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Clalrborno M. Hill, In Berkeley (Calif.), June
2(, 1911; ch.: Paul Kirkwood, Jr., Mrs. John
D. Wallace.

Prof. Record: Nalomas Consolidated and other
cngrg. and constr. work, 1910. Asst. Vlce-
I'res., Irving Trust Co. (New York), 1920-28;
Vice-Pres., Security-First Nat. Bank of Los
Angeles, 1928 — ; Chmn., Community Chest
Campaign, 1940-41 and 1941-42; First Vice-
Pres., Univ. of California Alumni Assn.
Directorships: Dir. of Los Angeles Commun-
ity Welfare Fed., Los Angeles Tuberculosis
and Health Assn., Combined Christmas Seal

Army Record: Lieut., Army Air Service, 1917-


Memberships: California Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Security-First National Bank
of Los Angeles, 215 W. Sixth St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 765 So. Windsor Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif. •

YOUNG. Archibald B.. A.B., LL.B.

Lawyer, Educator; Chairman, State Social
Welfare Board.

Born: Kentucky; s. of Elizabeth and William
T. Young.

Education: Centre College; Univ. of Louisville.
Degrees: A.B., Centre College, and LL.B.,
Univ. of Louisville.

Married: Editha, d. of Francis A. Hardy, in
Evanston (111.); ch.: a daughter.
Prof. Record. Practice of law, 1907-23; Prof.,
Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1937; State Social Wel-
fare Bd., 1937; State Relief Commn., 1937.
Directorships: Pasadena Community Play-
house Assn. ; Pan-American Investment.
Army Record: Lieut., Nat. Guard; transferred
to Regular Army Coast Artillery, 1918; re-
signed, 1919.

Memberships: Midwick Country, California
and Bohemian Clubs.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golf, tennis, etc.
Home Address: 80S So. San Rafael Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif. •

YOUNG, Arthur Rowland

Visiting Lecturer on Industrial Relations,
California Institute of Technology.
Born: Joliet (111.), Dec. 19, 1882; s. of Carrie
Elora (Chidsey) and Edward Howland Young.

Education: Grad., Joliet Township High Sch.,

Married: Edith (Kellogg) of Joliet, Aug. 15,
1906; ch.: Robert Kellogg, Jean Campbell,
Helen Louise.

Prof. Record: Worked as Roll-Hand Leverman,
Timekeeper, etc., in Joliet and So. Chicago
plants of 111. Steel Co. and in Minnequa
plant of Colo. Fuel & Iron Co. until 1912;
Supervisor of Labor and Safety, 111. Steel
Co., 1912-17; Dir., Amer. Mus. of Safety,
1917-18; Chief Safety Expert, U.S. Arsenals
and Navy Y'ards, World War I, also Chief
Safety Expert, U.S. Employees Compensation
Commn., 1917-18; Mgr., Industrial Relations



of the Internal. Harvester Co., 1918-24; In-
dustrial Relations Counsel to Industrial Re-
lations Counselors, Inc., 1924-34, also Secy.,
Consultant Internal. Labor Orgn. (Geneva) ;
Mem., N.Y. State Advisory Com. on Employ-
ment; Mem., Advisory Com. on President's
Council of Personnel Administration; Mem.,
Federal Advisory Council of U.S. Employ-
ment Security (Ciimn.); Vice-Pres., U.S.
Steel Corpn., 1934-37, retired October 1, 1937;
Lecturer on Industrial Relations, Harvard
Grad. Sch., Bus. Administration, Wharton
Sch. of Commerce and Industry; Cons. Prof,
of Industrial Relations, Leland Stanford Un-
iv. ; is now Visiting Lecturer on Industrial
Relations, Calif. Inst, of Technology.
Directorships: Vice-Pres., Amer. Mgmt. Assn.
(E.vec Com.); Nat. Safety Council (Ex-Pres.;
Mem., Exec. Com.); Mem., Amer. Mus. of
Safety (Vice-Pres.); Foreign Language In-
formation Service (Treas. and Chmn., Finance
Com.); Santa Barbara Boys School (Trus-
tee) ; Pres., Chem. Industries of Calif.
Awards: Henry Laurence Gantt Memorial
Medal, 1935, by Amer. Inst, of Mgmt., "for
outstanding and creative work in the field
of industrial relations."

Publications: Co- Author of Internal. Har-
vester (To.'s plan of employee representation;
Contbr., numerous papers on human relation-
ships in industry.

Memberships: Mason Knight Templar.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Bus. Address: California Institute of Tech-
nology, Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: Rancho "Huerta del Retlro,"
Lillingston Canyon, Carpinteria, Calif.; "The
Athenaeum," 406 So. Chester Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif. •

YOUNG. Arthur N(ichols), A.B., LL.B.,
A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.


Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Nov. 21, 1890;
s. of Adele (Nichols) and William Stewart

Education: Occidental Coll. (Los Angeles);
Princeton U.; George Washington Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1910, and LL.D., 1937, Occi-
dental Coll.; A.M., 1911, and Ph.D., 1914,
Princeton U. ; LL.B., George Washington U.,

Married: Ellen May (Bailey) of Pasadena
(Calif.), June 11, 1915; ch.: Elizabeth May
(Mrs. Phil W. Roulac), Arthur Allen, and
William Dwight.

Prof. Record: Prof, of Economics, Presbyn.
Coll. (Clinton, S.C), 1912-13; Instr. in Econ.,
Princeton U., 1915-17; Research Asso., U. of
Calif., 1917; Adviser on Taxation, Mexican
Govt., 1918; Trade Expert, War Trade Bd.,
1918; Trade Commr. to investigate financial
conditions in Spain for U.S. Dept. of Com-
merce, 1919; Economist in office of Foreign
Trade Adviser, Dept. of State, 1919-20; Fi-
nancial Adviser to Govt, of Honduras, 1920-21;
Financial Expert, Dept. of State, 1921-22;
Economic Adviser of same, 1922-28; Asso.
of Amer. Observer with Reparation Commn.
(Paris) during preparation of Dawes Plan,
1924; Chmn., Interdepartmental Com. on Oil
Pollution of Navigable Waters, 1924-26; Ex-
pert during foreign war debt negotiations,
1924-27; Expert attending World Economic
Conf. (Geneva), 1927; Expert on Pub. Cred-
it, Commn. of Financial Experts of Chinese

Govt., 1929; Financial Adviser to Chinese
Govt., since 1929; Mem., Chinese Flood Relief
Commn., 1931; Expert with Chinese Economic
Mission (Washington), 1933; Mem., Com.
on establishment of Central Reserve Bank
in China, 1936-37; Dir., China Nat. Aviation
Corpn. (Chungkingi, 1939; Vice-Pres.. Chin-
ese-Amer. Cultural Assn. (Chungking), 1939;
participated in Washington negotiations for
Amer. financial and material aid to China,

Publications: The Single Tax Movem,ent in
the United States, 1916; Finances of the Fed-
eral District of Mexico, 1918; Spanish Finance
and Trade, 1920; also various reports and
articles in mags.

Awards: Chinese Order of the "Brilliant

Memberships: Amer. Econ. Assn.; Acad, of
Polit. Sci.; Amer. Guild of Organists; Phi
Gamma Delta, Phi Beta Kappa; Cosmos Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Recreations : Music (piano and organ) ; sports.
Bus. Address: c /o Central Bank of China,
Chungking, China.

Home Address: 1725 Chelsea Rd., San Marino,
Calif. •

YOUNG, Colonel Clarence Marshall,

U.S.A.R., LL.B.

Lawyer; Army Officer; Mgr. Transpacific
Div. of Pan-American Airways System.
Born: Colfax (Iowa), July 23, 1889; s. of
Ella (Foy) and Theodore G. Young.
Education: West Des Moines High Sch.;
Drake Univ. ; Yale Univ.
Degrees: LL.B., Yale Univ.
Married: Lois, d. of Gladys E. Moran, in
Baltimore (Md.), Feb. 10, 1935; ch.: Tim-

Prof. Record: Began practice of law at Des
Moines (Iowa), 1910; served as Exec. Secy.,
Municipal Research Bur. (Des Moines), 1922-
25; Dir., Aeronautics, U.S. Dept. of Com-
merce, 1926-29; Asst. Secy, of Commerce for
Aeronautics, 1929-33; at present is Mgr.,
Transpacific Div., Pan- Amer. Airways System,
having become associated with this co. in

Directorships : San Francisco Chamber of Com-
merce, Bd. of Dirs.

Army Record: Mem., Air Service, U.S.A.,
1917-19; overseas, 18 mos., including five
mos. as prisoner of war, Austria.
Awards: Decorated Commdr., Order of the
Crown (Italy).

Memberships: Yale (New York), The Family
(San Francisco) Clubs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Pacific Div., of Pan-American
Airways System, Treasure Island, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1940 Vallejo St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

YOUNG, Ella. A.B.

Writer, Lecturer, Poet.

Born: Fenagh (Co. Antrim, Ireland), Dec.

26, 1867; d. of Matilda Ann (Russell) and

James Bristow Young.

Education: Pvt. sch.; pvt. tutors; classes at



Alcxaiidni Coll. :iiiil ■|'iliiity Coll. ( Dublin i;
Koyiil Univ.

Diyrrcs: A.H., Uoyal Univ., 18;)7.
Liliriirii Re,;, III: Is known as a Wrllor, Col-
lector ol' Kolk Lori', and Lecturer In Ireland;
came to New York in 1!)25 on a lecture lour
embracing the east, middlo west, and later
Calif. : was appointed lo the I'helan Memorial
Lectureship on Celtic Mythology and Liter-
ature at the Univ. of Calif.. I'.KiO and held
the position for the duration of the lecture-
ship; while In Amer, has written prose and
poetry; is at present engaged In writing her

Piiblications : Prose; Celtic Wonder Tales, The
Coming of Lugh, The Wonder-Smith and His
Son, The Tangle-Coated Horse, The Unicorn
with Silver Shoes, Articles on Celtic Myth-
ology, etc. Poetry: The Rose of Heaven, The
Weird of Fionavar, To the Little Princess,

Memberships: Nat. Acad, of Amer. Literature
(Hon. Life Mem.).

Religion: Pantheist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations : Gardening, horseback riding, sail-
ing in a boat without a motor.
Home Address: Bo.x 136, Oceano, Calif.

YOUNG. Professor Erie Fiske. Ph.B.,
M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S., F.A.S.A.

Professor of Sociology and Social Work, Uni-
versity of Southern California.
Born: Rantoul (111.), July 25, 1888; s. of Mary
(Meneley) and Pliny Morgan Young.

Education: Univ. of So. Calif.; Univ. of Chi-

Degrees: Ph.B., 1917, M.A., 1920, Ph.D.,
1924, all from Univ. of Chicago.
Married: Pauline, d. of Harriet (Forster)
and M. S. Vislick, in Louisville (Ky.), Sept.
28, 1918; ch.: Clarence Lee and Harriet Ann.
Prof. Record: Instr., Grad. Sch. of Soc. Serv-
ice Administration, Univ. of Chicago, 1919-
24; Asst. Prof., Asso. Prof., Prof, of Sociol-
ogy and Social Work, Univ. of So. Calif.,
since 1924. Asso. Ed., Sociology and Social
Research since 1924, ana Co-Ed., Social Work
Technique Publications since 1936.
Publications: The Case Worker's Desk Man-
ual. 1937, 1939, The New Social Worker's
Dictionary, 1936, 1939; large number of art-
icles in prof, social work and sociology jour-

Army Service: Social Worker, Amer. Red
Cross, Chicago Chapter, 1917-19; U.S. Field
Artillery, 1918.

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Assn. for the
Advancement of Science, and Amer. Statistical
Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta, Zeta Phi,
Alpha Kappa Delta.
Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1627 Wellington Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

YOUNG. George Gilray


Born: Grimsby (Can.), Mar. 15, 1876; s. of
Annie Maria (Clarke) and George Anderson.
Education: Pub. schs. of Canada.
Married: Juliette Helen (Hogan) in Los An-
geles (Calif.), June 18, 1908; ch. : Guy George.
Prof. Record; Came to U.S. 1899; naturalized

citizen, 1917. llugan as HeiKjrtcr, Wlnnliieg
Free Press, 1894; free lance advertising writ-
er (New York City), \'.HH)-():i: with Hampton
Adv. Agency, 190;i-07; with Hearst news-
papers, 19(J7-.'{8; (Jen. Mgr., Los Angeles
Exaviinnr, 1921-38.

Memberships: Sunset, Upllfler.s, Authors

Bus. Address: Manhattan Beach, Calif.

YOUNG. Professor John Parke.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Economics and Chairman of De-
partment, Occidental College.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 24, 1895;
s. of Adele (Nichols) and William Stewart

Education: Occidental Coll.; Columbia Univ.;
Princeton Univ.; (Fellow in Economics and
Social Instns., 1920-21).

Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1917; M.A.,
Columbia Univ., 1919; M.A., 1920. and Ph.D.
1922, Princeton Univ.

Married: Florence, d. of Clarence W. Hensel,
in Los Angeles; ch.: Richard Parke, Roger
Hensel, and Catherine Jean.
Prof. Record: E.xaminer, Fed. Trade Commn.,
1917-18; Instr., Princeton Univ., 1922-23; Eco-
nomist, Senate Commn. of Gold and Silver
inquiry, 1923-25; Prof, of Economics, Occi-
dental Coll., since 1926; Mem., Bd. of Eco-
nomic Survey of the Port of Los Angeles,
1933; Lecturer, univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles),
1935-38; Mem., Commn. of Financial Experts
to Govt, of China, 1929.

Directorships: Pres. and Dir., Pan-Amer. In-
vestment Fund, Inc.; Pres., Young and Koe-
nig. Inc.

Publications • European Currency and Finance,
two vols. (Govt. Printing Office), 1925;
Central American Currency and Finance
(Princeton Univ. Press), 1925; International
Trade and Finance (Ronald Press), 1938;
miscellaneous monographs.
Memberships: Amer. Econ. Assn.; Amer. Sta-
tistical Assn.; Amer. Acad, of Political and
Social Science; Pacific Coast Econ. Assn.;
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Gamma Delta.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Bus. Address: Occidental Coll., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2021 No. Arroyo Blvd., Pasa-
dena, Calif. •

YOUNG, Joseph John Yovina (see

YOUNG. Professor Paul Thomas,

A.B., A.M., Ph.D.

Professor Psychology, University of Illinois.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), May 26, 1892; s.
of Cynthia Adele (Nichols) and William
Stewart Young.

E ducation: Occidental College ; Princeton
Univ. ; Cornell Univ. ; Univ. of Berlin ((Ger-
many) .

Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1914; A.M.,
Princeton U., 1915; Ph.D., Cornell U., 1918.
Married: Josephine Kennedy, M.S., M.D., d.
of Caroline (Blanchard )and Thomas Ernest
Kennedy, in Berkeley (Calif.), July 27, 1929;
ch: Rosemary Adele Young (b. Mar. 28, 1933),
Stewart Adams Young (b. Aug. 19, 1934).
Prof. Record: Asst. in Psychol., Cornell U.,
1918; Instr. in Psychol., U. of Minn., 1919-21.



Asso., 1921-25, Asst. Prof., 1925-28, Asso.

Prof., 1928-34, and Prof, of Psychol., 1934,

U of Illinois. Nat. Research Council Fellow

in Psychol, at the U. of Berlin (Germany),

1926-27. Visiting Fellow in Psychol, at Yale

U., 1939-40.

Publications: Motivation of Behavior (John

Wiley and Sons. N.Y.), 1936, Pp. xviii &

562. About fifty published researches in the

standard psychological journals dealing with

feeling, motivation and set, food preferences

and appetite, sound localization, psychological

apparatus and other topics.

Meitiberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa,

Univ. Club (Urbana, 111.).

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Travel, music.

Bus. Address Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, 111.

Home Address: 1018 W. Hill St., Champaign,


YOUNG. Pauline V.. Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Author; Lecturer in Public Administration,
University of Southern California.
Born: Poland, May 30, 1896; d. of Harriet
(FSrster) and M. S. Vislick.
Education: Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of So.

Degrees: Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1919; M.A.,
1926, and Ph.D., 1930, Univ. of So. Calif.
Married: Erie F., s. of Mary (Meneley) and
Pliny M. Young, in Louisville (Ky.), Sept.
28, 1918; ch.: Clarence Lee and Harriet Ann.
Prof. Record: Was Research Investigator, U.S.
Dept. of Labor, and for 111. Commns.; Re-
search Asst., Univ. of So. Calif.; State Eco-
nomist, Calif. State Unemployment Commn. ;
Lecturer and Author; Grant-in Aid, Social
Science Research Council, Rockerfeller Foun-
dation, 1934-35; is now Lecturer in Public
Administration, Univ. of So. Calif. (Los An-
geles) .

Publications: Pilgrims of Russian-Town, Cal-
if. Hist. (Univ. of Chicago Press), 1932; In-
terviewing in Social Work. 1935; Social Treat-
ment in Probation and Delinquency, 1937;
Scientific Social Surveys and Research; Work
with the Adult Offender (in preparation) ;
Social Case Work in National Defense, 1941.
On Editorial Bd., American Sociological Re-

Army Service: Social Worker for Amer. Red
Cross, Home Service Div., during World War
I. Research worker and writer on social
work topics during World War II.
Memberships: Amer. Sociological Soc; Amer.
Assn. of Social Workers; Phi Beta Kappa,
Alpha Kappa Delta; Calif. Conference of
Social Workers.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1627 Wellington Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif. *

YOUNG, Professor William Gould,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chair-
man, Department of Chemistry, University
of California, Los Angeles.
Born: Colorado Springs (Colo.), July 30,
1902; s. of Mary E. (Salisbury) and Henry
A. Young.

Education: Colorado Springs pub. schs.; Colo.
Coll.; Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Degrees: A.B., 1924, and M.A., 1925, Colo.
Coll.; Ph.D., Calif. Inst of Tech., 1929.
Married: Helen Mabel, d. of Granville L.
Graybeal, in Pueblo (Colo.), June 4, 1926.
Prof. Record: Research Asst., Coastal Lab.,
Div. of Plant Biology, Carnegie Instn., 1925-
27; Research Fellow, Amer. Petroleum Inst,
at Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1927-28; DuPont Fel-
low, 1928-29; Nat. Research Fellow at Stan-
ford Univ., 1929-30; Instr., 1930-31, Asst.
Prof, of Chem., 1931-38, Asso. Prof, of Chem.
since 1938, and Chmn. Dept. of Chem., since
1940, Univ. of calif. (Los Angeles); Research
Fellow, Harvard Univ., spring term, 1940.
Directorships: Amer. Chem. Soc. (Exec. Com.,
Div. of Organic Chem., 1940-42; Chmn., So.
Calif, section, 1941-42, and Com., Professional
Training of Chemists).

Publications: Author of numerous articles on
atmospheric o.xidation, chem. of plant pig-
ments, carbohydrates, preparation and con-
figuration of sterioisomeric compounds, ther-
mal decomposition of alcohols, catalytic hydro-
genation, molecular rearrangements.
Memberships: Amer. Chem. Soc; Kappa Sig-
ma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Psi, Delta

Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Goli, fishing, and gardening.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 12301 Darlington Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif. •

YOVINO-YOUNG, Joseph John.

A.B., LL.B.

Lawyer; City Attorney of Albany.

Born: Boston (Mass.), May 17, 1901; s. of
Oliva (Cannizzaro) and Gaetano Yovino.
Education: Pvt. and pub schs. (Oakland,
Calif.); Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Degrees: A.B., 1926, and LL.B., 1929, Univ.
of Calif

Married: Mabel Faith, d. of Elizabeth and
John McClary, in Yolo Co. (Calif.); ch.: John
Carroll Smith (stepson), Gaetano Michael.
Prof. Record: Employed by So. Pac. R.R. Co.,
1916-20; restaurant owner; had various em-
ployment while attending Univ.; has been a
Sr. Mem., law firm. Young & Ryan (Oak-
land, Calif.), since 1930; was elected City
Atty. of Albany (Calif.), 1938.
Army Service: Res. Officers Training Corps,
Univ. of Calif., 1921-23.

Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn., Calif. State
Bar and Alameda Co. Bar Assns.; Municipal
Law Officers' Assn. ; Bay Counties Peace Of-
ficer's Assn. ; Albany-Thousand Oaks Ex-
change (Past ir^res.; District Governor);
Calif. Alumni Assn. (Life Mem.); B.P.O.E.;
F.O. Eagles; Knights of Pythias (Past Chan-
cellor Comdr. ; present Deputy Grand Chan-
cellor) ; Athens Athletic, San Pablo Ave.
Sportsmens; Asso. Sportsmen of Calif.: Albany
Chamber of Commerce; Director, The Ber-
keley Humane Society, Inc.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Music (former tenor soloist),
sports, travel, civic welfare.



Bus. A(i(lre.i.i: City Ilall. Albany, Calif.; and
1924 Hroadway, Oakland. Calif.

Home Address: 707 Galevicw Ave, Albany,

YUAN. Luke Chia-Liu. B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Kpscarih Fellow in Physics, California Insti-
tute of Technology.

Born: Changtehlu (Honan, China), Apr. 5,
1912; s. of Ke-Wen Yuan.
Education: Anglo-Chinese Coll., 1924-28; Tien-
tsin Univ., 1928-.30; Yenching Univ., 1930-
34; Univ. of Calif., 1936-37; Calif. Inst, of
Tech., 1937-40.

Degrees: B.S., 1932, and M.S., 1934, Yenching
Univ., Ph.D., Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1940.
Prof. Record: Teaching Asst., Physics Dept.,
Yenching Univ, 1932-34; Internat. House Fel-
low, Univ. of Calif., 1936-37; Grad. Asst.,
Physics Dept., Calif. Inst, of Tech. and at
present Research Fellow in Physics at Calif.
Inst, of Tech.

Publication.'!: Has written scientific articles
published in technical journals.
Memberships: Internat. House Assn.; Athen-
aeum; Sigma Xi.

Recreations: Amateur radio, photography,
music and tennis.

Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 177 London Rd., B.M.C.,
Tientsin, China., and 344 So. Catalina Ave.,
Pasadena, Calif.

YULE. William H.. A.B.

Citrus Rancher.

Born: Kenosha (Wis.), Dec. 28. 1883; s. of
Harriet (Head) and George A. Yule.
Education : Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Harvard Univ., 1906.
Married: Mary Perkins, d. of Mary and Chas.
Raymond in Akron (Ohio), 1911; ch.: W. H.,
Jr., George P., Chas. D., Douglas G.
Bus. Record: After grad. was employed by
Badger Brass Co. (N.Y.), then by B.F.
Goodrich Rubber Co. for ten yrs. until" he re-
signed as Asst. Gen. Sales Mgr. (to come to
Calif.) in 1919. Now operating a citrus ranch
in Carpinteria.

Directorships: Pres., Johnston Fruit Co.; Vice-
Pres., Bain Wagon Co.; Dir., First Nat. Trust
& Savings Bank; Pres., Sandyland Protective

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, shooting, deep sea fishing.
Home Address: Draft Board No. 142, Carpin-
teria, Calif. •



Born: New Y'ork City, Nov. 11; d. of Teresa

(Hoholka) and Stefan Zacsek.

Education: Pub. schs. (Los Angeles, Calif.);

Loyola Univ. of Los Angeles; and Budapest.

Prof. Record: Admitted to the bar, State of

Calif., 1932, and has practiced law intensively

since, principally as a trial lawyer; was Atty.

in several noted criminal cases.

MrmbcrHhipK: Nat. Women Lawyers, .So. Cal-
if. Council; Alumni, Loyola Law Sch.; Sigma
Tau XI.

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming and gardening.

Bus. Address: 405 So. Hill St., Los Angeles,

Ho7ne Address: 114 Ellen St., Playa Del Rev,
Calif. .

ZADOR, Eugene, Ph.D., Mus.D.


Born: Bataszek (Hungary), 1895; s. of Paul-
ina (Boermann) and Joseph Zador.

Education: Conservatory of Vienna and Leip-
zig; Univ. of Leipzig; Univ. of Halle (Ger-

Degrees: Ph.D., Miinster, 1921; Mus. D.. 19.35.
Professor honoris catisa, Budapest, 1935.

Prof. Record: Teacher, 1922-34, and Pres. of
Vienna Conservatory of Music, 1934-,38; has
been Composer, Metro-(3oldwyn-.Mayer Studios
since Feb., 1940. Twelve operas performed
throughout Hungary, Austria, and Germany,
his opera Columbus was performed on NBC
networks at Center Theatre (New Yorki,
1939: eighteen symphonic works performed
throughout Europe, Amer., Japan, Egypt, etc.,
thirteen of which have been published.

Publications: Thirteen symphonic works have
been published by Ries and Erler (Eulenburg)
in Europe, and by Harmony Edition, Asso.
Music Publishers (New York).

Home Address: 753 No. Citrus Ave. Holly-
wood, Calif.

ZARCHIN, Michael M., B.S., M.S.,

Instructor of Economics, San Francisco Jr.

Born: Zolotonoscha (Russia), Jan. 21, 1893;
s. of Haya (Hinda) and Moses Samuel.

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Stanford Univ.;
Dropsie Coll.

Degrees: B.S., 1920, and M.S., 1922, Univ. of
Calif.; Ph.D., Dropsie Coll., 1931.

Married: Eva Lillian, d. of Philip Shapiro, in
New York City, Oct. 11, 1931; ch.: Deborah

Prof. Record: E.xec. Dir., of Jewish Ednl.
Soc. (San Francisco, Calif.), 1925-28, Jewish
Ednl. Inst. (Oakland, Calif.), 1932-33, Jewish
Ednl. Assn. (Washington, D.C.); is now Instr.
of Economics, San i'rancisco Jr. Coll.

Directorships: Pres., San Francisco Chapter,
Histadruth Ivrith of Amer. ; Dir., San Fran-
cisco Zionist Dist., Dir., Jewish Welfare Bd.,
Ninth Corps Area (Army and Navy).

Publications: From Constantine to Hitler
(United Council), 1936; Jews in the Province
of Posen (Dropsie Coll.). 1939; Problems and
Tables in Statistical Methods (Edwards Bros.,
Ann Arbor, Mich.), 1940; contbr. to different
weeklies and magazines; Author of column,
"The Ways of Man."

Memberships: Omicron Delta Gamma; Omi-
cron Phi Pi (both Econ. hon. Socs.).
Religion : Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Hiking.



Bus. Address: San Francisco Jr. Coll., San
Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 295 Urbano Dr., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

ZECHMEISTER, Professor Ldszl6,

Professor of Organic Chemistry, California
Institute of Teclinology.

Born: Gyor (Hungary), May 14. 1889; s. of
Iren (Mocs^ry) and Charles Zechmeister.
Education: Gyor High Sch.; Polytechnicum
(Ziirich, Switzerland).

Degrees: Diploma of Chemist, Zurich, 1911;, Zurich, 1913.

Married: Camilla, d. of Joseph Benes, in
Budapest (Hungary), Jan. 10, 1924.
Prof. Record: Asst. and Chief Asst., Kaiser
Wilhelm-Institut fiir Chemie, Berlin-Dahlem

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