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Home Address: 1808 Second Ave., Sacramen-
to, Calif. *

WESTBROOK, Professor H(oward)
Theodric, A.B., M.A.

Associate Professor of History and Literature,
Scripps College.

Born: Kyserike (N.Y.), Apr. 21, 1900; s. of
Hattie H. (Kortright) and J. Louis Westbrook.
Education: Hamilton Coll.; Wesleyan (Conn.)
Univ.; Univ. of Pa.; Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Hamilton Coll., 1922; M.A.,
Wesleyan Univ., 1923.

Married: Mary D., d. of John H. Westcott, in
Princeton (N.J.), Jan. 1, 1936; ch.: Alice

Prof. Record: Instr. in Latin, Univ. of Pa.,
1923-24; Instr. in Greek and Latin, Columbia
Univ , 1924-40; Asso. Prof, of History and
Literature, Scripps Coll. (Claremont, Calif.),
since 1940.

Publications: Poems and book reviews in Sat-
urday Review of Literature, Art in America,
American Poetry Journal, Review of Religion,
Classical Weekly, and Yale Review.
Army Service: S.A.T.C, World War I.
Bus. Address: Scripps College, Claremont,

WESTERBERG, Professor Iwar Sigurd,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Education and Director, School
of Education, University of Redlands.
Born: Gothenburg (Sweden), Jan. 19, 1874;
s. of Anna Sophia (Johanson) and John Ed-
ward Westerberg.

Education: Pub. and pvt. schs. (Sweden);
Worcester Acad. (Mass.); Clark Univ.
(Mass.); Harvard Univ.; Univ. of Wash.
Degrees: A.B., Clark Univ., 1907; M.A., Har-
vard Univ., 1908; Ph.D., Univ. of Wash., 1923.
Married: Bed a Kathryn, d. of Karin and
Charles E. Carlson, in Alameda (Calif.), July
15, 1911; ch.: Ralph Iwar, Sonia Regina,
Evelyn Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: Head, Latin and Greek Dept.,
Blees Military Acad. (Macon, Mo.), 1908-09;
Prof and Dean of the Academin Dept., Adel-
phia Coll. (Seattle, Wash.), 1909-16; Instr. of



Corman, Uiilv. of Wash., 1!)U!-17; Teacher of
KoroiKii LanKuaRCS and I list., Lincohi Illnh
Sch. ('I'acoma, Wash.), l!)17-2:!; I'ml'. of p:(ln.
and Uir., Sch. of Edn., Univ. of llodlands,
since 1923., later, Conlrihullng Editor,
SocUil Science Journal, 192ri — .
Puhlicationx : Many articles published In news-
papers and journals at home and abroad;
translations of prose and poetry from Latin,
Greek, German, Old Sa.xon, Icelandic, and
Swedish, appearing in A m e r. and Swedish

Memberships: Delta Alpha (Redlands), Phi
Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Nu; Redlands Fort-
nightly Club.
Religion: Baptist.

■olitics: Republican.
Recreations: Music, violin making, work in

Bxis. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands,

Home Address: 924 Campus Ave., Redlands,
Calif. •

WESTERGAARD, Professor Waldemar.
A.B., M.L., Ph.D., F.R.H.S.

Lecturer; Professor of History, University of
California, Los Angeles.

Born: Buffalo (N.D.), Feb. 4, 1882; s. of
Kirstine (Anderson) and Jacob C. Wester-

Education: State Normal Sch. (Valley City,
N.D.); Univ. of N.D.; Univ. of Calif.; Cor-
nell Univ.; Univ. of Copenhagen; Univ. of

Degrees: A.B., Univ of N.D., 1906; M.L.,
1910, and Ph.D., 1915, Univ. of Calif.
Married: Viola (deceased Jan 7, 1919), d. of
Robert and Hansine Minor, in Alameda (Cal-
if.), Aug. 21, 1917.

Prof. Record: Taught in Calif, high schs.,
1906-11; A. D. White Fellow in History, Cor-
nell Univ., 1911-12; studied in Denmark, 1912-
13; Asst. in Hist., Univ. of Calif., 1913-14;
Instr., Santa Barbara High Sch. and Jr. Coll.,
1914-16; Prof, of History, Pomona Coll., 1916-
geles), since 1925; visited Europe for study,
1912-13, 1922-23, 1928, 1930-31, 1934, 1935,
1938, 1939-40; Lectured at Univ. of Oslo
(Nor\vay), (autumn), 1928; Participant, Fifth,
Sixth, and Eighth Internat. Histor. Congress-
es, in Brussels, Oslo, and Zurich, respectively.
Directorships: Pres., Pacific Coast Branch of
Amer. Hist. Assn.; Mem., Bd. of Dirs., Hist.
Soc. of So. Calif.

Publications: Danish West Indies Under Com-
pany Rule; Ed, The Diary of Dr. Thomas
Flint, 1851-55; Nogle Breve af Daniel Bruhn,
1871-72; numerous articles on Calif., U.S.,
and Europe in historical periodicals.
Memberships: Hon. Corr. Mem., Institut His-
torique et Heraldique de France; Fellow, Roy-
al Hist. Soc. of Great Britain; Mem., Hist.
Soc. of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great
Britain; Life Mem., Amer. Hist. Assn., etc.;
Social Sci. Research Conf. of Pacific Coast;
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Gamma

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golf, gardening.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Hom,e Address: 1000 Manning Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WESTFALL, Tulita Boronda

Aitlsl -I'.iinliT.

Horn: Boronda Adobe (Monterey, Calif.),
1894; d. of Emma (Butler) and Edward Ben-

Education: San Carlos Convent (Monterey);
Calif. Sch. of Fine Arts (affiliated with Univ.
of Calif.), for seven yrs., studied art.
Married: Samuel Henry Westfall (deceased)
in Newark (New York); ch.: Mrs. Casimlr
Davis Timar.

Prof. Record: Pupil of Henry Varum Poor;
has early hist. Montereyan Jewelry Paintings
in Govt. Collection of Inde.x of Amer. Design;
the City of Monterey owns three mural paint-
ings in oil; Dream Valley, Goatlings, Rooster
and Hen; held first one-man exhibit at Stan-
ford Art Gallery (Calif.), 1938; exhibited at
The Palace of The Legion of Honor (San
Francisco), Oakland Art Gallery, Biltmore
Hotel (Los Angeles), Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts,
Carmel Art Gallery, and the CJolden Gate
Internat. Exposition, Calif. Bldg., 1939; made
reproductions in color in School Arts Maga-
zine, April, 1938, Jan., 1939, and June, 1939.
Directorships: Mem., Bd. of Dirs., Monterey
Custom House Museum.

Publications: The History of the Boronda
Adobe (first sch. for boys at Monterey);
WPA Hist. Survey of the Monterey Pen., 1937.
Awards: First Hon. Mention, Dream. Valley
(Calif. State- Wide E.xhibit, Santa Cruz), 1931;
Cash Prize, for decorative oil painting, Gera-
niums (Sacramento State Fair), 1929.
Memberships: Carmel Art Assn.; Calif. Hist,
and Art Assn. (Monterey) ; Alumni Assn.,
Calif. Sch. of Fine Arts (San Francisco).
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Home Address: Box 602, Boronda Adobe, Mon-
terey, Calif. •

WESTON, Edward


Born: Highland Park (111.), Mar. 24, 1886; s.
of Alice Jeannette (Brett) and Edward Bur-
bank Weston, M.D.

Education: Oakland Grammar Sch. (Chicago,

Married: Charts, d. of Helen MacGowan
(Cooke) and Harry Leon Wilson, in Elk (Cal-
if.), Apr. 24, 1939; ch.: (by former marriage
to Flora Clhandler), Chandler, Brett, Neil,

Prof. Record: Began photographing at the
age of sixteen; moved to Tropico (Calif.),
1905; portrait studio, Tropico, 1911-23; Mexico
City, 1923-26; Carmel (Calif.), 1929-35; was
first photographer to receive Guggenheim Fel-
lowship. 1937-39: project, "Making of a Ser-
ies of Photographs of the West"; at present
working on permanent collection of five hun-
dred Guggenheim photographs for Huntington
Libr. (San Marino) ; his work represented in
El Museo Estado (Guadalajara, Mex.); King
Albert Mus. (Zwickau, Germany) ; Fine Arts
Gallery (San Diego) ; Los Angeles Museum,
and Pub. Libr. ; N. H. de Young Museum and
Museum of Art (San irancisco); Museum of
Modern Art (New York) ; also schools, col-
leges, and pvt. collections.
Publications: California and the West (with
Charis Weston), (DuelP ; Sloan & Pearce,
(New York), 1940; and Edward Weston by
Merle Armitage (published by E. Weyhe,
New York), 1932.



Home Address: Route 1, Box IG'2, Carmel
Calif. *

WETJEN. Albert Richard


Born: London (Eng.i, Aug. 20, 1900; s. of
Lillian (Llyddon) and Daniel Wetjen.
Education: Council Schs. (London).
Married: Edythe Cecelia, d. of Katherine
Eisenbrandt, in Portland (Ore.), Apr. 12,

Literary Record: Left sch. at thirteen yrs. to
go to sea: was twice shipwrecked before his
sixteenth birthday, Mem., crew that took Sul-
tan of Zanzibar prisoner-of-war to St. Helena,
1917; served in Brit. Army to end of 1918;
went Africa on merchant ship, on coast run;
emigrated to Can., 1920; hoboed into the U.S.,
spring, 1921: Corresp. for Ore. State news-
papers, 1921; traveled in Europe, 1924-25;
Ed Oregon Magazine, 1925-28; circumnavi-
gated So Amer., 1928; Ed., The Outlander, A
Quarterly Literary Review, 1933; toured Aus-
tralia, New Zealand, and South Sea Islands,
1935-36; Contrbr. to Saturday Evening Post.
Collier's, Cosrnopolitan, etc., and to Brit, and
Europeon periodicals.

Publications: Captains All; Wnj/ for a Sailor!;
YouthWalks on the Highway; Fiddlers' Green;
various books published in Europe, and stor-
ies in various anthologies.
War Service: Second Mate, British Merchant
Service: Pvt. in British Army, Manchester
Regt., 1918.

Awards: Brit. War Medal: Brit. Mercantile
Marine War Medal; Victory Medal; Winner,
O'Henry Memorial Award for Best Short-
Short Story, 1926.

Memberships: Author's League; Brit. Soc. of
Authors and Composers; Amer. Legion.
Religion: Agnostic.
Politics: Socialist.
Recreations: Swimming, reading.
Bus. Address: c/o Brandt & Brandt, 101 Park
Ave., New York City.

WETTER, Curtiss Earle. A.B., J.D.

City Atty., Red Bluff.

Born ■ Mille Lacs Co. (Minn.), May 4, 1899; s.

of Matilda Marie (Hedtke) and John Adam


Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: A.B., 1921, and J.D., 1923, Univ. of


Married: Ruth Harriett, d. of Alice (Ciark)

and George Garrett, in Red Bluff (Calif.),

Feb. 21, 1928; ch.: Gretchen (adopted).

Prof. Record: Deputy Dist. Atty. (Tehama

Co ), 1923-27; Mem., McCoy and Wetter, 1927-

31, Wetter & Rankin, 1931-35; City Atty., Red

Bluff, since 1927, of Tehama, since 1937.

Directorshijjs : Bank of Tehama Co., since

1931- Advisory Com., Red Bluff Branch, The

Anglo Calif. Natl. Bank of San Francisco,

since 1933.

Army Service: Student Army Training Corps,


Memberships: Elks, Rotary, Amer. Legion;

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi.

Religion: Non-Member, attends Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Anglo Bank Bldg., Red Bluff,


Home Address: 999 Rio St., Red Bluff, Calif.*



Born: Port Huron (Mich.), Oct. 5, 1883; s. of

Salina (Brownhill) and Henry Weybret.

Education: Pub. schs.. Port Huron (Mich.).

Married: Ethel Adelaide, d. of George Du-

Common, in Watsonville (Calif.), Sept. 7,

1916; ch.: Frederick Eugene.

Bus Record: Learned printing trade in Port

Huron; came to Calif., 1907; in job printing

bus, Wevbret-Lee Co., Monterey (Calif.),

1908-13, Salinas (Calif.), 1913-14; purchased

Partner's interest, 1914, and operated under

name of Weybret Printing Co.; purchased

Salinas Index, 1919 and operated it until 1928,

purchased Salinas Journal and consolidated

the two as Salinas Index-Journal, sold out in

1932; at present is Assemblyman, Calif. State


Memberships: Salinas Rotary (Past Pres.),

Chambar of Commerce (Past Pres.); B.P.O.

Elks (Past E.xalted Ruler) ; F.&A.M., Islam

Temple, Shrine.

Religion : Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: Star Route, Soledad,


WEYMOUTH. Frank Elwin,

B.C.E., C.E., Engr.D. (dec. July 22, 1941)

Gen. Mgr. and Chief Engr., Metropolitan
Water Dist. of So. Calif.

Born: Medford (Me.), June 2, 1874; s. of
Charlotte Prudence (Powers) and Andrew
Jackson Weymouth.
Education: Univ. of Maine.
Degrees: B.C.E., 1896, C.E., 1899, and Engr.
D., 1934, Univ. of Maine.
Married: (1) Mary Maude (Lane), (dec. Jan.
2 1937), d. of Mary (Ambrose) Lane, in
Orono (Me.), Dec. 3, 1900. (2) Barbara, d.
of Miriam (Steele) Turner, in Honolulu
(T.H.), Nov. 10, 1938.

Prof Record: With sewer and water works
construction Co., Boston and Maiden (Mass.),
1896-99; Asst. City Engr. (Winnipeg, Mani-
toba), 1899; with Isthmian Canal Comn. (Nic-
aragua, C.A., and Washington, D.C.), 1899-
1901; Res. Engr., Guayaquil and Quito Ry.
Co. (Ecaudor), 19Ui-02; with U.S. Reclama-
tion Service, 1902-24, on surveys and investi-
gations in Mont, and N.D., 1902-04; Proj.
En^r in charge of lower Yellowstone project
in eastern Mont., 1905-08; Suprg. Engr., in
cliarge of Ida. Dist., including Snake River
Drainage in Wvo., Idaho, and Eastern Ore.,
covering irrigation of more than 400,000 acres
of land, and storage dams at Jackson Lake
(Wyo.), and on upper branches of Snake and
Boise rivers, including building of Arrowrock
Dam, 1909-15; Chief of Constrn., U.S. Recla-
mation Service, in charge of all work (except
legal) in the West, 1916-20; Chief Engineer,
Apr., 1920-Oct., 1924; President, Brock &
Weymouth, Engineers, Nov., 1924- June, 1926;
Chief Engr., J. G. White Engrg. Corpn., S. en
C (Mexico), 1926-29; Chief Engr., Water
Works, City of Los Angeles, 1928-30; Chief
Engr., Metropolitan Water Dist. of So. Calif.,
constructing Colo. River Aqueduct, 1929-32,
Gen. Mgr. and Chief Engr., since 1932.
Memberships: American Soc. of Civil Engrs.
(Hon. Mem., since 1938) ; Alpha Tau Omega,
Tau Beta Pi.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.



7?i(.s. Addrvas: ;«)(> W. Third St., Los Angeles,


Il07na Address: 1-117 Bedfoiil Rd., San Marino,


WHEAT, Carl Irving. A.B., LL.B.


Rom: llollislon (Mass./, Dec. 5, 1892; s. of
Catherine Isabel (Pierce) and Frank Irving

Educntion: Grad., Occidental Coll. Acad. (Los
Angeles), 1911; Pomona Coll. (Clarcmont,
Calif.); Harvard Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1915; LL.B.,
Harvard U., 1920.

Married: Helen (MilLspaugh), Sept. 22, 1915;
ch.: Francis Millspaugh and Richard Pierce.
Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif, bar, 1920,
and began practice at Los Angeles; Atty. for
R.R. Comn. of Calif., 1922-29. Chief Counsel,
1921-29; in practice at San Franci.'^co, 1929-33;
Public Utilities Counsel for City of Los Ange-
les, asso. with City Attys. Office, 1933-36;
Spl. Telephone Rate Atty., Federal Commu-
nications Comn., Washington (D.C.), 1933-37;
Telephone Rate Counsel, and Dir. of Tele-
phone Rate and Research Dept. of Federal
Communications Comn. (telephone investiga-
tion >, 19.37-38; in practice at San Francisco
and Los Angeles, 1938-39; Cons. Atty., Pub.
Utilities Comn. of Hawaii, and Dept., Pub.
Service, Washington (D.C.), 1939; in practice
in San Francisco and Washington (D.C.),
since Jan. 1, 1940.

Publications : Life of Theodore D. Judah; Ned
McGowan: The Ubiquitous, Trailing the Forty-
Niners Through Death Valley; Regulation of
Interstate Telephone Rates; Editor: The Jour-
nals of Charles E. De Long, 1929-31; The
Shirley Letters from the California Mines,
1932; Wah'to-Yah: Or the Taos Trail, 1935;
also of Quarterly of California. Historical So-
ciety, 1926-36; (jompiler: "Public Utility Reg-
ulation" (California R.R. Comn.), 1927; "Di-
gest of Decisions" (California R.R. Comn.),
1927; Contbr. to legal and hist, periodicals.
Army Service: Amer. Ambulance Service
(France), 1917; First Lieut., Air Service,
U.S.A., 1918-19.

Memberships: Calif. Hist. Soc, So. Calif.
Hist Soc: E Clampus Vitus (Past N.G.H.),
Book Club of Calif., The Roxburghe of San
Francisco, Commonwealth, Bohemian (San
Francisco), Zam.orano and University (Los
Angeles), and Cosmos (Washington) clubs;
Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Delta.
Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Desert exploration, especially
Death Valley region, mountain climbing; book

Bus. Address: Mills Tower, San Francisco,
Calif.; and Shoreham BIdg., Washir.gton, D.C.
Home Address: 70 Waverley Oaks, Palo Alto,
Calif. *

WHEATLEY. Raymond A.

Citrus Association Executive.
Born: Rock Rapids (Iowa), 1887; s. of Jennie
(Cookson) and William Wheatley.
Education: Drake Univ.; Iowa State Coll;
Mankato Comml. Coll.

Married: Estelle M., d. of Martha and Charles
Gooch in Ellsworth (Minn.), 1913; ch.: Wil-
liam, Winton.

Bus. Record: Auditor, managed farm Interests
In Iowa and Minn, for past thirty yr.s.; DIr.,
citrus packinR A.s.sns. for past twenty-six yr.s.;
devclopc'l Wheatley Eureka Lemon Tree with
over three hundred thousand trees now grow-
ing in U.S. and foreign countries; Dlr. and Co-
Koundor, Auto Financing Corpn.
Dircctor.thips: Vice-Pres., Mutual Orange Dis-
tributors (Retllands); Vice-Pres., Whittlcr
Finance Corjin.; Pres., Index Mutual Assn.
(La Habra); Mem., Orieratlon Com., Cal-
Juices (Anaheim) all of California.
Religion: Protestant, Plymouth Congre-

Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing and hunting.
Bus. and Home Address: R.F.D. 1-102, Whit-
tier, Calif. •


Columiiits!; Publisher and Editor, Bell-May-
wood Industrial Post.

Born: Sauk Rapids (Minn.), May 8, 1897; s.
of Sahara Gertrude (Begg) and C. M.
. Education: Moose Jaw (Can.) College.
Married: Mildred B., d. of E. H. Mackison
at Glendale (Calif.), Aug. 5, 1928; ch.: Bon-
nie Mae.

Prof. Record: With Canadian papers ten
years; News Editor, Vancouver (B.C.) Sun;
Managing Editor, Calgary (Alta.) Albertan;.
establisiied Bell-Maywood Industrial Post,
1924; his "Day by Day" column nationally

Directorships: Pres., Metropolitan Weekly
Unit of Calif. Newspaper Publishers Assn.
Memberships: Masonic; Kiwanis.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golf, travel.

Bus. Address. 4313 Gage Ave., Bell, Calif.
Home Address: 3743 Weik Ave., Bell, Calif.*

WHEELER, John Egbert, A.B.

Lumber Manufacturer; President, Wheeler
Pine Company.

Born: Portville (N.Y.), May 19, 1879; s. of
Allie (Mersereau) and William Egbert Whee-

Education: Student, Phillips Acad. (Andover,
Mass.) ; Yale Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Yale Univ., 1900.
Married: Margaret Culbertson, of Cincinnati
(Ohio), June 5, 1907; ch. : William Egbert,
Mary Elizabeth, Jolin Pogue, Margaret Knox.
Bus. Record: In lumber business at San Fran-
cisco, since 1905; officer in many lumber
companies; Chmn., Pacific Coast Advisorv Bd.
of Associated Press, 1926.
D' rectorships: Pres., Wheeler Timber Co., and
U'heeler Pine Co.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Memberhips: University, Commonwealth (San
Francisco); University. Press (Portland, Ore.) .

Bus. Address: Russ Bldg., San Francisco,

Hone Address: 362 Georgetown Ave., San
Mateo, Calif. *



WHEELER, Omer William. M.D.


Born- St. Charles (lowal, Jan. 2, 1908; s. of
Leah (Jamest and Fred Wheeler.
Education: Riverside Polytechnic High School;
Riverside Jr. Coll.; Univ. of So. Calif., School
of Liberal Arts, and School of Medicine.
Degrees: M.D., Temple Univ. (Philadelphia),

Married: Maureen C, d. of Paul Perrizo at
Philadelphia (Pa.), Sept. 12, 1931; ch.: BiUie
Ann, Barbara Mae, Beth Suzan.
Prof Record: Post-graduate work in surgery.
Temple Univ., School of Medicine, 1933-35;
post-graduate work in endoscopy, under Chev-
alier Jackson (Philadelphia); has practiced
medicine and surgery in Riverside (Calif.),
since 1935.

Me?yiberships: Phi Chi.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Amateur photography.
Bus. Address: 3760 - 12th St., Riverside, Calif.
Home Address: 1939 La Cadena, Riverside,

WHELAN, Jr.. Dean Daniel E.. B.S.

Civil Engineer; Dean, College of Science,

Loyola University.

Born: Dorchester (Mass.), Nov. 1, 1897; s. of

Mary Theresa (Manchester) and Daniel E.


Education: Brockton High School; Massachu-
setts Inst, of Technology.

Degrees: B.S., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1920.

Married: Catherine, d. of Martha and Harry
T Goodfellow at Juneau (Alaska), Oct. 3,

1923; ch.: Daniel, III, Richard P., Harry G.,

Mary C.

Prof Record: Civil Engineer with U.S. Coast
and Geodetic Survey, 1921-26; Civil Engineer
in private employ, 1927-29; Prof, of Civil En-
gineering, Loyola U. (Los Angeles), 1929—;
Dean College of Science, Loyola Univ. of Los
Angeles, 1935—; Registered Civil Engineer,
State of California.

Army Record: Enlisted, U.S. Air Service as
Flying Cadet, Jan., 1918; Commissioned, Sec-
ond Lieut., Aviation Section, Signal Reserve
Corps, Nov., 1918; discharged, Jan. 23, 1919.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hiking, gardening.
Bus. Address: Loyola University of Los Ange-
les, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1167 Fiske St., Pacific Pali-
sades, Calif.

WHELAN. The Reverend Edward Jos-
eph. S.J., A.B., M.A., D.D., Ph.D.
Educator; Rector of Loyola High School.
Born: San Francisco, Sept. 20, 1887; s. of
Mary A. (Kelly) and James J. Whelan.
Education: St. Ignatius High School (San
Francisco, Calif.); Univ. of San Francisco.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of San Francisco, 1911;
M.A., Gonzaga Univ. (Spokane, Wash.), 1913;
D D., Gregorian Univ. (Rome), 1923; Ph.D.,
Fordham Univ. (N.Y.), 1930.
Prof. Record: Instr at Univ. of Santa Clara,

in English and classics, 1913-19; special stud-
ies abroad and in the east. 1920-24; Pres. of
the Univ. of San Francisco, 1925-32; Rector of
Loyola High School, 1934—.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Bits, and Home Address: Loyola High School,
1901 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.

WHELAN, Francis C. LL.B.

Special Attorney, Lands Division, Department
of Justice.

Born: O'Neill (Neb.), Dec. 11, 1907; s. of
Susan (Quilty) and Edward H. Whelan.
Education: San Diego State College; Univ. of
California (Berkeley).
Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of Calif., 1932.
Prof Record: General practice of law (San
Diego Calif.), 1932-35, with firm of Whelan
& Whelan; Asst. United States Attorney for
the Southern District of California, 1935-39;
Special Attorney, Uept. of Justice, 1939 — .
Me77iberships: Jonathan Club; Knights of Co-
lumbus; Delta Theta Phi; Co-operative Club.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: U.S. Post Office and Court-
house, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: Jonathan Club, Los Angeles,

WHERRY. Margaret J.

Superintendent, Hospital of the Good Samari-
tan, Los Angeles.

Born: Riverside (Calif.), Sept. 28, 1909; d. of
Edith M. (McKenzie) and John C. Wherry.
Education: Public schools. Riverside (Calif.);
Bishop Johnson College of Nursing, Los An-
geles (Calif.); University of California (Los
Angeles) .

Degrees: Registered Nurse, Bishop Johnson
College of Nursing, 1931.

Prof Record: Has filled various supervisory
positions in Hospital of the Good Samaritan,
since 1934; appointed Superintendent, 1940 — .
Memberships: American Nurses Association;
National League of Nursing Education; Amer-
ican Red Cross.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, golf.
Bus. Address: 1212 Shatto St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 632 Lucas Ave., Los Angeles,
Calif. *

WHITAKER, The Reverend Robert

Clergyman; Poet; Writer.
Born- Padiham (Lancashire, England), Sept
9, 1863; s. of Agnes (Waddington) and Robert

Education: Public schools, Iowa and Mass.;
Newton Theological Seminary (now Andover-
Newton) .

Married: (1) Ellen J. Longley (dec). (2)
Claire Wall.

PtMications: Three volumes of verse, My
Country Is the World. 1905, Social Song, 1936,
The Call of the Human. 1937; prose, The Gos-
pel at Work in Modern Life, Why Callest
Thou Me Good?, Laughter and Life; and van-



Dus liooklels, etlUorial work, ami ininimLTuble


Kilisji'iii: Baptist.

Recreations: Travel.

Home Address: 15 Lyndon Avenue, Los Gatos,

Calif. •

WHITE. Everett Agustus

Realtor; OranKo (Jrovvi-r.

Horn: Le Grand (Iowa), June 15, 1876; s. of
Mary H. <WilIit.s) and John R. White.
Education: Mitchell (S.D.) High School; busi-
iness course, Dakota Wosleyan Univ., Mitchell ;
Penn College, Oskaloosa (Iowa) ; graduate,
Page-Davis School of Advt., and Pacific Mu-
tual Life Insurance Co. School of Salesman-

Married: Alice E., d. of Harvey H. Durkee in
Charles City (Iowa), Sept. 21, 1907; ch.: Vivi-
ene L., Robert J., Dr. Ralph E., Mary Alice.
Bus. Record: Stock and Grain, Farm and
Grain Buyer, and Live Stock Shipper, 1898-
1903; Advertising Mgr. and Asst. Editor,
Mitchell Daily Republican, 1903-05; Bank
Cashier, Farm Loan Agent in South Dakota,
1905-13; Representative, Pacific Mutual Life
Ins. Co., Santa Ana (Calif.), 1913-19; Asst.
Cashier, Calif. Natl. Bank of Santa Ana,
1920-21; Real Estate Broker, Developer and
Subdivider, Property Mgr., 1922-40; promi-
nent in real estate organization; Past Pres. of
Santa Ana Realty Board, and Calif. Real Es-
tate Assn.; Appraiser for Federal Farm Loan
Bank; employed with State Relief Administra-
tion, accounting and property depts.
Directorships: Calif. Real Estate Assn.
Publicati07is : Numerous articles published in

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