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Memberships: Fellow (Life), Royal Society
of Arts (London); Amer. Coll. of Physicians
(Life), and Amer. Med. Assn.; Amer. Legion
(Past Commdr.); Disabled Amer. Veterans
(Life) (Commander); So. Calif. Chapter.
Military Order of the World War; Phi Chi.
Theta, Nu Epsilon, Phi Sigma (Hon.); Univ.
Club (L.A.).

Bus. Address: 727 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 744 Ocampo Dr., Pacific
Palisades. Calif.



BAILEY. Herbert S(tevens). A.B., B.S.

Kxccullvo, Chemist.

ManuKi'i-, Tho lOxdiange Orange Products

Rom: Hethlohom (Penna.l, Sept. 12, 1880;
s. or Anivesta (Trumbauer) and E. II. S.

Education: Kansas Slate Univ. and M. I. T.
Degrees, Honors: A.B., Kansas Stale Univ.,
1902; Sigma XI (K.S.U.), 1002; B.S., M.I.T.,

Married: Winifred, d. oC Lucy (Thornton)
and John J. Evoringham, Topoka (Kan.),
Dec. 30, 1919; rh.: Lucy Thornton and
Edgar Herbert.

Bus. Record: Chemist, Armour Packing Co.,
1903-04; Assl., Oils, Mass. Inst. Tech,,
19w5-06; Instr. Chem. Micli. Coll., 1907-08;
Chief, Oil, Fat, and Wa.x Lab., Bur. Ctiem.,
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1908-18;, E. I.
du Pont de Nemours and Co., 1918-20; Di-
rector Research, 1920-22; Chief Chemist, So.
Cotton Oil Co., 1922-24; Supt., The Ex-
change Orange Products Co., 1924-25; Man-
ager, 1925—.

Diretcorships : Secretary-Treasurer, The Ex-
change Orange Products Co.. 1924-25, Chaf-
fey Union Sch. Bd.

Publications: Has written various scientific
papers and bulletins for U. S. Bureau of
Chemistry, U.S.D.A. year books and tech-
nical journals; Co-Author with E. H. S.
Bailey of Food Products From Afar.
Memberships: Alpha Tau Omega, American
Chemical Society, Inst. Food Technologists.
Religion : Presbyterian .
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golt and collecting stamps.
Bus. Address: 616 E. Grove St., Ontario,

Home Address: 1122 No. Euclid Ave.. On-
tario, Calif.

BAILEY. The Reverend Professor John
William, A.B., B.D., Ph.D.
College and Divinity School Professor.
Born: Scott County (Ind.); s. of Virginia
Caroline (Coker) and James Perry Bailey.
Education: Rural Pub. Schls. ; Franklin Coll.
(Ind.) ; Univ. of Chicago.

Degrees: A.B., Franklin Coll., 1898: B.D.,
U. of Chicago, 1901; Ph.D., U. of Chicago,

Married: (a) Celestine Marcella, d. of
Martha (Lucas) and Amorine Wood, Frank-
lin (Ind.), Dec. 27, 1900; ch.: Harold Wood,
Ernest Richard, Margaret Ruth, and John
William, Jr.

(b) Louise White Herron, d. of Cordelia
(White) and M. F. Herron, Dallas (Texas),
June 18, 1940.

Prof. Record: Pastor, 1904-14; Prss. of Cen-
tral Coll. of Iowa, and Colorado Woman's
Coll., 1914-23; Coll. and Divinity Sch. Prof.,
1910-40; Extension Instr. U. of Chicago,
1901-14; served on various boards and com-
mittees of religious and educational bodies;
Moderator, Northern Calif. Baptist Conven-
tion, 1930-31: Northern Calif. Council Re-
ligious Education, 1931-32; Vice-Pres. Calif.
Church Council, 1933-36.

Publications: Does Hellenism Contribute to
Paul's Christology (Thesis) ; Christianity a
Way of Life and Belief; Read It Again;
Studies in Papyri; writer of Sunday Sshool

hcHHon Comments, 19.35-40. and many maga-
zine articles.

Memberships: Berkeley City Commons Club;
Amcr. Soc. Church Hist.; Soc. Biblical Liter-
ature and Exegesis; .Soc. of Biblical Instructors;
Assoc. Amer. Sch. of Oriental
Religion: Bai)tist.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Aulolng, gardening.
Bus. Address: 2606 Dwight Way. Berkeley,
Home Address: 226 Blake St., Berkeley,

BAILEY. Mason Albert. LL.B.


Born: Dimondale (Mich.), Mar. 2, 1890; s.
Lona M. (Porter) and B. E. Bailey.
Education: So. Ore. State Normal; Univer-
sity of Michigan.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of Mich., 1913
Married: Cora, d. of Dexter Colby, at Grants
Pass (Ore.), Sept. 17. 1914.
Prof. Record: City Ally, of Dunsmulr
(Calif.), 1914-18; Dist. Ally, of Madera
Co. (Calif.), from 1922-35; since 1935, has
been in general practice.

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Dir., Madera
Bldg. and Loan Assn.; Chmn., Madera Co.
Democratic Central Comm., 1940.
Army Service: 1918, Coast Artillery Corps.

Memberships: Kappa Beta Psi (U. of Mich.).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Fishing, hunting.
Bus. Address: 106 So. D St., Madera, Calif.
Home Address: 225 No. A St., Madera,
Calif. *

BAILIE, Norman A.


Partner, Bailie, Turner & Lake.
Born: Ontario (Canada), Jan. 2, 1877; s. of
Margaret (Taylor) and John Bailie.
Education: Public School and (3oderich Col-
legiate Institute (Can.).

Married: Charlotte, d. of Helen Louisa
(Kellv) and John Justus Farmer, Sept. 20,
1900;" ch.: Margaret Bailie Leppo and Dor-
othy Bailie Baker.

Prof. Record: Came to Calif, in 1895: taught
in the public schls. of San Bernardino Co.
for three years, and in San Bernardino high
sch. for seven years; studied law while
teaching and was admited to practice May
15, 1905. Came to L. A. in 1907, and for
a few months practiced with Shankland &
Chandler; practiced with Gray, Barker &
Bowen, and Flint, Gray & Barker for six
and a half years; formed a partnership with
Wm. A. Bowen and practiced under the
firm name of Bowen & Bailie, 1916-19;
practiced alone 1919-24; since 1924 has prac-
ticed under the firm name of BaiUe, Turner
& Lake, a partnership composed of Norman
A. Bailie, Richard A. Turner and Frederick
W Lake. Admited to practice before the
Supreme Court of the U. S., Oct. 2, 1931.
Memberships: State Bar of Calif., Bd. of
Governors of State Bar of Calif., 1933-36
(Pres. 1934-35), L. A. Bar Assn. (Pres.
1930-31), Amer. Bar Assn., L. A Country
Club, Calif. Club, B.P.O.E. No. 99 (Exalted
Ruler, 1921-22), Wilshire Lodge No. 445.



F &A M and L. A. Consistory, Al Malaikah

Temple, A. A.D.N. M.S. and Phi Delta Phi

{legal frat.).

Religion : Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, hunting and fishing.

Bus. Address: Citizens National Bank Bldg.,

Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Aderss: 1649 Buckingham Rd., Los

Angeles, Calif.

BAIRD, The Reverend Jesse Hoys,
A.B., B.D., D.D., LL.D.

President of the San Francisco Theological

Born: Clintonville (Penna.), April 27, 1889;
s. of Mary Grace (Hovia) and John M.

Education: Grove City College (Pa.), Coll.
of Wooster (Ohio), McCormick Theological
Seminary (Chicago).

Degrees: A.B., 1912, D.D., 1928, Wooster;
B.D., McCormick Theol. Sem., 1917; LL.D.,
Occidental. 1941.

Married: Susanna Amanda Bragstad, July 4,
1917; ch.: Paul Jesse, James William, Jo-
seph' Arthur, Mary Louisa and Margaret

Prof. Record: Assistant Pastor, 1st Presb.
Church, Youngstovvn (Ohio), 1912-14, 19-20;
Pastor, First Presb. Church, Rexburg and
St Anthony (Idaho), 1917-19; Pastor, First
Presb. Church, Boise (Idaho), 1920-26; Pas-
tor First Presb. Church, Pomona (Calif.),
1926-28; Pastor, First Presb. Church, Salt
Lake City (Utah), 1928-31; Pastor. First
Presb. Church, Oakland (Cahf.), 19.31-37,
President, S. F. Theol. Sem., smce Jan. 1,

Directorships: President of the San Fran-
cisco Theological Seminary Evangelical Fel-
lowship of Northern California.
Publications: God's Laiv of Life (Caxton
Printers, Cadwell, Idaho), 1931: Church Mem-
bership and the Church; Great Christian
Leaders; Christians Day by Day; Today; and
various other articles and Sunday school ma-
terials written for the Westminster Press
from time to time. "Week of Prayer" pro-
gram for the Federal Council of the Churches
of Christ in America, 1939.
Army Service: Three years in the National
Guard of Pennsylvania.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa and Rotary
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Golfing, hiking, tennis, travel
and amateur motion pictures.
Bus. Address: San Francisco Theological Sem-
inary, San Anselmo, Calif.
Home Address: 120 Seminary Rd. San
Anselmo, Calif. (Summer home in Mount
Hermon, Calif.)

BAKER, G. Derwood. A.B., M.A., Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools.
Born: Glendora (Calif.), July 26, 1899; s. of
Abbie W. (White) and Horace G. Baker.
Education: Pomona Colege, Claremont, Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll.. 1922; M.A.,
1926, Ed.D., 1939, Teachers Coll., Columbia
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Florence and Henry

Adamson, at Monrovia, Calif., 1925; ch.:
Susan, age 6; Diana, age 14.
Prof. Record: Freshman class adviser, coach,
freshman football and varsity debate, Po-
mona Coll., 1922-23; Instr. in U. S. History,
Coach of Football and Debate, Ridgewood
(N. J.), High Sch., 1923-25; Instr., Soc.
Studies, Coach of Football and Debate, John
Burroughs Sch., St. Louis (Mo.), 1925-27;
Prin., Langlev, Jr. High Sch., Washington
^D. C), 1927-28; Prin., So. Pasadena High
Sch., i928-.37; Acting Prin., High Sch. Div.
Lincoln Sch. of Teachers Coll., Columbia
1937-38- Prin., Ficldston Sch. of the Ethical
Culture Soc. (New York City), 1938-40
Visiting Prof, of Ed., Ohio State Univ., Co
lumbus (Ohio), Summers, 1937-38; Director
Curriculum Workshop, Teachers College, Co
lumbia Univ. (New York City), Summers
1939-40; Superintednent of Schs (public)
Boulder (Colo.), 1940—.
Directorships: Board of Directors, Progres-
sive Education Assn.

Publications: Has written many articles which
have been published in various educational

Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa (honorary
education fraternity).
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Superintendent of Schools,
Box 186, Boulder, Colo.
Home Address: 904 Mapleton, Boulder, Colo.

BAKER. The Rt. Rev. James
Chamberlain, A.B., S.T.B., D.D., LL.D.

Bishop, California Area of Methodist Church.

Born: Sheldon (111.), June 2, 1879; s. of
Martha Frances (Henry) and Benjamin Webb

Education: Illinois Wesleyan University.

Degrees: A.B., 1898, D.D., 1913. 111. Wes-
leyan U.; S.T.B., Boston U., 1905; L.L.D.,
111. Wesleyan U., 1928, Cornell Coll.
(Mount Vernon, Iowa), 1930, Ohio Wesleyan
Univ., 1931, Coll. of the Pacific, 1934, U. of
So. Calif., 1940.

Married: Lena, d. of Cornelius Benson, at
Laclede (Mo.); ch.: Lois Benson and Eliza-
beth Benson.

Prof. Record: Professor of Greek, Mi.ssouri
Wesleyan College (Cameron), 1898-1902: en-
tered M. E. Ministry, 1900; Pastor, Ashland
(Mass.), 1903-05; Pastor. McLean (111.),
1905-07; Pastor, Trinity Ch., Urbana. 1907-
28; Organizer and Head of V/eslev Founda-
tion, U. of 111. (The first Wesley Foundation
in the country) ; elected Bishop of M. E. Ch.,
1928; assignesd to supervision of work in
Japan, Korea and Manchuria; assigned to
San Francisco area, 1932; Mem., Bd. of Fgn.
Missions, 1916-20: Mem., Joint Comm. on
State U. Work; Mem., Univ. Senate of M. E.
Ch., 1920; also of Bd. of Ed., 1920-28; Del.,
Gen. Conf. M. E. Church, 1916, 20, 24, 28;
Oxford Conf., 1937, Madras Conf., 1938.
Vice-Pres., Internatl. Missionary Council
since 1938; Mem. Student-Dept. Comm of
Nat. Council Y. M. C. A.; Chmn., Advance
Program Comm., Y. M. C. A.; Mem., Constl.
Conv. Y. M. C. A.; Bishop, Calif. Area of
Methodist Church, 1939—.
Directorships: Trustee of the College of the
Pacific; U. of So. Calif.; the Pacific School
of Religion.



Membemhips: Acacia Fraternity; Mason, 32";
lion. Member, A. K. L.
Religion: Methodist.

Bun. Adrrss: 125 Marschessault St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

iranif AdilrcfiH: 185S E. California St., San
Marino. Calif.

BAKER, John Earl. Ph.B., M.A., LL.D.
Ueliof Executive.

Born: Eagle (Wis.), Aug. 2.'!, 1880; s. of
Lydia Ann (Duffin) and Francis Baker.
Education: Grad. Whitewater (Wis.) Normal
Sch., 1901; University of Wis., 1906; Law
Dept. George Wa.shington U., 1907-08.
Degrees; Ph.B., 1906, M. A. ,1908, LL.D., 1936,
U. of Wis.

liarricd: Willie Katherine Smith, Thomasville
(Ga.l, Dec. 30, 1908; ch.: Frances Lydia
(Mrs. Howard F. Ross), Barbara Smith (Mrs.
George William Louden), and John Earl.
Prof. Record: Teacher Public Schools until
1903; Clerk, Interstate Commerce Comm.,
1907-09; Clerk, Census Bureau, 1909-10; Sta-
tistician, Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire-
men and Enginemen, 1910; Service Inspec-
tor, Southern Pacific Company, 1910-11; Sta-
tistician, 1912-16; Adviser on Railway Man-
agement to Ministry of Communications,
(China), 1916-26; Trustee, China Foundation
for Promotion of Education and Culture. As
Dir.. Amer. Red Cross China Famine Relief,
1920-21, by constructing 850 miles of high-
way in four provinces of China, as means
of giving emplojTnent to the destitute, gave
considerable impetus to highway program and
relief-through-work in China; General Secy.,
China Famine Relief, U. S. A., 1928; Exec.
Secy., Amer. Advisory Comm. on Famine
Relief, 1929: Adviser to Ministry of Rail-
ways, Nanking (China), 1930-31; Dir., Relief
Operations, China Internatl. Famine Relief
Commn., 1930; in charge of custody and
transportation, Amer. wheat and flour for
Natl. Flood Relief Commn., 1931-32; Mgr.,
Chinese-Amer. Wheat Syndicate (Ministry of
Finance), 1933-35; Adviser, Central Trust of
China (Ministry of Finance); Adviser, Na-
tional Relief Commn. ; Exec. Secy., China
Internatl. Famine Relief Commn., since 1937;
also Dir., Shanghai Internatl. Red Cross,

Publications: Explaining China, 1927; Chinese
Railway Accounts.

Decorations: Order of Bountiful Harvest,
3rd class, by Pres. of China, 1918; 2nd class
with sash, 1922; Order of Brilliant Jade,

Memberships: Chinese Social and Political
Science Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Tau
Omega; Delta Sigma Rho; Commonwealth
(San Francisco) and American (Shanghai)

Religion: Congregational.

Bus. Address: c/o Amer. Consulate. Hong-
kong, China.
Home Address: Mill Valley, Calif.

BAKER, Joseph John.

Explorer, Naturalist.

Director, Father Hubbard Educational Films,

University of Santa Clara.

Born: Jersey City (N. J.), Nov. 29, 1904; s.

of Marv (Broderick) and Stephen Henry


Education: St. Joseph's (N. J.).

Married: Veronica D., d. of John Stawicka.

nt Lyndhurst (N. J.), Sept., 1905; ch.:
Veronica Baker.

Prof. Record: Six years exploration and study
of animal life In India, Malaya, Borneo and
Indo-Chlna; ca|)ture of cobra for med-
ical research; Dir. of Division of Passes, and
Asst. Dir. of Exhibits, at the Golden Gate
Intnl. Exposition, 19.39-40; Dir., Father Hub-
bard Educational Films, U. of Santa Clara

Memberships: Explorers Club (Calcutta and
Singapore) .

Religion: Roman Catholic.
Recreations: Riding, fishing and hunting.

Bus. Address: University of Santa Clara,
Santa Clara. Calif., and 415 Lexington Ave.,
New York, N. Y.

Home Address: 788 No. First St., San Jose,
Calif., and 476 Columbia Blvd., Wood Ridge,
N. J.

BAKER. Milo Samuel. M.S.
Instructor in Botany, Santa Rosa Jr. College.
Born: Strawberry Point (Iowa); s. of Me-
lissa (Dalton) and Obadiah E. Baker.
Education: University of Calif. (Berkeley).
Degrees: M.S., Stanford U.
Married: Jennie, d. of Seth W. Churchill, at
San Jose (Calif.), 1897.

Prof. Record: Teacher of Biology, Physics
and Chemistry, Sacto High School, Physics
and Chemistry, Lowell High (San Francisco),
Botany, Santa Rosa Jr. Coll., since 1922.
Publications: Studies in Western Violets (Ma-
drono), 1935. 36, 38, 40: Check List of the
Seed Plants in the North Bay Counties (issued
every two years — last in 1939.).
Memberships: Calif. Botanical Soc. ; Torrey
Botanical Club; Am. Assn. for the Advance-
ment of Science.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Botanical trips all over the
West: caring for violet garden at Maple-
wood Farm (Kenwood, Calif.).
Bus. Address: Santa Rosa Junior College,
Santa Rosa, Calif.
Home Address: Kenwood, Calif.

BALABANIS, Professor Homer Paul,

Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Vice-President and Professor of Economics,

Humboldt State College.

Born: Brussa (Turkey), 1897; s. of Maria
(Psomas) and Paul Balabanis.

Education: Ecole Velletz (Brussa); Oshkosh
(Wis.), High School; University of Crhicago;

Stanford University.

Degrees: Ph.B., 1920, M. A. ,1923, U. of Chi-
cago; Ph.D., 1931, Stanford U.
Married: Frances Deane, d. of John Fecher,
at Del Monte (Calif.)., June 16, 1928; ch.:
Nancy Maria and Gordon Paul.
Prof. Record: Immigrants Protective League,
Hull House, 1919-20: Foreign Exchange and
Credit Research, Continental and Commer-
cial National Bank, Chicago, 1920-22; Asst.
in Commerce. U. of Chicago, 1922-23; Eco-
nomics, Stanford. 1928-29; Inst., Humboldt
State Coll.. Areata (Calif.). 1923-30, Prof,
of Economics, since 1930, Vice-Pres., since
1931, Dean of Summer Session, 1932-35, 1939.
Publications: American Discount Market (U.



of Chicago), 1934; Travel Sketches of Europe

(Times Printing Co.), 1938.

Army Record: Corporal, U. S. Army, 1917-18.

Memberships: Rotary. American Economic

Association, Hellenic Progressive Association,

American Legion.

Religion: Protestant.

Pontics: Independent.

Recreation: Floriculture.

Bus. Address: Humboldt State College,

Areata, Calif.

Home Address: Areata, Calif. *


Ne\\'spaperman and Playwright.
Born: Philadelphia (Pa.), Oct. 22, 1889; s.
of Mary F. and Lloyd Balderston.
Education: Student, Columbia U., 1911-14.
Married: Marion Rubicam, of New York
City, I\Iar. 6, 1921; ch.: John Lloyd, Jr.
Prof. Record: New York Corr., Phila. Record.
1912-14; went to Europe as free lance War
Corr., 1915, later rep. McClure Newspaper
Syndicate; Dir. Information, Great Britain
and Ireland, for U. S. Govt. Com. on Pub.
Information. 1918-19; Editor, The Outlook,
London, 1920-23; Chief London Corr., New
York World, 1923-31; Member Council on
Foreign Relations, New York.
Publications: The Genius of the Marne, 1919;
also A Morality Play for the Leisure Class,
1924; Berkeley Square, 1929. Co-author
(plays): Dracula. 1927, Frankenstein, 1931,
Red Planet, 1932, Farewell Performance,
1936; (motion pictures): Lives of a Bengal
Lancer, Berkeley Square, Mystery of Edwin
Drood, Last of the Mohicans, Prisoner of
Zenda, and others.

Memberships: Savile Athenaeum (London);
Players ( New York).

Home Address: 1800 Angelo Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

BALDWIN. Dean Onias Barber. A.B.

M.A., Ph.D.

Dean of Men, Professor of Psychology, Whit-
tier College.

Born: Augusta (Kan.), Nov. 12, 1862; s. of
Sarah Jane (Barber) and Sylvanus E. Bald-

Education: Kansas High Sch. (Wichita):
Friends University; U. of Chicago; U. of

Degrees: A.B., Friends U.; M.A., U. of Chi-
cago; Ph.D., U. of Kan.

Married: Waldena, d. of W. J. Martindale
at Wichita (Kan.); ch.: Alfred Lee.
Prof. Record: Prof, of Education, McPherson
Coll., 1911-14; Prof, of Education, South-
westn. Coll., 1914-19; Dean, Prof, of Educa-
tion, Morningside Coll., 1919-21; Prof, of
Phycology, Dean of Men, Whittier Coll.,

Memberships: Mason, Phi Delta Kappa, Ki-

Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreation: Gardening.

Bus. Address: Whittier College, Wliittier

Home Address: 802 E. Philadelphia Street,
Whittier, Calif. *

BALLANTINE. Professor Henry
Winthrop. A.B., LL.B., LL.D.
Professor of Law, University of Calif.
Born: Oberlin (Ohio), Oct. 12, 1880; s. of
Emma Frances (Atwood) and Wm. Gay Bal-

Education: Oberlin, Amherst, Harvard Uni-

Degrees: A.B., 1900, L.L.B., 1904, Harvard;
L.L.D., Marietta Coll. (Ohio), 1940.
Married: Grace, d. of Mrs. James M. Weth-
erell St., Mill Valley (Calif.), July 22, 1906
ch.: Betty Winthrop Ballantine.
Prof. Record: Practiced Law, San Francisco,
1904-11 (incidental teaching at U. of Calif.);
Law School, Montana U. (Dean, 2 years) ;
Law School, Wisconsin U., 3 years; Coll. of
Law, 111. U. (Dean, four years) ; Law
School, Minnesota U., 4 years; Prof, of Law,
School of Jurisprudence, U. of Cailf., since

Publications: Private Corporations, 1927;
Ma,nual of Corporation Law and Practice,
1930; Problems in Law, with. Solutions. 1937;
California Corporation Laws, 1938 (Graham
Sterling, Co-author) ; Cases and Materials in
Law of Corporations, 1939 (N. D. Lattin,
Co-author) ; articles in legal periodicals.
Memberships: Faculty Club, Delta Kappa

Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Swimming and walking.
Bus. Address: University of California,
Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 2600 Ridge Rd., Berkeley,

BALLARD. B. Ernest.

Musical Director, Wilshire Blvd. Temple.
Born: Evansville (Wis.), Feb. 28; s. of Allie
M. (Eldridge) and Ernest James Ballard.
Musical Education: Studied with Harrison
M. Wild, Chicago and Albert Riemeen-
schneidor at San Diego.

Prof. Record: Organist and Choir Master of
St. James Episcopal Church, Los Angeles;
Organist of Pueblo Oratorio, Chapman Park
(Los Angeles) ; Dean of So. Calif. Chapter
of the Amer. Guild of Organists. 1932-33;
Musical Director of Wilshire Blvd. Temple.
Directorships: Exec. Comm. of the L. A.
Chapter of the American Guild of Organ-
ists; Member of the Music Commn. of the
Episcopal Church of So. Calif.
Army Record: Served with army in France,

Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: 3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home: 516 So. St. Andrews PI., Los Ange-
les, Calif. •



Born: New York, Mar. 7, 1879; s. of Tillie
(Rothschild) and Julius Ballin.
Education: Studied at Art Students' League
(New York) and in Rome and Florence.
Married: Mabel Croft, 1909.
Prof. Record: Executive Chamber, Madison,
(Wis.); rooms in homes of Oliver Gould
Jennings (N.Y.C.), E. D. Brandegee (Bos-
ton), and Milton E. Getz; decoration "His-
tory of the Jews," B'nai B'rlth Temple (Los



Angeles) ; decorative pictures In many pvt.
collections also roprescnted In Mus.,
Washington, (D. C): Montc-lalr Mus. (New
Jersey): Ann Mary Memorial (R. I.); mur-
als In Kdlson HldK., New County Hos., Title
Ins. and Tr. UldK-, Guarantee Hide., New
Times nUlR. (I.,()s Angeles), Carew Memorial
Chapel (San Francisco), First Nat. Bank
(La .lolla); murals and celling, Griffith Obs.,
Hollywood; The Windu, two murals. Golden
Gate Internal. Expn., 19,'W; produced and
mounted over 100 feature motions pictures
Including East Lynnc, Pagan Love, Baby
Mine, The Journey's End, Jane Eyre, Vanity
Fair, Married People; work reproduced In
Critic, Century, Kunst and Kustlerwerke
(Vienna), Internat. Studio, etc.
Puhlications : Author: Stigma, The Woman
at the Door, The Broken Toy, Dolce Far
N ente and Mr. Claus Goes Shopping.
Awards: Awarded scholarshhip. Art Stu-
dents' League: Shaw Prize Fund, 1905;
Thomas B. Clarke Prize, 1906 and 1940; Ar-
chitectural League Medal, 1906-07; Medal,
Buenos Aires Internat. Epn., Hallgarten Prize,
1907: Anthony Dyer Prize (R. I.); Specialty
Mural Decorations; Certificate of Honor,
San Diego Chapter Am. Inst. Architects.
Memberships: Member of National Acad-
emy; Soc. Mural Decorators; Nat. Inst. Arts
and Letters; Foundation of Western Art.
Home Address: 567 Almoloya Dr., Pacific
Palisades, Calif. *

BANCROFT. Philip, A.B., M.A., LL.B.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 30, 1881;
s. of Matilda Cooley (Griffing) and Hubert
Howe Bancroft.

Education: Harvard Univ., and Hastings
College of the Law, Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Harvard, 1903; M.A., Har-
vard, 1904; LL.B., Hastings Coll., U. of
Calif., 1905.

Married: Nina Otis, d. of Emma (West) and
Charles F. Eldred, Coronado, Calif., June
30, 1905; ch.: Anne Josephine, (Mrs. Wy-
man Graham) ; Lucy Eldred, (Mrs. John
Alden Redfield) ; Philip Bancroft, Jr.
Prof. Record: Practised Law in San Francis-
co, 1905-17; farmed in Contra Costa County,
1919 to date.

Directorships: Contra Costa Walnut Grow-
ers Assn. ; Calif. Pear Growers Assn.
Army: 1st R. O. T. C, U. S. Army, May
to Aug., 1917; Commissioned 2nd Lt., Aug.
1917; served in France with the A.' E. F.
until Feb. 1919. Promoted to 1st Lt. 1918.
Me7nberships: Calif. Farm Bureau Federa-
tion; Assoc. Farmers; Pomona Grange; Far-
mers Educational and Cooperative Union.
Commonwealth, Harvard and Family Clubs;
Rotary; Amer. Legion.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, fishing, shooting, cards.
Bus. and Home Address: Walnut Creek,


Lawyer, Lecturer, Writer.

Born: Pasadena (Calif.), July 9, 1855; s.

of Helen Agnes (Elliott) and Arturo Ban-


Education: Stanford Univ.

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Richard Steven-

son, San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 4, 1908;
ch.: Steven.son Handlnl.

Publications: Tight Lines; Men. Fith and

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