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Scouts; Past Dir., Kiwanis.



Religion: Presbyterian.

Pontics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening, hil<ing.

Bus. Address: Court House, Fresno, Calif.

Home Address: 1545 Echo Avenue, Fresno,

Calif. *

THORNE-RIDER. Count Frederic,

Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.
Lawyer, Writer; Rancher.
Born: Jersey City (N.J.), Jan. 5, 1875; s. of
Mary (Thorne) and Alexander Rider.
Education: Coll. of St. Francis Xavier (N.Y.

Degrees: Ph.B., Coll. of St. Francis Xavier,
1895- LL.D., Loyola Univ. (Los Angeles).
1932- M.A., Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles),
1939; Ph.D., Andnra Research Univ. of India,

Married: Harriet St. Clair, d. of Amelia La
Brasche Hogan at Rye (N.Y.).
Prof Record: Hereditary Noble of the King-
dom of Italy with Title of Count; Private
Chamberlain at the Court of the Vatican.
Honorary Citizen of Perugia, Italy; Honorary
Councilor of Regia Universita Italian per
Stranieri; Member of the Academia Hispana
Americana de Ciencias e Artes of Spain;
Member Correspondent Coll. Heraldique de
France- Trustee of the Coll. of Chinese Stud-
ies at Peking (China) ; Member of the Bar of
the States of Wyoming and New Jersey; Re-
gent of Loyola Univ. (Los Angeles).
Decorations: Knight Grand Cross, Imperial
Order of St. Anne of Russia, Order of St.
Lazare of Jerusalem, Order of Lion and Black
Cross, Order of Couronne d'Epines, and Order
of St. Juan Bautista; Knight Commander Or-
der of Crown of Italy, Order of St. Vladimir
of Russia, and Order of Holy Sepulchre; Chev-
alier of the Legion of Honor of France.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Residence Addresses: Buffalo, Johnson County,
Wyoming. 543 Perugia Way, Los Angeles,

THORNTON. Harry Albert. B.L., LL.B.


Born: Crookston (Minn.), April 28, 1887; s. of
Grace Irene (Peirce) (dec. 1940) and Albert
Warren Thornton (dec. 1923).
Education: High school (Seattle, Wash.);
Univ. of Washington; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: B.L., LL.B., Univ. of Calif., 1909.
Married- May L. Nicholson, of Baltimore
(Md.), in Oakland (Calif.), Dec. 6, 1916.
Directorshivs : Advisory Committee, San Fran-
cisco Engineer Procurement District.
Publications: Law oj Garnishment, 1914; Suf-
fer Little Children, 1941; Mother, and other
verses, 1941.

Navy Record: Res. Offers. Training Class,
Annapolis, 1917; Lieut., Jr. Grade (T), U.S.
Navy; Asst., Fire Control Offer., U.S.S. New
Mexico; Offer, in Charge of Demobilization,
Naval Base at San Pedro, 1918; Command of
Radio and Signal Detail at Goat Island, 1919.
Clubs: Bohemian; Claremont County Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: 311 California St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 99 Lafayette Ave., Piedmont,

THORNTON, Rita Green


Born: Chillicothe (Mo.), Feb. 17, 1879; d. of

Mary Jane (Minor) and William A. Green.

Education: Public schools of Los Angeles and

The Marlboro Sch.

Married: David D. Thornton, M.D., in Los

Angeles (Calif.), Jan. 10, 1933; ch.: Dean

Breeze (son by former husband, Judge C. D.

Breeze) .

Publications: Songs of the Sky-Line , a book

of poems.

Membershivs: So. Calif. Women's Press Club.

Religion: Episcopal.

Recreations: Swimming, hiking, camping with

the Indians.

Home Address: "Sunrise Lodge," 8918 Holly

Place, Laurel Canyon, Hollywood, Calif.

THORPE. Carlyle

General Manager, California Walnut Growers

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), May 30, 1887;
s. of Helena and Spencer R. Thorpe.
Education: Los Angeles High School.
Married: Paula Stanway; ch.: George, Jan I.,

Bus. Record: Bank Clerk, 1902-06; Cashier,
Farmers and Merchants Bank (Santa Paula,
Calif.), 1906-12; Mgr., Calif. Walnut Growers
Assn., 1913-1941.

Directorships: Dir., Fed. Res. Bank (San
Francisco) ; Pres., Western Properties Co. (Los
Angeles) ; Secy., Calif. Orchard Co. (Ventura,
Calif.); Pres., Mt. View Citrus Co., San Ra-
mon Walnut Land Co.; Vice-Pres., and Dir.,
La Dera Citrus Co.

Me^nberhips: Los Angeles Country, Los Ange-
les Athletic, and Aviation Country Clubs.
Recreations: Flying, golf.
Bus. Address: 1745 East 7th St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2231 No. New Hampshire St.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

THORPE. Professor Louis Peter.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education, University
of Southern California.

Born: Battle Creek (Mich.), May 15, 1893; s.
of Mary (Andreason) and Christian Anderson

Education: Emmanuel Missionary Coll. (Ber-
rien Springs, Mich.), 1922-25; Northwestern
Univ., 1926-31.

Degrees: A.B., Emmanuel Missionary Coll.,
1925; M.A., 1929, Ph.D., 1931, Northwestern

Married: Alice Clair, d. of William Kegebein,
in Chicago (111.), Feb. 4, 1918; ch.: Norma

Prof Record: Music Instr., Emmanuel Mis-
sionary Coll., 1919-25; Prin., Indiana Acad.
Boarding School (Cicero, Indiana), 1925-28;
Instr. in Edn., Walla Walla Coll., 1928-30;

[90 -xi


Assl. in Kdn., Nortlnvostern Univ., lil.',
Lecturer, summer, VXV2 and 1!M(); Prof, of
Edn. and Dir., summer session, Walla Walla
ColleRe, li).'U-;5(i; Cons. I'sycholoKist (Los An-
geles). 1936-37 ; Lecturer in Kdn., Univ. of
So. Calif., 1937-38; Asoc. Prof., since 19,38.
Publications: Psychological Foundations of
Personality, 1938; The Problem of Education
(with C. C. Crawford and Fay Adams), 1938;
Contributor to book: Mental Hygiene in Mod-
ern Education. 1939; California Test of Per-
sonality (with E. W. Tiegs and W. W. Clark),
1939; Personality and Life, 1941; many arti-
cles in edn. and psycho, journals.

Navy Record: U.S. Navy during World War I.

Memberships: Amer. Assn. of Univ. Profs.,
vmer. Assn. for Applied Psychology, Amer.
Psychol. Assn.; Phi Delta Kappa: formerly
Mem.. Bd. of Dirs., Lions Club (Walla Walla,
Recreations: Music, athletics.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1542 E. Wilson Ave., Glen-
dale, Calif.

THURSTON, Carl (H. P.), A.B.


Born: Sutton (Mass.), Sept. 7, 1887; s. of

Susan A. (Hammond) and Rev. Philander


Education: South High School (Worcester,
Mass.); Williston Academy; Yale Coll.; Har-
vard Grad. Sch. of Bus. Admin.

Degrees: A.B., Yale, 1909.

Married: Jane Lee, d. of Emma (Harwood)
and George C. McDuffie, 1923.
Prof. Record: On staff of Percival Lowell (as-
tronomer), 1912-13 Editor, Enjoy Your Mus-
eum booklets, 1933 — .

Bus. Record: Owner, Souks of Tunis (import-
ing bus.), 1925-30; Owner, Esto Publishing
Co., 1933—.

Publications: The Art of Looking at Pictures,
1916; Why We Look at Pictures, 1926; Wild-
flowers of Southern California, 1936; The
Structure of Art, 1940; numerous book re-
views and magazine articles.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. Adv. of Sci.; Calif.
Writers Guild; Beta Theta Pi, Chi Delta
Theta, Phi Beta Kappa; University Club
(Los Angeles).

Address: P.O. Bo.x 46, Pasadena, Calif.

THURSTON. Jane McDuffie


Born: Ripon (Wis.), Jan. 9, 1887; d. of Mary
Emma (Harwood) and (Jeorge C. McDuffie.

Education: Nat. Park Seminary.

Married: Carl H. P., s. of Rev. Philander
Thurston, 1923.

Prof. Record: Studied at Art Inst, of Chicago,
and with C. E. Townsley, Jean Mannheim, and
Richard Miller: Taft Prize, West Coast Arts,
1923; honorable mentions, Calif. Art Club,
1925, Pasadena Soc. of Artists, 1939; Member,
Pasadena Soc. of Artists, Calif. Watercolor

Address: P.O. Box 4b, Pasadena, Calif.

THURSTON, The Right Reverend
Theodore Payne. A.B., S.T.B.. D.D.

(dec. Jan. 28, 1941).
Bishop of Oklahoma.

Born: Delavan (III.); s. of Mary Ann (Sld-
dall) and Benjamin Easton Thurston.
Education: Trinity College: Episcopal Theo-
logical School (Cambridge, Mass.).
Degrees: A.B., 1891, S.T.B., 1894, D.D., 1911,
Trinity Coll.

Married: (1) Jane Mitchell, in Franklin (Pa.),
Sept. 21, 1904 (dec, 1905); (2) Mrs. Daisy
Carroll Speer, June 8, 1920.
Prof. Record: Deacon, 1894; Priest, 1895, P.
E. Ch.; Rector, St. Paul s (Owatonna, Minn.),
1894-97, Winona (Minn.), 1897-1903; Minne-
apolis, 1903-11; consecrated Bishop of Eastern
Okla., Jan. 25, 1911, Bishop of Okla., 1919-26

Memberships: Charter Member of Trustees,
Shattuck Sch. (Faribault, Minn.); Trustee, U.
of the South (Sewanee, Tenn.); Mem., Delta
Kappa Epsilon; Mason.

Home Address: 2808 State St., San Diego,
Calif. •

THWING. The Reverend Edward

Missionary Statesman.

Born: Boston (Mass.), Feb. 11, 1868; s. of
Susan Maria (Waite) and Edward Payson

Education: Adelphi Acad. (Brooklyn); Univ.
of the City of New York; Princeton Theologi-
cal Seminary.

Married: Eloise, d. of Anthony Burniston, in
Jersey City (N.J.), June 30, 1892; ch.: Ruth
E. Layton.

Prof. Record: Missionary, Writer and Teacher
in China and in Hawaii ; Prof, of Theology
and Nat. Hist, in Christian College (Canton,
China) : Correspondent of many Chinese news-
papers; Lecturer on travel in China and other
lands; Oriental Secy, of the Internat. Reform
Bureau in China, 1901-09; Supt., Chinese Mis-
sions in Hawaii for several years.
Directorships: Dir. of So. Calif. Protective

Publications: A book on the achattinella, or
land shells of Hawaii; History of the Opium
Reform in China.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening and trips to the
mountains, collecting books, minerals, shells,
and old coins.

Home Address: 6161 Hillandale Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

M. K., A.B.,


Mus.B., M.A.

Educator, Writer, Lecturer, Social Service


Born: "Laguna Rancho" (Mendocino Co.,

Calif.), Jan. 19, 1886; d. of Jessie (MacAr-

thur) and Duncan MacKerricher.

Education : Univ. of the Pacific; Univ. of

Calif. (Berkeley) ; Geneva Sch. of Internat.

Relations (Switzerland); Sorbonne, Paris

(France), Mexico, So. Amer.; social research

work in Italy, Germany, Holland, France,

Russia, Egypt, India, China and Japan.



Degrees: Mus.B., U. of Pacific, 1905; A.B.,
1905, and M.A., 1936, Coll. of Liberal Arts
and Sciences.

Married.- Frederick Horace, s. of Amanda Ar-
nold and Horace Arnold Tibbetts, in San Jose
(Calif. ^ June 29, 1905; ch.: Duncan Reginald.
Prof. Record: Teacher of Voice Development
and Vocal Music; Professional Smger; Asst.,
Camp Fire Girls course in Edn., U. of Calif.,
summer session, 1926-27; Lecturer on Soc.
Studies made in Russia, Italy, Germany, and
So. Amer. Cultures; A Founder and Officer,
Berkeley Council, Camp Fire Girls of Amer.,
1923, directing many of its activities; apptd. by
Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women as Del. to Con-
ference on Cause and Cure of War (Washing-
ton, D.C.), 1930; delegated by Conf. of Cause
and Cure of War to present petition to Calif.
Senators, urging them to ratify "The Protocol
for the Accession of the United States into
the World Court"; Del., Internat. League for
Peace and Freedom (Switzerland), 1930;
apptd. bv Alumni Assn. as Representative to
the Bd. of Trustees, Coll. of the Pacific, 1926;
Vice-Pres., Alumni Assn., Coll. of the Pacific,
1929-30; Del. to Congress of the Internat. Fed.
of Univ. Women at Krakow (Poland), 1936,
to Stockholm (Sweden), 1939, Post Congress
(Finland) ; apptd. Del., Tenth Amer. Assn. of
Univ. Women at Denver (Colo."), 1939; Twelfth
Nat. Conv. in Cincinnati (Ohio), 1941.
Directorships: Berkeley Dispensary and Free
Clinic (Charter and~Bd. Mem.), 1906-12; Vice-
Pres., Berkeley Council, Camp Fire Girls of
Amer., 1923, "l927; Chmn., "Pacific Coast
Con." and Pacific Coast Music Chmn., Coun-
cil of Camp Fire Girls of Amer., 1925; Chmn.
of Finance Com. and Dir. of "Berkeley Day"
(Apr. 10, 1925) to entertain 1500 girls, guar-
dians, and nat. officials, of Camp Fire Girls
of Amer.; apptd. by Mayor Stringham of
Berkeley in Charge of "City Fund for Under
Privileged Girls," 1925-26; Second Vice-Pres.,
Nat. League of Amer. Pen Women, Berkeley
Br., 1941-42.

Publications: Articles on So. Amer. travels,
various pubis., such as Origins of Mexican
Music, The Contribution of Nippon to World
Culture, and Agriculture in the Union of So-
cialist Soviet Republics, 1930.
Awards: "Shuta" honor for "original thought
and writing" awarded by Nat. Council of
Camp Fire Girls of Amer. Program in Edn.
Memberships: Pi Kappa Lambda (Hon.), Sig-
ma Delta Pi (Hon.); Alpha Theta Tau; Inter-
nat. Cong, of Soil Science (Del. to Russia,
1930. to Bangor, Wales, 1939) ; International
League for Peace and Freedom; Internat.
Fedn. of Univ. Women; Amer. Soc. of Agron-
omy and Soil Sci.; Coll. Women's Club of
Berkeley (Charter and Life Mem.) ; A Dir.,
1920-41, Program Chmn., 1940-41, Amer. Hos-
pitality to Guest Students from Foreign Coun-
tries and World Affairs Study Section; Amer.
Assn. of Univ. Women; Camp Fire Girls of
Amer.; Jessie Wallace Au.x. of the Armenian
Red Cross.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Social Service, photography, gar-
dening, tennis, and walking.
Home Address: 1035 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley,

TIBBETTS, Captain John Palfrey

Local Inspector of Hulls in the Bureau of Ma-
rine Inspection and Navigation, U.S. Dept. of

Born: Eureka (Calif.), July 18, 1884; s. of
Hannah E. (Kimball) and Albert C. Tibbetts.
Education: Schs. in Eureka (Calif.).
Married: Elva Safford Thomas, d. of Ella and
John Safford, in El Cerrito (Calif.), Sept. 8,
1937; ch.: Willard, Doris Tibbetts Theile.
Prof. Record: Served in the Merchant Marine,
holding positions from ordinary Seaman to
Master, 1900-17; active duty in the U.S. Naval
Res., with rank of Lieut, and Lieut. Commdr.,
1918-19; entered Dept. of Commerce, 1919, as
Asst. Inspector of Hulls and was promoted to
Local Inspector of Hulls, 1932—.
Memberships: Propeller Club of the U.S.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening.

Bus. Address: Custom House, San Francisco,

Home Address: 2163 Clinton Ave., Alameda,

TICKELL, Professor Frederick George.

B.S., EM.

Geologist; Professor of Petroleum Engineer-
ing: E.xecutive Head, Department of Mining
Engineering, Stanford University.
Born: Belleville (Ontario), April 19, 1886; s.
of Mary (Preston) and George William Tickell.
Education: University of California.
Degrees: B.S., 1912, E.M., 1927, Univ. of

Married: Bernice, d. of Emmet N. Lea; ch. :
one child.

Prof. Record: Petroleum Engr. and Geologist
for various petroleum and mining companies,
also Consulting Engr.; at present, Prof, of
Petroleum Engrg. and E.xec. Head, Dept. of
Mining Engrg., Stanford Univ.
Publications: The Examination of Fragmental
Rocks; also various papers in technical jour-

Memberships: Delta Tau Delta, Theta Tau,
Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address, 652 Forest Ave., Palo Alto,

TICKLE, Edward H., M.E.
state Senator.

Born: Middlesex (England), Feb. 26, 1878; s.
of Elizabeth (Clark) and Digby Cunningham
Tickle (dec).

Education: Bedford College (M.E.).
Married: Bess Shaw of Berkeley (Calif.) ; ch.:
two daughters.

Prof. Record: Resident of Calif, since 1902;
business, real estate, and Hotel Operator;
Farmer; Owner, Highlands Inn (Carmel);
Member. Calif. State Senate since 1933;
Chmn., Com. on Revenue and Taxation; Past
Mem., Monterey Co. Planning Commn., and
Road Commn.; Past Pres., Pacific Riviera
Assn., Monterey Peninsula Rotary Club.
Directorships: Pres., Emeritus, Monterey Com-
munity Chest; Dir., Monterey Co. Trust and
Savings Bank.

Memberships: Monterey Peninsula Country
Club; Mason; Calif. Farm Bureau; Hotel
Greeters (Calif. Hotel Assn.); Internat. Foot-
printers, etc.
Politics: Republican.



Bhs. AdiliTHn: Slate Capllol, SncTamonlo,


Home A(l(tic:<s: 'lliKlil.iiKls Inn," C a r m e 1,

Calif. •

TIDD. Charles Wharton, B.S.,
M.S., M.D.

Bom: Round Mountain (Texas), Feb. 15,
]90;5; s. of Tye Birch (Walton) and Harry P.

BJdurotion: San Diego State Coll.; Northwest-
ern Univ.

Degrees: B.S., 1930, M.S., 1931, M.D., 1933,
Northwestern Univ.

Married. < Martha, d. of Fanny (Miller) and
Will Upchurch, in San Diego, Sept. 18, 1925;
ch. : Charles, Jr.

Prof. Record: Various pursuits before enter-
ing the study of medicine; after grad. from
med. sch., post-grad, work at several places
including staff membership at the Menninger
Clinic, Topeka (Kansas) and the Compton
Sanitarium (Calif.); additional post-grad,
work at Inst, for Psychoanalysis (Chicago) ;
private practice of psychiatry and psychoanal-
ysis in Los Angeles, 1938 — .
Publications: Various technical publications In
scientific journals.

Navy Record: Pharmacist's Mate First Class,
U.S. Navy, and later Lieut. (J.G.), Med.
Corps, U.S. Navy (resigned 1933).
Memberships: Alpha Kappa Kappa; Los An-
geles County Medical Assn., American Med.
Assn., Amer. Psychiatric Assn.; Topeka Psy-
choanalytic Soc. (Vice-Pres.), Amer. Psycho-
analytic Assn., Hollywood Acad, of Medicine;
Los Angeles Country Club.

Bus. Address: 415 No. Camden Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

Home Address: 1336 Thayer Ave., W. Los An-
geles, Calif. *

TIEGS. Dean Ernest Walter, A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D.

Dean of University College and Professor of
Education, University of Southern California.
Born: Oconto (Wis.), July 25, 1891; s. of
Adeline (Marck) and August Tiegs.
Education: Lawrence College (Appleton, Wis-
consin) ; Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison) ; Univ.
of Chicago; Univ. of Minn. (Minneapolis).
Degrees: A.B., Lawrence College, 1913; M.A.,
1922, Ph.D., 19:^7, Univ. of Minnesota.
Married: Bernice Vida, d. of Martha and
Joseph Ross, in Eau Claire (Wisconsin), Aug.
24, 1916; ch.: Carol Lois, Leah Marie. Vir-
ginia Anne.

Prof. Record: Prin. of graded sch., later Supt.
of Schs., Peshtigo (Wisconsin) to 1916; Sup-
ervising Prin. of Elementary Schs. (Crystal
Falls, Mich.) 1916-17; Prin.. Elementary and
Graded Sch., Minneapolis, 1919-21, and 1923-
24; Exec. Secy., YMCA, Minneapolis, 1921-
23; Asst. to Supt. of Schs., Minneapolis,
1924-27; Acting Dean and Asso. Prof, of Edn.,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1927-28; Dean of Univ.
College and Prof, of Edn., Univ. of So. Calif.,
since 1928.

Publications: Studies in Public School Finance
fwith H. F. Swift and F. C. Graves) 1923;
jin Evaluation of Some Techniques of Teacher
Selection, 1928; Statistics for Teachers (with

C. C. Crawford), lO-W; Tettn and Measure-
mentH for Teachers, 1931 ; ProgreHHive Achieve-
ment Tests (with W. W. Clark), ]9.'55; Cali-
fornut Tests of Mental Maturity (with Ellz.
Sullivan and W. W. Clark*, 19.37; The Man-
agement of Learning in hUemenlary Schools,
1937; Tests and Measurements in the Improve-
ment of Learning, 1939; California Teat of
Personality (with L. P. Thorpe and W. W.
Clark), 1939; Mental Hygiene in Education
(with Katz), 1941.

Memberships: Nat. Edn. (life); Calif.
Research and Guidance Assn. (South, sect.);
American Educational Research Assn.; Psy-
chometric Society; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi
Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa
Alpha; Mason.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1432 Ethel St., Glendale, Calif.

TIETZ, Esther Bogen, M.S.,
M.D., Ph.D.

Receiving Physician and Director of Research,

Longview State Hospital.

Born: Woodbine (New Jersey), March 6, 1901;

d. of Elizabeth (Scholtz) and Boris D. Bogen.

Education: Univ. of California (Los Angeles);

Univ. of Cincinnati (Coll. of Medicine).

Degrees: M.S., 1919, M.D., 1926, Ph.D., 1935,

Univ. of Cincinnati.

Married: Julius B., s. of Bernhard Tietz; ch.:

Joseph, Boris, Judith.

Prof. Record: General practice, 1926-32; Instr.

and Research Asst. in Biochemistry, 1926-32,

Resident Physician, Longview State Hospital,


Publications: Art and Science of Marriage
(Whittley House Health Series, McGraw-Hill),

Memberships: Amer. Med. Assn.; Cincinnati
Acad, of Med.; Amer. Psychiatric Assn.;
Alpha Omega Alpha, Sigma Xi; Nat. Board
Diplomate; Cincinnati Med. Women's Assn.
Religion: Jewish.

Recreations: Trailer travel, lecturing, arts
and crafts.

Bus. Address: Long\'iew State Hospital, Cin-
cinnati, Ohio.

TILDEN, Charles Lee, Ph.B., LL.B.

Lawyer, Business Manager.

Born: "Chili Gulch" (Calaveras Countv, Cal-
if.), July 17, 1857; s. of Mary J. (Lee) and
Harmon J. Tilden.

Education: Grammar school and high school
in San Francisco (.Calif.); Univ. of Calif, and
Hastings Law School.

Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Calif., 1878; LL.B.,
Hastings Law School, 1881.

Married: Lily Frances Mitchell, d. of Colonel
A. W. von Schmidt (a pioneer of 1849), in
San Francisco, June 9, 1892; ch.: Charles
Lee, Jr.

Prof. Record: Practiced law actively in San
Francisco for about 30 yrs., gradually becom-
ing a Bus. Lawj'er and then a Bus. Mgr.;
engaged in canned goods and warehouse
bus. for many yrs., large Real Estate Oper-
ator in San Francisco.



Directorships: Pres. and Gen. Mgr. of Over-
land Freight Transfer Co. (San Francisco)
for over 50 years; Pres. of Garnett Young &
Co., Pacific Coast Oyster Co., Draymen's
Assn. of San Francisco (over 25 yrs.).
Extended experience handling labor problems
in S.F. for over 40 years; Pres. and Gen.
Mgr. of Sanitary Reduction Works for many
years; Member of City Council of Alameda,
8 yrs.; Pres., Bd. of State Harbor Commis-
sioners under Gov. C. C. Young; Pres. of
East Bay Regional Park Bd. of Dirs. (man-
aging and controlling Parks adjacent to Oak-
land, containing over 4.000 acres) ; Trustee
of Mills Coll.; Pres., Bd. of Trustees of
First Unitarian Ch. of Oakland (Calif.).
Army Record: In Spanish Amer. War, served
in Philippines as Senior Major of the 1st
Reg., U.S. Cal. Vol. Inf. (Present at capture
of Manila).

Memberships: D.K.E. (in coll.); Mason; Odd
Fellow; Elk; State Bar Assn., Bar Assn. of
San Francisco; Claremont Country, Rio Del
Mar Country, Olympic, San Francisco Com-
mercial, and Commonwealth (San Francisco)

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 201 California St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1031 San Antonio Ave., Ala-
meda, Calif.

TILLSON. Frank Cephas, D.D.S.

Dental Surgeon; Mayor, City of Burbank.
Born: Livermore (Iowa), Aug. 8, 1890; s. of
Eliza V. (Buell) and Charles E. Tillson.
Education: Pub. schs. (Carrington, N.D.);
Mont. State Coll.; Northwestern Univ.; Univ.
of So. Calif.

Degrees: D.D.S., Univ of So. Calif., 1921.
Prof. Record: Held various positions including
teaching in pub. schs., managing a retail
jewelry store, etc., 1907-21; has practiced den-
tistry at Burbank (Calif.), since 1921; Mayor,
City of Burbank, since 1934.
Directorships: Surety Bond Bldg. and Loan

Publications: Three books of verse. Dugouts
and Dreams, The Cockeyed Muse, and Dreams
For Sale; numerous short stories and verse.
Army Service: Enlisted as Pvt., 1917, Com-
missioned Second Lieut., 131st Inf., A.E.F.,
1918; wounded and gassed, Meuse-Argonne
Offensive; Capt., 160th Inf., Calif. Natl.
Guard, 1921; Major, Inf., 1926.
Awards: Silver Star Medal with Oakleaf Clus-
ter; Purple Heart Medal.

Memberships: Authors (Hollywood); Kiwanis;
Amer. Legion; Disabled Veterans; Xi Psi
Phi, Theta Nu Epsilon.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing, and golf.
Bus. Address: Security Bank Bldg., Burbank,

Home Address: 303 E. Orange Grove Ave.,
Burbank, Calif. '

TILLY, Margaret

Concert Pianist, Teacher.

Born: Maidenhead (Eng.), Sept. 15, 1900; d.

of Hilda (Fuller) and Hubert Douglas Tilly.

Education: Private schs. m England and Can-
ada; studied music in Can., New York, Lon- <
don, Paris, under Harold Samuel, Harold
Bauer, Frank Wickman, and Isidor Philipp;
was Winner for four consecutive yrs., 1910-
13, of the Gold Medal offered annually by
the Assn. Bd. of the Royal Coll. and Royal
Acad, of Music (London, Eng.) to the "most
talented music student in Can."
Prof. Record: Gave violin recitals in Can. as
a child prodigy; made debut as Pianist in
New York, 1917, and the following yr. in
London; gave London recitals and was Soloist
with leading orchestras for four yrs.; ill
health caused temporary retirement; came
to Calif., 1923; has given many recitals and
for some years has been outstanding Cham-
ber-music Plaver of west coast; founded the
Music Lovers' Soc, 1933; was Guest Artist
at twenty concerts with Stradivarius Quartet
at Mills Coll.; gave sonata recitals with Kath-
leen Barlow and John Pennington; was Soloist

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 209 of 235)