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University of Idaho.

Married: Maybelle, d. of Margaret (Cook)



and Alexander R. Wylie in Kansas City (Mo.),
Dec. 31, 1915; cii.: Sara Louise (Mrs W. J.

Prof. Record: Reporter, Davenport (Iowa)
Democrat, 1911; Reporter, Boise (Idaho)
Statesman. 1912; Telegraph Editor, Moline
(111.) Dispatch, 1914-17; Editor and Publisher,
Idaho County Free Press (Grangeville), 1917-
24; News Editor, Santa Ana (Calif.) Register,
1924-27; Assistant Citv Editor, Glendale
(Calif.) News, 1927-28; City Ed., Hollywood
(Calif.) News, 1928-31; City Ed.. Glendale
(Calif.) News-Press, 1931-38, Acting Editor,
1938-40; Editor, 1940; Mng. Editor, San Diego
Uni07i and San Diego Tribune-Sun, 1940 — .
Publications : The Country Newspaper and Its
Operation (Appleton-Century), 1930, and Fish-
erman's Pier (awaiting pub.).
Memberships: Masons; Phi Delta Theta.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing, philately.
Bus. Address: Union Bldg., San Diego, Calif.
Home Address: 3746 Fourth Ave., San Diego,

ST. CLAIR, Robert Ray

Plaj-wright, Motion Picture Scenarist.
Born: South Haven (Mich.), Aug. 1, 1898; s.
of Louella (JonesT and Harry St. Clair.
Education: Privately educated.
Married: Kathrvn Doris, d. of Will C. Prather
In Covert (Mich.), April 23, 1931; ch.: Bar-
bara and Cynthia.

Prof. Record: Brought up in the theatrical
profession; child star at three and one-half;
continued acting until marriage; appeared
with such stars as Marjorie Rambeau, Flor-
ence Reed, Raymond Hitchcock, Henrietta
Grossman, Boris Karloff and William Court-
ney; owned and managed own stock company
in Canada three years; was starred in Merton
of the Movies and The Noose; wrote several
plavs while still acting, chief of which was
Tiger House (a mystery comedy which was a
success and started him writing profession-
ally) ; since then, has written and sold over
one hundred three-act plays to fourteen pub-
lishers and has written half-a-dozen motion
pictures for various studios, these include
Delinquent Parents; Timberesque; Swing It,
Professor; and I'm From the City.
Publications: Tiger House, The Sixth Key,
Tower Room Mystery, Dangerous Men, Hearts
and Hats (1931) ; Those Lovely Ladies, Sweet
Sixteen, The Love Test, Mignonette (1932) ;
Ghost of the Air, Peggy Parks, The Penny
Pirates, Depression Blues and many others
(1933-40, Northwestern Presst ; The Mad Hat-
ters, Sinister Station, Little Miss Hitch-Hiker
and others (1933-39); Bugbee of Syracuse,
Sara Sees It Through and four others (1937-
39, T. S. Denison) ; Hurricane House (1936,
Penn.); The Deerslayer and others (1937-38,
Samuel French).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Painting and drawing, music,
theatre, motoring, swimming.
Home Address: 935 Poppy St., Altadena,
Calif. *

SAIT, Professor Edward McChesney,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Writer; Editor; Professor of (Jovernment,

Pomona College.

Born: Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Aug. 24,
1881; s. of Caroline (McDonald) and Edward

Education: Upper Canada College; University
of Toronto; Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1902, M.A., 1903, Univ. of
Toronto; Ph.D., Columbia, 1911.
Married: Una Mirrielees, d. of Henry M. Ber-
nard, F.Z.S., in New York City, June 2, 1910;
ch.: Edward, Jr., and Henry Bernard.
Prof Record: Lecturer in History, Trinity
College, Univ. of Toronto, 1903-06; Fellow,
Columbia Univ., 1906-08; Lecturer in Public
Law, then Asst. Prof, (same), 1909-20; Prof,
of Political Science, Univ. of Calif., 1920-26;
Lecturer, Scripps College (Claremont), 1927-
28- Prof, of Government, Pomona College,
1928—; Editor of Houghton Mifflin CJovern-
ment Series.

Publications: Clerical Control in Qwebec, 1911 ;
Government and Politics of France, 1920;
British Politics in Transition (with D. P.
Barrows), 1925; Avierican Parties and Elec-
tions, 1927, 2nd ed. 1939, 3rd ed. 1942;
Democracy, 1929; Political Institutions, 1938.
War Record: New Jersey Militia, 1917-19.
Memberships: Skull and Keys; Phi Beta Kap-
pa- Social Science Conf. of the Pac. Coast;
Amer. Soc. of Intnl. Law; Amer. Political
Science Assn.
Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: Pomona College, Claremont,

Home Address: 238 E. Seventh St., Claremont,

SAIT, Professor Una Bernard,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Social Ethics, Claremont Colleges.
Born- Moscow (Russia), (British parentage),
April 11, 1886; d. of Maida (Mirrielees) and
Henry Meyners Bernard.

Education: St. Leonards School (Scotland);
Gottingen (Germany); Cambridge (England);
Barnard College; Columbia Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Barnard Coll., 1909; M.A.,
1910, Ph.D., 1914, Columbia Univ.
Married: Edward McChesney, s. of Caroline
and Edward Salt in New York City, June 2,
1910; ch.: Edward, Jr., and Henry Bernard.

Prof. Record: College Instr. and later Prof.,
has taught at Barnard College, Columbia
Univ. Pasadena Jr. Coll. and is now Prof, of
Social Ethics, Claremont Colleges; also writer
of articles and book reviews in professional
journals as well as books.
Publications: The Ethical Implications of
Bergson's Philosophy. 1914; New Horizons for
the Family, 1938.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Alpha
Theta; Amer. Philosophical Assn.; Natl. Conf.
on Family Relations; Natl. Council on Parent
Education; Progressive Education Assn.;
Amer. Eugenics Soc.
Religion: Episcopal.

Recreations: Music; reading; gardening ; walk-
ing; swimming.

Bus. Address: Claremont Colleges, Claremont,

Home Address: 238 E. Seventh St., Clare-
mont, Calif.



SALE, Settle

Poet: Writer; Radio nroadcastcr.
Born: IJloomin;,'(on (Indiana), June 2(), 1886;
d. of Blanche Campbell (Sale) and .lolin Ste-
vens Clemmons.

Education : Public Sdiools of Tacoma (Wash-

Married: (I) James Murdoch Stewart in 1908,
Tacoma; ch.: Harry E, Stewart and James
Murdoch Stewart, Jr. (2) Capt. Christoffer
Kolland in Los Anseles (Calif.), l').'!!.
Prof. Record: Editor, Poetry, Rob Wagner's
Script (Beverly Hills. Calif.); Poet; Novelist;
Short Story Writer; Radio Broadcaster.
P- litics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 9480 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills.

Home Address: 741 - 37th St., San Pedro,

SALES, Professor Fred John,

A.B., B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Ed.D.

As.soc. Prof, of Education, University of Red-

Born: Milwaukee (Wis.l, Dec. 24, 1900; s. of
Mary (Beyer) and Carl Sales.
Education : Wisconsin Rural Schools; Menom-
onee Falls High School; Carroll Coll.; Mus-
kingum Coll.; Ohio State Univ.; Northwestern
Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; State Univ. of Iowa;
Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B.. 1922: B.S, 1923; MA., 1924;
Ph.D., 1927; Ed.D., 1936.

Married: Mabel Olive, d. of Isabella and Her-
bert Sherer in Creston (Iowa), July 30, 1929;
ch. : Margaret Jean.

Prof. Record: Associate Professor of Educa-
tion, University of Redlands (Calif.).
PubUcat!07is: The Effect of Divorce on the
School Child and The History of the State
Superintendency of Public Instruction in the
State of California, 1850-1936.

Army Record: Student, Army Training Corps,

Memberships: Masonic Lodge: Alpha Epsilon
Delta, Delta Alpha. Sigma Si, Pi Gamma Mu;
National Social Science.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening, hunting, fishing,

Bus. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands,

Home Address: 731 Chesnut Ave., Redlands,
Calif. .


Commercial Artist.

Born: Warsaw (N.Y.), Aug. 29. 1887: s. of
Martha (Quitstorf) and Samuel E. Salisbury.
Education: Monrovia (Calif.) H.S., 1908;
Stanford Univ.

Married: Abigalil (dec), d. of Byron Clark,
in Monrovia (Calif.); ch.: Clark Emerson,
Marie Abigail.

Prof. Record: Studied Commercial Art, 1909-
10; served as Artist and Lavout Man and
Dept. Head with Wheeler-Sheridan Corp.,
1911-1923; studied voice, 1915-24; Free Lance
Artist, 1923-25; took concert tour, Jan. to

May, 1925 (west and southwest, Texas, Okla.,
Kan., N.M., and Calif.); free lance commer-
cial art, 192(; -.

Publications: Has written off and on from
1918 (.serious and humorous verse); compiled
book-length collection of humorous verse,
satirical sketches of underworld characters,
and illustrated same (still in form);
Rogues in Rhyme.

Memberships: YMCA (Handball Group).

Religion: Practical Christianity (Metaphysics).

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Handball, swimming, nature

study, music.

Home Address: 1425 Navarro Ave., Pasadena

Calif. ;

SAMPLE, James William, Mus.B.
Conductor, Southern Calif. WPA Symphony.
Born: Minneapolis (Minn.), Oct. 8, 1910; s.
of Clara (Ridgway) and William Ladore

Education: MacPhail. Univ. of Minn. (Minne-
apolis) ; Mozarteum, Salzburg (Austria) ; ficole
des Chiefs (Paris, France).
Degrees: Mus.B., MacPhail, 1931; Diploma
from Mozarteum, 1934, ficole des Chiefs,

Married: Ernestine, d. of Ernest D. Ander-
son, in Minneapolis (Minn.), Jan. 10, 1930;
ch.: James, Sigrid.

Prof. Record: Head of Music Dept., Blake
School. 1929-33; Faculty of MacPhail School,
1932; Conductor of Little Symphonv of Min-
neapolis, 1931-33; Organist. 1927-34; studied
and conducted in Europe, 1934-38; So. Calif.
Music Project, 1938 — .
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Mountain climbing; tennis.
Bus. Address: 1601 So. Western Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1053 So. Irolo, Los Angeles,
Calif., and No. 1 W. 67th St., New York

City, N.Y.


Soprano; Teacher.

Born: Transylvania (Hungary), (American
Citizen) .

Education: Royal Acad of Music (Budapest,
Hungary) .

Degrees: Artist Diploma, Royal Acad, of Mu-

Prof. Record: Sang 16 leading parts in the
Ro.val Opera in Budapest (Hungary) ; in this
country sang for two years in Radio City
Music Hall; sang with the Philadelphia Or-
chestra; more than 800 performances as
prima donna in Rose Marie; at present teach-
ing in Hollywood.

Memberships: Delta Omicron (Hon. Life
Member) .

. Religion: Catholic.

Home Address: IbM No. Crescent Heights,
Los Angeles, Calif.

SAMUELS, Charles Danziger,

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.


Born: Cleveland (Ohio), June 23, 1899; s. of



Abigail (Danziger) and S. S. Samuels.
Education: Public Schools in Riverside
(Calif.); Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of Wisconsin.
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1921; M.S..
Univ. of Wisconsin, 1922; Ph.D., Univ. of
Calif., 1926.

Married: Eleanor, d. of Mary Broome in Glen-
dale (Calif.), Aug. 12, 1926; ch.: Eleanor

Prof. Record: Consulting chemist on problems
of irrigation agriculture, since 1926, including
development work on western plant nutrition

Directorships: Owner, Charles D. Samuels,
Ph.D., Chemist Laboratories (Covina, Calif.)
and partner in Agricultural Laboratories
(Anaheim, Calif.).

Army Record: Private, Chemical Warfare
Service, 1918.

Memberships: Rotary, Masonic Lodge.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Desert.

Bus. Addresses: P.O. Box 385, Covina, Calif,
and P.O. Box 522, Anaheim, Calif.
Home Address: 1602 E. Covina Blvd., Covina,
Calif. *



Born: Eau Claire (Wis.); s. of Amaretta
(Jones) and Charles J. Samuels.
Education: Minneapolis (Minn.); Berlin (Ger-

Married: Amelita Galli-Curci, d. of Enrico
Galli in Minneapolis (Minn.), Jan. 15, 1921.
Prof. Record: Pianist and accompanist with
Carl Flesch, Violinist, Emmy Destin, Soprano,
and Amelita Galli-Curci (18 yrs.).
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 10273 Orten Ave., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 201 Tilden Ave., W. Los An-
geles, Calif.

SAMUELS. Maurice V.. A.B.


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 3, 1873;
s. of Mathilda (Freund) and David Samuels.
Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1894.
Married: Mrs. Kathryn de Montford (dec),
d. of Grace and Howard B. Wood of Nashville
(Tenn.), in San Francisco (Calif.), Sept. 15,

Prof. Record: Practiced law in San Fran-
cisco 1895 1902; preferred a literary life and
went to New Yorlc in 1902, remaining there
twenty odd years, devoted primarily to play-
writing; since then has lived in Hollywood

Publications: Among staged plays are The
Conflict, The Wanderer, Flame of Love (col-
laborator, Malcolm La Prada), Drift, Pageant
of the Strong, Zndig (all in New York City).
Published plays: Maid of Orleans, The Flor-
entines and Pageant of the Strong; at present
engaged on a book on problems of psychic

Memberships: Masquers; Lambs; Soc. of
Amer. Dramatists; Sigma Nu Fraternity.
Home Address: 1261 No. Flores St., Holly-

wood, Calif, and Masquers Club, 1765 No.
Sycamore St., Hollywood, Calif.



Born: Schio (Italy), Apr. 15, 1883; s. of
Teresa (Zanon) and Francesco Sandona.
Education: Student, Fine Arts Academy, Ver-
ona (Italy), 1896-99.

Married: Gertrude A. Macfarlane of Honolu-
lu (T.H.), Dec. 2, 1913.

Prof. Record: Came to the U.S., 1894. Repre-
sented in collections at Punahou College
(Honolulu) ; de Young Memorial Museum, San
Francisco (Calif.); San Francisco Museum of
Art- Women's City Club and Bohemian Club,
San Francisco (Calif.); Mills College, Oak-
land (Calif.); Salt Lake City High School
(Utah); Chicago Galleries Assn.; Nat. Gallery
of Art (Washington). Mem., International
Jury of Awards, Panama-Pacific Internat.
Expn., 1915.

Awards: Sacred Heart Acad. Gold Medal,
1895; Fine Arts Acad., Verona (Italy) Silver
Medal, 1899; Silver Medal Lewis and Clark
Expn., Portland (Ore.), 1905; Calif. State
Agrl. Soc, Silver Medal, 1917, 1st prize, 1926;
Special Award Springfield (Utah), 1927; 2nd
prize Santa Cruz Art League, 1932; popular
prize, Sacramento State Fair Exhibition, 1937.
Memberships: Bay Region Art Assn. of Oak-
land, Amer. Physicians Art Assn. of San

Ho7ne Address: 471 Buena Vista Ave., San
Francisco, Calif. *

SANFORD. Roscoe F(rank),

A.B., Ph.D.

Astronomer; Staff of Mt. Wilson Observatory.
Born: Faribault (.linn.), Oct. 6, 1883; s. of
Alberta A. (Nichols) and Frank W. Sanford.
Education: Univ. of Minn.; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Minn.; Ph.D., Univ.
of Calif.

Married: Mabel A., d. of James B. Dyer, in
Albany (N.Y.), Dec 12, 1917; ch.: Jane D.,
Eleanor N., Wallace G., Allan R., Marguerite

Prof. Record: H.S. Teacher 1905-06; Carnegie
Asst., Lick Obs., Mt. Hamilton (Calif.), 1906-
08- Observer, Southern Obs., Carnegie Inst.,
San Luis (Argentina), 1908-11; Asst. Astron-
omer, D. O. Mills Exp. of Lick Obs., Santiago
(Chile), 1911-15; Fellowships, Lick Obs., Mt.
Hamilton, 1915-17; Asst., Dudley Obs., Albany
(NY.), 1917-18; at present on Staff of Mt.
Wilson Obs., Carnegie Inst., which position
has been held from 1918.

Publications: Articles on astrophysics in As-
trophysical Journal and Pub. of the Astro-
nomical Society of the Pacific.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, golf, billiards.
Bus. Address: 813 Santa Barbara St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1521 E. Mountain St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

SANNER, The Reverend Asa Everette,
A.B., D.D,

District Superintendent, Southern Calif. Dis-



trlct, Churi-h of the N,i/;irenc.
Born: Near Macon (In Maron County, Mis-
souri), Feb. i;j, 18iH); s. of Kllzabolh Hall
(Aloxanilcr) and Ellas Sannor.
Eduction: McGce College.

Degrees: A.B., McGee College. 1908; D.D.,
Pasadena College, liKW.

Married: B. Marie, d. of Sarah Amanda
(Knighl) and T. A. Mercer, July 25, 1911;
ch.: A. Elwood, R. Wesley, Harold M., Ruth
Marie, E. Kenneth.

I'rof. Record: Evangelism, but interspersed
with teaching in public schools three years,
and in college three years, 19()fi-17; Distr.
Supt., Colorado Distr., Church of the Naza-
rene. 1917-22; Prof, of Latin in Northwest
Nazarene College, 1922-2.3; Distr. Supt., Ida-
ho-Oregon District, Church of the Nazarene,
1923-30; Pastor (Alhambra, Calif.) Church
of the Nazarene, 1930-33; Distr. Supt., So.
Calif. Distr., Ch. of the Nazarene, 1933 — .
Directorships: General Bd., Ch. of the Naza-
rene, Kansas City (Mo.); Dept. of Foreign
Missions, Ch. of the Nazarene; Dept. of Pub-
lication, Ch. of the Nazarene.

ffe/ipion; Protestant (member. Church of the


Politics: Prohibition party.

Recreations: Mountain trips.

Bus. and Home Address: 1018 No. Madision

Ave., Pasadena.

SAPIRO. Aaron. A.B., M.A., B.L.


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 5, 1884;

s of Selina (Wascerwitz) and Jacob Sapiro.

Education: Public schools of San Francisco;

Lowell High School; Univ. of Cincinnati;

Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., 1904, M.A., 1905, Univ. Of

Cincinnati; B.L., Univ. of Calif., 1911.

Married: Janet (dec), d. of M. S. Arndt of
Stocltton, in San Francisco, Nov. 17, 1913;
ch.: Jean Louise, Andree, Stanley, Leland.

Prof. Record: Counsel, Industrial Accident
Bd. (Calif.), 1911-12, for State Maritet Com-
mission (Calif.), and for many Farmers Coop-
erative Martceting Assns. throughout U.S. and
Canada, including wheat growers, cotton
growers, poultry producers, dairy men, fruit
growers, totalling in memberships over 1,500,-
000 persons (also organizer for these different
assns.); Counsel for Labor Unions, including
Sailors Union of the Pac, Fed. of Musicians,
and for many Trade Assns. ; specialized in
law affecting groups and in cooperative activ-
ities; was made Free Citizen of Sasicatoon
(Canada) for services in organizing Canadian
wheat pools.

Publications: Many articles for law maga-
zines, including California Law Review, from

Army Record: Enlisted in U.S. Army, 1918;
Sgt. Major, 38th F.A., World War I.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa.

Religion: Jewish.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 629 So. Hill St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1115 So. Westmoreland, Los
Angeles, Calif.

SARAFIAN, Professor Kevork Avedis,

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Head, Department of Education, La Verne

Born: AIntab (Clllcia, Armenia), March 12,
1889; s. of Marie and Avodls .Sarafian.
Education : State Normal .School (Hrldgewater,
Mass.); Columbia Univ.; Univ. of .So. Calif.
Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1920.
Degrees: B.S., 191.3. M.A., 1914, Columbia
Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1929.
Married: Lucy, d. of T. Gazarlan, of Dor-
chester (Mass.), In New Haven (Conn.), June
23, 1916; ch.: Marie, Armen, Lucille, Grace.
Prof. Record: Edit. Of AZK Publ. Co. (Bos-
ton, Mass.) 1910 and 1916; Edit of Gotshnag,
Armenian Weekly (New York) 1916-19; Edit.
in Chief of Nor Giank and Si.^wan of Fresno,
1919-21; Head, Dept. of Modern Languages,
San Diego Army-Navy Acad., 1921-23; Head,
Dept. of Modern i^anguages, 1923-29, Dept.
of Education (training teachers). La Verne
College, 1929 — ; Lecturer in Education, Clare-
mont Colleges, 19^^-35; in Edu., Univ. of So.
Calif, (summer sessions), 1928, 1929, 1930,
1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940.
Publications: Magazine articles in Education
of Boston, School and Society of New York,
and Biology Teacher. Books: History of Edu-
cation in Armenia (pub. by C. C. Crawford of
Univ. of So. Calif.), 1930; and French Edu-
cational Theorist (same pub.), 1933.
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa; N.E.A.;
Calif. Teachers Assn.; Soc. for the Adv. of
Edu.; Founder Member Pac. (Geographic Soc;
Member, Nat. Geographic Soc; So. Calif.
Edu. Book Review Club.

Religion: Ciiristian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Walking, hiking, gardening.

Bus. Address: La Verne Coll., La Verne,

Home Address: 381 Baseline Rd., Claremont,

SAUER, Professor Carl (Ortwin),

A.B.. Ph.D.

Professor, Geography and Chairman, Depart-
ment, University of California.

Born: Warrenton (Mo.), Dec. 24, 1889; s. of
Rosetta J. (Voshall) and William Albert

Education: Central Wesleyan College (War-
renton) ; studied. Northwestern Univ., Univ.
of Chicago.

Degrees: A.B., Central Weslevan College.
1908; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1915.

Married: Lorena Schowengerdt, Dec 30. 1913:
ch. ; Jonathan and Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Asst. (Jeologist, 111. Geol. Sur-
vey, 1910-12; Map Editor, Rand McNally Co.
(Chicago. 111.) 1912-13; Instr.. State Normal
School (Salem. Mass.) 1913-14; Instr., (Jeog-
raphy, 1915, Asst. Prof., 1918, Assoc Prof..
1920, Prof., 1922. Univ. of Mich.; Agent,
U.S. Dept. of Agr., 1919-20; a Founder of
Mich. Land Economic Survey, 1922; Prof.,
Geography and Chmn. of the Dept., Univ. of
Calif., since 1923; John Simon Guggenheim
Memorial Fellow, 1931. Consultant Soil Con-
servation Service.

' [801]


Directorships: Advisory Board Guggenheim
Memorial Foundation; Member Board of Di-
rectors, Taylor Museum for Southwestern
Studies, Colorado Springs (Colo.).
Memberships: Corr. Member, Amer. Geog.
Soc, Gesenschatt fUr Erdkunde zu Berlin,
Academia Nacional de Ciencias Antonio AI-
zate (Mexico). Geographische Gesellschaft in
Wien. Kon. Nederl. Aardrijksk. Genootsch.
(Amsterdam). Assn. Amer. Geographers
(President 1939-40).

Publications: Editor, Univ. of Calif. Series in
Geography and Iberoamericana; U.S. Maps
of Stieler's Atlas; Contbg. Editor, Geograph-
ical Review. Author of studies in History and
Physical Geography based on field work in
Mexico, the Amer. Southwest, Ozarks (Ky.),
Great Lakes, also land use report of Science
Advisory Board, 1934.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1340 Arch St., Berkeley,
Calif. *

SAUNDERS. Charles Francis


Born- Warminster (Bucks Co., Pennsylvania),
July 12, 1859; s. of Mary (Parry) and Joseph

Education: Quaker Schools (Philadelphia).
Married: (1) Elizabeth Moore, d. of Anne
(Reese) and Caleb S. Hallowell, in Philadel-
phia, Nov. 11, 1902. (2) Mira Barrett, d. bf
Mira B. (Daniel) and John Culin, in Pasa-
dena (Calif.), May 11, 1921.
Prof Record: Associated with Peter Wright
& Sons (Philadelphia), (exporters, importers
and steamship agents), 1875-1903; Secy.,
Philadelphia Commercial Exchange, 1903-05;
Editor United Friend (Philadelphia), 1894-97.
Publications: In a Poppy Garden (verse),
1903; A Window in Arcady. 1911; The Indians
of the Terraced Houses, 1912; Under the Sky
in California, 1913; With the Flowers and
Trees in California, 1914; California Padres
and Their Missions (with J. Smeaton Chase),
1915; Finding the Worth While in California,
1916; Western Wild Flower Guide, 1917;
Finding the Worth While in the Southwest,
1918; Useful W~d Plants of the United States
and Canada, 1920; Southern Sierras of Cali-
fornia, 1923; A Little Book of California
Missions, 1925; Trees and Shrubs of California
Gardens, 1926; Wild Gardens of Old Califor-
nia 1927; The Story of Carmelita, 1928;
Capistrano Nights (with St. John O'Sullivan),
1930; Western Wild Flowers and Their Stor-
ies, 1933; and many contributions to maga-

Memberships: Univ. Club of Pasadena (Hon.) ;
Philadelphia Botanical Club; Calif. Botanical
Soc; Calif. Horticultural Soc; Calif. Garden
Club Federation (Hon.); Pasadena Garden
Club (Hon.); Los Angeles (Calif.) Nature
Club (Hon.); Archaeological Soc. of New
Mexico; Southwest Museum.
Religion: Quaker.
Recreations: Botany.

Home Address: 580 North Lake Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

SAUNDERS, Laura Nemeth

Dramatic Soprano.

Born: Hazelton (Pa.); d. of Helen (Deutsch)

and John Nemeth.

Education: School, Sisters of Norte Dame;
Opera in Milan (Italy).

Married: Richard Drake, s. of Richard West
Saunders, in Santa Barbara (Calif.), Apr.
21, 1930.

Prof. Record: Opera and Concert in U.S.,
Italy and France; leading roles with Holly-
wood Bowl Opera, Los Angeles Grand Opera,
etc ; twice Soloist, San Francisco Golden
Gate Exp.; Soloist, Redlands Bowl; radio
series with KECA; solo appearances wit.i or-
chestra under Usigli, Samoussoud, Cimmi,
Tandler, etc.

Publications: Song, My Wish (pub. Saunders,

Memberships: Phi Beta.
Religion: Catholic.

Bus. Address: Behymer Artists Bureau, Phil-
harmonic Audtiorium, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1720 Taft Ave., Hollywood,
Calif. *

SAUNDERS. Richard Drake. Mus.M.
Writer; Music Critic, Hollywood Citizen-News
and Musical Courier.

Born: Chicago (111.), 1898; s. of Irene Daura
(Ament) and Richard West Saunders.
Education: Calif. Inst, of Tech.; Stevens
Inst.; Heffley Inst.; Valparaiso Univ.; Zoell-
ner Conservatory of Music.
Degrees: Mus.M., Zoellner Conservatory of
Music, 1938.

Married: Laura, d. of John Nemeth, in Santa
Barbara (Calif.), 1930.

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 186 of 235)