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of Teachers of Creative Writing (Pres.)-

■ Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi. The Manu-
scripters Club.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Dancing, fishing, and swimming.
Bus. Address: 1015 So. Lorena St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 70 No. Bonnie Ave.. Pasadena,



WALTER. Zachary Taylor, A.B., M.A.
Consulting Chemist: Pres. ot Consumers, Inc.,
and Instr. of Cliemistry. Los Angeles City

Born: Warrensburg (Mo.), July 29, 1901; s.
of Beatrice (Goodson) and Harvey S. Walter.
Education: Univ. of Mo.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1924, and M.A., 1928, Univ.
of Mo.

Married: Mary Louise, a. of Mary Graves, in
Dallas (Te.x.); eh.: Z. T., Jr., Phyllis Louise.
Bus. Record: Industrial Chemist, Consulting
Chemist, Newspaper Ed., Writer; was Teach-
er, Univ. of Mo., Trenton (Mo.) Jr. Coll.,
and is now Instr. of Chemistry, Los Angeles
City Coll. (Calif.), and Pres., Consumers,

Publications: Scientific articles in papers and
scientific journals, sch. lab. manuals, etc.,
and ednl. articles.

Memberships: Amer. Assn. for Advancement
ot Science, Amer. Chem. Soc; Elks; Alpha
Chi Sigma.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Golf, fishing, music and read-

Bus. Address: Los Angeles City Coll., 855 No.
Vermont, Los Angelas, Calif., and Consumers,
Inc., 655 Shatto PI., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 3227 Fern wood Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif *


Corporation Executive.

Bor7i: San Francisco (Calif.), Apr. 21, 1866;
s. of Fannie (Newman) and Sol. Wangenheim.
Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1887.
Married: Laura Klauber of San Diego (Calif.),
Nov. 21, 1892; ch.: Alice (Mrs. George
Heyneman) .

Bus. Record: Bridge Engr., So. Pacific Ry.,
1887-89; Partner Simon Newman Co. (Calif.),
1889-95, Klauber- Wangenheim Co., San Diego,
1895-1903; Pres., Bank of Commerce, San
Diego, 1903-17; now Chmn. of the Board,
Klauber-Wangenheim Co., So. Title and Trust
Co., and Chmn. Finance Com. First Nat.
Bank; Chmn. at various times of Park Comn.,
City Planning Comn., Water Comn., Harbor
Comn; Pres., Liberty Loan Corns, for San
Diego Co. during World War I; Regent, Univ.
of Calif., 1927-28; Trustee, Scripps College,
Claremont (Calif.), 1925-37; Pres., Alumni
Assn. of Univ. of Calif., 1927-28.
Memberships: Mason; Univ., Cuyamaca (San
Diego), Country Club (Chula Vista).
Bus. Address: So. Title Bldg., San Diego,

Home Address: 148 W. Juniper St., San
Diego, Calif.

WANGER. Viola Perry. D.O.

Writer (retired Osteopathic Physician).

Born: Mineral Wells (Texas), Nov. 14, 1879;

d. of Martha Mahala (Gordon) and Alonzo

Hiram Perry.

Education: St. Louis and Kirksville (Mo.).

Degrees: D.O., Amer. School of Osteopathy,


Married: Leo, s. of Andrew Wanger, in St.
Louis, Sept. 19, 1903; ch.: Rosemary June
Roark, and Virginia Frances Joy.
Prof Record: Practiced Osteopathy 17 years;
has written for 12 years; has poems, short
stories, feature stories, and articles, published
in New York Times, New York Sum, Kansas
City Journal Post, Pacific Rural Press, Pictor-
ial' Review, Woman's World, Better Homes and
Gardens, Home Arts, Needlecraft, Successful
Farming, Progressive Farmer, Oklahoma
Farmer and Stockman, Columbia, Extension
Magazine, Young People's Standard, Herald of
Holiness, Seng Book, Home Circle, Westmin-
ster Magazine and Holland's Magazine and
many other American publications. In Can-
ada the Toronto Star Weekly Canadian Mag-
azine and The National Home Monthly. In
England Modern Woman, Modern Home,
Home Chat, Woman's Weekly, Every Woman,
and My Home; has also sold lyrics for three
cantatas and published one book of poems.
Poems have been read over the air by Ted
Malone, Tony Wons, Byron Dunham, and
reprinted in many anthologies.
Memberships: Pomona Writer's; Kappa Psi

Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Symphony concerts.
Bus. and Home Address: 457 No. Third Ave.,
Upland, Calif.

WANGER. Walter F.

Producer; President Walter F. Wanger Pro-
ductions, Inc.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), July 11, 1894; s.
of Stella (Stettheimer) and Sigmund Feucht-

Education: Inst. Selig, Vevey (Switzerland);
Cascadilla Prep. Sch., Ithaca (New York);
Dartmouth Coll., Hanover (N.H.).
Married: (1) Justine Johnstone (div.); (2)
Joan Bennett, 1940.

Bus. Record: Began stage production (New
York) 1917; later became Gen. Mgr., Famous
Plaver-Lasky Film Co.; Gen. Mgr., P.T.C.
Theatre Circuit (Eng.); Gen. Mgr., Produc-
tion Dept., Paramount Pictures: Vicc-Pres.,
Columbia Pictures; Producer, M-G-M; Pres ,
Walter Wanger Productions; his recent credits
are: Blockade, Algiers, Trade Winds, United
Artists, 1938; Stagecoach, Eternally Yours,
United Artists- Wanger, 1939; Foreign Cor-
respondent, The Long Voyage Home, United
Artists, 1940.

Directorships: Pres., Acad, of Motion Pic-
ture Arts and Sciences.

Army Service: Flyer, U.S. Army, World War I.
Memberships: The Players; Coffee House
(New York); Dartmouth Club (New York);
Alpha Delta Phi.

Bus. Address: 1045 No. Formosa Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 515 So. Mapleton Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WANN. Professor Louis. A.B., M.A.,

Professor of English Lai\guage and Literature,

Univ. of So. Calif.

Born: Claypool (Ind.), Aug. 30, 1885; s. of

Mary Auretta (Burkett) and Lucius Cassius




E(lHcut\nn: Wabash College; Univ. of Mar-
buPK (Germanyt; Univ. of Lau.sanne (.Switzer-
land); Columbia Univ.; Univ. of Wisconsin.
Degreci: A.B., Wabash, liWS; M.A., Colum-
bia, 1912; Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1919.
Married: Irma Estel, d. of Carrie M. and
Charles E. Neff, in Warsaw (Ind.), June
25. 191.3; ch.: Mary Caroline (Mrs. J. W.
Wright), and George Edward.

Prof. Record: tnstr. In English, Robert Coll-
ege, Constantinople (Turkey), 1908-11; .Schol-
ar in English, Columbia Univ., 1911-12; Asst.
Prof, of English. Heidelberg College, Tiffin
(Ohio), 1912-1-1; Instr. in English, Univ. of
Wisconsin, 1914-18; Head, Dept. of English,
Lawrence College, 1918-19; Prof, of English
Language and Literature, Univ. of So. Calif.,
1919—. Chmn. of Dept., 1927-.30, 1937-40;
Exchange Prof, of English, New York Univ.,
1925-26; Visiting Prof, of English. Stanford
Univ. (summer), 1937. High VHce-Chancellor
of the Amer. College Quill Club, 1926-30;
Pres., Philological Assn. of the Pacific Coast,

Publications: Author: The Preparation of
Course Papers in the Field of Literature, 1922.
rev. ed., 1928; Effective English (A Handbook
of Composition), 1932. Editor: Centura/ Read-
ings in the English Essay. 1926, rev. and en-
larged ed.. 19.39: The Rise of Realism (Vol.
Ill of American Literature; A Period An-
thology), 1933. Editor, The Parchment (na-
tional magazine of the Amer. College Quill
Club), 1926-30. Co-Editor: University of So.
California Poems. 1930. Contributor of mono-
graphs and reviews to: Shakespeare Studies
(Univ. of Wis.), 1916; Univ. of Wisconsin,
Studies in Lang, and Lit., 1918; Anglia; Amer-
ican Literature; Modern Philology; Modern
Language Notes; Pub. of Mod. Lang. Assn.
of Amer.; The Personalist; etc.
Meynberships: Facultv Club, Univ. of So
Calif. (Past-Pres.); Phi Beta Kappa (Past-
Pres., Epsilon of Calif. Chapter). Phi Kappa
Phi; Andiron Club (N.Y.); Modern Language
Assn. of Amer. ; Amer. Assn. of Univ. Pro-

Religion: Protestant Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hiking, motoring and philately.
Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 10570 Abbotson Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif. »

WARD. Clair V.

Merchant; President of Alhambra City Com-

Born: Westminster (Calif.), Mar. 25. 1901; s
of Mattie M. (Remington) and Robert Ward!
Education: Stafford High School and Alham-
bra High School.

Married: Edna J., d. of John Bradley in
Caruthers (Calif.), April, 1921; ch.: four liv-
ing children.

Bus. Record: Office management. Salesman
and Merchant: City Commn., 10 yrs. ; Pres
Alhambra City Commission, 2 yrs.
Directorships: Exec. Secy., The "Y" Tire
Sales and Service, Inc.; Dir., Valley Park Co.
Memberships: Kiwanis; YI^ICA; Council of
Religion : Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Una. Address: 2960 W. Valley Blvd., Alham-
bra, Calif.

Home Address: 1601 So. Dale Ave., Alhambra,

Other Address: 1502 So. Fourth Ave., Ar-
cadia, Calif. •

WARD. Stuart Richardson. B.S.

Business Execulivo.

Born: Stoneham (Mass.), Aug. 3, 1894; s. of
Marian Lena (Richardson) and Charles A.
Ward. ♦

Education: Stoneham (Mass.), High School;
Univ .of California (Los Angeles) ; Univ. of
California (Berkeley).
Degrees: B.S., 1924.

Married: (1) Thelma J. Hudson; ch.: Charles
Richardson, Janet Hudson, Curwen Bodwell.
(2) Margaret Bellinghausen, in Virginia City
(Nev.), Nov. 23, 1940.

Prof. Record: Advertising work to 1919; YM
CA Boy's Work Director, 1918-20; Exec. Secy..
Commonwealth Club of Calif., 1924 — ; Past
Pres., Bolmont Chamber of Commerce; Past
Pres., Western Governmental Research Assn.;
Editor, Commonivealth, 1925 — ; Moderator,
KSFO's Calif. Council Table of the Air. 1st
and Exec. Vice-Chmn., San Francisco Civil
Defense Council.

Publications: "Study of Calif. Public Schools
Sytem, " 1931; miscellaneous articles in
magazines and newspapers.
Navy Record: Enlisted, Radio Operator, U.S.
Navy, May 12, 1917.

Memberships: Commonwealth Club of Calif.;
Sierra; Alpha Kappa Lambda, Beta Gamma
Sigma; Hammer and Coffin; Amer. Legion.
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Mountain climbing, sketching.
Bus. Address: Hotel St. Francis, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1616 Taylor St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

WARDELL, Justus S.

Broker and Newspaperman.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 30, 1872;

s. of Pauline (Fliess )and Benjamin Augustus


Education : San Francisco Public Schools.
Married: Clara Louise Kellogg, of New York
City in San Rafael (Calif.). July 9. 1895;
ch. : Benjamin Augustus and Virginia Pauline.
Bus. Record: Newspaper Reporter; Owner,
Daily Journal o* Commerce (San Francisco),
23 years. Mem., Calif. State Assembly, 1899-
1901; Delegate, Democratic National Conven-
tion, 1904-08; Surveyor of Customs (San
Francisco). 1913-17: Collector. Internal Rev-
enue. 1st Calif. District, 1917-20; Democratic
Candidate for Governor of Calif.. 1926; Dele-
gate at large to Democratic Nat. Conv. (Hous-
ton. Texas), 1928 and Chmn. of Calif. Dele-
gation: Receiver, National Banks (Washing-
ton, D.C.), 1936.

Memberships: Native Sons of CJolden West;
Mason (Royal Arch); Eagle; Commercial,
Commonwealth, Bohemian (San Francisco),
National Press. University Club (Washing-
ton, D.C.).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Bu^. A.ddress: 1429 Eye St., Northwest,
Washington, D.C.



Home Address 2830 Broderick St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Of Tier Address: University Club, Washington,

WARDRIP. Buford Haven. A.B., M.D.

Physician; Superintendent and Medical Dir-
ector, Alum Roclv Sanatorium.
Born: Santa Rosa (Calif.), Oct. 6. 1903; s.
of Eva (Crows) and Herbert Haven Wardrip.
Education: Public schools; Univ. of Redlands;
Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Redlands, 1925; M.D.,
Stanford Univ., 1930.

Married: Elma, d. of R. S. Gibbs in San
Bernardino (Calif.). Dec. 9, 1903; ch. : Roy
Herbert, Kenneth Buford, Wallace Owen,
Carolyn Ann.

Prof Record: Alameda Co. Hospital, two yrs.;
Physician at Walkermine (Calif.), one year;
Supt and Medical Dir. at Alum Rock San-
atorium, private practice (Diseases of the
Chest) in San Jose (Calif.).
Directorships: Dir., Alum Rock Sanatorium.
Publications: "Pneumoperitoneum in Treat-
ment of Tuberculosis," reprinted from the
American Review of Tuberculosis, Vol.
XXXVI, No. 1. 1937; "A Dynamic Approach
to Pulmonary Tuberculosis," Vol. 49, No. 4,

Memberships: Phi Rho Sigma; Calif. Trudeau
Soc Amer. Trudeau Soc. ; Calif. Academy of
Medicine; Associate, Amer. College of Phy-

Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Photography.
Bus Address: Medico Dental Bldg., Sixth and
Santa Clara Sts., San Jose, Cahf.
Home Address: P.O. Box 71, San Jose, Calif.

WARMER, The Reverend George
Acheson. A.B., M.A., D.D.

Born- Drayton (North Dakota), Oct. 28,
1882; s. of Ann (Parnell) and Benjamm

Education: Northwestern; Evanston; Univ of
N.D.; Boston Univ. School of Theology; Wes-
ley College (N.D.).

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of N.D., 1908; M.A.
1909, D.D., 1920, Wesley College.
Married: Jennie E., d. of James Craig in
Dravton (North Dakota), Nov. 13, 1908; ch.:
Geor-'e Albert, Charles Edwin, Mrs. Florence
E Keith, James Craig. (2) Alma Elizabeth
Hassel d of Rev. Conrad Hassel in Ontario
(Calif.'), April 20, 1930; ch.: Jean Alma,
and Thomas Parnell.

Prof Record: Northern Minnesota Methodist
Conference, 1909-13; So. Calif. -Arizona Conf.,
1913_ (served on the Bd. of Conf. Relations
1^ years). People's Finance and Thrift Co.
(Bakersfield, Calif.), 1922-24; First National
Bank in Bakersfield (Calif.), 1923-24 ; Span-
ish-American Inst. (Gardena, Calif.), 1938—;
College of Pacific (Stockton, Calif.). 1939—-;
Board of Education, Methodist Church (Nash-
ville, Tenn.), 1940.

Directorships: Spanish-Amer. Inst., 1938— :
College of Pacific. 1939—; Board of Edu-
cation, The Methodist Church.
Publications: We Pray for What?, Does Re-
ligion Give Security?

Army Record: Registered in World War I.
Served as Director of War Chest in Kings,
Tulare, Kern and Inyo Counties, during en-
tire Amer. participation in World War, in
addition to carrying pastorate.
Memberships: Masonic, Knight Templar, re-
ceived 32nd degree; Exchange, Kiwanis, 20
Club of Los Angeles; Present Day Club (Riv-
erside), President 1939-40.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Golf, camping, hiking (football
and baseball fan).

Bus. Address: 1112 Ninth Ave., San Diego,
Home Address: 204 Ivy, San Diego, Calif.

WARMER, Jr.. The Reverend George
Albert. A.B., M.A., S.T.B.

Minister, Calvary Methodist Church.
Born- Frazee (Minn.), July 30, 1910; s. of
Jennie E. (Craig) and George A. Warmer.
Education: Public schools (Los Angeles, Cal-
if ), Pomona College, 1932; Boston Univ.
School of Theology (Mass.), 1935.
Degrees- A.B., Pomona College, 1932; M.A.,

1934, S.T.B. , 1935, Boston Univ.

Married: Marian L., d. of Carolyn L.
(Schroeder) and L. Clyde Paine in Grand
Rapids (Mich.); ch.: Richard Craig and
Carolyn Louise.

Prof. Record: Served Gaspee Plateau. Asbury
Methodist Church (Providence, R.I.). 1934-

1935, Magnolia Park Methodist Church (Bur-
bank, Calif.), 1936, Calvary Methodist Church
(Los Angeles), 1936 — .

Directorships: Chmn. of Admissions. Spanish-
Amer. Inst. (Gardena. Calif.).
Memberships: Nu Alpha Phi, Phi Beta Kappa;
Methodist Breakfast Club.
Religion: Methodist.

Recreations: Gardening, bowling, swimming,
and hiking.

Bus. Address: 5268 W. Adams Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 2519 Co. Carmona Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

WARNER. Glenn S(cobeY) "Pop",


Football Coach, San Jose State College.
Born: Springville (N.Y.), Apr. 5 1871; s.
of Adeline (Scobey) and William Henry War-

Education: Graduate Griffith Inst. (Spring-
ville), 1889; Cornell Univ., 1894.
Degrees: LL.B., Cornell Univ., 1894.
Married: Tibb Loraine Smith, of Springville
(N.Y.), 1899.

Prof. Record: Admitted to the bar in New
York state, 1894; Football Coach, Univ of
Ga 1895-96, Cornell Univ., 1897-98. Carlisle
(Pa) Indian Industrial Sch.. 1899-1903, Cor-
neiruniv.. 1904-06. Carlisle. 1907-14, Univ. of
Pit sburgh, 1915-23, Stanford, 1924-32. Tem-
ple Univ. (Philadelphia), 1933-38, San Jose
(Calif.) State College, since 1939.
Publications: Football for Players and Coach-
es, 1912; Football for Coaches and Players,
1927; Pop Warner's Book for Boys, 1934.
Memberships: Mason (32°, K.T); Elk; Olym-
pic Athletic (San Francisco), Multnomah Ath-



letic (Porlland, Ore.); I'hi Delia Phi (legal
soc); hon. Life Mem., Amer. Football Coach-
es Assn.; Hon. Life Mem., Rotary.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: 251 Madrono Ave.,
Palo Alto, Calif.

WARNER. The Right Reverend Ira
David, A.B., D.D.

BLshoi). Church of the United Brethren in

Born: Clayton (Ohio), Sept. 14, 1886; s. of
Sarah E. (Waitman) and Albert Warner.
Education: Brookville High School (Ohio);
Miami Univ. (O.xford, Ohioi; Otterbein Coll-
ege (VVesterviUe, Ohioi; Seminary in New
York City.

Degrees: A.B., 1911, D.D., 1921, Otterbein

Married: (1) Edna May, d. of Clement and
Harvey Landis in Clayton (Ohio), June 28,
1911. (2» Ada May, d. of Grace and Charles
Visick in La Verne (Calif.), June, 1937; ch.:
Donald Dwight and Marjorie Ruth.
Prof. Record: Ordained U.B. in Christ Min-
ister, 1918: Pastor, First Church (Chattan-
ooga, Tenn.), 1911-13, Oak St. U.B. Church
(Dayton. Ohio), 1914-lS, First Church (Can-
ton, Ohio), 1919-24, First Church (Akron,
Ohio), 1925-29. Elected Bishop by General
Conf. United Brethren Church (Lancaster,
Pa.), 1929 and assigned to Pacific Area; re-
elected, 1933. re-elected, 1937. Bishop, Church
of the United Brethren in Christ.
Directorships: Trustee, Bonebrake Theological
Seminary: Board of Home Missions and
Church Erection; Board of Administration;
Foreign Missionary Soc. ; Trustee of Inter-
national Soc. of Christian Endeavor (all in
Dayton, Ohio.).

Publications: Effective Christian Education
in the Sunday School (Bd. of Education, U.B.
Church, Dayton), 1934; Handbook on Evan-
gelism (Bd. of Bishops, U.B. Church, Dayton),
1937; Building the Body of Christ (Otterbein
Press, Dayton, Ohio), 1939.
Memberships: Lions and Mason.
Religion: Protestant, United Brethren in

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening, hunting and fishing.
Bus. and Home Address: 1504 Ganesha PI.,
Pomona, Calif. *

WARNER, Jack Leonard

Vice-President, Charge of Production, Warner


Born: London (Ontario, Can.), Aug. 2, 1892:

s. of Pearl Leah (Eichelbaum) and Benjamin


Education: Schs. of Youngstown (Ohio); Hon.

alumnus of Univ. of So. Calif.

Married: Ann. d. of Sol Boyar, in Faraday

(La.), Dec 19, 1908; ch. : Jack M., Joy Page,

and Barbara Leah.

Bus. Record: Apptd. by Pres. Franklin D.

Roosevelt as Chmn. of the NRA Bd. of State

of Calif., 1933; has been in the motion picture

business since 1903; is Vice-Pres., Charge of

Production, Warner Bros. Studio.

Directorships: Bd. of Dirs., All Year Club of

Calif, since 1938; So. Calif. Symph. Assn.;

6th Dist. Agrl. Assn. of Calif.

Membprships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences; Elk; Masfjn, Shrine, Scottish
Rite; Rlverla Country and Hillcresl Country
Clubs; Zeta Beta Tau.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Warner Bros. Studio, Burbank,

Home Address: Beverly Hills, Calif.

WARNER, Nell Walker

Artist. Painter. Teacher.

Burn: Richardson Co. (Neb.»; d. of Ida (Zoel-

ler) and William Thomas Walker.

Education: Public schools (Colorado Springs,

Colo.); Lexington College (Mo.); Los Angeles

Art & Design (grad., W16».

Married: Dr. Bion Smith Warner (dec), in

Los Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 18, 1920.

Prof. Record: Four years title Illustrator for

motion pictures; maintain studio for painting

and teaching; represented in many private

and public art collections in America, Canada,

India, Australia and England; noted for


Memberships: Women Painters of the West;
Laguna Beach Art Assn.; Calif. Art Club;
Sanity in Art (i^os Angeles branch); Friday
Morning Club; Zonta Internat.; Past Pres.,
Glendale Art Assn.

Home Address: 4903 Hampton Rd., La Can-
ada, Calif. *

WARR. Wilbur Earle

Editor, The Covina Citizen.
Born: Louisville (Ky.), March 26, 1885; s.
01 Harriet (Smith) and John W. Warr.
Education: Schs. of Moline (111.).
Married: Margaret Johnston, d. of John
Raasch, in Covina (Calif.), Aug. 27, 1937.
Prof. Record: Newspaper writer in all parts
of the country; owned and operated, Metro-
polis (111.), Journal-Republican ; JanesviUe
(Wis.). Morning Recorder; Ludington (Mich.)
Daily News; now Senior Member (Editor) of
firm of Warr & Hoffland, Publishers of the
Covina Citizen.

Directorships: Secy., Covina Chamber of Com-

Publications: Uncle Billy's Book of Verse.

Memberships: Lions Club.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing.

Bus. Address: 516 No. Citrus Ave., Covina,

Home Address: 373 W. San Bernardino Rd.,
Covina, Calif. •

WARREN, Althea, Ph.B., Litt.D.
City Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library.
Born: Waukegan (111.), Dec. 18, 1886; d. of
Emma Newhall (Blodgett) and Lansing War-

Education: Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Wiscon-
sin Library School.

Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1908; Litt.
D. (hon.), Mills Coll., 1939.
Prof. Record: Branch Librarian, Burr School
Branch, Chicago Public Library, Sept., 1911-
June 1912 ; Librarian, Sears, " Roebuck and
Co. (Chicago, 111.), 1912-14; Re-organizer,



San Diego Public Library, 1915-16; City
Librarian, San Diego Public Library, 1916-25;
First Asst., Citv Librarian, Los Angeles Pub-
lic Library, 1926-33; City Librarian, Los An-
geles Public Library, 1933 — .
Directorships: Exec. Bd., Amer. Library Assn.

Publications: Contribution to prof, library
publications, Library Journal, Avierican Li-
brary Association Bulletin, Wilson Bulletin,
News Notes, California Libraries: chapters in
Current Issues in Library Administration (ed-
ited by Carleton B. Joeckel, Univ. of Chicago
Press), 1939.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening, books.
Bus. Address: 530 So. Hope St., Los Angeles.

Home Address: 1849 Campus Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WARREN. Earl, A.B., J.D.

Lawyer; Attorney General of California.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), March 19, 1891;
s. of Crystal (Hernland) and Methias H.

Education: Bakersfie.M (Calif.), public schs.;
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Degrees: A.B., 1912, J.D., 1914, Univ. of

Married: Nina E. Meyers, Oct. 14, 1925; eh.:
James C, Virginia, Earl, Dorothy, Nma
Elizabeth, Robert.

Prof Record: Admitted to Calif, bar 1914 and
since practiced in Oakland and San Francisco
(Calif.); Clerk, Judiciary Com., Calif. Leg-
islature, 1919; Deputy City Atty. of Oakland,
1919-20- Deputy Dist. Atty. (Alameda Co.),
1920-23, Chief Deputy, 1923-25, Dist. Atty.,
1925-38; Atty. Gen. of Calif., since 1939;
Alternate Delegate, Republican Nat. Conv.;
1928, Delegate, 1932; Chmn., Republican
State Central Com., 1934-36 Republican Nat.
Committeeman from Calif., 1936-38, also
Member of Exec. Com., 1936-38.
Directorships: Bd. of Mgrs., State Bur. of
Criminal Identification and Investigation
(Chmn., since 1927); Bur. of Public Adm.,
University of California (Research Asso-
ciate since 1932; Calif. Technical Inst, for
Police Training (Chmn., Advisory Bd., since
1937) ; Nat. Assn. of Atty. Generals (Pies.,
since 1940) ; Treas., Interstate Commn. on
Crime (Chmn., Calif. Members).
Army Record: Served in 363rd Inf., U.S. Army
as Lieut., 1917-18; Capt., U.S. Inf. Res.
Corps, 1919-35

Awards: U.S. Flag Assn. Award for law en-
forcement, 1934.

Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn.; State Bar of
Calif.; Alameda Co. Bar Assn (Vice-Pres.,
1916-18) ; Dist. Attys. Assn. of Calif. (Pres.,
1931-32, Secy. -Treas., 1932-38); Peace Offic-
ers Assn. of Calif.; Internat. Assn., Chiefs of
Police; Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Phi;Mason (K.C.
C. H. Shriner), Grand Master of Calif . 1935-
36; Elk; Native Sons of Golden West; Olym-
pic and Commonwealth (San Francisco), Ath-
ens Athletic, Exchange (Oakland), and Jon-
athan (Los Angeles) Clubs.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: State Bldg., San Francisco,
Home Address: 88 Vernon St., Oakland, Calif.

WARREN. Elinor Remick

Composer, Pianist.

Bom; Los Angeles (Calif.); d. of Maude
(Remick) and James Garfield Warren.
Education: Westlake School for Girls.
Married: Z. Wayne Griffin, in Riverside
(Calif.); oh.: James Warren, Z. Wayne, Jr.,

Prof. Record: More than 100 published music-
al compositions including songs, choral works,
piano pieces, orchestral works, chamber mus-
ic; choral symphonic poem The Passing of
King Arthur.

Memberships: Amer. Guild of Musical Artists;
Amer. Soc. of Composers, Authors and Pub-

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 219 of 235)