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insurance and real estate magazines.
Memberships: Santa Ana Realty Board, Calif.
Real Estate Assn., Natl. Assn. of Realty

Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Reading, gardening, and swim-

Bus. Address: Moore Bldg., Santa Ana, Calif.
Home Address: 318 So. Lyon, Santa Ana.
Calif. *

WHITE, Floyd Garrison

Oil Producer.

Born: Hersey (Mich.), Mar. 12, 1879; s. of

Mary Anna (Hardy) and Dr. Clarence Henry


Education: Grad., Central High Sch. (Grand
Rapids, Mich.); student, Univ. of Mich.. 1901-
02; studied in Europe, 1903.
Married: Gladys Rose (Barnard) on Dec. 20,
1915; ch.: Helen Rose, Betty Barnard, and
Jacqueline Jane.

Bus. Record: Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., White
and Brainerd Lumber Co. (Benton, Ark.),
1904-05. also, owner of several lumber mills;
has been in oil production business, since
1906; is one of the Principal Stockholders of
Lake View Oil Co., organized, 1905; Secy.,
Valley City Pharmaceutical Co. of Michigan,
organized, 1910; Secy, and Gen. Mgr., until
1921, Lake View No. 2 Oil Co. (brought in
gusher which produced 110,000 barrels per
day for thirty days, averaging 65,000 barrels
per day for over several months) ; Organizer,
1913, and Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Interstate Oil
Co. ; Organizer, 1917, and Vice-Pres., Brown
Process Co. ; Organizer, 1924, Federal Petro-

leum i'roduct.s Co. ; (Jrganizer, 1922, and I'rcs.
and Gen. Msr., Interstate Oil Corpn.; Organ-
izer, 1924, and Pres., Interstate Pipe Line Co.;
Organizer, and Pres., 1924, Tulare Refining
Co.; Organizer, 1924, and Pres., Hydrogas
Co.; Organizer, 19.'Jb, Pres., Petroleum Devel-
opment Co.; Dlr., Lake View Oil and Refining
Co., Lake View Oil Co., Lake View No. 2 Oil
Co., Michigan Land & Water Co., Interstate
Oil Co., Petroleum Development and Produc-
tion Corpn.; is Co-Inventor and Patentee of
methods and processes for dehydrating emul-
sified oil.

Religion: Congregational.
Politic.i: Republican.

Home Address: 510 No. Arden Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif. •

WHITE. The Reverend Francis John-
stone. A.B., M.A., D.D.

Missionary Educator; President Emeritus,
University of Shanghai.

Born: Decatur (111.), Sept. 24, 1870; s. of
Minerva (Saunders) and Henry White.
Education: Ottawa Univ. (Kan.); Colgate-
Rochester Divinity School (Rochester, N.Y.J.
Degrees: A.B.. Ottawa Univ., 1898, M.A., 1900
(same) and D.D. (same).
Married: Edith Thompson.
Prof. Record. Missionary, American Baptist
Foreign Mission Society in China, 1901-35;
Principal, Ningpo Boys School, 1901-04;
Prof, of N. T. Shaohsing Theological Sem-
inary, 1904-06; Prof., History of Religion,
Univ. of Shanghai, 1906-35; Founder, Univ.
of Shanghai, 1906, Pres., 1911-28, President
Emeritus, Univ. of Shanghai, 1935 — .
Publications: Theology (in Chinese), 1910;
The Struggle in the Far East, 1932; History
of the University of Shanghai, 1935.
Memberships: Soc. of Oriental Studies; After-
noon Club; El Camino Real Club.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening; lecturing on Chinese

Bus. Address: University of Shanghai, Shang-
hai, China.
Home Address: 377 Drake Ave., Upland, Calif.

WHITE, Major Harry Alexander,

U.S.Army, A.B.

Armv Officer (retired) ; Judge, Municipal

Born: Butte (Mont.), Jan. 22, 1884; s. of Min-
nie Ellen Dixon (Clark) and James A. White.
Education: Butte pub. schs. (Mont.); Mont.
State Coll. (Bozeman).
Degrees: A.B., Mont. State Coll., 1900.
Married: Kathleen Marie, d. of Kathleen and
John Lagoria, in Chicago (111.), Feb., 1940;
ch.; Beverley Mae, Harry A., Jr., Creighton,
Glenn, Gail.

Prof. Record: Army service, twenty-eight yrs.;
mining operator, seven yrs; Municipal Judge,
City of Yreka (Calif.), for the last four yrs.
Army Record: U.S. Army for twenty-eight
yrs., retiring as Major, to enter private busi-

Decorations: Spl. Congressional Medal of
Honor; Span.-Amer. Medal; Philippine Medal;
World War I Medal; French Citation.



Membenships: U.S.W.V. Amer. Legion; Phil-
ippine Vets.; Mason, Knight Templar.
Religioyi: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Gardening and fishing.
Bits. Address; 110 So. Broadway, Yreka, Calif.
Home Address: 414 No. Main St., Yreka,

WHITE. The Reverend Hugh Vernon,
A.B., B.D., S.T.M., Ph.D.
Clergyman; Secretary, American Board of
Comrnissioners for Foreign Missions.
Boni: Kern County (Calif.), Jan. 24, 1889; s.
of Dora (Stewart) and Alex White.
Education: Johns District and Pierce Joint

Union High School (College City, Calif.);
Univ. of Calif.; Pacific School of Religion:
Harvard Univ.

Dearees- A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1917; B.D.
Pac Sch. of Religion, 1917; S.T.M., Harvard
Univ., 1919; Ph.D., Stanford Univ., 193o.
Married: Mabel, d. of Malcolm D. Wright in
Sacramento (Calif.), July 31, 1912; ch. : Rev.

Malcolm Vernon, Mrs. Homer A. (Barbara

H.) Schwarz, Mrs. Donald C. (Nina Jeanne)

Prof Record: Student pastorates in Calif.,
1910-17, New Hampshire, 1917-19; Pastor,
Kahului Union Church (Maui, Hawaii), 1919-
20- First Christian Church (Honolulu), 1920-
23- First Congregational Church (Stockton,
Calif ), 1923-31; Lecturer in Logic and His-
tory of Philosophy, CoH. of the Pac, 1925-30;
Secy Amer Bd. of Commissioners for For-
eign "Missions, 1931—; Lecturer on Christian
Missions, Chicago Tlieological Seminary, 1934;
Hvde Lecturer, Andover Newton Theological
School, 1935; Lecturer on Christian Missions,
Pac School of Religion. 1939; Lecturer m
Theology and the Philosophy of Religion, An-
dover Newton Theological School, 1939—.
Publications: A Theology for Christian Mis-
sions (Willett & Clark), 1937; A Working
Faith for the World (Harper & Bros.). 1938;
One Gospel for Mankind (Friendship Press),

Membership: Kiwanis Club of Stockton (hon.).
Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Tennis, hiking.
Bus. Address: 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass.
Home Address: 205 Rawson Rd., Brookline,

WHITE. J(ames) Andrew


Born- New York City, Aug. 8, 1889; s. of Jen-
nie (Scott) and Robert Triplett White.
Education: De Witt Clinton High School
(N.Y.); Trinity (Chapel School).
Married: Katherine Moore Alexander (Por-
trait Painter), d. of John Clarence Moore in
Poi-tchester (N.Y.), Oct. 18, 19.35; ch.: Valerie
(Mrs. Thomas D. Kilburn), J. Andrew, Jr.,
Blair Adarns.

Prof. Record: N.Y. Corres., The Times (Lon-
don) ; Editor, Wireless Press, The Wifeless
Age. Ocean Wireless News; Reporter, City Ed-
itor Editorial Writer, Journalist, Editor, N.Y.
Herald. American, and other N.Y. nevvs-
papers; Comic-strip cartoonist; Playwright;
screen Writer.

Directorships: Pres., Columbia Broadcasting
System; Vice-Pres., Radio Corporation of

America; Pres., A. H. Seaman & Co.; Pres.,
Cheltenham Cabinet Makers; Owner and Edi-
tor, Eastchoster Citizen-Bulletin; Dir., Radio
Inst, of Amer.; Pres., Amer. Broadcasting

Publications: Mr. Whittle Invents the Airyo-
plane. Signal Corps Manual, Practical Avia-
tion for Military Airmen, Amateur Radio Sta-
tions, Story of the Subway, Port of Ten
Thousand Ships, Building a Skyscraper, Eat-
choo, House of a Thousand Strangers, etc.,
contributor of articles to national magazines.
Politics: Democrat.
Home Address: Hollywood, Calif.

WHITE. Professor J. Gustav, B.L., M.S.

Professor of Applied Sociology, Whittier Col-

Born: Varde (Denmark), Sept. 11, 1881; s. of
Marie (Jensen) and Thomas Sorensen White.
Education: Alameda High School; Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley); Columbia Univ.; Univ. of
So. Calif.

Degrees: B.L., Univ. of Calif., 1905; M.S. in
Ed., Univ. of So. Calif., 1941.
Married: Helen Carter, d. of Salina and Karl
Lodholz in Bonne Terre (Mo.), July 29, 1940.
Prof Record: Newspaper Reporter and Man-
anger; YMCA, Dir. of Jidn. in Buffalo, San
Francisco, Geneva (Switzerland), London and
New York; Prof, of Applied Sociology, Whit-
tier College; Dir. of Personnel Counseling
Service for Associates in Service.
Directorships: Dean, Pacific Southwest School
of YMCA's.

Ptiblications : Efficiency Memo System, Edu-
cational Activities Among War Prisoners, Pres-
ent Day Psal-ms, Finding Your Work.
War Record: Overseas YMCA Chief Edn. Sec-
retary with A.E.F. in London.
Memberships: Masons; Phi Delta Kappa; Ab-
racadabra; Toastmasters Internat.; Vocation-
al Guidance Assn.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Travel, writing, mountains.
Bus. Addresses: Whittier Coll., Whittier, Cali-
if.; 715 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 115 Berkely Way, Whittier,

WHITE. Colonel John Roberts. A.A.

Regional Director, Region Four, National
Park Service.

Born: Reading (England), Oct. 10, 1879; s.
of Elizabeth (Roberts) and Sydney Victor

Education: V/estfield House School (Eng-
land) ; Univ. of Oxford.
Degrees: A. A., Univ. of Oxford, 1896.
Married: Fay, d. of Hon. Wm. A. Kincaid in
Manila (P.I.), Sept. 13, 1910; ch.: Phyllis

Prof Record: Pvt. and Corpl., Greek Foreign
Legion, Turkish War, battles of Milouna Pass,
Pharsala, Domokos. etc.. 1897; British Colum-
bia and Alaska during Klondike rush, 1898-99;
enlisted in 4th U.S. Infantry at Seattle, and
to P. I., 1899; fighting insurgents, Cavite
Prov., 1899-1900, discharged June 18, 1901.
Entered Philiopine Constabulary as 2nd Lieut.,
Oct., 1901, and through all grades to Col. and
Asst,. Chief, being retired for physical dis-
ability in line of duty, Dec. 31, 1914. Field
Service against Babaylanes, Pulajanes, Moros,



otf. : severt'l.s' wduikIl-cI, Miircli, IDOfJ al UucI
Dujo, Sulu iind Kiven Modal of Valor, de-
talled as Supt., IwahlK I'enal Colony (Pala-
wan Is.), 190(i-()H; service as Sr. Inspector,
Negro;! Occidental, l'M'2-o:i; In More Province,
iyo:i-()(i and li)10-VJ; Coinmandinj,' Dist.. So.
Luzon, 1!)0;): detailed as Governor ol' Agu.san
ri'ovince (Mindanao), i;)l()-ll; on Municipal
Bd. or Baguio (IM.), 1914; as Supt. organ-
ized Philippine Acad, and first class of Fili-
pino Cadets at the I'hilippine West Point
(Bagnio 1, 1!)M; in Switzerland, Austria, Ger-
many and Scantlinavian countries as Special
Agent, Amer. Red Cross and Rockefeller War
Relief Com., assisting war prisoners, 1916-17; Officers Training Camp (Ft. Myer, Va.),
1917-19, Commd. Major, A.G. Reserve; pro-
moted, Lieut. -Col., S.C, Air Serv., Dec,
l.)17; Inspector, Kelley Field, 1918; R.M.A.,
April, 1918; A.E.r., Oct., 1918-Feb., 1919;
Commanding, Military Police Training School
and Provost Marshal (Paris); Deputy P.M.G.,
A.E.F.; Ranger and Acting Chief Ranger,
Grand Canyon Nat. Park, 1919-20; Supt., Se-
quoia Nat. Park (Acting Supt., Grand Canyon
Nat. Park, 1921-22), 1920-38; Acting Supt.,
General Grant Nat. Park, 1920-.33; Supt.,
Death Valley Nat. Monument, 1933-38; Chief
of Operations, Nat. Park Service (Washing-
ton, D.C.), 19.38-40; Regional Dir., Region
Three, Nat. Park Service (Santa Fe, N.M.i,
May, 1940 to Aug., 1940; Regional Dir., Re-
gion Four, Nat. Park Service (San Francis-
co), 1940—.

Pnblicati07is : Bullets and Bolos (Century Co.),
1928; Big Trees (Stanford Univ. Press), 1930.

Awards ; Campaign Medals, U.S. Army, Phil-
ippine and World War I service; Medals of
Philippine Constabulary; Moro Campaigns
(1903-12) : Visayan Campaign (1902) ; Medal
of Valor (1906).

Memberships: Philippine Club of New York
(Vice-Pres. ) ; Sierra Club of San Francisco
(Hon. Life Mem. ) ; Commonwealth (San Fran-
cisco); Cosmos (Washington, D.C.) ; Ameri-
can Legion.

Religion: Episcopal.

Recreations: Hiking; ornithology; detective

Bus. Address: National Park Service, San
Francisco, Calif.

Hmne Address: 2112 Webster St.. Palo Alto,

WHITE, Professor Lynn Townsend,
A.B., M.A., D.D.

Professor of Christian Social Ethics, San
Francisco Theological Seminary.

Born: Knoxville (Tenn.), July 12, 1876; s. of
Letitia Dalton (Lynn) and William O. White.
Education: Presbyterian Acad. (Maryville,
Tenn.); Univ. of Tenn.; Union Theol. Sem.
(N.Y.); Columbia Univ. (N.Y.).

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Tenn., 1897; M.A.,
Columbia Univ., 192Y; D.D. (Hon.), Occidental
Coll. (Los Angeles), 1916.

Married: Mary Ann, d. of Eliza W. (Selleck)
and Samuel A. Tarrant, in Chicago (111.),
Dec. 31, 1905; ch. : Lynn Townsend, Jr.

Prof. Record: Ordained by Presbytery of Sac-
ramento (Calif.), April, 1903; Pastor, First
Presbytn. Church (Fall River Mills), 1903-06;
Supt. of Church Extension, Presbytery of San
Francisco, 1906-08; Pastor, First Presbvtn.
Church (San Rafael), 1908-20; Margaret S.
Dollar Prof, of Christian Social Ethics, San

Francisco Theol. .Sem. (.San An.solmo), Hlncc
1920 (all Calif.). Commr. of Presbytn. Church,
U.S.A., World Conf. of Christian Life and
Work (.Stockholm), 1925; I'an Presbyterian
Council (Cardiff, Wales). 192.5; frequently
Commr. to Gen. As.sembly, Presbyn. Church.
Publivaiions: Numerous magazine articles In
religious press.

Army Service: YMCA .Secy., A.E.F., France,
1918, attached to U.S.M.C, .served in Belleau
Wood, San Mlhiel, and Argonne.
Awards: Croix de Guerre (France).
Memberships: Mem., Dept. of the Church and
Social Service, Fed. Council of Churches of
Christ in America; Mason (Past Chaplain,
Grand Lodge, Calif.); Marin Golf and Coun-
try, Meadow Golf, Commonwealth of Calif.;
Clubs; Phi Gamma Delta, Chi Alpha.
Religion: Presbyterian in the U..S.A.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and walking.
Bus. and Home Address: San Francisco Theo-
logical Seminary, 124 Seminary Rd., San An-
selmo, Calif.

WHITE. Orrin Agustine. B.S.


Born: Hanover (111.), Dec. 5, 1883; s. of
Martha (Reynolds) and Albert B. White.
Education: Univ. Notre Dame; Philadelphia
School of Applied Art.
Degrees: B.S., Notre Dame, 1902.
Married: Margaret E., d. of John Fitschen in
Los Angeles (Calif. >, Nov. 27, 1923; ch. :
Martha Ann and Margaret Eleanor.
Prof. Record: Landscape Painter. Represented
in Los Angeles Museum, Montclair Museum,
Springfield (111.) Museum, Pasadena Art Inst.,
and many private collections.
Ariny Record: 2nd Lieut., 40th Engrs. Camou-
flage, World War I.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: 1205 Linda Vista
Ave, Pasadena, Calif. *

WHITE. Robert P.

Playwright ; Sunday Editor, Los Angeles

Born: Altoona (Pa.), Mar. 22, 1902; s. of
Katherine Elizabeth and George W. White.
Education : Univ. of Calif. ; Univ. of So. Calif.
Prof. Record: Has been in newspaper work,
since 1924, at present is Sunday Editor, Los
Angeles Times. Playwright: Deadline (pro-
duced 1934); Faster, Faster (unproduced).
Dir., Chmn., of Program Com. of the Authors
Club, 1934-38.

Memberships: Authors Club (Hollywood).
Recreations: Yaditing, and deep sea angling.
Bus. Address: Los Angeles Times, Los Ange-
les, Calif. *

WHITE. Rabbi Saul Elchanan,

B.S., M.H.L.

Rabbi: President, Board of Rabbis of North-
ern California.

Born: Kolna (Poland). June 10, 1908; s. of
Eva (Bachrach) and Ephraim \Vhite.



Education: New York Univ.; Jewish Inst, of

Degrees: B.S., M.H.L.

Married- Rutli, d. of Abraliam Shapiro in New
York City, June 21, 1935; ch.: one daugliter.
Directorships: Pres., Board of R a b b i s of
Northern Calif.; Chmn., United Palestine Ap-
peal of Northern Calif.
Religion: Jewish.

Bus. Address: Fourteenth Ave., and Clement
St., San Franciso, Calif.

Home Address: 52 Seventh Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

WHITE, Stewart Edward, Ph.B., M.A.


Born: Grand Rapids (Mich.), Mar. 12, 1873;
s. of Mary (Daniel) and Thomas Stewart

Education: Univ. of Mich.
Degrees: Ph.B., 1895, M.A., 1903, Univ. of

Married: Elizabeth Calvert, d. of Donald Fra-
zer Grant in Newport (R.I.), Apr. 28, 1904.
Publications: Has written 43 books.
Army Record: Capt. and Major, 144 Field
Artillery, 1917-19.

Memberships: Nat. .Inst.; Amer. Academy;
Bohemian, Burlingame Country, Dutch Treat
(N.Y.) Clubs.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 355 Hillsborough Ave., Bur-
lingame, Calif.

WHITE, Walter Thessing, A.B.

Pacific Coast Manager, The H. M. Rowe Com-

Born: Portland (Ore.), July 28, 1921; s of
Addle Olivia (Brooks) and Sylvester F. White.
Education: Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1915.
Married: Ada Lee, d. of Julia and Matt Fred-
erickson, in Skamokawa (Wash.), July 16,
1897; ch.: one daughter.

Bus. Record: Pacific Coast Manager, The H.
M. Rowe Co., since 1922.

Publications: Author and co-author of several
high school and college textbooks on type-

Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa (educational
honor frat.).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening and writing.
Bus. Address: 159 New Montgomery St., San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 4702 Sequoyah Rd., Oakland^

WHITESIDE, Percy Marion

Owner and Publisher, Tulare Daily Times.
Advance-Register: and uemoore Advance.
Born: Tulare (Calif.), June 16, 1903; s. of
Mabel (Busby) and Leonard G. Whiteside.
Education: Tulare public schools.
Married: Ma.xine Lamme, d. o^^Rev John
Whistler in Tulare (Calif.), June 9, 1922; ch.:
Betty Lou and Richard.

Prof Record: Editor of Tulare Register, then
Owner and Publisher of Tulare Daily Times,
19.30; also Daily Advance-Register, 1932, and
Lemoore Advance, 1940. One of the Owners
of radio station KTKC, 1938.
Directorships: Dir., Calif. Newspaper Publish-
er's Assn.; Secy., Tulare, Kings-County Radio
Associates; Dir., C.C. Inc.
Memberships: Mason; Elk; San Francisco
Press Club.

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Riding and flying.
Bus. Address: 233 No. K St., Tulare, Calif.
Home Address: 110 Salida PL, Tulare, Calif.*

WHITNEY, (Mrs.) Margaret Mason,


Chief of Editorial Staff of "The Pacific— A
Magazine of Human Progress."
Born: Salt Lake City (Utah), Feb. 8, 1877;
d of Helen Julia (Kanouse) and Jerome
Wells Mason (childhood spent in Park City,
Summit County, Utah).

Education: Private schools in Utah; Chicago
public schools; Muskegon (Mich.) High Sch.;
Univ. of Michigan.; Univ. of Calif.; Nippon
Bunka Chuo Renmei; Kokusai Bunka Shink-
okai, in Tokyo.

Degrees: B.L., University of Michigan, 1900.
Married: Clarence Wright Whitney, at Ann
Arbor, Mich., April 30, 1901 (dec, 1940);
ch.: Helen Mason W. (dec. Feb. 16, 1935);
Margaret Dwight W. Uridge (Mrs. F. C);
Ruth Kanouse W. Thruston (Mrs. V. A.)^
C Mason Whitney, architect, who married
Lucretia Mott; Marion Wallace W. Kutsche
(Mrs. A. A.).

Business Record: Contributor to newspapers,
to engineering magazines, to the Pacific Pur-
chaser to Bantu's Greek Exchange, to The
Alpha Phi Quarterly; Editor of Myosotis;
Contributor to Path of Beauty (published
by Dion O'Donnol) ; to publications of
Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai (Nippon) ; Mich-
igan Alumnus occasionally for years;
Berkeley Daily Gazette. Was Director of the
Berkeley Elementary School (a private in-
stitution founded by her and a group of
parents, on the John Dewey plan of Educa-
tion), 1910-17; also sponsored the first pri-
vate Montessori schools in Berkeley; was
President of Montessori Mothers' Club of the
John Muir School. During aftermath of
World War I (1918—) was Secy, of Berkeley
Branch of Armenian and Syrian Relief (aft-
erwards a branch of the Near East Relief);
founded the Jessie D. Wallace Auxiliary (Ar-
menian Red Cross) in 1920, still President

Directorships: A Founder and First Pres.,
Sigma Chi Mothers' and Sisters' Club of
Berkeley (Calif) ; Member of local council
of the Camp Fire Girls of America,
Inc., and for 3 years (1924, '25, '26) Direc-
tor of the Rockefeller course in this program
at the University of California (summer ses-
sion) in the Department of Education, Berke-
ley campus. Organizing Member of the local
Mothers' Club of Proskopoi (honorary frater-
nity at U.C). Charter Member of the Cos-
mic Society (founded by the late Chas. Kee-
ler poet - philo.sopher) ; Charter Member of
the Berkeley Women's City Club, and Mem-



bcr or Its writers section; Chiirter Meniher
of the Codornlccs Club, of Horkelcy.
Other Organiztttionn: Alpha I'hl International
Fraternity (President In 1!)()()-()'J» ; Founder
of the Intersororlly Conference (which
changed its name to the National I'anhollenlc
Consress) In 19(VJ, In ChiraKO. President of
Its local alumnae association (San Francisco
Bay Area), 1916-18. Member, S. F. Branch
of League of Western Writers; and of newly
organized Poets of the Pacific; Member of
the California Writers' Club and Chairman
of Its Literary Landmarks Committee, 19:^7 — ,
and Chairman of Landmarks Tour Commit-
tee, Writers' Conference of the West, 1941,
at Oakland and Berkeley.
Keligion: Member of the Episcopal Church.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hiking, boating, drawing, paint-
ing, travel in Orient; reading; good poetry
(including the translations of Li Po) ; Chi-
nese history and art; nature study; gardens.
Bus. and Home Address: 1110 Keith Ave.,
Berkeley, California.

WHITNEY, Professor Walter Ticknor,
B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Photographer; Director, The Frank P. Brack-
ett Observatory, Associate Professor of As-
tronomy and Head of Department, Pomona

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Dec. 26, 1888; s.
of Etta Marilla (Ticknor) and Edwin John

Education: Calif, pub. schs.; Pomona Coll.;
Univ. of Chicago.

Degrees: B.S., 1910, and M.S., 1912, Pomona
Coll.; Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 1916.
Married: Edith Gwyn, d. of Rosamond (Tate)
and William Henning Wren, in Lynchburg
(Va.), Jan. 2. 1891; ch.: Ruth Lee, Marilla
Jean, James Walter, and Richard Gwyn.
Prof. Record: On Staff of Mt. Wilson Observ-
atorv, 1913-17; Instr., 1917-23, and Asst.
Prof, of Physics, 1923-29, Calif. Inst, of
Tech. ; Asso. Frof . of Astronomy, Pomona
Coll., since 1929; engaged in various scien-
tific research problems such as the "Tides of
the Earth," "Photography of Meteors and
Meteor Spectra," "Four Solar Eclipse E.xpe-
ditions," "Photographic Studies of Lunar
Eclipses." "Spectroscopic Studies of Electric
Arcs," and "Photography of Double Stars,"
etc. ; has been Head of the Dept. of Astron-
omy, Pomona Coll., since 1932; Dir., The
Frank P. Brackett Observatory.
Directorships: Charter Mem. and Councilor of
tiie Soc. for Research on Meteorites.
Pnblicati07ts: Various monographs on science
subjects pub. in science journals and periodi-

War Service: Research on rocket ballistics
with Dr. Robert H. Goddard, sponsored by
the Smithsonian Instn. of Washington (D.C.),
in 1917; Instructor in R.O.T.C, 1917-18.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi;
Amer. Astron. Soc, boc. for Research on

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, boating, travel,
mountain sports, and photography.
Bus. Address: Pomona Coll., Claremont, Calif .
Home Address: 445 W. Tenth St., Claremont.
Calif. *

WHITNEY. William F.

i;iiit('il .Si.iii's Cotninlssioner, Northern Dis-
trict of California.

Born: S.icramento (Calif.), June 15, 1899; a.
of Etta Marie (Ilamlln) and Judge Edwill
Mervln Whitney.

Education: Schs. of Willlts (Calif.).
Married: Wave D., d. of Eva M. and T. E.
Jones in Modesto (Calif.), Mar. 30, 1920; ch.:
William P. and Faris H.

Prof. Record: Served as Justice of the Peace,
Little Lake Township (Willlts, Calif.), eight
years; United Stales Commissioner, 1927 — .
Auditor for the Stale of Calif., six years. Past
Fire Chief, City of Willits. Mayor, City of
Willits, 1938-40.

Directorships : Secy, and Mgr. of the Mendo-
cino County Chamber of Commerce, repre-
senting the Mendocino County (Calif.) Board
of Supervisors.

Memberships: Willits Lions (Past Pres.), San-
ta Rosa Lodge B. P.O. Elks No. 646.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting and fishing.
Bus. Address: 318 Main St., Willits, Calif.
Howe Address: 19 Valley St., Willits, Calif.*

WHITSELL, Betty Loren


Born: Bethany (Mo.); d. of Margaret Belle
(Co.x) and Jefferson R. McKaig.
Education: Schs. of Ottumwa and Des Moines
(Iowa) .

Married: Leon O., s. of George W. Whitsell
in Ottumwa (Iowa), Sept. 6, 1913.
Prof. Record: Teacher, Ottumwa (Iowa),
Spokane (Wash.), Des Moines (Iowa).
Publications: California Nuggets and Four

Memberships: P.E.O.; Orange Womens Club
(Life Mem.); Burlingame Musical; National
League of Amer. Pen Women.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 1565 Newlands Ave., Burlin-
game, Calif. •

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