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lishers ;Dominant Club; (Nat. Hon. Member),
Sigma Alpha Iota.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Motion picture photgraphy, gar-
dening, poetry collections.

Home Address: 179 So. McCaddon PL, Los
Angeles, Calif.

WARREN. Professor Neil D.. A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D.

Head, Department of Psychology, University
of Southern California.

Born: Athens (Ohio), Jan. 24, 1905; s. of
Annie B. (Dille) and N. O. Warren.
Education: Public schools (Los Gates, Calif.),
Coll. of Pacific; University of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Coll. of Pacific, 1927; M.A.,
1931, Ph.D., 1934, Univ. of So. Calif..
Married: Marion, d. of Walter Jory, in Del
Monte (Calif.), 1929; ch.: Denis Neil.
Prof. Record: Instr., Montezuma School for
Hoys 1927-30; Fellow, Univ. of So. Calif.,
1931-32, Instr., 1932-36, Asst. Prof., 1936,
Head of Dept. of Psychology, 1938—; Lec-
turer Univ. of Wisconsin, summer session,
1937-' Univ. of Washington, 1940; Los An-
geles School of Optometry, 1937—; Head,
Dept. of Psychology, Calif. Babies Hosp.,

Publications: Working with Psychology (Scott,
Foresman and Co.), 1938; numerous publica-
tions in technical journals.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa
Phi, Sigma Xi, Psi Chi, Theta Alpha Phi;
A. P. A.; A.A.A.S.; A. A. A. P.; Psychometric

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3827 Olympiad Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.



Born: Cleveland (Ohio), March 29, 1887; s. of

Ida (Rabinowitz) and Ezekiel Warshawsky.

Education: Cleveland public schools; Cleveland

School of Art; National Acad, of Design

(New York) ; Paris art schools.

Married: Berthe, d. of Hyman Lushing, in

Brooklyn (New York), June 6, 1923; ch.:


Prof. Record: Exhibitions in Paris (France),

Cleveland (Ohio), New York, Chicago, Toledo,

Minneapolis, El Paso (Texas), Greenboro



(No. Carolina >, Los AnKoles. Santa Barbara,

San Francisco (one-man shows) ; Museum

one-man shows In Minneapolis, Cleveland,

Santa Barbara; exhibited In all the salons of

Paris; paintings in museums and many private

collections; lived and painted in France, 1914-


Awards: First Prize in painting, Los Angeles

Museum (Calif. Art Club), 1935.

Army Record: With French Army, 1917-19,

decorating rest huts, and organizing athletics

in fourth French army.

Home Address: 555 Lillian Way, Los Angeles,



Song Writer.

Born: Scranton (Pa.), Aug. 15, 1901; s. of
Catharine Agnes (Stone) and Michael Edward

Education: Charles Sumner Schl.; Technical
High Schl.

Bus. Record: Has written either complete
lyrics or collaborated on the following mo-
tion pictures: Pinocchio, Tropic Holiday, I
Wanted Wings, A Night at Earl Carroll's,
Las Vegas Nights, Show of Shows, A Night
at the Opera, Romance in the Dark, The Hit
Parade. The Perfect Gentleman, Kind Lady,
Tiger Rose, Robin Hood of Eldorado, Last of
the Pagans, Little Johnny Jones, Bright
Lights, Forward Pass, Happy Go Lucky, The
Big Show. Stage Productions: Earl Carroll
Vanities, Blackbirds of 193^, Murder at the
Vanities, Better Tivies, Tattle Tales, Vander-
bilt Revue, Hi There, Hello Paris.
Publications : The Nearness of You, When You
Wish Upon a Star, I'm Getting Sentimental
Over You, I'll Be Faithful, Can't We Talk
It Over, Smoke Rings, I Don't Stand a Ghost
of a Chance With You, Sweet Madness, Love
Me Tonight, Singing in the Bathtub, Lazy
Rhapsody, Cosi-Cosa, La Cucuracha, Give
Me a Heart to Sing To, Hello Baby (How Do
You Do), Makin' Faces at the Man in the
Moon, London on a Rainy Night, Waltzing in
a Dream, I Want You for Christmas, Someone
Stole Gabriel's Horn, One Look at You, Give
a Little Whistle.

Memberships: Amer. Soc. of Composers, Au-
thors and Publishers; Authors League; Song-
writers Protective Assn.; Acad. Mot. Picture
Arts and Sciences.
Religion: Catholic.

Recreations: Badminton, swimming, horses
(has won many trophies in horse shows).
Awards: Won Academy Award for "Best
Song of 1940," When You Wish Upon a Star;
also won Academy Award for "Best Com.plete
Score," Pinocchio.

Bus. Address: P.O. Box 1445, Holly\vood,

Home Address: 1745 No. Gramercy PL, Holly-
wood, Calif.

entombed miners at Dunbar, Pa.*; Chief
Kactiiry In.spector of Pa., 1891-95; U.S.
Immigrant Inspector, 1895; Commr. of Im-
migration on Canadian frontier, 1898-1905;
U.S. Commr. of Immigration (Kills Island,
New York), 1905-09. In oil bus., since 1W)9.
Notable for many philanthropies, including
a large gift to the Bible Inst. (Los Angeles);
set of chimes to I- irst M.E. Church (Red-
land, Calif.), same to Episcopal Church (La
Croscenta, Calif.) ; organ to First M.E. Church
(Los Angeles); memorial to honor Abraham
Lincoln (The Lincoln Shrine) at Redlands;
soldiers monument in Market Place (Alfreton,
Derbyshire, England); memorial, Primitive
Methodist Church and Recreation Park (Al-
freton). Pres., Watchorn Oil and Gas Co.,
since its incorporation in 1916; from 1904-14,
Treas. of Union Oil Co. of Calif.
Memberships: Quill (New York), Fortnightly
(Redlands), University (Los Angeles) Clubs.
Religion: Methodist.
Recreations: Goli.

Bus. Address: 2(15 First National Bank Bldg.,
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Home Address: 404 W. Highland Ave., Red-
lands, Calif. •

WATERMAN. Ivan Russell.

A.B., M.S., Ph.D.

Educator; Chief, Division of Textbooks and
Publications, California State Department of

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), 1902; s. of Clara
(Russell) and Clarence O. Waterman.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of So Calif., 1922; M.S.,
1923, Ph.D., 1930, Univ. of Calif., (Berkeley).
Married: Hildegarde, d. of Phillip Schwerdt, in
San Francisco (Calif.), 1925; ch.: Hildegarde
Yvonne, Elizabeth Ann.

Prof. Record: Teacher, Washington Union
High School (Centerville, Calif.), 1923-24, St.
Helena (Calif.), Union High School, 1924-25,
Atascadero (Calif.), Union High School, 1925-
26, Mission High School (San Francisco),
1926-27, Polytechnic High School (San Fran-
cisco), 1927-28; Dept. of Research, San
Francisco Public Schools, 1928-31; Chief, Div-
ision of Textbooks and Publications, State
Dept. of Edn. (Sacramento, Calif.), 1931—.
Publications: Equalization of the Burden of
Support for Education (Univ. of Calif. Press),
1932; articles in educational journals.
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa; Mason, Scot-
tish Rite.

Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: California State Dept. of Edu-
cation, Sacramento, Calif.

Home Address: 2151 Markham Way, Sacra-
mento, Calif.


Philanthropist; President, Watchorn Oil and
Gas Company.

Born: Alfreton (Derbyshire, England), April
5, 1858; s. of Alicia (Hogan) and John

Education: National schools in England.
Married: Alma Jessica Simpson, June 30, 1891.
Prof. Record: First Secy., United Mine Work-
ers of America (awarded (3old Medal by United
Mine Workers, 1891 for leading rescue party to

WATERS. Crystal. B.S.

Singer, Teacher, Lecturer.
Born: Chicago (111.), Dec. 24, 1888; d. of
Jennie (Hendry) and Asa Knowlton Waters.
Education: Grammar school and high school
(Los Angeles. Calif.) ; Los Angeles State Nor-
mal; Columbia Univ.
Degrees: B.S., Columbia Univ., 1935.
Prof. Record: New Y'ork debut. Town Hall,
1924; Boston debut, Jordan Hall, 1925; Church
Singer in Los Angeles, Boston, New York;



Concertized throughout Eastern States: Teach-
er of stage, screen, concert, opera and radio
stars ; Soloist with New York SNTnphony, 1926 :
six limes Soloist for New York Historical
Soc.: authority on American song literature.
Directorsh\ps : Crystal Waters Vocal Studios.
Publications: Has written many articles on
voice, published in nationally known mag-
azines such as Good Housekeeping, Woman's
Home Companion, etc.

War Record; With A.E.F. (IS months), sing-
ing for the soldiers in France, 1918-19; Wat-
ers Concert Unit, Y'MCA.

Memberships: New York Singing Teachers'

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Travel, art, literature, contract

Bus. Address; 405 E. 54th St., New York, N.Y.
Other Address: 310 So. Van Ness Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

WATERS. Sara Maynadier


Bom: Baltimore (Md.), March 20th., d. of
Christianna Bond (Maynadier) and William
H. Waters.

Education: Private study at home with gov-

Married- Dr. Lawrence MelviUe, s. of Maria
Agtista and Wilbur Hicks Riddle, in Balti-
more (Md.i, July 17, 1912; ch.: Laurence
Ma\Tiadier Riddle.

Directorships: Calif. State Historian, Daugh-
ters of the American Revolution; Nat. Chmn.,
Amer. Indians-History and Customs, Children
of the American Revolution; Chmn., Indian
Citizenship, Eschscholtzia Chapt.; D.A.R.
Memberships: Calif. Historical Soc.; South-
western Archeological Federation; Faculty
Wives' Club, U.S.C, Amer. Assn. on Indian

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics; Democrat.

Home Address: 1633 Victoria Ave., Los An-
geles, (3alif.

WATKINS. Eleanor Preston, A.B., M.D.
Physician, Poet.

Born: Abingdon (Washington Co., Va.), Aug.
U.. 1876; d. of Martha E. (Sheffey) and
Robert J. Preston, M.D.

Education: Marion CoUege (Va.); Mary Bald-
win College (Staunton, Va.); Woman's Med-
ical College (Philadelphia).
Degrees: A.B.. Marion CoUege; M.D., Wo-
man's Medical CoUege.

Married: James Thomas, M.D., s. of Susan
Ella (Owens I and James Thomas Watkins at
Wj-the\-me (Va.), Sept. 15, 1903; ch.: James
Thomas, Robert Preston, WiUiam Owens,

Publications: Verse and occasional essays and
short stories.

Memberships: CaUf. Writers' Club; National
League of American Pen Women; Women's
City Club, Town and Country Club.
Religion: Presbj-terian.

Home Address: 3 - 25th Ave., Sea Oiff, San
Francisco, C:aUf.

WATKINS, Dean Gordon S.,
A.B.. M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.

Professor of Economics, Dean of the College
of Letters and Science, University of C^aU-
fornia (Los Angeles i.

BorFi; Br\-nmawr (So. Wales. Great Britain),
Mcir. 9, iS89: s. of Mary Ann (Davies) and
Benjamin Watkins.

Education: State Univ. of Montana; Univ. of
Illinois: Univ. of Pennsylvania.
Degrees: A.B., 1914, LL.D., 1940, Univ. of
Mont.; M.A., Univ. of lU., 1915.; Ph.D., Univ.
oi Pa., 1918.

Married: Anna Evel\-n, d. of Ella and Daniel
Davis at PhUadelphia (Pa.), May 16, 1917.
Prof. Record: With the Univ. of 111., 1917-25,
Asso. Prof, of Economics, 1920-25: Prof, of
Economics, Univ. of California (Los Angeles),
1925 — • Dean of the summer session of the
Univ. of Calif., 1931-35: Dean of the CoUege
of Letters and Science, Univ. of Calif., 1936 — ;
Educational Dir.. Los Angeles Building and
Loan Inst., 1925-29; Dir., Prudential Bldg.
and Loan Assn.. 1926-29: Personnel Counselor
for Title Insursince and Trust Co. (Los An-
gelest, 1927-29: Educational Dir., Los Angeles
Stock Exchange Inst., 1929-30: Chmn., State
Com. on Human Resources and SkiUs and
Member of the Exec. Com. of the State Coim-
cU of Defense, 1940.

Publications: Survey of the Revenue System
of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 1918; Lab-
or Problems and Labor Administration During
the World War, 1920; Cooperation — A Study
in Economic Reform, 1921; Introduction to the
Study of Labor Problems, 1922; The Back-
ground of Ecojiomics (with Prof. M. H. Hunt-
er), 1923; Labor Management, 1928; Labor
Problems, 1929; The Management of Indus-
trial Relations (with Paul A. Dodd), 1938;
Labor Problems (with Paul A. Dodd), 1940;
Contributor to Atlantic Monthly, American
Economic Review, American Political Science
Review, Social Science, Survey and Diction-
ary of American History,
Memberships: Sigma Nu, Tau Kappa Alpha,
Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi
Gamma Mu, Delta Sigma Pi, Delta Sigma
Rho, Phi Eta.
Religion: Congregational.
Recreations: Tennis, golf, hiking.
Bus. Address: 405 HUgard A%-e., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 10653 Lindbrook Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WATKINS. Louise Ward

Civic Leader, Lecturer.

Born: Utica (New York), Mar. 18, 1890; d.
of Katherine (Schweinsberg) and George Clin-
ton Ward.

Education: Private schools in New York and

Married: Edward Francis Watkins at San
Gabriel (CaUf.), Oct. 14, 1915: ch. : Katherine
Schweinsberg, Rose ^la^^^ Oorge Clinton,
ArabeUa Huntington, John Francis, James
David, (Tharlotte Elizabeth.

Directorships: Foimder of the following clubs:
Maecenas Club of Loyola Univ., So. Calif.
Republican Women: Pres., Onejal, Nat. Soc.
Daughters of the Union, I86I-60, Inc.: Pres.,
Los Angeles Colony. Nat. Soc. New England
Women: Chmn. of Com. for Parole Reform,
and Member of Prison Assn. of Calif.



Mi-mhirnhiii.i: State I'lannInK Commn., Krldiiy
MorniriK Club of Los AtiKt'los (I'ast Pros, and
Hon. Mom.); Nat. LeaKUO of Amcr. Pen
Women (Immediate I'ast Nat. Chmn. of Lec-
tures); Nat. Soc. Daunliter.s of Colonial
Wars (Immediate Past State Pres. ) ; Prison
Assn. of Calif.; Japan-America Soc. of Los
Angeles (Immediate Past Pros.); Founders
and Patriots of America; Colonial Dames of
Amer. ; Daughters of Amer. Colonists; D.A.R.;
Daughters of ISTJ; Pioneer Soc; Historical
Soc. of So. Calif.; Va. Hist. Soc; Chas. F.
Lummis Memorial Assn.; Huguenot Soc. of
So Calif.; Huguenot Soc. of South Carolina;
Women's Legislative Council; Friends of the
Huntington Library; Women's Chamber of
Commerce Auxiliary; Colonial Daughters of
the 17th Century; Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Collector of first editions and
rare books.

Home Address: 1105 Park View Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

WATSON. Claude A.. LL.B., J.D.

Born: Wexford Co. (Mich.), June 26, 1885; s.
of Emma Jane (Dove) and Joseph A. Watson.
Education: Student, Alma (Mich.) Coll.,
1906-07; Lincoln Univ., 1926-27; LaSalle Ex-
tension Univ. ; Blackstone Coll. of Law.
Degrees: LL.B., LaSalle Extension Univ.,
1920; J.D., Blackstone Coll. of Law.
Married: Maude L. (Hagar) on Dec. 27, 1911;
ch.: Ralph Bradley, Claudia Jean, and Robert

Prof. Record: Ordained ministry Free Meth.
Church of No. Amer.. 1911; Dist. Supt., So.
Calif. Conf.. 1923-33, 1940; admitted to Calif.
bar and practicing Atty. since 1928: Prohi-
bition Candidate for Vice-Pres. of U.S., 1936;
Chmn. and Keynote Speaker, Nat. Prohibition
Conv., 1940.

Directorships: Secy., Free Meth. Pub. House;
Secy., Exec. Commn. of Free Meth. Church of
No. Amer.

Memberships: Calif, and Los Angels Bar
Assns. ; Lawyer's and Klwanis Clubs (Los An-

Bus. Address: 5603 No. Figueroa St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 5937 Monterey Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WATSON, Clyde Allen

Orange Grower. Assemblyman.

Born: Plainfield (Ind.); s. of Jane (Gray)

and George Watson.

Education: Public schools (Santa Ana, Calif.).
Married: Ludessa Marie, d. of August Lobnovv
at Orange (Calif.), Jan. 22, 1905; ch.: Dr
Ralph, FranK, Mildred.

Prof. Record: Engineer with Salt Lake R.R.,
during construction of that roafl (now U.P.);
Orange Grower, twenty years: Member of
the Bd. of Edn., eight years; Mayor of Or-
ange, four years, State Assemblyman, since

Directorship: Villa Park Orchards Assn. since

Memberships: Rotarian; Isaak Walton League.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing.

RuH. Address: Slate Capitol, Sacramento,


Home Address: 273 No. Harwood St., Orange,


WATSON. Donald

Pacific Coast Manager, Pacific Coast Direct
Line, Inc.

Born: Oakland( Calif.), Aug. 28, 1907; s. of
Nina (Mauvais) and Frank C. Watson.
Education: Oakland public schools; Univ. of

Prof. Record: Deck and Pursers Depts., Dollar
Steamship Lines, 1930; Docks and Office,
Dollar Steamship Lines, 1931; Claim Depts.
to District Freight Agent, Nelson Steamship
Co., 1932; Asst. Traffic Mgr., Interocean
Steamship Co., 1934, Traffic Mgr., 1936;
Pac Coast Traffic Mgr., Interocean Steam-
ship Co., Weyerhauser Steamship Co., Pac.
Coast Direct Line, Inc., 1937 — ; Pacific Coast
Manager, Pacific Coast Direct Line, Inc.,

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Viking Steamship
Co., Pacific American Shipowners Assn.
Navy Record: Lieut., U.S. Naval Reserve.
Memberships: Alpha Sigma Phi; Masons; Di-
ablo Country and Army and Navy Clubs;
Pac. Traffic Assn.; The Maritime Assn.; Port
of New York; Propellor Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, swimming, riding.
Bus. Address: 311 California St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 506 Van Buren Ave., Oakland,
Other Address: Glen Ellen, Calif.

WATSON. Jesse Nelson. A.I.A.

Architect (retired). Landscape Painter.
Born: Pontiac (111.), Jan. 13, 1870.
Education: Mostly self-educated.
Married: Mary L. Cross at Peoria (111.), Apr.
14, 1897.

Prof. Record: Member of the firm of Archi-
tects, Helfensteller, Hirsch & Watson (St.
Louis, Mo.), for over twenty years; followed
art as avocation during architectural practice
and since retiring has devoted himself to
painting, both in oil and watercolor.
Memberships: Painters and Sculptors Club;
Acad, of Western Painters (Past Secy.; Chart-
er Mem.); Sanity in Art Inc. (Los Angeles
Branch; Charter Mem.); Two-bv-Four Soc.
of Painters and Sculptors of St. Louis (Mo.),
for over 35 years.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Roque, shuffleboard, horseshoes.
Home Address: 1663 Santa Rosa Ave., Glen-
dale, Calif.

WATSON. Robert. F.R.G.S.

Author, Editor, Screen Writer. Historian.
Born: Glasgow (Scotland), May 28, 1888; s.
of Hester (Taylor) and James Rugland.
Education: Pollok Acad.: Shawlands Acad;
Technical Coll. (Glasgow, Scotland).
Married: Anna McNaught, d. of Jessie and
James Gavin Johnstone at Varicouver (British



Columbia I, 1911; ch.: Hugh Douglas, Sheila

Prof Record: Editor and Historian, Hudsons
Bay Co. (Canada', 1918-33; Aso. Editor, Hol-
lywood Spectator, 1939; Hollywood Corres. for
British and Canadian journals, 19,3.3—; Ac-
countant bv original profession; Technical E.\-
pert for Hollywood on Canadian and Scottish

Publications: Novels: Brave and Gallant Gen-
tleman, Girl of O.K. Valley. Stronger Than
His Sea, Spoilers of the Valley, Me and Peter,
Gordon of the Lost Lagoon, High Hazard,
When Christinas Came, Babes in Babylon,
Forbidden Love. History: Hudson's Bay Com-
pany, Famous Forts of Manitoba, Lower Fort
Gary, Indians of Manitoba, Canadian Adven-
turers. Verse: Dreams of Fort Garry, The
Mad Minstrel, Canada's Fur Bearers. Miscel-
laneous: Boy of Great North West, How To
Write. The Native Returns, and many film
assignments as Writer, Technical Director and
Exploitation Consultant.

Memberships: Fellow of the Royal Geographi-
cal Society (England), 1929; Screen Writers
Guild of Hollywood.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Recreations: Fishing, field hockey, track
sports, travel.

Home Address: 663 Anita St., Laguna Beach,

WATSON. The Reverend Samuel
Newell. A.B., M.A., M.D., D.D.

Born: Lyons (Iowa), Feb. 27, 1861; s. of
Hetty (Newell) and George William Watson.
£;dMcafion; Trinity College; Univ. of the South,
1883-84; Univ. of Iowa.

Degrees: A.B., 1882, M.A., 1887, Trinity Col-
lege; M.D., 1893, D.D., 1889, Univ. of Iowa.
Married: Jeannette Grace Watkins of Kansas
City (Mo.), Jan. 7, 1885.

Prof. Record: Deacon, 1884, Priest, 1885, P.E.
Ch. ; Rector, Trinity Ch. (Iowa City, Iowa),
1886-97, St. Paul's (Chillicothe, Ohio), 1897-
1903, St. Paul's (Akron, Ohio), 1903-12; Rec-
tor, Amer. Ch. in Paris (France), 1912-18;
Rector, Emeritus, 1918.

Directorships : Pres., Council of Advice Amer.
Churches in Europe.

Publications: Author of Those Paris Years,

Army Record: Chaplain, 3rd Regt. (Iowa)
N.G.. 1886; Relief work in France, World War
I, 1914-18.

Awards: Decorated Off icier Legion d'Honneur
(French); Chevalier Order of Leopold (Bel-
gian); Comdr. Order of St. Sava (Serbian).
Memberships: Alpha Delta Phi; Mason.
Home Address: P.O. Box 896, Santa Barbara,

WATTS, Vervon Orval. A.B., M.A.,

Economic Counsel, Los Angeles Chamber of

Born: Walkerton (Ontario, Canada), Mar. 25,
1898; s. of Jennie (Williams) and Theophilus
J. Watts.

Education: Univ. of Manitoba (Canada); Har-
vard Univ. (Cambridge, Mass.).

Degrees- A.B., Univ. of Manitoba, 1918; M.A.,
1923, Ph.D., 1932, Harvard Univ.
Married: Juanita, d. of G. H. Huntley at Wat-
ertown (Mass.), 1924; ch.: Joan, Carol.
Prof Record: Instr., Brandon Coll. (Canada),
1918-19- Asst. Principal, Gilbert Plams High
School, 1919-21; Instr., Clark Univ., 1924-26;
Instr., Harvard Univ., 1927-29; Lecturer.
Wellesley Coll., 1929-30; Asso. Prof, of Eco-
nomics, Antioch Coll., 1930-36; Member, Re-
search Division, Republican Nat. Com., 1936;
Asso. Prof, of Economics, Carlelon Coll.,
1936-39; Economic Counsel, Los Angeles
Chamber of Commerce, 1939 — .
Publications: Why Are We So Prosperoust
(Burgess Pub. Co., Minneapolis), 1938; maga-
zine and newspaper articles on economic and
political topics.

Memberships: American Economic Assn.
Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Chamber of Com-
merce, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1862 West Drive, San Marino,


Composer; Musical Director, Metro-Goldwyn-
Mayer Studios.

Born: Germany, Dec. 24, 1906.
Education: Berlin (Germany); studied music
in Berlin and Dresden.

Prof. Record: Wrote musical backgrounds for
many moving picture productions in Berlin,
Vienna, Paris and London; now living in Hol-
lywood as a citizen of this country, composmg
and conducting musical scores for many out-
standing productions such as: Captain Cour-
ageous, Fury, Rebecca, Florian, Philadelphia
Story, etc. ; Musical Director, Metro-Goldwyn-
Mayer Studios.

Recreations: Books, music, travel.
Bus. Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios,
Culver City, Calif.

WAYLAND, Raymond Theodore,

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Born: Gilroy (Calif.), June 12, 1890; s of
Liza T. (Turner) and Francis W. Wayland.
Education: San Luis Obispo High Sch.; Jef-
ferson Med. Coll.

Degrees: M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 1913.
Married: Dorothy Vernon, Philadelphia, 1914;
ch.: Frank W. and Virginia R.
Prof Record: Resident Physician, Jefferson
Med. Coll., 1913-15; Visiting Surgeon, Glen-
dale Sanitarium Hosp., Hollywood Hosp., Phy-
sicians and Surgeons Hosp. (Glendale), St.
Vincent's Hosp. (i^os Angeles) ; is Surgeon of
Glendale Med. and Surgical Group and Co-
Partner of the same.

Directorships: President, Santa Clara County
Medical Society, 1921-1923.
Publications: Cutaneous Neurofibroma of Con-
genital Origin, 1933; Laceration of Liver, Wlb.
Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Sur-
geons (since 1926); Mem., Los Angeles Co.
Med. Soc, Calif. State Med. Assn., Amer.
Med. Assn., Hollywood Acad, of Med.; Oak-
mont Country and Los Angeles Breakfast

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.



Ki-vication.i: FLshln^,^ liunllnR, ranching.
Bun. AddrcHn: l.'Ui N. Cent ml Ave, Glendalc,

Home AildviKu: l.'CJr) Imporlal Dr., (ilcndalo,

son, A.R., M.A., B.Arch.,




Doan. College of Anhitecluie and Fine Arts,
Univer.slty of Southern California.

Born: Minneapolis (Minn.), Oct. 9, 1888; s. of
Hattie and E. II. Weatherhcad.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Univ. of Pa.
ncgrcat: A.B.. 1912, and M.A., 1914, Univ. of
So Calif.; B.Arch., Univ. of Pa., 1925; Ph.D.,
Columbia Univ., 1941.

Married: Mabel (atewart) in Santa Ana (Cal-
if.), Dec. 24, 1913.

Prof. Record: Architectural Draft.sman, 1907-
14; Instr. in Art and Architecture. 1914-25,
Dean, Coll. of Architecture and Fine Arts
since 1941, at Univ. of So. Calif. (Los Ange-
les). Licensed Architect in State of Calif, and
occasionally practice in architecture.
Publications : History of Collegiate Education
in Architecture in the United States (Caslon
Pub. Co.), 1940.

Memberships: Amer. Inst, of Architects; Phi
Kappa Phi, Tau Sigma Delta (hon. frats.).
Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Rho Chi.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3969 Flower Dr., Los Angeles

WEAVER. Harriett Eilene. B.E.

Teacher, Artist, Writer.

Born: Burlington (Iowa). June 8. 1908; d. of
Agnes (Cox) and James R. Weaver.
Education: Elem. schs. (Burlington, Iowa and

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