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Home Address: 1228 Center St., Redlands.
Calif. »

SPENCE, Homer Roberts. A.B., J.D.

Associ.ilc .Juslicc, IJislrlct Court (il Appeal.
Born: .San Krand.sco (Calif.;, March 15, 1891;
s. of Grace (Roberts) and Clark Sponce.
Education: Public schools of San Jose, San
Francisco and Alameda (Calif.); Stanford

Degrees: A.B., 1913, J.D., 1915, Stanford


Married: Helen, d. of Morgenla (Maynard)
and George C. Browne, in Diablo (Calif.),
May 22, 1929; ch. : Maynard Roberts and
Schuyler Deloss.

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice of law,
1915; practiced law in San Francisco and
Alameda County, 1915-27; Member of Legis-
lature, 1921-27; Judge of the Superior Court
(Alameda Co.), 1927-30; Assoc. Justice, Dis-
trict Court of Appeals, 1930—.

Army Service: First Lieut., F.A., 1917-19;
served in France, 16 mos. ; with French Sixth
Army Corps during Aisne-Marne Defensive;
later with 314th F.A. (80th Div. i ; Instr., Sau-
mer Artillery Officers Training Camp; Capt.,
F.A. Res.

Memberhips: Chi Psi, Phi Delta Phi; Amer.
Bar Assn., San Francisco Bar Assn., Alameda
Co. Bar Assn. ; Conf . of Calif. Judges (Past
Pres.); Alameda Council, Boy Scouts (Past
Pres.); Commonwealth Club; Oakland Forum;
Amer. Legion; Elks (Past E.xalfed Ruler);
Native Sons; Encinal Yacht Club.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Horses, golf.

Bus. Address: State Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 1200 St. Charles St., Alameda,
Calif. •

SPENCER, Allan Thomas

Live Stock Breeder.

Born: Sunnyside (Mont.). May 9, 1881; s. of
Martha Donahue and John Spencer.
Education: Univ. of Calif.

Married: Martha, d. of John D. McGilvrav, in
Palo Alto (Calif.), Aug. 21, 1907; ch.: "sev-
en (7).

Prof. Record: Pres., Calif. Wool Growers
Assn.; Chmn., State Reclamation Board.

Directorships: Dir.. State Chamber of Com-

Memberships: San Francisco No. 1 Knights
Templar; Islam Temple.

Religion : Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing.

Home Address: (^rber, Calif. •

SPENCER. Blake W.. A.B., M.A.

Educator, Lecturer: Supervisor of Business
Subjects and Lecturer in Education, Univ. of
California (Berkeley).

Born: Solamanca (New York), Oct. 8, 1895;
s. of Sarah (Emerick) and Azara C. Spencer.

Education: Neb. Wesleyan Univ.; Columbia

Degrees: A.B., Neb. Wesleyan Univ., 1918;
M.A., Columbia Univ., 1923.



Married: Ruth, d. of Frank E. Needham, in
Kearney (Neb.), Jan. 1, 1921; ch. : Robert
Lowell, Mary Louise.

Prof. Record: Commercial Teacher, Sr. High
School (Mitchell, So. Dakota), 1923-26, Tech-
nical High School (Oakland, Calif.), 1926-29;
Head of Commercial Dept., Roosevelt High
School (Oakland), 1929-35; Lecturer in Edn.
and Supervisor of Bus. Subjects at Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley), 1935 — ; Instr., summer ses-
sions, 1938, 1939, 1941 (same).
Publicatio7is : Miscellaneous mag. articles.
Army Record: U.S. Army, overseas. World
War I (1917-18).

Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kap-
pa; Mason.
Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 4426 Evans Ave., Oakland,
Calif. *

SPENCER. Lynn (Cholly
Angeleno), A.B.

Society Editor.

Born: Monrovia (Calif.), May 18, 1898; s. of
Minnie Frances (Lapham) and Isom Lindsay

Education: Occidental Coll.; Univ. of Calif.
(Berkeley); public schools of So. Pasadena

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1924.
Married: Mary (Doerr) Buckley, d. of Mar-
tha (Blrge) and Albert Doerr, in Cuerna-
vaca (Mexico), July 31, 1900.
Prof. Record: Edit. Staff, Los Angeles Exam-
iner, since Oct. 1, 1917, in capacity of Gen-
eral Assignment Reporter, Police Reporter,
Librarian and Women's Editor, Society Edi-
tor; part time Teacher of Journalism at Lin-
coln High School, 1927-28; now writes under
nom de plume of "Cholly Angeleno."
Army Service: Students Army Training Corps,
U.S. Army, 1918.

Memberhips: University, Los Angeles Athletic.
Hollywood Athletic Riviera Country, Pacific
Coast, Santa Monica Swimming, Santa Mon-
ica Del Mar and Deauville Clubs; Delta Kap-
pa Epsilon; Skull and Keys.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Examiner, 1111
So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1980 Oak St., South Pasadena,

SPENCER. Professor Peter Lincoln.

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Claremont Colleges.
Born: Ashland (Oregon), March 3, 1893; s.
of Isabel (Porter) and Aden C. Spencer.
Education: Humboldt State Normal; Univ. of
Ore. ; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: B.S., 1922, M.A., 1924, Univ. of
Ore.: Ph.D., Stanford Univ., 1929.
Married: Georgia Irene, d. of George Skeen
in Ashland (Ore.), June 15, 1916; ch.: Ber-
tram Peter, James Edward, Richard William.
Prof. Record: Teacher and Administrator,
Ore. Public Schools, 1913-19; Staff of Univ.
High School, Univ. of Ore., 1919-24; Sch. of

Edn., Univ. of Ore., 1923-25; Head of Edn.
Dept., Ore. Normal Sch., 1925-26; Specialist
in Elementary Edn., Bureau of Education
(Philippine Islands), 1929-31; Prof, of Edn..
Claremont Colleges, 1931—; summer session
Staff Member, Stanford Univ., 1931; North-
western Univ., 1937, Colorado Univ., 19.38;
Visiting Member of Staff of Univ. of 111.,

Publications: Spencer Diagnostic Tests in
Arithmetic, Gregory Spencer Geography Tests
(pub. by C. A. Gregory Co.), Cincinnati,
Ohio), 1922-23.

Army Record: Ore. Nat. Guard, Coast Artil-
lery Corps.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Claremont Colleges, Claremont,

Home Address: 535 W. Tenth, Claremont,


Pianist; Music Educator; Composer.
Born: Belmont (Co. Durham, England), Oct.
10,1875; s. of Isabella (Innes) and Alfred

Education: Graduate Royal Conservatory of
Music (Leipsic, Germany).
Married: (1) Elsa M. Haase (Pegau, Saxony
Germany). (2) Ruth Irene, d. of Elizabeth
and Isaac Newton Huntsberger, in Ventura
(Calif.), Aug. 22, 1917; ch.: Vernon P., Elsa
I., Dr. Carl M., James Newton.
Prof Record: Organist, Tatham St. Meth-
odist Church (Sunderland, Eng.), 1891-96;
Student, and later Teacher of Piano (Leipsic,
Germany), 1896-1903; Prof, of Music and
D i r of Conservatory, Nebraska Wesleyan
University (Lincoln), 1903-08; Crtic. Chicago
Inter-Ocean and Illinois Staatszeitung . 1903;
taught privately and also Teacher of Artists
classes. Stern's Conservatory of Music (Ber-
lin, Germany), 1908-10; Music Critic and Cor-
respondent Manchester Guardian, London Mu-
sical News, 1908-11; Co-Founder, Los Angeles
Musical College, Dir., 1911-13; Pres., Los An-
geles Music Teachers' Assn., 1913-15; Pres.,
Bohemians, 1922-23; Asst. Prof, of Music,
Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles), 1921-24; Music
Critic (on paper founded by Robert Schu-
mann), Neue Zeitschrift Fuer Musik (Leipsic,
Ger.), 1900-03; Pianist, Lecturer and Writer
on music, now teaching privately.
Publications: Editor: The Music Student
(monthly mag.), 1915-16; Composer, educa-
tional piano works, four vols. (Schirmer,
N.Y.) songs, violin and piano compositions,

Memberships: Los Angeles Musicians' Guild.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: 4452 Dundee Dr.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

SPENCER, Vernon Percival Innes.
A.B., J.D.


Born: Leipsic (Germany), Nov. 11, 1901; s.
Elsa (Haase) and Vernon Spencer.
Education: Public schools (Los Angeles, Cal-
if.); Stanford Univ., 1925.



DiVntH: AM.. l!)'Jr). J.D., 1926, Stanford

Married: Helen Elizabeth: d. of Elizabeth
(Campion) and C. (). Nelson In InKlewood
(Calif.), June V2. 1926: oh.: Patricia Jean,
Vernon ElLsworlh, Gwendolyn Joyce.
Prof. Record: A.ssoc. with Newcomb Condee
In the practice of law In Inglewood (Calif.),
1926-28: Mem. of the law firm of Condee and
Spencer, 1928-33; engaged In the practice of
law, 1933—.

Director.ihips: Pres., Inglewood .Securities
Corp., Ltd.: Dlr., Inglewood Federal Savings
and Loan Assn., Golden Star Laundry, Ltd.,
People's Finance Co. of Inglewood, Federated
Properties. Inc., Lactoseal Corp. ; Inglewood
Housing Corp.

Meynberships: Delta Sig^ma Rho; Inglewood
Bar Assn. (Past Pres.), Los Angeles Bar
Assn., Amer. Bar Assn.: Inglewood Klwanis
(Secy.), Inglewood Lodsje 1492, B.P.O.E.,
Fairview Lodge S.F.A.M. 629, Div. One, Calif. -
Nevada District Kiwanis International (Past
Lieut. -Governor), and (Past Chmn.) Interna-
tional Com. of Kiwanis International.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Go\t, cooking and reading.

Bu.i. Address: 349 E. Manchester Blvd., Ingle-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 8451 Bvrd Ave., Inglewood,

SPERO, Anna Kalfus. B.L.

Editor, Critic.

Born; Shepherdsville (Ky.): d. of Elizabeth
Virginia (Birlchead) and Henrv Fredericic
Kalfus, M.D.

Education: Graded, high, and normal schools
(Louisville, Ky.); Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: B.L., Univ. of Calif., 1912.
Married: Schuyler C, s. of John Spero of
Ind. ; ch. : one daughter who is a lawyer.
Prof. Record: Teacher, Franl^fort (Kv.l Pub-
lic School: Co-Founder first Public School
of ElizabethtouTi (Kentucky) : Teacher in
Louisville Girls High School: Teacher of Elo-
cution in a Louisville Private School. For sev-
eral years, Edited and Published a weekly
paper. Professional Critic of poetry.
Publications: Has written educational articles,
short stories and poems.

Memberships: Poetry Soc. (Life Mem.), (Lon-
don, England): Calif. Writers' Club; Alumnae
Club, Louisville Girls High School (LifeMem.),
Berkeley Short Story, and Elder Bloom (Vice-
Pres.) Clubs; Pen Women of Amer.. Poetry
Sections N.L.A.P. (Chmn.), Reader, Speaker;
N.E.A. (Life Mem.).
Religion: Christian

Home Address: 1912 Virginia St, Berkeley,

SPERRY, John Lovell. B.S.

Entomologist; President, The Minden. Inc.

Born: Oak Lawn (R.I.), Jan. 18, 1894: s. of

Nellie J. (Reed) and John Woodberry Sperry.

Education: Cranston High School (R.I.);

Brown Univ. (Providence, R.I.).

Degrees: B.S., Brown Univ., 1914.

Married: Grace, d. of Julian L. Herreshoff,

in Providence (R.I.), June 21, 1919.

Prof. Record: Nonnabo Chem. Co., 1915;

Dr.irt.smiin, Asst. F:nKr. Night Su|)t., L.A.A
S.L. It.U., 1!)1(;, U.S.R.S., 1917 fShoshone
Project). Prov. (;a.s Co., 1919, City of Provi-
dence, Water Supply, 1920-25; Pre.s., The
Minden, 1925 -. Known for his work on Ge-
ometrld Moths.

Directomhipii: Pres., Chmn. of Board of The
Minden, Inc. (Providence, R.I.).
Publications: Original descriptions of .several
moths, published In The Canadian Entomol-
ogist and Southern California Academy of

Army Record: Engr. Off. Tr. Corps (Alexan-
dria, Va.), 1918.

Memberships: So. Calif. Acad. Science, Phila-
delphia Acad. Science; Riverside Tennis, and
Lorquin (Los Angeles) Clubs; Entomological
Society (Washington, D.C.).
Religion: Protestant (Baptist).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations : Tennis, collecting of lepidoptera,
mountain climbing, fishing, chess, outdoor
sports and camping.

Bus. Address: 123 Waterman St., Providence,

Home Address: 3260 Redwood Dr., Riverside,

Other Address: P.O. Box 103, Las Vegas, Nev.
(Legal) and "Journeys End," Randolph, New
Hampshire. •

SPIEGLEMAN, Maurice Herman

Civic Worker; Senior Member. M. H. Spiegel-
man and Son, Insurance Agency.
Born: Russia; s. of Rosa (Tittman) and Ed-
ward Lewis Spiegelman.

Education : Philadelphia (Pa.) Public Schools.
Married: Etta, d. of Rachael and Harris
Berry, in (Jolden (Colo.), Mar. 11, 1909; ch.:
Edward Lewis, Raymond Bernhard.
Prof. Record: Was in the construction and
realty business for 20 years (Denver, Colo.)
and also established a general insurance
agency known as the M. H. Spiegelman In-
surance Agency. Was one of the original
founders of the Community Chest of Colo.,
for 10 years, Chmn. of the Admission Com.
of the Ex-Patients Tubercular Sanatorium
(Denver. Colo.), worked with the Sanatorium,
and helped in the construction of the only
general hospital and home for the aged (Beth
Israel Hospital and Home Society). Past-
Pres. of Denver Lodge B'nai B'rith No. 171 of
Dist. No. 2. Now- Senior Member. M. H.
Spiegelman and Son, CJeneral Insurance (Los
Angeles, Calif.).

Membership: Ancient and Accepted Scottish
Rite of Free Masonry (Life Mem.), Southern
Jurisdiction. U.S.A., Rocky Mountain Con-
sistory CDenver, Colo.), Colo. Shrine (Savoy
Hotel, Los Angeles) ; Culver City B'nai B'rith
Lodge 1.334 (Pres.), also Grand Lodge Deputy
of District No. 4, B'nai B'rith.
Religioji: Jewish.
Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. Address: 756 So. Broadway, Eind 609 So.
Grand, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1123% Stearns Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

SPOHN, Clay Edgar

Artist, Muralist, Designer.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.); s. of Pauline

(Schaefer) and John H. Spohn.



Education: Berkeley (Calif.) Public Schools;
Augusta Military Academy (Va.); Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley) ; Arts and Crafts (Berkel-
ey) ; IVfark Hopkins Inst, of Art (San Fran-
cisco, Calif.); Art Students League (New
York City); Academie Moderne (Paris,

Prof. Record: Cartoonist, New York Evening
World (newspaper), 1924; Asst. Designer to
Ezra Winter (Muralist), in New York City,
1924; for the ne.xt ten years, spent experi-
menting in the various techniques and meth-
ods of ancient and modern art, painting
easel pictures, murals and portraits. Taught
privately the technique of painting, and funda-
mentals of art. Has mural paintings in Monte-
bello Post Office, Los Gatos Union High
School, copper reliefs in Volunteeer Fire
Dept. (Carmel) and the Castro Valley Com-
munity Center (all Calif.). Paintings, draw-
ings, portraits and prints in private collec-

Awards: Won Artist Fund Prize (San Fran-
cisco Art Association Annual Graphic Show),
of 1939.

Memberships: San Francisco Art Assn. ; Sigma
Alpha Epsilon.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Home Address: 653 Francisco St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

SPONSLER, Professor Olenus Lee.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.

Professor of Botany, University of California
(Los Angeles).

Born: Akron (Ohio), June 17, 1879; s. of
Sarah (Lee) and Israel Seymour.
Education: Univ. of Mich.; Univ. of Neb.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1909; M.A.,
Univ. of Neb., 1911; Ph.D., Stanford, 1922.
Married: Seldon Ruger, June 19, 1917.
Prof. Record: Asst. Prof., Botany and For-
estry, Univ. of Neb., 1909-11; Asso. Prof.,
Forestry, Univ. of Mich., 1912-17; Asst. Prof.,
Botany, Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles), 1922-
25, Asst. Prof., 1925-28, Prof., since July 1,

Publications: Author, Trees, 1923; Contbr.,
numerous scientific articles on X-ray deter-
mination of molecular structure of biol. mat-
erials, such as starch and cellulose, etc.
Army Service: Engaged in plywood investiga-
tions for airplane constrn. at Forest Products
Lab. (Madison, Wis.), World War I.
Memberships: Fellow, A.A.A.S., Mem., Am.
Bot. Soc, Western Soc. Naturalists, Am. Soc.
Plant Physiologists, Soc. for Experimental Bi-
ology and Medicine; Sigma Pi, Gamma Alpha;

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif. *

SPROUL. Ida Amelia

Home-Maker; American Red Cross.
Born: New York City, Mar. 22, 1891; d. of
Antoinette (Martin) and John Wittschen.
Education: Public schs. in Oakland (Calif.).
Married: Robert Gordon Sproul, LL.D., Litt.
D., s. of Sarah Elizabeth (Moore) and Robert
Sproul in Oakland (Calif.), Sept. 6, 1916; eh.:
Marion Elizabeth, Robert Gordon, Jr., John

Directorships: Dir., Berkeley Chapter Amer-
ican Red Cross.

Memberships: Delta Kappa Gamma (Hon.
Mem.); Town and Gown (Berkeley), Wo-
men's Athletic (Oakland), Twentieth Century
(Berkeley) and Ebell (Oakland and Los An-
geles) Clubs.

Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Walking and swimming.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Calif. ; Univ. of California, Los Angeles,


Home Address: President's House, Univ. of

California, Berkeley, Calif.

SPROUL. Robert Gordon. B.S.,
LL.D., Litt.D.

President, University of California.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), May 22, 1891;

s. of Sarah Elizabeth (Moore) and Robert


Education: Univ. of California.

Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1913; LL.D.,
Occidental College, 1926, Univ. of So. Calif.,
1930, Univ. of San Francisco, 1930, Pomona
College, 1931, Univ. of Ore., 1932, Univ. of
Nebraska, 1935, Yale, 1935, Univ. of Maine
1938, LL.D., Univ. of New Mexico, 1940,
Harvard Univ., 1940 (all Hon.); Litt.D., Col-
umbia Univ., 1938; Honorary Fellow, Stan-
ford Univ., 1941.

Married: Ida A., d. of John Wittschen of Oak-
land (Calif.), Sept. 6, 1916; ch.: Marion
Elizabeth, Robert Gordon, Jr., John Allan.

Prof. Record: Efficiency Dept., City of Oak-
land, 1913-14; Cashier, Jniv. of Calif., 1914-
18; Asst. Comptroller and Asst. Secy, of
the Regents, Univ. of Calif., 1918-20, Comp-
troller and Secy, of Regents, and Land
Agent, 1920-30; Vice-Pres., Univ. of Calif.,
1925-30, Pres., 1930—. Mem., Calif. State
Com. on Agricultural Education, 1921-23,
Com. on Revision of the Calif. State Consti-
tution, 1929-30, Calif. State Board of Social
Welfare, 1929-31; President and Director,
Amer. Foundation of Tropical Medicine, Dir.,
Calif. Assn. for Adult Education; Pres., Inter-
national House (Berkeley), Berkeley Com-
munity Chest, 1925-27.

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Dir., Berkeley
Guarantee Bldg., and Loan Assn.; Treas.,
Save-the-Redwoods League; Trustee, Carnegie
Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching,
Rockefeller Foundation, General Education
Board, Pacific School of Religion, Calif. Jun-
ior Republic; Regent, Pacific Geographic Soc,
Advisory Board, Calif. Safety Council; Board
of Governors, Pan Amer. Trade Comm. ; Nat.
Program Adv. Comm. for "America's Town
Meeting of the Air"; Dir., Council for Demo-
cracy; Dir., of Calif. State Chamber of Com-
iVierce, Natl. Child Refugee Com., United
China Relief, Inc. Fellow, American Assn.
for the Advancement of Science; Mem. Amer-
ican Newcomen Society; Phi Beta Kappa,
Tau Beta Pi, Delta Sigma Pi.

Memberships: University, Pacific-Union, Fam-
ily, Bohemian (San Francisco), Berkeley
Country, Claremont Country, Rotary, Faculty
(Berkeley), University (New York), Jonathan,
Sunset, University (Los Angeles) Clubs.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics : Republican .



Bus. Address: Prosldfiifs Office, Univ. of
California, Uerkeley, Calif.

Homo Address: President's House. Univ. of
California, Berkeley, Calif.


Teai'lier; Headmaster. Midland School.
Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), Dec. 29, 1895; s. of
Margaret H. and Charles h\ Squibb.
Bducati07i: Kent School; Harvard College;
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Harvard, 1918.
Married: Louise, d. of Charles S. Groves,
ir Washington (D.O, 1927.
Prof. Record: Taught in Webb Scliool of Cal-
if., 1924-31; Headmaster, Midland School, Los
Olivos (Calif.).

Army Record: Amer. Field Service, 1917; U.
S. Field Artillery, 1918.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. and Home Address: Midland School, Los
Olivos, Calif.


staff Photographer Life Magazine.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 15, 1913;
s. of Adele (Barnes) and Ralph Stackpole.
Education: Technical High School, Oakland
(Calif.), grad. 1932.

Married: Hebe, d. of Louise M. Daum, in Oak-
land (Calif.), July 19, 1937.
Prof. Record: Photographed construction of
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Gold-
en Gate Bridge, 1934, in movies and stills;
joined staff of Time Magazine, San Francisco

1935, and joined staff of Life Magazine,

1936. Work has appeared in Vanity Fair,
Vogue, Time, Fortune, and U. S. Camera. Has
worked in New York and Hollywood since
1936 for Life Magazine.

Bus. Address: 427 No. Canon Dr., Beverly

Hills, Calif.

Home Address: 479 Mesa Rd., Santa Monica,


M.A., Ph.D.

Head, Department of Education and Teach-
er Training, San Jose State College.

Born: Pocahontas (111.), July 29, 1894; s. of
Clara L. and William H. Staffelbach.

Education: Palouse High School; Eastern
Washington College of Education; Washing-
ton State College; Stanford University.

Degrees: A.B., ld24, M.A., and Ph.D., 1926.
Married.- Nora B., d. of Lydia D. and W. G.
Dasch in Palouse (Wash.), 1913; ch.: Hubert
W., Clara Belle, Roberta Jeanne.
Prof. Record: Teacher, Principal and High
School Principal, Superintendent of Schools
(Wash.>, 1912-20; Instr. in English, Eastern
Washington College of Education (Cheney),
1920-23; Lecturer in Education, Stanford
Univ., 1929-31; Lecturer in Edn., Univ. of
Calif., 1937-39; Head, Dept. of Educ. and
Teacher Training, San Jose State College,

I'uhliriiliiniH: Co-Aulhor, Htnnford HpcAler
(Laidliivv Bros.); The Nr.w Liiurr.l Uandwrit-
infi HiTic.t (I>aurcl Book Co.>, Ni:v> Frontier
Si)<:utl Mcif:yii:i: Scries, Learnin;; Activiliea
<Chark'.s .Scribner's Sons), Edunaiinnal Survey
of Mendocino County (Calif.), Staff and Sal-
ary Survey of the Long Beach City Schools.
Memberships: Natl. Edn. Assn.; Dept. of
Superintendents; Western Psychology Assn.;
Calif. Teachers Assn.; Amer. Acad, of Polit-
ical and Social Science; Phi Delta Kappa,
Kappa Delta Pi.

Religion : Protestant.

Recreation: Golf.

Bus. Address: San Jose State Coll., San Jose,


Home Address: 111 So. 15th St., San Jose,
Calif. •

STAFFORD. Dailey S., LL.B.
City Attorney, City of Covina.
Born: Warsaw (Ky.), Apr. 4, 1890; s. of
Rev. Daniel F. Stafford.

E ducation: Grammar schools (Louisville,
Ky.); Louisville Male High School; Watson-
ville High School (Calif.) ; Transylvania Univ.
(Le.xington, Ky.); Kentucky State Univ.;
Sorbonne Univ. (Paris, France) ; Alliance
Franeais (Paris).

Prof. Record: Justice of Peace, Los Angeles
Co. (Calif.), Covina Township, term com-
mencing 1914 and ending by resignation to
enter U.S. Army during World War I, 1918;
Police Judge, City of Covina, 1920; Judge
of Municipal Court, City of Los Angeles,
from foundation of court, Feb. 1, 1926, to Jan.
1, 1930; during said time, served as Judge
of Superior Court, pro tern, by direction
of the State Judicial Council; elected Judge
of the Superior Court, Nov., 1939; served
from Jan. 1, 1930 to Dec. 4, 1932; Judge of
Covina, Aug., 1939 to June, 1940; executive
e.xperience: City Clerk (3 terms); City Assess-
or (3 terms) ; City Attorney (at time of ap-
pointment to Municipal Court of Los Angeles
by CJovernor Friend W. Richardson, Feb. 1,
1926), City of Covina; Past Pres., Demo-
cratic Club of Los Angeles, 1924; Past Com-
mander, Los Angeles County Council. Amer.
Legion; Past Commander, Covina Post of
Amer. Legion; Past Commander, Los An-
geles Co. Council, United Veterans of the
Republic; while Pres. of Bd. of Trustees,
the Busch Gardens "Veterans Relief Fund,"
expended in five years. $200,000 on behalf
of destitute and disabled soldiers and sailors
and their families; Chmn., Hospital Com.,
Amer. Legion of the State of Calif., 1924,
which, among many other things, selected
the site and assisted the government in build-
ing U.S. Veterans Hosp. at San Fernando;
Chmn., Resolutions Committee, 1931 and 1933
State Conventions, Amer. Legion; Past Judge
Advocate of Amer. Legion, Los Angeles Co. ;
Past Calif. State Exec. Committeeman of
Amer. Legion (2 yrs.); Chmn., Ninth Dis-
trict Caucus, Amer. Legion (6 yrs.); Past
Pres., Arnama Club of Los Angeles; Past
Patron, Will-Brea Chapter, Order of Eastern
Star; Alternate Delegate, Democratic Nat.
Convention (Philadelphia), 1936; at present,
City Attorney, City of Covina.
Army Record: i^rivate, then Corporal, 8th
U.S. Infantry, 8th Div.; served in France.
Memberships: Masons (32°); Amer. Legion;
Shrine, Al Malaikah; Knights of Pythias; Odd
Fellows; United Veterans of the Republic;
Sciots; Order of Jt,astern Star; Eagles; Elks;
Moose; Foresters; Jinnistan Grotto; Arnama



Club; Sons of Amer. Revolution; Veterans of

Foreign Wars.

Religion: Christian.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 737 Subway Terminal Bldg.^

Los Angeles, Calif.

STAGE, Florence

Concert Pianist.

Born: Columbus (Ohio) d. of Mary E. and
Dr. A. Livingston Stage.

Education: Deverell School; Columbia Prep.;
Gardner School ; Fontainbleau School of Music

Prof. Record: Appeared with fourteen of the
most famous orchestras in Europe as Soloist;

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 198 of 235)