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Soc; Dir.. Solano Co., Nat. Farm Loan Assn.,
and Water Commission
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing and travel.
Home Address: Dixon, Calif.

VEAZEY. Jr.. I. Pcrker, A.B., LL.B.


Born: Baltimore (Md.), Jan. 9, 1882; s. of
Grace and I. Parker Veazey.
Education: Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., cum laude, Harvard Univ.,
1903; LL.B., cum laude. Harvard Law Sch.,

Married- Mary Florence, d. of Eliza (Reid)
and Charles Wesley Speers, in Brandon (Mani-
toba, Can.), June 11, 1919.
Prof Record: General practice of law in Mon-
tana, 1906-37; admitted to Calif. Bar, 1938;
Atty. for Great No. Ry. Co. for Mont., 1909-
27- is now practicing law in Los Angeles
(Calif.), and is the dir. of subsidiary mining
and railroad corpns.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 530 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 632 W. Fifth St., Los Angeles,

VEDDER. Glenn E.. A.B., M.A.
Registrar and Head, Science Dept., Webb Sch.
of California.

Born- Santa Ana (Calif.), March 27, 1901;
s. of Addle F. (Dent) and Forrest E. Vedder.
Education: Pomona Coll.

Degrees: A.B., 1923, and M.A., 1924, Pom-
ona Coll.

Married: Helen, d. of Dr. Graham Higby, in
Santa Ana (Calif.), Jan. 4, 1924; ch.: John
Graham, James Forrest, Philip Edward.
Prof Record: Studied pharmacy 1915-19, pass-
ing the Calif. State Bd. Examination in
April, 1919 and obtaining Licentiate in Phar-
macy; practiced pharmacy part-time, 1919-26;
began teaching at Webb Sch.. Sept., 1923, and
is now Registrar and Head, Science Dept.,
Webb Sch. of Calif. (Claremont).
Memberships: Rotary Club.
Religion: Protestant.

Bus. and Home Address: Webb School of Cali-
fornia, Claremont, Calif.

Other Address: 1009 Cliff Dr., Laguna
Beach, Calif.

VEIHMEYER, Professor Frank J., B.S.,
C.E., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
Professor of Irrigation and Irrigation En-
gineer, University of California, and Chief,
Division of Irrigation, College of Agriculture.
Born: Washington (D.C.), Dec. 25, 1886; s.
of Nellie C. (Leavy) and J. Oliver Veihmeyer.
Education: George Washington Univ.; Johns

Degrees: B.S. in C.E., 1912, and C.E.. 1913,
George Washington Univ.; Ph.D., Johns Hop-
kins, 1927.

Married: Frances L., d. of John F. Kelly of
Washington (D.C.J, in New Orleans, Nov. 20,
1913; ch.: Kathryn (Mrs. J. T. Harkness),
John Oliver, Donald Francis.
Prof. Record: Was Scientific Asst., 1907-13,
US. Dept. of Agric; Asst. Irrigation Engr.,
U.S. Dept. of Agric; 1913-17; Asst. Prof, of
Irrigation, 1913-27, Asso. Prof., 1927-35, and
Prof, of Irrigation since 1935, and Head of
Div. of Irrigation since 1936, at Univ. of
Calif., Coll. of Agric.

Directorships: Chmn., So. Pacific Coast Reg.
Com., Amer. Geophysic Union.
Decorations: Croix du Alauite Cherifien, by
the Sultan of Morocco, 1932.
Publications: Numerous articles in soil, plant
physiology, hydrology, and engineering publi-

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Assn. Advance-
ment of Science; Amer. Geo. Union; Amer.
Soc, Agric. Engrs.; Amer. Soc, Plant Physi-
ologists Soil Science Soc. of Amer.; Common-
wealth Club of Calif.; Faculty (Berkeley and
Davis) ; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Xi, Gam-
ma Alpha.
Religion: Catholic.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Coll. of
Agriculture, Davis, Calif.
Home Address: College Park, Davis, Calif.

VENABLE, Fay Bainter (see BAINTER.
Fay) (in Addenda)


Manager, State Exposition Building.
Born: Prescott (Ariz.); s. of Ruby (Von
Romlon) and Frederick C. Venator.
Education: Stanford Univ.
Married: Dorothy Cecil Vanderberg; ch.: Lui.

Prof. Record: Foreign Correspondent, Los An-
geles Times and New York Times; U.S. Govt.
Dept. of Commerce, Foreign Service; Secy.,
Sixth Dist. Agricultural Assn.; Mgr., State
Exposition Bldg.

Bus. Address: Exposition Park, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2127 So. Hobart Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

VERBECK, Blanche Avicestell
Harriman. A.B., M.A.
Contralto Soloist, Writer.

Born: Wisconsin; d. of Katherine (Dale) and
George Miracle.



I'Ulncdtion: WashlriKton Univ.; K.ulclirr Coll.;
Columljla Univ.

Drun-fx: A.B., ciitn Uiudv, WiishlnRlon Univ.,
M.A., Columbia unlv.

Married: Howard K. Verbcok In Los Angeles
(Calif.); ch.: Mariorle Blanche Ilarrlman
(Mis. HakiT).

Prof. Record: Was Contralto SoloLst, Dam-
rosch Orchestra, for three yrs. ; has been In
opera. Soloist for most of major orchestras
of the U.S. and Europe; is the Author of three
vols, of verse, one vol. short stories; Contbr.
to Lndiex Home Journal, Red Book, Smart
Set, MeCalls, Woman's Home Comvanion, and
other mags., photo plays, and short plays.
Directorships: Pres., Woman's Law Obser-
.•ance Assn.; First Vice-Pres., Woman's Com-
mittee, Philharmonic Orchestra: First Vice-
Pres., So. Calif. Republican Women; Vice-
Pres., Republican Campaign Com. of Calif.
Memberships: So. Calif. Woman's Press Club
(former Pres.); Phi Beta Kappa.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 637 So. Lucerne Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

VERKUYL. The Reverend Gerrit.

A.B., M.A., B.D., Ph.D., D.D.

Theologian, Writer.

Born: Nieuw Vennep (Netherlands), Sept. 18,

1872; s. of Jannetje (Streefkerk) and Mathys


Education: Park Coll.; Princeton Univ.; Leip-
sic, Berlin.

Degrees: A.B., 1901, and D.D., 1921, Park
Coll.; M.A.. 1903, and B.D., 1904, Princeton
Univ.; Ph.D., Leipsic, 1906.
Married: Minnie Irene, d. of Rev. Thomas
Dodds Roberts, in Parkville (Mo.), Sept. 9,
1902; ch.: Dorothy (Mrs. Leland L. Howard),

Prof. Record: Was Pastor in Philadelphia,
1906-OS: Ednl. Field Worker, Wis., 1908-10,
Wis. and Minn., 1910-16, 111., 1916-27, various
parts of U.S.A., 1927-39; has been a free
lance Writer, since 1939.
Directorships: Bd., of Trustees, Park Coll.
Publications: Children's Devotions (Westmin-
ster Press), 1917, rev., 1929, reprint, 1937;
Scripture Memory Work, 1918, rev. and grad-
ed, 1924, Devotional Leadership, 1925, Things
Most Surely Believed. 1926, Qualifying Men
for Church Work, 1927, Adolescent Worship,
1929, Christ in the Home, 1932, Christ in A771-
erican Education, 1934 (all Revell) ; Reclaim
Those Unitarian Wastes (Zondervan), 1935.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening, horseshoes.

Home Address: 2617 Dana St., Berkeley,

Drgrnos: A.B., U. of Illinois, 1918.
Married: (1) Carol, d. of J. A. McCuuley, at
Kostorla (Ohio), June 7, 1919 (deceased,
1921); ch.: .son, Carol McCauley (Junior at
Cal. Tech.). (2) Claire Agnes, d. of William
C. Ram.say (of Chicago, 111.), at Riverside
(Calif.), Oct. 16, 1937; ch.: Kenneth Ram.say.
Directorships: Southwestern Military Aca-

Army Service : Enlisted as Private, U.S.
Army; became 2nd Lieut., C.A.C., 1918; 1st
Lieut., O.R.C., 1922; Major, C.N.G., 19.30.
Memberships: Oneonta Men's Club; Los Ser-
ranos Country Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Btcs. Address: 2800 Monterey Rd., San Marino,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 774 La Mirada Ave., San Ma-
rino, Calif.

VERNIER, Professor Chester Garfield,

A.B., Ph.B., J.D.

Professor of Law, Stanford University.
Born: Ansomia (Ohio), Jan. 19, 1881; s. of
Sarah Catherine (Black; and Augustus Eman-
uel Vernier. ^

Education: Liberty (Ind.) High School; Butler
College; Univ. of Chicago.
Degrees: A.B., Butler, 1903; Ph.D., 1904,
J.D., cum laude, 1907, Univ. of Chicago.
Married: Lura Hazel, d. of Alonza C. Ander-
son in Indianapolis (Ind.), Aug. 17, 1909; ch.:
Robert Louis, Mrs. Helen May Holwerda, Mrs.
Dorothy Jane Norman.

Prof. Record: Instr. in Law, Ind. Univ., 1907-
08; Prof, of Law, Univ. of Neb., 1908-09;
Prof, of Law, Indiana Univ., 1909-11; Law
Lecturer, Univ. of Chicago (summer), 1911-
12; Prof, of Law, Univ. of IlL, 1911-16; Secy.,
111. Br., Amer. Inst, of Criminal Law and
Criminology, 1911-16; Asso. Editor, Journal
of Criminal Law and Criminology, 1911-30;
Law Lecturer, Univ. of Mich, (summer), 1914;
Prof, of Law, Stanford Univ., 1916—.
Publications: Cases on Marriage and Divorce
(West Pub. Co.), 1912; American Family
Laws (Stanford Univ. Press (Vol. I), 1931,
(Vol. II), 1932, (Vol. Ill), 1935, (Vol. IV),
1936 (Vol. V), 1938, Supplement, 1938, Nu-
merous articles, etc., in various law maga-

Memberships: Phi Delta Phi; Order of the
Coif; 111. Bar and Amer. Bar Assns.; Amer.
Inst., Criminal Law and Criminology; Amer.
Conference on Family Relations. Stanford
Golf Club.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Independent Republican.
Recreations: Golf (Stanford Goli Club).
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 679 Mirada Ave., Stanford
University, Calif.

VERONDA. Major Maurice.

C.N.G., A.B.

President and Director, Southw-estern Military

Born: Carbon Hill (111.), Nov. 27, 1892; s.
of Mary (Configliacco) and Anton Veronda.
Education: Public schools (111.); North Cen-
tral College (Naperville, 111.) ; Univ. of Illin-
ois, student and graduate work in law.

VESTAL, Colonel Samuel Curtis,


Army Officer (retired) ; Writer.

Born: Cloverdale (Ind.), April 6, 1873; s. of

Isis M. (East) and William B. Vestal.

Education: Public schools (Cloverdale and

Greencastle, Ind.); graduated, U.S. Naval

Acad., 1895, and Army Staff College, 1906;

Army College, 1915; General Staff College.




Married: Olive S., d. of John R. Miller in
Greencastle (Ind.t, March 29, 1899; ch.: Mil-
dred (Mrs. M. V. Seeds! and William Miller
(U.S. Army).

Army Record : Private, Corporal, and Ser-
geant Co. E, 2nd Infantry, 1895: 2nd Lieut.
7th Artillerv, 1898; promoted through grades
to Colonel," 1920; retired, 1937. With siege
train, Spanish-American War, Porto Rico,
1903-04. Philippines, 1909-11, 1924-27, Gen-
eral Staff Corps, 1907-11: Commander, 339th
Field Artillerv, 1917; participated in Meuse-
Argonne Offensive; Inspector, 6th Corps after
Armistice. Instr., Army War College 1920-
-54 • Asst. Commandant, Coast Artillery School,
19"'7- Chief of Historical Section, Army War
College 1928-30; Asso. Mem., Walter Hines
Paee School of International Relations, Johns
Hopkins Univ., 1929-33: Prof, of Military
Science and Tactics, Mass. Inst, of Tech-
nology, 1930-37.

Publications: The Maintenance of Peace (G.
P Putnam's Sons), 1920: Washington, the
Military Man (George Washington Bicenten-
nial Commission), 1931.
Memberships: Amer. Legion, Mason.
Home Address: 554 E. Howard St., Pasadena^

VICKERS, Joseph William. A.B.
Judge of the Superior Court, State of Cali-
fornia, County of Los Angeles.
Born- Providence (R.I.), Aug. 26, 1890; s. of
Jessie Ellen (Ross) and Joseph Vickers.
Education: Stanford Univ.; two years at Univ.
of So. Calif. Law School.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ.. 1912.
Married: Mary L., d. of Carrie and Alfred H.
Seccomb in Los Angeles (Calif.). Dec. 12,

Prof Record: Practicing Lawyer, 1914-34;
served as Private Secy, to the Governor of
Calif 1923-25. Judge of the Superior Court
of Los Angeles County during 1926, resigned.
1936. Judge, Superior Court, Los Angeles
County, 1934—.

Directorships: Pres. and Dir., So. Calif. CJolf
Assn. and Calif. Golf Assn.
Army Record: Served in U.S. Army, 1917-19
nine months as non-commissioned officer and
nine mos. as 2nd Lieut.; 1st Lieut., Officer s
Reserve Corps, for 20 years.
Memberships: Phi Alpha Delta; Calif (:ountry
and Los Angeles Athletic Clubs; So. Calif, and
Calif. Golf Assns.

Bus. Address: Court House, Los Angeles.

Home Address: 2754 McConnell Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

VIOLIN, Mischa

Musical Director, Composer, Concert Violinist.
Born: Odessa (Russia), March 15, 1899; s. of
Rosa (Galper) and Jacob Violin.
Education: Berlin (Germany); London (Eng-
land) ; New York City.

Married: Florence, d. of I. L. Hlllman. Ore-
gon. Sept. 6, 1926; ch.: Efrem and Roxy.
Prof Record: Concert tour of So. Amer.,
1915-16, U.S., 1916-18, So. Amer., 1919-20;
Conductor in Calif., 1922-26: Asst. Conductor,
Capitol Theatre, (N.Y.), 1926, Roxy Theatre
(NY). 1927; Musical Dir.. Roxy Theatre,
1928-i29; Asso. Dir. of Music, Radio City Mu-
sic Hall (N.Y.). 1932-38; concert tour So. and

Central Amer.. Netherlands, West Indies, Co-
lombia and Venezuela, 19.39: Recitals at Car-
negie Hall (N.Y.), 19.38-.39: Conducted for
RKO Studios (Hollywood). 1940.
Publications: Impassioned Supplication for
orchestra (pub. Bob Crawford, N.Y.). 1934;
Arabian Nights Episodes, for symph. orch.

Army Record: U.S. Army, 1918-19.
Awards: First Prize (Berlin) K. K. Hoch-
schule. 1912 and Stern Conservatoire (Berlin),

Memberships: Masonic Lodge. Shrine Temple;
Bohemian Club (N.Y.) ; Amer. Legion.
Religion: Hebrew.

Recreations: Stamp collecting and fishing.
Bus. Address: D. Chudnow Agcy., 9000 Sun-
set Blvd.. Los Angeles. Calif.

VIVIAN. Frederick Godfrey

Owner-Editor, The Rustler-Herald.
Born: Pontiac (Mich.), June 12. 1862; s. of
Clara (Merryweather) and Godfrey Vivian.

Education: Private school in Pontiac (Mich.),
and was also tutored at home.
Married: A. Sarah, d. of Frank Williams, Sr..
in San Leandro (Calif.). 1895: ch.: Mrs. Wm.
Steglich. and Mrs. Harry Casey.
Prof Record: Owner and Editor of the Rus-
tler-Herald since 1901; prior to that time had
over 20 years experience as Printer and Writer
on various metropolitan newspapers.
Bus. Address: 116 No. Third St.. King City^

VOGLESON. Helen E(lizabeth). A.B.
Director, Los Angeles County Public Library.
Born: Columbiana (Ohio); d. of Annie E.
(Metzger) and George Asbury Vogleson.
Education: Public school; Lake Erie College
(Painesville, Ohio) : Mt. Holyoke College (So.
Hadley, Mass.); New York State Library
School, 1903-04.

Degrees: A.B., 1903; New York State Library
School, 1904.

Prof Record: Mem. of Staff. Carnegie Li-
brary (Pittsburgh, Pa.). 1904-14; Santa Bar-
bara Public Library, 1914-16: Inyo Clo. Li-
brarian, 1916; Asst. Librn., Los Angeles Co.
Public Library, 1916-24; Librarian, Los An-
geles Co. Public Library, 1924—. Mem., vari-
ous local, state and national library coms.

Memberships: Nat. Bus. and Prof. Women of
Los Angeles; Bus. Women's Legislative Coun-
cil of Calif.; Amer. Library Assn.; Pub.
Libr Executives Assn. of Los Angeles County;
So. Calif. Council of Family Relations; Pi
Gamma Mu.
Politics: Republican.

BU.S. Address: 322 So. Broadway, Los Angeles.

Home Address: 826 Muirfield Rd., Los An-
geles. Calif.

VOIGT, Ernest O.

Realtor; Mem.. California Legislature.
Born: Waukesha (Wis.), Feb. 2, 1888; s. of
Christian (Griiner) and Gustav C. Voigt.



Education: Waukesha (Wis.) Grammar and
IIlRh School; Dunvvoody Inst., Polytechnic

Married: Ilaltie H., d. of Ilanna Ludvvlg In
Los Angeles (Calif.), 1926; ch. : Vivian C.
Bun. Record: Contractor and Licensed Heal
Kstate Broker; real estate development; In-
terested in manufac'turinR and transportation.
Mem., Calif. Legislature 51st, 52nd, and 53rd
sessions; Assemljlym;in (Jlst District.
Directorships: West Side Realty Co.
Navy Record: U.S. Navy, four years; honor-
ably discharged. Was with Admiral Kimball
Kxpedition to Nicaragua, 1910 (expedition
helped secure right of way for Nicaragua

Memberships: Masonic and Oddfellows.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Fishing and hunting.

Bus. Address: 5605 W. Adams Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 3651 Cardiff Ave., Palms,
Calif. •

VOLK, Elwin. LL.B.

Born: Pasadena (Calif.), Jan. 25, 1911; s. of
Viola (Hines) and Edward Volk.
Education: Southwestern Law School.
Degrees: LL.B., Southwestern Law School.
Prof. Record: Noted principallv for publica-
tion. Ideographic English, 1938-39 (a brief
illustration of a method for intertexturing
the ideograph into English literature, this il-
lustration has been communicated to scholars
and institutions throughout the U.S. and
Europe). It has been said by critics that there
is no doubt that English will be profoundlv
influenced by the Oriental culture, and that
the Ideograph is the most remarkable sym-
bolism introduced since the Roman alphabet.
Home Address : 115 Carlton, Pasadena, Calif.

von BOROSINI. August Joseph,
A.B., Sc.D.


Born: Teplitz (Bohemia), July 22, 1874; s.
of Hermine (Baroness Freiesleben) and Baron
Victor von Borosini.

Education: Military Akademy (Dresden, Sax-

Degrees: Docteur es Sciences Naturelles, U.
of Lausanne (Switzerland), 1899.
Married: Eliza Crawford (Betty) Sperry
(grand daughter of Isaak Henderson, owner
of Evening Post, New York), d. of Julia
( Henderson 1 and the late Honorable Watson
Robertson Sperry (U.S. Minister to Persia),
at Lausanne (Switzerland), March 22, 1897;
ch.: Barbara.

Prof. Record: After short service in Army,
turned to study of chemistry and phvsics at
Technical High School in Dresden and U. of
Lausanne, receiving his Sc.D. degree in 1899.
Followed 6 yrs. of medical studies at Universi-
ties of Lausanne, Basle, Leipzig and Munich.
Translated Field Marshal Lord Robert's
Forty-One Years in India into German. Pub-
lished a number of books and pamphlets as
well as articles about medical inventions in
papers. Was Instructor and Lecturer of phys-
ical hygiene and dietetics in Munich and was
befriended by Horace Fletcher, Svante, Ar-
rhenlus, Salomon August Andree (Northpole

expeditionist). Lectured about and demon-
strated one of medical Inventions to heads of
medical profession and their staffs In numer-
ous universities and hospital Institutions In
(jerm.iny. Ills "(Jymnacolon treatment" la
today in use in more than IfK) foremost unlv.
and town hospll;ils throughout Germany a.s
well as Pol.ind, .Sweden, Holland and England
until outbre.ik of the present war. Came to
the United Slates .soon after the Hitler party
rose to power In Germany in 19.33, and has be-
come an American citizen. At present Is living
in retirement and devoting his time to writing
on varous subjects.

Publications: Foreign books, pamphlets and

Army Service: During World War I, served as
Imperial Commander of Red Cross forces of
War Lazareth of Xllth Armee Corps (Royal
Saxon of Dresden) in France and on Russian
Front. War invalid.

Awards: German, Austrian, Hungarian, Span-
ish, Turkish Orders and Medals.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Traveling; flowers.
Home Address: 6400 Moore Dr., Los Angeles,

von BULOW. Celestine (Stella)

Indian Rights Worker.

Born: Pala (Calif.), June 6, 1885; d. of Car-
malita (Tosobal) and Francisco Pico (nephew
of Pio Pico, early Calif. Governor).
Education: Perris (Calif, i Indian School.
Married: Jasper M., s. of Dr. Frederick von
Bulow in San Francisco (Calif.), 1909; ch.:

Prof. Record: Helped organize Calif. Indian
Rights Assn., Inc.; has been Dir. and Treas-
urer since it was organized : Spokesman for
Calif. Indian Brotherhood and Del Monte In-
dian Welfare Assn. The organization has
grown from 40 charter members to several
thousand with councils in the most important
Indian settlements in the state; elected as
legislature delegate to Congress, 1937, intro-
duced and has consistently for past four yrs.
fought for legislation in behalf of Calif. In-
dians for recovery of lands.
P^iblications : Editor of California Indian
Neivs, since Nov., 1939.

Directorships: Dir. and Treas., Calif. Indian
Rights Assn., Inc.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations : Dancing, singing, speaking, golf,
and making motor trips to Indian Reserva-

Bus. Address: Western Mutual Life Bldg., 321
W. Third St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1718 E. 63rd St., Los Angeles,

von KLEINSMID. Rufus Bernhard,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., J.D., LL.D., Sc.D.,
Litt.D., F.A.A.A.S., F.A.G.S., F.R.G.S.,

President, The University of Southern Cali-

Born: Sandwich (111.), June 27, 1875; s. of
Augustina Louisa (Simon) and George von

Education: Oberlin Academy; Northwestern
University; traveling student in Europe.


V;- IT O • S Vv' TI G I ?J C A L I F O R I-J I A

Degrees- A B., 1905, M.A., 1906, LL.D., 1925,
Northwestern Univ.; Sc.D., Univ. of Arizona,
1914- J D., Nat. Univ. of Mexico, 1919; Dr.
en Philosofia y Letras, Universidad Major San
Marcos de Lima (Peru), 1920; Hon. Mem.,
Faculty of Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacy,
Universidad Central de Quito (Ecuador) and
of Faculty of Philosophy, Humanities and
Fine Arts, Universidad de Chile; LL.D., De
Pauw Univ., 1935 and Univ. of New Mexico,
1939- Doctor en Derecho, Universidad Na-
cional de Panama, 1936; Ph.D., Andhra Re-
search Univ. in South India, 1936.
Married: Elisabeth, d. of Col. James Sawyers
at Portland (Oregon), Sept. 14, 1911; ch.:
Elisabeth Rigg.

Prof. Record: Supt. of public schools in 111.,
1897-1904; Instr., Northwestern Univ. Acad.,
1904-05- Prof, of Edn. and Principal, Acad.,
De Pauw Univ.. Prof., Edn. and Psychol., De
Pauw Univ., 1909-14; Asso. Supt. and Dir.,
Dept. of Research (a modern system for in-
tensive studv and reformation of criminals).
Indiana Reformatory (Jeffersonville, Ind.),
and Consulting Psychologist of same, 1912-
18- Pres., Univ. of Ariz., 1914-21; Pres., Univ.
of So Calif., 1921—; Member, Ariz. State
Bd of Edn., 1914-22; Pres., Interstate (Ariz.,
New Mexico and Western Texas) YMCA, 1914-
17- Lyceum Lecturer and Teachers' Inst.
Instr 1907—; U.S. Delegate Int. Prison
Cong. (London, Eng.), 1924; U.S. Delegate
Pan-Amer. Scientific Congress (Washington,
DC), 1915, Lima (Peru), 1924; Member,
Board of Visitors, U.S. Naval Academy,
1934-36; Pres., Board of Commissioners, Los
Angeles Library, 1936 — .

Directorships: Member, Nat. Advisory Coun-
cil to Com. of 15 of Ednl. Preparation for
Foreign Service; Honorary Vice-Pres., Calif.
Soc. for Promotion of Med. Research; Bd. of
Trustees, Southwest Museum (Los Angeles,
Calif.) ; Pres., Bd. of Governors, Los Angeles
Co. Museum of History, Science and Art, Otis
Art Inst.; Bd. of Dirs., Los Angeles Cham-
ber of Commerce, Calif. Assn. for Adult Edn.,
Child Conservation, League of Calif. ; Manag-
ing Bd., School of Amer. Research, Amer.
Archaeological Inst.; Bd. of Library Com-
missioners (Los Angeles); Advisory Council,
Pac. Southwest Acad, of Political and Social
Science. The Living Age; Nat. Council of the
Amer. Provident Soc, Nat. Council for Pres-
entation of Laymen's Foreign Mission In-
quiry, and of Nat. Com. on Prisons and Prison
Labor; Advisorv Com., Inst, of Family Rela-
tions; Nat. Com. on Cultural Relations with
Latin America and of Com. on Higher Edn.
and Com. on Internat. Relations, N.E.A.;
Com. on Colleges of Inst, of Endowments of
Assn. of Amer. Colleges; Bd. of Commission-
ers, Los Angeles Library, 1936 — .
PubUcotions: Author of numerous monographs
on education, applied psychology and crimin-
ology. ^
Army Record: Lieut. Col., Officers Reserve
Corps, U.S. Army, 1925-35.
Awards- Decorated Officier de I'Instruction
Publique de France, 1926; Chevalier Legion
of Honor and Member of Academie Latine of
Sciences, Arts and Belles-Lettres (France) ;
Nat Red Cross (Spain and Dominican Re-
public) ; Grand Cross, Order of Alphonso XII,
and Commander of Order of Isabel the Catho-
lic (Spain); Commander, Order of Orange-
Nassau (Netherlands); Order of Rising Sun,
Third Class (Japan) ; Order Al Merito (Ecua-
dor) ; Commander, Order of St. Waldimir,
First Class (Jugoslavia) ; Commander, Order
of Savior (Greece) ; Commander, Order of
White Lion (Czechoslovakia) ; Grand Cross,
Order of St. Anne (Russia); Knight Order
of Crown of Italy; Cross of Order of Com-

passionate Heart (Russia) ; Knight Command-
er of Crown of Rumania; Companion Grand
Cross of Justice, Order of St. Lazare of Jer-
usalem; Knight Grand Cross, Order of the
Crown of Thorns (France); Award of Merit,
Northwestern Alumni Assn., etc.
Fellowships: Fellow, A.A.A.S., Amer. Geo-
graphic Soc, British Royal Geographic Soc,
Franklin Inst.. Los Angeles Surgical Soc,
Royal Soc. of Literature.

Societies: Mem., Nat. Acad, of Social Sciences
(Calif.); Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Pi Zeta,
Alpha Eta Rho, Sigma Chi, Phi Mu Alpha,
Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Iota Sig-
ma Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, and other societ-
ies, U.S. and foreign.

Cluhs: University (N.Y.); Athletic, California,
University, Jonathan, Bel-Air (Los Angeles) ;
Old Pueblo (Tucson) ; Pacific Coast (Long
Beach); Riviera (Los Angeles).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bms. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los An-

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 216 of 235)