, and to various
articles in Hispanic American Historical Re-
view, Pacific Historical Review, etc.
Army Service: A.E.F. in 1918, with 144th
Field Artillery.

Memberships: Amer. Hist. Assn.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent Democrat.
Recreations: Riding, fishing, and various other

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3143 Waverly Dr., Los An-
geles. Calif. *

ROWNTREE, Gertrude Ellen Lester

Author, Lecturer, Landscape Architect, Hor-

Born: Penrith (Cumberland, Eng.); d. of
Mary Hannah (Ashby) and Edward Lester.
Education: Westtown Boarding Sch., West-
town (Pa.)

Married: Bernard Rowntree (div. 1931), in
Philadelphia (Pa.), 1908; ch.: Cedric Rown-

Prof. Record: Author, Lecturer, Landscape
Architect, Horticulturist, Wild Flower Seed
Collector, and Botanical Field Worker.
Publications: Hardy Calif ornians (Macmillan),
1936; Flowering Shrubs of California (Stan-
ford Univ. Press), 1939; Contbr. to Atlantic
Monthly, Country Gentleman, House and Gar-
den, Country Life, Christian Science Monitor,
New York Times Garden Page, Los Angeles

Times Garden Section, and numerous horti-
cultural mags.

Religion: Quaker (Soc. of Friends).
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Hiking, and swimming.
Home Address: Carmel Highlands, Carmel,

ROZSA. Miklos. Mus.D.


Musical Director, Alexander Korda Films, Inc.
Born: Budapest, Hungary, April 18, 1907; s.
of Gyula Rozsa.

Education: High school, Budapest (Hungary);
U. and Musical Academy, Leipzig.
Degrees: Mus.D. (hon.). New York College of
Music, 1940.

Prof. Record: Orchestral and chamber music
compositions have been played by well known
artists, conductors and famous symphony
orchestras throughout the world. Composed
music for twelve motion pictures, among
them: Knight Without Armor; Divorce of
Lady X; U Boat 29; Four Feathers; Thief
of Bagdad and That Hamilton Woman.
Directorships: Alexander Korda Films, Inc.
Publications: Compositions: Trio op.l. Quin-
tette, op. 2, 1928; Rhapsody op. 3, 1929;
Variations op. 4, 1929; Hungarian suite op.
5, 1930; Duo op. 7, 1930; Duo op. 8, 1931;
Serenade for chamber orchestra, op. 10, 1932;
Bagatelles op. 12, 1933 (publisher, Breitkopf
& Haertel, Leipzig). Variations for piano op.
9, 1931 (pub., Maurice Senart, Paris). Theme
Variations and Finale for orchestra op. 13,
1933; Capriccio, Pastorale e Danza op. 14,
1938 (pub. Ernst Eulenburg, Leipzig).
Religion: Lutheran.

Bus. Address: 1040 No. Las Palmas, Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 2050 Stanley Hills Dr., Holly-
wood, Calif.

RUBIN. David R.. A.B., LL.B.


Born: Cleveland (Ohio), Aug. 7, 1891; s. of
Rebecca (Redpen) and Max Rubin.
Education: Pub. elem and high schools, Cleve-
land (Ohio) ; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., magna cum laude, 1912, and
LL.B., 1915, Harvard Univ.
Married: Adol Anna, d. of Sarah, and Rev.
Adolphus Nixon, in Detroit (Mich.), Dec. 22,
1917; ch.: Edward, Sally (Mrs. Hallowell).
Prof. Record: Practiced law in Cleveland two
yrs. before World War I, and five yrs. after
war; has been practicing in Los Angeles since

Army Service: Enlisted in First Officer's
Training Camp the week war was declared,
was commissioned Second Lieut., assigned to
the 332nd Infantry; later promoted to First
Lieut., served in France and on the Italian

Memberships: West Gate, Masonic Lodge,
Scottish-Rite, Shrine, Elks; Amer. Legion;
Harvard Club of So. Calif.
Recreations : Swimming.

Bus. Address: James Oviatt Bldg., 617 So.
Olive St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Hoyne Address: 11033 Strathmore Dr., W. Los
Angeles, Calif. *



RUBY. Charles Augustus, LL.B.

Lawyoi-; City Atloinoy, City of Lynvvood.
liiini: On farm in Harlan Co. (Neb.), Kob. 10.
1881; s. of Marietta (Peele) and James A.

Education: Franklin Acad. (Franklin, Neb.);
Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of Mich., ]<)()8.
Married: Minnie C, tl. of Christina and An-
drew Iversen, In Chadron (Nob.), March 23,
1913; ch.: Jim W., Grant I.
Prof. Record: Supt., public schools. Wood
Lake (Nob.), 1908-09; began practice of law
at Valentino (Neb.), June 1, 1910; County
Atty., Cherry County (Neb.), 1912-16; Mayor,
City of Valentine (Neb.), 1926-29; moved to
Los Angeles Co., Dec. 1928, and began prac-
tice of law in Calif. ; located in City of Lyn-
vvood, Dec. 1929; City Attorney, City of
Lynwood (Calif.), 19.36 — .

Memberships: Pros, of Lynwood Rotary Club

Religion: Protestant.
Politics Democrat (independent).
Bus. Address: 11329 Long Beach Blvd., Lyn-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 12147 Alpine Ave., Lynwood,
Calif. •

RUDE. Anna Elizabeth, M.D.

Physician: Dir., Bur. of Maternal and Child
Hygiene, Los Angeles Co. Health Dept.
Born: San Jose (Calif.), Sept. 3, 1876; d. of
Daniel Rude.

Education: Pub. schs. and Teachers Coll., San
Jose; Stanford Med. Sch. (formerly Cooper
Med. Coll., San Francisco).
Prof. Record: Private practice (women and
children) in San Francisco (Calif.), 1908-17,
doing clinical work on obstetrics and gyne-
cology at Stanford Med. Sch. ; was Asst. to
Staff of Obstetrical Service at Children's
Hosp. for five yrs., then Visiting Staff Mem,
for three yrs; was Attending Physician for
first Well-Baby Conf. (San Francisco) 1909-
17; Field work for u.S. Children's Bur., 1917;
Dir., Bur. of Child Hvgiene. U.S. Children's
Bur. (Washington, D.C.), 1918-22; second
White House Conf. on Minimum Standards
of Child Welfare. 1919; Dir., Maternitv and
Infant Hygiene Div. of U.S. Children's' Bur.
(Adm.of Sheppard-Towner Act), 1922-23; Dir.,
Bur. of Maternal and Child Hygiene, Los
Angeles Co. Health Dept., Los Angeles (Cal-
if.), since 1924; Lecturer in Child Hygiene,
Univ. of Calif. (Los Angelos), in summer
sessions, 1926-36; Mem. of the Pub. Health
Section of Pros. Hoover's White House Conf.
on Child Health and Protection, and Chmn.,
Sub-Corn, on Adm. of Child Health, 1930.
Publicati07is: Many articles on children's
health and welfare published in such journals
as American Journal of Public Health, The
Pacific Coast Journal of Niirsing, Journal of
the Aynerican Medical Association, etc.
Memberships: Calif. Med. Assn., L.A. Co.
Med. Assn.; Fellow, Amer. Pub Health Assn.;
L.A. Dist. Federated Clubs; Stanford Med.
Alumni; League of Women Voters; L. A. Co.
Women's Med. Soc; (Alpha Epsilon Iota (mod.

Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles County Health

Dept., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2045 So. Oxford St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

RUESS, Christopher G., A.B., S.T.B.

Dcpuls- I'rob.ition Olfjccr, LoH Angeles County.
Horn: Sterling (Kan), Dec. 10, 1878; s. of
Katherlne Anne (IIolt» and William E. Ruess.
Education: Harvard Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1900, S.T.B. , 190.3, Harvard

Married: Stella, d. of Ella (Waters) and
William Henry Knight, in Los Angeles (Calif.),
April 5, 1905; ch. : Waldo (clerk, U.S. Em-
bassy, Chungking, China).
Prof. Record: Head of Boys Work, Peoples
Place Social Settlement (.San Francl.sco), 1904;
Minister of Unitarian Churches (Alameda),
1905-07, and rFresno), 1915-16; Representa-
tive, Amer. Unitarian Assn., San Francisco
Fire and Earthquake Relief, 1906; Chief Pro-
bation Officer, Alameda Co., 1907-15; Sales-
man, Eastern .Salesmanager, Vice-Pres. and
Spec. Representative, Lewis E. Myers & Co.,
Educational Specialties, 1917-,30; Deputy Pro-
bation Officer, Los Angeles Co., 19.30 — ; active
1910-14 in promoting and pushing through
Calif. Legislature important laws on juvenile
and adult probation, city and county jail
parole, compulsory school attendance, etc. ;
originated movement to lengthen voting hours
from 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in Calif.;
Secy. Calif. Probation Officers Assn., 1933-38.
Publications : Editor, Adult Probation, by Jus-
tin Miller and others, 1933; wrote significant
article, 1914, "Beyond the Juvenile Court" in
Calif. Progressive Magazine, widely copied
and circulated.

Memberships: Harvard Club of Southern Cal-
if.; Los Angeles Municipal League; Proba-
tion and Parole Officers Assn. of Calif., etc.
Religion: Unitarian.

Recreations: Gardening, walking, philosophy;
Walt Whitman, Emerson, public speaking,

Bus. Address: Law Building, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 531 No. Ardmore Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

RUESS, Stella Knight


Born: Cincinnati (Ohio), July 9, 1879.
Education: Los Angeles High School; courses
in Univ. of So. Calif., Univ. of Calif., Colum-
bia Univ., Valparaiso Univ., Univ. of Calif.
(Los Angeles), extension division.
Married: Christopher G., d. of Ella (Waters)
and William Henry Knight, in Los Angeles
(Calif.), April 2, 1905; ch.: Waldo (Clerk
with Amer. Embassy, Chungking, China).
Publications: Booklets, Star Glints, Poems in
Trees, In The Red Flame, Los Angeles In
Block Print.

Memberships: Nat. League of Amer. Pen
Women; Ruskin Art Club; Camp Fire Girls;
Poetry and Music Club.
Religion: Unitarian.

Home Address: 531 No. Ardmore Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

RUGER, Morris Hutchins. A.B., M.S.

Composer, Teacher.

Born: Superior (Wis.), Dec. 2. 1902; s. of
Laura Wooton (Robertson) and Frank Hutch-
ins Ruger.

Education: Horace Mann School; Columbia



Univ. (N.Y.C.); Northwestern Univ.; Amer.
Conservatory (Fontainbleau, France).
Degrees: A.B., Columbia, 1925; M.S., North-
western Univ., 1930.

Married: Laura, d. of Robert Burns Boaic, in
Glencoe (111.), Dec. 31, 1926; ch.: Robert
Morris, Diana Spottiswoode.
Prof. Record: Fellowship, Juilliard Founda-
tion, 1935; works performed: Gettysburg Suite
(Belasco Theatre), May 19.38, Opera, Gettys-
burg (Hollywood Bowl), Sept., 1938, auspices
"Ipaca," Gastone Usigli conducting (four per-
formances in N.Y., Sept. 1940, by New Yorl<
City Symphony Orchestra) ; numerous radio
broadcasts, including a full hour coast to
coast over NBC, July 4, 1938.
Publications: While Shepherds Watched (Theo
Presser), 1928.

Memberships: Amer. Composers Alliance; Soc.
of Native Amer. Composers; Fontainbleau

Recreations: Tennis, hiking.
Bus. Address: John Marshall High School,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2121 Alcyona Dr., Hollywood,
Calif. •

RUHLE. Runa B. (Lena Mary)

Writer, Teacher, Housewife.
Born: Hoosick Falls (~N.Y.), June 1, 1877; d.
of Esther Christina (Eycleshymer) and James
Andrew Closson.

Education: Lansingburg grade schools; Acad-
emy; Teachers Training School; Music, Schen-
ectady Conservatory (all in N.Y.)
Married: Christian Jacob, s. of Katherine
(Hahn) and Jacob Ruhle, near Stuttgart
(Ger.); ch.: two.

Prof Record: Four yrs. teaching in public
school (N.Y.); for two yrs., Secy.. Perforated
Music Roll Co. (Schenectady); Founder and
Pres., Pomona Writers Club (1932-39); at
present, teaching private pupils creative writ-

Publications: Has written many articles, short
stories and poems, published in various news-
papers and magazines.

Mem,berships: Pomona Writers Club; Clare-
mont Poetry Circle.
Religion: Protestant (Episcopal).
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Music, gardening.
Home Address: 550 So. Alexander Ave., Clare-
mont, Calif. *

RUNYON. Everett Malachi

Business Executive ; Sales Promotion Manager,
Calif. Packing Corpn.

Born: Chicago (111.), Nov. 5, 1897; s. of
Addie May (French) and Charles Henry Run-

Education: Pub. schs. of Chicago, 1904-14;
of Evansville (Ind.), 1914-16; Academy of
Fine Arts (Chicago), 1917-18; evening courses.
Northwestern Univ., Sch. of Bus., 1919; Alex-
ander Hamilton Inst., extension course,

Married: Mary Gertrude, d. of Samuel Atkin-
son King, in Downey (Calif.), Dec. 22, 1919;
ch.: Marjory May (b. 1920).
Prof Record: From 1919, advanced through
sales and advg. depts., successively in Chi-

cago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, to

Sales Promotion Manager, Calif. Packing
Corpn.; at different times, active in Liberty
Loan, Red Cross, and Community Chest
drives; was Mem., Food Products Club (Chi-
cago), 1920-23; Publicity Chmn., Chicago
Assn. of Mfrs. Representatives, 1920-23; Dir.,
Los Angeles Jr. Chamber of Commerce, 1929,
and Asso. Ed., The Young Business Man,
1927-29 (pub. by Los Angeles Jr. Chamber
of Commerce); Vice-Chmn., San Francisco
Com. for Better Understanding of Free Enter-
prise, Natl. Assn. of Mfrs., 1940; Mem.,
San Francisco Chapter, Amer. Marketing
Assn.; Dir., San Francisco Advertising Club;
Mem., Illuminators of Calif.
Navy Record: During World War I, U.S.N.
R F , Y. 2 C, stationed at Great Lakes Naval
Training Sta., 1918-19.

Memberships: Mason, Blue Lodge and Scottish
Rite; Commonwealth Club of California;
Amer. Legion.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican (Mem., Exec. Com. and
Campaign Promotion Chmn., Willkie Volun-
teers in No. Calif., 1940).
Recreations: Reading, gardening, and study of
democratic govt.

Bus. Address: California Packing Corp., 101
California St., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 1301 Bryant St., Palo Alto,

RUPEL, Claude Merrill, A.B.

Teacher, Educational Administrator; Prin-
cipal, Walnut School.

Born: North Liberty (Indiana), June 18, 1904;
s. of Alzina Edith (Whitmer) and Charles
Franklin Rupel.

Education: High school, Wenatchee (Wash.);
Bethany Biblical Seminary, 1924-25; Man-
chester College (Ind.).

Degrees: A.B., Manchester Coll., 1930; grad.
work, Univ. of So. Calif., summers, 1931, 1933,
and at Claremont Colleges, summer, 1934.
Married: Marie Elizabeth, d. of Ada May
(Beckner) and Otho Moomaw Pobst, in La
Verne (Calif.), Feb. 26, 1933.
Prof. Record: Taught Mechanical Drawing
for four years at Manchester Coll. while a
student; Teacher and Prin., Grant School
(Fresno County), 1932-34, and Laton Jomt
Elementary School (Fresno County), 1934-36;
Asst. Prin. and later Prin., Booker T. Wash-
ington Agr. and Industrial Inst, of Liberia (Ka-
bata, Liberia), 1936-40 (under direction of
Phelps-Stokes Fund, New York City) ; Teach-
er and Prin., Walnut School (Fresno Co.),
1940 — , also speaker with full showing of
moving pictures on Liberia, churches, schools
and clubs.

Memberships: Calif. Teachers Assn.; N.E.A.;
Fresno County Teachers Credit Union.
Religion: Christian (member of Church of the

Recreations: Photography, travel.
Bus. and Home Address: 1450 East Street,
Selma, Calif.

RUSH. John Andrew, A.B., M.A., LL.B.

Lawyer (retired).

Born: Richland County (Illinois), March 9,

1865; s. of Eliza Ann (Stout) and Jacob




Education: Topoka (Kim.), High School;
Univ. oC Kansas.

Married: Kl.slo K., d. of .Jane A. and Joseph II.
Dodd. in Denver (Colo.), Feb. 12, 1895; ch.:
John L., Robert.

Prof. Record: Praclleed law In Denver for
28 yrs. and later In Los Angeles for 20 yrs. ;
Member of ihe Denver Charter Convention,
1898; Slate Senator from Denver, 1901-05;
Author of Constitutional Amendment creating
the consolidatoil city and county of Denver,
1902; Vice-Pres. of first charter convention
of the city and county of Denver, 19().'3; Dis-
trict Atty. of the city and county of Denver,
1913-17; Vice-Chmn., of Citizens Com. on
Governmental Reorganization (Los Angeles),

directorships: Pres. and Dir., Bond & Secur-
ities Co. (Los Angeles).

Publications: Book entitled The City-County

Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi; Los Angeles
Country Club.

Home Address: 121 So. Hudson Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif. *

RUSSELL, Bruce Alexander

Political Cartoonist.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 4, 1903; s.

of Flora Estelle (^.aunders) and Alexander


Education: Los Angeles Polytechnic High

School, 1921; Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles),

(grad.), 1926.

Married: Mary Anne, d. of W. J. Morrissey,

in Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 16, 1931; ch. :

Anne Frances and Mary Ann.

Prof. Record: Cartoonist for the Los Angeles

Evening Herald, 1925-26; Sports Cartoonist,

Los Angeles Times, 1927-34; Creator "Rollo

Rollingstone" comic strip for Associated Press,

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