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Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Assn. for the
Adv. of Science; Amer. Acad, of Med. (Pres.,
1912-13); Amer. Med. Assn. (Pres., 1923-24);
Assn. of Amer. ivied. Colls. (Pres., 1924);
Calif. Acad, of Med. (Pres., 1917-18) ; Phi
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega Alpha;
University, Commonwealth, Bohemian, Pac.
Union, Family (San Francisco), Cosmos, Nat.
Press (Washington, D.C.), Century, Univer-
sity (New York) clubs.
Address: Stanford University, Calif. *

WILCOX. Burton Bernard, LL.D.

Philanthropist; Director. Personal Assistance
Service, First Baptist Church of Los Angeles.
Born: Greenville (Mich.), Apr. 22, 1869; s. of
Daniel W. Wilco.x and Cynthia Adelade
(Drummond) .

Education: Detroit public schools; Kalamazoo

Degrees: LL.D., Univ. of Redlands, 1923 (dis-
tinguished humanitarian services).
Married: Katherine Willette, d. of Alice Wil-
lette Dickinson (Nashville, Mich.), Sept. 6,

Prof. Record: Secy., YMCA, Detroit and Chi-
cago (west side), 3891-1903; State Secy.,
YMCA (Calif.), 1903-09; Secy., Oakland and
Pasadena YMCA, 1910-17; YMCA Interna-
tional Com., Foreign Div. (traveled five times
to Far East, once around world; four months
in India; twice in Europe, Egypt, and Pales-
tine), 1917-28; Principal, Pac. Coast Training
Sch. for YMCA home and overseas workers,
1917, also Asso. Dir., financial war work
drives (western military area). Amer. Univ.
of Cairo, Egypt, 1930; Acting Chancellor,
Calif. Coll. in China Foundation Inc., 1932;
Originator, Personal Assistance and Counsel-
ling Service (a personally financed philan-
thropic enterprise), 1933.

Memberships: Masonic Order, York and Scot-
ish Rite, Shrine; Dickens Fellowship (Pasa-
dena Chapter) Travel Club (N.Y. City) ; L.A.
Coterie of Counselors.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, mountain climbing (Mt.
Whitney twice; Fujiyama and Tiger Hill,
India; Adams Peak, Ceylon).

Bus. Address: 760 So. Westmoreland Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 85 No. Madison Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif. •

WILCOX, Floyd Cleveland,
A.B., B.D., M.A., Ed.D., D.D.
Director of Admissions and Personnel, Uni-
versity of Redlands.

Born: Mason (Mich.), March 17, 1886; s. of
Emma (Cook) and Fred R. Wilcox.
Education: Kalamazoo College; Union Theo-
logical Seminary; Columbia Teachers Col-
lege; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1910, and D.D. (hon.), 1932,
Kalamazoo College; B.D., Union Theological
Seminarv, 1913; M.A., Teachers College (Co-
lumbia)," 1921; Ed.D., Stanford, 1936.
Married: Emily Carder, Sept. 11, 1912; ch.:
Robert Eraser, Carder, Dorothy Pratt, Wini-
fred Cubberly.

Prof Record: Teacher, public schools (Mich.),
1904, in China, 1915-28; Principal, Ningpo
Acad., 1915-20; Director, Ningpo Jr. Middle
Sch 1922-26; Prof., Edn., Univ. of Shanghai,
1926-28, Dean of Faculty, 1927-28. Cubberly
Fellow, School Administration, Stanford. 1929-
30- Pres., Frances Shimer Jr. Coll., Mount
Carroll (111.), 1930-.35: Prof, of Edn., Dir.,
Lower Div., Linfield Coll. (McMinnville,
Ore.), 1936-39; Dir. of Admissions and Per-
sonnel, Univ. of Redlands, 1939—.
Memberships: Academic Council, Western Per-
sonnel Service: N.E.A.; Amer. Acad, of Polit-
ical and Soc. Science: American College Per-
sonnel, Univ. of Redlands, 1939 — . Assn. of
Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Pacific
Southwest; Phi Delta Kappa; Kiwanis.
Religion: Baptist.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands,
Home Address: Redlands, Calif.



WILCOX, Francis R.. A.B.

■I'rc.isurcr ami Asst. M^r., California Krull
Growers Kxchannc

Bnrn: LchI (Utah), January I'J, liHM); s. of
Eliza and A. L. Wilcox.

Etlncatioi}: Utah State College; Univ. of Cali-
fornia (Berkeley).

Degreea: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1925.
Married: Cloone T., A. of Ooorge A. Taggart,
of Logan (Utah). July :il, 19^5; ch.: Pat-

Prof. Record: Staff, Univ. of Calif. (Berk-
eley); Mgr., National Pecan Market-
ing A.ssn.: (^en. Mgr., United Prune Growers
of Calif.; Dir., Div. of Marketing, U.S. Dept.
of Agr. : at present, Treasurer and Asst.
Mgr., Calif. Fruit Growers E.xchange.
Army Record: U.S. Army, World War I.
Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: 707 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1186 Adair St., San Marino,

WILD, The Reverend Professor Laura
Hulda, A.B., B.D.

Born: Greensboro (Vt.), Dec. 22, 1870.
Education: Smith College; Hartford Theolog-
ical Seminary.

Degrees: A.B., Smith College, 1892; B.D.,
Hartford Theological Seminary, 1896.
Prof. Record: YWCA Secy., 1896-1901; Pas-
tor of Congregational Church (Lincoln,
Nebr.), 1901-05; Prof, of Biblical Literature,
Doane College, 1905-09, Lake Erie College,
1910-17; Mount Holvoke College, 1917-37; Vis-
iting Prof, at Ginling Coll. (China), 1923-24;
now Prof. Emeritus. Mount Holyoke College.
Publications: Geographic Influences in Old
Testament Masterpieces (Ginn and Co.). 1915;
Evolution of the Hebrew People (Scribners),
1917; Literary Guide to the Bible (Harpers),
3rd edit., 1929; Romance of the English
Bible (Harpers), 1929; Courageous Adven-
tures (Bible Stories; Abingdon), 1936; Medi-
tations, Selections From Biblical and Other
Poetry (Abingdon), 1937.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Amer. Assn.
of Univ. Women; Soc. of Biblical Literature
and E.xegesis; Nat. Assn. of Biblical Instruc-

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Independent.

Home Address: 467 \V. Eighth St., Claremont,

WILDE, Irene, A.B., Ph.B.


Born: Wadesboro (North Carolina); d. of

Anne (Birmingham) and Sidney Johnston


Education: Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Cali-'

fornia; Meredith College (Raleigh, N.C.) ;

Harvard, Univ. of the South.

Degrees: A.B., Meredith Coll.; Ph.B., Univ.

of Chicago. 1911; post grad. work at Univ.

of Calif. (Berkeley).

Married: Richard, s. of Richard Henry Wilde

(relative of Oscar Wilde), in San Francisco

(Calif.), Nov. 18, 1918.

I'rrif. Record: Form'-rly I.,ll)rn. In \j>n Angeles
High School ; Reporter on San Franrlftco
Chronirlr; sixteen prizes. Including two FIthI
Prizes (So. Calif. Festival of Allied Arts).
First Prizes for three ye.'irs ^So. Calif.
Women's Press Club), t'lrst Prize (In Na-
tional Nature Poetry contest). First Prize
(National contest s[)on.sore(l by Georgia Po-
etry Society); contributor to Good HouHckeep-
ing (June, 1941 Issue), New York TimeH,
The Commonweal, The Hounehold Magazine,
Sunset, Script, Saturday Night, Poetry: A
Magazine of Verse, and other leading poetry
magazines; work has appeared in 18 an-

Publications: Fire Against the Sky (Live-
right), 1939.

Memberships: Friday Morning and So. Calif.
Women's Press Club; National League of
American Pen Women; Calif. Writers' Guild.
Recreations: Gardening, motoring.
Home Address: "La Casita," 1324 Allesandro
St.. Los Angeles, Calif.

WILDENHAIN. Marguerite. M.A.

Teacher of Ceramics, California College for
Arts and Crafts.

Born: Lyons (France), Oct. 11. 1896; d. of
Rose (Calmann) and Theodor Friedlaender.
Education: High school (Lycee) in Lyons;
Gj-mnasium (Berlin); Folkstone (England).
Degrees: M.A. in Ceramics, Bauhaus, 1919-

Married: Franz Rudolf, s. of Emile Wilden-
hain, in Halle (Saale), Jan. 30, 1930.
Prof. Record: Studied sculpture, 1914-18 in
Arts and Crafts School of the State (Berlin);
Designer, porcelain factory in Rudolstadt,
1918-19; student of pottery in the Bauhaus at
Weimar, 1919-25 (journeyman degree in Ce-
ramics, 1922, Master Degree, 1926); Head of
Ceramic Dept. of the State Art School at
Halle (Saale), 1925-29; Designer for the
State Manfacture of porcelain in Berlin and
Founder and Dir. of a new- dept. for china at
the Art School in Halle. 1925-29; left C^er-
many, 1933. and settled in Putten (Holland)
with husband in own studio; left Holland for
U.S.A., 1940; Teacher of Ceramics at Calif.
Coll. for Arts and Crafts in Oakland, Aug..
1940 — . E.xhibitlons in Amsterdam. Rotter-
dam, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, London, The
Hague. Berlin, Munich, Milan. Buenos Aires,
New York. Baltimore, San Francisco, Port-
land and Chicago.

Publications: 20th Century Ceramics (Studio
Pub., London), 1938; Les Artistes d'au Jourd'-
hui (Paris), 1937; La Revue Moderne (Paris),

Awards: Second Prize, International Expn.
(Paris), 1937.
Religion : Hebrew.
Recreations: Geology, astronomy.
Bus. Address: California Coll. for Arts and
Crafts, Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 2016 Pacific Ave., San Fran-
cisco. Calif.

WILEY, The Reverend H. Orten,
A.B., B.D., S.T.M., D.D., S.T.D.
President. Pasadena College.
Born: Marquette (Neb.); s. of Alice CMoe
(Johnston) and John Thompson Wiley.
Education: College of the Pacific; Pacific
School of Religion (Berkeley).



Degrees- A.B., Univ. of the Pacific fnow
Coll of the Pacific at Stockton) ; B.D., 1910,
S T M 1917, S.T.D., 1929, Pacific School of
Religion (Berkeley); D.D., Pasadena College,

Married: Alice May, d. of Jacob House, in
Berkeley (Calif.), Nov. 8, 1902; ch. : Alma
Peral (Japan), Lester Veron, H. Ward, Alice
Ruth Poston.

Prof. Record: President of Pasadena College,
1913-16, Northwest Nazarene College, 1916-
■M Pasadena College, 1926-29; Editor, Herald
of Holiness (Kansas City, Mo.), 1929-32;
Pres., Pasadena Coll., 1933 — .
Publieations: Christian Theology, 1940.
Memberships: Pi Gamma Mu.
Religion: Church of the Nazarene.
Bus. Address: Pasadena Coll., Howard at
Bresee, Pasadena, Calif.

Hoyne Address: 1389 No. Sierra Bonita, Pasa-
dena, Calif.

WILEY, Will E., A.B., M.A.

District Superintendent, Whittier City Schools.
Born: Quenemo (Kan.), Jan. 27, 1890; s. of
Anna (Young) and Wm. A. Wiley.
Education: Palouse (Wash.) High School;
Washington State College; Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Washington State Coll., 1920;
M.A., Stanford Univ., 1925.
Married: Moselle, d. of Hardie Coleman, in
Palouse (Washington), 1915; ch.: Ivan Vic-
tor, Bruce, Howard Adrian.
Prof Record: Elementary and high school
teacher, 1910-16; Prin., Moscow (Idaho) High
School and Acting Supt., 1917-20; Prin., The
Dalles (Ore.), High School, 1920-21, and
Supt., 1921-24; Dist. Supt. (Lodi, Calif.),
1925-34; Dist. Supt., Whittier City Schools,

Directorships: State Council, Calif. Teachers
Assn.; Bd. of Dirs., Whittier Rotary Club.
Memberships: Whittier Rotary Club; Whittier
■ Univ. Men's Club; P.D.K.
Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing, boating.
Bris. Address: 215 W. Hadley, Whittier, Calif.
Home Address: 706 E. Broadway, Whittier,

WILKINSON, Professor Mearle W.,

E.M., M.S.

Manufacturing Metallurgist.
Born: Dallas (Tex.), Sept. 12, 1890; s. of
Emma C. (Sachtleben) and James Wilkinson.
Education: Colo. Sch. of Mines (Golden,

Degreec: E.M., 1913, and M.S., 1914, Colo.
Sch. of Mines.

Married: Frances B., d. of Hattie and Jerry
K. Marsh, in Denver (Colo.), Dec. 27, 1915;
ch.: Dorothy Mae.

Prof Record: Organizer, The Wilkinson Co.,
and Gen. Mgr., since 1920 (mfrs. dental gold
alloys and appliances and refines dental pre-
cious metal scrap). Prof, of Dental Materials
and Metallurgy, Coll. of Dentistry, Univ. of
So. Calif., since 1920.

Publications: Text and laboratory manual in
use in Coll. of Dentistry, Univ. of So. Calif,
(published and copyrighted by the coll.).

Memberships: Faculty (Univ. of So. Calif.);

Mason; Los Angeles Athletic, and Riviera

Country Clubs; Sigma Alpha Epsllon.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, trout fishing, and traveling.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,

Los Angeles, Calif.; The Wilkinson Co., 1547

Fourth St., Santa Monica, Calif.

Home Address: 1407 Georgina Ave., Santa

Monica, Calif.

WILLAMAN, Glenn Dresher

Editor; State Secretary, California Real Es-
tate Association.

Born: Smithville (Wayne Co., Ohio), Mar. 28,
1883; s. of Anna (Dresher) and Ell Peter

Education: Orrville (Ohio) High School; Uni-
versity of Wooster.

Married: Belle B., d. of Josephine Newman, in
Sacramento (Calif.), July 13, 1910.
Prof Record: Asso. Editor, Wooster Univ.
hidex; Editor-Mgr., Orrville (Ohio) Courier,
1904-06; City Editor, Managing Editor, Bak-
ersfield (Calif.) Morning Echo. 1906-20;
Editor, American Legion Monthly (Bakers-
field), 1919-20; State Secy., Editor, Manager,
California Real Estate Magazine (Los An-
geles), 1921 — ; Correspondent for news ser-
vices and metropolitan papers.
Directorships: Pres. and Dir., Tejon Creek
Investment Co. (Bakersfield) .
War Record: Served as Special Agent, Mili-
tary Intelligence Div. (Washington, D.C.),
Sept. -Nov., 1918.

Memberships: Alpha Tau Omega; Masonic,
Eastern Star; Elks Lodges.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, motoring, traveling,
reading; making friends.

Bus. Address: W. M. Garland Bldg., 117 W.
Ninth St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 136 So. Highland Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

WILLARD, Theodore Arthur, D.A.

Inventor, Author.

Born: Castle Rock (Minn.), 1862; s. of Esther
(Day) and Robert Willard.
Education: Minneapolis grade schools, high
school and engineering night school.
Degrees: D.A., 1925.

Married: Florence, d. of Mary and Charles
Van Voorhees, in Cleveland (Ohio), 1914.
Prof Record: Inventor of storage batteries
for automobiles and the rubber separator now
bein'' used on present Willard batteries;
Founder of the Willard Storage Battery Co.
(Cleveland, Ohio) ; has over 56 patents for
parts and machinery for storage batteries;
retired from business in 1936; since retirement
has been writing.

Directorships: Willard Storage Battery Co.
(Cleveland); Dir., Cinema League (N.Y.C.).
Publications: Has written and published books
on Itza and Mayan Indian History of Yucatan
and Mexico; City of the Sacred Well; Wizard
of Zacna; Bride of the Rain God; History of
the Mayas and Itzas; Tales and Temples of
the Mayas; newest book, Kulkulean the Con-



qucror; dictionary ( hioroloKlyphsi, papers,

etc., on urchaeoloKical resuurch.

Memberships: Lds AnKeles Country. Bel-Air

Bay (Los AnRcles), The Cleveland (Ohio)

Club and Adventurers Club (Los Angeles).

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Kepublican.

Recreations: Travel, archaeological research,


Home Address: (517 No. Linden Dr.. Beverly

Hills. Calif.

Other Address: 318 Santa Calalina Rd.. Palm

Springs, Calif. •

W.LLETS. Gilson Vanderveer

Author, Journalist. Lecturer. Traveler; Owner
and Director, International Contest Headquar-

Born: New York City, Nov. 19, 1898; s. of
Daisy (Vanderveer) and Gilson Willets.

Education: St. Ann's Academy (N.Y.C.) ; New-
York Military Academy.

Married: Bernice, d. of George Bowne, in San
Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 18, 1936; ch.: Thuvia
Catherine (by previous marriage to Ann Con-
Ian in 1921.

Prof. Record: After graduating from Marconi
Radio Inst, operated wireless on ()4 ocean ves-
sels and later on 6 ship-shore land stations of
which he became Chief Engineer; Chief Instr.,
Cincinnati Railway Telegraph School; Pres.,
Radio Installation Co. (RICO Service); ap-
pointed by C^v. Hyde as "Radio Engineer for
the State of Missouri." in 1922; built station
WOS and ran it for one year; helped build
station WOC for Palmer School of Chiroprac-
tic and ran it two years; designed, built and
managed WRNY. atop the Roosevelt Hotel
(N.Y.C.) ; went to Rollins Coll. (Winter Park.
Fla.. for Dr. Hamilton Holt), where he built
WDBO;came to Calif.. 1926, became free-lance
Author and Journalist writing fact and fiction.
radio plays, etc. ; one-time associate of Dr Lee
DeForest" (Highbridge. N.Y.), at present
owner of only business of its kind in the
world, Internal. Contest Headquarters (cater-
ing to advertisers as consultants and to the
public as a news-gathering agency and syn-
dicate). Branch Offices in London, Sydney,
Vancouver (B.C.), and in 52 large cities of
the U.S. Columnist with San Francisco News
(Scripps-Howard), since 1926.
Publicatiotis : Articles and short stories in 450
American magazines, 27 American newspap-
ers and forewords to 35 books published in
U.S.A.; authority on radio engineering, his-
tory of communications, world scientific prog-
ress, cryptography, etc.

Army Record: U.S. Signal Corps: Instr. at
Camp Martin (New Orleans), U.S. Army,

Memberships: I.O.O.F.; Veteran Wireless
Operators Assn. cChmn., San Francisco Chap-
ter, Founder and No. 1 Mem. of N.Y. Chap-
ter in 1925) ; Chmn., Pac. Coast Div.. N.Y.
Military Acad. Alumni Assn.; and Member,
Propeller Club of the U.S.
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Air post stamp collecting, fish-
ing, motoring, cryptography.

Bus. Address: The San Francisco News, 812
Mission St.. San Francisco, Calif.
Res. Address: 1434 Twenty-sLxth Ave., San
Francisco, Calil.


Senior- Cur.-itor of Ornithology and Mammal-
ogy, Los Angeles Museum.
Born: Hawkesbury (Ontario, Canada), May
28, 1879; s. of Hannah Theodosla (HUD and
George Wlllett.

Education: Uedlands Grammar School and
High School; VVhIllier College.
Married: Ora Alta, d. of Belle (Marston) and
James Bellah, in Ketchikan (Alaska), Feb.
18, 1925; ch.: George, Jr.
Prof. Record: Reservation Insf)ector, U.S.
Biological Survey, 1912-18; Deputy U.S. Mar-
shal (Alaska), 1921-25; Ornithologist, Los
Angeles Museum, 1927 — ; collected and stud-
ied birds, mammals and mollusks in western
United States, Alaska, Me.xico, Central Amer-
ica and Hawaiian Islands.
Directorships: Vice-Pres., Amer. Ornitholo-
gists' Union, 1939 — ; Dir., Amer. Soc. of
Mammalogists, 1940 — .

Publications: Birds of Pacific Slope of South-
ern California, 1912; Birds of Southwestern
California, 1933; more than 100 shorter papers
on birds, mammals and mollusks.
Artny Record: Private. 35th U.S. Vol. In-
fantry, Philippines, 1899-1900.
Memberships: Amer. Ornithologists' Union;
Cooper Ornithological Club (Past Pres.);
Amer. Soc. of Mammalogists; United Spanish
War Veterans; B.P.O. Elks.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Field study of biology.
Bus. Address: Los Angeles Museum, Exposi-
tion Park, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1541 W. 53rd St., Los Angeles,
Calif. *

WILLHOFT, Waldo. A.B., J.D.

Born: Nebraska City (Neb.), Aug. 14, 1903;
s. of Marie (Fitzekam) and Herman F. Will-

Education: Nebraska State College; Univ. of
Michigan Law school.

Degrees: A.B., (Neb.) State Coll., 1926; J.D.,
Univ. of Mich. Law School, 1930.
Married: Mildred, d. of E. H. Parkison in
Encampment (Wyoming) Aug. 1, 1934; ch. :
Ellen Marie and Waldo Wayne.
Prof. Record: Instr. of English and History,
Nebraska State Coll.. 1926-2S; Attorney at
law. private practice at Colton (Calif.), 1930-
40; Colton City Attorney, 1932-40.
Publications: Modern Debate Practice (a coll-
ege te.xt book on debating).
Memberships: Masonic: I.O.O.F. ; Rotary.
Religion : Lutheran.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Arcade Bldg., Colton, Calif.
Home Address: 183 E. H St.. Colton. Calif.*


Rural Rehabilitation supervisor, Farm Secur-
its Administration, U.S. Department of Agri-

Born: Newman (Calif.). Feb. 29. 1892; s. Of
Caroline (Madsen) and Charles Williams.
Education: Cleveland district school; Palo
Alto public schools; Orestimba Union High



School (Newman, Calif.); Univ. of Califor-
nia (Berkeley & Davis), College of Agri-

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1915.
Married: Olive, a. of Christie (Haines) and
William O'Neill at Fairfield (Calif.), June
16, 1918; ch.: Josephine.

Prof Record: Assl. m Agriculture Extension
Service and Farm Advisor for Sacramento
Countv, Univ. of Caaf.; 1915-19; Farm Man-
ager "Pottenger Sanatorium Co. and breeder
of Pottenger Farm Purebred World Record
Holstein Cattle; Pres., Cooperative Dairy
Products, Ltd., 1920-33; Secy.-Mgr , Los
Angeles County Natural Milk Assn., 1933-ci&;
became Rural Rehabilitation Supervisor in
Los Angeles County, with U.S. Dept. of Agri-
culture, Farm Security Admin., 1935 — .

Memberships: Alpha Zeta, Lambda Chi Alpha.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreation: Contract bridge.

Bus. Address: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 903

Fairoaks Ave., So. Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 616 Montana St., Monrovia,


WILLIAMS. Edward Huntington, M.D.

Physician, Author.

Born: Durand (111.), Nov. 1, 1868; s of
Orilla N. (Webster) and Edward Jenner Wil-

Education: Charles City (Iowa) pub. schs.;
State Univ. of Iowa.

Degrees: M.D., bi-ate Univ. of Iowa, 1892.
Married: (2) Cora (ifoung), in Los Angeles
(Calif.), Mar. 8, 1926.

Prof. Record: Asso. Prof, of Pathology and
Bacteriology, State Univ. of Iowa, 1892-93;
Asst Phys., State Hosp. for Insane Criminals
(Matteawan, N.Y.), 1896-97; Asst. Phys
Manhattan State snosp. (New York), 1897-99,
Asso Edit., Tenth Edit., Encyclopaedia Bnt-
tanica (pub. in Eng.) ; Asso. Ed., Umted
Editors Encyclopaedia. Now practices med-
icine and writes books (Los Angeles, Calif.).

Publications: Joint Author with his brother
(Dr Henry Smith Williams) : A History of
Science (five vols.), 1904; Every-Day Science
(eleven vols ), 1910; The Wonders of Science
in Modern Life (ten vols.), 1912; The WoZZed

City A Story of the Crinimal Insane, 1913;

Increasing Your Mental Efficiency, 1914; The
Question of Alcohol. 1914; The Forest Pilot,
1915- Alcohol, Hygiene, and Legislation, 1915;
Mental Hygiene, 1919; Opiate Addiction— Its
Handling and Treatment, 1922; Cri7ne. Mental
Abnormalities, and the Law (with Ernest Bry-
ant Hoag, M.D.), 1922; Our Fear Complexes,
1923- Rest and Grow Strong, 1925; Red
Plume, 1925; Larry of the North, 1926; How
We Become Personalities, 1926; Red Plume
Returns, 1927; Red Plume of the Royal North-
west Mounted, 1928; The Doctor in Court,
1929; Animal Autobiographies, 1930; The In-
sanity Plea. 1931; Drug Addicts are Human
Beings, 1938.

Bus. Address: Pacific Mutual Bldg., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 12920 Hanover St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

WILLIAMS, Professor Edward Thomas,
A.B., M.A., LL.D.

Professor Emeritus, Oriental Language, Uni-
versity of California (Berkeley).
Born: Columbus (Ohio), Oct. 17, 1854; s. of
Dinah Louisa (Hughes) and William Williams.
Education: Public schools (Columbus, Ohio);
Bethany Coll. (W. Va.).

Degrees: A.B., 1875; M.A., 1893; LL.D., 1915.
Married: (1) Caroline Dorothy, d. of Dr.
Charles L. Loos (Pres., Univ. of Kentucky),
at Le.xington (Ky.), Aug. 12, 1884; ch.: Ed-
ward Thrasher, Charles L. Loos. (2) Rose
Sickler, in Falls (Pa.), Jan. 8, 1894; ch.:
Alice S., Gwladys L.

Prof Record: Christian Ministry, 1875; Pas-
torates in Springfield (111.), Denver (Colo.),
Brooklyn (N.Y.), Cincinnati (Ohio); Mission-
ary in China, 1887-96; Interpreter, U.S. Con-
sulate (Shanghai), 1896-98; Translator for
Chinese Govt., 1898-1901; Language Secy.. U.
S Legation, 1901-08; Con. Gen., Tientsin, 1908-
09- Div. of Far East, Dept. of State (Wash-
ington, D.C.), 1909-11; Charge d'Affaires
(Peking), 1911-13; Div. of Far East, Dept. of
State, 1914-18; Prof, of Oriental Language,
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1918-27, now Prof.
Emeritus; Peace Conf. (Paris), 1919, Wash.
Conf., 1921-22.

Publications: Recent Chinese Legislation, 1894;
State Religion of China, 1913; China Yester-
day and Today, 1923; Short History of China.

Awards: Chinese Double Dragon, 1903; Order
Golden Sheaf, 1918; Officer (same), 1919;
Order of Jade, Blue Ribbon, 1937.
Memberships: Life Mem., Amer. Oriental Soc.
and China Br.; R.A.S. formerly connected
with A.A.A.S., Amer. Anthrop., Amer. Geog.
and Amer. Historical Societies; Faculty Club
(Berkeley); Phi Kappa Psi; Mason
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1410 Scenic Ave., Berkeley,

WILLIAMS, Edwin Flint

Sales Manager and Assessor, Palo Verde
Irrigation District.

Born- Waverly (Iowa), Dec. 8, 1866; s. of
Delia (Clark) and William Alfred Williams.
Education: On the Frontier from Montana to

Married: Edyth Lenore, d. of Arthur Everitt
in Los Angeles (Calif.), July 31, 1912; ch.:
Edwin Everitt.

Bus. Record: Range foreman for big cattle
companies in Arizona and elsewhere; Part-
ner of E. A. Tovera in founding Tovera
Packing Co., 1902; Sonora Packing Co. (Mex-
ico), 1906; farming in Palo Verde Valley,
Pres of Palo Verde Mutual Water Co., Levee
Dist., Drainage Dist., 1909-23; at present,

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