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Margaret (Campbell) and Joseph L. Soanes.
Education: St. Vincents grade sch.; Vallejo
High Sch.

Married: Muriel A., d. of Charles H. Stevens,
in San Francisco (Calif.), Sept. 26, 1925; ch.:
Muriel Elizabeth.

Bus. Record: Associated with the retail auto-
mobile bus. in Vallejo since 1918, acquiring
Chevrolet franchise and at present. Owner and
Manager, Marine Chevrolet Co. (since 1934).
Directorships: Naval YMCA, Chamber of
Comm. (Vallejo).

Memberships: B.P.O. Elks; Knights Colum-
bus; Native Sons of Calif.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Sports.

Bus. Address: 528 Capitol St., Vallejo, Calif.
Ho7ne Address: 1094 Calaveras Way, Vallejo,
Calif. *

SCARES, The Reverend Professor
Theodore Gerald, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.,
B.D., D.D.

Theologian; Professor of Ethics, California
Institute of Technology



Rom: Abridge (P^sso.x, Engluncl), Oct. 1,
l>S{>;i; s. or KiUhlecn Mury (Curbery) and
Auguslo Soiircs.

Edtwation: Alloyn's School (London); Univ.
of Minnesota; Univ. of Chicago.
Degrees: A.U., 1H91, M.A., lKi)l!, Univ. of
Minn.; I'h.D.. 1891, U.D.. irtiiT, Univ. of Chi-
cago; D.D., 1901, Knox Coll. and 19.17, Mead-
vlUe Theol. School.

Married: Lillian May, d. of Samuel Martin
in Minnea|)olis (Minn.), July 10, IWW; ch.:
CJoraldinc (Mrs. Bayne H. Blanlccnship) .
Prof. Reeord: Baptist Minister, 1H91-1905;
Prof., later Head of Practical Theology, Univ.
of Chicago, 190(S-1930; Prof, of Ethics, Calif.
Tnst. of Technology, 1930 — ; Minister, Neigh-
■jorhood Church (Pasadena), 1930 — •.
Publications: Heroes of Israel, Story of Paul,
Social Institutions and Ideals of the Bible,
Religious Education, Three Typical Beliefs,
The Origins of the Bible, etc.
War Record: Speaking in camps in France.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa
Psi; Twilight, Athenaeum.
Religion : Congregational-Unitarian.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Golf, bridge, swimming.
Bus. Address: 225 W. California St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1542 Morada Place, Altadena,

Other Address: La Casita d'Ancede, Dana
Point, Calif.

SOHER. Hubert J.

Investment Banker, Stock Broker; Vice-Presi-
dent, General Manager, H. R. Baker and

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Dec. 26, 1897;
s. of Adele D. (Paturel) and Emile A. Soher.

Education: St. Patricks Seminary (M e n 1 o
Park, Calif.); St. Ignatius High Sch., Lowell
High School (San Francisco) ; Univ. of Calif.

Married: Marie, d. of Thomas J. Degnan, at
Fresno (Calif.), June 27, 1922; ch.: Hubert J.,
Jr., Thomas J.

Bus. Record: Reporter, Hanford Journal,
1919; Reporter, Fresno Republican, 1919-23;
Financial Editor, San Francisco Chronicle,
1923-1928; Gen. Partner, Manheim Dibbern
and Co., 1928-1929; Proprietor, Hubert J.
Soher Co., 1929-31; Public Relations Dir.,
Bank of America, through Hamman Lesan
Co., 1931-1932; Public Relations Dir., S. W.
Straus and Co., 1932-1933; Vice-Pres., Gen.
Mgr., H. R. Baker and Co., 1933-1941.

Directorships: Dir., Interdale Sch. for Boys
(Palo Alto); Vice-Pres., H. R. Baker and Co.

Navy Service: With Navy, 1918, during World
War I.

Metnberships: Olympic and Commonwealth

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, traveling, high moun-
tain fishing.

Bus. Address: 2200 Russ Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 333 San Benito Way, San
Francisco, Calif. •

SOLEY. Professor Mayo Hamilton,

B.S., M.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pharma-
cology and I^ecturer In Ilislory of Medlclnf,
University of California Medical School.

Born: Maiden (Mass.), April 14, 1!K)7; s. of
Grace Eliza (Mayo) and Walter Hamilton

Education: Maiden High School; Hebron Acad-
emy (Maine) ; Manter Hall School (Cam-
bridge, Mass.); Bowdoln College; Harvard
Medical School.

Degrees: B.S., Bowdoin College, 1929; M.D.,
Harvard Medical School, 1933.

Married: Karolina Boeker, d. of Carrie B. and
Robert L. Jump in Berkeley (Calif.), Feb. 19,

Prof. Record: House Officer, Massachusetts
General Hospital (Boston), 1933-35; Associat-
ed with the Univ. of Calif. Med. Sch., 1935 — ;
Asst. Prof, of Med. and Pharmacology and
Lecturer in History of Medicine.
Publications: Has written many medical and
scientific papers which have been read before
many medical clubs and published in various
medical journals.

Memberships: Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Xi;
Commonwealth Club of Calif. ; Amer. Assn.
for the Advancement of Science, Amer. Med.
Assn., Amer. Heart Assn., Calif. Med. Assn.,
Calif. Heart Assn.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreation: Tennis.

Bus. Addresr: Univ. of California Medical
School, San Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 532 W. Poplar Ave., San Ma-
teo, Calif.

Other Address: Alta, Calif. •


Concert Violinist.

Born: Riga (Latvia), Feb. 23, 1899; s. of
Frieda (Chait) and Israel Mendel Solloway;
(grandfather, Movshe Chait, Conductor of
Imperial Symphony Orchestra, Riga, Latvia) .

Education: Studied with Prof. Henri Berthe-
lier at Conservatoire Nationale (Paris), later
with Jeno Hubay at Royal Hungarian Acad,
of Music (Budapest), (graduating with high-
est honors).

Married: Mary June, d. of Elizabeth CJold-
smith in Rome (Italy), 1921; two children.

Prof. Record: Concert Violinist; concertized
throughout Italy, where he was awarded title
of Cavalier; gave recitals in Great Britain;
was featured Soloist in Intnl. Celebrity Con-
certs, 1927-29; Soloist with Sir Henry Wood;
on return to America. Concert Master under
Dr. Walter Damrosch (NBC program); Solo-
ist, Concert Master, Conductor at Paramount
Theatre (N.Y.); Soloist, Concert Master with
Werner Janssen and Joseph Pasternak in
Calif; Solo recordings made for "Grammo-
phone" in Berlin; now affiliated with motion
picture studios in Los Angeles.

Home Address: 1957 Laughlin Park Dr., Los
Angeles, Calif. •



SOLTAU, Professor David Livingstone,

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Educator, Physicist.

Born: Launceston (Tasmania), July 14, 1890;
s. of Grace Elizabeth (Tapson) and Rev.
George Soltau.

Education: Paradise House School (London)
and St. Clare in Walmer (Kent, England) ;
Morris High School (N.Y.C.); Morningside
Acad. (Sioux City, la.); Northwestern Univ.
(Evanston, 111); Univ. of Washington (Seat-

Degrees: B.S., 1909 and M.A., 1927, North-
western Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of Washington,

Married: Grace Blanche, d. of Mollie Belle
and Harlan Page Zimmerman in Seattle
(Wash.), Sept. 23, 1914.

Prof. Record: Resident Engr., Washington
State Highway Dept., 1909-10; pvt. civil
engrg. practice (Port Angeles, Wash.), 1910-
11; Draftsman-Transilman, N.P. Ry. (Taco-
ma. Wash.), 1911-16; Field Service Represen-
tative, McGraw-Hill Pub. Co. (N.Y.C.), 1916-
17; at American Presbyterian Mission (Korea),
1921-29: Treasurer and Prof, of Physics,
Union Christian College (Pyengyang), Prin-
cipal, Pyengyang Foreign School, Treas., Mis-
sion's Academies (Pyengyang), Architect and
Consulting Engr. for the Mission. Acting Prof,
of Physics, College of Puget Sound (Tacoma),
1929-30, Prof, of Physics and Engrg. Math.,
Whitworth Coll. (Spokane), 1930-33, Teaching
Fellow, Physics Dept., Univ. of Wash. (Seat-
tle), 1933-36, Prof, of Physics, Seattle Pac.
Coll , 1935-36, Pres., Lower Columbia Jr.
Coll. (Longview). 1936-40 (all in Wash.);
Registrar and Prof, of Physics, Westmont
Coll. (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1940-41; resigned
and accepted appt. as Asst. to the Des.n of
Univ. Coll. at Univ. of So. Calif.
Publications: Articles in Engineering-News-
Record, Metallurgical and Chemical Engineer-
ing, Electric Railway Journal, etc.; also, in
School Science and Math.. Review of Scien-
tific Instruments, American Physics Teacher,
Junior College Journal, etc.
Army Record: 2nd R.O.T.C, Presidio of San
Francisco (Calif.), 1917; 1st Lieut., Air Serv-
ice, Adjutant and Exec. Officer, Lake Pleas-
ant District Spruce Prodn., 1917-19; Capt.,
A S Exec. Officer, Utilities Service (Camp
Lee, Va.), 1919; Exec. Officer, Construction
Service, 6th Corps, Hdqrs. in Chicago dill.),
1920; Capt., Engr. Officers Reserve Corps,

Merahershivs: Scribblers (Charter Member,
Northwestern Univ.) ; Phi Chapter of Phi
Gamma Delta, Sigma Xi, Phi Delta Kappa;
Amer. Physical Soc; Fellow, Amer. Assn. for
the Advancement of Science; Amer. Assn.
Physics Teachers; Royal Asiatic Soc.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreation: Stamp collecting.
Btts. Address: 231 So. Westmoreland Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 231 No. New Hampshire Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

SOMMER. Peter S., LL.B.

Lawyer, Associated with Gavin McNab,

Schmulowitz, Aikens & Wyman.

Born: New York City, Oct. 11, 1894; s. of

Fanny (CJoldner) and Aaron Sommer.

Education: Public schools; University of Cali-
fornia, Hastings College of Law.
Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of Calif., 1919.
Married: Jenny, d. of Celia and Emil Magner
in San Francisco (Calif.), 1921; eh.: Peter S.,
Jr. and Allan E.

Prof. Record: Associated with law firm of
Gavin, McNab, Schmulowitz, A i k en s and

Directorships : Bank of Canton; Stanley-Til ton
Corp.; Irving-Fredrick, Inc.
Publications: Various articles in State Bar

Army Record: Member of 363rd Regiment,
World War I.

Memberships : Masonic Fraternity, Shrine,
Concordia-Argonaut Club.
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 625 Market St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 123 Cherry St., San Francisco,

SONDERLING, Rabbi Jacob. Ph.D.

Rabbi of Society for Jewish Culture.
Born: Lipine (Silesia, Germany), Oct. 19,
1878; s. of Johanna (Lebowitsch) and Wil-
helm Sonderling.

Education: Universities of Vienna, Breslau,
Tuebingen; Jewish Theological Seminaries of
Vienna, Breslau, Berlin.

Degrees: Ph.D., Univ. of Tuebingen, 1903;
Ordained Rabbi by State-Rabbinate of Mor-
avia, 1905.

Married: Emma, d. of Regina and Joseph
Klemann in Breslau (Germany), Nov. 28,
1881; ch.: Egmont, Frederick, Paul.
Prof. Record: Rabbi in Goettingen, 1906-08,
Hamburg, 1908-23, Chicago, 1924-26, New
York, 1926-30, Providence (R.I.), until 1932;
Rabbi of Society for Jewish Culture, Fairfax
Temple (Los Angeles), 1934 — .
Publications: The Curse of Development of
Kant's Conceptions on Logic (Tuebingen Univ.
Press), 1904.

Army Record: Army Rabbi of the 8th CJer-
man-Hindenburg Army, Member of the High
Command Staff, 1914-18.

Awards: Iron Cross, Cross of the Hansa Re-

Memberships: Los Angeles Lodge No. 487,
B'nai B'rith.
Religion: Jewish.

Bus. Address: 525 So. Fairfax Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 738 So. Orange Grove Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif. *


News Editor, San Francisco News.

Born: New York City, Oct 21, 1907; s. of

Sarah (Alderman) and Emanuel W. Son-


Education: Temple Univ. (Philadelphia, Pa.).

Married: Ruth (Hyatt) Drewes (div.), d. of

John Hyatt, in San Francisco (Calif.), Dec.

15, 1930; ch.: Marcia Jean.

Prof. Record: Reporter, Atlantic City Daily

Press, 1920-25, Philadelphia North Ainerican,

1925-26, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1926-27, At-



liinlic Cily Times, 1927, Nevviirk Htar-l'Jagle,
1927; Reporter and Keiilurc Writer, New
York WorUl-Talcgram, l:rJ7-:iU, San Kranclsco
News, 19;W-;U. and Asst. City lOd., 19;il, City
Ed.. 1932-36, and News Ed., since 1936.
Publications: N cwayaperman (Whittlesey
House), 1941.

Recreations: Tennis, cruising, and fencing.
Bus. Address: San Francisco News, 814 Mis-
sion St., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 985 Pine St., San Francisco,

SOPER. Professor Edgar Kirke, A.6.,

?I.A., Ph.D.

Associate Prolessor of Geology, University of
California (Los Angeles); Consulting Petro-
leum Geologist and Engineer.
Born: Santa Clara (Calif.), March 15, 1886;
s. of Jane E. (Kirkpatrick) and Edgar Adel-
bert Soper.

Education: Public schools (Palo Alto, Calif.);
Stanford Univ.; Cornell Univ.; Univ. of Minn.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1908; M.A.,
1912 and Ph.D., 1915, Univ. of Minn.
Married: Solveig M., d. of Eliz. and Dr. M.
Magelssen in Minneapolis (Minn.), June, 1918.

Prof. Record: Instr., Econ. Geol., Cornell
Univ., 1908-10, Univ. Minn., 1910-15; Geol.,
Amer. S.&R. Co. (Coahuila, Me.xico), 1913
Geologist, Minn. State Geol. Survey, 1913-15
Asst. Prof., Mining Engrg., Univ. of Idaho,
1915-16, Assoc. Prof., 1916; Dean, Oregon
State School of Mines and Prof, of Geology,
1917-18; Geologist, S. Pearson & Son, Ltd.
(London), 1919; Chief Geol. in Ala. for Sin-
clair Con. Oil Corp., 1920; Geologist and
Agent for Sinclair Con. Oil Corp. (oil e.xplora-
tion in Trinidad, B.W.I., Italy, Albania, Rus-
sia, etc.), 1922-26; Assoc. Prof., Geology,
Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles) 1926—; Con-
sulting Geologist, specializing in Oil Geology
(Los Angeles), 1926—.

Publications: Books on economic geology of
clays, shales, peat, etc., published by the
Minn. State Geological Survey and the U.S.
Geol. Survey; also, more than 30 technical
articles on econ. geol. pub. in geol. and min-
ing journals and periodicals.

Memberships: The University Club of Los An-
geles; Sigma Gamma Epsilon.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Independent.
Recreation: Fishing.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 453 Loring Ave., Los Angeles,

SORBER. Daniel Glenn. A.B., M.S.

Chemist, Western Regional Research Labaora-
tory. Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and
Engineering, United States Department of

Born: Meadow (Neb.), Sept. 26, 1895; s. of
Lucy Ann (Jansen) and Adelbert Buckley

Education: Nooksack (Wash.) High School;
Univ. of Washington (Seattle) ; George Wash-
ington Univ.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., CJeorge Washington Univ.,
1926; M.S., Univ. of So. Calif., 1929.

Married: Velma Morrill, d. of Ulanch Emma
( and Wlnfred Warren Urlttrm In Elgin
(111.), July 12, 1921; ch. : (JIadys Miriam.
Prof. Record: Meat Inspection Laboratory,
Bureau of Animal Industry, U..S. Dept. of
Agriculture (Washington, D.C.), 1920-26;
Laboratory of Fruit and Vegetable Chemistry,
Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and Engi-
neering, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (Los An-
geles, Calif.), 1926-1941, Western Regional
Research Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Agricul-
ture, 1941—.

Publications: Author and Co- Author of sev-
eral scientific papers.

Army Record: U.S. Army (Medical Dept.),
1917-19; served in France, 1918-19.
Memberships: American Chemical Society, In-
stitute of Food Technologists.

Bus. Address: 800 Buchannan St., Albany,

Home Address: 1133 Amador Ave., Berkeley,

SORENSEN, Professor Royal Wasson,

B.S., E.E., D.Sc.

Professor of Electrical Engineering, California

Institute of Technology.

Born: Kansas, April 25, 1882; s. of Margret

E. (Wasson) and Soren Sorensen.
Education: Golden High School (Colo.); Univ.
of Colo. (Boulder).

Degrees: B.S., 1905; E.E., 1928; D.Sc, 1938.
Married: Grace Milner in South Woodstock
(Conn.), April 26, 1906; ch.: Marguerite (Mrs.

F. J. Groat), Grace Helen (Mrs. J. D. Por-
ter), Royal Milner, Lewis Robert.

Prof. Record: Asst. Engr., Golden Illuminat-
ing Co., 1900: Testman, Gen. Electric Co.,
1905-06, in Transformer Dept., 1906-10; Assoc.
Prof., Elec. Engr., Throop Polv. Inst, (now
Calif. Inst. Tech.), 1910-11, Prof. 1911—,
Chmn. Faculty, 1938-39; also Cons. Engrg.
practice; Cons. Engr., U.S. Electric Mfg. Co.
until 1929; Cons. Engr., Gen. Elec. Co., 1929-
30; Pres., Pasadena YMCA, 1933-39; planned
and designed equipment of the first Amer.
1,000,000 volt transformer system and lab.;
invented (jointly with Dr. Robert A. Milli-
kan) vacuum switch for high potential elec-
tric circuit, also other inventions.

Directorships: Pres., Amer. Inst, of Electrical
Engineers, 1940-41.

Publications: Contributor of many articles in
tech. mags, on high voltage electric power
transmission and apparatus.

War Record: Mem., Research Com. for Sub-
marine Detection, World War I, also special
Radio Instr., Signal Corps, S.A.T.C.

Memberships: Mem., Bd. of Cons. Engrs.,
Metropolitan Water Dist. of So. Calif., 1931^;
Fellow, Amer. Inst. E.E. (Research Com.,
1923-30; Vice-Pres., 1933-35; Dir., 1937-41;
Pres., 1940-41) Soc. for Promotion Engrg.
Edn. (Mem. Gov. Bd., 1938-41) ; Engrg. Coun-
cil of Founder Socs. of So. Calif., Tau Beta
Pi, Sigma Xi; Mason; Rotarian; Joint Tech.,
Engineers, Twilight, (Pasadena, Athenaeum

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 384 So. Holliston Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.





Born: Cliulamani t Bolivia ) ; s. of Carmen
(Meza) and Juan Sotomayor.
Education: School of Fine Arts (La Paz,
Bolivia) and Hopkins Inst. (San Francisco,

Married: Grace Mora Andrews in San Fran-
cisco (Calif.), May 13, 1926.
Prof. Record: Mural Paintings: Palace Hotel
(San Francisco), Sharon Building (San Fran-
cisco), Arthur Ilofmann residence (Hillsbor-
ough, Calif.), Sonoma Mission Inn (Boyes
Springs, Calif.), Peruvian Pavilion (Golden
Gate Intnl. Exposition), Ceramic relief map
of the Pacific (Pacific House, G.G.I.E.);
Paintings in museums and private collections
in the U.S., So. Amer. and the Orient; Illus-
trations for Indian Tales From Guatemala
(Scribners), 1936; Cartilla Mejicana (Crofts),
1938; Man in Nature (Scribners), 1939; Quet-
zal Quest (Harcourt Brace), 1939 and same
(Oxford Univ. Press, London), 1940; Treasure
of the Tortoise Islands (Harcourt Brace),
1940; Caricatures for San Francisco Chron-
icle and other periodicals.
Memberships: San Francisco Art Assn.; Fam-
ily and Press Clubs (San Francisco).
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Home Address: 2 Aladdin Terrace, San Fran-
cisco, Calif. " *

SPALDING, William Andrew-
Civic Official (retired).

Born: Ann Arbor (Mich.), Oct. 3, 1852; s. of
Jane (McCormick) and Ephriam Hall Spald-

Education: Kansas City grade and high
schools; Spaldings Commercial Coll. (Kansas
City) ; Univ. of Mich.

Married: Ellen Mary, d. of James Dennison,
in St. Louis (Mo.); ch.: Helen S. Groff, Mary
S. Cooper.

Prof. Record: Accountant for three years
(Kansas City, Mo.); Newspaperman, 2 years
(Kansas City), 22 years, Los Angeles (Calif.) ;
Secy., Municipal Civic Service, 8 years. Mem-
ber, Civil Service Commn. (Los Angeles), 4
yrs., State Bldg. and Loan Commn. (Calif.),
4 years. Pres., Bd. of Freeholders and Mem-
ber, Library Bd. (Los Angeles) ; Member, Bd.
of Governors, Los Angeles Co. Museum, So.
Calif. Acad, of Sciences (Dir. and Past Pres.) ;
Member and Past Pres., Los Angeles Co. Pi-
oneer Soc.

Publications: The Orange: It's Culture in
California, 1882; My Vagabonds (verse), 1889,
and Snatches of Song (Times-Mirror), 1921;
History and Reminiscences of Los Angeles
City and County (J. R. Finnell & Sons Pub.
Co.), 1930.

Meynber ships: (Past Master), East Gate
Lodge No. 290, Mason; Univ. Club (Los An-
geles) .

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 2435 Thomas St., Los Angeles,

SPAULDING, Professor Frank Ells-
worth. A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.

Educator, (retired).

Born: Dublin (N.H.), Nov. 30, 1866; s. of

Abby R. (Stearns) and William Spaulding.

Education: Amherst Coll.; Univ. of Leipsic
and Berlin; Sorbonne; College de France;
Clark Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Amherst, 1889 M.A., Ph.D.,
Univ. of Leipsic, 1«94; LL.D., Amherst, 1920;
M.A. (hon.), Yale, 1920.

Married: Mary Elizabeth, d. of William Trow,
in Northampton (Mass.), Oct. 17, 1895; ch.:
Francis Trow, William Ellsworth, Mary, Cath-

Prof. Record: Teacher, Louisville Military
Acad., 1889-91; Supt. of Schools (Ware,
Mass.), 1895-97, Passaic (N.J.), 1897-1904,
Newton (Mass.), 1904-14, Minneapolis (Minn.),
1914-17, Cleveland (Ohio), 1917-20; Prof, of
Edn., Grad. Sch., Yale Univ., 1920-35.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening, auto trips, occasional

Home Address: 2901 Hill Dr., Los Angeles,

SPEARMAN. The Reverend Professor

Arthur Dunning, S.J., A.B.,

M.A., S.T.L.

Theologian ; Director of the Library, Professor
of Philosophy of Religion, Loyola University.

Born: Wheaton (111.), Aug. 26, 1899; s. of
Eugenie Amilia (Lonergan) and Frank Hamil-
ton Spearman.

Education: Loyola High School (Chicago, 111.) ;
Loyola College (Los Angeles, Calif.) ; Gonzaga
Univ. (Spokane, Washington); Weston Col-
lege (Mass.); St. Mary's Theological College
of St. Louis Univ. (Mo.).

Degrees: A.B., 1925, M.A., 1927, C^onzaga
Univ.; S.T.L. , St. Louis Univ., 1932.

Prof Record: Educator and Minister of the
Gospel ; ordained Priest of the Catholic Church
by Archbishop Glennon at St. Louis (Mis-
souri), 1931, as a Member of the Society of
Jesus (Jesuit Fathers). Taught English and
Civil Govt, at Seattle Preparatory Shool, 1928-
29; Grad. Studies in Theology at Weston Col-
lege and St. Louis Univ., 1932-33; Instr. in
Religion, Univ. of Santa Clara, 1933-34; Pri-
vate Studies in Canon Law and Theory of
Asceticism, 1934-35; apptd., Dir. of Loyola
Univ. Library (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1935;
Asst. Dir. of Sodalist Youth Movement (Los
Angeles), 1937; Archdiocean Director of the
League of the Sacred Heart, 1940 — .

Publications: Out of the Northland (Jesuit
Missions Press, N.Y.), 1931; contributor of
articles and short stories to Famous Ameri-
cans (series 2), 1941, Ave Maria, Indian Sen-
tinel, The Calumet, The Queen's Work, The
Dove, The Callboard, The Catholic Daily Trib-

Mernberships: Soc. of Colonial Wars (Life
Member) .

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Mountains and forests.

Bus. Address: Loyola University, Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 55 W. San Fernando St., San
Jose, Calif.; 7101 W. 80th St., Los Angeles,
Calif. *



SPEARS, Raymond S. (Smiley)

Borti: Belknuc (Ohio). Aug. 2, 1876; s. of
Celcstia Colette (Smiley) and John R. Spears

Education: Mo.stly self taught (3 yr.s. pub.
schools) .

Married: C. Eleanor, d. of Charles K. Shep-
ard, in Huntington, New Y<)ri< (Long Island),
July 14, 1<)()-1; ch.: Charles R., John S.

Prof. Record: Local correspondent for news-
papers. Reporter for the Sun (New York),
1896-19(X) (under Charles A. Dana, Paul
Dana, Chester S. Lord) ; traveled for Forest
& Stream, walked from Utica (N.Y.) to John-
.«'on Co. (\^^.) down Holston and Tennessee
Rivers, 1901-02; down Mississippi, St. Louis,
Gulf of Mexico, in skiff; Chesapeake Bay and
numerous tours, gathering writing material;
toured western U.S. by auto, motorcycle, bi-
cycle, raft, skiffs, etc. ; Chief, Amer. Protec-
tive League, Mohawk Valley (N.Y.) under
Dept. Justice, 1917-18.

Publicatiotis: Camping on Great River, Camp-
ing on Great Lakes, River Prophet, Diamond
Tolls, Flying Coyotes, Driftwood, and a large
number of serials, novelettes, short stories,
series of fiction and fact (Jim Smiley, Pete
the Gunman, cognomens).

Memberships: Internat. Prehistoric Relic Col-
lectors Assn.

Politics: Democrat (Independent).

Recreations: Touring, camping, hunting, fish-
ing, nature student (wildcrafter).
Home Address: 11335 Burin Ave., Inglewood,
Calif., and 205 E. 42nd St., New York, N.Y.

SPELMAN, Professor Leslie P.. A.B.,

M.A., Mus.B., F.A.G.O.

Professor of Music, University of Redlands;
Director of Music, First Baptist Church, Red-

Born: Covert (Mich.), March 7, 1903; s. of
Laura E. (Leslie) and John Robinson Spel-

Education: South Haven (Mich.) High School;
Oberlin College and Conservatory;,
Univ. of North Carolina; Univ. of Mich.; 2
years in Paris (France).

Degrees: A.B., 1927, M.A., 1928, Mus.B.,
1928, Oberlin College: F.A.G.O. (Fellow of
the Amer. Guild of Organists), 1933.

Married: Muriel H., d. of Emma and Henry
Johnston, in New York City, Feb. 22, 1929;
ch. : Leslie, Laura, Julia.

Prof. Record: Teacher of Organ, William
Woods College (Fulton, Mo.), 1928-30; Organ-
ist and Choir Master, Amer. Church of Paris
(France), 1930-,32: Dir. of Music Dept., Mere-
dith College (Raleigh, N.C.), 1932-39; Prof,
of Music (Organ and Theory), Univ. of Red-
lands, Dir. of Music, First Baptist Ch. (Red-
lands, Calif.), 1937—; Dean of the North Ca-
rolina Cliapter A.G.O., 1934-37.

Memberships: Rotary; Music Teachers Nat.

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands,

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 197 of 235)