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Observer U. S. Coast and Geod. Survey, 1902-
04. Awarded Comstock prize for Electricity,
Magnetism and Radiation, Nat. Acad. Sci-
ences, for discovery of Magnetization by Ro-
tation, 1918. Faculty Research Lecturer,
U. of Calif. (Los Angeles), 1928. Member,
International Reunion d'fitudes sur le Mag-
netisme, Strasbourg, 1939. Member Nat'l
Research Council, 1922-24, and of its Coms.
on Theories of Magnetism and Electromag-
netic Induction.

Publications: Elements of Electro-magnetic
Theory, 1903. Contbd. articles especially
on Theoretical and Experimental Electricity
and Magnetism.

Me7nherships: F.A.A.A.S. (Exec. Com. Pa-
cific Div. 1927-34); Amer. Physical Soc;
Amer. Acad. Arts and Sciences; Amer. Geo-
phys. Union; Wash. Philos. Soc; Sigma Xi
Cornell) (Pres., Calif. -L. A. Chapter, 1933-
34); Phi Beta Kappa (U. of Va.); Athenaeum
Club of Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Hoyne Address: 939 Thayer Ave., Westwood
Hills, Los Angeles, Calif.



Born: Greenville (Iowa), May 21, 1895; d.
of Mary Ann (Evans) and Samuel Hartman

Education: Whittier High Sch.; Univ. exten-
sion courses.

Married: A. L. Barney, s. of Catherine and
John Barney, Sr., in Chippewa Falls (Wis.);
ch.: Frank Strawn Cammack and Mary Jane

Prof. Record: Has been Co-Publisher of the
Belvedere Citizen for the last seven years.
Democratic State Committeewoman in Cali-
fornia from Los Angeles County.
Memberships: Business and Professional Wo-
man's Club; Vice-Pres. of the Toastmistress
Club; Pres. of the Hub Club.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recerations: Painting and decorating.
Bus. Address: Belveder Citizen, 3725 E.
First St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 4045 Floral Dr., Los Angeles,

BARRETT, Professor Clifford. A.B.
M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy, Scripps College.
Born: Conn., Dec. 3, 1894; s. of Catherine
L. (Gibson) and Charles L. Barrett.
Education: Occidental College; Syracuse Uni-
versity; U. of Calif.; Princeton U.
Degrees: A.B., Occidental, 1917; M.A., Prince-
ton, 1920; Ph.D. Syracuse, 1926.
Married: Gertrude Nancy, d. of Elizabeth
and Benjamin F. Whitton, at Berkeley
(Calif.), May 17, 1923; ch.: Norman Whitton.
Prof. Record: Mills Asst. in Philosophy, U. of
Calif., 1922-23; Instr. in Philosophy, Asst.
Prof, and Chmn. of Phil. Dept., U. of Calif.,
L. A., 1923-25, 1926-30; Asst. Prof, of Phil-
osophy and Departmental Representative,
Princeton U., 1930-40; Prof, of Philosophy,
Scripps Coll., 1940—.

Publications: Ethics, Philosophy, Contempo-
rary Idealism, in America (Editor and Con-
tributor) ; also numerous articles in the
Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Review,
International Jouranl of Ethics, New York
Times Book Review, Forum, etc.
Memberships: Princeton (N. Y. C).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreation : Tennis.

Bus. Address: Scripps College, Claremont,

Home Address: 1011 Berkeley Ave., Clare-
mont, Calif. *

BARRETT, Edward John Boyd. M.A..


Born: Dublin (Eire), Oct. 29, 1883; s. of
Mary (MacCarthy) and John Boyd Barrett.
Education: Clongov/es Wood College (Eire);
Nat. University (Eire) ; Louvain U. (Belgium).
Degrees: M.A., Nat. U., 1911; Ph.D., Lou-
vain U., 1911.

Married: Anna Berkeley, d. of Joseph O'-
Beirne, in Md., 1931; ch.: Eamon Boyd

Prof. Record: Associated wfith the Jesuit Order
for many years, and subsequently, Phycho-
Analyst, Lecturer, Writer in N. Y.
Publications: Strength of Will, 1915; The
Neui Psychology, 1925; The Jesuit Enigma,
1927; While Peter Sleeps, 1929; The Mag-
nificent Illusion, 1930; The Great O'Neill,

Memberships: British Assn. of Psychologists,

Religion: Roman Catholic.
Recreations: Riding, shooting and dogs
(Kerry Blues).

Bus. and Home Address: "Benburb," Soquel,

BARRETT. Marguerite Elma. A.B., M.A.
Science Teacher, Aptos Jr. High School.
Born: Great Bend (Kan.), Oct. 4, 1903; d.
of Johnette (Cowgill) and R. Hornbeck.
Education: University of Calif.; Stanford U.
Degrees: A.B., 1926, M.A., 1930, U. of Calif.;
Student for Ph.D., Stanford, since Jan., 1939.
Married: Don Carlos Barrett, Attorney-at-
Law, in San Francisco (Calif.), June 29,
Prof. Record: San Francisco Science Teacher



for i;? years; Inslr. Amer. Red Cross for
ten years.

Publications: "Elfects of the Economic Sit-
uation on Secondary Education." Sicrrti Edu-
cational News. May, l!t:W; "Effects of Ben-
zedrine on Maze Perlormancc of the Albino
Rat," to be published Vol. II, 1941 Journal
of Psychology.

Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta; Yerba
Buena. Eastern Star.
Religioti: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Amateur atsronomer — owner of
8-lnch reflecting telescope.
Bus. Address: Aplos and Upland Dr., San
Francisco, Calif.

Ho''ne Address: 2855 - 34th Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif. •

BARRON, George Haviland, M.A.A.
Former Curator.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Sept. 19. 1869;
s. of Anna (Haviland) and Michael Barron.
Education: St. Mary's Coll.
Degrees: M.A.A., St. Mary's Coll.
Married: Florence, d. of Thomas D. Yates,
in Amador City (Calif.), Dec. 17, 1882; ch. :
Dolores. John and Henry.

Prof. Record: Curator of M. H. de Young
Museum, March 1, 1910: retired July 1. 1933;
Hon. Mem. of San Francisco Exempt Fire
Dept. (organized 1849, disbanded 1866; last
living Mem.); Hon. Mem. San Joaquin Co.
Fire Dept.

Memberships: Native Sons (^Iden West, Past
Grand Historigrapher.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Walking and collecting.
Home Address: 897 Barron Ave., Redwood
City, Calif. *

BARRY. J. M. "Sam," A.B.

Athletic Coach.

Asst. Football Coach, Head Basketball and
Baseball Coach. University of So. Calif.
Born: Aberdeen, San Diego (Calif.), Dec. 17,
1892; s. of Kate (Darmody) and Victor
George Barry.

Education: LawTence College and U. of Wis.
Married: Ruth. d. of G. E. Botham, in Mad-
ison (Wis.), Aug. 11, 1917; ch.: one son.
Prof. Record: Coach, Knox Coll., 1918-1922;
Coach, Iowa U., 1922-29; Coach, U. of So.
Cailf., 1929—.

Directorships: Treasure Island Camp for
Boys, Santa Catalina Island.
Publications: Basket Ball, published 1927.
Army Service: S. A. T. C, Knox Coll.
Religion: Catholic.
Recreations: Swimming, riding.
Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 1110 Hi Point, Los Angeles,
Calif. *


Concert Violinist and Teacher.
Born: Celina (Ohio), June 1, 1894.
Education: Studied in Pittsburg (Penna.),
and Vienna (Austria).

Married: WAi.' P. Law.son and John A. Myers
(both dec); ch.: ^^ora Elizabeth Lawson.
Prof. Record: Touftft' Euroi)e and the U. S.
many times, appenrlr.g as a Soloist with
most of the major ."^m.jliony orchestras; now
teaching and coaching .yioung artists.
Bus. and Home Address: 19.39 Rose Villa
St., Pasadena, Calif. *

BARTHOLOMEW, Professor Elbert
Thomas, A.B., Ph.D.

Profes.sor of Plant Physiology, Oitf'..s Ex-
periment Sta., University of (Tallf.
Born: Stockton (Kan.), Oct. 18, 1878; s Of
Rachel Isabella (Montgomery) and Eir:ti

Education: Kan. State Teachers Coll.; U.
of Wis.; Marine Biol. Sta., Woods Hole,
(Mass.); Stanford U.

Degrees: Teacher's Cert., 1907, A.B., 1909,
Kan. State Teachers Coll.; Ph.D., U. of
Wis., 1914.

Married: Mary Lucille, d. of Wm. and
Martha A. Keene, in Columbia (Mo.), Aug.
5, 1916; ch.; Martha Lucille and Lois Jeanne.
Prof. Record: Kan. State Teachers Coll.,
Asst. in Botany from 1907-10: and from 1910
to 1919 was Fellow, Instr. and Asst. Prof,
of Botany. U. of Wis. ; 1917-18, Acting Instr.,
Botany, Stanford U.; Asst. Prof, of Pathol-
ogy and Asso. Plant Pathologist, 1920-28,
U. of Calif. ; Asso. Plant Physiologist, Plant
Physiologist, 1928-39; since 1939, Prof, of
Plant Physiology and Head of the Division
of Plant Physiology of the U. of Calif. Citrus
Exper. Sta., since 1936.

Directorships: Pac. Div., Amer. Soc. of Bot-
any, So. Calif. Bot. ; Kiwanis.
Publications: Forty-eight scientific publica-
tions in the field of plant pathology, cytol-
ogy and physiology .

Memberships: Amer. Assn. Adv. Sci., Amer.
Soc. PI. Physiol.. Amer. Phytopath. Soc,
Bot. Soc. Amer., West. Soc. Naturalists, So.
Calif. Bot.; Kiwanis; Sigma Xi, Gamma Al-
pha, Kappa Detla Pi.
Religion : Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, golf, lawn bowling.
Bus. Address:: University of California, Riv-
erside, Calif.

Home Address: 3064 Mulberry St., Riverside,

BARTHOLOMEW. Frank Harmon.

Vice-Pres.. United Press Associations in West-
ern United States.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 5, 1898;
s. of Kate Leigh (Schuck) and John William

Education: Public and high schools of Port-
limd (Ore.); Oregon State College.
Married: Antonia Luise, d. of Edward S.
Patzelt, In Portland (Ore.), May 18, 1922.
Prof. Record: Reporter, Morning Oregonian
and Evening Telegram, Portland (Ore.);
Sports Editor. Morning Sun, Vancouver (B.
C); joined United Press at Portland as Bur.
Mgr. in 1921. transferred to Los Angeles,
thence to Kansas City as business represent-
ative; made Pacific Div. Mgr. in San Fran-
cisco: subsequently Vice-Pres. in charge of
the Pacific area (Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico,
and Central America to and including Pan-
ama). Mem. of Amer. Council, Inst, of Pa-
cific Relations.



Directorships: Vice-Pres., Uniiec" Press Assn.

(N. Y.); Pres., Carson Nevada Co., Carson

City (Nev.).

Army Service: First. Lt of Infantry, U. S.

Army, 1918. " '

Meinberships: 0\y}y\p,ur and Press clubs; Sig-
ma Delta Chi (nat prof, journalistic frat.);

Mem. Exec. Corim., Frederick G. Bunch

Post No. IIG ('Newspapermen's Post) Amer.

Legion '(all oi 'San Francisco).

Religion: 'Protestant.

PoUiivc': kepublican.

^^creht'ions : Handball, tennis, golf.

iJvs. Address: United Press Assns., 814 Mis-
-sjion St., San Francisco, Calif.
, Home Address: Glenbrook, Nevada.

BARTLE. Ira Bennett. B.S., M.D.

Born: Woodhull (N. Y.), Sept. 16, 1871; s.
of Hannah Minerva (Baxter) and William

Education: Larned High, Larned (Kan.)
Central Normal College, Great Bend (Kan.)
S. W. Kansas University, Winfield (Kan.)
Keokuk Med. Coll., Keokuk (Iowa); Tulane
U., New Orleans (La.); Chicago Polyclinic,
Chicago (111.).

Degrees: B.S., Cent. Normal Coll., 1891; M.
D., Keokuk Med. Coll., 1894, and Tulane U.,

Married: Laura, d. of Luis Gilbert, in Paw-
nee Rock (Kan.), 1896; ch.: Stanford C,
Helen N., Edblom, and Dorothy N. Bettis.
Prof. Record: Has always been a physician,
having hostpital connections with the Eugene
Hosp., Eugene (Ore.), Mercy Hosp., Kiser
Bros., and Bartle Hosp., North Bend (Ore.);
Co. Hosp. and Mt. View Hosp., San Luis
Obispo (Calif.), Mercy Hosp., Nogales (Ariz.),
Thompsons Hosp., Calexica (Calif.).
Publications: Series on Malaria, 1904-08,
New England Med. Monthly, Memphis Med.
Journal, Memphis (Tenn), Oklahoma Med.
Journal; Anemia: New England Med. Jour-
nal, 1906; Rheumatism, Med. Brief, St. Louis
(Mo.), 1907; a new Bacillus, Neio England
Med. Monthly, 1907; a series on the use of
Insulin in other than diabetic conditions,
North West Med., South West Med., Med.
Journal and Record (N. Y.), 1925-26; many
heart series and Actino, Micosis Med. Jour-
nal and Record, 1931; Acidosis, Amer. Med.,
1930, and many others.

Army Service: Major M. C, 1917-209, 44th
Inf., 13th Sanitary Train and 10th Cav.
Meynberships: Rotary Intornat. ; all branches
of Masonry; W. O. W.; most Med. societies.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics : Democrat.

Recreations: Research work (have made ex-
tensive research on the longevity of bacteria,
especially in old pyramids, temples, and Calif,

Bus. Address: 722 Marsh St., San Luis Obis-
po, Calif.

Home Address: Monterey Heights, San Luis
Obispo, Calif.; and Running Springs, Calif.

BARTLETT, Alfred Lewis. LL.B.

Born: Kansas City (Mc), Oct. 8, 1884; s. of
Francelia (Lewis) and Frank Whitehouse

Education: Amherst College; University of
So. Calif.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif. ,1909.
Married: Rallah, d. of Margaret H. and
Newton C. Adams, at Los Angeles, Calif.,
June 29, 1912.

Prof. Record: Was admitted to practice in
1909, and began practice in Los Angeles;
Member, Calif. State Legislature, 1915-19;
Los Angeles County Rep., Stale Central
Comm. (Chmn., 1920); Calif. State Rep.,
Central Comm. (Vice-Chmn., 1922) ; Trus-
tee of Los Angeles Co. Bar Assn., 1926;
Rep. Presidential Elector, 1932; Chmn., Com.
of Bar Examiners of Calif,, 1931-34; Mem.
Exec. Council, Nat. Conf. of Bar Examiners,
1932-36; Pres., State Bar of Calif., 1936-37;
Board of Governors, State Bar of Calif.,
1928-30. 1934-36; Mem. Amer. Bar Assn.,
State Bar of Calif., Los Angeles Co. Bar
Assn. ; Mem. firm Randall and Bartlett,
1910-38; Bartlett and Kearney, 1938—.
Publications: Has written articles on legal ed.
Memberships: F. & A. M.; University Club;
Sons of Revolution; Phil Delta Phi; Phi
Delta Theta; Town Hall.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: A. G. Bartlett Bldg., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1247 Kings Rd., Los Angeles,

BARTLETT. Gray Phineas.


Born: Rochester (Minn.), 1885; s. of Elize-
beth (Gray) and Phineas Allen Bartlett.
Education: Austin (Minn.); Greeley (Colo.)
State Normal; Chicago Art Inst.
Married: Betty M., d. of Marcus Meyer, in
Burlington (Iowa), 1912; ch.: two girls.
Prof. Record: Started Commercial Art work
with Williamson Hoffner Eng. Co., Denver
(Colo.); became Head of Art Dept. in Minn.
Eng. Co., Minneapolis (Minn.), and Secy,
and Treas. of same; retired from business
in 1937 and came to Calif, to paint and
enjoy life.

Memberships: Mason, Optomist; Co-opeative
Athletic and Country Club of Minneapolis.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Painting, golf, and stamp col-

Bus. and Home Address: 2044 Benedict
Canyon, Beverly Hills, Calif. *

BARTLETT. Maxine Elizabeth. A.B.

Shopping Editor and Writer of Screen Soci-
ety for the Los Angeles Times.
Born: Long Lake (Wash.), July 23, 1914;
d. of Mabel (Avery) and Max C. Bartlett.
Education: Public schools in Yakima (Wash.),
Spokane (Wash.), and Pasadena; University
of So. Calif.; Stanford U.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1936; Scholar-
ship key, Sigma Delta Chi, 1936.
Bus. Record: Acquired first job as Newspa-
per Columnist in Oct., 1937; wrote
shopping columns and now writes screen so-
ciety and occasional reviews and coverage
of premieres, etc. for drama dept.; has also
written articles for tlie Weekly Magazine
of the Times and several for the semi-ann-
ual editions of the supplement to the paper
known as the World's Kitchen, also byline



column and chattercolumn (screen society).
Memberships: Gamma Phi Bcla, Theta Sigma

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Dancing reading and \v,ill<lng.
Bus. Address: 202 W. First St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Hoyne Address: 199 So. El Molino, Pasadena,
Call I".

BARTON, Lieutenant Colonel
Alexander Monro. U.S.A.R., A.B., C.E.,

Chief Eiiginoer and General Manager, State
Reclamation Board.

Born: New York, Aug. 6, 1889; s. of Agnes
Mary (Small* and Charles James Barton.
Ed -.cation: Chamberlain Inst.; Roanoke Col-
lege.; V.M.I.

Degrees: A.B., Roanoke; C.E., V.M.I. , 1906.
Married: Widower.

Prof. Record: General practice 6f engineer-
ing in British Columbia (Can.), Calif..
Nevada, Wyoming, and Russia; Chief Engr.
and Genl. Mgr., State Reclamation Bd., since
1923. This Board is the State agency co-op-
erating with the Federal Govt, in the plan-
ning and construction of flood control works
on the Sacramento River and its tributaries.
Army Record: Can. Northwest Mounted Po-
lice; Me.\. Border duty as oficers in Calif.
Engrs., 1916-17; 117th Engrs., 42nd Rainbow
Div., A.E.F.; Amer. Military Mission to
Russia; commissioned Lt. Col., Engrs. Re-
serve, U. S. A.

Decorations: U. S. A.-Me.x. Border Medal
and Victory Medal; France - Chevalier Order
of the Black Star; Russia - Cro.^s of St.

Members?! ips.- Phi Kappa Alpha; Amer. Le-
gion; 32° Mason. Shrine; Sutter Club.
Religion: Episcopal.
Porifjcs; Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing and riding.
Bus. Address: State Office Bldg., Sacramento,

Home Address: 2900 Land Park Dr., Sacra-
mento, Calif.

BARTON. Loren. F.R.S.A., (Mrs. Perez
R. Babcock).

Portrait Painter. Muralist.
Born: O.xford (Mass.); d. of Jesse (Wood-
bury) and Loren Chandler Barton.
Education: Univrsity of So. Calif.; College
of Fine Arts.

Married: Perez Rogers Babcock, s. of Chas.
Feli.x Babcock, in Rome (Italy), June 24.

Prof. Record: Paints portraits and murals,
etches, designs, lectures and illustrates a
number of books a year; permanently rep-
resented in the following places; Calif. State
Libr., L. A. Public Libr., L. A. Museum,
Brooklyn Museum, Metro Museum of N. Y.,
Nat. Gallery, Art Inst, of Chicago, Wesleyar
Coll.. ?\Iacon (Ga.), Mun. Collection of Phoe-
nix. Ponoma Coll., Nat. Libr. of France, and
New York Pub. Libr.

Publications Illustrated: Spanish Alta Cali-
fornia (Macmillan; Private Props (Doubleday,
Dorani : Rising Thunder (Longmans, Green);
Beppy Marloive (Viking Press) ; Nuggets of
Singing Creek (Doubleday, Doran) ; Cali-
fornia (Macmillan) : A Son of the First Peo-
ple (Macmillan), etc.

Memberships: Amer. Fedr. of Arts, Nat.
A.Hsn. of Women Painters and Sculptori,
.Soc. of Amer Etchers, Chicago Soc. of
Etchers; N. Y. Water Color, Calif. Water
Color, and C.illf. Art clubs; Agnarelle Soc.
of Calif.; The Pen and Brush Club of N. Y.;
Fellow of the Royal .Soc. of Arts (I^ndon).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Riding.

Bus. Address: c-o Dalzell Hatfield Galleries,
Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles Calif.
Home Address: 753 So. Spauldlng Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

BARTON, William Sidney. A.B.
Science Editor, Los Angeles Times.
Born: Chicago (111.), March 9, 1898; s. of
Emma L. (Welles) and George Preston


Education: Pasadena High School, Univer-
sity of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1925.
Married: Winifred, d. of Robert Bruce Wal-
lace, in Sierra Madre (Calif.), Nov. 4,
1920; ch.; Winifred Sydney and Raymond.
Bus. Record: Methods Department, Bell Tele-
phone Laboratories, N. Y. City, 1920-22;
newspaper reporting and mag. non-fiction
writing, 1925-34; Science Editor, Los Ange-
les Tivies, 1934 — ; wTOte interpretative ar-
ticles while traveling in Europe in 1939.
Publications: Articles in various magazines
and newspapers.

Army Service: Sergeant, U. S. Army Med.
Corps. ; enlisted in U. S. Army, Los Ange-
les Ambulance Co., May, 1917, drove ambu-
lance with A.E.F. in France for 14 months.
Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi; Breakfast
Forum; Amer. Legion.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Fishing and traveling.
Bus. Address: Los Angeles Times, First and
Spring, Los Angeles, Calif.
H07ne Address: 487 California Terrace, Pasa-
dena, Calif.

BARUCH. Professor Dorothy Walter.

S.B., M.E., Ph.D.

Profes.sor of Education, Dir. of Preschool,
Broadoaks School of Education, WTiittier

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 5, 1899;
d. of Rosalie (Neustadter) and Clarence R.

Education: Byrn MawT; U. of So. Calif.;
Whittier Coll.; Claremont Coll.
Degrees: E.B., 1930, M.E., 1931, Broadoaks
Sen. of Ed., Whittier Coll.; Ph.D., Clare-
mont Coll., 1937.

Married: Herbert Marks Baruch, in San
Francisco, Apr. 23, 1919; ch.: Herbert M.,
Jr. (b. Apr. 13, 1921), and Nancy (b. May
27, 1924).

Prof. Record: Organized and directed Grtim-
ercy Cooperative Neighborhood Nursery Play
Group. 1924-27; Orgr. and Dir., Parent Edn.
Dept. for the Council of Jewish Women,
1938; helped to org. the Progressive Sch.
of Los Angeles and served as Mem. of the
Bd. of Dir., 1927-31, and as Head of the



Edn. Com.. 1931-32; Demon, of story work
and children's language, Normandie Nursery
Sch., 1929-30, Dir. of the Nursery Sch.,
Inst, in Edn., Broadoalcs, Sch. of Edn.,
Whittier Coll., 1930-33; Dir. of the Nursery
Sch.. Asst. Prof, of Edn., Broadoaks Sch.
of Edn., Whittier Coll., 19.33 on. As above
and Dir. of Ext. Units of Broadoaks Nursery
Sch., Alhambra and WTiittier, 1933-35, San
Pedro, 1934, Compton, 1937, Parent Group
Crs. for Presch. Circle, Whittier Pub. Schs.,
1933-34; Dir. of Presch. Dept., Boradoaks
Sch. of Edn.. Asst. Prof, of Edn., Whittier
Coll.. 1935-36; Prof, of Edn., Dir. of Presch.
Dept., Broadoaks Sch. of Edn., Whittier
Coll., 1937 on.

Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta; Delta Phi

Ptiblications: Has written many articles on
Parent Education, Behavior Adjustment in
Young Children, Therapeutic Procedure. Pos-
ture Development, etc., for many publica-
tions. In addition to these, has written many
books for children, the majority of which
were published by Harper and Brothers Pub.
Co. Is Author of Parents and Children Go
To School (Scott, Foresman & Co.), 1939,
and Co-author (with Lee E. Travis), Per-
sonal Problems of Everyday Life (Appleton-
Century Co.), 1941.
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Dancing, tennis, swimming,

Bits. Address: 714 W. California St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1200 So. Gramercy PL, Los
Angeles, Calif.

BASHOR, Ernest George, D.O., M.D.
Obstetrician, Gynecologist.
Born: Kendricks (Idaho), Sept. 9, 1S91; s.
of Mary Jane (Gwin) and George W. Bashor.
Ediication : Lewiston State Normal Sch., Lew-
iston (Idaho) ; Modesto High and Jr. College,
Modesto (Calif.); Coll. of Osteopathic Phy-
sicians and Surgeons, Los Angeles (Calif.).
Degrees: D.O., 1914, and M.D., 1915, Coll.
of Osteopathic Phys. and Surgs.
Married: Jane M., d. of Frank A. Slosson,
in Monrovia, Calif., June 8, 1918; ch.: Doris
Jane, Ruth Nadine, and Janet Ernestine.
Prof. Record: In general practice in Long
Beach (Calif.), 1915-16; Los Angeles Co.
Gen. Hosp., 1916-17; U. S. Army, Med.
Dept., 1918; private practice in Los Angeles
since 1919 (associated with Los Angeles
Clinical Group, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gy-
necology) ; Dir. and Vice-Pres., Los Ange-
les Breakfast Club.

Directorships: Pres., Los Angeles City Health
Commn.; Pres., Monte Sano Hosp.; Trustee,
McKinley Home for Boys; Dir., Coordinating
Councils, Inc.

Publications: Many articles and publications
for professional journals.

Arm.y Service: Served in the Arm.y as First
Lt., Med. Corps., World War I.
Memberships: Los Angeles Osteopathic Sur-
gical Soc. (past Pres.), Calif. -Nev. Dist. Ki-
wanis Internat. (past Dist. Gov.); Western
Osteopathic Los Angeles (Past Pres.);
Los Angeles Breakfast Club; Phi Sigma
Gamma, Sigma Sigma Phi.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Travel, fishing and service club

Bus. Address: 609 So. Grand Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 2726 Lakewood Ave., Los
Angeles, (i;:alif. *

BASSETT, Professor Lee Emerson,

A.B., ScD.

Professor Emeritus, Stanford U.
Born: Salem (Wis.), Nov. 26, 1872; s. of
Adeline ((Foster) and Volney L. Bassett.
Education : Lawrence College, A p p 1 e t o n
(Wis.); Stanford University; Cumnock School
of Oratory (Los Angeles) ; Oxford U. (Eng-

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1901; Sc.D.,
Curry Sch. of Expression, Boston (Mass.),

Married: Florence, d. of A. C. Jackson, In
San Francisco (Calif.), June 10, 1903; ch.:
William M. and David Lee.
Prof. Record: Instr. Public Speaking, U. of
So. Calif., 1898-99; Instr., English, Stan-
ford U., 1900-05; Asst. Prof., 1905-13; Asso.
Prof., Public Speaking, U. of, 1912-13;
Asso. Prof., English, Stanford U., 1913-19;
Prof., 1919-38; Prof. Emeritus, 1938—; Dean,
Max Reinhardt Workshop, Hollywood, 1939-
40; Prof., Teachers' Coll., U. of Hawaii
(Honolulu), 1934-35; Pres., Western Assn. of
Teachers of Speech, 1931, Nat. Assn. of
Teachers of Speech, 1933.

Publications: Handbook of Oral Reading
(Houghton Mifflin Co.), 1917; Handbook of
Extemporaneous Speaking (Edwards Bros.),
1927; Contributor to educational journals.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa
Lamda; Assn. of U. Professors.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address, Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 740 Santa Ynez St., Stanford
University, Calif.; 1525 No. Van Ness. Hol-
lywood, Calif, (temporary). *

BATCHELDER, Alice Coleman.

Founder and Director of Coleman Chamber
Music Assn.

Born: Beatrice (Neb.), July 27, 1873; d. of
Theodore Coleman.

Married: Ernest Alan Batchelder in Pasadena

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