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Los Angeles Bar Assn., State Bar Conven-
tion, Stanford Univ. Symposium, and misc.
Bar Assns. on ta.\ matters.
Army Service: U.S. Army, August to Nov.,

Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi (hon. scliolar-
ship frat.). Delta Sigma Rho (hon. debat-
ing frat.i, Zeta Beta Tau (college social).
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, golf, and fishing.
Bus. Address: 650 So. Spring St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 620 No. Cafion Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

TAPP. Jesse W.. B.S., M.S.
Agricultural Economist; Vice-President, Bank
of America, National Trust and Savings

Born: Corydon (Ky.1, Jan. 2, 1900; s. of
Delia (Carnpbell) and Neal Tapp.
Education: Univ. of Kentucky: Univ. of Wis-
consin; Harvard Univ.

Degrees: B.S., Kentucky Univ., 1920; M.S.,
Wisconsin Univ., 1022.

Married: Isabelle D., d. of Fielding H. Dick-
ey, in Walton (Ky.), Aug. 22, 1922; eh.:
Fielding Neal, Jesse W., Jr.
Prof. Record: Agr. Economist, U.S. Dept.
of Agr., 1920-28; Econ. Analyst, Nat. In-
vestors Corp. (N.y.), 1928-33; various ca-
pacities with Agr. Adjustment Adm., U.S.
Dept. of Agr., 1933-39; Pres., Fed. Surplus
Commodities Corp.; Dir., Fed. Crop Insur-
ance Corp. ; Dir., Commodity Credit Corp.
and Assoc. Adm. of Agricultural Adjust-
ment Adm.; Vice-Pres., Bank of Amer. since
Nov. 1, 1939, and at present. Consultant
of Nat. Defense Advisory Commn., Agricul-
tural Div. Mem., Calif. State Council of

Publications: Reports of U.S. Dept. of Agr.
on economic problems of agriculture.
Army Record: Students Army Training Corps,
Oct. -Dec, 1918.

Memberships: Cosmos Club of Washington,
D.C.; Commonwealth Club of San Francisco,
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 1 Powell St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 232 Coleridge Ave., Palo
Alto, Calif.

TAPPAN. Dean Margaret, A.B., M.A.,
B.D., Ph.D.

Lecturer; Member of Teaching Faculty;
Dean of Women, San Francisco Theological

Born: Portsmouth (Ohio), April 5, 1894; d.
of Anna Louise (Grand-Girard) and David
Stanton Tappan.

Education: High school, Circleville (Ohio);
Western Coll. for Women; Oxford (Ohio);
Occidental Coll. (Los Angeles) ; Los Angeles
State Normal School (now Univ. of Calif.);
Univ. of So. Calif.; San Francisco Theologi-
cal Seminary (San AnselmO).
Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1917; M.A.
Univ. of So. Calif., 1920; B.D., San Fran-

cisco Theological Seminary, 1928; Ph.D.,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1937; grad. work in
Dept. of Religious Education, Northwestern
Univ., 1928-30.

Prof. Record: Teacher, Forsythe Memorial
School (Los Angeles), 1918-19, Wasatch
Acad. (Mt. Pleasant. Utah), 1920-22, San
Francisco Nat. Training Sch., 1924-27; Dir.
of Christian Edn. in Presby. Churches in
Los Angeles Co., 1930-33; Member of Teach-
ing Faculty, Lecturer Prof, and Dean of
Women (first woman to be on a Seminary
Faculty in Presby. Ch., U.S.A.), San Fran-
cisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo
(Calif.), 1937—.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa
Phi, Pi Lambda Theta; Amer. Assn. of
Univ. Women (Marin branch).
Religion: Protestant, Presbyterian Ch., U.S.A.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: San Franci.sco Theological
Seminary, San Anselmo, Calif.
Home Address: 130 Bolinas Ave., San An-
selmo, Calif.; 16 Reinway Court, 380 Parke
St., Pasadena, Calif.

TARBELL-BAXTER, Frances Evalyn


Born: Manchester (Tenn.), Aug. 24, 1886;
d. of Myrtle De Etta (Garden) and Micheal

Education: Manchester and Chicago Art
School; Greendale (Calif.).
Married: Dr. Donald Ersking, s. of Martha
(Mills) and Erskin Ba.xter, in Warren
(Ohio), 1881; ch.: Mary Frances, Jane Stew-
art, Donald Bruce.

Prof. Record: Artist (painting in oils and
water colors).

Memberships: Eastern Star (Warren, Ohio);
Pleiades Club; Sans Souci Celebrity Break-
fast Club; Wilshire Breakfast Club; World
Observer Club; Amer. Defense League; Amer.
Women's Round Table; Women's Community
Serv. Aux. (Cham, of Comm.).
Religion: Metaphysical.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Painting, golf, horseback rid-
ing, bridge, hunting, dancing.
Home Address: 1638 So. Catalina, Los An-
geles, Calif. *

TATRO. Raymond Fay. M.D., D.N.B.,

Born: Jamaica (Vt.), 1903; s. of Mary (Mag-
nant) and William E. Tatro.
Education: College of Medical Evangelists.
Degrees: M.D., 1928, D.N.B., 1928, College
of Medical Evangelists; F.A.C.S., 1935.
Married: Amy D., d. of Fred Brooke, in
Rocky Hill (N.J.), 1900; ch.: Betty Rae.
Prof. Record: Resident Surgeon, White Mem-
orial Hosp., two and one-half years; Chief
Surgeon, Loma Linda Hosp., five and one-
half years; private practice in San Bernar-
dino for past four and one-half years.
Publications: Many articles in Health Jour-

Army Record: Five years in Med. Res. Corps,
U.S. Army.

Memberships: Rotary (Pres., San Bernar-
dino, 1939-40).



Religion: Seventh Day Adventlst.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and tennis.
Bus. Address: 491 Klfth St., San Bernar-
dino, Calif.

Home Address: 375 - 25th St., San Bernar-
dino, Calif. •

TATUM. Clifford C. C.


Born: St. Louis (Mo.), Oct. 22, 1879, s. of
Adele (Lynch) and Joseph Tabor Tatum.
Education: Public schools, St. Louis (Mo.).
Married; Blanche, d. of Alice and Dr. Jo-
f - ph A. Le Doux, at Los Angeles (Calif.),
Jan. 27, 1904.

Bus. Record: Charter Member, Los Angeles
Realty Board, organized May, 1903; in 1913,
elected Director for 3-yr. term; First Vice-
Pres. in 1914; re-elected Director, 3-yr.
term, 1924; elected Pres., 1925; elected
Vice-Pres. of Nat. Assn. of Real Estate
Boards, Cleveland (Ohio) meeting, in 1923,
for year 1924, having jurisdiction over all
southwestern states. Elected Director of
Calif. Real Estate Assn.. 1913, serving con-
tinuously until elected Pres. in 1922, by rea-
son of same becoming a Life Director.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: 606 So. Hill St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 424 So. Commonwealth Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif. •

TAYLOR, Fletcher Brandon. A.B.,
M.A., M.D.

Born: Elkhorn (Wis.), Jan. 3, 189'2; s. of
Helen (Westj and B. B. Taylor.
Education: University of California.
Degrees: A.B., 1915, M.A., 1916, M.D., 1918.
U. of California.

Married: Gladys, d. of E. C. Robinson, at
Oakland (Calif.); ch.: Jane, Anne, Fletcher,

Prof. Record: Member of House Staff, U. of
Calif. Hospital, 1918-19; Asst. to W. C. Al-
varez In research and practice, 1919-23; en-
gaged in private practice of internal medi-
cine and diagnosis (Oakland;, 1923 — .
Directorships: Member, Bd. of Dir., Peralta
Hospital (Oakland; ; Chief of Medical Serv-
ice, Merritt Hospital (Oakland; in semi-an-
nual rotation; Asso. Chief of East Medical
Service, Alameda County Hospital.
Publications: Articles in various medical
periodicals between 1919 and 1939.
Army Service: Member of Medical Reserve
Corps, 1918.

Memberships: Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kap-
pa Kappa.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Touring.

Bus. Address: 3135 Webster St., Oakland,

Hom^ Address: 6301 Bullard Dr., Oakland,

TAUROG, Norman Rae

Motion Picture Director, Metro-(3oldvvyn-
Mayer Studios.

Born: Chicago (111.), Feb. 23, 1899; s. of
Anita ((Goldsmith) and Arthur Taurog.
Education: New York City.
Married: Julie Leonard; ch.: Patricia Anne.
Prof. Record: Began as an Actor; Motion
Picture Director since 1919; won Academy
Award in 1931 for direction of Skippy; pic-
tures directed include: Mrs. Wiggs of the
Cabbage Patch, Adventures of Tom Sawyer,
Mad About Music, Boy's Town, Young Tom
Edison, Little Nellie Kelly.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Metro-(3oIdwyn-Mayer Studios,
Culver City, Calif. •

TAYLOR, Edith Winifred, A.B.

Librarian, Tuolumne County Free Library.
Born: Webester (S.Dak.), d. of Mary (Sten-
erson) and Edward Wesley Taylor.
Education: Los Angeles High School, 1919-
22; Riversid? Junior College, 1922-24; River-
side Library Service School, 1926; Occident-
al College, 1928-29.

Degrees: A.B., Occidental College, 1929.
Prof. Record: Cataloguer, A. K. Smiley Li-
brary (Redlands, Calif.), 1926-28; Asst. Li-
brarian, U. of Redlands Library, 1929-31;
Librarian, Nevada-California Electric Corp.,
1931-38; Asst., Ventura County (Calif.) Free
Library. 1938-39; Librarian, Tuolumne Coun-
ty (Calif.) Free Library, 1939 — .
Religion: Congregational.

Bus. and Home Address: Bo.x M,, Sonora

TAYLOR, Frank John


Born: Wessington (So.Dak.), Oct. 8, 1894-
s. of Ellen (Stobbs) and John S. Taylor.
Education: Stanford Univ.

Married: Katherine Elizabeth Ames, of Los
Angeles, June 30, 1919; ch.: Franklin James,
Paul Ames, Robert Wilson.

Prof. Record: Began as Reporter for Los
Angeles Examiner, 1913; Correspondent for
San Francisco Examiner, 1916-17, for San
Francisco Bureau of Assoc. Press. 1915-17;
War Corr., for United Press, with A.E.F.
in France, 1918; Mgr., Bureau in Germany,
Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and So-
viet Russia during post-war revolutions,
1919; Member, staffs in New York and
Washington, 1919-20; Asst. Mng. Editor,
New York Globe, later Albany and Wash-
ington Corr., 1920-21; Mgr., Washington
Bur., Scripps-Howard newspapers, 1921-24;
Spec. Writer for Philadelphia Public Ledger
Syndicate and New York Sunday Times,
1919-20; Adv. Mgr., Yosemite Transporta-
tion System, 1924-26; Member, San Fran-
cisco Staff, Campbell-Ewald Co., Adv. Agen-
cy, 1927; Advertising Writer, mag. and book
writing since 1924.

Publications: Co-Author: Oh, Ranger!, 1927;
Grand Canyon Country, 1929; Rainbow Can-
yons, 1931; Pop Warner's Book for Boys,
1934; Our U.S.A. — A Gay Geography, 1935;
Author: California — Land of Homes, 1929;
also articles in Colliers, Reader's Digest,
Saturday Evening Post, Country Gentleman,

Army Record: Organized Stanford Univ.
Unit of Amer. Ambulance Field Service,



serving with French Army in Balkans, 1917,

World War I.

Memberships: Olympic, National Press Club

(Washington, D.C.); Sigma Chi.

Bus. Address: 785 Market St., San Fran-

cico, Calif.

Home Address: Los Altos, Calif.

TAYLOR. Frederic William

Consultant in Agriculture.
Born: Weepingwater (Nebr.), April 13, I860;
s. of Sophronia Isbell and William Taylor.
Education: Private instruction; Univ. of

Married: (1) Stella Arnold (dec. 1891). (2)
Marion, d. of Flora Adelia (Winkler) and
Fayette Cassius Treat, in Chicago (111.), Apr.
12, 1898; ch.: Herbert Soloman, Jettie Ar-
nold Gray, Mary Stella' Lhamon, William
Treat, George Frederic.

Prof. Record: Nursery (Creston, la., and
Omaha, Neb.), 1881-91; Prof, of Horticul-
ture, Forestry and Irrigation, and Dir. of
E.xtension Work, Univ. of Nebr., 1891-99;
Chief, Depts. of Agr. and Horticulture,
Omaha Exposition, 1898; Dir. of Concessions
and Chief of Horticulture, Forestry and
Foods Buffalo Pan-Amer. Exposition, 1901;
Chief, Depts. of Agr. and Horticulture, St.
Louis Universal Exposition (La. Purchase),
1904; Dir. of Agr., Philippine Islands, 1911-
14; Dir. Gen. of Agr., El Salvador, C. A.,
1923-27; Vice-Pres., Amer. Rubber Pn>
ducers (Guayule), 1927-40; at present Pri-
vate Consultant in Agriculture; introduced
from Russia in 1896, cereals, of which one
known as Kherson Oats has been widely
introduced, especially in the central states.
Publications: Many monographs, reports
and magazine and other articles.
War Record: During World War I was Agri-
cultural Adviser to Draft Board for So.
Ariz., serving as "Dollar-a-Year Man."
Memberships: Univ. Club (Los Angeles),
Univ. Club (Manilla, P.I.), Philippine, and
Circumnavigators Clubs (N.Y.City), Old Pu-
eblo Club (Tucson, Ariz.).
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Genealogy, philately.
Address: 3939 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles,

TAYLOR. F. W. Howard. LL.B., M.D.

Physician-Surgeon; Lawyer.
Born: Chicago (111.), March 14, 1891; s. of
Minnie (Cray) and Frank Wing Taylor.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: M.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1917;
LL.B., Univ. of So. Calif. (Sch. of Law),

Married: (1) Helen Irene Clark, Sept. 18,
1916; ch.: Howard. (2) A. Verna Nelson,
Aug. 12, 1923; ch. : Robert Nelson, Verna

Prof. Record: Began practice at Los An-
geles, 1917; Roentgenologist, Clara Barton,
French, Angelus, Roosevelt hosps., Potten-
ger Sanatorium, U.S. Vets. Bur., 1919-29;
Instr. in X-ray and Electrotherapy, Univ. of
So. Calif., 1919-20; became Dir., Coop. Diag-
nostic Lab., Los Angeles, 1928; now Medico-

Legal Consultant and Med. Dir., So. West
X-ray and Clin. Labs.

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Taylor Holding &
Investment Corp.

Publications: Lawyers Text and Atlas of
the Human Body; contributor to medical
and legal journals. "First Research in Use
of X-ray in Whooping Cough."
Army Record: Instr. in mil. X-ray, and
Chief Roentgenologist, Med. Corps, U.S.
Army; later Lieut. -Commdr., Navy Reserve,
Wbrld War I.

Memberships: Member, Amer. Med. Assn.
(Advisor to Council on Hosps. and Edn.);
Calif. Med. Soc, Los Angeles Co. Med. Soc,
Amer. Radiological Soc. ; Phi Kappa Sigma,
Phi Rho Sigma; Calif. Yacht, Deauville
Beach, Swimming, Fox Hills Country clubs.
Religion : Episcopal .
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 3221 So. Flower St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 10393 Ilona Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

TAYLOR. George Frederic. B.S.,
M.S., Ph.D.

Aerological Technologist; Department of
Weather, Air Corps Technical Schools.
Born: Denver (Colo.), March 6, 1908; s. of
Marion (Treat) and Frederic William Tay-

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles);
Calif. Inst, of Technology.
Degrees: B.S., 1929, M.S., 1931, Ph.D., 1933,
Calif. Inst, of Tech.

Married: Barbara, d. of Ruth (Foster) and
R. P. Sherman, in West Los Angeles (Calif.),
Aug. 18, 1934.

Prof. Record: Meteorologist, then Chief Me-
teorologist, Western Air Express Corp., Bur-
bank (Calif.), 1933-35; accepted positibn as
Chief Meteorologist with Amer. Airlines,
Inc., 1935; returned to Western Air Ex-
press as Chief Meteorologist, 1937; present
position with U.S. Army Air Corps, 1939 — .
Publications: Aeronautical Meteorology, wide-
ly used textbook; also various papers on
meteorology in scientific papers.
Memberships: Sigma Xi (hon.); Amer. Me-
teorological Soc; Inst, of Aeronautical Sci-

Religion : Congregational .

Recreations: Music, radio amateur, photo-
graphy, golf.

Bus. Address: Dept. of Weather, Air Corps
Technical Schools, Chanute Field, Rantoul,

Home Address: 1501 Delmont Court, Urbana,

TAYLOR. Glenhall Elmer

Radio Producer; Director; Writer; Ybung
and Rubicam, Incorporated.
Born: Buffalo (N.Y.), June 22, 1903; s. of
Florence May (MacDonald) and Andrew

Education: Graduate of Lick - Wilmerding
High School, San Francisco (Calif.); pri-
vate instruction in music, piano, harmony
and orchestration.

Married: Dorothy Lucile, d. of Benjamin
Hutton, in Los Angeles (Calif.), Apr. 30,
1930; ch.: Glenhall Eugene Taylor.



Prof. Record: Entered Radio nroadcastlnR,
1922; First Musical DIr. of popular cVmccrt
and dance music for Pac. Coast Dlv. of
NHC; rro^ram Dir. for KFVVI (San Francis-
co), KTAB (San Krancico) : I'roductlon MKr.
for KTAB (San Francisco), KII.I (Los An-
geles i ; Station Mur. for KTM, (Los Angeles),
(KFWI and KTM now extinct); Producer
and Writer for KNX (Pac. Coast ke.v sta-
tion of CBSi; Associated with Young and
Uuhicam, Inc., as Producer of "Silver The-
atre" broadcasts since 19;)7, also Producer
of many other shows on radio prior to this
association and Writer, both Individually
and in collaboration, of scores of others.
Has also been fairly active as Composer and
Song Writer, with eight published numbers
-o his credit.

Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Riding, music, motion pictures,

and photography.

Bun. Address: Young and Rubicam, Inc.,

6253 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.

Home Address: 3351 Coldwater Canyon Ave.,

No. Hollywood, Calif.

Other Address: P. O. Bo.x 4.56, StudiV) City,


TAYLOR. Grace Rackliffe

City Librarian, Sacramento Public Library.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), May 26, 1903;
d. of Louania Craig (Rackliffe) and Harri-
son L. Taylor.

Education: Los Angeles Library School.
Prof. Record: Junior Aid, California State
Library, 1921-23; Junior Asst., Sacramento
City Free Library, 1923-24, Reference Asst.,
1925-26, Head, Reference Dept., 1926-29.
Deputy Librarian, 1930-33, City Librarian,

Memberships: Zonta Club; American Library
Assn. ; California Librar. Assn.
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Golf, ranching, book plate and
stamp collecting, gardening.

Bus. Address: Ninth and Eye Sts., Sacramen-
to, Calif.

Home Address: 2908 - 24th St., Sacramento

TAYLOR, Professor Lewis Walter,

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Professor bf Poultry Husbandry
and Head, Division of Poultry Husbandry,
Univ. of California, Berkeley.

Born: East Troy (Wis.), Oct. 23, 1900; s. of
Elvina J. M. (Hassold) and Walter Andrew

Education: East Troy (Wis.) public school;
Univ. of Wisconsin; Kansas State (Allege.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Wisconsin, 1922; M.S.,
Kansas State College, 1925; Ph.D., Wiscon-
sin, 1931.

Married: Ethel D., d. of Louise F. (Sawtelle)
and Arthur D. Putman, at Boylston (Mass.),
Dec. 22, 1923; ch. : Martha.

Prof. Record: Instr., Mass. State College
1922-23; Grad. Asst., Kansas State College,
1923-24; Asst., U. of Kentucky, 1927-28,
Associate, 1928-31, Asst. Prof., 1931-36;
Associate Prof., Poultry Husbandry, U. of
Calif. (Berkeley), 1936—.

Direntornhipn: Pre.s., Poultry .Science Assn.,

Puhlirationa: Papers on Poultry Genetics and

M cmhcrHhipH : University Faculty Club; Farm, Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Sigma XI.
Bus. Addrens: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Honne Address: 904 Keeler Ave., Berkeley,

TAYLOR. Marion Sayle, LL.D., L.H.D.

Radio Broadcaster; Lecturer; Writer; Presi-
dent of "Voice of Experience," Inc.
Born: Louisville (Ky.), Aug. 16, 1889; s.
of Addle (Macklin) and Francis W. Taylor.
Education: Wm. Jewell College; Pacific
Univ.; Univ. of Oregon; Chicago Univ., Ash-
land Blvd. Clinic (Chicago).
Degrees: LL.D., William Jewell Coll., 1934;
L.H.D. , (hon.). Pacific Univ., 19.35.
Prof. Record: Guest Organist, St. Louis
World's Fair, 1904, at which time he was the
youngest graduate organist in the wbrld;
earned way through college, post-graduate
and medical preparation with pipe organ con-
certs; following a concert at the White Temple
(Portland, Ore.), was in an automobile ac-
cident, crushing his hands, thus terminating
his ambition in field of surgery and as a
concert musician; translated his preparation
into fields of psychology, sociology and later
in the study of endocrinology and psychiatry;
served as Social Service Worker in tenderloin
districts where he gathered hundreds of
thousands of case histories in study of hu-
man emotions, which later formed the basis
for many bVJOks and brochures and public
lectures, which were attended by more than
4,500,000 paid admissions during period of
five years; this research also served as
background for many years of coast-to-coast
broadcasting as the "Voice of Experience";
in addition to lectures he debated with such
men as Judge Ben B. Lindsey; "the great
commoner," William Jennings Bryan, and At-
torney Clarence Darrow; founded the "Voice
of Experience" Foundation through which the
profits from the .sale of his literature
amounting to more than .$500,000 has been
donated throughout intervening years to
financing Of operations on cleft-palate babies,
purchase of crutches, wheel-chairs and other
medical paraphernalia and to furnishing of
blood transfusions in life-and-death cases;
now broadcasting as the "Voice of Experi-
ence" over Red Network of Natl. Broad-
casting System for Albers Bros. Milling Co.;
has produced a number of motion picture
featurettes released through the Columbia
Pictures Corp. ; has contributed articles to
the leading magazines of the country; for
several years conducted a "Voice of Experi-
ence" column throughout the Paul Block
and asso. syndicates.

Directorships: Pres., Voice Of Experience,
Inc.; Rex Films Inc.; Voice of Experience
Insurance Foundation; Vice-Pres., True-Pic-
tures, Inc.

Publications: The Male Motor, 1926; The
Voice of Experience, 1933; Making Molehills
of Mountains, 1935; Notebook of Intimate
Problems, 1935; A Million Private Lives,
1936; also author of more than 150 mono-
graphs of which more than 11,000,000 copies
have been sold.

Memberships : Elks Lodge, 1283, Elks Lodge,
535; Rotary Club; Lambs Club of N.Y.
(Secy.); University Club; The Masquers;



The Authors Club (Hollywood) ; Hbnor Le-
gion of the Police Dept. of the City of New
York; Catholic Actors Guild; Episcopal Ac-
tors Guild; Actors Fund of Amer., Inc.; Phi
Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi Omega.
Bus. Address: Suite No. 1, Bank Of America
Bldg., 8905 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.

TAYLOR, Professor Paul Schuster,
A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Economics, University of Cali-
fornia, Berkeley.

Born: Sioux City (Iowa), June 9, 1895; s.
of Rose Eugenia (Schuster) and Henry J.

Education: University of Calif. (Berkeley);
Univ. of Wisconsin.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Wisconsin, 1917;
M.A., 1920, Ph.D., 1922, Univ. of Calif.
Married: (1) Katharine Whiteside, 1920; ch.:
Katharine, Ross, Margaret. (2) Dorothea
Lange, 1935.

Prof. Record: Univ. of Calif. Faculty since
1922; Prof, of Economics since 1939; Chief
Investigator, Social Science Research Council
Project on Mexican Labor in the U.S., 1927-
29; Consultant, Nat. Commn. on Law Ob-
servance and Enforcement, 1930-31; John
Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for study in
Mexico, 1931; FielU Dir., Div. Of Rural Re-
habilitation, Calif. Emergency Relief Adm.,
1935; Regional Labor Advisor, U.S. Resettle-
ment Adm., 1935-36; Consultant, Soc. Sec-
urity Bd. since 1936; Member, State Advisory
Council, Calif. State Bd. of Agriculture,
Government's Commn. on Re-employment.

Publications: Sailors Union of the Pacific
(Rbnald Press), 1923; Mexican Labor in the
United States, 1928-33; A Spanish-Mexican
Peasant Community, (Univ. of Calif. Press),
1934; An American-Mexican Frontier (Univ.
of No. Carolina), 1934; An American Exo-
dus, with Dorothea Lange (Reynal & Hitch-
cock), 1939.

Army Record: U.S. Marine Corps; served
with Second Div., A.E.F. (France), advan-
cing to Capt., 1917-19, World War I.
Awards: Purple Heart.
Memberships: Chi Phi; Phi Alpha Delta.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1163 Euclid Ave., Berkeley,
Calif. *

TAYLOR, Ralph H.. B.S.

Executive Secretary, Agricultural Council of

Born: Oakland (Calif.), Dec. 13, 1884; s. of
Fannie E. (Hawley) and Archibald L. Tay-

Education: Public schools, Oakland; Univer-
sity of Calif. (Berkeley and Davis).
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif., College of
Agriculture, 1910.

Married: Sarah E., d. of Martha (Huston)
and John Grover, in Los Angeles (Calif.),
June 17, 1917; ch.: Harriet HustVjn Taylor;
Robert Grover; Ethel
Prof. Record: Raised on a farm; Agricultural
Instr., Imperial Union High School (Imperial,
Calif.), 1910-11; Agricultural Instr., Siski-
vou Co. High School (Yreka, Calif.); 1911-
12; Instr., College of Agriculture. Univ. of
Calif. (Davis), 1912-15; Asst. Prof. (Ber-

keley), 1915-19; Asst. to Dir. of Agriculture,
State Dept. of Agriculture (Sacramento),
1919-21; In charge of Field Dept., Calif.
Almond Growers Exchange (San Francisco,
and Sacramento), 1921-24; Exec. Secy.,
Agricultural Council of Calif. (Sacramento),

Publications: The Almond in California (Bul-
letin 297, Univ. of Calif., Coll. of Agricul-
ture) and The Farmers Corner, a weekly
ct)lumn discussing farm problems, in about
300 Calif, newspapers each week, 1931 — .
Memberships: Alpha Zeta; Sutter Club;
Amer. Soc. for Horticultural Science.
Bus. Address: 1400 Tenth St., Sacramento,
Calif. •

TAYLOR, Samuel WooUey

Short Story Writer.

Born: Provo (Utah), Feb. 5, 1907; s. of
Janet (Nettie) Woblley and John W. Taylor.
Education: Brigham Young University.
Married: Elizabeth Gay, d. of Anna Lau and
Ephriam Dimick, in Redwood City (Calif.),
Aug. 6, 1934.

Prof. Record: Short Story Writer; Author of

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