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Lakeville Golf and Country Clubs.
Bits. Address: Metro-(3oldwyn-Mayer Studios,
Culver City, Calif. *



Born: Yokohama (Japan), Apr. 10, 1910; s.
of Masu (Aoki) and Yoichi Serisawa.
Education: Long Beach Polytechnic High
School, 1926-29; studied with father, Y. Seri-
sawa, 1921-26, George Barker, 1928-34.



Marriril: Mary. (I. of Iso ( Kawahftrn ) and
Kunnasabuio 'I'anaka, In Lonf; Beach (Calif.).
/'(•()/. lircord: l{e|)iescntp(l by palnllnj,' at the
San Diogo Mu.seum. Collectlon.s: Fannie Brice,
Howard .lack.son. Mark Sandrlch, Arthur
Freed and many others.

Awards: Ilonor.ible Mention (Los Angeles Co.
Fair), ia'W;-.i8-4(); Meyer Flax Purchase
Award, li).'!!); Second Prize. State F'air (Sac-
ramento, Calif.), 1910; Honorable Mention
(San Diego Museum), li)l(): Foundation of
Western Art's Annual "Award of Honor,"
1940; Second Hon. Men. (L.A. Mus.), 1941.
Mcmbrrsh\i)x: P'oundatlon of Western Art;
Laguna Beach Art Assn. (Life Mem.).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Zecreatinns: Reading and fishing.
Bus. Address: Tone Price Gallery, 9045 Sunset
Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 2225 Branden St., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

SETCHELL, Professor William Albert.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Botany, Emeritus, University of

Born: Norwich (Conn.), Apr. 15. 1864; s. of
Mary Ann (Davis) and George Case Setchell.
Education : Norwich Public Schools; Norwich
Free Acad.; 'iaie Univ.; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Yale Univ., 1887; M.A., 1888,
Ph.D., 1890, Harvard Univ.

Married: Clara Ball Pearson (Caldwell), in
Providence (R.I.).

Prof. Record: Morgan Fellow, Harvard U.,
1887-88; Asst. in Biology, Harvard U., 1888-
90; Instr., 1890-95; Prof, of Botany, U. of
Calif., 1895-1934, Prof. Bot., Emor. 1934—.
Publications: Many publications in journals
on aquatic plants, especially marine agae,
geographical distribution, ethno botany, etc.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa. Simga Xi, Phi

Sigma, Alpha Zeta; Natl. Acad. Science,

Amer. Phil. Soc, Amer. Acad. Arts and


Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 5598 Life Science Bldg., Univ.

of California, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 2441 Haste St., Berkeley,


SEXSON. John Amherst, Pd.B., A.B.,

Pd.M., M.A., Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Born: Omaha (Neb.), 1881; s. of Bertha
(Kyle) and Andrew Jackson Sexson.
Education: Rural Schools of Neb., Franklin
Academy; Colo. School of Education; Univ. of

Degrees: Pd.B., 1905, A.B., Pd.M., 1908,
Ed.D., 1934 (Hon.) Colo. State School of Edu-
cation; M.A., Univ. of Denver, 1920; Ed.D.,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1938.

Married: Margaret Guillet, 1906; ch. : John
A., Jr.

Prof. Record: Teacher of Rural Schools
(Nebraska), 1900-05; Supt. of Schools (Man-
cos. Colo.), 1905-08; Supt. of Schools (Tellu-
ride, Colo.), 1908-12; Supt. of Schools (Sterl-
ing, Colo.), 1912-24; Supt of. Schools ( Bisbee,
Ariz.), 1924-28; Supt. of Schools (Pasadena,
Calif.), since 192«. Pres., Calif. Teachers
Assn., 1935-39; Pres., Amer. Assn. of School
Administrators, 1939.

Direr torships: Member, Educational PollclCB
Commission, 19.'t5 — .

Publications: Contributor to nationally known
educational publications, Amcricnn School
Board JoHrnal, Journal of the Natmniil Edu-
cation Association, National Education Digest,
Nation's Schools.

Army Record: Major, Sanitary Corps, U.S.
Army, during World War I.
Memberships: Mason (32°) Shrlner; Phi Delta
Kappa; Rotary; Pasadena Chamber of Com-
merce, Univ. Club of Pasadena, and New Cen-
tury Club.

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Go\i and bridge.
Bus. Address: 320 E. Walnut St., Pasadena,

Home Address: 1926 Midwick Dr., Pasadena,
Calif. •

SEXTON. Jay Corwin. LL.B.


Born: Minneapolis (Kan.), Feb. 6, 1880; s. of
Alice May (Elder) and Frank M. Sexton.
Education: Minneapolis (Kan.) High School;
Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1904.
Married: Mary Adele, d. of Dr. George Pray
in Woodward Lake (Mich.); ch.: Frank M.
and Grace Beck.

Prof. Record: After graduation from law
school, began business as Organizer and Cash-
ier of Bank of Ochelota (Indian Terr.), 1904;
CasMer of the Bank of Jacksonville (Ore.),
also practiced law there, 1907; formed a part-
nership with George W. Silverthorn in practice
of law (Mesa. Ariz.), 1909; practiced law in
San Diego from 1912-15; Pres. of the La Habra
Valley Bank of Brea (Calif.), 1915-22, during
which time was also Mayor of the City; helped
organize 1st. Natl. Bank in Redlands, 1922,
was Vice-Pres.. until Bank was sold to Bank
of Amer. in 1928. Pres., Redlands Chamber of
Commerce, 1938.

Army Record: Draft Officer in 1917.
Memberships: Masons, Knights Templar (both
32°), Shriners; Elks.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: 200 Security First National
Bank Bldg., Redlands, Calif.

Home Address: 505 W. Cypress Ave., Red-
lands, Calif. *

SEYMOUR. John Laurence,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Composer; Lecturer; Instructor, Department
of Dramatic Art, Sacramento Junior College.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.); s. of Rose Anne
(LaPoint) and Herbert W. Seymour.
Education: Public schools (Los Angeles) ; Univ.
of Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: A.B., 1917, M.A., 1919, Ph.D., 1940,
Univ. of Calif.

Prof. Record: Fellow and Instr., Dept. of
English, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1917-19;
Teacher, Hollywood High School, 1919-23;
Instr., Dept. of Dramatic Art, Sacramento
Junior College, 1926 — ; Lecturer on opera and
drama. Extension Div., Univ. of Calif., 1928-



Publications: Composer of opera In the Pa-
sha's Garden (produced by Metropolitan Opera
House, N.Y.), 1935; various translations from
the Russian, by Scribner's, 1917, Appleton's,
1932, Banner Play Bureau, 1939; operettas, by
Samuel French, Inc.; other music by Harms,
Inc., J. Fischer and Bro.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa
Lambda, Delta Psi Omega; N.E.A.; ASCAP.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Boating and swimming.
Bus. Address: Sacramento Junior Coll., Sacra-
mento, Calif.

Home Address: 3024 Freeport Blvd.. Sacra-
mento, Calif. *

SHAFER. Mina (Filomina)

Columnist, Poet.

Born: Kentland (Ind.1, Dec. 8, 1872; d. of

Maria (Schmidt) and Konrad Spruck.

Education: Convent Schools.

Married: Robert R. Shafer, in Fostoria (Ohio) ;

ch. : Aaron Burr.

Prof. -Record: Well known Columnist and


Home Address: 421 No. Sycamore St., Santa

Ana, Calif. *

SHALER, Clarence Addison, M.A.
Sculptor, Inventor.

Born: Mackford (Green Lake County, Wis.),
May 29, 1860; s. of Sally (Stuart) and ^nsel

Education: Rlpon College (Wisconsin).
Degrees: M.A., (hon.), Ripon College, 1936.
Married: Blanch Bancroft (deceased), at
Waupun (Wis.), 1895; ch.: Marian Shaler

Prof. Record: Began as manufacturer of um-
brellas and other patented inventions (Wau-
pun, Wis.), 1893; Founded C. A. Shaler Co.,
manufacturing automobile tire vulcanizers
(own invention) at Waupun, 1903; retired
from business in 1928 to devote time to sculp-
turing. Founded Shaler Scholarship to help
graduates of Waupun High School, 1920. Do-
nated to Ripon College, his statue of Genesis
in 1936 and one of Abraham Lincoln, 1939.
Among principal works are: The Vision (For-
est Lawn Memorial Park), Dawn of Day
(Waupun, Wis.), The Pioneers and Group of
Deer (Waupun) ; Morning of Life (Mackford
Prairie, Wis.), Tomorrow Is Today's Dream,
(Miami, Florida), The Citadel (to be located
in a western college). Located in Pasadena
(Calif.) are The Unfolding Flower, Diogenes,
By the Roadway of Life, Nydia, Youth, My
Mexico, The Choir Boy, Inspiration, and

Politics : Independent.

Home Address: 99 So. Raymond Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

SHANE, Professor Charles Donald,

A.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Astrophysics, University of Cali-

Born: Auburn (Calif.), Sept. 6, 1895; s. of
Annette (Futhey) and Charles Nelson Shane.

Education : Public schools of Auburn and Oak-
land (Calif.); Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1915, Ph.D., 1920, Univ. of

Married: Mary Lea, d. of Alice Lea (Ferris)
and William Simcoe Heger, in Berkeley
(Calif.), Dec. 29, 1920; ch.: Charles Nelson
and William Whitney.

Prof. Record: Instr., Mathematics, Univ. of
Calif., 1920, promotions through various grades
to Professor of Astrophysics, 1935 — . Pres.,
Astronomical Soc. of the Pacific, 1940.
Directorships: Pres., North Fork Assn., 1940-

Publications: Has written articles published
in Lick Observatory Bulletin and Publications
of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
Navy Record: Lieut., D-V (S) U.S.N.R.
Memberships: Faculty Club (Univ. of Calif.,
Berkeley, Calif.).
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Mountaineering.
Bus. Address: Students' Observatory, Univ. of
California, Berkeley, Calif.
Home Address: 89 San Mateo Rd., Berkeley,


Drama Instrustor; Associate Director, Pasa-
dena Community Playhouse.
Born: Waterloo (Iowa); d. of Alice (Perry)
and John Shane wise.

Education: Univ. of Chicago; Iowa State
Teachers' College.

Degrees: A.B., Iowa State Teachers' College.
Prof. Record: Dir., State Teachers' College
(Minn.), and Iowa State Teachers' College,
Assoc. Dir. at Pasadena Playhouse, since 1923
(over 75 roles played).
Memberships: Zeta Phi Eta (Hon. Mem.).
Bus. Address: 39 So. El Molino Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 2121 Monte Vista, Pasadena,
Calif. •

SHANKS. Frederick Lewis

Ranch Manager.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 13, 1894; s.
of Mary (McNeill) and Frederick Hastings

Education: Univ. of Calif. (3 yrs.).
Married: Marion, d. of James Mills, in Berke-
ley (Calif.), May 14, 1924; ch.: a son and a

Prof. Record: Started working for Jas. Mills
Orchards Corp. after World War I and soon
became general foreman in 1918, in this ca-
pacity until 1928, when made Ranch Mgr. of
their various properties (consisting of about
10,000 acres planted to various orchard and
field crops) ; also does outside farm manage-
ment; dealer in various agr. insecticides, ma-
chinery, etc.

Directorships: James Mills Orchards Corp.;
Pres., Mt. Lassen Area Council (Boy Scouts
of Amer.).

Memberships: Theta Delta Chi; Masons; Elks.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Golf, horses, fishing.
Home Address: Hamilton City, Calif. *




Senior Fishoiics BloIoRlst, California State
Division of l'"Lsh ,ui(l (iamc.
Bom; Dorpat (Ksthonia), April 14, 1908; ■.
of Mary Isabolla (Willi and Michael Shupovu-

Edtication: Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 19;i0, M.A., 1932, Stanford.

Prof. Record: Field Asst., Calif. State Dlv.
Fish and Game, li).'!2; .Junior Fi.sheries Re-
searcher In Charge Hot Creek Experimental
Station, 19;i2; Senior Fisheries Researcher,
1933: Sr. Inland Water Fish Researcher, 1934-
40; Sr. Fisheries Biologist, Calif. State Div. of
Fish and Game, 1940 — ; temporary Biologist,
U.S. Bureau of Fisheries, 1934 (Leader of
Klamath Stream Survey Party).

Publications: 22 scientific articles pub. in fol-
lowing journals: Copeia, Peking Natural His-
tory Btilletin, Science, California Fish and
Game, California Conservationist, Transac-
tions American Fisheries Society; poetry pub.
In various mags, and anthologies, California
Poets, etc.

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Assn. Adv. of
Science; New York Acad. Sciences: Amer.
Fisheries Soc. : Amer. Soc. Ichthyologists and
Herpetologists: Limnological Soc. Amer.;
Western Soc. Naturalists: The Wildlife Soc;
Amer. Wildlife Inst.; Sigma Xi; Pac. Fishery

Recreations: Tennis, hiking, fishing.
Bus. Address: Natural History Museum, Stan-
ford University, Calif.

Home Address: 740 Creek Dr., Menlo Park,

SHARP, George Stevenson,

M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.R. '


Born: Cadiz (Ohio), April 15, 1901; s. of

Agnes (Stevenson) and George Cunningham


Education: Harvard Univ., 1920-23, Harvard
Medical School, 1923-27.

Degrees: M.D., Harvard. 1927; F.A.C.S., 1934;
Rockefeller Fellowship in Cancer, 1929-32.
Married: Polly, d. of Ada and Paul Casebeer,
in Somerset (Pa.), Nov. 15, 1927; ch.: George,

Prof. Record: Grad. training in Memorial
Cancer Hosp. (New York City) on Rockefeller
Fellowship from 1929-32; subsequently direc-
tor of an institution devoted to surgery and
radiation of cancer and allied diseases in
association with Dr. Robert CSowans Freeman.
Directorships: Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Sur-
geons, and of Amer. Bd. of Radiology; Visit-
ing Prof., Univ. of Mexico; Consultant, Tumor
Clinic, U.S. Veterans Hosp. (Sawtelle, Calif.);
Chief, Tumor Clinic, Pasadena Dispensary.
Publications: 25 manuscripts on various types
of cancer and allied diseases.
Memberships: Valley Hunt Club, Pasadena
Breakfast Club; Medical Societies.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, badminton, fishing.

Biis. Address: 635 Herkimer St., Pasadena,

Home Address: 1669 Lombardy Rd., Pasadena,

SHARP. James Benjamin,

A.l'>., M.A., Ph.D. (doc. Jan. 9, 1941).

Born: Oakland (Calif.), May 7, HHll, s. of
Etta (Wiener) and Max Sharp.
Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley); Stan-
ford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1922, M.A., 1927, Univ. of
Calif.; F'h.D., Stanford Univ., 1931; Booth
Fellow In Economics, Univ. of Calif., 1927.
Married: Gertrude, d. of William Sherr, of
New York City, Aug., 1905.
Prof. Record: Teaching Fellow in Economics,
Univ. of Calif., 1924-25; Instr. in History and
English, Univ. of Nanking (China). 19:^5-26;
Instr. in Economics and Sociology, San Fran-
cisco State College (San Francisco), 19.30;
Instr. in Philosophy and English, Marin Junior
College (Kentfield, Calif.), 1931-32; Univ. of
Mexico (Instr. Summer session), 1931. Assoc.
Economist, Calif. State Emergency Relief
Adm., 1934-35; State Coordinator, Statistical
Research Project, Works Progress Adm., 19.35-
39; State Supervisor, Records and Research
Project, 1939-40; Assoc. Economist (Portland
Office), Nat. Resources Planning Bd., 1940 — .
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, camping, touring,

Bus. Address: Federal Court House, Portland,

Home Address: Jeanne Manor, Portland, Ore-
gon. •

SHARP, Joseph C. A.B., J.D.

Lawyer, Member, Derby, Sharp, Quinby &
Tweed t.

Born: Glasgov^' (Scotland), 1898; s. of Etta
(Weiner) and Max Sharp.
Education: Richmond pub. schs. ; U. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1918, J.D., 1921, Univ. of

Married: Miriam, d. of Daniel Asher, in San
Jose (Calif.), 1925; ch.: Joseph C, Jr., Daniel

Prof. Record: Started practice of law, 1921 in
San Francisco in office of Edw. F. Treadwell,
as Assoc. Counsel for Miller & Lux and vari-
ous banks, water companies and cattle ranch-
es; in 1925 became Member of the marine and
admiralty law firm of Derby, Sharp, Quinby
& Tweedt and has been associated with them
ever since.

Directorships: Amer. Property Co., Ltd.

(Pres.); J. M. Moore, Inc. (Pres.); Hancock

Bros., Pac. Totalizer, Inc.; R. H. Anderson,


Publications: An 800-page text on "Water

Law of California, Inc." in vols. 25 and 26

of California Jurisprudence.

Army Service: With U.S. Army, 1918-19 in

World War I.

Memberships: Commonwealth. Commercial,

Sierra, Collectors (N.Y.); Masonic; Phi Beta

Kappa: Amer. Legion; 40 & 8; Pac. Philatelic;

San Francisco Stamp; Masters, Mates &

Pilots (Hon. Member) ; Marine Engrs. (Hon.

Member) ; American Bar Assn. and San

Francisco Bar Assn. Member, Local Draft

Board (San Francisco).

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hiking, stamp collecting.

Bus. Address: Merchants Exchange BIdg., San
Francisco, Calif.



SHATTUCK, Major Edward Stevens,

B.S., J.D., S.J.D.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif J ; s. of Grace (Stod-
dard) and Edward Stevens Shattuck.
Education: Grammar and high school (Los
Angeles, Calif.); U. of Calif. (Berkeley); U.
of So. Calif.

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1923; J.D., 1926,
S.J.D., 1927, U. of So. Calif.
Married: Marv Jane Walker, Nov. 21, 1940;
ch.: (by former marriage) Georgia Marie,
Elizabeth Eulette.

Prof. Record: Practice of Law in Los Angeles
for 13 years; Member, firm of Shattuck &
Davis. Pres., Junior Barristers of Calif., 1931,
Assn. of Twenty-thirty Clubs, 1932. Los Ange-
les Jr. Chamber of Commerce, 1932, Calif. Jr.
Chamber of Commerce, 1935; Asst. Secy.,
State Bar of Calif., 1929-31; Deputy City
Atty., City of Los Angeles, 1931-34; Pres.,
Los Angeles County Republican Assembly,
1934, Calif. Republican Assembly, 1936;
Chairman, Los Angeles County Republican
Central Com., 1940; Delegate, Republican
Nat. Convention, 1936; Alternate, Republican
Nat. Convention, 1940. Member, Bar of Calif,
and Supreme Court of United States. At pres-
ent Chief of Legal Div., Selective Service Sys-
tem (Washington, D.C.).

Directorships: Dir. and Secretary, New Asia-
American Trading Co. (Calif. Corp.).
Publications: Former Editor of California Re-

Army Service: Private in World War I, 29th
Engineers, A.E.F.; Reserve Officer, 1935.
Called to active duty, rank of Major, as Chief
of Legal Div., Selective Service System of the
U.S., Nat. Headquarters, Washington (D.C.),

Memberships: Los Angeles Bar Assn., Calif.
Bar Assn., Amer. Bar Assn., Reserve Officers'
Assn.; American Legion; Delta Tau Delta
(social fraternity). Phi Delta Phi (legal fra-
ternity) .

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bits. Address: 612 Story Bldg., Los Angeles,
Calif, and Potomac Park Apts. Bldg., Wash-
ington, D.C.

Home Address: 1245 No. Vine, Los Angeles,

Other Address: 1660 Lanier Place, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. *

SHAUGHNESSY. Clark Daniel. A.B.

Head Football Coach, Stanford Univ.
Born: St. Cloud (Minn.), March 6, 1892; s. of
Lucy Ann (Foster) and Edward Shaughnessy.
Education: Univ. of Minn.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Minn., 1914.
Married: L. Mae, d. of W. W. Hamilton, in
New Orleans (La.), Dec. 5, 1917; ch.: Clark
Daniel, Jr., Marcia Mae, Janice Beryl.
Prof. Record: Athletic Dir., Basketball Coach,
Track Coach, Football Coach, Tulane Univ.,
1915-27; Head Football Coach, Loyola Univ.
(New Orleans), 1927-33. Univ. of Chicago,
1933-40; Head Football Coach, Stanford Univ.,
1940 — (here, coached team through an untied
and unbeaten season, winning the Rose Bowl
game from Nebr., Jan. 1, 1941).
Recreations: Handball, music, traveling.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 1215 Emerson St., Palo Alto,
Calif. *

SHAW. George Price

American Consul in Charge of the American
Consulate General, Mexico, D.F., Mexico.
Born: Pittsburg (Kan.), Sept. 15, 1892; s. of
Effie Ellen (Grishaber) and Sterling Price

Education: Colorado Springs High Sch.; Bus.
Coll. (San Diego, Calif.); special tutors in
languages, economics and mathematics; stud-
ied law; Reserve Naval Officers Training Sch.
Hampton Roads (Va.).

Married: Ann Wilhelmina, d. of Dr. Orville
Branson Hunter, of Paris (Tex.); ch.: Donald
Price and Barry Branson.

Prof. Record: Lumbering and railroad work,
1909-13; Purchasing Agent, 1914-16; Asst.
Examiner (legal) U.S. Shipping Bd., 1916 and

1919. Entered Amer. Foreign Service, May 24,

1920, and has served as Vice-Consul at Tam-
pico, Mexico; Consul at Puerto Cortez and
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and San Luis Potosi
and Mexico, D.F., Mexico; at present, Amer.
Consul in Charge of the Amer. Consulate
General at Mexico, D.F., Mexico, also com-
missioned as Secy, in the Diplomatic Service.
Publications: Various government pubis.
Navy Record: U.S. Naval Res., 1917-21; ac-
tive duty as Ensign, 1917-18 and 1920.
Memberships: Masons: Mexico City Country,
Chapultepec Golf, University, American, and
Rotary International clubs.

Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Golfing, hunting, fishing, and


Home Address: c /o Department of State,

Washington, D.C.

Other Address: American Consulate General,

Mexico, D.F.; Mexico. *

SHAW, Hartley, Ph.B., LL.B.

Presiding Judge, Appellate Dept. of the Supe-
rior Court.

Born: Bloomfield (Greene County, Indiana),
June 2, 1874; s. of Hannah (Hartley) and
Lucien Shaw.

Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Hastings Coll.
of Law, affiliated with the Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1894;
LL.B., Univ. of Calif., 1897.

Married: Fern Eva, d. of Nina (Jones) and
Henry S. West, in i^os Angeles (Calif.), Sept.
17, 1901; ch.: Dorothy (Mrs. John Bernard
Faust), Evelyn (Mrs. Arthur E. Lawrie), Lu-
cien West.

Prof. Record: Practiced law at Los Angeles,
1897-1923, during which time, was Asst. City
Atty. (Los Angeles), three yrs.; Chief Deputy
Distr. Atty. of Los Angeles Co., six years;
City Atty. of Cities of Eagle Rock, Tropico
and Glendale, and Los Angeles, at various
times. Judge of Superior Court, Los Angeles
County, 1923—.

Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn., Los Angeles
Bar Assn.; Sigma Chi; Unity Lodge No. 368,
F.&A.M. (Glendale).

Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Motor vacations.
Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 919 So. Central Ave., Glen-
dale, Calif. •



SHEAR, Fera Webber, B.S.

rortrail I'.iinlcr, Aiiist.

Born: Eustace ( Floiidii ). March 20, 1893: d.
Of Lucenc (Hardin* and Ilerberl John Webber.
Education: Cornell; Grad. work at Now York
Univ.; Calif. School of Arts and Crafts; Calif.
School of Fine Arts.
Degrees: B.S., Cornell Un»v., 1917.
Married: Sherwood W., s. of Cornelius Lott
Shear, of Arlington (Virginia), in Berkeley
(Calif.), June 16, 1923; ch.: Fera Lee, Mari-
lyn Lucene.

Prof. Record: Paints portraits and flower
studies; has exhibited in many places in the
west, including the Mission Inn in Riverside
(Calif.), Calif. Art Club (Los Angeles), Gar-
dena High School (Los Angeles), Springville
(Utah) High School, Legion of Honor (San
Francisco), Calif. State Fair (Sacramento),
Oakland (Calif.) Auditorium, Golden Gate
Internal. E.xpn. (Treasure Island), 1940.
Awards: Won prizes and honorable mentions
in Calif. State Fair, Legion of Honor Exhibi-
tion, Gardena High School, Springville High
School, and popular vote at Treasure Island,
1940, also popular vote three times at Calif.
State Fair (Sacramento), and at Oakland
Auditorium, twice.

Memberships: Calif. Art Club; Bay Region
Art Assn. ; Sanity in Art Assn.
Home Address: 600 Woodmont Ave., Berkeley,
Calif. •

SHEAR, Sherwood William,

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Agricultural Economist, Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley).

Born: Albany Co. (New York), July 2, 1892;
s. of Avis Morrison (Sherwood) and Cornelius
Lott Shear.

Education: Virginia Polytechnic Inst.; Univ.
of Wis.

Degrees: B.S., 1918, M.S., 1920, Ph.D., in
Agr. Economics, 1924, Univ. of Wisconsin.
Married: Fera Ellen, d. of Lucene (Hardin)
and Herbert Webber, in Florida, June 16,
1923; ch.: Fera Lee, Marilyn.
Prof. Record: Since 1925, engaged continu-
ously in Research in Agricultural Economics
at Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), specializing in
the economics of the fruit industry.
Publications: Numerous articles on economics
of California fruit industries, with special ref-
erence to supply, demand and price analysis
and outlook.

Memberships: Amer. Farm Economics Assn.;
Agr. Hist. Soc; Pac. Coast Economics Assn.
Religion: Protestant.
Hobby: Oriental rugs.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 600 Woodmont Ave., Berkeley,
Calif. *

SHEETS, Millard


Born: Pomona (Calif.), June 24, 1907; s. of

Milly (Owen) and John Gasper Sheets.

Education: Pomona Schools; Chouinard Art

Institute (Los Angeles).

Married: Marv Baskerville, in Los Angeles

(Calif.), April 25, 1930; ch. : Owen, Caroline,

David Baskerville.

Prof. Rrrord; Taught Painting at Chouinard
Art Inst., l!)29-.'t5; has taught summer
at Univ. of Hawaii (2 .sea.sons), Univ. of Calif.
(2 sea.sons), and Unlv, of Iowa; Assl, Prof,,
Art Dept., Scrlpps Coll. (Claremont. Calif.),
]9.'{2-:i8. Head of Art Dept., 19.'JH , given
Life Appointment as Prf)f. of Art, 1911; paint-
ed six murals for Golden (iate Intnl. Exposi-
tion (San Francisco, Calif.), 19.39-40; went on
lecture lour under auspices of Carnegie Foun-
dation, 1941; work owned by .'55 American
Museums, Including: Metropolitan Museum of
Art, Museum of Modern Art, Chicago Art
Inst., Los Angeles Museum, White

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 191 of 235)