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3rd Engrs. at Schofield Barracks, 1923-26;
Charge of Chicago River and Harbor District,
1926-28, Lakes Div. at Cleveland (Ohio),
1928-29; Mem. of Mississippi River Commn.,
1927-29; Mem. of Board of Engrs. for Rivers
and Harbors at Washington (D.C), 1929-33;
Commandant of the Engr. School and Com-
manding the Post of Fort Humphreys (Va.),
(now Fort Belvoir), 1929-33; Engr., 9th Corps
Area and Supervision of Ciolden Gate Bridge
right of way, Presidio, Fort Scott and Fort
Baker, 1933-37; retired Jan. 31, 1937.

Publications: Reports on Missouri River, Miss-
issippi Flood Protection, S. W. Pass. Trans-
lated Von Sanders' Dardanelles Campaign,
Blast Effects Sea Coast Guns.

Memberships: Army and Navy Club (Wash-
ington, D.C), Union League (San Francisco,

Religion: Congregational.

Recreations: Art.

Home Address: 204 El Camino Real, Berkeley,
Calif. •



SCHULZ. Herbert C.

Curator of Manuscripts.

Bon,: Milwaukee (Wis.), Oct. 25, 1902; s.
of Bertha (Ruckert) and Dr. Ferdinand M.

Education: Univ. Of Calif. (Los Angeles).
Married: Henriette M., d. of Charles A. Brand,
in Los AngeiPS (Cilif.>, 192(5; ch. : Arline H.,
Conrad H., Cornelia B.

Publications: The Gothic Script of the Middle
Ages. 1939; has also written articles in

Memberships: Athenaeum (Pasadena, Calif.);
Mediaeval Academy of America; Society of
American Archivists.
Recreations: Music.

Bus. Address: Huntington Library, San Mar-
ino, Calif.

Home Address: 417 So. Craig Ave., Pasadena,

SCHUMACHER. Thomas Hubbard Cas-
well. A.B.

Executive Secretary, California Osteopathic

Born- San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 18, 1900;
s of Elizabeth (Amiot) and Henry Gustaf
Franz Schumacher.

Education: Laguna Honda School and Hum-
boldt Evening High School (both San Fran-
cisco); Polytechnic Eve. High (Los Angeles);
Redlands Univ.; Chapman College (Los An-
geles); College of Pacific; Whittier College;
Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Chapman College, 1933.
Married: Elizabeth Viola, d. of Marrieta (Bor-
land) and Theodore Anderson in Hollywood
(Calif.), June 24, 1924; ch.: Barbara Jean,
Thomas, Jr., Robert Henry.
Prof Record: Upon graduating from Hum-
boldt Evening High School, came to Holly-
wood, 1919; had various spots in motion
pictures, until 1921. Between 1921-27 was
Salesman for Winton Automobile, Bishop
Candy Co., Olds and Stoller Inter. Insurance
Exchanges, Insurance Broker and Manager
of Insurance Dept. of real estate co.; Asst.
Camp Manager for boys camp, 1927; Asst.
Bovs Secy., part time San Bernardino YMCA
1927; attended Redlands Univ., 1928; Young-
er Boys Secy., of Hollywood YMCA and
attended Chapman College; Boys Secy, and
Physical Dir., Stockton YMCA, 1933, General
Secy., (same) 1934; Community Boys Secy.,
San Diego YMCA, 1938. Executive Secy, of
the Calif. Osteopathic Assn. Lecturer in Bus-
iness Relations, College of Osteopathic Phy-
sicians and Surgeons.

Directorships: Executive Council and Chmn.
of Finance Com., United Church, Eagle Rock;
Vice-Pres., Chapman College Alumni Assn.;
Board of Governors Assoc, in Service.
Publications: Leaders Manual, YMCA. Man-
ual of Procedure, California Osteopathic Asso-
ciation; Officers Handbook for Officers of
Component Societies of California Osteopathic
Association; Editor of CO. A. News; Columnist
for Clinical Osteopathy and The Tenaculum.
Memberships: Mason.
Religion: Methodist.
Recreations: Wishing, hunting, and golf.
Bus. Address: 1711 Griffin Ave., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 5342 Eagledale Ave.. Eagle
Rock, Calif.

SCHUSTER, Addison B.

Editorial Writer.

Born: Rockford (111.); s. of Elizabeth (But-
terworth) and Paul F. Schuster.
Education: Univ. of Wis.

Married: Ruth, d. of David Wucher in Ber-
keley (Calif.), Oct. 28, 1916; ch.: Elizabeth
Yates and Margaret Stofle.
Prof Record: Newspaperman since 1915; has
been with the following newspapers: Rockford
Republic, Spokane Spokesman-Review, San
Francisco Chronicle, now Editorial Writer for
the Oakland Tribune.

Publications: Has written short stories, George
Matthew Adams Syndicate, McClure Syndi-
cate; magazine verse.

Memberships: Oregon Memorial Trail Assn.
(Life Mem.); Calif Writers Club; Psi Upsilon.
Bus. Address: Oakland Tribune, Oakland,

Home Address: 1060 Keith Ave., Berkeley,


Investment Broker and Banker, Sr. Partner,
Sutro & Co.

Born- San Francisco (Calif.). Jan. 3, 1886;
s. of Henrietta (Gump) and William Schwartz.
Education: Grad., Lowell High Sch. (San
Francisco), 1904; stu., Univ. of Calif., 1904-06.
Married: Alice Wolff, in San Francisco, June
22, 1913; ch. : Marie Louise, and Elizabeth.
Bus. Record: Began with Sutro & Co., Bank-
ers and Brokers (San Francisco, Calif.), 19Ub;
has been a Partner since 1907, and is now
Senior Partner.

Directorships: Trustee and Treas., Fogel Loan
Fund, San Francisco Boys' Club; Trustee
and Treas., Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum.
Memberships: Investment Bankers Assn.; San
Francisco Stock Exchange (Pres., 1923-30);
San Francisco Stock Exchange Inst.; Lowell
Alumni Assn.; Mason; Rotary, Common-
wealth, Merced Golf and Country, and Rio
Del Mar Golf and Country Clubs.
Religion: Hebrew.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 407 Montgomery St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Howe Address: 4 Presidio Terrace, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

SCHWEIGARDT, Frederick William


Born: Lorch (Germany), May 3, 1885; s.
of Marie (Molt) and Matthaus Schweigardt.
Education: Academy of Fine Arts (Munich
and Stuttgart); studied with PerrOtte and
Rodin (Paris).
Married: Henriette Wedepohl.
Prof. Record: Studied and traveled in France,
Italy Switzerland, Austria, England, and
Germany; Mem., the Staff of the "Deutsches
Museum" (Munich), during this period, creat-
ed works of art in architecture and sculp-
ture for permanent exhibition in the Museum,
1925-30- Mem. of the Staff of the Museum of
Science and Industry, Rockefeller Center (New
York) during this period, created works of
art for historical development also for per-
manent exhibition of this Museum, 1930-32;
Herioc Bronze Bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt,



at llu- Wliili- llouso (Washington. DC), Dr.
Albert Kinstein. at the Univ. of Calif. (Her-
keloyl, l!l.i.{; Official Sculptor of the Calif.
Pac. Intnl. Exposition (San DIl'KO, Calif.),
1935-3(!; Fountain (Jroup, The Four Corner
Stnncn of American Drmocrarii. at the Hall
of Kducatlon (San DieRO, Calif.), 19.5.=5: Bust
of Hufus B. \()n Kleinsmid (Bres. of the Univ.
of So. Calif.); Fountain Group, Youth Tri-
umphant, at the Campus of the Univ. of So.
Calif. (Los Angeles). 19;!(i; Bronze Bust of
George A. Merrill, at the Batrick Noble Audi-
torium (San Francisco, Calif.) and Isadora
Zellerbach, Crown Zellerbach, Inc. (San Fran-
cisco, Calif.), 1938: Monument of Joseph B.
Strauss, Builder of the Golden Gate Bridge,
at the Plaza of the Golden Gate Bridge (San
Francisco, Calif.), and Heroic Bust of Will
Rogers, Calif. Palace of The Legion of Honor
(San Francisco, Calif.), 1940.
Awards: First Prize and Diploma, Freiburg,
Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. 1902; First Prize
and Medal (Paris), 1913; Honorable Award,
Acad, of Fine Arts (Munich), 1923; Gold
Medal and Certificate of Merit, Calif. Pac.
Intnl. E.vposition (San Diego, Calif.), 1935;
Awarded the National Logan Medal "for
Heroic Bust of Will Rogers," at the Annual
E.xhibition of the Natl. Soc. for Sanity in
Art, Calif. Palace of the Legion of Honor
(San Francisco, Calif.). 1940.
Memberships: Commonwealth Club of Calif.;
Art Assn. (Los Angeles); Fine Art Soc. (San
Diego, Calif.); Bd. of San Diego Hall of
Educ. (San Diego, Calif.); The Natl. Soc.
for Sanity in Art.

Home Address: 4010 Fulton St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

SCOFIELD, Ronald Dickey

Music, Art, Drama and Literary Editor.
The Sacramento Bee.

Born: Minneapolis (Minn.), Nov. 29, 1899; s.
of Grace (Dickey) and Edward H. Scofield.
Education: Public schools and West High
School, Minneapolis.

Married: Dorothy Palmer, d. of Harry B.
Nelson in Minneapolis, April 26, 1921; ch.:
Norman Edward and Anthony Hugh.
Prof. Record: Copyreader, Minneapolis Jour-
nal, Minneapolis Tribune, Milwaukee Sentinel,
Oakland Tribune, Sacramento Bee; also Music
Editor and Asst. News Editor, Oakland
Tribune; also Magazine Editor and Editorial
Writer, Sacramento Bee (Calif.).
War Record: Private, Canadian Expeditionary
Force from April, 1917 to Dec, 1918.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: The Sacramento Bee, Sacra-
mento, Calif.

Home Address: 1540 3Sth St., Sacramento,

SCOTT. Clyde Eugene

Artist Technician; 20th Century-Fox Film


Born: Bedford (Iowa). Jan. 24, 1884; s. of

Eleanor (Pratt) and J. Winfield Scott.

Education: Somerville High School and Boston

Art School (Mass.).

Married: Eva Sutherland, d. of Eugenia
(Sutherland) and Benjamin Jones in Somer-
ville (Mass.), May 18, 1909.
Prof. Record: Art Dept. Mgr., Commercial
Art Co. (San Francisco), 1910-12; Sr. Partner.


Scottlliner Co. (C(;mmercial Advtg. Illus-
trations), 1912-17; Art DIr., lUuHtraled Re-
view, 1917-21; Art and Production Mgr.,
Itccorder Printing & Pub. Co., l'«l-2.'}; Art
Dir. an<l Production Mgr., ilamman-Lesan
Co., AAAA Advertising Agency, 192.3-.'i3;
Artist Technician. 2()th Century-Fox Film
Corp., 19.3.3 — ; Painter of Calif, landscapes
and marines; exhibited P. P. I.E., 1915; World's
Fair. 1939 and 1940; and in all major Calif.
cities and New York, winning many awards.
Directorships: Secy., Soc. of Motion Picture
Artists and Illustrators, Inc.; Vice-Pres. and
Dir., Calif. Art Club, Inc.; Pres., Painters
and Sculptors Club of Los Angeles, Inc. (1938-
39); Dir., Calif. Artist & Patrons, Inc.
Awards: Awarded fifteen prizes for landscape
and marine painting.

Memberships: Masonic bodies and many art

Recreations : Sketching and gardening.

Bus. Address: 20th Century-Fox Film Corp..

Beverly Hills, Calif.

Home Address: 10425 Ilona Ave., W. Los An-
geles, Calif.

SCOTT. David Winfield. A.B., M.A.

Teacher, Art Dept., Riverside Jr. College.
Born: Fall River (Mass.), July 10, 1916; s.
of Edith May (Romig) and Benjamin David

Education: Webb Sch. (Claremont, Calif.);
Pomona Coll. (Claremont, Calif.); Harvard
Coll.; Art Students' League of New York;
Claremont Colleges (Calif.).
Degrees: A.B., Harvard Coll., 1937; M.A.,
Claremont Colleges, 1940.
Prof. Record: Scholarships; Art Students'
League, Tiffany Foundation (twice) ; taught
art in Rochester (N.Y.), Claremont, River-
side, and San Bernardino (all Calif.); exhib-
ited widely in one-man shows and national

Memberships: Riverside Fine Arts Guild,

Calif., Watercolor Soc, Laguna Beach Art

Assn., So .Printmakers' Guild, Pliiladelphia
Watercolor Soc.

Religion: Congregational.

Recreations: Art, literature, music, and camp-

Bus. Address: Riverside Junior College, Riv-
erside. Calif.

Home Address: 828 College Ave.. Claremont.

SCOTT. George Alexander

Vice-President and General Manager of
Walker's Department Store.
Born: Crieff (Scotland), Mar. 9, 1907; s.
of Ann (Donnie) and David Andrew Scott.
Education: Calgary (Canada) Public and High
School; New York Univ.

Married: Lillian, d. of Andreas Jargo in San
Diego (Calif.), Feb. 26, 1938.
Bus. Record: Buyer and later Asst. to Presi-
dent of Walker's of Los Angeles; Pres.,
Nichols Dollar Stores; Vice-Pres. and CJen.
Mgr. of Walker's (San Diego).
Directorships: Pres.: San Diego Chamber of
Commerce, San Diego Better Bus. Bureau;
Vice-Pres.. San Diego Merchants Credit Assn.;
Member of the Budget Com. of the Community


Memberships: Masonic Order, Royal Arch Ma-
sons; San Diego and Cuyamaca Clubs.
Religion: Presbyterian (Secy., Bd. Trustees).
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hiking, golf.
Bus. Address: Fifth at Broadway, San Diego,

Home Address: 4361 Altamirame Way, San
Diego, Calif.

SCOTT, George Winfield,
A.B., LL.B., Ph.D.

Lawyer; Mem., Scott & Eberhard.
Born: Adams (N.Y.), Aug. 25, 1875; s. of
Georgia (Tripp) and W. G. Scott.
Education: Stu., Hobart Coll., 1892-93; Stan-
ford Univ.; Cornell Univ.; Fellow, Univ. of
Chicago; Columbia Univ.; Univ. of Pa.
Degrees: A.B.. Stanford Univ., 1896; LL.B.,
1902, and Ph.D., 1903, Univ. of Pa.
Married: Clara (Hotopp) in Charlottesville
(Va.), 1910; ch.: Clara (Mrs. Franklm P.
Huddle), George Winfield.
Prof Record: Admitted to the Bar, Pa., 1902
Washington, D.C., 1905, New York, 1907, and
Calif 1917; Instr. in Internal. Law, Univ. ot
Pa 1901-03; in Europe for Libr. of Congress
to report on law a;id documentary lit. to
be acquired, 1904; Prof, of Law, George
Washington Univ., 1905-06; Law Libr. of
Congress and Supreme Court, 1903-07; Mem.,
Pres Roosevelt's Comm. on Efficiency in
Deptl Methods, 1905-08; Prof. Internal. Law,
ad interim, Univ. of Pa., 1906-07; Prof, In-
ternat. Law and Diplomacy, Columbia Univ ,
1907-10; Research Asst., Carnegie Instn.. 1911-
14; engaged in research on internat. law, dip-
lornatic claims for indemnity, 1911-16; Dir.,
Study of Mexican Instns. conducted by Ed-
ward L. Doheny Research Foundation, asso-
ciated with Univ. of Calif.; Mem., Scott &
Eberhard, Attvs. (Los Angeles, Calif.); or-
ganized and directed legislative drafting work
first established in Libr. of Congress, Wash-
ington, and later at Columbia Univ. (New
York; Mem., Internat. Debts Roundtable Inst,
of Politics, 1927.

Publications: Index Analysis of Federal Stat-
utes (with Middleton Beaman), 1908; also
articles and reviews on legal and hist, sub-
jects. Law Ed., Standard Dictionary.
Memhershivs: Phi Beta Kappa (Pres., Alumni
Assn. of So. Calif.), Sigma Chi, Phi Delta
Phi; Wilshire Country Club (Los Angeles).
Bus. Address: Scott & Eberhard, 639 So.
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 822 So. Alvarado St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

SCOTT. Harold H(all). A.B., Mus.B.

Director of Instrument Music, Monrovia-
Arcadia-Duarte High School.

Born: Redlands (Calif.), Sept. 16, 1899; s. of

Alice Ann (Hall) and R. E. G. Scott.

Education: Redlands University and Juilliard

School (N.Y.C.).

Degrees: A.B., 1921, Mus.B., 1922, Redlands


Married: Florence June, d. of Norton Wagner

in San Jose (Calif.), Sept. 5, 1922; ch.:

Harriet and Richard.

Prof. Record: Dir. of Instrumental Music,
Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte High School, 1922
— , Monrovia City Schools, 1922—, Arcadia
City Schools, two years; Scott Studios of
Music (Redlands), 1916-30, Scott Studios of
Music (Monrovia), 1922—; Music Faculty,
Calif. Christian Coll., two years; So. Calif.
String Quartet, three years; Organizer and
Conductor of San Gabriel Valley Symphony
Orchestra, 1929 — ; Founder and conductor of
So. Calif. High Schools Symphony, 1934—.
War Record: U.S. Army, 1918.
Memhershivs: Music Educ. Natl. Conf.; Calif.
School Band and Orchestra Assn.; So. Calif.
Bandmasters Assn.; Calif. Teachers Assn.;
Masons; Kiwanis; American Legion.
Bus. Address: Music Bldg., Foothill and Mad-
ison, Monrovia, Calif.

Home Address: 124 No. Madison, Monrovia,

SCOTT. Jeremiah Ronald. LL.B., LL.M.

Lawyer; District Attorney, Humboldt County.
Born- Roswell (New Mexico), March 4, 1902;
s. of Louisa M. (Yeary) and David W. Scott.
Education: Univ. of California and Univ. of
San Francisco.

Degrees: LL.B., 1930, LL.M., 1931.
Married: Faye Scott, d. of Carl S. Townsend
in Carson City (isev.), Sept. 25, 1935; ch.:
Jeremiah, Jr., Gayle, Beverly.
Prof. Record: Civil Engineer (Calif., Tex.,
Mex., So. Amer.), 1922-27; High School
Teacher, 1928-31; Police Judge, 1932-34; City
Attorney, 1934-38; District Attorney, Hum-
boldt County, 1938—.

Publications: Origin and Development of Jury
System, 1932 and Grand Judy Instructions,

Army Record: Lieut., Infantry-Res., U.S.
Armv, 1928 and Lieut., 250th C. Artillery,
C.C.N.G., 1930.

Memberships: Sigma Delta Kappa, Delta Sig-
ma Lambda; Amer. Civil Engrs.; Asso. Amer.
Bar Assn.; Elks; Humboldt GoU Club; Amer.
Acad, of Pol. Sci.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gunsmithy, astronomy, golf, and

Bus. Address: Court House, Eureka, Calif.
Home Address: 1420 C St., Eureka, Calif.*

SCOTT. The Reverend John Frank,

A.B., B.D., D.D.

Rector of All Saints Church.
Born: Fitchburg (Mass.), 1886; s. of Jean-
nette (Dorr) and John Haskell Scott.
Education: Harvard College and Episcopal
Theological School, Cambridge (Mass.).
Degrees: A.B., Harvard, 1907; B.D., Epis.
'ineol. School, 1910; D.D., Occidental Coll-
ege, 1937 (Hon.).

Married: Mildred, d. of John Smith Harris
in New York City, 1913; ch.: Phyllis Warren.
Prof. Record: Asst. Min., St. George's Church
(NY) 1910-13; Rector, St. John's Church
(Providence), 1913-26; Rector, St. Stephen's
Church (Lynn, Mass.), 1926-30; Rector, St.
Paul's Church (Columbus, Ohio), 1931-35;
Rector, All Saints Church (Pasadena, Calif.),



Dircciortihiiis: Hoard of Dlr., Church Tension


Mtnnhcrshipa: Harvard Club (So. Calif.); An-

nandale Club (Pasadena, Calif.), Twilight

Club (Pasadena, Calif.).

Religion: Eplscojjal.

Politics: Independent.

Rus. unci Home Address: V,V2 No. Euclid Ave.,

Pasadena, Calif. •

SCOTT, The Reverend Walter Can-
field. D.D.

Clergyman, Lecturer.

Born: Barry (111.). Feb. G, 1869; s. of Julia
(Canfieldt and David Richard Scott.
Education: Northwestern Normal Sch. (Gen-
eseo, 111.); Jennings Sem. (Aurora, 111.);
Northwestern Univ. ; Garett Bibl. Inst.

Degrees: D.D., Phiolomath Coll. (Oregon),

Married: Edith Blanche Jones of Oregon,
Nov. 19, 1898; ch.; Mildred Mae (Mrs. E. S.
Townsend) ; Mabel Edith (Mrs. C. Hortley
Burke); Walter Brockway; David Fredrick.
Prof. Record: Ordained Methodist ministry.
Rock River Conference, 1891; Pastor (Batavia,
111.), 1911-15, Naperville (III.), 1912-15, Nor-
mal Park Ch. (Chicago), 1915-19, Sheridan
Rd. Ch. (Chicago), 1919-22; Staff Rep., Bd.
of Educ. of M.E. Ch., Dept. Finance (Chi-
cago), 1922-25; Field Secy., Ch. and Institu-
tional Financing and Methodist Ministers'
Sons and Daughters Soc; Counselor for per-
sonal and estate memorials and memorials
with a perpetuity; Lecturer.
Awards: Decorated by Supreme Council for
Meritorious Service, 1939 (Shrine).
Memberships: Mason, Shriner; Odd Fellow;
Hamilton Club (Chicago).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 115 May Ave., Monrovia.

Eastern Address: 740 Rush St., Chicago, 111.'

SCOTT. Walter Vaughn

Realtor; Representative of Huntington Land
& Improvement Co. in the South Bay Area.
Born: Geneseo (III.), Oct. 8, 1881; s. of
Georgia Ann (Perham) and Walter A. Scott.

Education: High School and College (Grin-
nell, Iowa).

Married; Lulu, d. of Ann and Henry H. Fag-
an in Grinnell, Sept. 5, 1903; ch. : Mrs. Faye
V. Moore.

Bus. Record: Realtor, sub-divider, developer,
Los Angeles Wilshire District, 1908 — ; now
exclusive representative of the Huntington
Land and Improvement Company in the South
Bay Area.

Memberships: Catalina Tuna; So. Calif. Tuna;
Palos Verdes Anglers; Elks and Hollywood
Riviera Beach (Clubs).

Religion : Methodist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Deep sea fishing.

Bus. Address: 628 So. Elena, Redondo Beach,

Home Address: 1700 Via Arriba, Palos Verdes
Estates, Calif. *

SCOYEN. Eivind T.

.SuiiLTiulcndciil, .Swiuola National Park.
Born: Yellowstone Park (Wyoming), Oct. 16,
1896; s. of Constance (Ou.sdahl) and P. N.

Education: Public Schools and St. Olaf Coll-
ege (Northfleld, Minn.).

Married: Berenice Joan, d. of E. C. Finney In
Livingston (Montana), April 11, 1923; ch.:
Edward C.

Prof. Record: Employed In Natl. Parks since
1913; Ranger & Asst. Chief Ranger, Yellow-
stone, 1919-23; Chief Ranger. Grand Canyon,
1923-27; Park Superintendent, Zion and Bryce,
1927-31, Glacier, 1931-38, Sequoia, 19.39—.
Publications: Co-author with F. J. Taylor,
Rainbow Canyons (Stanford Univ. Press).

Navy Record: Enlisted U.S. Navy, 1918-19.

Memberships: Mason; Amor. Legion; Calif.

Acad, of Science; Sierra Club (Hon. Life);

Amer. Planning and Civic Assn.

Religion: Christian.

Recreations: Photography, golf, trout fishing.

Bus. Address: Sequoia National Park, Calif.'

SCRIVER, Helen, A.B.

Teacher of Lip Reading.

Born: Cannon Falls (Minn.). June 27, 1889;
d. of Mary V. (Tupper) and Hiram A. Scriver.
Education: Minneapolis Public Schs. (Minn.);
Case Sch. of Lip Reading (Los Angeles, Cal-
if.); Smith College.; spl. work at Harvard
Univ., Univ. of Minn., Univ. of Calif. (Los
Angeles) .

Degrees: A.B., Smith Coll., 1911.
Prof. Record: Supervisor of Sch. Census
(Minneapolis, Minn.) Pub Schs.; Overseas
Service, Amer. Red Cross; Asst. to Dir.,
Dept. Civilian Relief, Northern Division (Min-
neapolis) A.R.C.; Instr. in Lip Reading. Santa
Barbara (Calif.) Public Schs.; Mem. Editorial
Staff, Volta Bureau (Washington, D.C.);
Teacher of Lip Reading to Hard of Hearing
Adults, Public Schs. of Pasadena and Glen-
dale (Calif.) at present.

Publications: Writer of numerous articles on
subjects of interest to the hard of hearing in
Hearing News and The Volta Review.
Army Service: Served overseas with the
Amer. Red Cross in the Dept. of Civilian
Relief at Marseilles (France), 1918-19.
Memberships: Bd. of Managers, Amer. Soc.
for the Hard of Hearing; E.xec. Com.,
Pacific Zone, Amer. Soc. for the Hard of
Hearing; Amer. Assn. to Promote the Teaching
of Speach to the Deaf; Natl. Ednl. Assn.
(Dept. of Lip Reading); Socs. for the Hard
of Hearing (Pasadena and Glendale) ; Calif.
Assn. of Teachers of the Hard of Hearing;
Smith Coll. Alumnae Assn. ; So. Calif. Break-
fast Club.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Motoring, and contract bridge.

Bus', and Home Address: 149 So. Los Robles,

Pasadena, Calif.

SCUDDER, The Reverend Doremus,
A.B., M.D., D.D.

Clergyman, Medical Missionary (retired).
Born: New York City, Dec. 15, 1858; s. of
Fanny (Lewis) and Rev. Henry Msirtyn



Education: Adelphi Acad. (Brooklyn, N.Y.);
Yale Univ.; Union Theol. Sem.; Phys. &
Surg. Coll., Columbia Univ.; Northwestern

Degrees: A.B., Yale Univ., 1880; M.D., Chi-
cago Med. Coll., Northwestern, 1884; D.D.,
Whitman Coll., 1898.

Married- (1) Elija Cantield Kendall, d. of
Abbie and Lee Canfield in Niigata (Japan),
June 21, 1888; (2) Mabel E., d. of Sarah
(Folsom) and Geo. F. Bosher. in Honolulu
(T.H.), Jan. 25, 1916; ch.: Katharine.
Prof Record: Commissioned Missionary of
ABCF.M. to Japan, 1884; Pastor, Worker's
(Doremus Congl.) Church (Chicago), 1890-
92- East Church (Brooklyn), 1892-95, First
Church (Woburn, Mass.), 1895-1901; Mission-
ary of the Hawaiian Bd. as Supt. of Japan
work, 1902-04; Secy, and Gen. Supt. of
Conf. Missions (H.I.), 1904-07; Minister, Cen-
tral Union Church (Honolulu, T.H.), 1907-
16- Vice-Pres., Bd. of Mgrs., Mid-Pacific
Inst , 1909-15, Pres., 1915-16; Ed. -in-Chief,
The Friend, 1904-16; Pastor, Tokyo Union
Church 1916-19; Exec. Secy., Hawaiian Cen-
tennial, 1919-20, Greater Boston Federation of
Churches, 1920-22; Minister at Large, 1922 — .
Publications: Our Children for Christ, 1899
and The Passion for Reality, 1910.
Membershi'tis: University Club of Claremont.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.

Home Address: 133 W. Ninth St., Claremont,



Born: New York City. April 28, 1892; s. of
Mary (Trainor) and Thomas Curren Scully.
Education: Columbia University.
Married: Alice Mellbye Pihl, d. of Sophie
(Mellbye) and Olaf Pihl in Paris (France),
Sept. 29, 1930; ch.: Jed Olaf, Sylvia Frances,
Patricia Ann.

Directorships: Pres., Hollywood Humane Soci-
ety; Pres., League for Public Medicine; Pres.,
Earl Hill Wilson Foundation for Medical Re-
search; Dir., Adult Disabled League.
Publications: Fun in Bed, 1931; More Fun in
Bed, 1934; Fjtn Bed Jr. and Children's Fun
in Bed, 1935; Bedside Manor, 1936; Just
What the Doctor Ordered, 1938; Collaborated
with Frank Harris on My Reminiscences as
a Cowboy, and Bernard Shaw, with Olga
Cherikoff on Sandrik, with Jimmy Walker on
his Reminiscences, with Chauncey Olcott on
his Life Story, with Talbot Taylor on Between
Panics, etc.

Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.
' Bus. Address: "Bedside Manor," Whitley
Heights, Hollywood, Calif.
Home Address: 2071 Grace Ave., Hollywood,

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 189 of 235)