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geles, Calif.

Home Address: 10 Chester PL, Los Angeles,

Other Address: 595 E. Channel Rd., Santa
Monica, Calif.

von KOERBER, Professor Hans
Nordewin Freiherr, Ph.D.

Educator; Professor of Asiatic Studies, Uni-
versity of Southern California.
Born- Treptow (Toll., Germany), July 23,
1886; s. of Helene Elise (von Otto) and Fried-
rich Theodor Joachim von Koerber.
Education: Gymnasium at Charlottenburg
(Germany) and at the Universities of Berlin,
Bonn, Marburg and Cambridge.
Degrees: Ph.D., Marburg Univ., 1920.
Married- Margarete Elisabeth von Boetticher,
d of the Lord Mayor of Stralsund, Arnold
Friedrich Otto Brandenburg in Stralsund
(Germany), Nov. 13, 1922; ch.: three step-

Prof. Record: Ethnographical expdn.. Central
Africa, 1905-07; Linguistic Research, Central
and South Africa, 1907-08: Research, Siberia,
Central Asia, West China, Tibet, 1909-10,
1912-14, British India, 1914-20, Dutch Indies,
1921-22- Lecturer, Oriental Linguistics, Godes-
berg Bonn, 1911-12, Marburg Univ., 1920-21;
Lecturer in Comparative Religion, Stralsund
(Germany), 1923-24, Univ. of Amoy (China),
1924-25- "Prof. of Oriental Linguistics. Univ.
of Philippines, 1926-28: Dir., Foundation of
Asiatic Studies, and Prof, of Asiatic Studies,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1928—: Asso. in Oriental
Culture, Los Angeles Museum of Histor\',
Sciences and Art, 1930—; Counselor to Chin-
ese Consulate at Los Angeles, 1933 — .
Publications: Das Tihetische Verbalsystem,
1919; Morphology of the Tibetan Language,
1935; Tibetan Literature — Its Contribution
Through Western Explorers, 1935; A Word on
Philology, 1937; and a number of articles and
booklets on philology.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Epsilon
Theta, Alpha Pi Zeta, Mu Alpha Nu, Phi Al-
pha Theta, Delta Phi Alpha. The University
Club of Los Angeles: CoII&ge Heraldinue de
France (Corr. Mem.); Royal Asiatic Soc. of
Great Britain and Ireland, Andra Research
Univ. of India and some others.
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 408 Monte d'oro, Hollywood
Riviera, Redondo Beach, Calif.



von MORPURGO. Henry William. A.B.

Dnfclor III I'uhhc :n\ii Industrial Solutions,
The I'aral'I'ine Companies, Inc.
rsorn: San Franrlsco (Calif.), Dec. 19, 1909;
s. of Doretle (Huehnecke) and Albert von

Education: Fremont Grammar School; Lowell
IliRli School: Univ. of Calif, at Berkeley;
Hastings Law College.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif.. 1931.
Miirried: Carol Virginia, d. of Elizabeth (Pen-
nington) and Irving H. Sanborn in Oakland
(Calif.), Dec. 7, 1935.

Bus. Record: Railroad and railroad construc-
tion worker, newspaper reporter, magazine
-vriter, store clerk and manager, warehouse,
dock and cannery worker. Special Field Ad-
ministrator and Director of Public Relations
and Publicity, Stale Relief Administration
(Calif.), 1933-37; Industrial and Public Re-
lations Dir., Personnel Dir., Publicity Dir.,
The Paraffine Companies, Inc. (San Fran-
cisco), (including affiliates and subsidiaries),

Directorships: Nat. Assn. of Accredited Pub-
licity Directors, Inc. ; Chmn., Community Co-
ordinating Com., Nat. Assn. of Manufactur-

Memberships : San Francisco Press, San Fran-
cisco Advertising, and Comstock Clubs;
Knights of the Round Table.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 475 Brannan St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1001 Underhills Rd., Oakland,
Calif. *

von SCHNEIDAU, Christian

Painter, Art Appraiser, Teacher.
Born: Smoland (Sweden), March 24, 1893;
s. of Sophie H. (Hansen) and Waldermar P.
von Schneidau.

Education: Schools in Sweden, Chicago and
Friesland (Minn.); Academic of Fine Art
(Stockholm, Sweden) ; Chicago Art Inst.
Married: (2) Signe L. Nilson, d. of John L.
Larson at Riverside (Calif.), Dec. 25, 1938;
ch.: Konrad (by former marriage).
Prof. Record: Murals: Sandstrom Real Estate
(South Chicago, 111.), 1916; Mr. Elwood Riggs
(Pasadena, Calif.), 1918; Swedish Club (Chi-
cago), 1920-21; Southwest Baptist Church
(Los Angeles, Calif.), 1923; Forum Theatre
(Los Angeles), 1923; E. J. Marshall Estate
(Pasadena), 1924; California Lutheran Hos-
pital, 1925; Angelica Lutheran Church, 1927,
Lutheran Church (Friesland, Minn.), 1927;
The Swedish Historical Museum (Philadel-
phia), 1928; F. O. Fernstrom Estate (Pomona,
Calif.), 1939. Landscapes: Crown Prince Gus-
tavus Adolphus of Sweden, 1926; Crown Prin-
cess of Denmark, 1929: Crown Princess of
Norway, 1929: Metropolitan High School;
Thomas A. Edison Jr. Hign School.; Los An-
geles Athletic Club; J. P. von Schultz Estate
(Chicago, 111.): Mary Pickford: approximate-
ly 350 additional landscapes and over 300
pmrtraits elsewhere.

DirectoTships: Christian von Schneidau School
of Fine Art; Founder and Pres., Scandina-
vian-American Art Society of the West (both
of Los Angeles).

Awards: Has received numerous awards in
Europe and the United States, the most recent
of which are: CJold and Silver Medal of the
Scandanavian Art Soc. of the West, 1939 and

]9'1(); I'opular Award In LandHcape-Flgure-
Sculplurc, 1940.

Member.ihiji.i: Art Studcnt.s" League, Painters'
and Sculptors' League, Chicago .Swedish Art
Assn. (all Chicago, III.); Beach Combers' Club
(Provlncclown, Mass,*; Calif. Art Club, Calif.
Painters' and Sculptors' Club, Calif. Water
Color Soc, Los Angeles Art Assn., Calif.
Artland (all Los Angeles, Calif.); Laguna
Beach Art Assn. (Calif.); Long Beach Aquar-
ell Art .Soc. (Calif.); Scandinavian-American
Art Soc. of the West; Sanity in Art (Chicago,
111., and Los Angeles, Calif.); Chicago Swe-
dish Athletic Club; Los Angeles Athletic (Life
Mem.), Schubert Waa-Wan (Hon. Life
Mem.), Swedish (Hon. Life Mem.) Clubs (all
Los Angeles, Calif.); Deauville Beach Club
(Santa Monica, Calif.); The American-Scan-
dinavian Foundation (Los Angeles).
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Bo.xing, wrestling, trackwork,

Art School and Bus. Address: 920% So. St.
Andrews PI:. Los Angeles, Calif.
Home, Sttidio and Art Gallery Address: 6182
Mulholland Highway, Hollwoodland, Holly-
wood, Calif.

VOORHIS. H. Jerry. A.B., M.A.

Educator; Member of Congress, 12th District
of California.

Born: Ottawa (Kan.), April 6, 1901; s. of
Ella Ward (Smith) and Charles B. Voorhis.
Education: Yale University; Claremont Col-

Degrees: A.B., Yale Univ., 1923; M.A., Clare-
mont Coll., 1928.

Married: Alice Louise, d. of S. W. Livingston
in Washington (Iowa), Nov. 27, 1924; ch.:
Alice Nell, Charles Brown, Jerry Livingston.
Prof. Record: Had various jobs such as la-
borer and Receiving Clerk, Winchester Arms,
Co., Freight Handler on N.Y., N.H. & H. R.
R., ranch hand, etc.; was sent to Europe by
YMCA on Good Will Tour; worked on Ford
Assembly Line in Charlotte (North Carolina) ;
was Teacher, Athletic Coach, etc. at Allendale
Farm School (Lake Villa, 111.), one year;
Dir., Boys Home of Episcopal Church for the
State of Wyoming, one year; Headmaster of
Voorhis School for Boys at San Dimas
(Calif.), ten years; Elected to Congress, 1936,
1938, and 1940.

Memberships: The Grange; Fraternal Order
of Eagles; Phi Beta Kappa; Amer. Fed. of

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Old House Office Bldg., Wash-
ington, D.C.

Ho7ne Address: R.F.D. 1, San Dimas, Calif.

VOORSANGER. William Corper. B.S.,

M.D., F.A.C.P.

Born: Philadelphia (Pa.), Apr. 7, 1876; s. of
Eva (Corper) and Jacob Voorsanger.
Education: San Francisco pub. schs.; Univ.
of Calif.; Cooper Med. Coll.; Mt. Sinai Hosp
(New York) ; post-grad, work, Berlin and

Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1897; MD,
Cooper Med. Coll., 1899.



Married: Maude Elsie (Ackerman) in San
Francisco (Calif.). Dec. 21, 1905.
Prof. Record: Chief, Chest Dept., Mt. Zion
Hosp since 1918; Med. Dir. and Owner. Oaks
Sanitarium (Los Gates, Calif.), 1914-40.
Directorships: Secy., San Francisco Tubercu-
losis Assn.

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Physi-
cians- Mem., Amer. Med. Assn.: San Fran-
cisco Acad, of Medicine; San Francisco County
and Calif. State Med. Assns.; Nat. Tubercu-
losis Assn.; Amer. Coll. of Chest Physicians.
Concordia and Commonwealth Clubs.
Bus. Address: 490 Post St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 2275 Broadway, San Francis-
co, Calif.


Woman's Division Chairman, California News-
paper Publishers' Association.
Bor7i: St. Louis (Mo.), Nov. 25, 1909; d. of
Vitura D. (Barnes) and Clayton Irving Ward.
Education: University of Redlands.
Married: Preston Irad, s. of Preston Vraden-
burg at Yuma (Ariz.), Dec. 25, 1940.
Prof Record: Woman's Page Editor, Alham-
hra Post-Advocate, 1937-41; Woman's Divi-
sion Chmn., California Newspaper Publishers
Assn , 1940-41 (first woman appointee to
Chairmanship in that organization).
Directorships: Charter Member and Trustee,
Newspaper Women's Assn. of San Cxabnei

Publications: Edited, Women in the News
(monthly page feature), California Publisher,

Memberships: Alpha Phi Gamma; So Calif.
Women's Press Club; Newspaper Women s
Assn. in San Gabriel Valley; D.A.R., San
Marino Chapter.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 300 No. Almansor St., Alham-
bra, Calif.




Interior Decorator.

Born: Oscaloosa (Iowa), 1873; d. of Esther
Madora (Henness) and Nelson Cone.
Education: Schs. of Lincoln (Neb.) and grad.,
School of E.xpression.

Married: Lloyd Browning, s. of John Wag-
goner at Lincoln (Neb.), 1898; ch.: WiUa,
Rex, Esther.

Prof Record: Gives frequent one-man art ex-
hibits (oils); shop-talks on art to various
clubs; Head or Art Dept., Cotner Univ. (Lin-
coln Neb.); Head of Decorating Dept. in the
Bledsoe Furniture Co. (San Diego, Ca.lif.);
Head, decoration depts. of three wliolesale
furniture companies in Los Angeles (Calif.).
Publications: Writes and markets poetry.
Memberships: Cosmopolitan Internat. Club;
San Diego Woman's Club (Pres.); Parent-
Teacher body in Sacramento and San Diego
(Organizer); (Pres.) Nat. League of Amer.
Pen Women (Los Angeles Branch) ; San Diego
Art Guild; Woman's Club of Hollywood; Wo-

men's International Aeronautics Association.
Home Address: 120j. Sherbourne Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WAGLER, S. Victor, A.B., LL.B.

Judge, Superior Court, Alameda County.
Born- Bloomfield (Iowa), April I, 1906; s. of
Mattie M. (Smith) and Sims N. Wagler.
Education: Univ. of Colorado; Univ. of Cali-

Degrees- A.B., Univ. of Colo., 1929; LL.B.,
Univ. of Calif., 1931.

Married: Moss Helen, d. of Millie (Gillispie)
and Oscar L. Fairley in Grand Junction
(Colo.), Aug. 3, 1903; ch.: Beverly Ann.
Prof Record: General law practice, 1931-39;
appointed to Superior Bench as Judge of the
Superior Court of the State of Calif, in and
for the County of Alameda, by Governor Cul-
bert L. Olson.

Memberships: Phi Alpha Delta, Delta Sigma
Rho; Acacia; Masonic, Scottish Rite Bodies,
Shrine; Elks, Moose; Eagles; W.O.W.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Boys work, gardening, and golf.
Bits. Address: Court House, Oakland, Calif.
Home Address: 3950 Oakmore Rd., Oakland,
Calif. *

WAGNER, Blanche Collet

Artist, Writer and Lecturer.
Born: Grenoble (France), d. of Hermance
Clemence (Baboulin) and Etienne Antoine

Education: Schools of Grenoble and Paris

Married: Henry R., s. of Eliza (Kemp) and
Jacob Frederick Wagner in Oakland (Calif.),
July 17, 1917.

Prof. Record: Painter of collections and Lec-
turer of "Women's Head-Dresses Through the
Centuries," also lectures on "Maya Costumes
and Customs." Lectured before majority of
clubs in Los Angeles including Friday Morn-
ing, Ebell, Southwest Museum, and in many
high schools and the Santa Ana Museum; has
also exhibited many of her pictures in these

Publications: Tales of Mayaland (San Pasqual
Press, Pasadena, Calif.), 1938; Streets of
Mexico (George Fields, San Francisco, Cal-
if.), 1937.

Awards: Second Prize in Exhibit of National
League of Amer. Penwomen (Seattle, Wash.) ;
Second and Third Prizes in San Francisco
Penwomen's Nat. Exhibit.
Memberships: Natl. League of Amer. Penwo-
men (Past Pres., Los Angeles Branch) ; Holly-
wood Writers Round Table; Las Artistas Art
Assn., Los Angeles Art Assn.; San Marino
Women's Club.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, art study, history,
painting and social activities.
Bus. and Home Address: 1135 Winston Ave.,
San Marino, Calif.


Editor, Publisher, Rob Wagner's Script.
Born: Detroit (Mich.), Aug. 2, 1872; s. of
Mary Leicester (Hornibrook) and Robert Wag-



Etiiicatioii : University of Michigan.

Married: Florence Welch; eh.: Leicester,

Prof. Record: Portrait Painter; Illustrator on
bjncyclopncdia Britannica; Magazine Writer
for Sdlurdai/ Ph'cning PoKt. Co/itpr's and other
national iiublicatlons; Motion Picture Direct-
or; Editor and Pub.. Rob Wnt/ncr's Script.
Publications: Books: Film Folk and Tesaie
Moves Along.

Memberships: Sigma Phi; So. Calif. Auto

Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations; Chopping wood, building things.
.>us. Addi-ess: 9480 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills,

Home Address: 608 No. Crescent Dr., Beverly
Hills. Calif.

WAGNER. Thelma. R.N.
Director. House of Neighborly Service.
Born: Rock Island (111.), July 4, 1895; d. of
Katherine (Ronnau) and Philip J. Wagner.
Education: Schs. of Rock Island (111.) and
Los Angeles (Calif.); Pacific Hospital Train-
ing School (Los Angeles, Calif.).

Degrees: R.N., Pacific Hospital Training

Prof. Record: Social training in Illinois and
settlement house work there; social and case
work in Los Angeles; work among Spanish
speaking people under Bd. of Nat. Missions of
the Presbyterian Church of the U.S.A., for
eleven years; Director, House of Neighborly
Service (Azusa, Calif.), Head of Neighbor-
hood House of Azusa, four years.
Memberships: Amer. Nurses Assn.; Assn. of
Church Social Workers; Bus. and Prof. Wo-
men's Club; Calif. State Nurse's Assn.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreation : Travel.

Bus. Address: 609 Alameda Ave., Azusa,

Home Address: 603 Alameda Ave., Azusa,
Calif. •

WAHLBERG. Harold £.. B.S.

Orange County Agricultural Agent; Agricul-
tural Extension Service, University of Cali-

Born: Seattle (Wash.), 1890; s. of Elizabeth
(Swedberg) and Hans C. Wahlberg.
Education: Oregon Agricultural College.
Degrees: B.S., Ore. Agri. Coll., 1911.
Married: Bertha B., d. of J. W. Wins 'Santa
Ana, Calif), Mar. 17, 1920; ch. : Brent, Rob-
ert, and Marjorie.

Prof. Record: Teacher, 1911-12; Manager,
Sycamore Ranch (Red Bluff, Calif.). 1913-15;
Manager, Yolo Orchard Company (Woodland,
Calif.), 1915-1917; Horticultural Commission-
er (Glenn Co., Calif.). 1917-18; Farm Ad-
visor (Orange Co., Calif.), 1918 — ; Delegate
to International Soils Congress (Leningrad,
U.S.S.R.), 1930.

Directorships: Dir., Oregon State Alumni, and
Santa Ana YMCA; Trustee, Santa Ana Con-
gregational Church.

Publications: Cost of Producing Citrus Fruits,
1940; Cost of Producing Walnuts, 1938; Cost

of I'roJufing AvocnUocH, l'.i40; al.s<j numerous
articles on Southern California horticulture.
Memberships: American Horticulture .S^jclety;
Orange Co, Farm Bureau; .Santa Ana Lions
Club; Ma.sonlc Lodge No. 505; Member Agri-
cultural Defense Council; So. Calif. Agricul-
tural Committee; Orange County Economic

Religion: Congregational (Chmn., So. Calif.
Laymens Fellowship).
Recreations: Boating, hiking, chess.

Bus. Address: 220 Ramona Bldg., Santa Ana.

Home Address: 619 So. Broadway, Santa Ana,
Calif. .

WAINRIGHT. The Reverend Samuel
Hayman, M.D., D.D.

Physician, Clergyman-Missionary (retired).

Born: Columbus (111.), (reared in Mo.), Apr.
13, 1863; s. of Amanda Fitzallen (Agee) and
Rev. Daniel Thomas Wainright.

Education: Mo. Medical Coll. (St. Louis).

Degrees: M.D., Mo. Med. Coll. (now Dept. of
Washington Univ.), 1886; D.D., Central Coll.
(Fayette, Mo.), 1903.

Married: Margaret Miller, d. of Mary (Miller)
and Rev. Joseph S. Todd, in Shelby ville (Mo.),
Dec. 30, 1886; ch.: Daniel Todd, Samuel Hay-
man, Jr., Elizabeth Agee.

Prof. Record: Practiced medicine in Mo.,
1886-88; Teacher in CJovt. Middle Sch. (Oita,
Japan), 1888-90; Prin., Academic Dept.,
Kwansei Gakuin (Kobe), 1891-1907; Acting
Pastor, Hongkong Union Church, 1899; same,
Kobe Union Church, 1900, and from time to
time; Presiding Elder, St. Louis District,
Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1907-11;
Pres., Ministerial Alliance (St. Louis, Mo.),
1910; Pastor, Univ. Meth. CTiurch, 1911-12;
Gen. Secy., Christian Lit. Soc. (Tokyo, Jap-
an), 1912-40; Acting Pastor, Tokyo Union
Church. 1915; Pres., Amer. Assn. of Tokyo,
1926; Fondren Lecturer, So. Meth. Univ.,
1927; Pres., Asiatic Soc. of Japan, 1930-31;
Dir. of Amer. -Japan Soc, 1929-40; Missionary
to Japan, 1888-1940, under the Bd. of Mis-
sions, Meth. Epis. Church, South; retired in

Directorships: Hon. Advisor, Christian Lit.
Soc. of Japan.

Publications: Christ in Japan (Cokesbury
Press), 1914; Tanka or Short Poems, 1917,
Commentary on John's Gospel (in Japanese),
19 3 0, Protestant Principles (in Japanese),
1938, Meditations for a Year (in Japanese),
1938 (all pub. by Christian Lit. Soo, Editor
of Myojo, 1912-25.

Awards: Imperial Jap. Decoration, The Fourth
Order of the Rising Sun, 1930.

Memberships: Tokyo Club and Karuizawa
Golf Club.

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Go\t and reading.

Bus. Address: Christian Literature Society, 2
Ginza 4 Chome, Tokyo, Japan.

Howe Address: 5568 Kales Ave., Oakland,
Calif., Methodist Church, Board of Foreign
Missions, 150 Fifth Ave., New York City



WAITE, Milo Arthur, LL.B.

Lawyer; Dist. Ally., Ventura County.
Born- Co. of Ventura (Calif.), Mar. 9, 1901;
s. of Jennie Amelda (Gibson) and Milo E.

Education: Nordhoff Grammer and Union
HiRh Sell. (Ventura Co., Calif.); Calif. Inst,
of Tech. (one yr.> ; Law Coll. of Southwestern
Univ. (three years).

Degrees: LL.B., Southwestern Univ., 1926.
Married: Mary E., d. of John W. Helm, in
Compton (Calif.), Oct. 24, 1927; ch. : Patricia

Prof. Record: Deputy County Clerk of Los
Angeles Co., 1924-30; Deputy Dist. Atty
1930-39, Dist. Atty., Ventura Co., since 1939.
Memberships: Lions, Native Sons of Golden
West (both in Ventura) ; Omega Sigma Sigma.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, tennis, badminton.
Bms. Address: P.O. Box 350, Ventura, Calif.
Home Address: 106 So. Seward, Ventura,
WAKEFIELD, Mrs. Cravath (see

WALKER, Claud Vivian

Assistant Manager, Bank of Amer. N.T.&

S.A., Redondo Beach Branch.

Born: Washington Co. (Kan.), July 9, 1887;

s. of Martha (McCarty) and James Edward


Education: Osawatomie (Kan.) High Sch.

Married: Lucile, d. of Walter L. Mulkey, in

Seattle (Wash.), Jan. 17, 1922; ch. : James

Bus. Record: Vice-Pres., J. E. Walker Mfg.
Co Kansas City, Mo.), 1905-12, dealing in
ladies' ready-to-wear goods; Auto Dealer
(Hermosa Beach, Calif.), 1912-13; Assistant
Purchasing Agent, Skinner and Eddy Corp.,
Ship Builders (Seattle, Wash.), 1915-19; with
Gen Furniture Co. (Seattle), 1920-22; Cash-
ier Redondo Savings Bank (Redondo Beach,
Calif ) 1922-23; Exec. Vice-Pres., First Nat.
Bank (Redondo Beach), 1923-33; Asst. Mgr.,
Redondo Beach Branch, Bank of Amer. NT ■&
S.A., since 1933.

Directorships: First Nat. Holding Corpn (Re-
dondo Beach) ; Mem., City of Redondo Beach
Pub. Libr. Bd.

Memberships: Mason; B.P.O. Elk.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hiking.

Bus. Address: 219 So. Pacific Ave., Redondo

Beach, Calif.

Home Address: 124 Sapphire, Redondo Beach,

WALKER, Edward Everett, B.S.,

M.A., Ph.D.

Writer; Editorial Associate, Charles Scrib-

ner's Sons.

Born: Norwood (Mo.), July 12, 1900; s of

Lucinda Ellen and Thomas Jefferson Walker.

Education: Mo. State Teachers Coll.; Mo.

State Univ.; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: B.S., Southwest Mo. State Teachers

Coll., 1920; M.A., Mo. Univ., 1923; Ph.D.,

Stanford Univ., 1932.

Married: Cecelia Christine, d. of Rosa and
Thomas J. Ezzell, in Springfield (Mo.), Aug.
4, 1920; ch.: Thomas Manson, Donald Ezzell.
Prof Record: Pub. sch. Teacher and Supt.,
Mo and Kan., 1918-22; Prof, of Sociology,
Mo State Teachers Coll., 1923-27-; with Mac-
millan Co., Chicago and San Francisco, 1927-
•^9 19.31-34; Instr., Stanford Univ., 1930-31;
Calif State Dept. and San Francisco Jr. Coll.,
1934-36; Ed. Asso., Charles Scribner's Sons,
since 1936.

Publications: American Social Problems (with
W. G. Beach; Stanford Univ. Press), 1934;
American Democracy and Social Change (with
W G. Beach and O. G. Jamison), 1936, Social
Problems and Social Welfare (with W. G.
Beach), 1937, America's Building (with G. E.
Freeland and H. E. Williams), 1937, Our Na-
tional Constitution (with Vierling Kersey),
1938, Planning Your Life for School and Soci-
ety (with L. A. Eastburn, V. H. Kelley and
C J Falk) 1939, Government of the United
States (with W. G. Beach and O. G. Jami-
son), 1941 (all pub., Scribner's).
Memberships: Alpha Pi Zeta, Phi Delta Kappa.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Bms. Address; Box 1601, Hollywood Calif . ; 55
New Montgomery, San Francisco, Calif.
Ho7ne Address: 332 No. Oxford Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WALKER, Edwin F(rancis)

Archaeologist; Research Assistant, The South-
west Museum.

Born: Chicago (111.), Dec. 13, 1872; s. of Ma-
rilla (Metcalf) and Francis Horton Walker.
Education: Schs. of Evanston (111.).
Married: Harriet Howe, d. of Elizabeth and
Appleton Fitch, in Hopkinton (Mass ), Aug.
18 1900; ch.: Winslow Metcalf, and Edwm
Francis, Jr.

Prof Record: Extensive archeological field
work in No. Carolina, The Mississippi Valley,
the plains, the southwest, and Calif., which
has included the excavation of mounds and
the discovery of perhaps the earliest village
sites on the Pacific coast.

Publications: Indians of Southern California
(Southwest Museum), 1937, and many articles
on Indians and early man in Amer., niostly
published in the Masterkey (Los Angeles).
Army Service: Captain of Infantry, First Reg-
iment, 111. Res. Militia, during World War I.
Memberships: See. for Amer. Archaeology,
Southwestern Archaeological Fedn. ; Mu Alpha
Nu (ach. frat.).
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, golf, nature study, ex-

Bus. Address: Southwest Museum, Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 1109 Roanoke PI., Flintridge,


City Librarian, Santa Ana Public Library.
Born: Chillicothe (Ohio); d. of Bertha (Mc-
Cormick) and Mark H. Walker.
Education: Grad., Western Res. Univ. Sch. of
Libr. Sci., 1922.



PrvJ. Record: Hrancli Libin., Cleveland I'ul).
Libr., l;)17-U;5; CataloK'or, Los Angeles Pub,
Libr., 192;i-2(); Itereroiu-e Librn. (Palo Alio,
Calif.), 192G-;i5; llcid Librn., Sanla Ana Pub.
Libr., since 1935.

Membershiii.s: Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women;
Bus. anil Prof. Women; Amer. Libr. Assn,
Calif. Libr. Assn.; Orange Co. Libr. Club;
Ebell and Altrusa Clubs
Religion: Quaker.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Theater, music, walking, motor-
ing, club associations.

Bus. Address: Santa Ana Pub. Library, Santa
Ana, Calif.

Home Address: 210 W. 20th St., Santa Ana,

WALKER. Frank Fish

Banker; Financial Vice-President, Stanford

Born: Berkeley (Calif.), Mar. 20, 1896; s. of
Nellie (Fish) and David Henry Walker.
Education: Lick Sch. ; Stanford Univ. (war
degree, 1917); U.S. Naval Acad. (Annapolis).
Married: Ursula, d. of Frederick Coykendall,
in New York City, Apr. 24, 1926; ch.: Frcink
F., Jr.

Bus. Record: With Blyth Witter & Co. (subse-
quently Blyth & Co.), (New York), 1919-34,
in the capacity of Vice-Pres. and Dir., 1923-
34; Gen. Partner, Eastman Dillon & Co. (New
York), 1934-38, and a Limited Partner, since
1938; Chmn., Investment Bankers Conf. (New
York, New Jersey, Conn.); Pres., Bond Club
of New York, and on numerous investment
bankers assns. committees; was formerly Dir.,
Internat. Rys. of Central Amer., Blyth & Co.,
McCord Radiator and Mfg. Co., United Gas

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 217 of 235)