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itus) Edward Potts Cheyney, LL.D., in New
York, Jan. 22, 1927; ch.: Lucia Alice, Ralph
and Trent (twins).

Literary Record: Internat. Sections D e p t..
Nation (New York City); Ed. and Pub., Con-
temporary verse, then Contemporary Vision;
Managing Ed., Poetry World, Co-Ed., Hori-
zons; has toured nationally as a Poet Lectur-
er and Recitalist; is now Cons. Ed., Verse
Craft, Poetry e.d. with Ralph Cheyney of
Unity, Peace Digest, Frontier, and The' Hu-
manist Friend; is Co-Conductor, Chevney-
Trent Services to Fellow Poets; Teacher of
Creative Writing, Alhambra and Pasadena
Evening Schs. (Calif.). Ed., with introduction
of: Eros: Anthology of Love Poems (Henry
Harrison) ; Author of forewords to numerous
anthologies of poetry, including Third Book of
Modern Verse. Quotable Poems, Vol. 2, One
Hundred Poems of Peace, The Golden Book
of Religious Verse, Poems of Justice, Armis-
tice Day, So7inets; has contributed to innu-
merable periodicals, including Ladies Home
Journal, Literary Digest, Christian Century,
Books, and leading general and poetry mags. ;
is Book-R3viewer for leading newspapers,
Winner of many poetry prizes, including the
John Galsworthy Award.

Publications: Dawn Stars (Henry Harrison),
Children of Fire and Shadow (Robt. Packard
& Co.), Dreamer's House (with Ralph Chey-
ney; Robt. Packard & Co.). Sierra Dreamers'
House (Poetry Publishers), More Power to
Poets! (Prose essays; Henry Harrison) ; Thank
You, America! (Suttonhouse, Inc.).
Awards: Winner of many poetry prizes; John
Galsworthy Award.

Memberships: Pres., Western Poets Congress;
Ex-Pres., Foothill Poets; Poetry Soc. of
Amer., Amer. Fed. of I'eachers, Poetry and
Music Club of Los Angeles (Hon. Mem.).
Religion: Humanist Soc. of Friends.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations : Theatre and travel.
Bus. and Home Address: "Dreamers' House."
923 E. Mountain St., Pasadena, Calif.; "The
Schoolhouse, " Beatty Rd., Media, Pa. •

TRIGGS. Lovell Beall, Ph.B.


Born: Canton (Ohio), July 6, 1879; d. of Ada
(Haas) and Melville Beall Cox.
Education: (Soucher Coll.; Univ. of Chicago.
Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1905.
Married: Oscar Lovell, s. of Mathew Triggs,
in Watsonville (Calif.), Apr. 7, 1908; ch.:
Mathew, Patricia, and Dudley.



Prof. Record: Engaged in social service work
and study in New Yorlt City and Chicago (111.),
1906-07; secret investigator of factory condi-
tions for women and cliildren in New York
Slate, and Instr. in Pa. State Sch. for Delin-
quent Girls, 1907-08: Experimental Montes-
sori Sch. (Santa Rosa, Calif.), 1915; pioneer
ranching and .sch. i'eacher (Alberta, Can.),
1916-19; Teacher in Calif., 1920-22; Teacher
and Dir., E.xperimental Schs. (Ariz, and Cal-
if.), 1926-36.

PuiUcations: Rosalita (Hitl. Romance), (Cen-
tury Pub. Co.), 1930.

Memberships: Delta Kappa Gamma (apptd.
Hon. Mem. for Calif, in recognition of pioneer
work for progressive techniques in teaching).
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Liberal Democrat.
Recreations: Dramatics and art study.
Home Address: 9225 Lovell Lane, La Mesa,

TRIMBLE. Harold Guyon. M.D.,

PhysicTan. Visiting Chief, Lung Service, Ala-
meda County Institutions.

Born: Oakland (Calif.), Feb. 24, 1896; s. of
Rebecca (Rosenberg) and Alonzo Ellsworth

Education: Oakland High School; Univ. of

Degrees: M.D., Univ. of Calif., 1920.
Married: Esther Evelyn, d. of Charles Kushins
in Oakland (Calif.), 1925; ch.: Harold, Betty
Jane, Charles, Allan.
Prof Record: Medical Dir., Weimar Joint

Sanatorium, 1920-21; private practice, inter-
nal medicine (Oakland, Calif.), 1921—; Chief,
Lung Clinic, Oakland Health Center; Con-
sultant in Chest Diseases, Contra Costa Co.
Health Dept. ; Supervising Physician, Thos. B.

Swift Preventorium; Mem. Staff, Peralta and

Providence Hospitals; Consultant, Alum Rock

Sanatorium (San Jose) ; Visiting Chief, Lung

Service, Alameda Co. Insts.

Directorships: Pres. -Elect, Amer. Trudeau

Soc: Vice-Pres., Calif. Tuberculosis Assn.;

Diplomate, Amer. Bd. of Internal Med., 1937.

Army Record: Private, Medical Corps, U.S.

Army, 1918.

Memberhips: Commonwealth and Athens Clubs.

Religion: Jewish.

Politics: Republican.

Recreation: Fishing.

Bus. Address: 419 - 30th St., Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 205 Crocker Ave., Piedmont,


TRIMBLE, Sinclair G., A.B.

Editor and Publisher, The San Francisco
Richmond Banner.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Jan. 22, 1897;
s. of Louise M. (Wildberger) and S. Trimble.

Education: Stanford University.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1922.
Married: Frances L., d. of Paul Castelhun,
M.D., in San Francisco, June 24, 1939; ch.:
Paul Castelhun.

Prof. Record: Editor and Publisher, The Ban-
ner, since graduation from Stanford Univ.

Memberships: B.P.O.E., San Franci.sco Lodge
No. 3; Native Sons of the Golden West,
Stanford Parlor No. 76.

Bus. Address: 279 Sixth Ave., San Francisco,

Home Address: 789 - 12th Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

TRIPPET, Oscar A.. A.B., J.D.


Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Feb. 19, 1905; s.
of Cora (Larimore) and Oscar A. Trippet.
Education: Los Angeles High School; Stanford
University; special student of Harvard Law

Degrees: A.B., 1925 and J.D., 1927, Stanford

Married: Bernice, d. of Robert F. van Gilse
in Los Angeles (Calif.), May 3, 1939; ch.:
Barbara Ann, Oscar A., Jr. (by former mar-

Prof. Record: Practicing law in Los Angeles
1927 — ; Special Deputy Commissioner of Cor
porations, 1931-32; Partner in firm of Haight
Trippet & Syvertson, 1932—; Pres., Los An
geles Jr. Chamber of Commerce, 1936; Dir.
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 1937-41
Directorships: Southwestern Engrg. Co.; Wil
liam A. Lower & Co.; Calif. Standard Finance
Corpn. ; P. & H. Corpn.; Manta Aircraft
Corpn.; General Communication Products Co.;
Pan-Pacific Auditorium, Inc. ; Nat. Air Races
of Los Angeles, Inc., etc.

Memberships: Kappa Alpha; Calif, and Ar-
rowhead Mountain Clubs.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Squash, badminton, swimming,
hunting, fishing.

Bus. Address: 458 So. Spring St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1532 So. Comstock Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

TRIVAS. Numa S.. A.H.D.

Art Research, Writer; Curator of Art, E. B.

Crocker Art Gallery.

Born: Nicolaef (Russia), June 6, 1899; s. of

Maria (Lourie) and S. Trivas.

Education: St. Peter Latin High School (St.

Petersburg); Inst, of Art History (same);

Ecole du Louvre (Paris); University (Berlm).

Degrees: A.H.D. , St. Petersburg, 1923.
Married: Ina, d. of Theodore Carl Rudolph in
London, June 6, 1935.

Prof Record: Affiliated for a number of years
with art trading firms in Amsterdam and
Berlin; retired in 1931, and devoted time to
scientific research in the field of art history
and to the advising of art collectors; spent six
years "hunting" all over Europe for lost
paintings by, and documents with regard to,
the almost forgotten 18th century artist, Jean
fitienne Liotard; the book resulting from this
research was acquired by HypiJrion Press
(Paris), (publication being delayed because of
the present war); since 1939, studying the
remarkable but practically forgotten collec-
tion of old master drawings at the E. B.
Crocker Art Gallerv (Sacramento), where he
was fortunate enough to re-discover works by
Rembrandt, Ruysdael, Callot, Boucher, etc.



I'uhlicdtiotis: Hook, fVan.s [lala (being printed
by Allen & Uinvln, London); ./. K. Liotard
acquired for pub. by H.v[>(:^rlon Press, Paris);
numerous iirticles and essa.\s on art history,
published In The [iurlingto'n Magazine (Lon-
don), Connois.srur. Apolio, Old Mauler Draw-
ings (all London), (lazctte dca Beaux- Arts,
Revue dc VArl (both Paris), etc.
Memberships: VeroenlglnR Rembrandt (Ams-
terdam); Royal Netherlands Automobile Club
(The Hague).

Recreations: Traveling; conversation.

Bus. Address: E. B. Crocker Art Gallery,

Sacramento, Calif.

Home Address: 1631 O St., Sacramento,
Calif. •

TROOD. William Edward

Superintendent, Motor Vehicle Equipment,

Railway Express Agency, Inc.

Born; North Bloomfield (Calif.), Dec. 28,

1887; s. of Sarah (Glasson) and William


Education: California Public Schools.
Married: Eleanor, d. of Nettie and Curtis
Henry Rhodes in Sausalito (Calif.), Oct. 11,
1919; ch.: five.

Bus. Record: In service of Railway Express
Agency, Inc., since May 2, 1910, Chief Clerk
1914-36, Supt., Motor Vehicle Equipment,

Army Record: Private, Personnel Dept., 1918-

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, camping.

Bus. Address: 635 Folsom St., San Francisco

Home Address: 1691 - 26th Ave., San Fran-
-isco, Calif. *

TROTTER. The Reverend Frederick
Belrose, A.B., D.D.

Minister, First Methodist Church, corner of
Rita and Gage, Huntington Park.
Born: Dunmanway (Ireland), Dec. 4, 1891-
s. of the Rev. Frederick Albert and Rebecca
Dobson (Irwin) Trotter.

Edxccation : Wesley College (Dublin) • Meth-
odist College (Belfast) ; Univ. of So. Calif
(Los Angeles) ; Univ. of Redlands.
Degrees: A.B.. Univ. of So. Calif., 1917- D D
U. of So. Calif., 1941. ' ' "

Married: Hazel Anita Thomas, d of John El-
mer and Sadie (Dews) Thomas, in Fresno
(Calif.), June 14, 1923; ch.: Patricia Ann,
Frederick Thomas, John Irwin, Margaret Ei-
leen, Mark Crawford, Martha May.
Prof. History: Ordained Elder in the Meth-
odist Church. 1917; served the following
churches as pastor: Patterson, 1917, Coalinga
1919, Merced. 1922, Ventura, 1924, North
Hollywood, 1929, Long Beach, 1931. Hunting-
ton Park. 1934 (all these in So. Calif Con-
ference) .

Army Service: Joined U.S. Armv, April 1918
Co. A., 362nd Infantry, 91st Division;' Took
part in the engagements at Ypres-Lvs, Meuse-
Argonne, St. Mihiel, Defensive Sector; wound-
ed Sept. 28, 1918.

Clubs, Lodges: Kiwanis Club, Royal Arch


Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, art.

Bus. Addrean: First Methodist Church, Hun-
tington Park, Calif.

Home Address: 6205 Rugby Ave., Huntlncton
Park, Calif.

TROWBRIDGE. Charles C. (retired)

li'jrn: Detroit (Mifh); S. of Cornelia A.

(Lyon) and Edmund Trowbridge.
Education: Trinity School (San Francisco)-
Oak Mound (Napa, Calif.).
Married: Edith Laura, d. of William Sharp in
San Francisco (Calif.); ch.: C. C. Trowbridge,
Jr., Miriam T. Kirk, Edith T. Cromwell.
Memberships: Massachusetts Soc. of the Cin-
cinnati; F.&A.M. (Calif. Lodge No. 1); The
Family Club.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 2128 Lyon St., San Francisco,

TRUBY, Brigadier General Albert E..

U.S.Army, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S.,


Medical Officer, U.S. Army (retired).

Born: Otto (N.Y.). July 18, 1871; s. of Minnie

(Ackerman) and John Truby.

Education: Cornell University; Univ. of Penn.

Degrees: B.S., 1894 and M.D., 1897, Univ. of


Married: Elizabeth Downing in San Leandro
(Calif.), April 26. 1906 (granddaughter of
the late Socrates Huff, a Calif. Pioneer); ch.:
Elizabeth, Mrs. Barbara Truby LaGarde, John

Army Record: Commissioned in Medical Corps
U.S. Army, July 23. 1898. as a First Lieut.;
promoted through all grades to Brig. General,
Jan. 1. 1933; served in Spanish-American War
in Cuba, and Chief Health Officer (Panama
Canal), during World War I; retired, Aug. 1,

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Sur-
geons, Fellow, Amer. Med. Assn.; Mason.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, fishing.

Home Address: 145 Laurel St., San Francisco,

TRUBY. Philip

City Judge.

Born: Elk Falls (Kan.), Sept. 7, 1879; s. of
Susan A. (Covert) and Cornelius Truby.

Education: Schs. of Udall (Kan.) and Orange

Married: Hally M., d. of Sidney Smith Ames
in San Diego (Calif.), May 14. 1906; ch.: Ber-
nice Eva Hall, Philip, Jr.. Teresa ]\Iay Fudav

Prof. Record: Contracting business (Orange,
Calif.), 1906-17; Supt. of Team Transporta-
tion, Los Angeles Aqueduct; Buver for Hall,
Haas & Vessey. Inc. (Los Angeles), 1919-30;
First Mayor, City of Beaumont; Member of
the City Council, eleven yrs; Dir., Beaumont
Irrigation Dist.. thirteen years. Pres. of the
Bd., six years: City Judge. City of Beaumont
and Justice of the Peace, Beaumont Township,
1930—; Dir., U.S. Census, 1930.



Directorships: Beaumont Irrigation District.
Army Record: Private, Co. F. 21, Kansas
V.I., 1898; Inspector of Leather Equipment,
Ordnance Dept., U.S. Army, 1917-19, ranl< of

Memberships: P.D.D.G.M.,: I.O.O.F. ;P.C.P.I.
O.O.F.; M.W. of A.; Spanish War Veterans.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Horsebaclt riding, fishing.
Bus. Address: City Hall, Beaumont, Calif.
IJoyne Address: 1395 Pennsylvania Ave., Beau-
mont, Calif.

TRUEBLOOD. Professor David Elton,

A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D.

Theologian, Editor; Professor of the Philoso-
phy of Religion and Chaplain of Stanford

Born: Pleasantville (lowa^ Dec. 12. 1900; s.
of Effie (Cre\vi and Samuel J. Trueblood.
Education: Penn College; Brown Univ.; Har-
vard Univ. ; Johns Hopkins Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Penn Coll., 1922; S.T.B., Har-
vard Univ., 1926; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1934.
Married: Pauline C, d. of Estella (Marshall)
and Harvev Goodenow at Warren (R.I.), Aug.
24, 1924; ch. : Martin, Arnold, Samuel, and

Prof Record: Prof, of Philosophy, Guilford
Coll. (North Carolina), 1927-30; Asst. Prof,
of Philosophy, Haverford Coll. (Pa.), 1933-36:
Svvarthmore Lecturer ^ England), 1939; Fel-
low of Woodbrook (i:.ngland), 1939; Prof, of
Philosophy of Religion and Chaplain of Stan-
ford Univ.

Publications : Editor, The Friend, 1935 — ; Au-
thor of The Essence of Spiritual Religion, The
Trustworthiness of Religious Experience, The
Knowledge of God.

Memberships : Commonwealth, Chit Chat (San
Francisco), Rotary (Palo Alto) Clubs.
Religion: Quaker.
Recreation: Tennis.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.


M.S., Ph.D.

Consulting Nutritionist: President and Direc-
tor, Truesdail Laboratories, Inc. (Chemists
and Bacteriologists).

Born: Burlingame (Kan.), Feb. 6, 1899; s. of
Ruth (Williams) and E. L. Truesdail.
Education: Redlands (Calif.); Univ. of Red-
lands; Univ. of Oregon: Univ. of Washington.
Degrees- B.S., Univ. of Redlands, 1921; M.S.,
Univ. of Oregon, 1922; Ph.D., Univ. of Wash-
ington, 1926.

Married: Dorothy, d. of J. S. Painter in Red-
lands (Calif.), June 27, 1923; ch.: Betty Bar-
bara, Katherine Ann, Audrey Mae.
Prof. Record: Founded Truesdail Laborator-
ies, inc., Sept. 1, 1931; established, in addi-
tion, a practice as a Consulting Nutritionist,
Nov. 1, 1939.

Publications: Several articles of technical na-
ture which were published in the Journal of
the American Chemical Society.
Memberships: Rotarv Club (Los Angeles), On-
eonta Club (South Pasadena) ; Kappa Sigma
Sigma, Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Roger Williams. B.S.

Recreations: Golf, hunting, fishing; motion

picture photography.

Bus Addresses: 520 W. Ave. 26, Los Angeles,

Calif, and 1919 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles,


Home Address: 1627 Laurel, South Pasadena,


Other Address: Lake Arrowhead, Calif. *

TRUMPLER, Professor Robert Julius,


Professor of Astronomy, University of Cali-

Born: Zurich (Switzerland), Oct. 2, 1886; s.
of Louise (Hurter) and Ernst W. Trumpler.
Education: University of Zurich (Switzerland),
1906-08; Univ. of Gdttingen (Germany), 1909-

Degrees: Ph.D.. Gdttingen, 1910.
Married: Augusta C, d. of Eugene O. de La
Harpe in Bex (Switzerland), Aug. 4, 1916;
ch.: Cecile E., Marguerite C, Elisabeth J.,
Robert H., Alfred O.

Prof. Record: Swiss Geodetic Survey, 1911-15;
Asst., Allegheny Observatory (Pittsburgh,
Pa.), 1915-19; M. Kellogg Fellow, 191»-20,
Asst. Astronomer, 1920-26, Assoc. Astronomer,
1926-30, Astronomer, 1930-38, Lick Observa-
tory, Mt. Hamilton (Calif.); Prof, of Astron-
omy, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1938—.
Publications: Numerous scientific papers in
Lick Observatory Bulletins, Publ. of Astro-
nom. Soc. of the Pacific, Astronomical Jour-
nal, Astrophysical Journal.
Memberships: Faculty, Univ. of Calif. (Berke-
ley) ; National Acad, of Sciences (Washington,
D.C.); Sigma Xi.
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations : Gardening .

Bus. Address: Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of
California, Berkeley, Calif.
Home Address: 26.30 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley,

TRYON. Glenn

Motion Picture Producer, Director.

Born: Juliaetta (Latah Co., Idaho), Aug. 2,
1894; s. of Grace Van Tryon (Perkms) and
Albert Kunkel.

Married: Lillian Hall, d. of Mrs. Anthony
Schaich, in Santa Ana (Calif.), Oct. 10, 1924.

Prof Record: After technical edn. in engrg.,
went directly to the stage and became asso-
ciated with all branches of the theatrical bus. ;
entered pictures as an Actor in 1921; during
ensuing ten years, starred in 100 pictures in-
cluc'ing two-reel comedies for Hal E. Roach
and" Christie: quit acting to become a Writer
in 1932; after writing a number of screen
plays, became a Director for RKO in 1936;
to date has directed 11 feature pictures; made
Producer at Universal Studios in assn. with
Wm. A. Seiter, 1940—.

Memberships: Screen Directors Guild; Mas-
quers Club; West Basin Yacht Club; Holly-
wood Athletic Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Deep water sailing.



Bus. Addrean: Equitable BIiIk-. Hollywood,

Home AudreK.i: Hollywood Athlelic Cluh, Hol-
lywood, Calif. •

Home AddrcHH: 1525 Wuvcrly St., I'alo Alto

Other Addrenn: Wlsca.ssot, Maine.

TUBBS. Tallant

Mt.'nil)(.'r ol I'uhb.s Cordage Company.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), May 8, 1897; s.
of Anne Tallant (Brodle) and Austin Chapin

Education: Private Schools in Calif.; student
at Yale Univ., 1917-18.

Married: Olivia PiUsbury of San Francisco,
Sept. 22, i;);il.

Prof. Record; Member of Tubbs Cordage Co.,
..ince 1919; Mem., Calif. State Senate, 1925-
1933; candidate for Rep. nomination as Lieut.
Gov., Calif., 1930, defeated; Rep. nominee for
U.S. Senate from Calif., 1932; apptd. Mem.
Exec. Com., Calif. State Rep. Central Com.,
1936; apptd by Gov. of Calif. Commr., Golden
Gate International Exposition, 1937.
Army Record: Commn. 2nd Lieut., U.S. Mar-
ine Corps, 1918, now 2nd Lieut., U.S. Marine
Corps, Reserve.

Memberships: Native Sons of Golden West,
Amer. Legion (Comdr., Frederick G. Bunch
Post), United Vets, of the Republic; Elk,
I.O.O.F. Clubs; Pacific Union, University,
Olympic, Merchants Exchange, Stock Ex-
change Lunch, San Francisco Golf and Coun-
try (San Francisco), Sutter (Sacramento),
Santa Barbara Club, La Cumbre, Montecito
Country (Santa Barbara), San Mateo (Calif.)
Polo, Burlingame (Calif.), Country, The River,
Yale, Racquet and lennis (N.Y.).
Religion: EpiscopaL

Bus. Address: 200 Bush St., San Francisco,

Ho7ne Address: 1100 Sacramento St., San
Francisco, Calif. •

TUCKER. Professor Richard Hawlev,

C.E., Sc.D.

Astronomer; Professor Emeritus, University

of California.

Born: Wiscasset (Me.), Oct. 29, 1859; s. of

Mary G. (Armstrong) and Richard Holbrook


Education: Schs. of Wiscasset, Farmington,
Portland (Me.), and Bethlehem (Pa.); Lehigh

Degrees: C.E., lo79, Sc.D., 1922, Lehigh Univ.
Married: Ruth, d. of Mary and William Stan-
den in San Jose (Calif.), Apr. 29, 1914- ch •
Mary R. and Jane S.

Prof. Record: Asst., Dudley Observatory (Al-
bany, N.Y.), 1879-83; U.S. Coast and Geod.
Survey, 1880; Instr., Lehigh Univ., 1883-84-
Asst., Argentine Nat. Observatory (C6rdoba),
1884-93; Astronomer, Lick Observatory (Mt
Hamilton, Calif)., 1893-1908; in charge Sari
Luis Obispo Observatory of the Carnegie Inst.
of Washington, 1908-11; Astronomer, Lick Ob-
servatory, 1911-26, Emeritus, since 1926.
Publications: Four Volumes Lick Observatory
Cuarto Publications, 1900, 1903, 1907, 1925;
also many periodicals.

Memberships: Sainte Claire (San Jose, Calif.),
Commonwealth (San Francisco) Clubs.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Golf, fishing, shooting and rid-

TUFTS. (C.) Albert. Mus.B., A.A.G.O.

Organist, Compo.ser, Teacher.
Born: Centralla (III.;, Aug. 1, 1883; s. of
George Demente and Ella Virginia (f;ilbert)
Tufts (parents Amer. born; mother of English
descent, father of Scotch-Irish stock;.
Education: Belleville (III.; Schools; private
music teachers; Stras.sberger Conservatory of
Music (St. Louis, Mo.); Guilmant Organ
School (New York), 1910; special work at
Chicago Musical College (III.;; Cincinnati
College of Music (Ohio) ; studied with Dr.
Wm. C. Carl, Dr. Robt. Goldbeck, etc.;
coached with Alex. Guilmant, Clarence Eddy'
Dr. Heinroth, Dr. Chas. Courboin, Dr. Albert

Degrees: Honors: Mus.B., Strassberger Cons
of Music, 1906; A.A.G.O., New York State
Examination, 1910.

Married: Frances (Sarah) Allen, Mus.B.,
Mezzo-Soprano, Pianist, Teacher, d. of Rev.
Jacob Randolph and Hannah Nottingham
(Corson) Allen, Waterloo (Iowa), Aug. 7

Prof. Record: Began as church Organist, St.
George's Episcopal Church (Belleville, 111.),
at age of 12 years; toured 111. singing in
Crystal quartet and as Concert Pianist; taught
music in Belleville (111.), and St. Louis (Mo.);
toured eastern states in 1911, giving classical
organ recitals, (same) western states in 1913;
played organ in movies and on radio for a
number of years together with church work;
Organist at Church of Our Savior (Brooklyn,
N.Y.); settled in Los Angeles (Calif.), 1917;
Organist at Santa Monica First Presby., Sec-
ond Church of Christ, Scientist, First M.E.,
First Presby. (all L.A.); was Sub-Dean and
Secretary of L.A. Chapter, American Guild
of Organists; Former President, L.A. Musi-
cians Guild. Composer, many unpublished mu-
sical manuscripts.

Publications: Modern Organ Playing (Ameri-
can Organist), 1914; organ solo. Berceuse
(Musicians Pub. Co., L.A.), 1918; Musical
Relativity (Amer. Organist), 1933; How to
Understand the Pipe-Organ (The Etude. April
and May, 1939).

Clubs: American Guild of Organists, Los An-
geles Chapter ; Westlake Masonic Lodge


Religion: Anglo-Israel Faith.

Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Attending concerts, theatres,

swimming, philosophy.

Home Address: 2636 Monmouth Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

TUFTS. Professor Warren Porter.

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
Professor of Pomology and Pomologist in the
Experiment Station, College of Agriculture,
University of California.

Born: Cedarville (Ohio), Jan. 8, 1890; s. of
(George Louis and Mary Belle (Porter) Tufts.
Education: Univ. of Calif.; Oregon State Col-
lege; Univ. of Wis.

Degrees, Honors: B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1912-
M.S., Oregon State College, 1914; Ph.D., Univ.
of Wis., 1927; Fellow, A.A.A.S.



Marnvd: Matilda Frances Humason, d. of
Elisha and Margaret (Burke) Humason, Spo-
kane, Wash.; ch.: Warren George, and Mar-
garet Louise (Tults) Graham.
Prof. Record: Instructor in Horticulture, Ore.
State College, 1914-15; Instructor in Pomol-
ogy, Univ. of Calif., 1915-17; Asst. Prof.,
1917-28, Assoc. Prof, of Pomology and Pomol-
ogist, 1928-37, Prof, since 1937, Head of the
Division of Pomology since 1933. Has done
research work in pruning and in pollination,
climate in relation to fruit growihg and fruit

Directorships: California Fruit Exchange.
Publications: Has written over 80 university
bulletins, circulars, miscl. technical and semi-
technical papers in scientific journals and
agricultural press.

Clubs, Soc: Faculty Club (Berkeley and Da-
vis); Member, Am. Bot. Soc, Am. Soc. Hort.
Science, Am. Soc. Plant Physiologists; Phi
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Sigma.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Farming, golf, fishing.
Bus. Address: K.xperiment Station, Coll. of
Agriculture, Univ. of California, Davis, Calif.
Home Address: College Park, Davis, Calif.

rUGEND. Harry,

Writer for Paramount Pictures, Incorporated.
Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), Feb. 17, 1898; s. of
Ann (Pollan) and Morris David Tugendhaft.
Education: Hannibal (Mo.) High School.
Married: Jean, d. of Sarah and Louis Barkow,
in New York City, Apr., 1929; ch.: Fred Allen
and James Edward.

Bus. and Literary Record: Clerk for Burling-
ton Railroad (Hannibal, Mo.), 1914-17, played

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 212 of 235)