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Sales Manager and Assessor, Palo Verde Irri-
gation Dist.

Directorships: Pres., Palo Verde Valley Cham-
ber of Commerce; Ely the Lions Club.
Memberships: Lions; F&A.M., R.A.M., K.T.,
Arizona Consisiory.
Religion: Theosophy.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreation: Archaeology, travel, reclamation.



Bus. Address: Palo Verde Irilgiillon DLst.,
Home Address; Blythe. Cullf. *

WILLIAMS. Frank A.. D.D.S.

Dental Surgeon.

Born: Kunsus, Auk. ■'!. 1««9: s. of Anna H.
(Biggs) ami Alfred T. Williams.
Education: Los Angeles High School; Denial
Dept., Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: D.D.S., U. of So. Calif., 1912.
Prof. Record: For many years Doctor of Den-
tal Surgery, practicing in Pasadena and
Beverly Hills (Calif.). Past Pre*., Alumni
association. College of Dentistry, U. of So.
Calif.; Past Pres.. Second District, Society
of the So. Calif. Dental Association.
Mernberships: University Club (Pasadena);
Pasadena Athletic Club; Omicron Kappa Up-
sllon (honorary fraternity) ; Life Member,
Supreme Chapter, Delta Sigma Delta; Los
Angeles Auxiliary, Delta Sigma Delta (Past
Grand Master) ; Pres., El Carrizo Rancho
Gun Club.

Recreations: Hunting and fishing.
Bus. Address: 506 Security BIdg., Pasadena,
Calif, and 409 No. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills,


Motion Picture Photographer.
Born: Nashville (Mo.), Mar. 21, 1895; s. of
Lucidia W. (Boles) and James H. Williams.
Education: Pittsburgh (Kansas) High SchooL
Married: Mildred E., d. of Lewis Hansen in
Dillon (Mont.); ch.: Barbara J.
Prof. Record: Motion picture Photographer
and motion picture laboratory owner; In-
ventor of 29 motion picture patents; made
all of the important trick shots the past
twenty years using these patents.
Directorships: Sole Owner, Williams Labor-

Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, tennis, bad-

Bus. Address: 1040 No. McCadden PL, Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 8258 Norton, Los Angeles,
Calif. *

WILLIAMS. H(oYt) 0{verton),

B.S., M.A.

Superintendent, Orland Joint Union High Sch.

Born: Woodbury (Tenn.), June 20, 1889; s.
of Ophie Overton (Patton) and William
Preston Williams.

Education: High school (Bradeyville) ; Bur-
ritt College (Spencer) ; Mid-tenn Teachers
College (Murfreesboro), (all in Tenn.); p.g.
and special work at Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley) .

Degrees: B.S., 1910, M.A., 1915, Burritt Coll-

Married: Minerva T., d. of George Turner, in
Tracy (Calif.), Dec. 26, 1924; ch.: Joanne.
Prof. Record: Prin.. Woodbury High School
(Tenn.), three years, Haileyville High School

(Okla.); Traveling Salesman, three years;
Prln., High School (Calif.), two
years; Supl. of Schools i Virginia City, Nov.),
four years; Dlsl. Supl., King City High
School (Calif.), eight years, Orland Joint
Union High School (Calif), eight years. Dlsl.
Commander of the Amer. Legion (Chmn.,
Calif. Boys' State); Pres. of Rotary.

Publications: Contributed articles to profes-
sional and trade magazines.

Army Record: Served In Woriu War I as

Inslr. in the Heavy Artillery, 1917-18.

National Defense: Organized first National School In Calif, under O.S.Y.-N.D.,

4A and 4B.

Memberships: Mason; Elks; Rotary; Amer.


Religion: Church of Christ.

Politics: Independent Democrat.

Recreations: Golf, hunting, and fishing.

Bus. Address: Orland Joint Union High

School, Orland, Calif.

Home Address: Orland, Calif.

WILLIAMS. Professor J. Harold,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Education and Dean of Summer
Session, University of California, Los An-

Born: Ainsworth (Neb.), Dec. 21, 1888; s. of
M. Blanche (Gregory) and Walter H. Wil-

Education: Nebraska State Normal School
(Peru) ; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1913, M.A., 1914, Ph.D., 1916,
Stanford Univ.

Married: Christabel, d. of O. L. Elliott in
Stanford University (Calif.), June 21, 1916;
ch.: Barbara (Mrs. G. B. Cullison) and Jean.

Prof. Record: Principal, high school (Chadron
Neb.), 1908-09; Broken Bow (Neb.), 1909-11;
Fellow, Stanford Univ., 1914-15; Dir., Calif.
Bureau of Juvenile Research, 1915-23; Psy-
chologist, Los Angeles Diagnostic Clinic,
1923-26; Lecturer in Education, Univ. of
Calif. (Los Angeles), 1923-25. Asso. Prof, of
Education, 1925-31, Prof., 1931—, Dean of
Summer Session. 1935 — . Pres., So. Calif.
Soc. for Mental Hygiene, 1932-34.

Directorships: Pres., Kiwanis Club (Westwood
Village), 1941.

Publications: The Intelligence of the Delin-
qicent Boy (Whittier State School), 1919;
Graphic Methods in Education (Houghton
Mifflin Co.), 1924; Elementary Statistics (D.
C. Heath and Co.), 1929. Editor, Journal of
Delinquency, 1916-23; has also written num-
erous periodical articles.

Memberships: Fellow, Nat. Ed. Assn., Amer.
Edn. Research Assn., Amer. Assn. for Ad-
vancement of Science. Amer. Psychological
Assn; Phi Delta Kappa (Nat. Pres., 1915),
Pi Ganuna Mu; Kiwanis.

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 405 Hilgard Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1286 Woodruff Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif. •



WILLIAMS. The Reverend Julius
Elymas. A.B., M.A., D.D.
.Minister, Church of the Nazarene.
Born; Henderson (KyJ, Feb. 26. 1893; s. of
Lou Addie (Stinnett) and Henry Williams.
Education: Kingswood (Ky.), Kingswood Coll-
ege and Upper Iowa Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1915, M.A., 1918, D.D., 1922,
Upper Iowa Univ.

Married: Inez, d. of Leonard Crittenden Dun-
can in Beaver Dam (Ky.), Dec. 25, 1916;
eh.: John, Virginia Helen, William (Goodwin,
Donna Jean, Sherla Jane.
Prof. Record: Evangelist for ten years in
Union and Co-operative meetings; Pastor of
Olivet College Church (Nazarene) 1924-28,
Decatur (111.) First Church of the Nazarene,
1928-30, Long Beach First Church of the
Nazarene, 1930-41. Founder and Dir., of the
Broadcast "Little Church of the Fireside,"

Memberships: Long Beach Chamber of Com-
merce (Hon.); United Church Brotherhood,
Long Beach Ministerial Union.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: (2olf, hunting and fishing.
Bus. Address: Tenth and 01i%'e, Long Beach,

Hoyne Address: 730 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach,
Calif. •

WILLIAMS. Marjorie Brackett. Ph.B.
Director of Holl>-\vood Studio Club National

Born: Rochester (Ind.); d. of Rosanna
(Brackett) and William J. Williams.
Education: Franklin (Ind.), and Columbus
(Nebraska I; Denison Univ.; Prof. School of
YWCA (N.Y.) ; Columbia Univ.

Degrees: Ph.B., Denison Univ., 1905.

Prof. Record: Teacher, Latin and (Jerman,
Rochester (Indiana) High School, six years;
Teacher, History and Civil CJovernment (Porto
Rico), one year; Asst. Education Dir., Cen-
tral YWCA (New York City), one and one-
half years; Gen. Secy., YWCA (Springfield,
Ohio), seven and one-half years: Dir., of
Hollj-wood Studio Club National YWCA, 18
years, which is her present position.

Directorships: Dir., of Hollywood Studio Club
National YWCA.

Memberships: Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Beta

Religion: Baptist.

Recreations: Swimimng, walking, dancing,
theatre, music and motion pictures.

Home Address: 1215 Lodi PL, Hollj-^vood,

WILLIAMS. Professor Mary Wilhel-
mine. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Bom: Stanislaus Co. (Calif.), May 14, 1878.
Education: San Jose State Normal Sch., 1901;
Stanford Univ.; Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley);
Univ. of Chicago.

Degrees: A.B.. 1907, M.A., 1908, and Ph.D.,
1914, Stanford Univ.

Prof. Record: Taught in pub. schs. of Calif,
for six years; Asst. in Hist., Stanford Univ.,
1907-08, Instr., 1912-14; Instr., Wellesley,
1914-15, Goucher Coll. (introduced first col-
legiate course in Canadian Hist, given in U.S.,
1917) 1915-40, Prof, for the last twenty yrs.,
retired Prof. Emeritus, 1940. Summer Teach-
ing: Univ. of Nebraska, 1923, George Wash-
ington Univ., 1932; Historical, Geographical,
and Cartographical Expert for Honduras in
connection with the mediation by the U.S.
State Dept. of the Honduran-Guatemalan
boundary dispute, 1918-19, also prepared re-
ports for gov. of Honduras on that country's
claims in the territorial dispute with Nicar-
agua; Mem., Com. of Latin Amer. Studies,
Exec. Com., Amer. Historical Assn., 1921-26;
made a survey of facilities in Latin Amer.
for higher education of women for Amer.
Assn. of Univ. Women, 1926-27; Secy, of the
Conf. on Hispanic Amer. Hist, of the Amer.
Historical Assn., 1928-34; Advisory Com. on
radio broadcast series of Latin Amer.,
"Brave New World," 1937-38.
Publications: Books: Anglo-American Isth-
ynian Diplomacy, 1815-1915 (Amer. Hist.
Assn., Washington), 1916; Cousin-Hunting in
Scandinavia (Badger, Boston, 1916) ; Social
Scandinavia in the Viking Age (Macmillan,
N.Y.), 1920: The People and Politics of Latin
America (Ginn and Co., Boston), 1930, new
edit., 1938; Don Pedro the Magnanimous, Sec-
ond Emperor of Brazil (Univ. of N.C. Press,
Chapel Hill), 1937. Articles: Mostly historical,
published in North American Review, South
Atlantic Quarterly, American Mercury, etc.
Contbr. to Dictionary of American Biography,
Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, and Dic-
tionary of American History; has also done
editorial work on History Teachers' Magazine,
1913-15: Hispanic American Historical Re-
view (Mem., Bd. of Editors, 1927-33) ; Equal
Right (Indepedendent), (Mem., Bd. of Edit-
ors, two yrs. I.

Awards: From govt, of Dominican Republic
Heraldic Order of Cristobal Colon, rank of
Gran Officail; -Justin Winsor Prize of Amer.
Hist. Assn., 1914.

Memberships: U.S. Committees: Columbus
Memorial Lighthouse Com.; Advisory Com.,
Intellectural Cooperation with Latin Amer. ;
Subcom., State Dept. on Exchange Fellowships
and Professorships.
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Walking and gardening.
Home Address: 752 Guinda St., Palo Alto,

WILLIAMSON. Gladys Parker

staff Correspondent, The Oakland Tribune.
Born: Rome (Tenn.), May 8, 1897; d. of
Alma (Inman) and Robert Burns Parker.
Education: Univ. of Tenn.; Lincoln Memor-
ial Univ. (Tenn.); So. Baptist Theological
Seminary, Louisville (Ky.); extension classes,
Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.

Prof. Record: Taught at Oakwood High Sch.
(Knoxville, Tenn.), 1916: Reporter for Jour-
nal and Tribune (Knoxville, Tenn.), Eureka
Times (Calif.), San Luis Obispo Daily, Liver-
more News, Niles Township Register; Staff
Correspondent of Oakland Tribune, 1935 — .
Has done publicity and advertising as well as
articles for newspaper syndicates. Operated
private Out-Door School for six years (Niles,
Calif.). Press-Agent work in New York,
Washington (D.C.), Ohio, Philadelphia, Ten-

[98 8]


nessec nnd free-lance newspaper and mag-
azine wrltlnR In Florida.

Publications: Has published several short
stories and numerous poems.
War Service: Clerk In Aircraft Dept. (Wash-
ington, D.C.) durinK World War I.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hiking, gardening, music, dram-
atics; writes verse and fiction.
Bus. Address: P.O. Bo.\ 181, Niles, Calif.
Home Address: Old Adobe Village, Niles,


Mayor, City of Newport Beach.
Born: Huntington (West Virginia), Dec. 21,
1882; s. of Lutie Belle (Hays) and Winfield
Scott Williamson.

Education: Marietta Commercial Coll. (Ohio).
Married: Nellie Louise, d. of Frank J. King
in New York (N.Y.), Aug. 26, 1918; ch.:
Basil K. : Virginia D. ; Lutie Belle.
Prof. Record: Real Estate Broker, Insurance
Broker, 1922-40: City Councilman, City of
Newport Beach (Calif.) 1926-30: Mayor, City
of Newport Beach, 19.:S6-40: ordered to active
duty, U.S. Navy, 1941.
Directorships: Dir., Calif. Real Estate Assn.
Navy Record: U.S. Navy, 1900-21.
Awards: Mexican Campaign Medal, World
War I (transport). •

Memberships : Santa Ana Country, Elks (San-
ta Ana), Al Malaikah Shrine (Los Angeles).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golt, and ocean fishing.
Bus. Address: 703 E. Central Ave., Balboa,

Home Address: 1713 Miramar Dr., Balboa,

WILLIAMSON, Jessie Sinclair


Born: Santa Barbara (Calif.), 1888: d. of
Margaret (McFarlane) and David Davidson.
Education: Santa Barbara High School and
Berkeley Business College.
Married: Luther Milton, s. of Margaret David-
son Kelly in Berkeley (Calif.); ch.: three.
Prof. Record: Republican Nominee, ISth As-
sembly Dist. for State Assembly of Legisla-
ture, 1936: Vice-Chmn. of the Republican
State Central Com. (first woman in Calif,
to be elected), 1936: Delegate to Republican
National Convention. 1940. Past-Pres. of Ebell
Society, Lakeview Club of Oakland. Alameda
Dist. Fed. of Women's Clubs, Alameda County
Fed. of Women's Clubs: Past-Recording Secy,
of Calif. Fed. of Women's Clubs.
Directorships: Pres., Republican Women's
Council, No. Div. ; Vice-Chmn., Republican
State Central Com.: State Trustee. Calif.
Fed. of Women: Dir., Oakland League of
Women Voters Clubs: Mem. of Recreation
Commission, City of Berkeley.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 2816 Oak Knoll Terrace, Ber-
keley, Calif. •

WILLIS, Professor Bailey, M.E., C.E.,
Ph.D., Sc.D.

Profes-sor Emeritus of (Jeology, Stanford Uni-

Born: Cornwall (N.Y.); s. of Cornelia (Grln-
nell) and Nathaniel Parker Willis.
Education: Columbia Univ., .School of Mines.
Degrees: M.E., 1878, C.E., 1879, Sc.D., 1929,
Columbia Univ.; Ph.D.. Berlin, 1910.
Married: (1) Altona n, d. of Frank Grlnnell
in Yellow Springs (Ohio), 1881 (died April,
1896); ch.: Hope (Willis) Rathbun. (2t Mar-
garet D. B., d. of i-'rank Baker in Washing-
ton (D.C), 1898 (died March 21, IfMl); ch.:
Cornelius G., Robin, Margaret (Willis) Smith.
Prof. Record: Geologist, U.S. Geol. Survey,
1879-81; Northern Transcontinental Survey,
lo81-84; U.S. Geol. Survey, 1884-1916; Mln-
isterio de Obras Publicas (Argentine), 1911-
14; Prof., Stanford Univ., 1915 — , Emeritus,
1922. Research Asst., Carnegie Inst, of Wash-
ington, Seismology, 1922 — •.

Publications: Monographs on China, Chile and
East Africa, published by Carnegie Inst, of
Washington. Living Africa (McGraw-Hill) ;
Geologic Structures, Northern Patagonia (Ar-
gentine (Jov't.); many scientific publications
by U.S. Geol. Survey and in periodicals.

War Record: Member of California Defense
Com.; U.S. Col. House Peace Commn. Inquiry
in preparation for peace (Peace Commission),
1917-18, in charge of Latin American Div.

Awards: Gold Medal, Societe (Jeographique
de France, 1910. Commander, Order of Leo-
pold II, 1933.

Memberships: Cosmos (Washington. D.C),
Engrs. (San Francisco), Commonwealth (San
Francisco), Nat. Acad, of Sci., Am. Phil. Soc,
(3eo. Soc. Am., For. Corr. Geol. Soc. Lon-
don, etc.

Religion: Liberal.

Politics: Independent Republican.

Recreations: Travel, water color painting, and
cabinet work, garden.

Bus. Address: Box 1365 Stanford University,

Home Address: 539 Lasuen, Stanford Univ-
ersity, Calif.

WILLIS, Cornelius Grinnell, A.B.

Oil E.xecutive, Geologist.

Born: Washington (D.C.). Jan. 26, 1899; s.
of Margaret Delight (Baker* and Dr. Bailey

Education: Various schools, and Stanford

Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ., 1920.

Married: Mildred Brooke, d. of Theodore J.
Hoover in Santa Cruz (Calif.), Aug. 27,
1922; ch.: Theodore, David, Anne.

Bits. Record: CJeologist, Associated Oil Co.
(Bakersfield, Calif, i, 1922, (Los Angeles).
1923: Geologist, Marland Oil Co. (Los An-
geles and Bakersfield), 1924-25; Asst. to
Dir. of Geological Research, W. A. Vander-
gracht, Marland Oil Companies (Houston
and Dallas. Texas, Ponca City, Okla., Den-
ver, Colo., Los Angeles and San Fremcisco,
Calif., Calgarv, Atla., New York City), 1926-



27- Independent Oil Operator (Los Angeles,

Calif. >. 1928-40. Organized Hilldon Oil Co.,

1936, Basin Oil Co., 1938.

Directorships: Pros, and Dir. of the Hilldon

Oil Co., Basin Oil Co.

Army Record: 2nd Lieut., U.S. Infantry, 1918.

Honorable discharge, 1919.

Memberships: University Club, California

Club (Los Angeles).

Religion: Unitarian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing and photography.

Bus Address: 1135 Subway Terminal Bldg.,

417 So. Hill St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 770 Arden Rd., Pasadena^




Born: Alaska: d. of Florence (Clink) and
Martin Barrett.

Education: Various Western Convents and by
private tutors.

Married: Captain Larry O'Conner.
Publications: Writer about Alaska and Alas-
kans- novels, short stories, fact articles. Con-
tributor to American Magazine, Saturday
Evening Post, Cosn.opolitan. Author: Where
the Sun Swings North. 1922; Rocking Moon,
1925; Gentlemen Unafraid, 1928; Trail Eater
1929- Sitka, Portal Romance, 1930; Spawn of
the North, 1932; Alaskans All, 1933; River
House, 1935; Sondra O' Moore, 1939; Alaska
Holiday, 1940. Publishers: Putnam's Sons,
Houghton Mifflin, Little Brown.
Memberships: P.E.N.

Recreations: Cruising, all kinds of travel.
Btis. and Home Aadress: 315 Hillcrest Rd.,
San Carlos, Calif.


Advertising Executive; Vice-President in
Charge of Sales, Foster & Kleiser Company.
Born: Clintonville (Wis.), Aug. 11, 1898.
Married: Elaine, d. of Henry A. Adrian, in
Santa Barbara (Calif.), Sept. 27, 1922; ch.:
Phila Jane, Linda.

Prof Record: Assoc, with Foster & Kleiser Co.
since 1923; now Senior Vice-Pres., Pac. Assn.
Adv Clubs; Past Pres., San Francisco Ad-
vertising Club; Past Nat. President, Alpha
Delta Sigma (Nat. Intercollegiate Adv. Honor

Directorships: Foster & Kleiser Co. (Officer
and Dir.); Better Business Bureau and Ad-
vertising Club, San Francisco (Calif.).
Bus. Address: Foster & Kleiser, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 50 Northvale Rd., Oakland,
Calif. *

WILLSON, Meredith

Conductor; Composer; Musical Director.
Born: Mason City (Iowa), May 18, 1903; s.
of Rosalie (Reiniger) and John David Willson.
Education: Mason City High School; Dam-
rosch Institute of Musical Art; studied with
George Barrere, ..lortimer Wilson, Bernard
Waganaar and Henry Hadley.
Married: Elizabeth Wilson, in Albert Lee
(Minnesota), Aug. 29, 1920.

Prof. Record: Dance orchestra at Mason City
High School ; leader of own orchestra at Lake
Okiboji (Iowa); played flute in New York
movie houses, two summers, local band under
James Fulton and Frank Simon, three sea-
sons (1921-2-3) first flute and solo flute
John Philip Sousa, one season, Rialto Theatre
(New York) with Dr. Hugo Riesenfeld, five
seasons (1925-1929) with New York Philhar-
monic. Musical Dir., American Broadcasting
System (Seattle), Don Lee Network, Western
Div., National Broadcasting Co., The Great
Dictator (Charlie Chaplin film); The Little
Foxes (Samuel Goldwyn film); Good News
(NBC program) ; originator of NBC programs
Big Ten, America Sings, Waltz Time. Mere-
dith Willson's Musical Revue. Concert in
Rhythm. Records e.xclusively for Decca.
Publications: What Every Young Musician
Should Know (a book on music).
Compositions: Symphony No. 1 in F Minor
(San Francisco); Symphony No. S in E Minor
(Missions of California); O. O. Mclntyre
Suite- lyrics to John Philip Sousa's Liberty
Bell March; The Jervis Bay; The Song of
Steel and others.

Memberships: Family Club and Adv. Club
(Charter Mem.), both of San Francisco.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: CJolf, tennis.
Home Address: 618 No. Rodeo Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

WILSON. Lieutenant Colonel Arthur
Riehl. U.S.Army, A.B.
Author, Army Officer.

Born: Cherokee (Calif.), July 18, 1894; s. of
Agnes Matilda (Sorenson) and Alexander M.

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley) ; Grad..
Field Artillery, Technical School, 1922; Com-
mand and General Staff School, 1934; Field
Officers Course, Chemical Warfare Sch., 1935;
Army War Coll., 1935.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1919.
Army Record: Instr., Command and Gen.
Staff, 1935-37; on duty with the War Dept.
Gen. Staff, since 1937.

Publications: Field Artillery Manual (two
vols.), Drill and Ceremonies for Field Artil-

Memberships: Bachelordom (Berkeley) ; Fac-
ulty Club (Univ. of Mo.); Army & Navy
Club (Vv'ashington, U.C).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: General Staff, War Dept.,
Washington, D. C.
Home Address: Oroville, Calif.

WILSON, Clarence P., B.S.

Agricultural Chemist; Manager, California
Fruit Growers Exchange Products Depart-

Born: Baltimore (Md.), Dec. 26, 1885; s. of
Mary Frances (Palmer) and Clarence Wilson.
Education: George Washington Univ. (Wash-
ington, D.C.).

Degrees: B.S. in Chemistry, George Washing-
ton Univ., 1907.

Married: Mary Lillian, d. of Clifford P. Her-
ring, in Washington (D.C.), March 26. 1913;
ch.: three sons, one daughter.



/';•()/. Record: Student Assl. nnd Lnb. Asst.,
Uurciiu or Chemistry. U.S. Dcpl. of AkiIcuI-
turo (WnshlriKton, U.C), liMKi-OT; Sclontlfic, Huro;iu of Chemistry. U.S.D.A. (Wash-
InRton, D.C.). I(H)7-1I; Scientific A.ssl. and
Asst. Chemist, Lab. of Krull & VcKetablc
Chemistry, U.S. Depl. of Apr. (Los Angeles,
Calif.), li)ll-l(;: MKr. and Chief Chemist, Ex-
change Mv-1'roducts Co. (Corona, Calif.),
1910-20; Dlr., Research Dcpt., Calif. Fruit
Growers Exchange, 1>j2()-20; A.sst. Gen. Mgr.,
Calif. Fruit Growers Exchange I'roducts Depl.,
1929-38; Mgr., Calif. Fruit Growers Ex-
change Products Dept., 1938 — .
Publications: Numerous govt, bulletins and
articles in technical journals dealing with food
chemistry and chemistry of citrus products.
Vemhershivs: Amer. Chemical Soc; Amer.
Assn. for Adv. of Science; Biochemical Soc.
(Great Britain); Soc. of Chemical Industry
(Great Britain); Assn. of Food Technologists;
Sierra Club; Nat. Geographic Soc; New York
Acad, of Sciences; Sigma PI Epsilon.
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Walking, especially in the moun-
tains; trout fishing; music.
Bus. Address: 616 East Grove St., Ontario,

Home Address: 121 East H. St., Ontario,
calif. •

WILSON, Professor David Mathias,

B.S.E., C.E.

Professor of Civil Engineering; Head, Division
of General Engineering, University of South-
ern California.

Born- Belleville (Mich.), Oct. 3, 1896; s. of
Mary E. (Mathias) and William H. Wilson.

Education: Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: B.S.E. (C.E.), 1920, C.E., 1937,
Univ. of Michigan.

Married: Dorothy Hope, d. of Rev. Thomas
E. Ream, in South Elgin (Illinois), Sept. 10,
1921; ch.: Shirley Margaret, John Collins.

Prof. Record: Asst. Engr., The Texas Co.
(Port Arthur, Texas), Feb. -Oct., 1920; Instr.,
Mechanics, Univ. of Wisconsin, Oct. 1920-Oct.
1923; Instr., Structural Engrg.. Univ. of Wis-
consin, Oct. 1923-June, 1924; Resident Engr.
(Athens. Wis.), June 1924-Oct., 1924; Asst.
Engr., the Central Aguirre Sugar Co. (Central
Aguirre, Porto Rico), Oct., 1924-April, 1929;
Engr., Pa. Salt Mfg. Co. (Wyandotte, Mich.),
May, 1929-Sept., 1931, Assoc. Prof., Sept.,
1931-Sept., 1937, Prof., Sept., 1937—.

Publications: Analysis of Statically Indeter-
minate Structures (Edward Bros.), 1934;
Several discussions in Proceedings, American
Society of Civil Engineers.

Army Record: Private, Engr. Corps, June 21,
1918- Nov. 5, 1918.

Memberships: Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, Chi
Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers;
Society for the Promotion of Engineering

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, gardening.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 919 Fourth Ave., Los Angeles,
Calif. *

WILSON. Edward Ellis

.UiiilDr Mclc' in Charge. Weather Bu-
reau (Jfrice, Kern County AlrjKjrt.
Born: Cucro (Texas), Aug. 19, 1906; s. of
Maltle Belle (Uu.sscU) and James Carol Wil-

Education: San Diego State College.
Married: Elaine Bertha, d. of Peggy and Er-
nest E. Nash, In Las Vegas (Nevada), Sept.
22, 1937; ch.: two.

Prof. Record: U.S. Weather Bureau since
June, 19:i0, as Junior Meteorologist In Charge,
Weather Bureau Office, Kern County Airport
(Bakersfleld, Calif.).
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Minerology.

Bus. Address: Kern County Airport, Bakers-
field, Calif.

Home Address: 603 Arvin St., Bakersfleld,

WILSON. Emmet Homer

Judge of the Superior Court, Los Angeles

Born: Greeley (Colo.), Jan. 15, 1876; s. of
Josephine Elizabeth (Cochran) and John Em-
met Wilson.

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 227 of 235)