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Calif. *

SCHMIDT, Alexander R.

Poetry Reviewer; Writer.

Born: Chicago (111.), Apr. 15, 1882; s. of
Anna (Zien) and Henry E. Schmidt.
Education : Univ. of Washington (Seattle) and
Chicago Univ. (majoring in English and Lan-

Married: Winona B., d. of Samuel J. Bruce,
in Oakland (Calif.), Apr. 7, 1907; ch.: Sylvia
Marcella Jacobsen and Carol Lenore Nall-

Prof. Record: Reporter on various newspapers
in Oakland, Seattle, Berkeley; was Edit, for
two yrs. of the Salesman (a business maga-

/liH'i. I'ublkity Director and Advertising
Writer In his own agency (the Hunt and
Schmidt Advertising Seivlce) ; entered the In-
surance business In 1919; and now has own
insurance agency (.he Alexander it. Schmidt
Company). Has done u great deal of free
lance writing and has written much poetry,
which has appeared In many magazines, such
as Poetry, the North American Review, and
Lyric. Also does Poetry Reviews for the Oak-
land Tribune.

Publications: Poems have appeared in many

poetry magazines.

Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Fishing and campmg.

Bits. Address.- 324 - 13th St., Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 134 Greenlark Ave., Piedmont,


Other Address: Ben Lomond, Calif. •

SCHMIDT, Dean Carl Louis August,
B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Prof, of
Biochemistry, University of California.
Born: South Dakota, Mar. 7, 1885; s. of
Friderike (Unverzagt) and Gustav Schmidt.
Education: Grammar and High Schools (St.
Helena, Calif.), and Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.S., 1908, M.S., 1910, Ph.D., 1916,
Univ. of Calif.

Married: Esther May, d. of B. F. Skolfield,
in Berkeley (Calif.), Apr. 11, 1914; ch.: Stan-
wood Skolfield (22), Alfred Carl (19), Esthier
Frederika (16).

Prof. Record: Chemist, Metropolitan Light
and Power Co. (San Francisco, Calif.), 1908-
09; Expert Chemist Referee Board, U.S. Dept.
Agr., 1909-12; Chemist and Bacteriologist,
Berkeley Board of Health, 1912-14; Research
Asst. in Physiol., Univ. of Calif., 1915-17,
Asst. Prof., Biochemistry, 1918-20, Assoc.
Prof., 1921-23, Prof. Biochemistry, 1924—,
Dean, College of Pharmacy, 1937 — .
Directorships: Pres., Annual Reviews, Inc.
Publications: Chemistry of the Amino Acids
and Proteins; Fundamentals of Biochetnistry
(with F. W. Allen). About 150 scientific
articles on biochemistry.

Memberships: Faculty Club, Sigma Xi, Phi
Beta Pi, Amer. Chem. Soc, Soc. Exp. Biol,
and Med., Amer. Soc. Biol. Chem., Kerr Med.
Club, West. Soc. Nat., Pac. Coast R.R. Surg.,
Calif. Acad. Med., Carl Schurz Foundation
Fellow, 1932

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Camping and canoeing.

Bus. Address: 1557 Life Sciences Bldg., Univ.

of California, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 2612 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley,

SCHMITZ, Friedrich Josef,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Instructor, Department of German, Univer-
sity of California.

Born: Palmersheim (near Cologne, Germany),
June 12, 1903: s. of Gertrud (Felten) and
Josef Schmitz (Palmersheim).
Education: Palmersheim; Eurkirchen; Univ.
of Calif, (grad., 1930) ; Univ. of Bonn (Ger-
many) (post-grad, work, 1932) ; Univ. of
Calif., Berkeley (grad. work, 1933-36).



Degrees: A.B., 1930. M.A., 1932, Ph.D., 1936,
Univ. or Calif.

Married- Eva Maria, d. of Mathias Weiskopf
Coblenz, Germanv>, in San Francisco (Calif.),
July 30. 1927; ch.: F. J. Schmitz (b. July
19, 1933); W. R. Schmitz (b. Nov. 8, 1935).
Prof Record: Came to U.S., 1923, and to
Calif 1926. Traveled and studied in Ger-
many! 1932; while there, engaged as Instr. at
St Marv's College (Calif.), 1932-33; was
Instr. in" Univ. of Calif. Extension Div. for
Berkelev and Oakland, 1936-38; is at present
Instr in Dept. of German, Univ. of Calif.
(Berkeley, Calif.), in charge of elementary

Publicatioyis: Monograph: Lessings Stellung in
Der Entfaltung Des Individualismus (Univ.
of Calif. Publications in Modern Philology),

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa (Hon. soc).
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Hiking, and gardening.
Bus. Address: Wheeler Hall, Univ. of Califor-
nia, Berkeley, Calif.

H07ne Address: 1127 Arch St., Berkeley,


Lawyer, Member of firm of Gavin McNab,
Schrnulowitz, Aikins & Wyman.
Born: New York City, Mar. 29, 1889; s. of
Minna (Rosen) and Solomon Schmulowitz.
Education: Grad. of Lowell High Schl. (San
Francisco), 1906; Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley),
1910; Hastings Law Schl. (San Francisco),

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1910.
Prof. Record: Admitted to the bar in 1911;
began practice of law with Gavin McNab;
after Gavin McNab's death his associates
continued to practice under the name of
Gavin McNab, Schmulowitz, Wyman, Aikins
& Brune; the present firm name is Gavin Mc-
Nab, Schmulowitz, Aikins & Wyman.
Directorships: Dir., Natl. Ice and Cold Stor-
age Co. (Calif.), and Consumers Ice and Cold
Storage Co.

Publications: Contributed articles to various
publications: "Execution of Wills in Calif.,"
California Law Review; "Natl. Banks As Exe-
cutors," California Law Review; "Suicidal
Sophistry," and "Thou Shalt Not Read The
Rights of Man," United States Law Review;
"Shakespeare Upon Coke Or Coke Upon
Shakespeare," State Bar Journal of Califor-

Memberships: Commonwealth, Press, Con-
cordia- Argonaut, and Fraternity Clubs; Free
and Accepted Masons (Calif.), Scottish Rites;
B'nai B'rith; San Francisco Bar Association;
Calif. State Bar Assn.; Amer. Bar Assn; S.
F. Library Comm.
Religion: Jewish.

Bus. Address: 625 Market St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 825 Geary St., San Francisco,
Country Home: Saratoga, Calif.

SCHNETZLER. Lieutenant Command-
er Stanley Stolz. U.S.N.R., A.B.

Writer; Lieutenant Commander, Supply Corps,

U.S. Naval Reserve.

Born: Toledo (Ohio), Sept. 14, 1893; s of

Martha Josephine (Stolz) and Jacob Ulnch


Education: Wayland Academy (Wis.); Stan-
ford Univ. (Calif.).
Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1917.
Married: Margaret, d. of Belle (Branden-
burg) and Charles Austin Bates, in Indianapo-
lis (Ind.), 1897; ch. : Muriel, Doris, Margaret
Goddard (stepdaughters).

Prof Record: Advertising Dept., Scribner's
Magazine; Scenario Dept., RKO Studio; Free
lance Fiction Writer; Teacher of Short Story
in Calif. State Adult Evening classes; Coun-
cilman, First Ward, Redondo Beach; Supply
Officer, Naval Reserve Aviation Base (Long
Beach, Calif.).

P^iblications : Short stories, articles, and verse
in over 100 national magazines.
Navy Record: Navy Supply Corps, 1917-20;
Naval Reserve Supply Corps, 1920-40.
Memberships: Cum Laude Society (Wayland
Acad), Phi Delta Theta (Stanford Univ.);
Palos Verdes Golf Club, Redondo Beach Po-
lice Pistol Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golf, bridge and work.
Bus. and Home Address: 715 Esplanade, Re-
dondo Beach, Calif.

SCHNIER. Jacques, A.B., M.A.

Instructor in Sculpture, University of Cali-

Born: Roumania, 1898.

Education: Stanford Univ., Univ. of Calif.
(Berkeley) .

Degrees- A.B., Stanford Univ., 1920; M.A.,
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1940.

Prof Record: Bronze Memorial Plaque (Com-
monwealth Club of Calif.), 1932; designed
U S. Commemorative Half-DoUar for opening
San Francisco Bay Bridge, 1936; Sculptor,
San Francisco World's Fair, 1939: statues
and bas-reliefs: Sea Breeze, The Dance of
Life, India, East and West, Eagles. Monu-
mental bas-relief: Enlightenment Conquers
Ignorance Berkeley High School (Calif.),
1940 Statue in the court of School of Archi-
tecture, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1940.
Sculpture works included in following mu-
seums and collections: Albert M. Bender Col-
lection (San Francisco Museum of Art),
Bender Collection (Mills College Art Gallery),
Art Gallery (Univ. ot Calif, at Berkeley),
Calif. Historical Soc. (San Francisco) ; Anne
Bremer Memorial Library (Calif. School of
Fine Arts, San FranciscO). Instr. in Sculp-
ture, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley, Calif.); Freu-
dian Psycho-analyst.

Publications: Articles in various magazines
on the relation of art and psycho-analysis.

Navy Record: Apprentice Seaman, U.S.N.R.,

Awards: First Sculpture Medal (49th Annual
Exhibition of San Francisco Art Assn.), 1927;
First Sculpture Prize (Seattle Art Inst J,
1928; First Sculpture Prize (Mrs. Stewart E.
White Sculpture Competition), 1928; Gold
Medal of First Award (Oakland Sculpture
Exhibition), 1936.

Memberships: Faculty, Univ. of Calif. (Berk-
eley) ; San Francisco Art Assn. ; National
Sculpture Society.

Bus. and Home Address: 1655 Taylor St., San
Francisco, Calif.



SCHOENBERG. Professor Arnold

C<)ni|»)sci-; I'rol'cssor iiT Musk-, Universily of
Culifoinla, Los Angeles.

norti: Vienna (Austria). Sept. t.'!. 1H71; s. of
Paulino (Nnchod) and Samuel Schonberg.
EduciitUm: Realsrhule; studied composition
with Alexander von Zemllnsky.
Married: (1) Mathllde (dec, 1023), d. of
Adolf von Zomlinskv, in Vienna (Austria),
1902; ch.: Gertrud (Mrs. Felix Greissle) and
Georg. (2) CJertrud, d. of Dr. Iludolf Kolisch,
Vienna (Austria), 1924; ch.: Dorothea Nuria,
Rudolf Ronald, and Lawrence Adam.
Prof. Record: Theory Teacher, Stern's Con-
servatory (Berlin, Germany), 19(J2; Private
Instr., Vienna and Berlin, 1903-2.5; Prof.,
Master Class for Musical Composition at Ber-
lin Acad, of Arts, 1926-,33; forced to resign
in accordance with Aryan Edict. Came to
U.S., 1933. Instr., Malkin Conservatory of
Music (Boston, Mass.) and New York City,
1933-34; Prof., Univ. of So. Calif.; Prof, of
Music, Univ. of Calif, at Los Angeles, since
1935. Pupils have included Alban Berg,
Anton von Webern, Rudolf Kolisch, Erwin
Stein, Winfried Zillig and Hans Eisler.
Publications: Author of book of theory, Har-
monielehre (Universal Edition, Vienna), 1911,
and articles on musical theories. Composi-
tions include: Verklaerte Nacht, 1899; Curre-
Lieder, 1900-01; Kammersymphonie, 19 06;
Five Pieces For Orchestra, 1909; Pierrot Lun-
aire. 1912. Operas; Erwartung, 1909; Ghick-
liche Hand, 1901-13, and Von Heute Auf
Morgen, 1928; Theme and Variations For Or-
chestra; Four String Quartets; Concertos For
Violin, 1936, String Quartet, 1933, and for
Cello, 1932; Suite For String Orchestra, 1934;
Rol Nidre, 1938; Second Kammer-symphonie,
1939; songs, piano pieces, et al. Developed
composing with twelve tones.
Army Record: Served in the Austrian Army
during the World War I.

Memberships: Central Music Com., Palestine
Inst, of Musical Sciences (Mailamm).
Religion: Jewish.

Recreations: Bookbinding, painting, tennis,

Home Address: 116 No. Rockingham Ave.,
Brentwood Park, Los Angeles, Calif.

SCHOLL. Frederic Burr

Musician, Teacher; Assistant State Super-
visor, Southern California WPA Music Pro-

Born: Kaukauna (Wis.), Jan. 12, 1891; s. of
Ellen Jane (Burr) and Henry J. Scholl.

Education: Kaukauna High Sch. 1910 (grad.);
Boone School of Music and Ellison-White
Conservatory (Portland, Ore.); Mem., Leo-
pold Godowsky's Master Class, and also
studied with him privately.

Prof. Record: Teaching Staff, Piano Dept.,
Ellison-White Conservatory of Music, Boone
School of Music (Portland, Ore.); several
years as Organist and Teacher in Australia,
New Zealand and Hawaii. Five years Super-
visor, Music Edn. Dept., So. Calif. Music
Project; at present, is Asst. State Supervisor,
So. Calif. WPA Music Project.

Memberships: Masonic Lodge.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Interested in handwriting identi-

Hus. Address: 1709 W. Eighth St., Hallibur-
ton HldK. (Beaux Arts), Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: Aj.,.2% Normal Ave., lyO.s An-
geles, Calif.


B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow in Chemistry, Califor-
nia Institute of Technology.
Horn: Nehawka (Neb.), June 22, 1914; s. of
Anna Meta (Heesch) and Edwin Henry Schon-

Education: Nehawka High School; Univ. of
Nebraska; Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Degrees: B.S., 1934, M.S., 1935, Univ. of
Neb.; Ph.D., Calif. Inst, of Tech, 1938.
Prof. Record: Teaching Asst., Univ. of Neb.,
19.34-35; Teaching Fellow, Calif. Inst, of
Tech., 1935-38; Hale Fellow, 1938-40, Sr.
Research Fellow, 1940-41, Fellow of the John
Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation,

Publications: Articles in The Journal of the
American Chemical Society, The Journal of
Cheraical Physics and The Journal of Indus-
trial and Engineering Chemistry.
Memberships: Sigma Xi, Sigma Tau, Phi
Lambda Upsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Chi
Sigma; Amer. Chemical Soc.
Politics: Liberal.

Bus. Address: Crellin Laboratory, 1201 E.
California St., Pasadena, Calif.
Home Address: 929 E. California St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

SCHOSTAG, Robert James

Editor, Quaker Campus, Whittier College.
Born: Fort Worth (Texas), Jan. 25, 1921; s.
of Lenora M. (Thompsons and R. A. Schostag.
Education: Tustin High School (Calif.), grad-
uated 1938; Whittier College.
Prof. Record: Pres., Assoc. Students, Tustin
High School, 1938, Editor of the student news-
paper The Broadcaster, 1938, also Editor of
the school annual The Audion. Entered Wliit-
tier College on Competitive Scholarship,
elected Editor of student newspaper The
Quaker Campus, 1940 — .

Directorships: Student, Executive Com. and
Board of Publications; Pres. of Methodist
Youth Organization (Spurgeon Methodist
Church, Santa Ana, Calif.) ; Mem., Inst. Com.,
Calif. -Arizona Conference of Methodist

Memberships: Lancer Soc. (Whittier College
men's soc. and service group).
Religion: Methodist.

Bus. Address: Whittier College, Whittier,

Home Address: Rt. 1, Box 386, Santa Ana.
Calif. •

SCHREIBER, (Mrs.) Hazel Snell


Born: San Jose (Calif.), July 2, 1886; d. of
Mary (Baily) and Edward Lee Snell.
Education: Polytechnical High School (San
Francisco, Calif.); two yrs. of college prepar-
atory work and many univ. extension courses.



Married- Bernhard, s. of Edward Sohreiber,
in San Francisco. Dec. 15, 1909; ch.: Beryl
Olive (Botanist, California Forest and Range
Expmtl. Div.), Bernhard Edward (Shell De-
velopment Co., Research Dept.).
Literary Record; Poetry published in various
publications during the past 15 years; also a
writer of short stories and newspaper feature
articles in local papers. Three one-act plays
were produced locally. Was Corr. Secy., San
Francisco Branch League of Amer. Penwomen
(8 yrs.).

Memberships: Calif. Writers' Club (Berkeley,
Calif.); League of Amer. Penwomen (San

Religion : Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Boating and fishing.
Home Address: 5460 Boyd Ave., Oakland,
Other Address: Inverness, Calif.

SCHUBERT, Bernard S.. A.B.

Dramatist, Feldman-Blum Agency.
Bor7i: Brooklyn (N.Y.), Jan. 1, 1895; s. of
Anna (Klumel) and Benjamin Schubert.
Education: Public schools (New York City);
Boys' High Schobl (Brooklyn, N.Y.); grad-
uate student, Columoia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., City College, New York, 1917.
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Jennie (Valentik)
and Louis Vine, in Hollywood (Calif.), Jan.
2 1931; ch.: Linda Barrle (b. Nov. 22, 1931),
and Richard Samuel (b. Jan. 1, 1936).
Prof. Record: Formerly Teacher in public
high schools. New York City; Stage Manager,
Dramatic Reviewer, Stage Dir. and Play Doc-
tor of legitimate theatre (N. Y. C); Assoc,
of A H Wobds, Wm. Brady and David
Belasco. Came to Calif, for RKO Studios to
produce bwn play Fish Gotta Swim at Mason
Theatre- also wrote for screen under contract
to RKO Radio Studios, M-G-M, Universal
and other companies. At present with the
Feldman-Blum Agency.

Publications: Author of 16 plays including:
Kid Himself, Soft Coal, Ulusion's End and
Song of Love; also many screen plays includ-
ing: Public Defender, Secret Service, Sym-
phony of Six Million, Peck's Bad Boy, Kind
Lady, Actor King, etc.

Army Record: Served Welfare Board Avia-
tion Sect., Signal Corps with U.S. Army
(Mitchel Field, Long Island, N.Y.); Civilian
Attache. General Staff, Trade Test Div., U.S.
Army (Newark, N.J. and Washington, D.C.).
Membershijjs: Dramatist Guild; Authors'
League of Amer.; Screen Writers' Guild.
Religion: Conservative Judaism.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Fishing, hiking, travel, music,
collecting theatrical library and antiques.
Bus. Address: California Bank Bldg., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

Home Address: 244 So. Plymouth Blvd., Hol-
lywood, Calif. *

SCHUETTE, Curt Nicolaus. B.S.

Consulting Mining and Metallurgical Engineer.
Born: Milwaukee (Wis.), Feb. 21, 1895; s. of
Ernestine Johanna (Mischel) and William
Theodore Schuette.

Education: Univ. of Calif. College of Mining.
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif. Coll. of Min-
ing, 1917.

Married- (1) Lillian Harrison Brown, of
Santa Monica (Calif.), July 16, 1927 (dec,
1937). (2) Erna Hansen, of Atherton (Cahf.).
Sept. 8, 1939.

Prof Record: Metallurgist, U.S. Bur. of
Mines, 1917; Production Supt., New Indria
Mines, 1917-18; Research Metallurgist, U.S.
Bur of Mines, 1918-19, 1920-21; Supt., Maris-
cal Mine (Texas), 1919-20; Mgr., Silver Gulch
Mining and Milling Co. (Colo.), 1921-22; re-
search for Santa Cruz Portland Cement Co.,
1922-24; Consultant on design and operation
of plants for gold, silver, quicksilver, etc.,
and management of mines, since 1925.
Army Record: In military service during
World War I, assigned to research on quick-
silver, U.S. Bur. of Mines.
Publications: Author of The Metallurgy of
Quicksilver (with L. H. Duchak), 1925, Q^iick-
silver 1931; Contbr. to Modern Uses of Non-
ferrous Metals. 1935, Quicksilver in Oregon,
1938- Contbr. of many articles to professional
journals. Is also author of "The Primary
Concentration Theory of the Genesis of Quick-
silver Orebodies."

Memberships: Amer. Institute of Mining and
Metall. Engrs.

Bus. Address: Call Building, San Francisco,

SCHULER, Loring Ashley

Editor, Writer.

Born- New Bedford (Mass.), Aug. 24, 1886;
s. of Emma Loring (Ashley) and Jacques

Education: Harvard (special student), 1908-

Married: Myra V., d. of Leila (Carter) and
Benson Blake of (Vicksburg, Miss.), in Mt.
Vernon (N.Y.), Sept. 1913; ch.: Stanley Car-
ter and Benson Blake.

Prof Record: Newspaper work. New Bedford
(Mass.) Standard, 1904-09, Boston Herald.
1910, New York Evening World. 1910-13.
Assoc. Editor, later Art Editor, Country
Gentleman, 1913-20; Managing Editor, Ladies
Home Journal. 1920-24; Editor Country Gen-
tleman. 1924-27; Editor, Ladies Home Journal,
1927-35; now Contributor of articles to na-
tional periodicals.

Memberships: Harvard Club (N.Y.).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: 1515 La Loma Ave.,
Berkeley, Calif.

SCHULTZ. Professor Edwin William,
B.S.A., A.B., M.D.

Professor of Bacteriology and Experimental
Pathology, Stanford University.
Born: Lomlra <\V\s.), Dec. 12, 1887; s. of
Clara Cornelia (Brown) and Herman Carl

Education: Mayville (Wis.) High School;
Winona Schools (Ind.); Univ. of Mich.; Johns

Degrees- B.S. A., Winona College Agric, 1913;
A B , Univ. of Mich., 1914; M.D., Johns Hop-
kins, 1917; Certificate, Amer. Bd. of Path-
ology, 1938.



Married: Anna FiMnc(>l, (I. of lOdwIn Sflbcrl
Roberts, In Wlnonii I.ako (ln<l.i, June 17,
3914 :ch.: Kdwin VVm., .Ir., and Kohoil Hrown.
Prof. Record: Junior Klold Dir., International
Health Board, and Dlr., Rural Sanitation
(Rapids Parish, La.i, 1!)17; Instr. In Ocpt. of
BacterloloK.v a n d lOxporimontal Pathology,
Stanford, li)l!)-2(), Asst. Prof., li)20-2l, Assoc.
Prof., 1921-26, Prof., 1926—, E.xecutive Head
of Dcpt., since 192;i - . Fellow in Pathology,
Mayo Foundation (Rochester, Minn.), 1922,
and John Simon (kiKKonhoim Follow for Re-
search abroad in 192.'i-2(>; Assoc. Mem., Inter-
national Com. for the Study of Infantile
Paralysis, IDaO-,''.!; Prof, of Bacteriology and
Pathology and Head of the Dept., College of
Physicians and Surgeons, School of Dentistry
;San Francisco, Calif.), since 1931. U.S.
Delegate to the 2nd. International Congress
for Microbiology in London (England). Con-
sultant to Calif. State Bd. of Pub. Health,
1939 — ; Consultant to Secy, of War Epidemic
Diseases, 1941 — .

Ptiblications: Many papers on pathology, bac-
teriology and virus diseases.

Army Record: First Lieut, and Capt., Medical
Corps, U.S. Army, 1917-19, including service
with the A.E.F., later with A.R.C. Commis-
sions to Germany and Poland; Major, Medical
O.R.C., U.S. Army, 1925-39.
Memherships : Fellow, American Med. Assn.,
Amer. Publ. Health Assn., Amer. Soc. Clin-
ical Pathologists, Amer. Assn. Adv. Science.
Member, Soc. Amer. Bact., Amer. Assn.
Path, and Bact., Amer. Assn. Immunologists,
Amer. Soc. Exper. Path., Soc. Exper. Biol,
and Med., Calif. Med. Assn., Calif. Acad, of
Med., Hollywood Acad. Med. (Hon.), Amer.
Assn. Univ. Professors, etc., Amer. Council
Inst, of Pacific Relations, Commonwealth
Club (Calif.); Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega Alpha.
Bus. Address: Dept. of Bacteriology and Ex-
perimental Pathology, Stanford Univ., Calif.
Ho7)ie Address: 743 Cooksey Lane, Stanford
Univ., Calif.

SCHULTZ, James Willard


Born: Boonville (N.Y,), Aug. 26, 1859; s. of
Frances A. (Joslin) and Philander B. Schultz.

Education: Under pvt. tutor, and four yrs. at
Peekskill Mil. Acad.

Married: (1) Mut-si-ah-wo-tan-ahki ("Fine
Shield Woman"), 1879 (died, 1903); ch.:
Hart Merriam ("Lone Wolf"). (2) Celia B.
(Hawkins) of Highland Park (111.), 1907. (3)
Jessie Louise (Donaldson), 1931.

Literary Record: Author of the following
books; My Life As an Indian, 1907; With the
Indians in the Rockies, 1910; Sino-Pah. the
Indian Boy, 1911; Quest of the Fish-Dog Skin,
1912; Apauk, Caller of Buffalo, 1913; The
Gold Cache, 1914; On the War Path, 1S15;
Lone Bull's Mistake, 1916; Blackfeet Tales of
Glacier National Park, 1917; Bird Woman,
1918; Running Eagle, Virgin Warrior, 1919;
Rising Wolf, The White Blackfeet, 1919;
Dreadful River Cave, 1920; In the Great
Apache Forest, 1920; War Trail Fort, 1921;
Seizer of Eagles, 1922; The Danger Trail,
1923; Friends of My Life As an Indian, 1923;
(with Vance Thompson) The White Chief
(scenario), 1923; Plumed Snake Medicine,
1924; Questors of the Desert. 1925; Sun
Woman, 1926; A Son of the Navajos, 1926;
Sign-Posts of Adventure, 1926; William Jack-
son, Indian Scout, 1927; Red Crow's Brother,
1927; In Enemy Country, 1928; The Sun God's

Children The Hliiekfeel Indian Tribes, 1029;
Skull Head, the. Terrihln, 1929; The White
Beaver. IS.'JO; Alder Gulch Gold. 1931; Friendn
and Foes in the lioekien, ]9.'J.'i; Gold Oust,
19:i4; Theft of the v^hite Buffalo Robe. 19.'}6;
Stained Gold. 19.'i7; Short How'h lixg Medicine.
Home Address: University Club, Los Angeles,
Calif. •

SCHULZ. Colonel Edward Hugh,
U.S. Army, B.S.

Army Officer (retired).

Born: Wheeling (W.Va.), Jan. 23, 1873; s. of
Gertrude (Niesz) and Henry J. Schulz.

Education: Wheeling (W.Va.) High School.
1889; Wheeling Business College, 1890; grad-
uated. U.S. Military Academy (West Point,
N.Y.), 1895.

Degrees: B.S., U.S. Military Academy.

Married: Katherine Julia, d. of Caroline and
J. Louis Muhleman in Hannibal (Ohio), Oct.
12, 1898; ch.; Mrs. W. A. Hausman (Ger-
trude), Mrs. Alb. W. Bruce (Katherine),
Mrs. John S. Service (Caroline).

Military Record: Active service, U.S. Army
from age of 18 to 64 yrs. Cadet, 1891-1895.
On River, Harbor and Forts (Charleston, S.
C), 1895-96; with Engr. Troops and Engr.
School, 1896-98 (Willets Point, N.Y.); Tor-
pedo Defense (Norfolk, Va., and Charleston,
S.C.) Harbors, 1898-99; Riv., Harbor and
Forts (New London, Conn.), 1899-1901; Engr.
Depot (Willets Point, N.Y.), and Recorder,
Board of Engrs. for Fortifications (N.Y.),
1901-05, and Charge of East and North Riv.
(N.Y.), 1904-05; in Charge, Fortifications
(Guantanoma Bay, Cuba), 1905-07; Charge of
Mo. Riv. and Dept. Engr. at Omaha, 1907-12,
Hdqrs. at Kansas City (Mo.); Charge of
Passes of Mississippi River and Rivers of
Louisiana, 1912-16, Hdqrs. at New Orleans,
and of St. Paul (Minn.) and Duluth Harbor
Works, 1916-17; Div. Engr., 34th Div. and
Comdg. Off., 109th Engrs. at Camp Cody
(N.M.), 1917-18, Hdqs. at St. Paul; Com-
manding Vancouver Bks., Washington, Com-
manding Camp Leach (Washington, D.C.) and
604th Engrs., 1918; Charge of Lake Michigan
Harbor Works, Hdqrs. at Milwaukee (Wis.),
1919-20; Div. Engr., N. Pacific, 1922-23, and
District Engr. at Seattle (Wash.), 1920-23,
Div. Engr., Hawaiian Div. and Comdg. Off.,

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