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made five recital tours of Europe; appeared
in the United States with the Detroit Sym-
phony Orchestra, San Diego Symphony, Man-
hattan Symphony, etc.; made American debut
in New York at Carnegie Hall; was first
American Pianist to broadcast over the U.S.
S.R. net work; gave series of concerts in Rus-
sia, appearing as Soloist with Moscow Phil-
harmonic Orchestra.

Meynberships : Delta Omicron (Hon. Mem.);
Pacific Music Club; Women's Musician's
Club; Daughters of Ohio in New York.
Recreations: Reading and traveling.
Bus. Address: Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco,

Home Address: 901 Powell St., San Francisco,
Calif. •

STAHL. Edwin D.

Agriculturist; Treasurer and Assessor, Beau-
mont Irrigation District.

Born Winesburg (Ohio) ; s. of Elizabeth
(Fankhauser) and Valentine Stahl.
Education: State Normal School (Ada, Ohio).
Married: Junetta S., d. of Johanna and Isaac
S. Haney in Riverside (Calif.), March 12,
1904; ch.: Vernon and George.
Prof. Record: Agriculture and public office
in Ohio and Wisconsin; grew first melons and
vegetables in Imperial Valley (Calif.); in
business in Imperial County; Agriculturist in
Riverside County at Beaumont for the past
twenty years. Long Secretary, Treasurer and
Assessor-collector of Beaumont Irrigation Dis-

Directorships: Bank of Beaumont; Chamber
of Commerce; Civic Club; Officer, Commun-
ity Presby. Church; Secy., M.W.A.
Memberships: Masonic; I.O.O.F.; M.W.A.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Civic service.
Bus. Address: 157 E. Fifth St., Beaumont,

Home Address: 738 California Ave., Beau-
mont, (ialif.

STAMMER. Walter Henry, A.B., J.D.


Born: San Jose (Calif.), Dec. 8, 1891; s. of

Bertha M. (Plate) and Henry M. Stammer.

Education: Washington Grammar School and

San Jose High School; Stanford University.

Degrees: A.B., 1914 and J.D., 1916, Stanford


Married: Dorothy Irene, d. of Kate V. and
E. L. Wilhite in Washington (D.C.), Aug. 18,
1920; ch.: Dolores Virginia, Joan, Walter
Henry, Jr.

Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif. Bar on May
23, 1916; commenced the practice of law at
Fresno, associated with W. B. Owens (now
Prof, of Law at Stanford Univ.); was asso-
ciated with L. L. Cory in the practice of law
from 1916 (until the death of Mr. Cory in
1929 ) ; since 1929 has maintained his own

War Record: Member of Law Dept., License
Div., U.S. Food Administration in 1917 and
early part of 1918; enlisted in Field Artillery,
Central Officers' Training Camp (Louisville,
Ky.), 1918.

Memberships : State Bar of Calif. (Vice-Pres.,
1929, Mem., Bd. of Governors, 1928-29) ;
Amer. Bar Assn., Fresno Co. Bar Assn.
(Pres., 1926), Amer. Judicature Soc; Delta
Chi, Phi Beta Kappa; Order of Coif; Fresno
Acad.; Sequoia-Sunnyside Club; Amer. Leg-
ion; Native Sons of the Golden West.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 531 Brix Bldg., Frenso, Calif.
Home Address: 710 Pine St., Fresno, Calif.

STANDLEY, Admiral William Harri-
son, U.S.Navy, B.S.

Navy Officer (retired) ; Director, Pan Ameri-
can Airways.

Born: Ukiah (Mendocino Co., Calif.), Dec.
18, 1872; s. of Sarah Charity (Clay) and
Jeremiah M. Standley.

Education: Ukiah Grammar School; United
States Naval Academy (Annapolis, Md.).
Degrees: B.S., U.S. Naval Acad., 1895.
Married: Evelyn, d. of t'anny and J. D. Cur-
tis in Ukiah (Calif.); ch.: Vivian Wincote,
Wm. H., Jr., Marie Herron, Evelyn.
Navy Record: Commissioned Ensign, U.S.
Navy, July 1, 1899; advanced through grades
to Rear Admiral, Nov. 14, 1927; Asst. Chief
of Naval Operations, 1928-30; Commander
Destroyers, Battle Fleet, 1930-31; Comdr.,
Cruisers, U.S. Fleet, Cruisers Scouting Fleet
and Cruiser Div. 5, 1931-33, with rank of
Vice-Admiral; Chief of Naval Operations with
rank of Admiral, July, 1933 to Jan., 1937;
Cbmdr., Battle Force, U.S. Fleet, May-June
1933; Mem. of Delegation to Naval Conver-
sations in London, 1934 and Delegate to Gen.
Disarmament Conf. in London, 1935-36; re-
tired on Jan. 1, 1937, with rank of Rear
Admiral; by act of Congress dated June 22,
1938 was restored to the rank of Admiral
on the retired list; recommended for advance-
ment of ten numbers by Admiral Dewey and
eventually received Letter of Commendation
for "Heroic Conduct at Baten Luzon, P.I.";
received special Letter of Commendation by
Navy Dept. for "services in World War I";
received special Letter of Appreciation from
the President of tne United States upon
termination of active Naval service, Dec. 31,

Directorships: Electric Boat Co.; Pan Ameri-
can Airways.

War Record: Ensign in Spanish American
War; Captain in World War I.
Awards: Campaign Badges: Spanish Amer.
War, Boxer Rebellion^ (China), Philippine In-
surrection, Nicaraguan Campaign; Order of
the Cross of Italy; Star of Abdon Calderon



!\!v)nbci,\lnii.i: Amor. Soc. of Naval ICn^ln-
eers; Mil. Oriler.. World War I; Amor. Lot-
ion; Soc. of Amt-r. War.s; New York Com-
mantler of the Naval Order of the United
Stales; Amer. Acad, of I'olillcal and Social
Science, Acad. Political Science; of Pac-
ific Relations, Council of Foreign Relations;
Natl. Policies Committee.
Religion : Protestant.
Recreations: Golt and reading.
Bus. Address: 33 Pine St., New York, N.Y.
Home Address: 4570 Voltaire St., San Diego,

Other Address: Board of Navigation, Navy
Dept., Washington, D.C. *

STANFORD, Professor Ernest Elwood.

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Botany, College of the Pacific
and Stockton Junior College.
Born; Rowe (Mass.), April 17, 1888; s. of
Minnie E. (Peck) and George E. Stanford.
Education: Mass. State Coll.; N.C. State
Coll; Harvard Univ.

Degrees: B.S., Mass. State Coll., 1915; M.S.,
North Carolina State Coll., 1917; Ph.D., Har-
vard Univ., 1924.

Married: Alice Lyndon, d. of Ina Lyndon (Al-
len) and Charles R. Carroll in Rowe (Mass.),
Dec. 20, 1911; ch.: Donald Elwin, Mary Lyn-
don, David Elwood.

Pi-of. Record: Asst. in Bacteriology and Plant
Pathology (N.C), Expt. Sta., 1915-17; Scien-
tific Asst. in Plant Pathology, U.S. Bureau
of Chemistry, 1917-19; Acting Pharmacognos-
ist in charge; Pharmacognosy Lab., Bureau
of Chemistry, 1919; Prof, of Pharmacognosy,
Western Reserve Univ., 1919-26; Austin Schol-
ar in Botany, Harvard Univ., 1923-24; Botan-
ical Expert, U.S. Tariff (Tom. on various
occasions, 1918-28; Prof, of Botany, Coll.
of Pac, 1926 — •, part time, in Stockton Jr.
Coll., 1935—.

Publications: Economic Plants (D. Appleton-
Century), 1934; General and Economic Botany
(same), 1937; Man and the Living World
(Macmillan), 1940; and numerous nature ar-
ticles, technical articles and fiction in period-

Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Travel and photography.
Bus. Address: Coll. of the Pacific and Stock-
ton Junior College, Stockton, Calif.
Home Address: 236 Knoles Way, Stockton,

STANLEY, Frank Arthur

Mechanical Engineer, Author; Editor, West-
ern Machinery and Steel World.
Born: Providence (Rhode Island), July 3,
1874; s. of Mary Adelaide (Bowen) and
James White Stanley.

Education: Public schools (So. Coventry,
Conn.), and spl. courses.

Married: (2nd) Eleanor E. King, of New
York City, Aug. 21, 1917.

Bus. Record: Engaged in machine work as
operator, apprentice, machinist, tool-maker,
and as engineer and shop e.xec. in Amer. and
European plants, 1888-1899; apprenticeship
served with Smith and Winchester (South

Windham. Conn.), 1892-94; Designer with
Fellows Gear Shaper Co. (Siirln^fleld, Vt.),
IH!)!); with Inger.soll-.Sergeant Itock Drill Co.
(Easlon, Pa.», HK)0-0I ; on Editorial staff
American Machininl 'New York City), liX/2-
14. Western Ed.. Editorial Rep., 1914-19;
Factory Mgr., Marchanl CalculatInK Machine
Co., 1919; Editor, V/iHlcrn Mar.hine.ry World.
1921-22; Editor, Western Machinery and Steel
World (San P'rancisco), since 1931.
Publications: Author: fwlth Fred H. Colvin)
Avierican Machinists Handbook, 1908, (with
same The Hill Kink Books (10 In series),
1908; (with C. L. Goodrich) Accurate Tool
Work, 1908; (with same) Automatic Screw
Machines, 1909; (with Fred H. Colvin) Mach-
ine Shop Primer, 1910 (with same) American
Machinists Grinding Book, 1912; Punches and
Dies, 1919; Drawing Room Practice, 1921;
Railroad Shop Practice, 1921; Tool and Gage
Work, 1923; Pioncons et Matrices (transl. by
Maurice Varinois), 1923; (with Fred H. Colvin)
Machine Tools and Their Operation (vols.l
and 2), 1923; Turning and Boring Paretics,
1936; Drilling and Surfacing Practice, 1936;
Gear Cutting Practice, 1937; Grinding Prac-
tice, 1937; (with Fred H. Colvin), Running
a Machine Shop, 1941. Specialized, 1915-18,
on descriptive articles of railroad shop, navy
yard and gun shop operation, also Navy
Repairs under war time conditions; contbr.,
articles on sugar plantation and engineering
methods in Hawaiian Islands, and construc-
tio operations on the Panama Canal, etc.
Bus. Address: 500 Sansome St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.
Home Address: Auburn, Calif.



Born: Adler (N.D.): d. of Mary Ellen (Dy-

sart) and Rudolph Krueger.

Education: Public schools in State of Wash-


Prof. Record: Cashier-clerk in Playground and
Recreation Department of City of Los Angeles.
Publications: Poems in over 40 magazines
and newspapers; also, hymns.
Memberships: So. Calif. Woman's Press Club;
Poetry Soc. of So. Calif.; Calif. Writers

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, and walking.

Home Address: 4627% St. Charles PL, Los
Angeles, Calif. *

STANLEY, Richard Byron. A.B.

Teacher, Drama Director; Graduate Assistant
in Poet Theatre, Wnittier College.
Born: Orange (Calif)., Jan. 13, 1916; s. of
Pauline Vye (Nickey) and Byron Deroy

Education: Orange High School; Fullerton
Jr. College; Pasadena Playhouse School of
Theatre; Whittier College.
Degrees: A.B., Whittier College, 1940.
Prof. Record: Stage Manager, Orange High
School, 1933-34; Photography Shop Partner,
Orange Photo Service (Orange), 1933-37;
Asst. Baker (Orange >, 1936-37; Asst. Photo-
grapher, Fullerton Jr. Coll., 1934-37; Asst.
to Dir. and Stage Mgr. (same), 1935-37;
Electrician and Asst. to Dir., J. B. Rodger's
Productions (Long Beach), summer, 1937;
Technical Student, Pasadena Playhouse, 1937-



39: Frycook, Pasadena Playhouse, 1938-39;

Senior and Graduate Asst. in Poet Theatre,

Whittier Coll., 1939-41.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreation: Photography.

Bus. Address: Whittier Coll., Whittier, Calif.

Home Address: 222 No. Cambridge, Orange,

Calif. *

STANLEY, Thomas L.

Business Executive; General Manager, Shasta-
Cascade Wonderland Association.
Born: Dwight (111.), April 5, 1880; s. of
Charlotte (Lennox) and John Stanley.
Education: Dwight (111.) High School and
University of Illinois.

Married: Ruth Edna, d. of P. A. Pine, In
Walton (New York); ch.: Louis Truman,
Carroll, Dwight Walton.

Bus. Record: Teacher in Illinois; Agricultural
Extension in North Dakota; Newspaper Pub-
lisher (No. Dak.); Commercial Secy., Cham-
ber of Commerce, Lewistown (Mont.), Modesto
(Calif.), Redding (Calif.), Klamath Falls
(Ore.); Public Relation Mgr., Sun Maid
Raisin Growers of Fresno (Calif.); General
Mgr., Shasta-Cascade Wonderland Assn., Red-
ding (Calif.).

War Record: Served in Spanish- American
War; Chmn., Shasta Co. Military Training
Camps Assn.

Memberships: Rotary and Elks Clubs.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Camping, hiking, photography.
Bus. Address: 1551 Market St., Redding, Calif.
Home Address: 1400 Willis St., Redding,
Calif. *

STANTON. Elvin Heath, M.D.

Physician, Surgeon.

Born: Covina (Calif.), 1908; s. of Ethel Mae
(Heath )and John Minter Stanton.
Education: Covina Grammar and High School;
Pacific Union College; College of Medical
Degrees: M.D., 1933.

Married: Ruth Eleanor, d. of Lester Wright,
in Los Angeles (Cailf.), 1933; ch. : Bruce and

Prof. Record: Has been practicing general
medicine and surgery in Glendora (Calif.)
for the past seven years.

Directorships: Mem., Bd. of Trustees, Glen-
dora Grammar School.

Memberships: Glendora Kiwanis Club (Bd.
of Dirs.).

Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Amateur photography, skeet,

Bus. Address: 131 No. Michigan, Glendora,

Home Address: 504 No. Michigan, Glendora,
Calif. *

STANTON, Ida Dobson


Born: Nashville (Tenn.), April 9, 1861; d. of

Laura E. Stout) and William K. Dobson.

Education: St. Cecilia's Academy; Ward's

Married: Chapel Q., s. of John Wesley Stan-
ton in San Antonio (Tex.), June 3, 1884; ch.:
Herbert Wesley, Forrest Q., Edwin Locksley.
Memberships: United Daughters of the Con-
federacy; Los Angeles Museum Society.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Reading, writing, travel.
Home Address: 2701 Wilshire Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

STANTON, Professor Roger, B.S.,
M.A., Ph.D.

Asst. Prof, of English, Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Born: Pittsburg (Pa.), Apr., 1899; s. of Sara
(Rogers) and William A. Stanton.
Education: Peddle School; Colgate Univ.;
Princeton Univ.

Degrees: B.S., Colgate Univ., 1920; M.A.,
1924, and Ph.D., 1931, Princeton Univ.
Prof. Record: Bond Salesman, 1921-23; Teach-
er of English, Colo. Coll., 1924-25; has been
with Calif. Inst, of Tech. since 1925, now
Asst. Prof, of English.
Directorships: Dir., Students' Fund, Inc.
Memberships: The Athenaeum.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Books, theatre, and music.
Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 1672 Poppy Peak Dr., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

ST AN WOOD, Cornelia (Terry)
McKinne, B.L.

Educator, Civic Worker; Headmistress, The
Sarah Dix Hamlin School.
Born: Stockton (Calif.), Oct. 5, 1875; d. of
Mary (Paterson) and Barna McKinne.
Education: Lowell High School, and Univer-
sity of California.

Degrees: B.L., Univ. of California, 1898.
Married: Edward Babson Stanwood, of Marys-
ville (Calif.), June 26, 1911; ch.: Mary Eliz-

Prof. Record: Teacher, Sarah Dix Hamlin Sch.
(San Francisco), 1906-10; Condr. classes in
history of art and of Calif, missions, 1907-11;
Headmistress, Sarah Dix Hamlin Sch., 1927 — ;
Pres., Calif. Br., Assn. of Collegiate Alum-
nae, 1907-09; Vice-Pres., Northern Calif. Br.,
Coll. Equal Suffrage League, 1910-12; State
Chmn. of Art, Calif, l-ederation of Women's
Clubs, 1911-12; Rep. on Yuba Co. Council of
Defense, 1917-18; Exec. Officer, Calif. State
Bd., Charities and Corrections, 1918-24; State
Pres., Calif. Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women,
1921, 1922; Vice-Pres., Nat. Assn. Principals
of Schs. for Girls, 1930; Pres., Headmistress-
es' Assn. of the Pac. Co^st, 1940-41.
Memberships: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Century,
Town and Country Clubs; Women's Faculty
Club, Univ. of Calif.
Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: 2120 Broadway, San Francisco,

STANWOOD, Samuel Jameson

Supervisor of Santa Barbara County, Second

Supervisorial District.

Born: Santa Barbara (Calif.), July 12, 1870;



s. of Jamcsena (Jameson) and William Henry


Education: Santa Barbara public schools.

Married: Carolyn Case Poller, d. of Watson

Porter Case, In Sail Lake City, July 28, 1926.

Prof. Rrcord: Slock business and Supervisor

of Santa Barbara co., Second Supervisorial


Directorships: Pres., "Old Spanish Days," In

Santa Barbara; Dlr., "Rancheros Vlsltad-

ores"; Advisory Bd., Bank of America; Dlr.,

Semana Nautica; Supervisor,' Santa Barbara

Co.. etc.

Memberships: Santa Barbara, University and

Klks Clubs; Native Sons of the Golden West.

Politics: Republican.

Recreation: Horseback riding.

Btis. Address: Court House, Santa Barbara,


Home Address: 2636 Puesla del Sol, Santa
Barbara, Calif. *

STARBUCK, Edward Baxter,

A.B., LL.B.

Banker, Lavv-yer; Vice-President, County Na-
tional Bank and Trust Company of Santa

Born: Orange (N.J.). Nov. 3, 1892; s. of
Charlotte P. (Baxter) and Henry P. Starbuck.
Education: Philips Exeter Academy; Harvard
College and Harvard Law School.
Degrees: A.B., 1914 and LL.B., 1917, Har-
vard Univ.

Married: Dorothy, d. of Charles Shuman, in
Santa Barbara (Calif.), July 16, 1921; ch.:
Edward B., Jr., Mary Blair, Charlotte Baxter.
Prof. Record: Immediately following World
War I, joined the staff of County Nat. Bank
and Trust Co. of Santa Barbara and has
been Trust Officer or Vice-Pres. ever since.
Army Record: Commissioned Second Lieut.
of Field Artillery from first Officers Train-
ing Camp, Presidio of San Francisco, 1917;
Commnd. First Lieut. Field Artillery, 1918;
Captain of Field Artillery Officers Reserve
Corps, 1919; served overseas in 1918, action
Meuse-Argonne offensive.

Memberships: University Club and Montecito
Country Club (Santa Barbara).
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, and swimming.
Bus. Address: County National Bank & Trust
Co. of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Calif.
Home Address: 750 Mission Canon Rd., Santa
Barbara, Calif. *

STARBUCK. Professor Edwin Diller,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology and Director, Institute

of Character Research, University of Southern


Born: Bridgeport (Ind.), Feb. 20. 1866; s. of

Luzena (Jessup) and Samuel Starbuck.

Education; Indiana Univ.; Harvard Univ.;

Clark Univ. ; Univ. of Zurich.

Degrees: A.B., Indiana Univ., 1890; M.A.,

Harvard Univ., 1895; Ph.D., Clark Univ..


Married: Anna M. Diller. In Lancaster (Pa.),
Ang. 5, 1896; ch.: Anna Margaret, Helen,

Winifred, Dorothea Ansley, Edmund CJ.sborn.
Prof. Record: Prof, of Math., Vlncenncs
Univ.. ]H91-9;i; A.ssl. Prof, of Ivln.. Stan-
ford Univ.. 1K97-1<X)'1; Prof, of Edn.. Earl-
ham Coll., l«)4-()6; Prof, of Philosophy, Slate
Univ. of Iowa, 1!«6-.3(J; also. Head of Dopt.
of Phil., State Univ. of Iowa, ]927-.'{0, and Dlr.
of Inst, of Character Research, 1923-.'50; Prof.
Phllo.sophy and Dlr. of Character Research at
Univ. of So. Calif.. 19:5()-.'?9; Prof, of Psy-
chology and Dlr., Char. Research, at Univ. of
So. Calif., 1939 — ; Consulting Psychologist,
Beacon Press, 1912-14; Lecturer Inst, for
Comparative Study of Human Culture, Oslo
(Norway), 1925; Chmn. of the winning com-
mittee in .f20, ()()() prize contest for best meth-
ods in character training in public schools;
Chmn., Amer. Delegation to Intnl. Conf. on
"How to Meet Relig. Needs of Young Men
of the World" (Geneva-, 1929.
Publications: Psychology of Religion, 1899;
Moral Education in Public Schools, 1904;
Guide to Literature for Character Training
(vol. I), Fairy Tale, Myth and Legend, 1927
(vol. II), Fiction, 1929; The Wonder Road
(3 vols.), 1929; Living Through Biography
(vols. I, II, and III), 1936; Lives That Guide,
1939; contbr. to Hastings Ency. of Religion
and Ethics; articles in various periodicals.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Kappa, Phi Epsilon Theta, Phi Kappa Phi;
University Club of Los Angeles.
Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Pliking, golfing, outdoor sports,
reading, games.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3789 Menlo Ave.. Los An-
geles, Calif. ♦

STARK, Heman G., B.S.

Sociologist; Director of Coordination Councils,
Los Angeles County.

Born: Perry (Kan.). Jan. 22, 1903; s. of
Fay (Miller) and Charles M. Stark.
Education: Stevensville (Mont.) and Univer-
sity of Montana.

Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Montana, 1926.
Married: Louise Marie, d. of Daniel J.
Heyfron in Hollywood (Calif.), June 19, 1929;
ch. : Daniel Howard and Charles M.
Prof. Record: Social worker; Consultant on
Community Planning; Sociologist; Deputy
Probation Officer, Los Angeles Co., 1927-33;
Dir., Los Angeles Co. Forestry Camps, 1933-
35; Dir., Coordination Councils of Los An-
geles Co., 1935-41.

Pxiblications : Editor, Coordinating Council
Bulletin, 1935-37, and Coordinator, 1937-41.
Memberships: Phi Delta Theta.
Religion: Methodist.

Recreations: Tennis, golf, trout fishing, base-
ball, basketball.

Bjis. and Home Address: 4602 Bakman Ave.,
No. Hollywood, Calif. •

STARR, (Jimmy) James Atherton

Motion Picture Editor, Los Angeles Herald

and Express.

Born: Clarkesville i.rex.), Feb. 3, 1904; s. of

Elisabeth (Newell) and William Carnagie


Education : Lakeview grammar sch. (Oakland,
Calif.) ; Oakland Technical High Sch.



Married: Julie, d. of Carl Freeman, In Colo.,
Feb. 28, 1914.

Prof. Record: Los Angeles Record, 1925-29;
Los Angeles Express, 1929-31; Los Angeles
Herald and Express, since 1931, as Motion
Picture Editor. Title and Scenario Writer for
Mack Sennett, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, War-
ner Bros., Howard Hughes, Paramount, First
National, and others, with 110 feature-length
story credits and 82 two-reel comedy credits.
Directorships: Pres., Hollywood Beauty Cen-
ter; Pres. and Sole Owner, Jay Ess Products
(cosmetics) .

Publications: S65 Nights in Hollywood, a col-
lection of short stories in book form (David
Graham Fischer Pubis.), 1927, filmed by Fox
(starring Alice Faye), 1934; short stories for
various nat. pubis.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Badminton.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Herald and Ex-
press, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 15003 Greenleaf St., Van Nuys,



Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), Apr. 4, 1879; s. of
Rosa (Sahm) and Otto Stechan.
Education: Manual Training High Sch., In-
dianapolis, 1897; Indiana Univ., Bloomington
(Ind.), 1901.

Prof. Record: Has been a writing man all his
life, on different papers, periodicals, and
magazines from Indianapolis to the Pacific
Coast; Editor, Pacific Northwest Commerce
(Seattle); The Republic (Wenatchee, Wash.);
California Graphic (Los Angeles) ; engaged in
publicity at various Hollywood picture studios
during the "silent" era, since then, has done
some scenario and research work for "talk-
ies"; was one of the pioneer Organizers of the
famed Pasadena Community Playhouse and
its Gen. Mgr. for five yrs., 1918-23, giving
u original exploitation that made the insti-
tution nationally renowned; syndicated The
Story of Our Flag to half a hundred leading
newspapers in 1920; did some broadcasting
during the early days of KHJ, reading Paul
Laurence Dunbar's negro poems and other
writings; Gen. News Repr. of Christian Sci-
ence Monitor, 1920-22, covering So. Calif.;
Mem., Hollywood Bowl Drama Com., 1928-
37; Play Reader, Hollywood Civic Repertory

Directorships: Mem., Governing Bd., Holly-
wood Civic Repertory Theatre; Organizer and
Gen. Mgr., Hollywood Art Theatre.

Publications: Balboa, The Discoverer of the
Pacific (H. K. Fly and Co., New York), 1915;
The Great Apostle {St. Paul) (Trinity Publi-
cations, Los Angeles), 1930; Contr. numerous
articles on the theatre, literature, and history
to Dramatic Mirror, Theatre Arts Monthly,
Drama League Mag., Harper's Weekly, The
Billboard, Script, Los Angeles Tirnes Sunday
Mag. ; syndicated series of 60 stories regard-
ing stage and screen stars to hundred odd
newspapers; co-authored group of short plays
published in Sinart Set Mag., under regime
of Mencken and Nathan, which were ulti-
mately produced on "Big Time" vaudeville;
wrote a string of fiction "shorts" which ap-
peared in many metropolitan newspapers.
Awards: Winner of William Jennings Bryan
Amer. Hist. Prize essay contest (Indiana Un-

iv.), 1900; Winner of "Little Theatre" essay
contest, conducted by The Billboard (Cincin-
nati), 1924. Hon. Life Mem. Pasadena Play-
house Assn., 1941.

Memberships: University Club (Pasadena, Or-
ganizer and Charter Mem.; Secy, and Vice-
Pres. for five yrs.); F. and A. M. (Cahuenga
Lodge, Hollywood) ; Phi Gamma Delta.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Reading, book collecting, brows-
ing in old bookshops and discovering rare
collectors' items.

Bus. and Home Address: 6162 Hollywood
Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.


Concert Pianist, Teacher; Director, Olga Steeb
Piano School.

Born: Calif., 1890; d. of Sophie (Schmitt)
and Carl Egon Steeb.
Education: Los Angeles, Calif.
Married: Charles Edward Hubach in Los
Angeles (Calif.), 1919.

Prof. Record: Head of Piano Dept., Univ. of
Redlands, 1915-19; Head of Piano Dept.,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1920-24; Founder and
Dir., Olga Steeb Piano School, 1925—; Con-
certized as Concert Pianist in Germany, 1910-
13, and in the United States from 1919-26;

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