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Prof. Record: Educated as a Civil Engineer;
engaged in motion pictures, 1919-27; for two
yrs. Casting Dir. of Hollywood Studios, Inc.;
concertized as Pianist, specializing in modern
and Amer. music, 1927-30; founded music
publishing firm of Saunders Publications in
1930; Music Critic, Hollywood News, 1930-33,
and Hollywood Citizen-News since merger in
1933; Los Angeles Correspondent of Musical
Courier since 1935 and Western Representa-
tive since 1939; was Prof, of Music and Jour-
nalism, Woodbury Coll., 1935-38; Dean, Zoell-
ner Conservatory of Music, 1938-39.
Directorships: Trustee, Saunders Publications.
Publications: Mass in E ( ; Desir (G.
Schirmer) ; Songs of the Months (cycle)
Saunders Pub. (for voice and orchestra);
numerous songs and piano pieces; Ed., Things
Worth Knowing in Music and Art; Cons. Ed.,
Music and Dance in California; Contbr. to
various musical journals, etc.
Army Service: World War I; hon. discharge
from U.S. Army, 1919.

Memberships: Founder-Mem. and Secy., Cre-
scendo; Phi Beta (Hon. Mem.); Founder-
Mem., Native American Composers.
Religion: Agnostic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing; collecting music and
railway schedules.

Bms Address: 1545 No. Wilcox Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif, and /or 5617 Hollywood Blvd.,
Hollywood, Calif.

Home Address: 1720 Taft Ave., Hollywood,

SAVAGE, George Walden, A.B.

Ed. and Co-Publisher, Inyo Independent, and
Owens Valley Progress-Citizen.



lioni : Di'iilson (lowai, .lunc 27, liW).'!; s. of
Lliinlo (Downs) and I laity Harper Savage
Kdncation : Los Angeles Polytechnic and Po-
mona High Schs.; Pomona Coll.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1925.
Married: Mary, cl. of Leo Kroonen, In Clare-
monl (Calif, t, Aug. 8, lO'ifci.
Prof. Rceord: Dlr. of Publicity, Pomona
Coll., 1925-27; News Ed., San Diego Sun,
1927-28; Ed., Clarcmont Courier, 1928-3."};
Ed. and Co-Publisher, Inyo Independent (In-
(io|HMidence, Calif. > and The Owens Valley
['roi/rnts-Citizcn (Lone Pine, Calif.) since
19.i.i; was a Mem.. Hd. of Dirs., Calif. News-
paper Publishers Assn., 19.58 and 19.39; is
now a partner in the publishing firm of Sav-
age and French.

Publicntionx: Numerous magazine articles;
feature material.

Membersihps: Commonwealth (San Francis-
co); Lions (Lone Pine); Sigma Phi Alpha;
Sigma Delta Chi.
Religion: CongregationaL
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Swimming, and fishing.
Bus. Address: 106 Edwards St., Independence,

Home Address: 347 Washington St., Indepen-
dence, Calif.

SAWALLISCH. Harold Frederick. LL.B.

Lawyer; Assemblyman.

Born: El Reno (Oklahoma), Aug. 11, 1904;
s. of Emilie (Kraus) and Otto R. Sawallisch.
Education: Pub. Schs. in El Reno (Okla-
homa) ; Univ. of Ore. ; San Francisco Law

Degrees: LL.B., San Francisco Law Sch.,

Married: Nora M., d. of Nels N. Masvik, in
San Francisco, Dec. 26, 1931.

Prof. Record: Gen. pvt. practice of law,
Richmond (Calif.) since 1933; Mem. of As-
sembly, Calif. State Legislature, since 1937.

Memberships: Lions, Elks, Masons; Sigma
Delta Kappa (Legal Frat.).
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Swimming.

Bits. Address: American Trust Bldg., Rich-
mond, Calif.

Home Address: 437 - 15th St., Richmond,

SAWYER. Jr.. Major Edward Ogden,

U.S. Army

Publisher, Western Motor Transport.

Born: Point Pleasant (W.Va.), May 5, 1883:
s. of Sarah (Hall) M.D. and Edmund Ogden
Sawyer, M.D.

Education: Grad., Long Beach (Calif.) High
Sch., 1901.

Married: Louisa Alice Harvey, in Los An-
geles (Calif.), June 3, 1908; ch.: Helen Alice,
Robert Osborn, and Edmund Ogden, III.

Prof. Record: Newspaper Photographer and
later Reporter until 1909; Citv Ed., Los An-
geles Record, 1909-10; Ed., Portland (Ore.)
News, 1911-12; originated plan for mining
Alaska coal lands and building railroads

tliiouKh (Jovt. commn. and suhmlllcd to Con-
gress petition signed by '1(),(HK) clll/.ens of
Ore.; Mem., .State Exec. Com. for I'ub. Lands
Conv. (Ore.), 1911; Mem., Vice Commn.,
Portland (CJre.), 1911-12; toured Alaska,
writing In Interest of (Jovt. railroad bill,
1913; centered efforts .securing selection of
.Seward -Fairbanks Route, 1913-14; Ed., Seat-
tle Star, 1913-14; Pres., Post Pub. Co., Ed.,
Alaska Evening Post and Alaska Weekly Post,
Seward (Alaska), 1915-17; Ed., .Seward Gate-
way-Post , 1917; Asst. Supt. Fish .Sect., Can.
Food Bd., 1918; Supt. Fish Sect., Can. Trade
Commn., 1919; tjd., Fishing Gazette (New
York), 1920-21; Pub., western trade papers
(San Francisco), 1922-23; Vice-Pres. and Gen.
Mgr., Western Trade Journals, Inc., 1922-.33;
Pubs'. Repr., 19,33-37; Pub., Western Motor
Transport since 1938.

Publications: Our Sea Saga; The Wood Wind
Ships, 1929. Author: Early California, serial
in Argonaut (San Francisco), 1933-38.
Army Service: Major, U.S. Army.
Memberships: Mason, Knight Templar,

Bus. Address: 412 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles,


Home Address: 7929 Hollywood Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.


Publicity Director; Radio Announcer; Holly-
wood Office of Young and Rubicam, Incor-
porated, Advertising.

Born: Fairbanks (Alaska), June 24, 1914; s.
of Grace Holmes (Benson) and John C.
Sayers, Sr. (dec).

Education: Berkeley Hall School; Beverly
Hills High School.

Married: Gwendolyn Ernstine, d. of E. L.
Murphy, in Beverly Hills (Calif.), Nov. 5,

Prof. Record: Writer, Announcer, Don Lee
Broadcasting System (Los Angeles), 1933-34;
Publicity Dir., Los Angeles Junior Chamber
of Commerce, 1935; Asst. Publicity Dir. and
Announcer, Columbia Broadcasting System
(Hollywood), 1936-40, Young and Rubicam,
Inc., 1940—.

Memberships: Los Angeles Junior Chamber
of Commerce (Radio Chmn.).

Religion: Christian Science.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golt, swimming, baseball.

Bus. Address: 6253 Hollywood Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 1126 Hacienda PL, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Other Address: 154 No. La Peer Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.



Born: Michigan: d. of Myra (Ck)rdon) and
Capt. Corydon E. Sayre.

Education: Mich. State Teachers' Coll.; Univ.
of So. Calif.; Univ. of Calif.
Married: Dr. George E., s. of George A. Chi-
chester, in Detroit (Mich.) : ch.: Frances Jane,
and George Sayre.



Literary Record: Formerly taught English for
three vrs, in Detroit Pub. Schs. (Mich.), and
for three vrs. in the Long Beach Pub. Schs.
(Calif.); is now a free lance Writer of verse
for three newspapers: San Francisco Chron-
icle. New York Sun, and New York Journal
and American; and for natl. mags.; her
verses have appeared in the Saturday Evening
Post, Country Gentleman, Good Housekeeping,
American Magazine, etc.
Memberships: Calif. Writers'.
Home Address: 22 Loyola Terrace, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

SCARBROUGH, Hartwell Eugene.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Consulting Psychologist.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), July 31, 1915; s.
of Georgine Marie ((Joes) and Newton Hart-
well Scarbrough.

Education: Univ. High Sch., Los Angeles
(Calif.); Univ. of Redlands; Univ. of Iowa.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Redlands, 1936;
M.A., 1938, and Ph.D., 1939, Univ. of Iowa.
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Sarah May and
Charles Downie, in Lakewood Village (Calif.),
Sept. 21, 1940.

Prof Record: Research Asst., Iowa Child
Welfare Sta., 1937-39; Cons. Psychologist in
Los Angeles (Calif.) since 1939.
Publications: Articles" on psychology in Pro-
ceedings of Iowa Academy of Science, in 1938
and 1939.

Memberships: Asso. Mem., Amer. Psycholog-
ical Assn., Mem., Amer. Speech Correction

Recreations: Swimming, mountain climbing,
and badminton.

Bits. Address: Wilshire Professional Bldg.,
3875 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 623 So. Manhattan PL, Los
Angeles, Calif. *

SCATTERGOOD, Ezra Frederick,

B.S., M.S., M.M.E., Sc.D., F.A.I.E.E.
Lecturer; Advisory Engr., Los Angeles Muni-
cipal Board of Water and Power Commnrs.
Born: Burlington Co. (New Jersey), Apr. 9,
1871; s. of Lucy Ann (Engle) and Ezra Scat-

Education: Farnum Prep. School, Beverly
(N.J.), until 1889; Rutgers Coll.; Fellow, Sib-
ley Coll.; Cornell Univ.

Degrees: B.S., 1893, and M.S., 1896, Rutgers
Coll.; M.M.E., Cornell Univ., 1899; Sc.D.
(Hon.) Rutgers Coll., 1931.
Married: Lulie, d. of Mary (Harding) and R.
Rawlings Chilton, in Oxford (Miss.), Apr. 17,
1901; ch.: Elisabeth Harding.
Prof. Record: Instr. in Math, and Electrical
Science, Rutgers Coll., 1894-98; Fellow, Sibley
Coll., Cornell Univ., 1898-99; Prof, and Dept.
Head of Physics and Elec. Engrg., Georgia
Sch. of Tech. (Atlanta, Ga.), 1899-1901; Spl.
Engr., Huntington Light, Power and Elec-
trical Railway Companies of Los Angeles,
1902-06; Cons. Electrical-Mechanical Engr.
(Los Angeles), 1906-09; Chief Electrical Engr.
and Gen. Mgr., Bur. of Power and Light,
Dept. of Water and Power, City of Los An-
geles, 1909-July, 1940; Advisory Engr., Bd.
of Water and Power Commissioners, City of
Los Angeles since July, 1940; has been Non-
Resident Lecturer in Elec. Engrg., Stanford
Univ., since 1926.

Publications: Industrially Balanced Develop-
ment in the Southwest also The Major Boulder
Canyon Project, 1935; Engineering Features
of the Botilder Dam-Los Angeles Lines, 1935;
Organization, Financing and Operation of
Publicly Owned Electric and Gas Utilities (de-
livered at Third World Power Conf., Wash-
ington, D.C.), 1936; Design Constants of Elec-
tric Generators (Cornell Univ.), 1899; Elec-
tric Power in the Construction of the Los An-
geles Aqueduct (A.I.E.E.), 1910; Community
Development in the Southwest as Influenced
by the Boulder Canyon Project (Amer. Acad,
of Social Science), 1930.

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Inst, of Elec.
Engrs.; Seismological ^oc. of Amer., Pacific
Geographic Soc. : Los Angeles Art Assn. ; Ath-
letic (Los Angeles), California Club, Harbor
Yacht (Newport), Engineers (Los Angeles);
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi.
Religion: Soc. of Friends.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 207 So. Broadway, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 524 So. Muirfield Rd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

SCHAPER. William Charles.

A.B., LL.B.

Lawyer; Partner, Millard M. Mier and W. C.

Born: St. Louis (Mo.), June 14, 1902; s. of
Lidia M. (LeGuerrier) and Charles A. Schaper.
Education: Elementary School; St. Vincent's
School (Los Angeles); High School; St. Vin-
cent's College (Cape Gerado, Mo.); St. Mary's
Seminary (Perryville, Mo.), and Univ. of
So. Calif. Law School.

Degrees: A.B., St. Mary's, 1921; LL.B., Univ.
of So. Calif., 1929.

Married: Anne E., d. of Joseph Feeney, in
Los Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 23, 1902; ch.: Bar-
bara Anne and Mary Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif. State Bar,
1930; Mem. of law partnership of Millard M.
Mier and W. C. Schaper, 1931—.

Directorships: Secty., Mt. Whitney Talc Co.;
Glendale Motor Car Co.

Memberships: Kiwanis International (Gover-
nor, Calif. -Nevada Dist., 1941), Delta Theta
Phi (Past-Pres.), Knights of Columbus (Past
Grand Knight), Oakmont Country Club, Elks.

Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, swimming, and photog-

Bus. Address: 5603 No. Figueroa St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 2464 Ridgeview Ave.. Los An-
geles, Calif.



Born: Newark (N.J.), Aug. 31, 1905; s. of

Belle (Drachler) and Herman Hugo Schary.

Education: Central High Sch. (Newark, N.J.).
Married: Miriam, d. of Mandel Svet, in New-
ark (N.J.), Mar. 5, 1932; ch.: Jill (b. 1936).
Joy (b. 1938), and Jeb (b. 1940).



Prof. Kiriiid: niioclod, acted, did publicity
work, wi'ote ncwspaiuT colunin.s, rci)()ited and
vvoi-kcd on skctclios and plays until liKU ;
camo to Hollywood In la'i.'i; vvrotc play. Too
Mtmti llcroi-H. produced in New York, 19;i7;
worked at various studios, includinR Columbia
Pictures, Paramount, Warner Bros.. Univer-
sal, and for the past lour and a half years
at M-G-M. As free lance writer, wrote 22 mo-
tion pictures, including Her Master's Voice,
Mind Your Own nu.iincfis. Timothy's Quest.
In i;),'i8. at M-G-M. collaborated on story and
screen play for Boys' Town and won Academy
Award for the original story of Boys' Town
in 1938. Collaborated on screen play and
dialogue of Outcdst (Paramount), and on Big
City (M-G-M). both in 1937: collaborated on
~.tory and screen play, Young Tom Edison; on
original story. Edison the Man; and on story,
Broadway Melody of 191,0, all in 1940.
Directorships: Secy, and Mem. of Bd. of
Dirs., Screen Writers' Guild.

Publications: Columns and articles for various

Memberships: Sigma Phi Delta.

Religion: Jewish.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis and hiking.

Bits.- Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio.
Culver City, Calif.

Home Address: 12850 Marlboro St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

SCHAUER. B(enjaniin) Hey,

A.B., J.D., LL.D.

Judge of the Superior Court.

Born: Santa Maria (Calif.), May 9, 1891; s.

of Eva E. (Hayes) and Samuel Benjamin


Education: Pub. Schs. in Santa Barbara
(Calif.); Occidental Coll.; Univ. of So. Calif..
Univ. of Calif. Extension (Los Angeles) ;
Southwestern Univ. (Los Angeles) ; Naval
Reserve Educational Center.
Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1912; J.D.,
1916, LL.D., 1937, Southwestern Univ.

Married: Eva E. (Summers), on Oct. 21,
1915; ch. : Richard (b. 1929).

Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif. Bar in July,
1913; practiced four mos. with his bro., Fred
H. Schauer (Santa Barbara, Calif.); fn gen.
practice in Los Angeles (Calif.), 1913-27;
apptd. to Superior Court Bench, 1927; in 1929
originated the "Questionnaire System" of
forms in the Domestic Relations "ct. whereby
one dept. of the ct. was enabled to handle
all the cases formerly occupying two depts. ;
was Co-Originator, with Justice Marshall F.
McComb, of the Master Panel Jury System; in
1933 inaugurated and administered that sys-
tem in the criminal depts. of the Superior Ct.
in Los Angeles Co., reducing the costs for jury
fees and mileage of jurors in those depts. to
about half the cost; was assigned as Pro
Tempore Justice, Dist. Ct. of Appeal, 1934;
assigned to Appellate Dept., Superior Ct.,
Jan., 19.35, and has been reassigned to that
dept. each year until 1941. when he was
elected to the position of Presiding Judge of
the Superior Ct. As presiding judge he has
so remodelled the administrative procedure of
the court as to eliminate almost entirely the
delays formerly incident thereto. Since Jan.
1, 1941, every case on the civil trial calendar
of the Court, ready for trial, has actually
been assigned to trial on the date set.

I'uhlicdti'ins: Author of varlou.s opinions In-
terpretive of Icj^al questions. Involving ques-
tions of civil liberty. cm|)loyer-employee rela-
tionships, etc., published in official Calif.
Appellate Reports and the Pacific Reporter
Series of the West i-ubllshlng Co.
Navy Record: Lieut. Commdr., U.S.N.R.
Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn., Lo.s Angeles
Bar Assn.; West Lake Lodge No. 392. F.&A.
Masons; Ramona Parlor No. 109, N.S.G.W. ;
Natl. Sojourners; Alpha lau Omega. Phi
Delta Phi.

Religion: Methodist-Episcopal.
Recreations: Flying.

Bus. Address: Superior Court, State of Cali-
fornia, City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.

SCHECK, Alice M.

Branch Librarian, Los Angeles Pub. Libr.
Born: Calif.. 1893; d. of Florence Nightengale
(Dreyfus) and Leonard John Gibson Scheck.
Education: Pub. Schs. of Los Angeles; one
yr. of Libr. Sch., Los Angeles Public Libr.
Training Class, 1912-13.

Prof. Record: On Staff of Los Angeles Pub
Libr. from 1913 to 1920 in capacities of Asst.
to Branch Librarian in two small branches,
1913-14; charge of small branch libr., 1914-
18; Asst. to Head of Branches Dept., 1918
and part of 1919; Asst. to Head of Lit. Dept.,
1919-20; organized and was In Charge of
Libr., First Natl. Bank of Los Angeles first
bank libr. in the city). 1920-26; resigned to
return to Staff of the Los Angeles Pub. Libr.
and has been in charge of the Hollywood
Branch since 1926.

Memberships: Calif. Libr. Assn., Amer. Libr.
Assn.; Chapter C, P.E.O. Sisterhood.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, attending theatre and

Bus. Address: 1623 Ivar Ave., Hollywood

Home Address: 1054 So. Meadowbrook Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

SCHENCK, Professor Hubert G(reg-
ory). A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of Geology, Stanford Univ.
Born: Memphis (Tenn.), Sept. 24, 1897; s. of
Lida (Egbert) and William J. Schenck.
Education: Memphis (Tenn.); Kansas City
(Mo.); Medford and Eugene (Ore.); Univ. of
Calif.; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1922, and M.A., 1923, Univ
of Ore.; Ph.D., Univ. of Calif., 1926.
Married: Inga, d. of Ingrid and David Berg-
strom, in Oakland (Calif.), 1924; ch.: Ingrid.
Prof. Record: Began as Geol. Asst., Bur. of
Mines (Manila, P.I.), 1920-21; Asst., Univ. of
Ore,, 1922-23; Asso. in Paleontology,', Univ.
of Calif., 1923-24; Geologist, Standard Oil Co.
of Calif., spring. 1928, and summers, 1928-
30; Advanced Fellow, C. R. B. Ednl. Found.
(Brussels, Belgium), 1933-34; Paleontologist,
Amiranian Oil Co. and Inland Expl. Co.,
1937-38; has been with Stanford Univ. since
1924, first in the capacity of Act. Instr. and
now as Prof, of Geology.

Publications: Numerous scientific articles.
Army Service: Coast Artillery Corps, Aug
1917 to Aug., 1919.



Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa. Sigma Xi,

Theta Tau, A. F. and A. Masons, etc.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis, French litt., chess.

Bus. Address: Bo.x 1528, Stanford University,


Home Address: 585 Washington Ave., Palo

Alto, Calif.

SCHERER, James Augustin Brown,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.


Born: Salisbury (N.C.), May 22, 1870; s. of
Harriet Isabella (Brown) and Rev. Simeon

Education: Roanoke Coll.; Pennsylvania Coll.
Degrees: A.B., 1890; M.A., 1895; Ph.D., 1897;
LL.D., 1905.

Married: Bessie, d. of Rev. Faris Brown, in
Kobe (Japan), July 5, 1894; eh.: Paul Ar-
mand; Isabel (Mrs. Mosher).
Prof Record: Pres., Newberry Coll. (S.C),
1904-08; Pres., Calif. Inst, of Tech. (Pasa-
dena, Calif.), 1908-20; Dir. of Southvyest
Museum (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1926-31; has
devoted his time to writing smce 1931.
Pubcications: The Japanese Crisis (Stokes),
1916; Four Princes (Lippincott), 1902; Japan
Today (Lippincott), 1904; Young Japan. 1905,
The Holy Orail, 1906, and What Is Japanese
Morality?, 1906 (all by Lippincott); Cotton
As a World Power (Stokes), 1906; The Nation
at War (Doran), 1918; The Tree of Light
1921, The First Forty-Niner, 1925 (Put-
nams) • The Romance of Japan (Doran),
1925- Japan Defies the World, 1938, and Lion
of the Vigilantes, 1940 (both by Bobbs).
Army Service: Mem., Calif. Council of De-
fense, 1917, Natl., Chief of Travel Service,
Spl. Representative U.S. Shipping Bd.
Axvards: Order of Sacred Treasure from Em-
pertjr of Japan, 1937, for "efforts in behalf
of internat. friendship," but returned it in
1938 because of Japanese invasion of China.
Memberships: Natl. Council Inst, of Pacific
Relations Comm. to Defend Amer. by Aiding
Britain- Exec. Com. No. California); Sunset,
University (Los Angeles); University (Pasa-
dena); Tuna (Catalina Island); Common-
wealth (San Francisco) ; Asiatic (Tokyo) ;
Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Beta Kappa.
Religion: Humanist.
Politics: Independent Democrat.
Recreations: Chess, fishing, reading, and lec-

Home Address: 2843 Webster St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

SCHEUER. Philip Katz

Asst. Drama and Motion Picture Editor, Col-
umnist, Los Angeles Times.
Born: Newark (N.J.), Mar. 24, 1902; s. of
Lucie (Katz) and Leo Scheuer.
Education: New Jersey Pub. Schls.; Paterson
(N.J.) High Schl.

Married: Constance, d. of J. F. Kraus in Los
Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 1, 1937.
Bus Record: Employed at Katz Motor Car
Co in Paterson (N.J.), 1921-24; managed
local (Paterson) concert, Paul Whiteman Or-
chestra, 1924; worked in Hollywood on films,
1926; with the Los Angeles Times since March,

Publications: Motion picture reviews. Picture
Play Magazine; contributed So. Calif, chap-
ter to Burns Mantle's Year Book; fan maga-

Religion: Jewish.

Bus. Address: 202 W. First St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 437 No. Curson Ave., Los An-
geels, Calif.

SCHEWE. Edward F.. D.D.S.

Dental Surgeon.

Born: St. Louis (Mo.); s. of Mary (Horst-
man) and Frederick William Schewe.
Education: Central Wesleyan Coll. and Wash-
ington U. (St. Louis, Mo.).
Degrees: D.D.S., Washington U., 1902.
Married: Clara, d. of Frederick Paul, in
Pinckney (Mo.); ch.: Earl Cranston; Con-
stance Cass.

Prof Record: Practiced dentistry in St. Louis
(Mo.) from 1902-25; since 1925, has been
practicing in Huntington Park (Calif.).
Publications: The Harvest of the Years (Par-
thenon Press, Nashville, Tenn.), 1940.
Memberships: Kiwanis, Masonic Lodge, Lin-
coln Fellowship.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 6339y2 Pacific Blvd., Hunting-
ton Park, Calif.

Home Address: 1255 W. 80th St., Los Angeles,

SCHIEMAN. Dean Henry Robert,

B.S., M.B.A., Ed.M., C.P.A.

Dean, College of Bus Administration, and
Prof.' of Accounting, i^oyola University.
Born: Fort Worth (Te.x.), Dec. 9, 1902; s. of
Jesse L. (Brown) and Frederick W. Schieman.
Education: Fort Worth (Tex.) Pub. Schls.;
U. of Chicago, U. of Texas, U. of Denver,
U. of So. Calif.

Degrees; B.S., U. of Denver, 1926; M.B.A.,
1934, Ed.M., 1940, U. of So. Calif.; C.P.A.,
Washington, 1932, and Calif., 1935.
Married: Alice L, d. of Hulda M. (Aspegren)
and August Wadhams in Boulder (Colorado),
Sept. 3, 1927.

Prof. Record: Previous to Sept., 1929, worked
for various firms, companies, and certified
pub. accountants for approximately seven
• years; four of these years were in office work,
bookkeeping, and private accounting positions,
while three years were in the pub. accounting
field. Dir. of Accounting Lab., U. of Denver,
1929-30; Instr. in Bus. Administration, State
Coll. of Wash., 1930-31; Instr. to Prof, of
Accounting, Loyola U. (Los Angeles), 1931-
34; Dean, Coll. of Bus. Administration and
Prof, of Accounting, Loyola U., 1934 — .
Publications: Fundavientals of Accounting for
Calif. Building and Loan Assns., Published in
1934 by the Los Angeles Chapter of The Amer.
Savings, Building and Loan Inst.
Memberships: Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma
Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi (all hon.) ; Amer. Ac-
counting Assn., Calif. Soc. of C.P.A.'s. Amer.
Inst, of Accountants.
Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Registered Democrat, but not a strict
party man.



Rrrrfdtlonn: Svvlnimin^,', walking, moimlnln


lius. AUdrean: W. 8()Lh St. unci Loyola Blvd.,

Los AnKoIes, Calif.

Home Afldrts.s: 4015 W. 58lh I'l., Los Angeles,


liani: Vionnu (Austria); s. of F. (Hertl) and
R. Schintller.

Education: Technical Coll., 1912; Academy
De Beau.\ Arts. 1913 (both in Vienna).
Prof. Record: Dsgnr. of bidgs. : Vienna, Chl-
:ago, and Los Angeles. Taught: Church
Sch. (Chicago), Choulnard Sch. (Los An-
geles), Univ. Extension (Los Angeles), Art
Center Schl. (Los Angeles).
PiMications: Has written many architectural
articles for architectural magazines in Europe,
Japan, and U.S. Is internationally recognized
as one of the pioneers for contemporary archi-

Bus. and Home Address: 835 Kings Rd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

SCHLEICHER. William Paul

Educator, Consultant, Lecturer.
Born: Portland (Ore.), Apr. 23, 1906; s. of
Henry Schleicher and Lydia C. (Hallauer).
Education: Private and special training in
the Compayre System of Pedagogy and Phys.

Married: Stella Harris, d. of William J. Har-
ris, Laguna Beach (Calif.) (Pres. Bd. of
Edu.), Aug. 31, 1934; ch.: Rodney Kim,
Wendy Camille, Theodora Nell.
Bus. Record: Founder and Head of Tom Saw-
yer Boys' World (School); Dir., Phys. Edn.,
Societas Humanus; formerly Dir., Phys. Edn.,
Glendora Foothill School; Bus. Mgr., Canyon-
Crest School (Altadena); Co-Ordinator of
Edu. Lab. School, Pasadena. Publisher Boys'
Paper, The Tellem. Lecturer and Consultant
to organizations on Phys. Edu., Child Train-
ing, Social Adjustment, Mental Hygiene, Juv-
enile Delinquency.
Memberships: Pasadena Athletic.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Non-Partisan.

Recreations: Archery, boating, primitive lore.
Bus. Address: P.O. Box 114, San Marino,
Calif. ; Tom Sawyer Camp, Bluebird Canyon,
Laguna Beach, Calif, (summer).
Home Address: 2160 Minoru Dr., Altadena,

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