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and Livermore, and Leland Stanford. Jr.,

Degrees: A.B., 1926, J.D., 1928, Leland Stan-
ford, Jr. U.

Married: Audrey Marian, d. of Harry W.
Regan, at Stanford U., Aug., 15, 1931.
Prof. Record: Has practiced alone since ad-
mission to the Bar.

Directorships: Hillsborough Park Investment
Co. (a Corp.); Hillsborough Estates.
Memberships: Masons, Elks, Eagles, Theta
Chi (coll. frat.), San Carlos Athletic Club
and Commonwealth Club of Calif.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Movies and gardening.
Bus. Address: 301 California Dr., Burlingame,

Home Address: 1241 San Carlos Ave., San
Carlos, Calif.

ANDERSON. Dewey. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Executive Secretary, Temporary National
Economic Committee.
Born: Grand Forks (No. Dak.), Jan. 14,

1897; s. of Amalia (Peterson) and Hans
Daniel Anderson.
Education: Stanford University.
Degrees: A.B., 1920, M.A., 1928, Ph.D.,
1932, Stanford U.

Married: Erma, d. of Jackson L. Sams, at
Ben Lomen, June, 1920; ch.: H. Daneel and
Helen June.

Prof. Record: Camp Dir., Army Phys. Train-
ing, Coast Def. of Puget Sound, 1917-18;
Dir., Indust. Athletics, Oakland Pub. Schls.
and Recrea. Depts., 1918-20; Area Secy.,
Prisoner of War Relief, Germany, Poland
and Baltic States, 1920-24; Admin., Student-
Prof. Relief, Amer. Section, European Stu-
dent Relief, Amer. Relief Admin. Affiliate,
Russia, 1924-27. Private business (Calif.),
1928-32; Member of the Faculty and Dir..
Stanford-Alaska Ed. Study, Stanford U.,
1932-35; Research in Taxation, Haynes
Foundation, 1936-38; Member of Legislature
(Calif.), 1935-37; Admin., State Relief Ad-
min. ((Zalif.), 1939; Economist and Execu-
tive Secy., Temporary Nat. Economic Comm.,
Wash. (D. C), 1939—.

Publications: Our California State Taxes,
Facts and Problems, 1937; Alaska Natives, a
Sociological and Educational Survey, 1935;
Occupational Mobility in an American Com-
munity, 1937; Occupational Trends in the
United States, 1940; Taxation, Recovery and
Defense, 1940.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Kappa, Sons and Daughters of Norway.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Hunting and fishing.
Bus. Address: Federal Trade Commission
Bldg., Washington, D. C.
Home Address: RFD, Cupertino. Calif, and
Town House Apts., Washington, D. C.

ANDERSON. Elam Jonathan. A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.
President, University of Redlands.
Born: Chicago (111.), Feb. 28, 1890; s. of
Hannah (Sandberg) and Victor C. Anderson.
Education: Drake University, Des Moines
(Iowa); Cornell U.; Chicago U.
Degrees: A.B., Drake U., 1912; M.A., Cor-
nell U., 1915; Ph.D., U. of Chicago; LL.D.,
Ottawa U. (Kan.)

Married: Colena, d. of Frances and Charles
H. Michael, at Buffalo (N. Y.), July 3,
1916; ch. : Frances Delight, Victor Charles
and Elam J.

Prof. Record: Instructor of Public Speaking,
Cornell U., 1913-16; Ed. Psy., 1924 Prof,
of Education (Missionary Educator), Shang-
hai Coll., 1918-26; Principal, Shanghai Schl.
for Amer. Children, 1926-32; Pres., Linfield
(Ore.) Coll., 1932-38; Pres., U. of Redlands,

Directorships: Pres., Pac. Southwest Assn.
Coll. and U.'s; Dir., Calif. Safety Council;
Mem. Bd. of Mgrs., Amer. Bapt. For. Miss.
Soc; Mem. Bd. of Ed.; Vice-Pres. Nor.
Bapt. Convention (N. Y. City) ; Mem. Bd.
of Mgrs., So. Calif. Bapt. Convention.
Publications: China Coll. Song Book, 1923;
English Teaching Efficiency in China, 1926;
Music Appreciation, Book I, 1928; Introduc-
tion to Western Music, 1929.
Army Service: Corporal, Amer. Co., Shang-
hai Volunteer Corps., Shanghai (China),

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Kappa, Mason, Rotary.



Religion: Baptist.
Recreation: Golf.

Buit. Addrrss: University of Redland.s, Red-
lands, Calif.

Home Address: 325 Grove St., Redalnds.

Technical Director, Western Precipitation

Born: Ilallsberg (Sweden), Dec. 3, 1883;
s. of Anders and Kristlna Persson.
Educntion: Sweden, San Farncisco, Univer-
sity of Calif.

Degrees: B.S., Chemistry, U. of Calif., 1913.
Married: Ruth Helen, d. of W. H. Davis, at
riverside (Calif.), 1893; ch.: Anna Marie
and Ruth Alice.

Prof. Record: Phys. Chemist, Chem. Engr..
Tech. Dir., Western Precipitation Corp.,
since 1913.

Publications: Numerous articles in Technical
Journals on Chemistry, Physics and Engi-

Memberships: Oneonta, Phi Lambda Upsilon,
Sigma Xi. Alpha Chi Sigma.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Liberal.

Bus. Address: 1016 West Ninth St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1841 Warwici? Rd., c5an Ma-
rino, Calif.

ANDERSON, Frank Bolander.

Type Metal Manufacturer.

Born: Portland (Ore.), Nov. 26, 1887; s. of

Malvina Henrietta (Bolander) and Frank

Walter Anderson.

Education: Portland (Ore.), Eurel^a (Calif.);

University Farm (Davis, Calif.).

Married: Sadie Elizabeth, d. of A. C. Han-
sen, at Oaliland (Calif.), July 20. 1907.
Bus. Record: Editor, Tracy (Calif), Press;
Editor. Humboldt Times (Eureica, Calif.);
Superintendent of Publicity, Calif. State Ag-
ricultural Soc; News Editor. Sacramento
Star; Capitol Reporter, Sacramento Bee;
Secy., Western Berl<shire Congress, also
Calif. Swine Breeders Assn. ; City Editor,
S. F. Bulletin, also Political Editor same
paper; Editor. Mission Section, S. F. Call;
Owner and Publisher, Sausalito News: Vice-
Pres. and Publisher (S. F.), Neighborhood
Newspapers, Inc. ; Co-partnership with Ralph
Gollan in (^Uan Metal Co.

Directorships: Past Pres., S. F. Newspaper-
men's Club; Past Vice-Pres., Marvelous
Marin. Inc. (San Rafael. Calif.); Past Vice-
Pres.. Publishers Unit, Redwood Empire Assn.
(S. F.); Past Mem., Advisory Council Calif.
Newspaper Publishers Assn.

Publications: Why I Breed Berkshire Hogs


Memberships: Press and Newspapermen's

Club (S. F.); South o'Market Boys Club

(S. F.); San Rafael Lodge of Elks.

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening and woodcutting.
Bus. Address: 39 Tehama St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 15 Central Ave., Sausalito,


Mayor of Hawthorne.

Born: I^s Angeles (Calif.), Feb. 21, 1913;
s. of Serene W. (Flstcr) and William .1 An-

Education: Hawthorne Grammar School. In-
glewood Union High School; University of
Calif, (still In attendance at U. C. L. A.).
Prof. Record: Entered business In 1933; now
Owner of motor parts store, tire store, ga-
rage and service station; elected Secretary.
Democratic Co. Central Comm., 46th As-
sembly Dist., 19.38.

Memberships: Board of Directors of Kiwanis
(Hawthorne); Member, Redmens I>odge;
Vice-Chmn., Centinela; 16th Congressional
Dem. Club; 1st Chmn. and Org., Centinela
Valley Young Democrats.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democratic.

Bus. and Home Address: 582 No. Hawthorne
Blvd., Hawthorne, Calif.

ANDERSON, Hugh Stacey.

President and Treasurer, The Model Grocery

Born: Dallas (Texas), Jan. 27, 1890; s. of
Nora (Rust) and Stacey W. Anderson.
Education: Dallas and Pasadena High Schls.
Married: Hanna (Bleibtreu), d. of Rev.
George J. Bleibtreu at Round Knob (111.),
Dec. 17, 1889; ch.: Hugh Harris, Geraldine
Gillespie and Carol Schaefer.
Bus. Record: Started with The Model Gro-
cery Co.. July, 1909, as delivery boy; held
various positions such as Salesman. (Jen.
Cashier, Secty., Secty.-Treas., Vice-Pres.; at
present Pres.-Treas. and (Jen. Manager; has
served 31 years continuously with the same

Directorships: Dir.. Pasaedna Merchants
Assn.. Mem., Salvation Army Advisory
Board. Treas.. Calvary Baptist Church, 29
years (Pasadena).

Memberships: New Century Club (Pasadena).
Past Pres.. Civitan. International (Luncheon
Club), now Financial Secty.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, hiking, home gar-
dening, woodshop.

Bus. Address: 60 W. Colorado St., Pasadena,

Home Address: 400 N. Mentor Ave.. Pasa-
dena, Calif.


Member of Congress, 8th Calif. District.

Born: Oakland (Calif.). Mar. 22, 1904; s.

of Susie (Brown) and George H. Anderson.

Education: Public Schools in San Jose


Married: Frances, d. of Maude (Morrow)

and Wilson Giffin, 1926; ch.: Jean. Carol

and Nancy.

Prof. Record: Took over management of

pear orchards at his father's death in 1923.

remained a Farmer by choice until elected

to Congress in 1938.

Memberships: Hollister Lodge, B. P. O. E.,

Sainte Claire Club (San Jose).

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, hunting, riding.



Bus. Address: 336 House Office Building,

Washington, D. C.

Home Address: R.F.D., San Juan Bautista,


Other Addresses: 5509 Grove St., Chevy

Chase, Md.

ANDERSON. Leo Ellis, B.S., LL.B.

Partner, Meserve, J.Iumper & Hughes.
Born: Gettysburg (So. Dak.), Feb. 20, 1902;
s. of Leonora (Ellis) and Laurits M. Ander-

Education : Public Grammar Schools, Hunt-
ington Park Union High School (Calif.), U.
of Redlands and U. of So. Calif.
Degrees: B.S. in Bus. Adm., 1924; LL.B.,
1927, U. So. Calif.

Married: Hollis, d. of May W. and David
W. Norris at Pasadena (Calif.), Nov. 1,
1933; ch.: Denise (5 yrs.).
Prof. Record: When admitted to the prac-
tice of law in Calif. (Oct., 1927), became
associated with Meserve, Mumper, Hughes &
Robertson; in Jan. 1939, became a partner
of Meserve, Mumper & Hughes; is Past
Pres. of the Junior Barristers of L. A. Co.
Directorships: Vice-Pres., Dealers' Discount
Co.; Pres., Lopez Canyon Oil Co.
Memberships: Skull & Scales (honorary law,
U.S.C); Kappa Sigma Sigma (Univ. of Red-
lands) ; Beta Gamma Sigma (scholarship —
commerce), Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi,
Phi Delta Phi (all U.S.C); Econ. Round
Table (Los Angeles) Mason, State Bar of
Calif., L. A. Bar Ass'n.
R eligion : Episcopal .

Politics: Republican (Chmn., L. A. Co. Rep.
Central Comm., 1936-1940.
Recreations: Golfing, gardening.
Bus. Address: Richfield Bldg., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1555 Charlton Road, San
Marino, (Halif.

ANDERSON. Reverend Professor Lewis
Calvin, A.B., M.A., B.D.
Minister, First Christian Church, Hemet,

Born: Frankfort (Ind.), Dec. 20, 1886; s. of
Anna Allen (Williams) and Thomas M. An-

Education: Public schools, Lebanon High
School (Ind.), Transylvania Univ., College
of the Bible, Lexington (Ky.).
Degrees: A.B., Transylvania, 1913; M.A.
1925; B.D., College of the Bible (Ky.), 1926.
Married: Maud Ethel, d. of Ruhamah (Sul-
livan) and David William Foster at Rich-
mond (Ind.), July 22, 1914; ch.: Mary Ru.
Prof. Record: Principal, Kentucky Classical
and Business College, No. Middletown (Ky.),
1913-15; Pastor of churches in Richmond,
Brownsburg, and Springport (Ind.), Monte
Vista (Colo.), Cheyenne (Wyo.), and Los
Angeles (Calif.); Prof, of New Testament,
Cotner College. 1929-33; Pres., 1930-33; Prof,
of Religion, Chapman College, 1936-40.
Publications: Misc. articles in church papers.
Memberships: Sigma Upsilon (Literary),
Aleph Theta Ze (Ministerial).
Religion: Protestant (Disciples of Christ).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Limited fishing and hiking; gar-

War Service: Colorado Soldiers and Sailors
Home, 1917-18.

Business Address: First Christian Church,
Harvard and Acacia Sts., Hemet, Calif.
Ho7ne Address: 1003 E. Florida Ave., Hemet,

ANDERSON. Robert Van Vleck. A.B.

(Geologist, Socony Vacuum Oil Co., Inc.
Born: Galesburg (111.), April 18, 1884: s.
of Charlena (Van Vleck) and Melville Best
Anderson, LL.D. (deceased; former Prof.,
Stanford Univ.).

Education: Priv. Schs. In Palo Alto and San
Jose (Calif.); Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1906.
Married: Gracella, d. of Walter B. Rountree
of San Francisco, in New York City, Mar.
16, 1923; ch.: Robert Playfair, Patricia Sage
and Gracella Gurnee.

Prof. Record: Assisted in investigations on
San Francisco earthquake, 1906; Geologist,
U. S. Geol. Survey, 1906-13, chiefly engaged
on studies of Calif, oil fields; also a Mem.,
Oil Land Classification Bd. of U. S. Geol.
Survey; travelled extensively in Europe, No.
and So. Amer., Asia, etc., as Geologist for
S. Pearson and Son, Ltd. (London), 1913-17;
sent to Stockholm as Spl. Agent of Dept.
of State, In connection with work of re-
stricting shipments to Germany; was Amer.
Delegate on Inter-Allied Trade Com. In
Sweden, 1918-19; Dir. and CSiief Geol., White-
hall Petroleum Corp., Ltd. (London) ; en-
gaged In explorations for oil in various parts
of world, 1919-26; engaged in independent
research, 1927-33; has been with Socony
Vacuum Oil Co., Ltd., since 1934, mostly in
connection with work in Europe and No.
Africa; was Mgr. in Egypt of operations in
search of oil, 1937-38; in New York office
since 1939.

Publications: Geology in Coastal Ranges of
Western Algeria (Memoir of Geol. Soc. of
Amer.); various reports published by U. S.
Geol. Survey on Calif. Oil Fields, and numer-
ous other papers.

Memberships: Sigma Xi (Scientific Honor

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: Socony Vacuum Oil Co., Inc.,
26 Broadway, New York, N. Y.
Home Address: 7 Seneca PI., Montclair, New

ANDERSON. William Charles.

Editor, Writer.

Born: Detroit (Mich.), April 7, 1874; s. of
Elizabeth (Murphy) and Capt. (Tharles An-

Education: Public and private cshools, De-
troit (Mich.).

Married: Elizabeth, d. of James Scott Hardie
(descendent of Sir Walter Scott), at Detroit
(Mich.): ch.: Dean and Jean.
Prof. Record: Spent eight years at sea as
a boy; traveled in many lands; lived two
years in India, there studying the many re-
ligions of that land. Has been Editor of
several hundred short stories and verses of
the sea and ships (which have been favor-
ably commented upon by Rudyard Kipling,
John Masefield, Freemont Older and others) ;
many articles of the writer have been pub-



llshod on till- Ufi\ customs, and hublts of
the Illmlus ami Mohnmmcdjins. Writes
unik'i- a score or more i)cn-names. OrlK'lnaled
The TravellnK Salesman Liberty I.eaKue dur-
ing Work! War I.

Religion: Student of the world's religions.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, hunting and sailing.
Home Address: 855 Waller St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

ANDRESON, Jr., John.

Banker, Kealtor.

President and Manager, The Andreson Com-
pany. San Bernardino, Calif.
Born: San Bernardino (Calif.); s. of Emma
(K.iappl and John Andreson.
Education: San Bernardino Academy, 1891.
Married: Minnie Gasper, d. of Charles F.
Riley, at San Bernardino (Calif.), April 17,
1900; ch.: John III and Laura Frances.
Prof. Record: Farmers Exchange Natl. Bank
San Bernardino, 17 years: Dir. in the Santa
Fe Fed. Savings & Loan Assn., 43 years
(formerly Santa Fe Bldg. & Loan Assn.);
Vice-Pres., 20 years, past 5 years, Pres. ;
Mem., San Bernardino Board of Education,
12 years : at present Pres. and Mgr. of the
And'reson Co. (holding and renting real
estate) .

Directorships: Pres., Rialto Fruit Co.: Dir.,
San Bernardino Thrift & Loan Assn.; Chmn.,
Advisory Board, Bank of America, San

Memberships: Peter Pan, Lions, Arrowhead
Villa, Masonic (both York and Scottish De-
grees), Shrines and Shriners, San Bernardino
Lodge, Elks, Native Sons of the (Jolden
West, Mem. and Past Pres., Assn. of the
Native Son, and Knights of Pythian Lodge
(Highlands) .
Religion : Unitarian.
Pontics.- Republican.

Ho77ie Address: 671 Fourth St., San Bernar-
dino, Calif.

ANDREWS, Lewis Whiting. B.S.


Senior Partner, Andrews & Andrews.

Born: Mt. Vernon (Mo.), April 22, 1869; s.

of Elizabeth A. (Gorton) and Lindley Murray


Education: Studied law privately, also with

Judge B. T. Williams of Ventura Co. (Calif.),

and Andrews & Andrews of Norwalk (Ohio.).

Degree: B.S., Northern 111. Normal School,


Married: Abbie Crane at Saticoy (Calif.),

Jan. 21, 1892; ch.: Ellen Louise (Mrs.

Charles L. Wright), Horace Crane, Violet

(Mrs. Violet Andrews), and Lewis W., Jr.

Prof. Record: Secty. and Instr., in History
Throop Polytechnic Inst, (now Calif. Inst.
Tech.). 1891-1893: admitted to Bar (Calif.),
1894; Partner, Toland & Andrews (Ventura),
1895-1900; practiced independently (L. A.),
1900-11; admitted to practice before Supreme
Court of U. S., 1911; practiced (L. A.),
since 1911, as Sr. Partner successively of
Andrews, Toland & Andrews; Andrews, To-
land, Greeg & Andrews; Andrews & An-
drews, Andrews, Blanche & Kline; Andrews
& Kline; Andrews & Andrews.

Memberships: Mason (32°); Shriner.

Clubs: Los Angeles Country, Bel- Air Bay,
California (all Los Angeles).
Religion : Unlversallst.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Addrtss: Union Oil Building, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: "214 So. LaFayelte PI., Los
Angeles, Calif.

ANDREWS, Stanley Phillips.

Owner and General Manager, Stanley An-
drews Co., San Diego.

Born: London (Eng.), Nov. 5, 1879; s. of
Marie (Capps) and Arthur William Andrews.

Education: Los Angeles (Calif.).

Married: Alice, d. of Elizabeth and John
Partington, at San Francisco (Calif.), Mar.
7. 1903; ch.: Stanley Phillips, Jr.

Bus. Record: Opened Bicycle Store, Berkeley
(Calif.), 1900; purchased Golden Gate Cy-
clery, 1901 (San Francisco), and sold firm
in 1904; moved to San Diego and took posi-
tion with San Diego Cycle & Arms Co., re-
maining as Manager until 1917, then re-
signing; opened the Hazard Gould Sport
Goods Co. in 1926; opened the Stanley An-
drews Co., acting as Owner and Operator,

Memberships: Masons, Rotary, Executives
Assn., Izaak Walton League, San Diego Fish
and Game Assn., San Diego Rowing Club,
Coronado Yacht Club, Marlin Club of S. D.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, traveling.

Bus. Address: 1144 Third Ave., San Diego,


Home Address: 3205 28th St., San Diego,


ANDRUS, Professor James Russell,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Economics, University
of Redlands.

Born: Puyallup (Wash.), Sept. 19, 1902; s.
of Bertha (Symonds) and William Cyrus

Education: Fowler High Sch. Fowler (Calif.),
U. of Redlands (Calif.), U. of Calif. (Berke-
ley), Cambridge U. (Eng.).
Degrees: A.B., Redlands, 1925; M.A., Cal-
ifornia, 1926; Ph.D., California, 1934.

Married: Margaret Bradley White, d. of Roy
W. White, at Los Angeles, Aug. 5, 1926;
ch.; Zola Belle, Margaret H. and Marjorie
H. Andrus.

Prof: Record: Teaching Fellow in Economics,
U. of Calif., 1925-28; Head of Economics
Dept., Judson Coll., Rangoon (Burma),
1928-40; Dean of Men, Judson Coll., 1930-33;
Secty.. Agricultural Debtors' Protection Com-
mittee, Gov't, of Burma. 1931-32; Univ.
Prof, of Economics (Rangoon). 1936-40;
Mem. Burma State Translation Bd., 1939-40;
Visiting Prof, of Economics, U. of Redalnds,

Publications: Rural Reconstruction in Burma
(Oxford U. Press) ; Editor of Political Econ-
omy of Burma (Burma Book Club. Ran-
goon) ; Reviser for Burmese edition of
Socrates at School (Oxford) ; Three Economic



Systems Clash in Burma .review of economic
studies, London.
Memberships; Toe H (British).
ReligiQn: Baptist.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Tennis and Gardening.
Bus. Address: University of Redlands, Red-
lands, Calif.

Home Address: 1003 No. University St., Red-
lands, Calif.

Other Addresses: Box 80, Bostonia, San Diego

ANGELO. Cholly (see SPENCER, Lynn)

ANKELE. Cordes Westerfeld. A.B., M.D.


Born: San Francisco, Dec. 16, 1897; s. of
Ida (Westerfield) and John H. Anlcele.
Education: Stanford; University of Vienna,

Degrees: A.B., 1919, M.D., 1923, Stanford U.
Married: Genevieve, d. of Patrick H. Mc-
Evov, at Fresno (Calif.), May 2, 1922; ch.:
Cordes W. Ankele II, 15, and Craig K., 12.
Prof. Record: General practice (Dunsmuir),
1923-29; Surgeon (Sacramento), 1930-40; Vis-
iting Surgeon, Sacramento Co. Hospitals;
Staff of Sutter and Mercy Hospitals.
Directorships: Dir. of Sacramento Soc. for
Med. Improvement; Dir., Sacramento Chap-
ter Amer. Red Cross.

Army Record: Private In S.A.T.C, 1918.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Chi Psi, Nu
Sigma Nu, Del Paso Country Club.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Reading, golf, fishing.
Bus. Address: 926 J St., Sacramento, Calif.
Home Address: 2719 10th Ave., Sacramento,

ANTHEIL. George.

Composer, Writer, Criminologist.
Born: Trenton (N. J.), July 8, 1900; s. of
of Wilhelmina (Huse) and Henry W. An-

Education: Trenton High Sch.
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Ernest Markus, at
Ck)dollo (Hungary), July 28, 1908; ch.: Peter

Prof. Record: One of ten recognized serious
composers of music in United States; his
hobby of endocrinological criminology has
made marked advances in entire science of
criminology, recognized by leading author-
ities; has written number of important mo-
tion picture scores: The Plainsman, The
Buccaneer. Angels Over Broadway, etc. ;
wrote first American opera to be staged by
European state (Frankfurt a-M in May,
1930) ; possesses rare decoration which only
two Americans possess, decorated by French
Gov't, in 1933, the Societie Historique.
Publications: Many articles, both popular
and scientific, too numerous to mention;
Among publications is a Study of Glandular
Criminology (Stackpole Press, 1937) ; also
vwote and published many musical works.
Army Service: Accepted into U. S. A. Avia-
tion, 1918 (volunteer) .

Membership: League of Composers (N. Y.

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Writing humorous articles.

Bus. Address: P. O. Box 3106, Hollywood,


Oother Address: 135 Academy St., Trenton,

New Jersey.

ANTHONY. Selda Eldred. B.S., M.D.,


Born: Long Beach (Calif.), June 9, 1910; d.
of Clara May (Eldred) and Richard Selden
Anthony, M.D.

Education: Public schools, Pomona Coll.,
Pacific Union Coll., College of Medical Evan-

Degrees: B.S., M.D., 1936, College of Med-
ical Evangelists; D.N.B., granted in 1936 by
National Board of Medical Examiners.
Prof. Record: Two years General Interne-
ship, Los Angeles Co. General Hosp.; 3%
years general private practice, Independence
(Calif.); conducting Well Baby Clinics
throughout Inyo Co. for Bureau of Child
Hygiene under Dr. Stadmuller, 1939 — .
Memberships: Inyo-Mono Co. Med. Soc,
Calif. Med. Assn., Amer. Med. Assn., Vi-
dette Rebekah Lodge No. 376, Amer. Legion
Aux., Mt. Whitney Post No. 265.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Horseback riding, swimming,
playing the accordion, old-fashioned dancing.
Home Address: Winnedumah Hotel, Indepen-
dance, Calif.

APPERSON, Orbell Oakes.

Owner and Editor of Mount Shasta Herald.

Born: Willows (Calif.), Dec. 26, 1894; s. Of

Edith (Orbell) and John A. Apperson.

Education: Willows (Calif.).

Married: Ruby S., d. of B. F. Rose, at

Modesto (Calif.), April 27, 1922; ch.: Orbell

O., Jr.

Prof. Record: Owner and Editor, Mount

Shasta Herald, since Oct., 1915.

Army Record: Served in Army, May 22, 1917

to April 26, 1919.

Memberships: Lions, Masons.

Politics: Republican.

Business Address: Mount Shasta, Calif.

Home Address: 204 Orem St., Mount Shasta,


ARBOGAST. Glen Elven.

President, Newbery Electric Corp.
Born: Numa (Iowa), Aug. 31, 1884; s. of
Katharine Matilda (Gammon) and Stephen
A. Douglas Arbogast.

Married: Emerald Lucy, d. of CJeorge Bar-
man, at Los Angeles (Calif.), May 15, 1908;
ch.: Richard E., Woodrow W., Grant E.,
Juanita L. and Dorothy May, Wanda E.
Bus. Record: In 1903 entered employ of
F. E. Newberv Electric Co. in Los Angeles;
1907, Supt. o"f Construction; 1910, became
Gen. Mgr.; 1921, purchased F. E. New-
bery's interest in L. A. office and business;
reorganized under name of Newbery Elec-
tric Corp. ; became Pres. and principal stock-

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Interstate Secur-
ities Corp.; Dir., Crystalite Products Corp.;
Pres., Eagle Rock Br., Bank of Amer.
Public Record: 1933-38, Vice-Pres., L. A.
Harbor Comm.; 1939-40, Pres., L. A. Harbor



Comm.: ia!7-40, Pres.. Calif. Assn. of Port
Autlioritle.s; 19;59-'10. Pros., Pac. Coast Assn.
of I'ort Authorities; Pres. Emeritus, Eagle
Rock Chamber of Commerce.
Memberships: Masonic Bodies; West Lake
F. & A. M. No. ;«)2, Scottish Rite, Shrine
32 (U'<jroo, AI Malaikah Temple; L. A. Ath-
letic Club and affiliated clubs, Annandale
Country Club. L. A. Electric Club.

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