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1930; Political Cartoonist, Los Angeles Times,

1934 — . Work represented: Huntington Library

Cartoon Collection, Year Books, Encyclopedia

Brittanica cartoons.

Memberships: Delta Rho Omega (U.C.L.A.),

Cartoonist Club (Los Angeles), Junior, Senior

Mens Honor Soc. (U.C.L.A.), Ephebian Soc.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Bowling and fishing.

Bus. Address: 202 West First St.,

geles, Calif.

Home Address: 3814 Lorado Way,

geles, Calif, and 2934 Hermosa Ave.,

Beach, Calif. (Summer).

Los An-

Los An-

RUSSELL, Edward Lee,

B.S., M.A., M.D.


Health Officer, Orange County.

Born: Fannin (Miss.), Oct. 8, 1898; s. of

Adah (Jones) and Robert Edward Russell.

Education: Undergraduate, Univ. of Miss.;

Medical, Univ. of Penn. ; Post-graduate, Univ.

of Cincinnati.

Degrees: B.S., 1920, M.D., 1924, M.A. in

Pediatrics (children's), 1927.

Married: Edna Lucille, d. of Anna (Atkins)

and John L. Gatch, in Cincinnati (Ohio),

Mar. 10, 1926; ch. : Edna Lee (13); Anne

(12); Edward Lee, Jr. (6).

Prof. Record: After completion of interneshlp

and graduate work In pediatrics In 1927, en-
tered |)rlvate practice In pediatrics at Ports-
mouth (Ohio). Took public health training
course with Uockefeller Foundation. Was Dir.,
Div. of Child IlyKiene, Marion County ((Jre.>,
Child Health Demonstration, under Common-
wealth Fund of New York. 192H-.i(). Then
went to Orange County as Dir., Div. of
Child Hygiene, Orange County Health Dept.,
1930, serving in this capacity and as Psychia-
trist, Juvenile Court, until appointed Health
Officer, 1939.

Navy Record: U.S. Navy, 1917-19.
Awards: Professional credentials: Licentiate,
Amer. Board of Pediatrics.
Memberships: Pi Kappa Alpha (soclaU ; Phi
Chi (medical) ; Rotary Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Court House Annex, Santa Ana,

Home Address: 1439 Louise St., Santa Ana,
Calif. •

RUSSELL, The Reverend Francis
Wayland, B.S., D.D.


Born: Fairport (N.Y.), Sept. 21, 1865; s. of
Betsy (Pitman) and Byron P. Russell.
Eduation: Univ. of Nebraska; grad., McCor-
mick Theol. Sem., 1894; Coe Coll.
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Nebr., 1890; D.D.,
Coe Coll., 1903.

Married: Lucile (Cross) in Fairbury (Neb.),
Oct. 5, 1897.

Prof. Record: Ordained to Presbyterian Min-
istry, 1894; Pastor, Fairbury, 1894-97; Mar-
shalltown (la.), 1897-1903, Boulder (Colo.),
1903-04, West Presbyn. Ch., St. Louis (Mo.),
1904-19, St. John's Ch., Berkeley (Calif.),
1919-23; Pres., Met. Hermon (Calif.) Assn.,
Inc.; Moderator, Synod of Mo., 1915; Chmn.,
Foreign Missions Work for Mo. and Calif.
Memberships: Loyal Legion; Sons of Amer.
Rev.; Magna Charta Day Assn. (Vice-Pres.);
Kiwanis; Sigma Chi, Pi Gamma Mu.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Home Address: 1133 Hamilton Ave., Palo AltO'

RUSSELL, Professor Frank Marion,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science, University of

Born: St. Louis (Mo.); s. of Lena (Hoffman)
and Frank Marion Russell, Sr.
Education: Stanford and Columbia.
Degrees: A.B., 1912, M.A., 1913, Ph.D., 1925,
Stanford Univ.

Married: Stella M., d. of Myles Martin, in
San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 8, 1916; ch. :
Margaret Ann and Frank Marion, Jr.
Prof. Record: Professor of Political Science,
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Publications: The International Government
of the Saar (Univ. of Calif. Press) ; Theories
of International Relations (Appleton Century
Co.), and numerous articles on international

Metnberships: Delta Chi, Commonwealth, Fac-

Politics: Democrat.



Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,


Home Address: 119 Alvarado Rd., Berkeley,

Calif. *

RUSSELL, Lieutenant Commander
William McKinley. M.C.V.(S),
U.S.N.R., D.N.B., M.Sc, M.D.
Surgeon; Health Officer, Superintendent of
Mono County Hospital.

Borw; Mineral Wells (Tex.), Sept. 6, 1900;
s. of Ada (Thompson) and John Thomas Rus-

Education: Polytechnic Evening High School,
Los Angeles (Calif.); Univ. of Calif. (Los An-
geles) (pre-medical) ; College of Medical Ev-
angelists of Los Angeles (medical) ; Univ. of
Penn., Graduate School of Medicine, Phila-
delphia (Pa.) 2 yrs., (surgery).
Degrees: M.D., 1934, D.N.B., 1934, M.Sc.
(med.), 193S.

Married: Mildred, d. of Nettie Kemmish in
Los Angeles (Calif.), June 2, 1934; ch.: John
Curtis (2).

Prof. Record: Office Boy in Electric Shop
(Mineral Wells, Tex.), 1912-13; Plumbers
Helper (Long Beach, Calif.), 1913-17; Jour-
neyman Electrician (Dallas, Tex.), (Long
Beach), 1919-23; (^neral Salesman for Gen-
eral Electric Co. (Los Angeles), 1923-27; Asst.
Surgeon, Mono Basin Hospital, 1934-36; Health
Officer of Mono County, Bridgeport (Calif.),
1938-40; Supt. of Mono County Hospital.
Navy Record: U.S. Navy (air service) two yrs.,
five months, during World War I. Twenty-
one months spent overseas, discharged Chief
Machinist Mate; Training in Aviation Machin-
ist School of U.S. Navy at Pensacola (Fla.),
prior to going to Europe.

Meviber ships: Free and Accepted Masons
(Past-Master), Inyo-Mono County Med. Soc,
Los Angeles County Medical Soc, and Amer.
Medical Soc. ; Inyo-Mono County Assn. ; Amer.

Religion: Protestant (Christian Church).
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, hunting and fishing.
Bus. Address: Mono County Hospital, Bridge-
port, Calif.

Home Address: Box. 124, Bridgeport, Calif.
Other Address: U.S. Naval Training Station,
San Diego, Calif. *

RUSSELL. William Polk, A.B., M.A.

Claremont City Judge.

Born: Gaylesville (Ala.), Dec. 29, 1863; s.
of Margaret (Griffitts) and Samuel L. Rus-

Education: Cumberland Univ., Columbia;
Harvard; Yale.

Degrees: A.B., 1885, M.A. 1905, Cumberland.
Married: Rachel Catherine, d. of J. H. Mc-
Guire in Bethany (111.), June 21, 1893; ch.:
Smith, Paul, Sheldon.

Prof. Record: Prof, of Mathematics, Lincoln
College, 1889-1904; Instr. of Math. Pomona
College, 1904, later became Asst. Prof., Assoc.
Prof, and Prof., retired in 1932. Became
Judge of the Claremont City Court in 1937-.
Memberships: Kiwanis.
Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Golf and tennis, walking and


Bus. Address: 206 W. Second St., Claremont,


Home Address: 540 Sixth St., Claremont,


RYAN, Harold Joy, A.B.

Agricultural Commissioner.
Born: Lincoln (Neb.), Feb. 9, 1892; s. of
Ella (Stoddard) and Thomas Ryan.
Education: Public schools, Lincoln, and San
Diego (Calif.); Pomona College.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona College, 1914, Clare-
mont (Calif.).

Married: Inez May. d. of Charlene (Shannon)
and Louis Elmer Sheets in Pomona (Calif.),
Dec. 19, 1914; ch.: Nancy (Mrs. W. W. Zabris-
kie) ; David Joy; John Allen.
Prof. Record: Horticultural Inspector, Agri-
cultural Pest Control and Citrus Packing
House work in San Diego and Los Angeles
County, 1914-17; Scientific Asst. in Extension
Entomology, Bureau of Entomology, U.S.
Dept. of Agriculture, 1917-18; Agricultural
Commissioner (title until 1929 was Horticult-
ural Commissioner) for Los Angeles County,
since 1918. On leave from county service dur-
ing part of 1935 as Consultant, Bureau of
Entomology and Plant Quarantine, U.S.D.A.
Publications: Various bulletins and articles
on Pest Quarantine and Control.
Memberships: Kappa Delta of Pomona Coll-
ege, Zamorano Club, Andreas Canyon, Amer.
Assn. Economic Entomologists, Calif. State
Assn. County Agricultural Commissioners.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Camping, fly fishing and book

Bus. Address: 524 No. Spring St., Los An-
geles,, Calif.

Home Address: 1108 Garfield Ave., So. Pasa-
dena, Calif.

RYAN, Shane (Mabel)

Publicity Director.

Born: Galesburg (111.); d. of Maria (Norton)
and Edmund Francis Ryan.
Education: Public and pvt. schs.; art schs.
Prof. Record: Asst. to Harry J. Powers, Part-
ner of Klaw and Erlanger, and Gen. Mgr. of
their Chicago theatrical interests, 1910-18;
Publicity Dir. and Mgr. of plays for The Sel-
wyns, 1918-22, and for Guthrie McClintic
for the season, 1922-23; opened publicity office
in New York with Helen IngersoU, handling
important Broadway plays and stars, 1923;
produced John Howard Lawson's Nirvana at
the Greenwich Village Theatre, and The Half-
Naked Truth, by N. Brewster Morse at the
Mayfair and Cort Theatres, 1926; came to
Pacific Coast as Spl. Repr. for Mrs. Robert
Mantell (Genevieve Hamper), 1929, where she
acted as Publicity Dir. for many plays and
film players, notably Alice Brady in Bio-
graphy, and others, 1934-36; took over lease
and remodeled the Olvera St. Theatre, 1932
(produced The Passion Flower with Nance
O'Neill) ; handled publicity in Los Angeles,
Santa Barbara and San Francisco for Outward
Bound, 1939, for the Stage League; has writ-
ten many feature stories and poems in var-



lous puhlications: conlrihuU'd to Tlob War-
ner's Scrijit, poems, and short stoiy, 1934-39;
went to Ciirmel-liy-tlie-Sea, 1910, where she
has (lovototl most of her time to writing.
Puhlicdlidiis: The Now York Tclvuraph, verse;
The New York Mirror, verse: The Younrjer
Gencrution (Jr. Lea(?ue, Ira iuil Magazine)
verse; feature stories in the Boston I'ont and
Milwaukee papers; verse and story in the
Carmel Cymbal; articles In The American
Home .

Religion: Catholic.
Recreations: Dogs.

Home Address: Box 105, Carmel-by-the-Sea,
Calif. •

RY^N. T(ubal) Claude

Aircraft Manufacturer and Executive.

Pres. and Treas., Ryan Aeronautical Co. and

Ryan Sch. of Aeronautics.

Born: Parsons (Kan.), Jan. 3, 1898; s. of

Ida Frances (Zeigler) and William Marion


Education: Elem. sch. at Parsons (Kan.);
High sch. at Orange (Calif.) ; Ore. State Coll.,

Married: Gladys (Bowen) in San Diego (Cal-
if.), Feb. 18, 1928; ch.: David Claude; Jerome
Donald; Stephen Michael.

Bus. Record: Founder and Pres. of Ryan Air-
lines, Inc., 1922; is now Pres., Treas., and
Dir., of Ryan Aeronautical Co. and Ryan
Sch. of Aeronautics.

Army Service: Entered U.S. Air Corps as Fly-
ing Cadet in 1919; graduated in 1921 with
Pursuit Pilot Rating.

Memberships: Quiet Birdmen (pilot's frat.).
Religion: Protestant (Presbyterian).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Flying, yachting and fishing.
Bits. Address: Lindbergh Field, San Diego,

Home Address: 3141 Xenophon St., San Diego,
Calif. *

RYCKMAN. Charles Silcott

Editorial Writer.

Born: Fort Collins (Colo.), July 11, 1898; s.
of Ada (Silcott) and John Power Ryckman.
Education: Fort Collins (Colo.) high school.
Married: Mary jclizabeth, d. of C. M. Red-
mond in Fremont (Neb.), Aug. 12, 1922.
Prof. Record: Reporter, Fort Collins (Colo.)
Courier, 1920; Editor, Fremont (Neb.) Trib-
une, 1920-36; Editorial Writer, Chicago Her-
ald-Examiner, 1936; Editorial Writer, New
York American and New York Journal- Amer-
ican, 1936-39; Editorial Writer, San Francisco
Examiner, San Francisco Call-Bulletin and
affiliated Hearst newspapers since 1939.
Navy Record: Chief Radio Electrician, U.S.
Navy, during World War I; service aboard
mine carrier, U.S.S. Lake Ontario, and Mine-
sweeper U.S.S. Lark.

Awards: Winner of Pulitzer Prize for best
newspaper editorial in 1931.
Religion: Protestant, Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golt.

Bus. Address: The Call-Bulletin, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: Clift Hotel, San Francisco,


RYERSON. Florence


Horn: (Jlcndalo (Calif, i; d. of Mary (Mc-
Gregor) and Charles Dwight Wiilard.
Education: Stanford and Hadcllffe.
Married: Colin Clements, In Beverly Hills
(Calif.), 1927; ch.: Hal Ryerson (former

Literary Record: Numerous talking pictures,
including The Wizard of Oz; novels: Seven
Su.spccts, Fear of Fear, Mild Oats, This Awful
Age ,etc. (written with husband); short plays:
All on a Sutnmer's Day, Ladies Alone, Angels
Don't Marry; three-act plays (written in col-
laboration with Colin Clements*: June Mad,
Through the Night (produced in London),
Glamour Preferred, (produced by Brock Pem-
berton in New York, 1940) .
Memberships: Alpha Phi.

Home Address: 'Shadow Ranch," Canoga
Park, Calif.

RYERSON. Dean Knowles A.,

B.S., M.S.

Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture, Uni-
versity of California.

Born: Seattle (Wash.), Oct. 17, 1892; s. of
Jessie (Knowles) and Will A. Ryerson.

Education: Grammar schools (So. Calif.);
Pasadena High School, 1910; Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.S., 1916, M.S., 1923, Univ. of


Married: Emma Mary, d. of D. B. Freeman,

in Pasadena (Calif.), Aug. 3, 1921.

Prof. Record: Asst. State Club Leader, Agr.
Extension Service, Univ. of Calif., 1919-21;
Asst. Farm Adviser, and Farm Adviser, Los
Angeles County, 1922-23; Horticulturist, Agr.
Exp. Station, Service Technique, (Haiti) 1925-
28 : Horticulturist Joint Palestine Survey Com-
mission (Palestine and Trans Jordan), 1927;
In Charge, Div. of Foreign Plant, Introduc-
tion Bureau of Plant Industry, 1928-34, U.S.
Dept. of Agriculture (on plant exploring e.x-
peditions) : Canada, 1929, Spain, Tunis, Al-
geria, Morocco, Sicily, France, 1930; Chief,
Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. Dept of Agri-
culture, 1934; In Charge sub-tropical fruit
investigations Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S.
A., 1935-37; Asst. Dean, Coll. of Agriculture,
Univ. of Calif. ; In Charge, Davis Campus,
Univ. of Calif., College of Agr.
Publications: Bulletins, circulars, and num-
erous articles on agricultural exploration,
tropical and sub-tropical horticulture.
Army Record: U.S. Corps of Engrs., 1917-19;
Pvt. to 2nd Lieut. (France), 1917-19: 10th
and 20th Engrs. (forestry), agricultural dam-
age investigator, Amer. Peace Comm., 1919;
Agricultural Officer, American Embarkation
Center (France), 1919.

Awards: Chevalier de Merite Agricole
(France), Officer Ouissam Alaouite (Moroc-
co), Bronze Medal Societe d'Acclimitation de
la France.

Memberships: Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Phi
Delta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Lambda; Explor-
ers (N.Y.); Cosmos (Washington, D.C.); Com-
monwealth (San Francisco) ; Rotary (Davis) ;
Faculty (Berkeley) ; Faculty (Davis) .
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Gardening and amateur astron-



Bus. Address: Coll. of Agriculture, Davis,


Home Address: 16 College Park, Davis, Calif.

RYNNING, Captain Thomas Harbo.


United States Marshal.

Born: Beloit (Wis.), Feb. 17, 1866; s. of
Indiana Marie (Sandstrom) and Halvor Ryn-

Education: Grammar school (Wis.), Appren-
tice Ailcen and Benet Architects, Los Angeles
(Calif.); Tactical School, U.S. Army.
Married: Margaret Eve, d. of Nancy (Mal-
inda) and John Henry Rollins in Snowfiake
lAriz.), Aug. 27, 1901; ch.: Linda Marie,
Margaret Alexandra Swalm, Rosamunde.
Prof. Record: Stalrbuilder, Cowboy, Soldier
in ten Indian Campaigns for five yrs., 1885-
90; numerous engagements against hostile
Indians: Official at Chicago World's Fair,
1893; Contractor, Los Angeles Inspector of
Bridges and Buildings for S.P. Railroad.
Appointed Warden of Arizona penitentiary at
Yuma, 1907; moved and built new penitent-
iary, Florence (Ariz.), 1908; served under
four governors. For several years was a
Contractor in San Uiego; is now U.S. Marshal
in San Diego and Imperial Cos.
Directorships: Represents the President of
U.S. in San Diego and Imperial Cos.
Publications: Gun Notches (the life story of
a cowboy soldier, by Cap. T. H. Rynning,
as told to Joseph Chisholm, and Alfred Cohn).
Army Record: Enlisted as Private and ap-
pointed 1st Sergeant, then appointed Instr. in
Military Tactics by Lieut. Colonel Brodie;was
made 2nd Lieut, by Colonel Leonard Wood;
relieved by Capt. Allen K. Capron; was 1st
volunteer Cavalry, Roosevelt's Rough Riders,
then served Troop Commander until end of
war. Was made Capt. of Arizona Rangers
in 1901 by Theodore Roosevelt.
Awards: Received two awards for being in
Cuban Campaign with Roosevelt's Rough Rid-

Memhershivs: Elks, Masons, Shriners; V.F.W.,
Press Club.
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Entertaining and visiting friends.
Bus. Address: U.S. Custom and Court House,
San Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 4427 Brighton Ave., Loma
Porta, Calif. *

RYON. Harrison, A.B., J.D.

Lawyer; Partner, Firm of Schauer, Ryon &

Born: New Hampton (Iowa), Feb. 14, 1892;
s. of Mary Emily (i<'itch) and John A. Ryon.
Education: Graduate, Leland Stanford Jr.
Univ.; Univ. of Chicago.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1915; J.D., (cum
laude), U. of Chicago, 1917.
Married: (1) Elizabeth Edwards, 1917 (div.);
(2) Hazel Cowan (Calif.), 1926; ch. : Patricia.
Prof. Record: Junior Partner, Scott Co. (Phil-
adelphia), 1919; Mngr. Industrial Relations,
Wilson Bros. (Chicago and South Bend),
1920-22; admitted to practice in Calif., 1922;
became Member of firm: Schauer & Ryon —
Schauer, Ryon & Goux— Schauer, Ryon, Goux
& McMahon (now Schauer, Ryon & McMahon),

(Santa Barbara). Mem: Santa Barbara Co.
Bar Assn. (Pres., 1934-35); Calif. State Bar
Assn. (Second Vice-Chmn., Exec. Com., Conf.
of Bar Assn. Delegates, 1934; Chmn., 1936,
1938); State Bar Assn. of Calif. (Chmn., Civil
Procedure Committee., 1938-39); Amer. Bar
Assn.; State Bar of Nevada; Bar Governor,
State Bar of Calif., 1939-40; Chmn., Legis-
lative Com., State Bar of Calif., 1939-40
(Vice-Pres., State Bar of Calif., 1940-41).
Army Service: Commissioned Second Lieut.,
Infantry, U.S.A.R.C, 1917; First Lieut., A.G.
D.R.C., 1917, attached to 86th Division at
Camp Grant (111.), later at Fort Lee (Va.);
adjutant generals branch office of War Dept.,
Trade Test Division (Newark, N.J.); Capt.,
A.G.D., U.S.Army Reserve Corps.
Memberships: Players Club (Pres., 1930-34,
1939); University Club; Montecito Country
Club; Sigma Chi Fraternity; Coral Casino.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, swimming, color photo-

Bus. Address: 26 E. Carrillo St., Santa Bar-
bara, Calif.

Home Address: "Pinehill," 9 High Road,
Montecito, Calif.


Writer (Stage and Screen).
Born: New York City (N.Y.), Oct. 20, 1895; s.
of Ida (Etelson) and Abraham Ryskind.
Education: Columbia School of Journalism,
Columbia Univ.

Married: Mary, d. of Flora (Smith) and
Julius Temple House in West Virginia, Dec.
19, 1929; ch.: Ruth and Allan House.
Literary Record: Stage plays: Animal Crack-
ers, 1928: Strike Up the Band, 19.30; Of Thee
I Sing, 1931; Let 'Em Eat Cake, 1933; Louis-
iana Purchase, 1940. Screen plays: The Coco-
nuts, 1928; Animal Crackers, 1929; Palmy
Days, 1931; Night at the Opera, 1935; My
Man Godfrey, 1936; Stage Door, 1938; Man
About Town, 1939; Penny Serenade. 1941.
Publications: Unaccustom,ed as I Am (verse;
A A. Knopf), 1921; Diary of an Ex-President
(fiction; Minton, Balch and Co.), 1932.
Awards: Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for
Of Thee I Sing (written in collaboration with
Geo. S. Kaufman).
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Bowling, bridge, golf, politics
and poker.

Home Address: 605 No. Hillcrest Rd., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

RYUS. Celeste Nellis

Concert Pianiste (retired).
Born: Topeka (Kan.), Feb. 7, 1877; d. of
Virginia (McAfee) and Judge DeWitte C.

Education: Chicago Conservatory of Music;
Royal High School of Music (Berlin, Ger-
many) ; coached with the great master, Fer-
ruccio Busoni, followed by four yrs. in Paris
under tutelage of Moritz Moszkowski, who
dedicated several of his compositions to her.
Married: Major Harmon David, s. of C. W.
Ryus, in Topeka, June 2, 1906; ch.: Celeste
Ryus Brown (wife of Dr. Elbridge Gerry
Prof. Record: Mme. Ryus has appeared as



rifiiu) Soloist with s.smphony orcheslras In
Chk'iitio, lU-rlln, aiid I'arls; has also had
concert recitals in America and lOurope; dur-
ln>,' concert tours through Kurope, played
command performances at the royal court of
Madrid and the imperial eourl of Berlin,
where she was decorated. Has achieved tre-
mendous success with her Musical Travelogues.
Awards: Prof, of Music, bestowed by the
Andhra Research Univ. (India).
Memberships: Ch.arter Mem., San Francisco
Women's Athletic Club; Women's Athletic,
Ebell Clul)s (Los AnKelcs) ; Women's (Holly-
wood); Around the World; D.A.Il.
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Republican.

Rijreations: Swimming, diving (diploma from
L.A.A.C.), contract bridge, dancing.
Home Address: "Villa Rosa," Laughlin Park,
Hollywood, Calif.

SABIN, Edwin Legrand. A.B.

Writer, Critic.

Born: Rockford (111.). Dec. 23, 1870; s. of

Esther Frances (Hotchkiss) and Henry Sabin.

Education: Clinton (Iowa) Public Schools and
Univ. of Iowa.

Degrees: A.B., Iowa Univ., 1900.

Married: Mary Caroline, d. of Margaret

(Hutchinson) and Daniel B. Nash in Chicago

(111.), 1896.

Prof. Record: Newspaper work in Iowa and

Illinois, also, Professional Writer; Author of

a number of books, standard and fiction.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Theta


Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Home Address: La Jolla, Calif.

SACHSE, Richard, C.E.

Civil Engineer, Consulting Engineer; Director,
Department Natural Resources, State of Cali-

Born: Ober Rossau (Germany), Feb. 3, 1881;
s. of Augusta (Heyde) and Robert Sachse.
Education: Public Schools, High School and
Institute of Technology (Dresden, Germany).
Degrees: C.E., Inst, of Tech. (Dresden).
Married: Katherine A., d. of George E. Gold-
en in San Francisco (Calif.), 1906; ch.: Mary

Prof. Record: Engaged in various railroad,
reclamation, public utility engineering and
construction projects, 1903-12; Chief Engineer,
Calif. R.R. Com., in charge of all engineering
work pertaining to railroads and public utili-
ties, 1912-24; consulting engineering work for
various railroads, public utilities, cities, states
and private corporations, including valua-
tions, rate proceedings, construction and oper-
ating problems and finance, management,
economic problems, in the U.S. and else-
where, 1924-39; Dir. of Dept. of Natural
Resources, State of Calif., 1939 — .
Publications: Various reports and articles on
public utilities, transportation rate making,
valuation, depreciation, etc.
Religion: Protestant.

Hus. AdilrcHs: State Office Uldg. No. 1, Sac-
ramento, Calif.

Hume Address: Fnllbrook, Calif. •


Pianist, Compo.scr.

Born: Winnipeg (Canada), Dec. 17, 1915; d.
of Mildred (I'lnsky) and .Samuel Gardner
(nee Sadowski).

Education: Curtis Institute f Philadelphia) ;
Juilliard (N.Y.), studied with .lo.sef Lhovinne,
Alberto Jonas, Milan Blanchot; studied com-
position with Julius Gold (San Francisco) and
F'ranklin Robinson (N.Y.).
Prof. Record: Made first public appearance
at si.x and since then has played with leading
orchestras here and abroad ; played for the
British Broadcasting Co. in England and In
New York and Austria with the Roth Quartet;
started to compose early and has many pub-
lished compositions; composers who have
heard her have written works especially for

Compositions: Cadiz, for orchestra (Ricordi
Ltd., England), 19.38; Dayise Espagnole (Ri-
cordi), 1938; Three Preludes (pending pub.,
Universal Ltd., London).

Memberships: Academy of Allied Arts (Mem.
Faculty, San Francisco) ; Calif. Soc. of Com-
posers; Overseas League (England).
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis; badminton; movies;

Home Address: 2781 Filbert St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif. •

SAETA, Maurice. B.S., LL.B.

Lawyer; Member of Commission on Uniform
State Laws.

Born: Louisville (Kentucky), 1892; s. of Han-
nah (Kohn) and Philip Saeta.
Education: University of Pennsylvania (Phila-

Degrees: B.S., 1913, LL.B., 1917, Univ. of

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Max Jacobs in Los
Angeles (Calif.), 1926; ch. : two.
Prof. Record: Practiced law in California,
1920 — ; was admitted to the United States
Supreme Court in 1934.

Directorships: Melmont Investment Co. and
D. A. Cannon, Inc.

Publications: Author of law review articles
appearing in U.S. Law Review and Univ. of
So. Calif. Law Review, State Bar Journal and
Los Angeles Bar Bulletin.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Hiking.

Bus. Address: 403 W. Eighth St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 2373 Silver Ridge Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif. *

SAFLEY, James Clifford

Rranaging Editor, San Diego Union and Trib-

Born: Tipton (Iowa), April 25, 1894; s. of

Minerva (Wisener) and Clarence Safley.

Education: Tipton (Iowa) High School and

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 185 of 235)