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resented in the Los Angeles Museum's per-
manent collection; has exhibited with Intnl.
Print Makers, Philadelphia Print Club's An-
nual Exhibitions of Amer. Etchers, San Diego
Fine Arts Gallery Annual E.xhibition, Painters
and Sculptors Shows, Oakland Art Shows,
two paintings and etching in Golden Gate
Internnat. Exposition, 1940; now. Landscape
Painter and Motion Picture "matte shot" and
"special effect" artist.

Memberships: Soc. of Motion Picture Artists
and Illustrators.
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Violin, music, travel, literature.
Bus. Address: c /o Society of Motion Picture
Artists and Illustrators, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: Stanley Hills Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Other Address: 4 Rue Obeuf, Bellevue, France,

SILSBY. Wilson

Painter, Etcher.

Born: Chicago (111.), Oct. 7, 1883; s. of Mary
Jane (Redenbaugh) and Eugene Weston Silsby
(Inventor). Is a bachelor and has one son
(adopted), Clifford.

Education: La Grange (111.) High School;
Private Tutors, France and England.
Prof. Record: Painted through Central Amer.
and Panama, 1907; Silsby-Neiglick Studios,
designed and built the stage productions for
Sam & Lee Shubert, Belasco and Clyde Fitch
plays, 1909; at request of Miss Jane Addams
he established free class in art and drama at
Hull House; Tech. Dir., Universal Pictures
Corp., 1913; Art Dir., Pathe Films, 1914; Art
Dir., Harold Lloyd, 1915-17, Univ. Films,
1918; associated with Walter Hampden in



liiodiicinK The Liohl oj Anxa; Art DIr., Cyrus
Willi. ims I'l-ods., 19'2()-L'l; traveled In Europe
(■\lHl)ltm;j lour works at I'arls Salon, V^'Zl;
U. Art DIr.. First Natl. Picture Corp., 1923-
121; Art Oir,, Fox !• ilm Corp., l!):J5-2fi;
Studio in Paris and traveled in P^urope under
contract to produce .series of etchinKs for
Amer. Publishers; e.xhiblted four works at
Paris Salon, l9.T_'-:i.'i ; represented In the perm-
anent collection of most American and many
foioinn museums; Inventor of the "No
CJround" etching plate.

Puhlxcatxons : Has written and Illustrated
many articles and short stories on art and
studio life for standard magazines.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Travel.

Home Address: Stanley Hills Dr., Hollywood,

Other Address: 4 Rue Obeuf, Bellevue, France.

DrgrncH: A.U., Stanford U., 19:J0; M.A., U.
of Calif., 19;J7; Ph.D., Stanford, 19.38.
Married: Margaret, d. of Helen and Henry
Friedman, in San Francisco (Calif.), 1933;
ch.: Lynne.

Prof. Record: Research Assoc, Dept. of Phar-
macology, U. of Calif. Mod. Sch.; Science
Editor, San Francl.sco Chronicle, since 19.34;
Dir., Hall of Science, Golden Gate Internal.
E.\pn., 19.'17-39; Foreign Correspondent, No.
Amer. Newspaper Alliance, 1941; medical
publicity, lectures, radio work and magazine

Publications: For 14 yrs. in newspaper work,
intermingled with 10 yrs. research in biochem-
istry, bacteriology, pharmacology, mag. writ-
ing and authorship of current book. Magic in
a Bottle (Macmillan;, 1941.

Bus. Address: San Francisco Chronicle, San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 22 Allen Ave., Ross, Calif.

SILVA. Giulio, Mus.D.

Head of Music Education, Dominican College,
San Rafael.

Born: Parma (Italy), Dec. 22, 1875; s. of
Ermelinda (Ronchini) and Luigi Silva.

Education: Royal Conservatory S. Cecilia,
Rome (Italy).

Degrees: Mus.D., Royal Conservatory S. Ce-
cilia, 1902.

Married: (1) Rosa Mayr (deceased); ch. :
Luigi, Victor, Carlo, John, Laura. (2) Eve-
lina, d. of Fred. Frank, in San Francisco
(Calif.), Feb. 12, 1927; ch.: Maria.

Prof. Record: Started career as Opera Con-
ductor (Italy), 1902-06; Teaching, Conduct-
ing, Concertizing (France and Germany),
1906-12; Prof, of Voice, Royal Conservatory
(Parma), 1912-16; Prof, of Voice, Royal Con-
servatory S. Cecilia (Rome), 1916-21; Head,
Vocal Dept., David Mannes School (N.Y.),
1921-26; Head Vocal Dept., San Francisco
Conservatory (Calif.), 1926-40; District Su-
pervisor and Choral Dir., San Francisco Fed-
eral Music Project, 1934-39; Instr., summer
session, Univ. of Calif., 1937; Head of Music
Education, Dominican College and Conserva-
tory, San Rafael (Calif.), 1939 — .

Publications: II Canto (1 Vol.) (Flli Bocca,
Torino), 1915; II Maestro Di Canto (Flli Boc-
ca, Torino), 192S; Advice in Singing (G.
Schirmer, N.Y.), 1922; Mass of the Sacred
Heart (C. Birchard), 1936; Three Sacred
Pieces (C. Birchard), 1936. To be published
soon: The Ancient Gregorian Chant (accord-
ing to the Mss. of St. Gall, 9th and 10th
cent.), California (a poem by Ina Coolbrith
set to music for the stage), The Seven Last
Words of Our Lord (seven Motets).
Religion : Catholic.

Bus. Address: Dominican Coll., San Rafael,

Home Address: Lagunitas, Calif. *

SILVERMAN. Milton. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Reporter; Lecturer; Science Editor, San Fran-
cisco Chronicle.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 1, 1910;
s. of Rose (Siminoff) and Oscar Silverman.
Education: Piedmont High School, 1922-26;
Stanford Univ., 1926-38; Univ. of Calif.,

SIMMEL. Ernst. M.D.


Born: Breslau (Ger.), Apr. 4, 1882; s. of Jo-
hanna (Friede) and Siegfried Simmel.

Education: Univ. of Berlin, and Univ. of Ros-
tock (Ger.).

Degrees: M.D., U. of Rostock, 1908.

Married: Hertha Helen, d. of Auguste (Hinze)
and Wilhelm Brueggeman, in Berlin (C3er.) ;
ch. : Michael and Clemens.

Prof. Record: Spent ten years at various hos-
pitals in Germany, in fields of pathology, in-
ternal medicine and psychiatry. Specialized
in practice of psychoanalysis since 1919; Co-
founder of Psychoanalytic Inst, and Polyclinic
in Berlin. 1920; Founder and Head Physician
of Psychoanalytic Sanitarium in Berlin-Tegel,
1927; Pres. of German Psychoanalytic Soc. for
five years. Came to Los Angeles upon invita-
tion to found medical center for training of
psychiatrists in psychoanalysis, 1934. Amer.
by citizenship since Feb. 9, 1940.

Directorships: Pres. of the Psychoanalytic
Study Group of Los Angeles, Honorary Pres.
of the Psychoanalytic Soc. of Topeka (Kan.).

Publications: Has had scientific papers pub-
lished concerning problems in neurotic dis-
turbances of the personality, psychogenic fac-
tors in organic disease, drug addictions, psy-
choses (in particular schizophrenia), neurotic
criminality, war neuroses.

Army Record: Military Physician in Army
Service (Ger.), 1914-18; Head Physician of
Military Hospital for War Neuroses, 1917-18.

Memberships: Amer., and the International
Psychoanalytic Assns.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. and Home Address: 555 No. Wilcox Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif. •

SIMMONDS. Harris Raymond, Ph.G.

Mayor, City of Eureka.

Born: New York, Apr. 1, 1886; s. of Caroline
and Julius Simmonds.

Education: College Pharmacy (N.J.).

Degrees: Ph.G., College Pharmacy, 1907.

Married: Ida Almira, d. of Ada L. and James
Filgate, in Oakland (Calif.), Nov. 14, 1909;
ch.: Dr. R. J. Simmonds.



Prof Record: Operated drug store, Fort
Bragg (Calif.), 1912-16; operated drug store,
Eureka (Calif.), 1917—; Mayor, City of

Army Record: Served in 4th New Jersey Na-
tional Guard, 1903-07.

Memberships: Masons; Knights of Pythias;
Forum (Eureka).
Religion: Free Thinker.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing and hiking.
Bus. Address: 528 Fifth St., Eureka, Calif.
Home Address: 1219 H St., Eureka, Calif. *

SIMMONS, Homer Alfred. A.B.

Concert Pianist, Composer.
Born: Evansville (Ind) ; s. of Carrie (White)
and Henry Simmons.

Education: Inglewood Union High School;
Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif., 1920.
Prof. Record: Studied piano under Homer
Grunn (Los Angeles) and Ignace Paderewski
(Merges, Switzerland) ; orchestration and
counterpoint, Ottorino Respighi (Rome),
Nadia Boulanger (Paris), and Gordon Jacob
CLondon) ; played in concert throughout
America and abroad; compositions have been
presented by orchestras in Amer. and abroad;
instituted Homer Simmons Musical Workshop
in 1939 and organized string quartette for
purpose of presenting and discussing new and
unusual musical works.
■Publications: Phantasmania (piano and or-
chestra; G. Schirmer), 1929; Stairways (piano
solo; G. Schirmer), 1929; Alice in Wonder-
land, (two pianos; J. Fischer), 1940; Scher-
zino - Tango at Midnight (two pianos; J.
Fischer), 1939; three Walts Vignettes (piano
solo; J. Fischer), 1939; Deep River (two
pianos; Axelrod), 1940.
Religion: Christian Science.
Recreations: Reading, swimming, and bad-

Home Address: 134 W. Kelso St., Inglewood,
Calif. '

SIMMS, Fenna Beeler, A.B.

Parent Education Counsellor; Counsellor, In-
stitute of Family Relations
Born: Abingdon (111.), Mar. 24, 1888; d. of
Dorothy Anna (Thomas) and Joseph G.

Education: North Platte (Neb.); Univ. of
Nebraska; Univ. of So. Calif.; Bus. Admin-
istration at Lincoln (Neb.) ; Cizek's Art School
(Vienna, Austria).

Degrees: A.B., U. of Neb., 1912 (Spl. Sec.
Cred., Life Cred., from U. of Neb.).
Married: Dr. John Shaffer, s. of Benjamin
Simms, in North Platte (Neb.), May 25, 1912;
ch.: Aliceruth (Mrs. McDonald) and John,

Prof. Record: Teacher of Child Psychology
and Parent Edn. in Los Angeles and Long
Beach (Calif.), 1926; Counsellor, Inst, of
Family Relations, since 1938; Teacher of
Contract Home Mgmt. in Los Angeles, since
1938; Discussion Leader in Mental Hygiene
of Children, Inst, of Family Relations Confs. ;
has given lectures on Child Psychology on
trips made through other states and conducted
an Inst, in Parent Edn. for six weeks. South-
field Sch., Shreveport (La.), 1940.

Publications: Book Review Bulletin, for three
yrs. (printed by the Bell flower, Calif. Herald
Enterprise), 19.35-38; book reviewing for Her-
ald Enterprise and Lakewood Village Times.
Memberships: Bellflower Women's Club (Hon.
Life Mem.); Skyline Study Clubs (Hon. Life
Mem.); P. E.G. Sisterhood; Eastern Star;
Amer. Legion Aux. ; Pi Beta Phi (U. of Neb.).
Religion: Inst, of Religious Science.
Poltics: Democrat.

Recreations: Book reviewing for clubs, and
flower gardening.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 607 So. Hill St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 423 So. Ardmore, Bellflower,

SIMONTON. F. Vance. D.D.S.


Born: Vallejo (Calif.), 1891; s. of Esther
(Dempsey) and Frank R. Simonton.
Education: Vallejo High School; Univ. of
Calif., College of Dentistry.
Degrees: D.D.S., U. of Calif. Coll. of Den-

Married Lilly Groves; ch.: Jack H.
Prof. Record: Teacher, U. of Calif. Coll. of
Dentistry, 1913-29, Comparative Anatomy,
Dental Anatomy, Dental Histology, Operative
Dentistry, Prof, of Operative Dentistry, 1923-
29; Resident Dentist, San Quentin Prison,
1913-15; Organizer and Chmn., Calif. Stoma-
tological Research Group, 1923-29; Political
Record: Chmn., 27th Assembly Dist. Demo-
cratic Club, 1932; elected Delegate to Demo-
cratic Nat. Conv., 1932; Mem. Finance Com.,
Olson for Governor Campaign, 1938; Dir.,
Medico-Dental campaign in No. Calif, for
Downey, Olson and Patterson, 1938; Mem.,
Gov's. Com. on Health Insur., 1939; Candi-
date for Supervisor (San Francisco) Nov.,

Directorships: Pres., Medical Arts Club of
California, Inc.

Publications: Numerous articles in dental and
medical and lay medical journals on pyor-
rhea, operative technique, dentistry, physical

Army Record: First Lieut., Dental Corps,
U.S. Army Reserve during World War I.
Memberships: Commonwealth; Native Sons;
Advance Speakers Club; Amer. Dental Assn.
(formerlv Vice-Chmn., Research Com.); In-
tnl. Assn. for Dental Research (formerly
Vice-Chmn.); Calif. Research Assn in the
Science of Vision (formerly Chmn.); Si?ma
Xi, Epsilon Alpha, Psi Omega; Calif. State
Dental Assn.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 450 Sutter Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 1717 Lincoln Way, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

SIMPSON, Elizabeth

Teacher of Piano.

Born: Alamo (Mich.); d. of Mary (Burr)
and Hoxsie Simpson.

Education: Battle Creek Musical College;
Paris (France) and Berlin (Germany); also
studied privately wuh Heinrich Barth (Ber-
lin), Wager Swayne (Paris), Josef Lhevinne,
Arthur Schnabel, Wanda Landowska, Nadia



HoulunRer, Yvonne Lcfoburc, UuclolT Hrolt-
hauiit, Tobliis Matthay, and Dr. Thomas Klel-

Pro/. Record: Teacher of Piano, lialtlc Creek
Mus. Coll., 189.1; Head of Piano Dept., Calif.
Inst, of Musical Art (Oakland, Calif.). 1!)L'0-
■2-2: OPKanist, First Methodist Church (Ala-
meda i and First Methodist Church (Oakland),
190-1-1(); founded the Elizabeth Slmp.son Piano
Studios of San Francisco and Herkeley (Cal-
if.), 1910; taught privately In Paris (France),
1911; engaged in private teaching, San Fran-
cisco and Berkeley (Calif, i, 1914 — ; Lecturer
in U. of Calif, summer school, 1912.
Dircctorshiiis: National Guild of Piano Teach-
ers, Young People's Symphony Orchestra.
PiMicatiojis: Basic Pianoforte Technique, Lit-
tle Princes of A/itsic Land, and Prince Melody
in Music Land.

Memberships: Mu Phi Epsilon (honor soc);
Calif. Writers' Club, Berkeley Piano Club;
Alameda County Music Teachers Assn. ;
Nat. Guild of Piano Teachers: Nat. Fed. of
Music Clubs; Berkeley Womens City Club;
Nat. Music Teachers Assn.; Amphion Club
(hon. mem.); Western Women's Club.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 609 Sutter St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 2833 Webster St., Berkeley,

SIMPSON. (Miss) Emma L.. A.B.

Teacher in Berkeley High School.
Born: Charleston (Mich.), Feb. 10, 1881; d.
of Mary (Burr) and Rev. P. H. Simpson.
Education: Univ. of Mich.; Stanford Univ.;
Heidelburg; Univ. of Berlin.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1906.
Prof. Record: Taught in Jr. and Sr. high
schools in Monterey, Los Angeles, and Ber-
keley (Calif.)

Publications: Five Easy French Plays (Ginn
and Co.), and has also written magazine

Memberships: Calif. Writers Club.

Recreations.' Travel and music.

Bus. Address: Berkeley High School, Berkeley,

Home Address: 2833 Webster St., Berkeley,

SIMPSON. John Edwin, A.B., J.D.

Born: Galesburg (111.), Jan. 9, 1900; s. of
Margaret J. (Mason) and Robert E. Simpson.
Education: Public schools (Bakersfield, Cal-
if.) ; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1921, J.D., 1922, Stanford U.
Married: Mary Anne (Taylor), d. of Henrietta
and Payton Hamilton, in Glendale (Calif.),
Sept. 7, 1929.

Prof. Record: Attorney, private practice
(Fresno. Calif.), 1922-23; Asst. U.S. Attornev
(Los Angeles, Calif.), 1923-28; private prac-
tice since that date.

Army Record: 2nd Lieut., U.S. Army during
World War I.

Memberships: Jonathan, Peter Pan Woodland
Clubs, Masonic bodies, Scottish Rite, Shrine;
Politics: Republican.

Rvcrvationii: Golf and fishing.

BuH. Addre.Hn: Title Insurance Hldg., 'l.'J.'J So.

Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Addreaa: 432 So. Highland, lj>^ Angeles,

SIMPSON, Professor Lesley Byrd,
A.B., Ph.D.

Asso. Prof, of Spanish, University of Califor-

Born: St. Louis (Mo.), Mar. 21, 1891; s. of
Caroline Woodson (Smith) and Robert Jeffer-
son Simpson.
Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: A.B., 1920, and Ph.D., 1928, U. of

Married: Marian, d. of Henry R. Hahn, In
Berkeley (Calif.;, June 21, 1924.
Prof. Record: Instr., 1928-29, Asst. Prof.,
1929-37, and Asso. Prof, of Spanish since
1937, U. of Calif. (Berkeley); Guggenheim
Fellow to Me.xico, 1931-32, 1939-40.
Publications: Author and Editor: The Enco-
ynienda in New Spain, 1929, (Univ. of Calif.
Press) ; El Libro de Buen Humor (H. Holt &
Co.), 1932; Studies in the Administration of
the hidians in New Spain (3 vols.), 1934-40,
La Prueba de las Promesas of Lope de Vega,
1935, El Arcipreste de Talavera, 1939 (all by
Univ. of Calif. Press) ; Indian Tales from
Guatemala, Scribner's, 1936; Journal of Jose
Longinos Martinez (Huntington Libr.), 1938;
Many Mexicos (Putnam's), 1941. Contributor
to Modern Philology (U. of Calif.), Hispanic
American Historical Review, Revista Hispari-
ica Moderna, Hispania, etc.
Ai-my Service: U.S. Army, Air Service, 1917-
19; Capt.. 1919.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 976 Miller Ave., Berkeley,

SINCLAIR, Professor James Huntley.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Chairman of the
Department, Occidental College.
Born: Dorchester Co. (Md.), Oct. 7, 1886; s.
of Annie (Maclean) and Henry Sinclair.
Education: St. Johns College; Annapolis and
O.xford Univ., (Eng.;, Rhodes Scholar.
Degrees: A.B., 1910, M.A., 1915, O.xford U.;
Ph.D., Syracuse U., 1916.

Married: Annie, d. of Richard T. Carter, in
Baltimore (Md.), Sept. 2, 1917; ch.: Carter.
Prof. Record: Instr., later Asst. Prof, of
Psychologv-, Syracuse U., 1914-17; Asst. Prof,
of Psychology, Smith Coll., 1920-22; Prof, of
Ed. and Chmn. of the Dept., Occidental Coll-
ege, since 1922.

Army Record: Entered first ROTC, Madison
Barracks, 1917; Commnd. First Lieut., 1917;
overseas service, 1917-19; served with (J-2
section 3rd Army Corps; promoted to Capt.
of Inf., 1918; Mem., Interallied Comm. for
Repatriation of Prisoners, in Berlin, 1919.
Memberships: A.A.A.S. ; Phi Beta Kappa,
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: Occidental College, Los An-
geles, Calif.



SINCLAIR, John Franklin, A.B., LL.B.

Executive; Lawyer; Author.
Born: St. Marys (Ontario, Can.), Mar. 7,
1885; s. of Frances Ann (Henderson) and
John' Sinclair, M.D.

Education: High Sch., St. Thomas (N.Dak.),
Univ. of Minn.

Degrees: A.B., 1906, LL.B., 1909, U. of Minn.
Married: Gladys Emelora, d of Ella A Phill-
ips in Montreal (Can.), Oct. 25, 1911; ch..
Gladys and Frances Ella.
Prof. Record: Gen. Secy., YMCA U of Minn ,
1906-09, Gen. Secy., Central Bank, YMCA
(Montreal, Can.), 1910-11; left Montreal and
became Asst. Legislative Reference Bureau.
State Capitol (Madison, Wis.), 1911-13; taught
law at U. of Minn., 1913-16; Mem. for two
years with Wells Dickey Co., bonds and mort-
gages; was in banking bus. in Minn., N.Dak.
SDak., Mont., and Wis., 1915-23; Financial
Editor, No. Amer. Newspaper Alliance (N-Y. ,
19'>3-32- Public Relations Counsellor (N.Y.),
193''-34- Vice-Chmn., Nat. Recovery Review
Bd (Washington, D.C.), 1934; Gen. Counsel,
Joint Stock Land Bank Assn., with hdqrs.
in Washington, D.C., 1934-38.
Directorships: Chmn. of Board of Dir., Bussey
Pen Products Co. (Chicago, 111.).
Publications: Has written, Can Europe Hold
Together; Cooperation Among Farmers; Co-
operative Credit; What's Ahead for Business;
Can Your Taxes Be Cut?; Our Financial Gov-

Memberships: Delta Sigma Rho; Amer Acad,
of Social and Political Science (Philadelphia,
Penn ) ; Amer. Econ. Assn. ; Political Science
Assn.; Cosmos Club (Washington, D.C.).
Politics: Independent Republican.
Recreations: Golf and motoring.
Home Address: 426 No. Barrington Ave.,
Brentwood Heights, Los Angeles, Calif.
Other Address: Cosmos Club, Washington,



Born: Baltimore (Md.), Sept. 20, 1878; s of

Priscilla A. (Harden) and Upton B. Sinclair.

Education: College of City of New York, and

also studied at Columbia for four years.

Degrees: A.B., College of City of New York,


Married: (1) Meta H. Fuller, 1900 (div.

1911)- ch.: David. (2) Mary Craig, d. of
Judge A. McC. Kimbrough, In Greenwood,

Literary Record: Author and Publisher of the
following books: Manassa.s, 1904; The Jungle,
1906- The Metropolis, 1908; The Moneychang-
ers, 1908; Samuel the Seeker. 1909; Love's
Pilgrimage, 1911; Damaged Goods, 1913; Syl-
via 1913; Sylvia's Marriage, 1914; The Cry
for Justice, 1915; King Coal, 1917; Jimmie
Higgins, 1919; The Book of Life, 1922; They
Call Me Carpenter, 1922; The Goose Step.
1923; The Goslings, 1924; Letters to Judd,
1926- The Spokesman's Secretary, 1926; Oil!,
1927' Boston, 1928; Mountain City, 1930; Ro-
man Holiday, 1931; The Wet Parade. 1931;
American Outpost, 1932; No Pasaran, 1937;
The Flivver King, 1937; Our Lady, 1938;
World's End., 1940; Between Two Worlds
(novel sequence to World's End) Viking Press
(N.Y.), 1941; has also written many other
plays, books, pamphlets, etc.

Politics: Progressive.

Bus. and Home Address: Station A., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Other Address: 424 Madison Ave., New York,

SINGER. Mortimer Henry

Producer; Pres., Mort. H. Singer Theatres

Born: Oconomowoc (Wis.); s. of Sarah and
Bernard Singer.

Education: Pub. schools in Oconomowoc; Mil-
waukee elem. and high schools.
Married: Celia. d. of Jonas Spiegel, in Chicago
(111.); ch.: Mort., Jr.; Jerome Louis Nathan

Prof Record: Producer of the following mus-
ical attractions: Time, Place and the Girl.
Girl Question. The Umpire. Prince of Tonight.
Flirting Princess, A Stubborn Cinderella, with
principals in cast being John Barrymore, Sallie
Fisher, Adele Rowland, and Harry Pilcer;
is Vice-Pres. of Orpheum circuit and Gen.
Mgr. and Pres. of Mort. H. Singer Theatres

Membership: Hilcrest Country (Los Angeles),
Northmoor Country (Ravinia, Chicago), and
Lambs (New York) Clubs; Masons (Minne-
apolis and Chicago).
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Golt.

Bus: Address: 134 No. La Salle St., Chicago,

Home Address: 1256 Benedict Canon Dr.^
Beverly Hills, Calif.

SINNETTE. Sr., John Townsend

Piano Virtuoso, Teacher.

Born: Hornell (N.Y.), Jan. 9, 1878; s. of
Erzelia Mary (Babcock) and John Townsend

Education: Buffalo (N.Y.); Leipzig and Ber-
lin (Ger.).

Married: Katherine Alice, d. of Capt. Elijah
H. Lyon, in Durham (N.C.), Apr. 11, 1883;
ch.: John T., Jr., Francis K., Sr.
Prof. Record: Student of Martin Krause of
the Sternsches Conservetorium (Berlin, Ger.),
1898-1901; student of Conrad Ansorge of Kind-
worth-Sharnwenke Conserv. (Berlin, Ger.),
1901-04; Teacher of piano (N.Y.C.), 1904-08;
Prof, of Piano, Shorter Coll. (Rome, Ga.),
1908-10; Prof, of Piano, Brenay Coll. and
Conservatory (Gainesville, Ga.), 1910-27;
Head of Music Dept., Edinberg Coll. (Edin-
ebrg, Tex.), 1927-29; Private Teacher, Lec-
turer, and Concert Artist of Piano (Pasadena,
Calif.), since 1929.
Memberships: Phi Mu (hon.).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Bicycling.

Home Address: 704 So. Marengo Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

SIPLE, Allen George


Born: Otsego (Mich.), July 9, 1900; s. of

Jessie B. (Allen) and G. H. Siple.

Education: Albion Coll. (Mich.), for two yrs.;

Univ. of So. Calif. (Los Angeles), for three




MuriivU: I3sma, d. oT R. E. Drulle, In Los
Angeles (Calif.), Apr. 6, 1935.
Prof. Rt'cord: Architect llcen.scd hy State of
Calif., Apr. S, l!)l!(); has doslk'neil and super-
vised many business l)uildlnj,'s and residences
In Ueverly Hills, Weslwood, Brentwood, En-
clno, Santa Monica, etc.

Army Kervicc: U.S. Army, Pvt., Sept.. 1918 to
Nov. 11, 1!)18; honorably discharged.
Memberships: Sigma Nu; Beverly Hills Jr.
Chamber of Comm.

Bus. Address: 450 No. Beverly Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

Home 140 So. Greenfield Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif. •

SIZER. Frank Leonard. C.E.
Mining Engineer.

Born: Ottawa (111.), Sept. 29, 1856; s. of
Marinda (Root) and Randolph Sizer.

Education: Ottawa High School; Univ. of

Degrees: C.E., Univ. of Mich., 1878.
Married: Linda Pyle of Helena (Mont.), Sept.
9, 1885; ch.: Margaret Walker (Mrs. Herbert
LeRoy Taylor), Randolph Spelman, Miriam,
Frank Milton, Patricia.

Prof. Record: Began as surveyor (Leadville,
Colo.). 1878; Chief Clerk to U.S. Surveyor
General for Montana, 1882; consulting prac-
tice wth headquarters in Helena (Mont.),
1882-1909, with engagements covering min-
ing territory from Me.\ico to Alaska; removed
to Calif., 1909, as Supt., Balaklala Copper
Co., Shasta Co.,; Consulting Mining Engr.
in San Francisco, 1915 — .

Directorships: Amer.: Inst. Mining Engrs. for
Calif., since 1933.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Memberships: Commonwealth, Engineers
(Pres., 1923-24) Clubs.

Bus. Address: Hobart Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 2945 Magnolia Ave., Berkeley.

SKARSTEDT, Marcus. A.B., B.L.S.,
M.S., Ph.D.

Librarian, San Francisco Junior College.
Born: Chicago (111.), April 8, 1884; s. of
Anna (Hult) and Ernst T. Skarstedt.
Education: Augustana Coll.; Univ. of Illinois;
Univ. of Iowa; Univ. of Calif.

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